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the money that you earn from your work or that you receive from investments, the government etc on a ... income (=earning a particular amount) high/low income highincome/low-income annual income family/household income disposable income (=your income after tax and necessary bills have been paid) taxable income (=the part of your income on which you pay tax) net income (=your income after you have paid taxes) gross income (=your income before you have paid taxes) investment income (=income from investments) source of income loss of income supplement your income (with something) (=increase your income by doing something) His annual income is 250,000. money that you gain by selling things or doing business, after your costs have been paid [ loss; revenue] at a profit make/earn/turn a profit big/huge/healthy/substantial/handsome/hefty profit (=a large profit) profits are up/down profits rise/increase/grow profits soar/leap (=profits increase by a lot) profits fall/drop profits slump/plunge (=profits fall by a lot) boost profits (=make them increase) maximize profits (=get as much profit as possible) net profit (=after tax and costs are paid) gross profit (=before tax and costs are paid) pre-tax profit (=before tax is paid) trading/operating profit Profits are up by a third. the profit that a company or country makes: The company's earnings have dropped by 5% in the first quarter. Oil provides 40% of Norway's export earnings. money that a business or organization receives over a period of time, especially from selling goods or services [ income]: the total number of products that are sold during a particular period of time the amount of business done during a particular period The illicit drugs industry has an annual turnover of some 200 bn. the amount of money you owe to a bank when you have spent more money than you had in your account: a 250 overdraft an amount of money that you borrow from a bank etc take out a loan (=borrow money) repay/pay off/pay back a loan (=give back money you have borrowed) make a loan American English (=give someone a loan) bank loan (=money lent by a bank) car/home loan (=a loan to buy a car etc) personal loan (=money lent to an individual) business loan (=money lent to a business) student loan (=money lent to students to pay for university) interest-free loan (=a loan on which you only repay the amount you borrowed) The organization was allowed to make loans to private businesses.

Revenue Sales Turnover Overdraft



an official document promising that a government or company will pay back money that it has borrowed, often with INTEREST: My father put all his money into stock market bonds.


one of the equal parts into which the ownership of a company is divided buy/sell shares