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In Indian constitution, equal rights are provided to the citizens of India. Now since the
independence, if the history of Muslim representations in various sectors like Parliament,
State Legislative Assemblies, Employment in Superior positions of the country etc are
thoroughly analysed, one will be surprised to see the great under-representations of the
Muslims in India. This has not happened in a year or two. This is the sixty first year of
completion of democratic rule in India and the under-representation of the Muslims is in
its open appearance in all sectors in India. While the government machineries can
precisely calculate the things like economic growth rate, the inflation rate, the population
rate, it is surprising thing that openly seen under-representation of the Muslims are not
taken care of. One may argue that in India, we cannot fill the positions looking the
religion of the citizens. But if it is true, then why did it not happen single time in sixty
years that the Muslims occupied 175 or more seats in parliament of India which contain
541 seats at the present? Why did it happen all the time that Muslims have occupied seats
in Parliament only about 30 all the time throughout sixty years? Similarly is the case
about superior positions. The Muslims could have occupied the superior positions in
proportion to their population of the country. But the situation is different. According to
Government statistics, there are 4790 IAS officers in the country who are engaged in
Indian Administrative Services. In that the Muslims have occupied only 108 seats. The
Government shows Muslim population as 15.4 percent of the total population of India.
So considering this, the Muslim should have 737 IAS positions. So they are under-
represented by 737-108=629 seats! This type of injustice to the Muslims has been since
sixty years. Similarly, in Parliament, the Muslims must have 83 seats. They have only 27
seats. It means they are under-represented by 83-27=56 seats! This has been
happening since sixty years! State Legislative Assemblies also witness the same picture
for the Muslim representation. In Gujarat State, since last four consecutive elections,
there has been no Muslim minister in the state at all….! Why is this happening?
Obviously, this is due to the fact that the Muslims have been discriminated. In fact
such things are easily noticeable by every single citizen of the country. The political
parties must give tickets to the Muslims/Hindu in ratio of 16: 80. If religion
discrimination is not there, why only the Muslims are sufferers in their representation?
This is a clear indication that religious discrimination in India is a most common reality.
This is so, because, people of India are religious and sentimental. So, any political party
can play with their religious sentiments. Now this religious discrimination against the
Muslims cannot be wiped out overnight. When this is the reality, the secularism
principles remain on a paper or a book. So, the Muslims’ rights of proportionate sharing
can be only achieved by introducing reservation system for them in Parliament, State
Assemblies, Employment, Bureaucrat, Security Services etc. In private sector the
Muslim employment is very low in comparison to their employment in government due
to religious discrimination. So, they must be compensated while deciding for their
reservation quota in government services. So, their reservation should be 20% in stead of
15.4% (population percentage). The India can not be considered to be a democratic
country where the situation of the Muslims is worst than that of the kingdoms of the
kings. India has imaginary democracy! The Commonwealth organization, the UN and
the OIC must do appropriate steps to give Indian Muslims the justice by ensuring their
population based proportionate reservations in democratic Institutions, employment
including superior positions and security services of the country, judiciaries and other
district and sub-district offices. Due to their elimination, the Muslims are easily targeted
by the Hindu fundamentalists like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishva Hindu
Parishad, Bajrag Dal, Shiv Sena etc.
The most noticeable thing is that, the government cannot take appropriate actions against
these Hindu fundamentalists for two reasons. (1) The government comprises of Hindu
dominated Ministers and Officers and (2) The ruling government political party fear of
losing Hindu votes.
Due to these reasons, the so called actions taken against these Hindu fundamentalists are
just like a drama. The Muslims are 15.4 percent of the country’s population whereas the
Hindus are 80 percent of the country’s population. Now on looking to the crime cases
against the criminals of the Muslims and the Hindus, one will observe that the Muslims
are the majority confirmed victims. The main culprits of the Hindus are left loose
whereas the Muslims are captured during each and every communal disturbance. This
type of harassment to the Muslims in India by the authorities is most common due to their
severe elimination from superior and security/police services. The Muslims are murdered
in the name of fake police encounters! The protectors are themselves devours ! This
happens due to Muslim elimination from superior police services. Sohrabuddin fake
encounter is well known chapter in India. While such is the position in India, the
International Institutions and Organisations like UN have to keep constant watch. The
situation of the Muslims in Kashmir is worst where one security personnel per seven
citizens are employed! These security staff tortures the innocent Kashmiri Muslims in
the pretext of finding terrorist! The Kashmir Muslims are living as slaves of security
personnel. So many Kashmiri Muslims left Kashmir and wondering in other states of
India. I personally have witnessed this thing. Kashmir question can be solved easily by
taking the vote of Kashmiri people. The plebiscite (vote of the choice) can be taken under
the supervision of UN team and few UN army personnel for election security. So, the
Kashmiri Muslims can take relief breath.

Please Note:
(1) There has been no Muslim Prime Minister in India since 60 years! The president of
India has virtual power but the Prime Minister has real power.
(2) There has been no Muslim Election commissioner since last sixty years. Since last
ten to eleven years, the system of keeping three election commissioners has been
adopted, and yet not a single Muslim election commissioner employed! Government
knows that main minority in India is Muslim which contain 15.4 percent of country’s
total population and election campaign is fought targeting the Muslims and yet no
Muslim election commissioner is employed!
(3)No Muslim officer in National Human Rights Commission of India though Human
rights violation is demonstrated against the Muslims.