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Wheel of the Year/Pagan Spreads Sacred Days of Yule

This spread will help you to learn to apply the tarot to enjoy and enrich your passage through the twelve festive days from December 20th to 31st. The meaning of each card in the spread reflects the energy of the festivity associated with each of the twelve days. 1. Mother Night of Dreams: - Dec 20th This card reminds us to look for a particular message in our dreams tonight. The ancients believed that our dreams on this night foretold some of the important events in the coming year. 2. Yule - Winter Solstice: - Dec 21st This card shows us how best to connect to the Light within and without - it symbolizes the Birth of the Sun. 3. The Time of Beth: - Dec 22nd This card points to the inner blocks and resistance that is holding us back from following our dreams. 4. Hopi Time of Renewal Dec 23rd This card indicates the best way for us to seek purification and renewal, and to build tolerance for others. 5. Feast of Mothers, Christmas Eve: - Dec 24th This card shows how we can connect with the spirits of our ancestors for communion and to ask for wisdom and guidance. It is also a time for Christians to reflect on the birth of Christ. 6. Festival of Life, Christmas: - Dec 25th This card shows us how to connect directly with Spirit. 7. Yuletide, Kwanzaa: - Dec 26th This card shows us how to express nurturance, to attend to our families and to express the protective energy within us towards others. 8. Birth of Freyja: - Dec 27th This card points to issues of love, luck, artistic and creative expression and female wisdom. 9. Feast of Alcyone: - Dec 28th This card gives us a personal inner message - one that speaks directly to our heart and spirit. 10. Day of Nymphs - Dec 29th This card encourages us to connect to our playful side,

our inner child and how best to cultivate this aspect of ourselves. 11. Day of Rest: - Dec 30th This card shows us how to walk our path in a relaxed and confident way....with the ability to deal with stressful situations in a philosophical, detached way. 12. New Year's Eve, Hogmanay - Dec 31st This card shows us how to release the old and let in the new. This relates to both our external lives and our inner being. Directions: This spread is unique from other spreads - it is done one card at a time, over the course of twelve days. Each card is meant to be drawn and reflected upon as a separate entity, with a special unique message for the particular sacred day. Select a quiet consistent time of day to draw each card over the twelve days if you can. Considering the busyness of the season, this could be a challenge. Each day, draw one card from your tarot deck and lay it on the appropriate spoke of the wheel. Reflect on each card and glean the message it has for you, according to the meanings given above. By New Year's Eve your wheel will be full with the drawn twelve cards. Reflect on the overall meaning of these twelve cards as a whole and write down your impressions of the message being given for the coming year.

Winter Solstice Spread

by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince I created this spread after thinking of the many hopes and fears surrounding the coming year. There are seven cards in this spread, to invoke both the movement of the Chariot and the sacred number of the ancients, the number of heaven as apprehended by those on earth. 1. Which of my fears are likely false? 2. Which of my fears are likely true? 3. Which of my hopes are likely false? 4. Which of my hopes are likely true? 5. Where shall I stand in stillness? 6. Where shall I find movement and growth? 7. How may I best embody Presence / Goodness / Goddess in the year to come?

Wheel of Life
This one is based on the Wiccan Sabbats and comes from the wonderful book "Tarot Games". 1. Yule. Renewal. Your hopes, areas of blockage you need to free up to return to life. 2. Imbolc. Planting ideas. Information and be- ginnings. What ideas come to mind? 3. Ostara. Patterns of growth. Are there weeds in your life? What will you nurture? 4. Beltane. Fertility and sexuality. How do you relate to your sexuality? 5. Litha. Brightness. How do you share yourself and your gifts with others? 6 . Lughnasad. Reaping what you sew. What you need to concentrate on for success. 7. Mabon. What are you grateful for? What do you need to shed to embrace thankfulness? 8. Samhain. Introspection. Stilling the self to listen to an inner voice. 9 . You. Where you're at right now. The influence causing the reading.

Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread

by Kim Huggens This spread is designed for use as a "What's in store for me this coming year?" spread, but it is slightly different from your usual month-by-month round-up spread. Instead of having cards representing each month of the year, and instead of looking at specific events that will happen in the querent's life each month, this spread does not pay any attention to dates or months. It focuses on the themes that will run through the querent's life for the next twelve months, and can also be used at any time of the year. I have found it to be most effective when done on birthdays or New Year's Eve, and it makes a very nice 'gift reading' for a close friend. This spread is based on the Pagan 'Wheel of the Year.' The use of the eight festivals here is are used as representations of concepts, just like we might use the different growth stages of a flower to represent different aspects of our lives. Even though the spread is based around concepts and festivals that have associations with dates and months of the year, this spread does not address when the events are going to happen. So, even if lots of cards that indicate transition appear at Imbolc, it does not mean that transition will occur around February 1st in the querent's life! The Wheel of the Year spread is most useful for Pagan or Wiccan querents, though for querents who are unfamiliar with the concept of the Wheel of the Year, simple explanations about what each festival represents should be provided. There are three cards for each part or position of the spread, and there are eight positions or parts. Since Yule represents the birth of the Sun from the depths of Winter, I begin the reading with that holiday. Yule/Winter Solstice: Three cards. Yule is the time of the rebirth of the Sun from the

depths and darkness of Winter, and so these three cards indicate that which will be born into the querent's life during this year, the new beginnings and projects, or the sudden birth of ideas, feelings, and aspects of the self. Imbolc: Three cards. Imbolc is the time of the first stirring of the earth from beneath the Winter snows, and the rekindling of the flame of life. These three cards indicate that which will begin to grow in the querent's life in the coming year, but will not bear fruit fully for quite some time. That which will bud but not flower, that which is in the very first stages of creation, and that which will 'simmer under the surface' in the querent's life. Ostara/Spring Equinox: Three cards. This is the equinox, so it is a time of balance. These three cards indicate that which will bring the querent's life into some sort of balance during the coming year, and keep the querent in balance and moving towards their goal. Beltane: Three cards. Beltane is May day, a time for sexuality and passion. As such, these three cards indicate the passions that will come into play in the querent's life this year, and how the querent's life will grow as a result. These cards also indicate that which they will love most this year and give most attention to, and that which will 'fertilize' his or her life and make him or her grow (physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually) during the coming year. Litha/Summer Solstice: Three cards. Litha, or the Summer Solstice, is the time when the Sun is at its peak and is highest in the sky. As such, these three cards indicate the querent at his or her peak in the coming year, and the projects/events/ideas that will reach their peak for the querent. It can also indicate the best part of the year, the achievements of the year, and the full fruition of plans in the querent's life. This is the querent and his or her life, at its best. Lughnassad: Three cards. Otherwise known as First Fruits or Lammas, Lughnassadh is the beginning of the harvest. These three cards indicate that which will come to bear fruit this year in the querent's life, but will not quite be ready for a full harvest for a while. (Notice this is the opposite festival of Imbolc, where the flowering is delayed.- the opposite in some way to harvest being delayed.) These cards indicate the projects or aspects of the querent's life that he/she is beginning to see the fruits of his/her labors in. The rewards are starting to show themselves, but they are not quite ready to be grabbed fully yet! Mabon/Autumn Equinox: Three cards. Mabon, the opposite of Ostara, is the middle of the harvest, as well as another time of balance. It represents bounty and joy, and that which will be bounteous in the querent's life in the coming year, and that which will bring joy and cause for celebration. These cards can also indicate the full harvest the querent will reap from their past ventures and hard work. Samhain: Three cards. Traditionally, Samhain is the end of the harvest, when the Celts (the 'creators' of this festival) culled their herds. As such, these three cards indicate what

