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I am honored to express my gratitude to all the people who were always a great help to me in achieving this milestone. I could have never completed this task without valuable contributions from my teachers and faculty. I express my heart full indebtness and owe a deep sense of gratitude to all of them. I am extremely thankful to ICICI Branch Manager(Andheri) Mr.Jude Henriques for his valuable guidance throughout this project. Above all I extend my sincere thanks to all my colleagues and friends without whom it was never possible to complete this assignment. Thanks


1) Online Services: ICICI Bank provides online services of all it s banking facilities. It also provides D-Mart account facilities on-line, so a person can access his account from anywhere he is. [D-Mart is a dematerialized account opened by a salaried person for purchase & sale of shares of different companies.] 2) Advanced Infrastructure: Branches of ICICI Bank are well equipped with advanced technology to provide the customers with taster banking services. All the computerized machines are located in suitable manner & are very useful to the customers & staff of the bank. 3) Friendly Staff: The staff of ICICI Bank in all branches is very friendly & help the customers in all cases. They provide faster services along with bonding & personal relationship with the customers. 4) 12 hrs. Banking services: Compared to other bank ICICI bank provides long hrs. of services i.e. 8-8 services to the customers. This service is one of its kind & is very helpful for the customers who are in urgent need of money. 5) Other Facilities to the Customers & Employees: ICICI Bank also provides other facilities like drinking water facilities, proper sitting arrangements to the customers. And there are also proper Ventilation & sanitary facilities for the employees of the bank. 6) Late night ATM services: ICICI bank provides late night ATM services to the customers. The ATM centers of ICICI bank works even after 11:00pm. at night in certain branches.

1) High Bank Service Charges: ICICI bank charges highly to customers for the services provided by them when compared to other bank & that is why it is only in the reach of higher class of society. 2) Less Credit Period: ICICI bank provides credit facilities but only upto limited period. Even when the credit period is not over it sends reminder letters to the customers which may annoy them.

1) Increase in percentage of Returns on increase: The bank should provide higher returns on deposits in comparison of the present situation. This will also upto large extent help the bank earn profits & popularity. 2) Recruit professionally guided students: Bank & Insurance is a special non-aid course where the students specialize in the functioning & services of the bank & also are knowledge about various tax policies. The bank can recruit these students through tie-ups with colleges. Such students will surely prove as an asset to the bank. 3) Associate with social cause: The bank can also associate itself with social causes like providing relief aid patients, funding towards natural calamities. But this falls in the 4 quadrant so the bank should neglect it.

1) Competition: ICICI Bank is facing tight competition locally as well as internationally. Bank like CITI Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, HDFC also provide equivalent facilities like ICICI do and also ICICI do not have consistency in its international operation. 2) Net Services: ICICI Bank provides all kind of services on-line. There can be easy access to the e-mail ids of the customers through wrong people. The confidential information of the customers can be leaked easily through the email ids. 3) Decentralized Management: Each branch manager is given the authority of taking decisions in their respective branches. The decisions made by different managers are diverse and any one wrong decision can laid to heavy losses to the bank. 4) No Proper Facilities To Uneducated customers: ICICI Bank provides all services through electronic computerized machines. This creates problems to the less educated people. But this threat falls in the 4 quadrant so its negligible. The company can avoid this threat.

Personal Banking
Accounts and Deposits
Dream Deposits Plan
All of us have dreams . We dream for ourselves, for our families,, friends and relatives and for society at large too. Some of our dreams are need based, while some inspirational. The dreams that are close to us; they mean everything..We all want to nurture them and if possible secure them so that we can accomplish them under all odds. So be it our child s education, daughter s marriage, owning a home, driving our car or planning our retirement, it is imperative that we secure them at all costs. To secure them, you need to plan your finances prudently, based on your needs and aspirations at different points in time. A plan that gives you the flexibility in terms of choices that suit your needs and an assurance of a return that is safe and secure. ICICI Bank is proud to present Dream Deposits - A unique offering of four deposit plans that enable you realize your dreams at every stage of your life. y y y y y Dream Car Plan Dream Educational Plan Dream Home Plan Dream Gold Plan Dream Retirement Plan

