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SiteBoss 530


solUtions sPotlight - minnesotA D.o.t.

oVerVieW most PoPUlAr DeViCe. highly feAtUreD remote monitoring, ACCess AnD Control Unit.
The SiteBoss 530 is a versatile, mid-range system used for monitoring and control of remote equipment sites. The S530 provides remote monitoring of serial devices, equipment I/O, and environmental conditions at these remote sites and forwards notification when conditions fall outside limits. On-board I/O provides serial, Ethernet, and dialup connectivity. The S530-2 and -6 models provide two or six Expansion slots respectively to allow addition of various communications and monitoring I/O interfaces that might be desired for your specific site application. For many years, Minnesota state agencies such as the State Police or the D.O.T. Operated their command and control structure over separate communications networks, often with little to no interoperability. The lack of a unified, scalable communications network that state agencies could use to coordinate their responses to emergencies was cited as a major target of reform by the Minnesota State Government.

the ChAllenge
The challenge facing the lawmakers was one of funding the replacement of an antiquated patchwork of communication networks with a secure, voice network that could grow along with the states transportation system. With the Federal communication commissions mandate that all entities utilizing wide-band VHF and uHF systems move to narrow-band systems by 2013, the Minnesota State Legislature responded by funding an 800MHz P25 Trunked Radio communication System. The Office of Communications within MNDOT set out evaluating the states current systems and began design of the required additions to bring all state agencies together onto a common communications platform. Due to the high degree of importance placed on the reliability of an emergency communications network, one of the steps was to find a company with an established track record of delivering remote monitoring and control solutions to ensure that the network and its equipment would function properly.

highlighteD feAtUres

In-band or out-of-band access to remote serial equipment Out-of-band access to remote network equipment Base unit supports 2 serial and 2 Ethernet ports 2 or 6 additional slots provide flexible expansion options Supports up to 16 serial ports for remote serial device management connect up to 16 remote EventSensor modules to add I/O ports. See the EventSensor section for more details Supports up to 48 I/O points, contacts, voltage, 4-20mA, relays, and more Wireless cellular, ADSL, and/or dialup modem options Monitor up to 100 serial alarm messages Optional external MMc card temperature sensor Supports Asentria Setting Key functionality Easy to understand MIB works well with third-party SNMP Managers compatible with ProVision , HP Openview Spectrum , Intermapper , Nagios, SNMPc , Netcool, and all other SNMP-based network management systems Send E-mail, SNMP trap, TcP/IP, or dial-out alarms Receive and convert SNMP traps into text alarms Access network devices via dialup PPP Fallback to dialup alarms if the Ethernet connection fails Web interface for easy configuration Optional internal run-time battery backup

the solUtion
Asentria was chosen to monitor two important items at the tower sites: environmental conditions (generators, smoke detectors, lights, building entries, Ac & Dc power) and the LAN/WAN backbone equipment. The remote site monitoring solution Asentria delivered to MNDOT included the SNMP-link SL81 - and its successor, the SiteBoss 530. Featuring a cisco router at each tower site for connectivity, Asentrias remote site monitoring solution sends polling and alarm traffic via SNMP across the network to a central NOC. This is then fed into an in-house NMS system. The Asentria units powerful control capabilities allow personnel to remotely send commands to enable or disable power plants and relay switches; change equipment configuration parameters; connect remote users to restricted ports; collect, buffer and securely transfer data; and more. In addition, Asentria solutions have not only helped make MNDOTs network more reliable by enabling it to keep track of environmental conditions that could potentially pose a threat to its remote equipment, but have also proven to be highly flexible and customizable. Read more of the Interview with MNDOT Project Manager Dave Klema at http:// www.asentria.com/solutions/resources/casestudies/mndot.aspx

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SiteBoss 530 Specifications & Pricing


BAse Unit ConfigUrAtion

2 RJ45 Serial I/O Ports 2 10/100 Ethernet Ports 32MB Record Logging Database 2 or 6 Expansion card Slots (1) ES/SJ Port 1 MMc Memory I/O Slot Ac Power Input

slot 2

slot 1

S530-2 Back Panel

iDeAl Uses 1) reMote CaBinet MonitorinG and reMote aCCess

The S530 can be used in remote cabinets or enclosures, from small BTS locations up to large walk-in enclosures. This device supports remote environmental monitoring, power monitoring from both Ac and Dc sources, generator fuel levels, fuse panels, and monitoring of inherently non-SNMP type equipment such as HVAc, uPS, etc. The device also supports remote access to remote site equipment via Ethernet, POTS, or wireless modems (EDGE and GPRS).

