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Join the Beloved Network

Saturday, August 6th

11 AM - 3 PM Faith Community Church
417 Arlington St. Greensboro, NC

Free Food, Local Artists, Music, and Activities for Children.

Youre Invited to Join the Beloved Network and Attend its Founding Meeting and Celebration Uniting Citizens and Organizations Dedicated to Addressing Social and Economic Injustices

Under the umbrella of Social

Justice, EVERY issue is connected.

Weneedagreatersenseof communityandadeepercultureof DEMOCRACYtogettotherootofin justicesinourcommunity.TheBeloved CommunityCenterrealizestheenergy thatisbuildinginthiscity.Internsand volunteershavebeenworkingtofocus thatpowerinneighborhoodsthrough outNortheastGreensboro.Thiswork willculminateonAugust6thwiththe launchingoftheBELOVEDNETWORK. Thisisnotaneworganization.Instead, theBelovedNetworkisatooltocon nectandstrengthenindividualsand existingorganizationsacrossGreens borowhoareworkingtowardspositive change.

Where: FaithCommunityChurch (417ArlingtonStreet) When: August6th,11am3pm What: ACelebrationfood, entertainment,agathering ofneighborsandfriends. Ashowcaseofyouthtalent.
The Beloved Network is a project of the Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, Inc. The BCC was initiated by a group of neighborhood leaders, community activists, and clergy members in 1991. For more information about the BCC or the Beloved Network, visit our website at www.belovedcommunitycenter.org or call us at 336-230-0001 weekdays between 10 AM and 6 PM.