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The details in general

Milieu: Hyderabad

Why do I choose Hyderabad?

Elements and emotions, these are the only things I am going to adapted from
original saga. The personalities from original saga’s roots were from rayala
seema. But my point is that, there are many events from original saga also
happen in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh and politics
always run through the capital city. For a theme and tone I am setting up the story
in Hyderabad only. Here I have a conventional line, politics is every where……..
that’s it.

Two families

The conflict between two families is the major conflict in my story. Power brings
the conflict between two families and the conflict carried away through the power
only. In every conflict between the families and lead characters the influence of
power must be there. Families will be developed with elements and emotions,
what we short listed from original saga.

Family no 1: ruthless and fall are the major elements to design the family no 1.
Never wants to loose the power. They can do any thing to be in power.

Family no 2: the family that made through circumstances. Struggle and rise are
the major elements to design the family. Their struggle brings the sympathy and
their rise brings the glory to them in terms.



Police and judiciary, these are constitutional systems. Politicians use these powers
for their own benefits. But the politician’s power and their parties position matters
to get the things. If the particular party or politician is ruling side there won’t be
many obstacles. If a politician representing an opposition party, these systems
won’t consider their interests. The officials always concern the interests of ruling
party and its people. They have no choice than that. It’s a universal truth.


Criminals and goons

These things came into unconstitutional system. Crime and politics are like milk
and water. You can’t separate them if you mixed them. With out water in milk
there is no profit. Politician cant exist in politics with out these powers. Every
constitutional power under a territory always makes moves under the interests of
local powerful politician. If they are not concerning the so called powerful person,
the person uses power to bring down them. With this knowledge, they never cross
the line.
There is a same case here again. In case some official not listening to the power
holding leader, they use unconstitutional power to harm the particular official.
These system are like trump cards to the politicians.

If you are holding political power with you these both systems will be in your
pocket as trump cards. This is been witnessed many times in politics in many

Two political parties

Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove
that the other party is unfit to rule - and both commonly succeed, and are right.
There are two political parties in my story. Each family represents a different party.
The party’s positions influence the course of the families in terms. The party has
its own reasons to back the families. These things are outcome of my study of

In this thing the party’s structure and policies are quite relative to the now leading
parties of Andhra Pradesh. In this thing we are going to be more similar with the
things from original saga. While I have no issues regarding that.

In Andhra Pradesh the leading parties run by two major communities. So here I
have to make a decision about this and it will be decided in terms. Up to now
that’s it.

One parliamentary constituency

Every parliamentary constituency will have some assembly constituencies. Either

five to 8 assembly constituencies will be in one parliamentary constituency.
Member of Parliament is the bigger designation than Member of legislative
assembly. I am going to keep my story to set in a parliamentary constituency, and
I am having an antagonist who was a sitting M.P by the starting of the story. His
party holds the power in state and centre too. That makes him so powerful in
terms. His party’s position was strong and its entire cadre runs through the
antagonists decisions. Decision making is with him. The particular constituency
have 7 assembly constituencies.


There are no obstacles in your life. And you are in love with some one. Suddenly
an obstacle came in to your life. You have to ride over that. You choose your own
way. Then your love must understand that. That will be the true love in my
opinion. Protagonist lives a normal life, and he fell in love with some one, whom
he really likes. In the later circumstances he becomes a criminal with a reason. He
never concerns the interests of his love. While the matter is about his family. That
brings an obstacle in the relation ship. Lady interest of protagonist wasn’t
comfortable with the idea that his man with a criminal tag. And she confronts with
him and parts away. Later she lost some one close to her, and then she felt bad
about the loss of protagonist and she gone through the state of protagonist and
she gets back to the protagonist. From there the ladies character enters to the
new corners, and that allows us to discuss the things about the lady interests of


First Act (ruthless)

Up to the developments, antagonist is going to be an MP for a Constituency in
Hyderabad. He leads the power in the territory. His party was the ruling party in
the state and centre too. So the things are fine for him. He uses both
constitutional and unconstitutional powers to get the things. In terms a leader
challenges his supremacy, and antagonist acts in a ruthless way. In the
consequences he is loosing popularity and in other hand that other person gaining
with that. So the supremacy of antagonist was in jeopardy. That brings
restlessness to the antagonist. He uses unconstitutional power to get the life of
that other person. He conspires the killing of the person. And he uses
constitutional power to manipulate the case.

Second act (ruthless)

He conspires a killing of his opposition leader. Later in the consequences

protagonist came into the main screen. The opposition leader was the father of
protagonist. The killing brings chaos into the life of protagonist. Protagonist strikes
back with the killing of the killer of his father. Then he came to the notice of
antagonist. Antagonist doesn’t want to spare protagonist and his rebel attitude.
He misuses the power to get the protagonist. Protagonist looses many things
through the phase. Antagonist didn’t succeed to get the life of protagonist. But
here we are going to show the ridiculous ruthlessness of antagonist in this phase.

Third act (fall)

The third act of antagonist is his fall. He is going to pay for his ruthlessness. In
terms he looses power, which means his party looses power to the opposition.
Opposition party backs up protagonist, and that brings down the antagonist.
Finally in consequences antagonist looses his people in terms and finally his fall is
the climax factor of the story.


First Act (normal life to struggle to strike back)

He is son of a politician. He has nothing to do with his fathers business in the

starting of the story. His father been murdered by the ruling party leader
conspiracy. Along with his father some of his father friends also dead. Later he
try’s to get the justice for his fathers killing. But he couldn’t. That brings restless
to the protagonist and he strikes back with the killing of his father’s murderer. And
indirectly he sends a message that he is after antagonist.

Second act (struggle)

He went to the notice of antagonist and antagonist takes him serious. Antagonist
uses all his powers to bring down the protagonist. In this situation protagonist
faces many struggles. He looses many people in the war. But in terms he gets the
moral support of opposition party. His necessary is that he has to be alive to see
the antagonist as dead.

Third act (rise)

His rise is that, he got support from opposition party, and in terms opposition
party gets the power and the protagonist on rise. He gets ultimately what he want
to get.

One liners
If you help someone he may forgot your help, but if you betray someone he will

In politics you have to be careful with your superior to not to pushback, and at the
same dime you have to be careful with person who is trying to pull you back.

A person have every rite to wound a person, whom he wounded by.

Politics and crimes are like milk and water, there is no profit without mixing them.

I just wanted to be alive to see him dead.

Before killing the person just kill his guts.

Tell me what ever I have to done to your party and you, but don’t tell me that
what I have to do for my self.

You cannot get the justice if you go legally, while the system doesn’t support you.
I you go illegally the system will be behind you.

I can be any where, but you are not, you have your limitations.

If you want to hit someone, you need to be capable to phase and stand of his hit

Nobody thinks while they are killing, but everybody thinks while they are dying.



1. Bhanu prakash,saleem and Mohan will be killed in an attack. That

brings together aditya, anwar and mohan. They met first in a hospital
while post mortem going on.

2. “A man who goes forth to take the life of another whom he does not
know,” wrote G. Frank in 1963, “must believe one thing only — that by
his act he will change the course of history.”