Fixed Deposit
y y y y y y y

Flexibility of tenure - 7 days to 10 years Liquidity Premature / Partial withdrawal permitted (subject to applicable charges) Loan / Overdraft up to 90% of FD amount Option of monthly / quarterly payout available Competitive interest rate Convenient ways to open a FD

o Internet Banking o Phone banking o ICICI Bank Branch

Recurring Deposits
ICICI Bank Recurring Deposits are an ideal way to invest small amounts of money every month and end up with a large kitty on maturity. High recurring billing and recurring payments can be a drain on your finances and hence large investments may seem a plan away. ICICI processes your recurring payment through our recurring billing software that keeps track of your investments with us. This can be easily availed of through a recurring account online that comes with letting us serve you through Internet banking. You may even transfer funds through Internet banking into your recurring account. A recurring account transfer gets done in seconds through Internet banking. With our recurring deposits you can avail a host of facilities with ICICI Bank. You may check on recurring account receivable, recurring account payable, recurring account fees and all recurring debit account transactions. A recurring deposit account with ICICI Bank allows you a loan against the deposit. Our new recurring deposit account also has a special feature - Non-applicability of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS).

The minimum balance of deposit is Rs.500 per month and thereafter in multiples of Rs.100. The tenure ranges from 6 months to a maximum period of 10 years, recurring deposit of 3 months thereafter. The recurring deposit also comes with a nomination facility.

Savings Account
y y y y y y y y y

Debit-cum-ATM Card Money Multiplier Facility Internet Banking Customer Care Mobile Banking Standing Instructions Nomination facility DD Call and Collect Savings Account Portability

Debit-cum-ATM Card - With ICICI Bank Savings Account you will get a debit card that you can use to withdraw cash from any ATM. You may also use your debit card to directly make purchases through a Visa/Mastercard POS (Point of Sale) machine available at most stores! This will help you access your money from anywhere. Money Multiplier Facility - Allow us to take care of your idle money by moving it into high interest savings account earning. Internet Banking - Banking could not have been more convenient. Just log in with your user ID and password and make banking a hassle-free routine. For details, or for the list of transactions that you can do online, please Customer Care - Our 24-hour Customer Care is always available to answer any query or take your instructions Mobile Banking - Transferring funds or getting to know your balance is as easy as sending an SMS.

Standing Instructions - ICICI Bank accepts and supports Standing Instructions. You don't have to worry about the chore of carrying out a routine transaction. Just set up a Standing Instruction and leave it to us to manage. y Nomination Facility - You may nominate a person as beneficiary to your account proceeds. y DD Call and Collect - Don't waste even a minute in a queue to collect a Demand Draft or Pay Order. On the way to the branch, just call Customer Care, provide details of the DD to be prepared and collect it ready and signed at the branch. y Savings Account Portability - You may request for transfer of your Savings Account from one branch to another branch of ICICI Bank by giving a written request in the branch or by calling the 24 X 7 Customer Care OR placing a request through internet banking. The account will be transferred within 2 working days without : o suspending the account operations o change in account number o surrender of debit card, cheque book

Privilege Banking
Choose the ICICI Bank Privilege Banking account to enjoy exclusive benefits across wide range of product and services. The Privilege banking account variants we offer are - gold and titanium; each designed to suit your specific needs. In addition to benefits like money multiplier, nomination facility, internet banking and mobile banking, you can avail other special privileges like:
y y y y y y

Priority service at all ICICI bank branches and through Customer Care. Preferential rate on purchase of ICICI Bank pure gold and foreign exchange. Discount on annual fee for safe deposit locker. Special rates on ICICI Bank loans. Preferential rate on DD/ PO charges. Multi-city cheque book.

Salary Account
ICICI Bank Salary Account is a benefit-rich payroll account for Employers and Employees.

As an organization, you can opt for our Salary Accounts to enable easy disbursements of salaries and enjoy numerous other benefits too. With ICICI Bank Salary Accounts your employees will enjoy the convenience of :
y y y

Having the largest network of ATMs at their command. Free 24 hour Phone Banking. Free Internet Banking.

All you would require to do is to send ICICI Bank an advice (in form of a cheque/debit instruction, ecs, etc) for the total salary amount along with the salary details of the designated employees in a soft and hard copy format and we will credit the respective employees' accounts as per your statement of advice. ICICI Bank Salary Accounts benefits you in more than one ways:y y y y

Reduces your paperwork. Saves remittance costs. Employees receive instant credit of salaries. More convenient than ECS.

Besides all of the above, employees will automatically become ICICI Bank account holders with special benefits and privileges of 8-8 banking, Investment advisory and much more.

Silver Savings Account

ICICI Bank s Silver Savings Account entitles you to select privileges and offers.

y y y

The ICICI Bank International VISA debit card is a debit-cum-ATM card providing you with the convenience of acceptance at merchant establishments and cash withdrawals at ATMs. Money Multiplier Facility. Internet Banking is offered free of cost. You can give us various types of standing instructions like transferring to fixed deposit accounts at regular intervals. Nomination facility is available.

Interest is payable half-yearly.

y y y

Nomination facility available for bank deposits. There can be only one Nominee for a deposit account whether held singly or jointly. A person legally empowered to operate a minor's account can file a nomination on behalf of the minor. Applicants can make nomination by filling up the Form prescribed under the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules 1985. The nomination details can be changed during the subsistence of the account relationship by filling up the Form prescribed under the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules 1985. For more details approach your bank.

Young Stars Savings Account


Introducing ICICI Bank Young Stars Account, a bank account designed exclusively for kids. So that your child can have his money along with loads of fun

ICICI Bank offers wide variety of Loans Products to suit your requirements.Coupled with convenience of networked branches/ ATMs and facility of E-channels like Internet and Mobile Banking, ICICI Bank brings banking at your doorstep. Select any of our loan product and provide your details online and our representative will contact you for getting loans.

Home Loans
ICICI offers you the most convenient home loan plans to suit your needs. With so many attractive features in every type of home loan we offer, creating the home you always wanted is no longer a distant dream. Some of our key benefits are: Guidance through out the process Home loan amounts suited to your needs Home Loan tenure upto 20 years

y y y

y y y y y

Simplified documentation Doorstep delivery of home loan papers Sanction approval without having selected a property. Free Personal Accident Insurance Insurance options for your home loan at attractive premium

Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property is the perfect way to unlock the hidden value of your property. With this loan, you can fully benefit from life's little surprises you may have earlier passed over due to lack of funds. Live your dreams with a Loan Against Property! This multi-purpose loan puts funds at your disposal to use as you wish. What's more, this loan is available at a reasonable rate and can be repaid comfortably over as many as 10 years.

Personal Loans for all your financial needs

y y y y y y

Loan up to Rs. 10 lakhs No security/guarantor required Faster processing. Minimum documentation Attractive rates of interest Flexible repayment option of 12-48 months ICICI Bank may, at its sole discretion, utilize the services of external service provider/s or agent/s and on such terms as required or necessary, in relation to its products.

Car Loans
Turn your dream into reality. Own that new car you have always desired, with a little help from us. We offer loans up to 90% of the ex-showroom price of the car. You can take up to 5 years to repay the loan. Loan on the Strength of Your Income: Submit income proofs as required and avail finance up to 90% of the ex-showroom price of the car. Car Loans with Fixed Interest Rates: ICICI Bank offers new car loans with fixed rate option only

Other Loans offered:

y y y y y y y Two Wheeler Commercial Vehicle Loans Against Gold Ornaments Construction Equipment Pre-approved Loans Flexicash Online Loans

ICICI Bank Bonds

All ICICI Bank Bonds have been rated "AAA" by CARE and "LAAA" by ICRA indicating the highest degree of safety for your money. All Investment in ICICI Bank Tax Saving Bonds issued upto March 2005 are eligible for tax rebate under Sec 88 to the full extent possible. Bonds are listed on BSE, NSE.

GOI Bonds
8% Savings Bonds (Taxable), 2003
y y y y y y y

Low risk. Reasonable investment tenure. Nomination facility available. Cannot be traded in secondary market. Interest income taxable. Mutual Funds Investments Through ICICI Bank ICICI Bank Mutual Funds services aim at helping you design the ideal portfolio for your investment requirements. At ICICI Bank, we help you identify the appropriate mix of Mutual Fund schemes on the basis of asset allocation strategies. Invest in various schemes of multiple mutual funds with a satisfactory performance record and reap the benefits. Additionally, ICICI Bank Mutual Funds services also equips you with various research reports to help you make an informed decision. Invest in IPOs Online

You can invest in IPOs online through www.icicidirect.com with same convenience of investing in equities - hassle-free and with zero paper work. Also, get in-depth analyses of new IPOs issues (Initial Public Offerings) which are about to hit the market. IPO calendar, recent IPO listings, prospectus/offer documents and live prices will help you keep on top of the IPO markets.

Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA)


At ICICI Bank, we are committed to offer our customers the best of services. We are glad to offer you a simple and convenient facility of investing in IPOs through ASBA facility. ASBA means Application Supported by Blocked Amount . ASBA is an application containing an authorization to block the application money in the bank account, for subscribing to an issue. If an investor is applying through ASBA, his application money shall be debited from the bank account only if his/her application is selected for allotment after the basis of allotment is finalized, or the issue is withdrawn / failed. It is a supplementary process of applying in Initial Public Offers (IPO), right issues and Follow on public offers (FPO) made through book building route and co-exists with the current process of using cheque as a mode of payment and submitting applications.

ICICI Bank Pure Gold

Gold has been traditionally the popular investment for Indians. In fact, India, even today is amongst the largest buyers of Gold in the world. ICICI Bank with its Pure Gold offer attempts to bridge the gap between the need of the customers for buying gold and availability of an organised avenue to satisfy that need, by taking care of the two key components Reliability and Convenience.

Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, 2004

Scheme Details:
y y y

Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a Government of India Product. 9% interest offered to depositors. Since the product is offered by Govt of India, this product is one of the most Safest Investment Option. Premature closure of account is possible after one year from the date of opening the account.

ICICI Home Finance Fixed Deposits

Eligible entities as depositors

y y y y y y y y

Resident Indians NRIs Association of Persons (AOPs) Hindu Undivided Family (HUFs) Trusts and Foundations Co-operative Societies Firms Companies

At ICICI Bank, we understand your financial needs. Along with deposit and loan products, we offer you the facility to invest in Life Insurance, General Insurance.

e-Instructions: You can transfer securities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Internet & Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at a lower cost. Now with "Speak to transfer", you can also transfer or pledge instructions through our customer care officer. Digitally Signed Statement: Receive your account statement and bill by email. Corporate Benefit Tracking: Track your dividend, interest, bonus through your account statement.

Mobile Request: Access your demat account by sending SMS to enquire about Holdings, Transactions, Bill & ISIN details. Mobile Alerts: Receive SMS alerts for all debits/credits as well as for any request which cannot be processed.
y y

Dedicated customer care executives specially trained at our call centre, to handle all your queries. Countrywide network of over 970 branches, you are never far from an ICICI Bank Demat Services outlet.

Wealth Management

Investment Planning
Based on your investment goal, wealth requirements, investment horizon and risk profile, we construct a suitable asset allocation plan for you. During this exercise, we also evaluate and realign your existing investments as per the suggested asset allocation, in case required by you.

Portfolio Construction
From our wide range of investment avenues, we construct appropriate solutions to implement your investment plan and evolve a tailor-made portfolio for your specific requirements. This would involve execution of investments in debt, equity, structured products or alternative asset classes as per the suggested asset allocation.

Portfolio Maintenance
We monitor your investments and periodically suggest rebalancing in the portfolio for maintaining the asset allocation or aligning your portfolio to changes in macro-economic factors that might affect your investments.

Portfolio Review
As your investment preferences or financial goals change over a period of time, we review your portfolio periodically with you to discuss and implement any changes in asset allocation or portfolio strategy. All with a view to keeping your portfolio healthy at all times

NRI Banking
y y y y y y Money transfers Bank Accounts Loan against FD s Home Loans Insurance Investments

Business Banking
Current Accounts & Services
Roaming Current Account
ICICI's Roaming Current Account (RCA) simplifies banking by offering smooth and seamless transactions. RCA travels the distance with your business and helps effect lucrative business relationships. RCA brings with it the concept of 'Anytime Anywhere' banking enabling you to operate your RCA from any of our 2000 + branches in more than 500 cities across India.

PCA (Prepaid Current Account)

ICICI Bank presents a special current account for those who prefer to pay a fixed prepaid charge on an annual basis and who do not want to commit any balance at any point of time. In Prepaid

Current Account, the customer does not have to maintain any minimum or average balance but just has to charge his account with Rs. 2999 every year

Made2Order Account
ICICI's Made to Order Account (M2O) is an account tailor-made keeping in mind transactions unique to your business. The M2O Account gives you the flexibility to choose the services relevant to your specific business needs

Elite Current Account

ICICI Bank's Elite Current account gives you a wide range of facilities with an MAB of Rs. 10,00,000/-.

