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Job stress, coping process and intentions to leave: A study of information technology professionals working in India

Participants Profile:
Participant No: Age: 21-30 31- 35 36 40 Gender: M F

Companies Name: Designation: Experience: 0-5 years 6- 10 years 11- 15 years Contact details: Date: Time of interview: Start Place / Site of Interview End-

Part 2- Participants Spouses Profile Age Designation Companies name Experience

Interviewer: Do you consent freely to participate in this tape-recorded interview? participant: Yes, I consent freely.

Part 1: Concept of stress 1) You are an IT professional tell me the nature of your work or to be specific tell me the type of work you do? 2) Ok I see so how many people are there working with you simultaneously on the same project? 3) What are the dead lines of the project like? 4) So, do you usually complete your projects on time? 5) What are the consequences of not meeting the dead line? 6) Do you feel the work s stressful? 7) Ok see. So is your qualification in accordance with the nature of your job? 8) Are you trained or explained about the project before it commenced? 9) In case of any difficulty during the project whom do you ask for help? 10) So are the project managers/ seniors always available or approachable? 11) How long did you take to understand thew work flow ,the nature of the organization and your role in the organization? 12) Ok now tell me what are your usual working hours? 13) So. Do you feel physical stress? If yes. Elaborate please. 14) Hmmmm Your Spouse too is an IT professional..What kind of work atmosphere does she experience? 15) Do you both get time to spend with each other and your family? 16) HmmmI see so what are the rewards of meeting the project deadline and alike?

Interviwers Observation and Notes:

Part 2- Coping strategies: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Ok now tell me what you usually do after getting back from office? So what about weekends how do you spend them? Do you go for family outing? How often? What else do you do to escape the monotony and stress of your work? Does your office provide you with any kind of stress busters?... I mean do you have a recreation centre or so? Ok tell me .. what is the best way to cope the work stress for you? And what about your spouse? Hmmmm Good! So, tell me if there are any kind of personal life problems due to your professional life? If yes.. tell me how do you sought those out?

Interviwers Observation and Notes:

Part 3- Participants intentions/ suggestions on the work environment 1) What are your suggestion for improving the work atmosphere and culture in your organization? 2) I see so do you feel that the organization will do that? 3) Is this your first job? 4) If No. why did you leave your first job? If Yes.. do you have plans of skipping the job or say joining an other organization? 5) What would you look for in your next job? 6) Can you tell us about what kind of social support your organization provides in accordance to your job as well as job switch. 7) Before Finishing the interview.. just give me a brief understanding about what you feel about your proffessional and personal life and their inter relationship. How one effects the other?

Interviwers Observation and Notes: