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using high speed scanners and applying ICR

Case Study technology with minimum manual intervention (to

the tune of 5% in the case of numeric fields) and
apply the various criteria for processing the same
e Recruitment Services for a written test. The images of the application
forms are also archived in this process. Scanning
also enables the applicant’s photograph,
RECRUITMENT IN CORPORATIONS signature and his personnel data to be printed in
his admit card in exactly the way he had filled it
Pre Test – Automation: up.
Public sector recruitment processing is an
extremely sensitive and confidential work Online web portal, which enables TEST CONDUCTION AND EVALUATION
involving thousands of eager applicants applications to register online. Applicants can AUTOMATION
waiting to fill up a few available posts. browse through the eligibility/ reservation and
There are various reservations under availability of posts and apply accordingly.
various quota and category as per the They are immediately intimated on their CMC plans the test conduction right from booking
prevailing Government rules. These criteria application status as to whether they are of the various venues and preparing the Question
need to be strictly adhered to at the same eligible for the written test and thereby save the bank in a totally secure and confidential manner
time ensuring a fully transparent system. manual scrutiny and postal reply delays. The as per the skills required for the particular post.
Despite these stringent criteria the hall ticket availability is intimated via email and The test is supervised and conducted at various
vacancies need to be filled up in the the applicant is allowed to download the same. test venues systematically by the help of trained
shortest time frame by identifying and invigilators and with external observers to ensure
reaching out to the best talents in the Various statistical details (number of applicants transparency
country under each post/category) are available online
for the management to take decisions on the fly CMC plans the entire test CMC has the options
THE CHALLENGES for any extension of application dates/ for both online test conduction as well as OMR
• To complement, but not replace, the announcement of test dates at various location based written test evaluation. (Optical Mark
traditional paper-based system. etc. Reader). There are designated centers for online
test conduction where the candidate can walk in
• To demonstrate their commitment to Although e-recruitment can help to widen access and take the test. The applicant is informed of the
total transparency as per the to vacancies to under-represented groups, it can test results immediately.
recruitment policies exclude people who have no access to the
Internet. CMC has specially designed application In the paper test method- the applicant fills up
• To widen their pool of applicants forms, which are “ICR readable” (Intelligent his application as well as writes the objective
Character Recognition) where the applicant fills type test by choosing the appropriate answers
up in capital letters in specified boxes in the form. by darkening the options available on the
This enables CMC to capture the applicant’s data
OMR sheet. Posttest the answer papers are BENEFITS OF E RECRUITMENT planning. Less HR staff time spent on
consolidated and packed and sealed to be The main focus of the efficiency agenda is better basic recruitment tasks
securely transported to the evaluation centres. use of resources rather than expense reductions
• Lower vacancy rates
alone. The introduction of e-recruitment may be
an opportunity to use the saved recruitment • Completely transparent and fool proof
resources to create a higher impact. system with minimal manual intervention
Easy handling of huge volume of data &
maintenance of confidentiality
• Drastic reduction in overall cycle time
for recruitment from inviting • Final master database handed over along
applications to recruitment. with an archival of the images for future
The sheet is then automatically scanned using Reduction in the time for data entry reference.
high-speed scanners under strict security. and processing the raw data.
Accuracy is extremely high for an OMR based Reduction in time from the traditional BENEFITS TO THE APPLICANT:
scanning system. manual communication modes to the • 24/7 access via the Internet with support
web based automation. available through local libraries at no cost to
the applicant
The test results are hosted on the web so that • Huge saving in printing and postage
each applicant can view his results and his costs • Online status update in the website. Online
relative ranking. Depending on the overall redressal of queries No need to contact
results the management can easily fix the • Economies of scale in advertising
spend Reduced advertising spend departments in person/phone.
various cut-offs for the next phase –
interviews/ medical tests/ Group discussions from fewer and smaller adverts.
• Application packs and job details are
etc depending on the departments recruitment Reduced need for advertising in the
available online and job applications can be
criteria. The interview call letters are also local dailies
submitted online, thereby enabling a
downloadable via the web by the applicant. He • Saving in storage space for receiving process that is not dependent on postal
is intimated the venue so that he can plan his applications and scrutiny systems.
• Reduced spending on temporary Various departments/public sectors across
The final merit list of selected candidates manpower for manual sorting / India have used the services of CMC and
depending on various recruitment criteria is scrutiny acknowledged our quality of service. For
derived and the place of posting is an option, confidentiality reasons the names of the
which the applicant is allowed to choose • Easier Reach through the web client organizations are not included in this
depending on his order of merit. Thus the document.
entire system is fully transparent and merit • HR staff carrying out higher value
based. activities, for example workforce