Cluster Current Account

Cluster Current Account offered by ICICI Bank is customized to specific business segments. Various Industry sectors which are sufficiently large scale and which have unique transactional needs are accordingly identified under the 'Cluster Products' program and product propositions catering to these unique needs are developed. The product is distinct in terms of pricing benefits & industry specification.

Trade Current Account

TRCA is the perfect solution to cater to both your international and domestic banking needs. ICICI Bank's Trade Roaming Current Account is a unique amalgamation of domestic banking features of the Roaming Current Account and Global Trade Services. It offers a composite banking solution to exporters and importers. An important part of this is the "zero balance" account that enables you to utilize your financial resources more effectively.

ICICI Bank's Cash Management Services ensure speedy and efficient collections owing to a vast network and use of superior technology. And with customised daily transaction reports and online reports, keeping track is so easy.

ICICI Bank's Cash Management Services, ensure secure and efficient payments.

y y y y y y y y

Bulk DD/ PO printing DDs can be issued payable at more than 540 locations in India Remote printing of pay orders at 46 major centres Fund transfers Cheque writing Beneficiary advices Secure technology platform to meet bulk payment requests from client quickly ERP integration

EEFC : Exchange Earner's Foreign Currency Account

Exchange Earner's Foreign Currency Account (EEFC): With an EEFC Account, exporters and importers can now rest easy...That is right, ICICI Bank's EEFC Account is just what you need to protect your bottom line from potential losses due to exchange rate fluctuations. Quite simply, it enables you to retain any foreign currency earned abroad for as long as you want. You can also convert it into Indian Rupees whenever you want. This insulates you from any market volatility. You can maintain a zero balance EEFC account with us, pertaining to all major currencies.

Trade Services
Letter of Credit
With ICICI Banks Letter of Credit, you can be assured of timely and correct payments from your buyers. Now, interact with ease even with companies with whom you have had limited experience or are unsure of their credit history. ICICI Bank offers inland and foreign LCs of two types Sight LC and Usance LC. Sight LC commands immediate payment on presentation of the necessary documents. In case of a Usance LC, payment is set for a specified future date only after acceptance of presented documents.

Bank Guarantee
ICICI Banks Bank Guarantees are available to you against minimal requirements and in the shortest possible time. ICICI Banks Bank Guarantees are also available in foreign currency for approved purposes as defined under FEMA

Export Bill Negotiation

With ICICI Banks Export Bill Negotiation facility, you can obtain short-term finance for your business, easily and in a hassle-free manner. Receive payment as soon as your goods have been shipped simply on the basis of your trade transaction documents. ICICI Banks Export Bill Negotiation is ideal for your business if you do not have regular capital limits with the bank.

Bullion Consignment Business

India is the world's largest consumer of gold in jewelery as investment. Indian gold demand is firmly embedded in cultural and religious traditions. Over the past five years, Diwali and Akshaya Thrithiya has become a major gold-buying occasions in India. Gold also plays an important role in the marriage ceremony, where brides are often adorned from head to toe in gold jewellery. With an estimated 10 million marriages a year taking place in India, weddingrelated demand is big business.

Escrow Account
Appoint ICICI Bank as the custodian of your assets and revenue streams through our Escrow Account. Safe and hassle-free, ICICI Banks Escrow Account is customised as per your specific needs. ICICI Banks Escrow Account can be availed as a current account or a fixed deposit account.

Export Finance
Avail ICICI Banks Export Finance services to facilitate cash flow in your business. Our Export Finance is available in both Indian rupees and foreign currency, tailor-made to support your export requirements. ICICI Banks Export Finance services include both pre-shipment and postshipment credit. Obtain pre-shipment finance in the form of Export Packing Credit to finance purchase or import of raw materials and processing and packing of goods for export. Our pre-shipment credit is based on actual trading cycles.

Post-shipment credit finances export sales receivables after you have shipped the goods until the export proceeds are realised. ICICI Bank offers post-shipment credit in the form of Export Bill Negotiation.

Global Markets
y y y y y y y Forex Desk Remittances Through FX Channels Collateralised Trading Service Treasury Research Derivatives Desk Structured Products Precious Metals Business

Cash Receipt Process

Customer 1
Cash and pay-inslip

Scrutinize pay-in-slip for being correct and complete

Check for 12 digit account number,beneficiary name and that amount in words and figures match,ensure pay-in-slip is signed.Check that particulars match with counterfoil.Check PAN number mentioned if amount >=Rs.50,000

Credit to base branch ?