will die in the querent's life this year, what will come to an end, and what he or she will cull from his/her life. It will also include what the querent will get rid of because it is no longer necessary. Blessings: Three cards. A nice way to end the reading is to make three blessings from three cards. These cards can represent advice for the querent, or it can indicate what is 'on the querent's side' during the year, helping and keeping him or her going. For this reading, I also found it useful to work out the querent's Year Card, so that it tells you the general theme of the year. To do this you add the month and date of birth (e.gJuly 17th becomes 17/07, so 17 + 7) to the current year. (Example: 17 + 7 = 24. 24 + 2004 = 2028) You then add up the separate digits of the final number until you reduce it to a number less than 22. (2 + 0 + 2 + 8 = 12) That number is the number of the Major Arcana card that is the querent's Year Card (in this case, the Hanged Man) and it tells you generally what kind of year the querent can expect to have. If the querent's year card turns up in the reading itself, it is useful to pay particular attention to where it has turned up, and why. (Note: 22 = The Fool.) You might also like to look at what suit is most predominant in the cards you have dealt, as that may give you some clues as to another theme of the querent's year. (For instance, if there are more Wands than any other suit, you might say that this year is going to focus on creativity and putting talents to work, or that it is going to be an unusually creative and active year.) I found it easiest to lay the cards in a circle of sorts, so that the three Yule cards were at the bottom, the three Litha cards at the top (Litha and Yule are both Solstices and so they are opposite in the year as well as in the spread!), the Spring Equinox cards in the middle left, the three Autumn Equinox cards in the middle right, and the Cross-quarter festivals in between.

Samhain Spread
1. Harvest: What are you thankful for? 2. Night: What is beginning for you? 3. Bonfire: What lights your path to it? 4. Sacrifice: What must you give up for it? 5. Ashes: What covers/protects you? 6. Ancestors: What spirits guide you on this journey? (Optional: 1 to 3 cards)

Karmic Spread
1. Main karmic lesson you brought into this life 2. Past life actions that necessitated the lesson 3. Past life attitudes or emotions that necessitated the lesson 4. Tests you have passed in this life 5. Tests yet to pass

6. Actions required to achieve Karmic goal 7. Attitude or emotions required to achieve Karmic goal 8. Karmic goal in this life 9. A Karmic gift (insight into achieving your goal)

Reincarnation Spread
1. Who was I in my last life 2. Was I married? 3. Was I happy in this past life? 4. What kind of work did I do in that life 5. Was I an honorable person? 6. What type of problems or challenges did I deal with? 7. Was I a famous person? 8. Was my health good during my past life? 9. How did I die? 10. Did I have a soul mate? 11. Is my present love someone I knew during my past life? 12. Am I linked to my parents of today from a past life of mine? 13. Are any other members of my family from a past life of mine? 14. What do I need to learn during this life time 15. Will I reincarnate after this present life?

Moon Phase Spread

1. New Moon: Beginnings, new projects, emerging influences, initiative 2. First Quarter: Analyze, evaluate, adapt and modify approach as needed 3. Full Moon: Completion, accomplishment, fulfillment, maturity 4. Third Quarter: Break down, finalize, evaluate, rest, prepare for next cycle

The Moon Spread

by Yvonne Rathbone Use this layout to find out about the cycle you are in right now. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. New Moon: What you are beginning. What began this cycle. Waxing Moon: What you are starting to get feedback on. Full Moon: What is at its peak. Harvest Moon: What you are reaping. Waning Moon: What you are letting go of. Dark Moon: What is resting. What is being recycled. Heart of the cycle: What is at the heart of this cycle.

The New Moon Spread

1. How can I best seed the energy of this New Moon in the East (in communication, 2. 3. 4. 5.

thought, information, intention, meditation)? How can I best seed the energy of this New Moon in the South (in passion, creativity, energy, sexuality, personal power)? How can I best seed the energy of this New Moon in the West (in emotions, intuition, dreams, sensuality, compassion)? How can I best seed the energy of this New Moon in the North (in stability, security, health, finances, manifestation)? How can I best seed the energy of this New Moon in the Center (in my connection to Spirit)?

The Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread

by Donna L. Faber The Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread offers intuitive insight into the purpose of past life recognition in the context of a face to face reunion. Its circular configuration is reminiscent of the circle of eternity, or the circle of life, our numerous births and rebirths, and repeated opportunities to work out our karma. It reminds us of The Wheel tarot card itself, right down to the little devil that dances the wheels' periphery. That devil, of course, is free will. When we successfully work out karma with others, emotional blockage is cleared to make us a clearer, healthier vessel. Once healthier, we encourage the same in those around us and are able to support those who continue to struggle. Use whatever tarot deck you are comfortable with, but ensure it has been imprinted with your energy. This Tarot spread can be used to read for oneself or to read for others. The individual asking the questions is the Querent, and the other individual in the karmic duo is the Karmic Partner. If you are the Querent, the Karmic Partner is your karmic re-meet, or the individual you are blessed to work out karma with in this life. Begin by focusing on your question, the past life re-meet you're inquiring about, and shuffling the cards until you are satisfied they've been infused with your query. There are 11 pulls. The deck is reshuffled each time, cut three times to the right (clockwise), restacked, and then fanned out before you. I jot down the cards as they emerge, and note them on the Wheel. This gives me a record. The card you pulled goes back in the deck, and you shuffle and fan again. By doing this, you give cards an opportunity to appear twice or repeatedly if their message is particularly strong. Should a card jump out of the deck when you're shuffling (i.e., fall out, drop on the floor, etc.) that card should be used.

