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Exam Title

: Nortel 920-551 : GSM BTS 18000 Installation & Commissioning

Version : R6.1


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1. Click on the Exhibit button. According to the exhibit, what is the maximum number of external alarm cables used to monitor the BTS environment?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 Answer: A

2. In which order should the modules represented in the DDU be switched on during the procedure of powering on the GSM BTS 18020? A. ECU, Digital/RICO, RF0, RF1 B. Digital/RICO, RF0, ECU, RF1 C. RF0, RF1, ECU, Digital/RICO D. ECU, RF0, RF1, Digital/RICO Answer: A

3. Click on the Exhibit button. Using the information in the exhibit, calculate the ground resistance for a fully equipped GSM BTS 18010?

A. 604kg/m B. 725kg/m C. 800kg/m D. 931kg/m Answer: D

4. Click on the Exhibit button. What is the effect in the BTS when the Circuit Breakers (CB), CB1 and CB3, are off?

A. Heater 1 is off. B. Rectifiers in slots 1-2 are off. C. The entire heating system is off. D. Only rectifiers 3 and 4 are operational. Answer: D

5. Click on the Exhibit button. In which order should the Circuit Breakers (CBs) in the exhibit be switched on when powering on the GSM BTS 18010?

A. CB0 / CB1 / CB2 / CB3 B. CB1 / CB0 / CB2 / CB3 C. CB1 / CB3 / CB0 / CB2 D. CB3 / CB1 / CB0 / CB2 Answer: C

6. Why is the GSM BTS 18020 secured on the Nortel plinth? A. in case of seismic activity B. in case of greenfield installation C. in case of BTS S8000 swap D. in case of roof terrace installation Answer: C


7. How is the GSM BTS 18020 secured to the floor? A. with two M10 bolts B. with two M12 bolts C. with four M10 bolts D. with four M12 bolts Answer: C

8. What is the operational state when the PCMx LED is red? A. PCM ok B. PCM NOK C. Synchro ok D. PCM in Test Answer: B

9. What is the operational state when the Abis LED is blinking? A. level 2 is ok B. no level 2 with the BSC C. downloading in progress D. software downloading failure Answer: C

10. Click on the Exhibit button. According to the exhibit, what is the value of the TEI?


A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 Answer: A

11. Where can the setting of the T1 PCM in the ICM Board be found? A. in Switch 10 B. in Switch 11 C. in Switch 0 to 7 D. in the IFM Switch Answer: A

12. Click on the Exhibit button. What is the connector in the exhibit?

A. ICM Synchronization

B. PCM Synchronization C. Internal Synchronization D. External Synchronization Answer: D

13. What are the installation and commissioning phases? A. installation / power up and visual checks / on-line tests B. installation / power up and visual checks / fault isolation C. power up and visual checks / on-line tests / fault isolation D. installation / power up and visual checks / on-line tests / fault isolation Answer: A

14. What is the GSM Outdoor version of the BTS 18000 called? A. GSM BTS 18010 B. GSM BTS 18020 C. GSM BTS 18020 MCPA D. GSM BTS 18000 Combo Answer: B

15. What is the maximum tolerance allowed by a GSM BTS 18020 being installed on a level-floor surface? A. 5mm over 2m (0,2? over 78?) B. 10mm over 1m (0,4? over 39?) C. 2mm over 5m (0,08? over 195?) D. 10mm over 5m (0,4? over 195?) Answer: A

16. Click on the Exhibit button. According to the configuration in the exhibit, what is the synchronizing PCM?


A. PCM 2 B. PCM 4 C. PCM 5 D. PCM 6 Answer: C

17. What is the minimum air exchange flow needed when the GSM BTS 18020 is installed indoors? A. 10m3/hour B. 100m3/hour C. 1000m3/hour D. 10000m3/hour Answer: C

18. During the software downloading on an active ICM, what is the behavior of the corporate LEDs? A. both green and red LEDs on B. green LED on and red LED off C. both green and red LED blinking D. green LED on and red LED blinking Answer: D

19. What are the dimensions of the GSM BTS 18020: the cable cover)? A. 150 x 135 x 73,5 cm B. 150 x 135 x 100 cm C. 150 x 160 x 73,5 cm D. 160 x 135 x 73,5 cm Answer: A

H x W x D (without considering the dimensions of


20. Where is the bulkhead of the BTS18020 located? A. below the cabinet B. on top of the cabinet C. in front of the cabinet D. on the back of the cabinet Answer: C

21. The Fan Speed Switch is settled to low capacity when the configuration of the BTS is lower or equal to which one of the following values? A. S222 B. S321 C. S333 D. S666 Answer: C

22. During the site object enabling, what is the procedure used when abnormal alarms appears? A. IM 24-9157 GSM BTS 18010 & 18020 On-line Tests B. IM 16-9199 GSM BTS 18020 Connection Procedure C. IM 24-9131 GSM BTS 18010 Power Up and Visual Checks D. IM 24-9149 GSM BTS 18020 Power Up and Visual Checks Answer: A

23. Click on the Exhibit button. What is the module represented in the exhibit?


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