DeViCe sPeCifiCAtions
unit Width: 17in/43.2cm (S530-6) / 11in/27.9cm (S530-2) unit Depth:7.80in/19.812cm unit Height: 1.75in/4.445cm unit Weight: 3-5lbs/1.36-2.27kg (dependent on configuration) Mounting: Shelf or 19in rack Power: 15VDc Desktop Supply (-48VDc optional) Voltage in: 36VDc(Min) / 60VDc(Max) current: 480mA (Max) Power usage: 5.25W(Typical) /24W(Max) Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 c Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 c Operating Humidity: 0 to 95% (Noncondensing) ROHS, CE, CSA/UL Certification: Yes Mean Hours Between Failure: 70,000

2) MonitorinG of server eqUipMent rooMs

The S530 can be used in network equipment rooms primarily for environmental monitoring. The device supports environmental monitoring over larger areas and in specific cabinets within a room. Common environmental factors monitored are temperature, humidity, water, smoke, entry, motion, and airflow. The S530 can support power monitoring from both AC and Dc sources. The S530 is specifically designed to notify an SNMP software, but other methods of notification are also possible.

BACK PAnel ConfigUrAtion

The S530 catalog number specifies the configuration and options you want to order with your S530 unit. The catalog number lists the options in the order shown below. Items with a * are truly optional and are omitted if not desired.

Base Unit + MeMory size + *ModeM + *teMp sensor + power sUpply + *expansion Cards
Base unit and base options are separated with a slash ( / ), then Expansion slot options are listed, separated with a dash ( - ). The first Expansion card listed in the catalog number goes in slot 1, the next in slot 2, and so on. To make the catalog numbers shorter, contiguous Expansion cards of all the same type are summed together (e.g. -24c instead of -8c-8c-8c-). cards of the type 4x4x are not summed in this fashion. Thus all of the following are valid catalog numbers:

s530-2/32M/aCUs s530-2/32M/Md/aCUs s530-2/32M/Md/dC

s530-2/32M/Md/t/aCUs s530-2/32M/Md/aCUs/BB s530-2/32/Md/t/aCUs-4s-Me

s530-6/32M/aCUs-8v-8r-32C s530-6/32MC/aCeU-32C-4C4v s530-6/32M/Md/t/aCUs-8v-8r

S530 w/2 Exp. Slots (S530-2)...........$1,445 S530 w/6 Exp. Slots (S530-6)...........$1,745 Options: 32MB Record Storage (/32M)........Included 64MB Record Storage (/64M)..............$450 On-board Dialup Modem(/MD)............$200 On-board Temp Sensor (/T)....................$50 Ac Supply for uS (/AcuS*).........Included 48VDc Power (/Dc**)..........................$150 Run-time Battery(/BB**)......................$200

ADDitionAl ProDUCt DetAils

unit comes with External Desktop Power Supply with uS-type IEc power cord, (1) 6ft Ethernet cable, (2) 6ft RJ45 serial cables, (1) RJ45-DB9F DcE Adapter, (1) RJ45-DB9M DTE Adapter, (1) DB9 M/F Null Modem Adapter, (2) 19 rack mount ears, and a Documentation and utilities cD. Expansion cards come with appropriate accessories. For example the 4X serial cards come with (4) 6ft RJ45 serial cables and (4) RJ45-DB9M DTE Adapters. The wireless modem cards come with an antenna. contact Sales for more information.

ADDitionAl PriCing DetAils

* For International usage you can specify /ACUK, /ACEU, or /ACAU for UK, European, or Australian power supplies respectively. ** When determining your S530 configuration, you may choose either 48 VDC Power or Run-time Battery, but not both.

slot 5 slot 6

slot 3 slot 4

slot 2

slot 1

S530-6 Back Panel

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