Diagram 1 of Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread (click to enlarge image):

When the cards are on the Wheel (as in Diagram 1), you'll see the final card, card #11, is the axis of the Wheel, and most of the cards become the spokes. Cards to the left of the axis are Querent cards, and to the right are Karmic Partner cards. Also, as intuited by Avia, cards #1, #2, #3, and #4 are in sacred cross formation, which may have special significance for some of you. This formation allows us to identify adjacencies, or similarities and relationships between cards (which imply stronger messages) later on in the reading. I'd like to lead you through card placement using a reading I did for myself recently as an example. This reading was done on a karmic re-meet that I've recently experienced and am currently working through. Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread Meanings Card #1 - What is the overall karmic meaning of this relationship, why have you met again, and what are you the two of you supposed to be working out? Card #2 - What is the Querent's karmic inheritance, i.e., what do you bring to this remeet? Card #3 - What is the Karmic Partner's inheritance, i.e., what does he/she bring to this re-meet? Card #4 - What is the past of this karmic relationship (the past life)? Card #5 - What are the Querent's past burdens, hopes or fears? Card #6 - What are the Karmic Partner's past burdens, hopes or fears? Card #7 - What does the Karmic Partner mean to the Querent at this time? Card #8 -What does the Querent mean to the Karmic Partner?

Card #9 - What can the Querent do for this re-meet/relationship now? Card #10 -What can the Karmic Partner do for this re-meet/relationship now? Card #11 - What is the FINAL OUTCOME (the axis) of this reading?

Modified Celtic Cross

The "You" position in the center is obvious. It represents you (or your client) and your present-moment energy.

The crossing "Issue" card represents the crux of an issue you're dealing with at this moment. It could be a true conflict, or it could be something with beneficent connotations like an upcoming wedding, or vacation. The far left "Limitation" card represents a potential snag in your plans concerning the (crossing card) Issue. This is going to be something in your past that has tripped you up on more than one occasion. For example, it could be a challenging mother (alive or transitioned) whose voice is always nagging or injecting defeatist thoughts. The crowning "Conscious" card represents the things you have control over in the situation. It can also represent things you might be "over-controlling." Depending on the feel of the card, you may want to move forward with your current strategy, or you may want to re-think how you are behaving/acting in the situation. The foundation "Unconscious" card represents behaviors your exhibiting that require your purposeful awareness. I look at the unconscious as an inner part of us that can be our best friend. But, as with some best friend, if we don't check in with them or listen to their advice - they can get cranky. In the matter of the unconscious, if we aren't mindful of its presence, it can manifest in unpleasant behavioral issues. This card is going to uncover some amazing insights for you if you're open to what it has to say. The far right "Outcome" card is pretty obvious in its representation. It ties up any loose ends in your six card reading and sums up the story told in the spread.

Healing Merkaba Spread

1. Past Life Physical-Mental Card: This card represents patterns of mind-body cell memories carried over from past lives. 2. Present Life Emotional Card: This card represents the current state of the querant's emotional health. 3. Action Needed for Emotional Health: This card points to the concrete action that needs to be taken to foster emotional wellbeing. 4. Greatest Health Lesson: This card represents the most important health lesson for the querant in this lifetime in the pursuit of holistic health in body-mind-emotions-spirit. 5. Present Life Physical-Mental Card: This card represents the current state of the querant's mind-body health. 6. Action Needed for Physical-Mental Health: This card points to the concrete action that needs to be taken to foster mind-body wellbeing. 7. Past Life Emotional Card: This card represents patterns of emotional body memories carried over from past lives.

