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The anatomy of my idea>

Every motion picture always starts with an idea. You cannot make a movie
without an idea. Idea is the soul. I believe in larger than life personalities and
issues. If you get in to the details of those kinds of things you will be astonished,
I swear. Many times I have experienced this particular thing and in the process I
came to know that reality is always scarier than fiction. In many biographies and
biopics I have realised this thing. In our life we found many interesting
personalities around us. Some of their individual life courses won’t be
comparable to another one. Those are real interesting personalities to
concentrate. Success and failure is always the matter of your own moves. Some
times luck might change the things. But you cannot assure of that for any time.
Luck was always a mysterious thing to this world. Gain or loss or also the
outcome of your own moves about your life, and one more thing is that as per
my understanding life is not a business to plan, its a game to play. In this game
there might me many players who can influence your game in the process. If you
play it with a charm you can become a champion among the many people. There
is always a stage to play the role. Your achievement always depends upon that
particular stage. Some peoples goals set by their own and some people’s goals
set by their surroundings. These all things were the outcome of my
understanding about many personalities. I really love to make films on
controversial persons and issues. At this point I was on the search for those kinds
of issues and personalities. Finally in 2005 i found a personality. I do believe that
every controversial issue or a personality should definitely have its own calibre.
While I have to make a Telugu movie, I have to choose an issue or personality
that was much familiar with Andhra Pradesh people. That familiarity won’t be a
small one. Most of the Andhra people must be familiar with issue or person, and
then in the process our chances would be alive to reach the large scale of
people. In the process I found such a calibre personality. I am very familiar with
that personality and he was the most controversial personality among the many
controversial persons in the state. That makes me to concentrate on him. I told
myself that we got the stuff. But that was not enough to make a move. I have
started my research and analysis on the particular person. And the persons
name is Paritala Ravindra. As per my understanding about him, I can define him
in a line as the most controversial politician ever produced by Andhra Pradesh
Political History. I hope you might be convincible with my ideology about his
personality in the coming process. At this point I have started my work. In the
research process I have found many astonished events from his life course and
that makes me so exited about this subject. And finally i came to a conclusion
that we are in right place with a right stuff. It takes me allot of patience and
energy in the research process. But I never gave-up. While I know that it can
make my life. So simply I never gave-up. So this is my idea at the starting point. I
wanted to make a movie on a life course of a person. And i have decided that the
person is Paritala Ravindra. So i have started my research process and i am
going to reveal the things about his life course in coming chapter. The chapter
reveals main events. And those events should present the elements to make a
story. Adaptation is all about elements and events. I am presenting the structure
of original saga year by year from the first rift to the final major event. Then you
can realise that why do I kept this title as power. I am going to reveal the
external things only, while movies always made with external elements only. So
here we go. You are going to have a roller coaster ride here. Just expiriance it.


In the earlier chapter i have revealed the details about original saga. Here i am
going to present the conflict of original saga as per my understanding. Every
story should have its own conflict. I do believe it. I am going to present it in a
three act structure.


The conflict was started between two persons. While Narayana reddy was in
power he was working for his own communal interests. That makes Sriramulayya
uncomfortable and the other minority communities backing up Sriramulayya
while they felt that Sriramulayya was raising issues and voice for their sake.
From the ages they were becoming the culprits of the atrocities by reddy
community. So here they found a leadership in Sriramulayya and he is becoming
so popular among the circles. At that point of time Narayana reddy was the
sitting MLA and his party congress leading the state. Sriramulayya movement is
slowly becoming the supremacy threat to Narayana reddy. His powerful position
was in jeopardy. In the process to calm down the person he had tried many
tricks. But those were not materialised in terms. Finally he came to a conclusion
to eliminate Sriramulayya. And the decision was taken among the pressure by his
communal people and his position. These two factors made him to make this
decision. The decision was taken and the matter is about execution. They
manipulated the own follower of Sriramulayya and he executed the
assassination. The conspirator was Narayana reddy, the victim was
Sriramulayya, and the assassin is sayanna. The own follower of Sriramulayya.
And this is the first rift in the saga. The first rift always happens between two
persons, so the crack was happened between Sriramulayya and Narayana reddy
in first, after Sriramulayya’s assassination the crack transforms in between the
families to villages of the both persons. So as per my understanding Narayana
reddy’s power helps him to get the things as per his wishes and Sriramulayya
struggles with lack of power, may be this power less position makes him restless
and internally he wanted to be powerful. No one make moves with out any
priority. Any way power is the centre thing to happen this rift. So power changes
the course of Sriramulayya’s life and he lost his life for raising his voice and
working against the interests of powerful people.

Here in the starting of saga I found some elements. The first element is
ruthlessness of Narayana reddy and his community and the ruthlessness was an
outcome of being in power. Lack of power is the Sriramulayya’s element. So
power is the major element that influences their life course.

Sriramulayya survives with two sons, elder one is Paritala Ravindra and younger
one is Paritala Hari. Hari became a main stream Naxal activist, but Ravi was not
into the main stream naxalism. They made their come back with the killing of
Narayana reddy. After that k.chenna reddy took the place of Narayana reddy and
he conspires the killing of Hari and other 10 close movers and supporters of
Paritala family. Chenna reddy was the sitting MLA for that time. He misuses the
system to get the things. Paritala Ravindra was the only survival after this blood-
shed. He was more careful than before, while he is the only survival of his family
and people. Power also plays key role in this episode too. Narayana reddy and
chenna reedy represented the congress party and the particular party was the
leading party in politics by that time. So here one thing is that the most of the
party’s main leaders were from reddy community. In Anantapuram district most
of the MLA’s and MP were elected through the Congress party only. By the time
there is no other source in Andhra Pradesh politics. But later things changed
when legend NTR founded a political party. In many areas he conquers the state
with his charm and words. Later chowdary community makes its own mark on
politics. While in Anantapuram there is no leadership for TDP. NTR strongly
desires a leadership in Anantapuram, when he came to know about Paritala Ravi
he recognises the leader ship qualities and the chemistry worked out while they
both were from the same community. So here the era of Ravi comes now and the
things were settled to make a debut in politics. And then onwards he realises the
value of power and he contested the elections in 1993, and he won the poll
battle. Before the election he conspires many killings. Chenna reddy, obul reddy,
and some other main reddy people among them and he tried to eliminate the
second generation of Narayana reddy with tv bomb. 6 people were dead from
the family but the only survival is surya Narayana reddy. Here the final