Credit to non base br?

YES Count the cash and match denomination details on pay-in-slip and enter the same in the system

YES Check for eligibility and limit


Is there any discrepancy?


Is it ok for further processing

Return cash and pay-in-slip

NO Process A NO Customer

Process A
INPUT If receipt is for Rs.10 Lacks and above, report the transaction and collect the letter mentioning the source of funds PROCESS A OUTPUT

Check for fake/counterfeit notes

Post the transaction

Dr. Tellers A/c Cr.Customers A/c

Match amount and account number and customer number on pay-in-slip with particulars in the system. Acknowledge and handover the counterfoil Counterfoil

Hand-over pay in slip for verification


Verify the transaction

Spike the voucher



Cash Payment Process


Customer 1

Receive cheque and scrutinize for health check

Return cash and pay-in-slip Is it ok for payment? NO Return the cheque Customer YES

Validity presence of the endorsement. Amount in words and figures must match. Cheque should not be postdated or stale. Ensure that cheque is signed and any alteration is authenticated by full signature of drawer.

Is cheque stopped for payment


NO Process B





If payment is for Rs.10 Lacks and above, report the transaction. Cheque must be accompanied by letter stating purpose of withdrawal along with PAN No.

Is payment upto 25K?

4 C

Post the transaction

Obtain Customer s signature on the reverse of cheque and collect it back. Write denomination details on reverse of cheque for cash paid.

Dr. Customers A/c Cr. Tellers A/c

Pay Cash Cash

Hand-over cheque for verification Customer

Scrutinize cheque and verify the transaction

The CSO verifies the entire transaction again and enters the transaction, after which the same procedure is followed by the teller.

Spike the voucher



Process Changes:
 AutoCash report should be printed on a day-to-day basis  No posting of transaction unless signature of CBM. Also a list could be generated about all the debit authorizations in a day which could be submitted to the CBM. Also SQL reports could be checked by the CBM at the end of the day to determine any debit auth >50,000.  Every fax indemnity form should hold a number or an id.  Frequent checking of entries could be done. If any cheque number has been missed, it could be destroyed immediately.  Maintain separate excel sheets for processed and unprocessed cash entering corresponding withdrawals and deposits.

 Have a checklist made and kept on every desk listing the day-to-day activities a cashier/teller has to perform; which also includes the printing of Mitra report and verification of 5% of vouchers under UV lamp.

System Changes:
 No logout from the system till auto cash report is printed OR Reminder to be active till the auto cash report is printed.  Pop-up window confirming if cbm has signed before the transaction is posted.

 Whenever a transaction is of a debit authorization a fax idemnity id/number could be made


 Trasaction is of type self/cheque,cheque number is mandatory.

 Payee name should be made mandatory.

Forward Inward Remittances Certificate:
 Request letter from customers are obtained for issuance of FIRC and the purpose of inward remittance of funds is mentioned.  The branch is issues the FIRC in security form which is signed by two officials along with specimen signature number and Bank seal.  The copy of the same is maintained in safe custody along with acknowledgement from customer.  A Register is maintained in prescribed format noting all the FIRCs issued in serial order of security stationery along with required details

Form A1/A2/A3 processing:

 The bank first confirms that whether A1/ A3 form has been obtained for import related or relevant remittances and whether A2 form has been obtained for all non import related remittances.  A1 form is accompanied by-bill of lading, invoice and bill of entry, Amount of invoice, Description and quantity of goods, Details of exporter and shipment.  A1/A2 /A3 form is assured to be complete with all details and then signed by the customer and bank officials at appropriate places.  The branch is maintains duly filled and signed (by authorized signatories) A1 / A2 forms from the importers.

Issuance of Inland LC s and BG s:

 The request letter submitted by the customer in prescribed format along with applicant's signature on the request letter is verified at the branch after which it is stamped with date and time of receipt.  There is a check then done to assure all documents have been received along with the soft copy of the BG text from applicant. The BG is printed on a serially numbered secured stationary and it is signed by authorized signatories.  In case BG has been handed over to applicant, two covering letters, one addressed to applicant and another addressed to beneficiary is given to the applicant. In case BG has been sent to the beneficiary, confirmation from applicant before handing over BG to the beneficiary is compulsory.