Dark of the Moon spread

The Dark of the Moon spread is not intended for looking outward on a situation, or for readings with a specific question in mind. Instead, its purpose is to look inward, and give you insight into your own life. An example of what this spread gives you would be the answer to, "Where is my life at now?" 1-------4 --2-7-5-3-------6 1: Releasing. Things you should be letting go of in your life. 2: Retaining. Things you should be holding close to you. 3: Receiving. Things that are coming into your life. 4: Surroundings. How the world around you is affecting you. 5: Giving. What you should be giving to others. 6: Beginning. Something new that will begin soon. 7: Your lesson. What you should be learning at this point.

Full Moon Spread

(or, Moontime Spread, which seems to sound like something else entirely!) It's thrown on the shape of a full moon, clockwise. 1. Relationships What you need to know about developing your potential in relationship to others. The truth of your relationships, be they lover/coworker/family/friend. 2. The Power of Choice What decision needs to be made now to fully express your potential? What will free your creativity? 3. Manifesting Goals What action do you need to take on the physical plan to reinforce your magical (or tarot) workings? What can you do in the mundane world to support your spirit's desire? 4. Creativity The Mother has given you talents, abilities and gifts. What must you do to fully express them? If you don't like this card, it is because the card shows blocks that you need to address before you can realize your full creative gifts. 5. Protection Shows you where to establish personal boundaries so you do not give your personal power away. What do you need to protect? 6. Psychic Gifts

How can you best develop your intuition? If position 6 is a Court Card, it suggests the appearance of a teacher, guide or mentor. 7. Blessings and Spiritual Direction The Mother wants you to celebrate the joy of being alive. What do you have to be thankful for? How can you best express the Goddess in you?

The Pentagram Spread

1. The Significator. You should choose a card out of the Major Arcana based on the issues in the Querent's life. For example, someone who is trying to kick addictions or bad habits could be represented by card 15 - The Devil, while a Querent with questions about their spiritual journey could be symbolized by card 9 - The Hermit. Choose the card that best represents the Querent's current situation, and place it in the 1 position, at the center of the layout. 2. Earth: Keeping Grounded. The element of Earth is associated with stability and security, and so this card indicates the overall issues surrounding the Querent's question. What is keeping them in place, or even holding them back? Are there forces at play here that are preventing them from moving forward? In other words, what is it that has made the situation stagnant? 3. Air: The Winds of Influence. Traditionally, Air is related to inspiration and communication. In this layout, this position signifies what other people are telling the

Querent -- are there people providing a positive influence, or are they dragging the Querent down with negative messages? What sort of external forces are influencing the Querent's life right now? 4. Fire: The Ultimate Destroyer. The fourth card in this reading is the element of Fire, which embodies strong will and energy. Fire can both create and destroy -- is the Querent subconsciously sabotaging their own goals? What sort of internal conflicts are at play here? This is the card which shows the Querent's self-doubts and misapprehensions. 5. Water: The Tides of Intuition. Position five is the Water card, and Water is typically associated with the powers of the Goddess. This is the element of wisdom and intuition, and ultimately, this is where the Querent will find what their intuition is telling them. What can they learn from this situation? How can they adapt their current circumstances to meet their future needs and goals? 6. Spirit: The Whole Self. The sixth card is the card of Spirit. This is the whole self, the culmination of the journey, and what all the other cards are leading up to. Look at the previous four cards, representing the four elements, and see what they tell you. They are chapters in a book, but this card is the last page -- how will things be resolved if the Querent remains on his present path? What, ultimately, will be the end result of all the internal and external influences on the Querent's issue?

This spread is for helping to know the intuitive mind, the deep, deep ocean below. Shuffle the deck and lay out the cards as at right. Cards 1, 2, and 3 represent the deepest ocean of the unconscious mind, and can represent dreams you've had recently, synchronicity and coincidences, inner wisdom, and/or symbols and themes current in your life. There is no order to these, and no judgments are made here; these things just are. Rely on your intuition for these cards especially. Cards 4 and 5 are nearer to the surface, though still under it; you are more conscious of these currents, but their roots are deep. Card 4: This is the shadow aspect of things, the dark. Card 5: This is the light aspect of things, to balance the dark. Cards 4 and 5 should be in balance and harmony; if they are not, take it as a sign that some work may be needed towards that. Card 6: This card is at the surface of the water, where the unconscious and conscious meet; this is how all the previous cards relate to events in your life.

May Queen May is a time of fertility and high spirits. By Beltane, the dark time of the year is a distant memory and the possibilities of life seem sweet. Use the May Queen spread to regain or confirm a sense of abundance and safety. If you have a specific question in mind, ask it as you shuffle the cards. Shuffle the cards and place them in positions one through five, as shown.

Position 1: Safety. Emotional security. What you need to feel safe. Where are you secure in yourself? A seemingly negative card describes a situation that needs your focused attention. Work with the energy of that card to produce feelings of safety. Position 2: Abundance. Feelings of plenty. Abundance may encompass monetary prosperity, but it also describes the emotional breadth of your life that is full and sweet. A challenging card directs you to constricted energy flow; by releasing the block of a challenging card, emotional abundance will follow. Position 3: Regeneration. Exploring the possibilities. The bold action needed to grow and flourish. A challenging card will show you the block that keeps you from your hearts desire. Position 4: Love. Emotions and relationships. All forms of love, from friendship to sexual passion. Only you know your heart. Look at the suit of the card: what does it tell you about your life right now? (Wands = passion or anger; Cups = love or friendship; Swords = loving the intellect, heartache, or painful decisions; Pentacles = sensuality, the body, or the value you place on love; Court Cards = personal characteristics in your relationships; Major Arcana cards = the big picture, karma, or the spiritual aspects of your relationships.) Position 5: The Future. The present conceivable outcome based on the flow of cards one through four. What story do the cards tell? The lessons to be learned and the potential for growth. How does position three, regeneration, relate to the future? Nothing in tarot is preordained, and you always have a choice. If you do not like the cards in this layout, honor the information they are giving you, for they offer great truths. Next, choose other cards that radiate the energy of your hearts desire and place them over the original layout. Focused will remains the core of magic.

To complete the Beltane reading, you can meditate with the cards, write a journal entry, keep the cards on the altar until Midsummer, or simply close. Carry a card or two with you during the day to strengthen the connection between you and your hearts desire. Affirm your power to reclaim abundance and safety: I focus on the powerful energies of youth. Expectations for the future are high. This, or something better, is manifesting for me now, for the good of all, harming no one, according to free will. So must it be. The Aradia Fortune-Telling Spread By Robin Payne This spread is inspired by the legend of Aradia (daughter of the ancient Tauric Goddess Diana), the goddess yet to come.

[ Spread Basic layout ] Interpretations

The Past home life, parents, environment


The Past Education, career, work

The Past Relationships, self esteem

The Past A strong past influence which still holds sway

You Present state of mind, personality

The Temple Influences before you e.g. obstacles in your way

The Altar Your present goals or objectives, also your fears and apprehensions

The Future Areas of work and creativity

The Future Areas of travel and relationships

The Future Areas of health and home

The Future Strong future influence


By Ellen Lorenzi-Prince 2001 - 2004 All rights reserved Hecate is my favorite Crone, a goddess of fire and darkness, magic and transformation. She initiates and guards all transitional states. Hecate provides the gateway, the magic, which can connect us to the great and nameless creatrix, She who may heed our prayers. In olden times, Hecate's statues stood not in temples of her own, but always at the threshold to other sacred places, before temples of many gods and goddesses including Cybele and Zeus. In relief or vase painting Hecate stands beside other goddesses, or leads their way with her torches. In literature and surviving custom, Hecate and her ghosts were held responsible for causing madness and misfortune, and it was to Hecate one prayed to be delivered from madness and misfortune. Hecate is both by your side and leading the way. This spread invokes Hecate to speak with you, sharing her advice for developing your wisdom, power and courage. The layout is in three sets of three for a total of nine cards. 2 5 8 She is the Goddess of Crossroads 1. Your Crossroads This card represents your current situation, a moment of choosing that is at hand, or a pivotal point in your life right now. 2. The Choice Within This card represents advice Hecate offers on the direction and instruction to accept within yourself at this crossroads. 3. The Choice Without 4 7 1 6 9 3