 The documents are properly stored in the order of BG serial number until the guarantee is closed.

Advance payment for imports:

 The branch stamps date and time of receipt on the documents submitted by the customer.  In case of import of goods, the following documents need to be in place y Customer request letter with debit authority y Performa invoice /purchase order y A1 Form y FEMA declaration y NNL Declaration y Import license  In case of import of services, whether documents applicable above have been obtained.  It is then confirmed if BG is held on record for advance for imports ,if not, proper approval waiving the requirement is held on record.  All the discrepancies pointed out are resolved by the branch by coordinating with the concerned person if required and the same are replied by the branch.  Completed form A1 is available at branch for verification and all the documents are filed in the order of finacle reference number.

Inward remittances:
 The customer provides us with a request letter informing that he is going to receive inward remittances along with the source of the remittances.  After proper verification of the customer s account number and name, his account is credited for the amount.  The bank then issues a FIRC for the customer.

Purchase of foreign exchange:

 Customer submits to the bank request for purchase of foreign currency / Travelers cheque.

 Branch has to then obtain identification document like Passport or PAN or Ration Card or Driving license for purchase of foreign currency / TC & proof of verification with original is evidenced on the photocopy.  The branch official ensures the authenticity of TC and records the authorization code along with date and time on the TC with branch official initials.  Check the photocopy of TC and verify whether the signature of the customer is matching with the signature on the passport proof, which is mandatory.  CDF is obtained in case of currency purchase exceeding USD 5000 and USD 10000/in case of currency & TC put together.  The branch has issues Encashment Certificate for all purchases of Foreign Currency and Travelers Cheques.


 All the documents needed for each forex transaction could be placed at each and every desk.  Along with the request letter,Copy of FIRC could be signed from the signed from the signatories. This way we can ensure that the request letter is always present with the bank before the issuance of FIRC.  The request letter should also be signed by the authorized signatory at the time of getting the FIRC signed.In this way,it will be confirmed tha the rquest letter is received prior to the FIRC.  All the information entered by the customer should be entered in black pen.Also,any changes or additions made by the bank responsible should be made in red.In this way, form can be accurately verified to confirm if a signature of customer exists along with every information entered in red pen.  There could be made a separate speed-post box/section where all the documents that need to be posted could be kept. The bank responsible could be trained to put the bank guarantee for post on the same very day it comes to the bank from back office. That way we can ensure that the original form of the BG is never present in the bank for long.

RTGS Transactions :
Accept cheque and RTGS request (slip) Verify customers signature,acc no/name and balance from cheque Enter beneficiary banks name and IFSC code Debit customers account fopr RTGS transaction

NEFT Transactions :
Accept NEFT request Verify customer's signature on the request form Collect and verify customers id proof Debit customers a/c and credit NEFT BRANCH FUNDING a/c

Hot listing of lost instruments :

Hot list the lost instruments Confirm nonpayment Signature verification of Customer & obtaining ID Proof

Issue duplicate

Form 15H/15G Processes at branches:

Record date of receipt and Verify the customer's signature and scrutinised the form Record customers contact number on the form Lodge FCRM to RPC on the same day of receipt Monthly return of 15H/15G forms received is filed within 7 days from the end of the month

Send the form physically to RPC

Debit Authorization :
Accept debit authorization request Verify customers signature,acc no/name and balance from slip Collect and verify customers id proof Take Branch Manager's signature Execute transaction

Other transactions performed by the branch:

y y y y y y y y y y y Stop payment Opening or premature closure of Fixed Deposit account Shifting account from one branch to another Change/Request for nominee Request for cheque book PAN Updating Demand Draft request Upgrade to senior citizen Transfer cheques Change in interest credit account details Dormancy removal


Process Changes:
 All the cheques books that are kept for issuance as non-personalized cheque book could be given a id or no. Also it had to be made sure that these numbers are entered somewhere in the system before they are issued before they are let out to anybody outside. These ids or cheque books numbers should be entered into the system at the time of debiting the customers account.

 For customers that have constant transactions that need id proof, their id proof could be saved in the system and at the time of transaction it could be made printed and signed from them. Also if there was any change in their id proof, they could update the bank.

 A customer could be told that he will be informed by the way of a call or letter that the account is closed in 2-3 days. If the account is not closed, the customer will revert back and the transaction could then be executed as soon as possible.