This card represents advice Hecate offers on the direction to take in the outer world from this point of choosing. She is the Queen of Ghosts 4. What Haunts You This card represents a piece of your past that you have been unable to let go, unable to forgive, or unable to fully claim. 5. What Helps You This card represents what resources are available to you to help you move forward, to get beyond the pain or mistakes of the past, or to integrate the lessons or power left behind. 6. What Waits For You This card represents what is awaiting you in your future should this ghost become dismissed or integrated into your life. If you see this outcome as purely negative, then there is a great deal of fear involved in getting beyond this particular ghost. Extra help from a wise friend or counselor is indicated She is the Goddess of Witches 7. Your Magic This card represents the aspect of your personal power Hecate suggests that you work with right now. 8. The Opportunities Within This card represents how this power may be used for your benefit in the inner realms. 9. The Opportunities Without This card represents how you may exercise or express this power in the outer world.

Crone's Eye View Spread by Ellen Lorenzi Price

This spread invokes the wisdom of the Crone to give clarity and advice in times of uncertainty, or when youre feeling just a little too close to the subject at hand. Imagine that the Crone has put on her feathered cloak to have a look at your situation from an unclouded and higher perspective.

The cards are laid out in the shape of a flying bird. 6 4 2


5 3

Card 1 - She sees the pattern. This is the overall view of the situation. It also indicates recurring cycles from your past which are appropriate to the current situation.

Card 2 - She sees what is hidden. This indicates a force acting on the situation of which you are not yet consciously aware. 4. Card 3 - She sees what is obvious. This is something you know about the situation but which requires you give it more attention or importance. 5. Card 4 - She sees your strength. This is what you can and should call upon to help you in this situation. 6. Card 5 - She sees your weakness. This is what you need to be wary of in dealing with this situation. It can apply to modes of behavior may otherwise be fine but will not work well in this particular case. 7. Card 6 - She knows where to strike. This indicates the approach you should take, the opportunity you have for action, the best way to effect change on your behalf. 2.
3. 3. 1.

The Hermits Quest

In the Major Arcana, the Hermit, like the Fool, goes on a journey. The Hermit, however, does so with intent, leaving behind all s/he knows to seek alone for something more. The Hermit card is also often called the Inner Teacher. What this means is that you must learn for yourself, through your own work and experience. This spread is intended to help you understand and define your quest for that something more in your life, to bring it one step closer. Setting Out: Card 1 Why I leave. Why am I not satisfied with what I already have or what I already know? What is pushing me or driving me on?

Card 2 What I seek. What is calling out to my soul? What have I been missing all my life? What is the unknown that needs knowing?

Card 3 What road I take. Where do I begin my search? What is my first step? What is the road that is right in front of me? How can I know its the right road?

On the Road: Card 4 What I bring. What do I think I need to help in my search? What do I truly need? What do I always carry with me?

Card 5 What I leave. What am I choosing to leave behind? What am I inadvertently leaving behind? What do I wish I could leave behind?

Card 6 What I find. What do I find that I have always known would be there? What do I find that is unexpected? What is the value of what I find?

In the End: Card 7 Why I am alone. Why is this my very own journey? What does walking alone mean to me? Who am I really?

Card 8 Where I arrive. What does having what I sought look like? What does it feel like? How can I know when I have found it?

Card 9 Where I go from here. To what might I want to return? For what might I want to keep looking? How does what Ive found change my next steps?
10. 4. 1.

Cronebody Spread

The Crone lives in a cronebody. A body that is changed from what it once was. She is living in a cronebody, in spirit and in flesh, in a life that grows as she can craft it. This spread instructs us on recognizing our human and material needs and situations, and suggests how we might fulfill those needs and address those situations. The better to craft this life for ourselves. The cards are laid out thus, setting the boundaries of our bodily existence, the four quarters, beginning at the root: 3 2 1 2. Let each card describe to you the situation, so that you know its energy and the manifestations it has taken in your life. And let it also instruct you in your best course of action, the requirement and the remedy implicit in the situation. Card 1 - Bones. Bones are the structure of our existence. The card in this position speaks to our survival needs, to the root of our situation and its requirements. This position indicates health and physical abilities, as we are dependent for our lives on our bodies and their care. It also indicates our financial and other external physical resources that allow us to live our lives as best we can.

Card 2 - Flesh. Flesh is the intimate surroundings of our existence. The card in this position speaks of our friends, family, lovers and neighbors. It indicates our bonding and social needs, addresses issues of emotional health, how we live with others and how we love with others.

Card 3 - Blood. Blood is the juice of our existence. The card in this position speaks to our needs for expression, creation and individual recognition. It indicates our lust and our enthusiasm. Our sexual needs, as well as the other gratifications and feedbacks our self demands. This card tells us how to stay juicy, lest we dry up and not want to live our own lives.

Card 4 - Breath. Breath is the environment of our existence. The card in this position speaks to our place in the web of life, our routines and habits and surroundings. What we take in and give out each day. How on a daily basis and in small ways we can effect change in our worlds.

5. Tabis Samhain Spread 1. Harvest: What are you thankful for? 2. Night: What is beginning for you? 3. Bonfire: What lights your path to it? 4. Sacrificed: What must you give up in order to move forward? 5. Ashes: What covers/protects you? 6. Ancestors: The spirits that guide you on this journey. (optional one to three cards) Wheel of Life This one is based on the Wiccan Sabbats and comes from the wonderful book "Tarot Games". 1 = Yule Renewal. Your hopes, areas of blockage you need to free up to return to life. 2 = Imbolc Planting ideas. Information and be- ginnings. What ideas come to mind? 3 = Ostara Patterns of growth. Are there weeds in your life? What will you nurture? 4 = Beltane Fertility and sexuality. How do you relate to your sexuality? 5 = Litha Brightness. How do you share yourself and your gifts with others? 6 = Lughnasad Reaping what you sew. What you need to concentrate on for success. 7 = Mabon What are you grateful for? What do you need to shed to embrace thankfulness? 8 = Samhain Introspection. Stilling the self to listen to an inner voice. 9 = You Where you're at right now. The influence causing the reading.

Midsummer Nights Dream Tarot Spread (from Tarot for All Seasons) Celebrate the freedom and liberation of summer. Because energy is so potent during Midsummer, it is a wonderful time for protection, developing psychic ability, and divination. Use the Midsummers Dream layout when you want to visualize your hearts desire. Catch a glimpse of the future in the fall beauty of the suns golden rays. The cards in this layout are read in pairs. (Card one and its future trend, card two; card three and its future trend, card four; card five and its future trend, card six.) If you have a specific question in mind, ask it as you shuffle the cards. Shuffle the cards and place them in positions one through six, as shown below.

Position 1: Freedom and Liberation. What will set your spirit free? What keeps you from your hearts desire? This card indicates where energy is blocked or where energy flows the strongest. It shows either your strengths or challenges. Directly facing the challenge allows creative energy to flow toward your hearts desire. Position 2: Future Trends of Freedom and Liberation. Indicates possible scenarios based on influences at this time. Do you obtain your hearts desire or are you setting up the wrong life? (Note: No tarot reading is a preordained destiny. If you dont like this, or any future trend card in the layout, do a three-card reading for more information. You can change current trends to change the future.) Position 3: The Need for Protection. Shows your vulnerabilities or where you

might block your hearts desire. Can describe any plane of existence: physical (Pentacles); emotional (Cups); psychological (Swords); actions (Wands); personalities (Court Cards); spirituality and karma (Trump Cards). If you like this card, it describes what to keep and nurture. Position 4: Future Trends of the Need for Protection. Based on influences at this time, what trends are being set? Are you on the path to fulfilling your hearts desire, or do you need to go in another direction? Please see note under position two. Position 5: Paying Attention to Intuition. Developing psychic abilities. Indicates your receptiveness to the inner voice of wisdom. Intuition always knows what is best for you. Either describes how to develop the inner voice of the soul, or what may be blocking its development. Closely related to position one, setting your spirit free. Position 6: Future Trends in Psychic Development. Paying attention to intuition is hearing the voice of the soul, and is your most direct path to your hearts desire. Given the influences of the cards at this time, what is a probable outcome to your psychic development? Remember, you can change the cards to change reality. To complete the Midsummer reading, you can meditate with the cards, write a journal entry, keep the cards on the altar until Lughnasadh, or simply close. Carry a card or two with you during the day to strengthen the connection between you and your hearts desire. Affirm your personal power to develop psychic ability: I listen to the voice of intuition and clearly visualize my goals. This, or something better, is manifesting for me now, for the good of all, harming no one, according to free will. So must it be.