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Bibleversion,istheKJVKingJamesVersionof1611,withonlysomeminorwordchangesinthecaseof clearlyarchaicwords.

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IdedicatethisbooktoeverybelieverthatdesirestodoalotmoreforGOD than they are able to ask, think, or even imagine. It is a book for those hungrytofunctioninthesupernaturalnowandalways.

I honor the mighty HOLY SPIRIT who has broken me, melted me, molded me,andfilledme;HISdisciplinaryworkonmehasseenmewalkfromglory to glory. Without HIM, I could never have the anointing nor could I walk continuallyineverincreasingglory. Well, this book is the result of HIS working in me mightily and I highly commendthewordsthereinandHISdisciplinarydutytoyou.


THEDOUBLECOMBINATION...........................................................................................................9 GETTINGSTARTED&GOINGON...................................................................................................16 GETTINGSTARTED.....................................................................................................................17 GOINGON .................................................................................................................................23 . THEANOINTINGANDDISCIPLINE..............................................................................................29 RECOGNISINGTHEANOINTING.....................................................................................................38 WHATISTHEANOINTING?........................................................................................................39 CONFUSIONABOUTTHEANOINTING.......................................................................................45 WILLYOURECOGNISETHEANOINTING?..................................................................................50 TESTINGTHEANOINTING..............................................................................................................53 THETESTIMONYOFATRUEANOINTING..................................................................................55 THETESTIMONYOFAFALSEANOINTING.................................................................................61 THETRUTHONTRIAL................................................................................................................65 TESTEDBYTHEANOINTING ..........................................................................................................69 . TESTEDBYFRUITS......................................................................................................................71 TESTEDBYFIRE..........................................................................................................................75 GRADUATINGINTHESPIRIT......................................................................................................79 RECEIVINGTHEANOINTING..........................................................................................................82 HAVEYOURECEIVEDSINCEYOUBELIEVED? ............................................................................85 . WAITINGUPONTHELORD........................................................................................................89

EXAMINEYOURHEART..............................................................................................................92 WELCOMEHOLYSPIRIT.............................................................................................................95 THEIMPACTOFTHEANOINTING..................................................................................................98 TOUCHEDBYTHEANOINTING................................................................................................100 CHANGEDBYTHEANOINTING................................................................................................106 ACTSOFTHELASTDAYS..........................................................................................................111 OPERATINGTHEANOINTING......................................................................................................116 ATTITUDEvs.ALTITUDE...........................................................................................................120 FAITHANDACTION..................................................................................................................124 DIVINEWISDOM......................................................................................................................129 USEFULANDFRUITFUL............................................................................................................136 ENJOYINGTHEDOUBLECOMBINATION .....................................................................................141 . GOODNESSISCOMING............................................................................................................145 THEBONUSOFJOY..................................................................................................................150 THEMARVELOFHISPRESENCE...............................................................................................154 BEYONDBELIEF........................................................................................................................158 INCREASINGTHEANOINTING .....................................................................................................162 . HUNGERFORIT.......................................................................................................................164 FASTINGANDPRAYER.............................................................................................................170 FELLOWSHIPWITHOTHERANOINTEDPEOPLE.......................................................................177 THEPOWEROFTHEWORDOFGOD.......................................................................................183 THECUPCANOVERFLOW.......................................................................................................189 VALUINGTHEANOINTING...........................................................................................................193

SUBMITTINGTOGOD..............................................................................................................196 PURIFYYOURHEART...............................................................................................................202 SACRIFICIALATTITUDE ............................................................................................................206 . KNOWLEDGEOFGODANDHISWAYS.....................................................................................212 SELECTIVEFELLOWSHIP...........................................................................................................225 RAISINGTHESTANDARD.........................................................................................................236 PASSINGTHEANOINTING...........................................................................................................240 THEPRICEOFFAITHFULNESS..................................................................................................247 THEPRICEOFOBEDIENCE.......................................................................................................252 THEPRICEOFPERSISTENCE.....................................................................................................257 TAKEANDGIVE........................................................................................................................262 THEDISCIPLINEOFTHEANOINTING...........................................................................................267 ELIJAHHASRETURNED!...........................................................................................................274 AGREATFUTUREAWAITSUS..................................................................................................280




Quitealothasbeenwritten,taughtandministeredconcerning thesubjectoftheanointing,tothegloryofGod.Asaresult,I amconvincedthatweareactuallywitnessingbeforeourvery eyesthegreatestmoveofGodontheearth.Neverhasthere beenatimelikethis.Becauseoftheanointing,itisincreasingly becomingfrequenttoseethegospelpreachedtothepoor,the blind eyes opened, the captives set free and the acceptable yearoftheLorddeclared!(Luke4:1819) Think about it, every nation on the face of the earth has a citizen or more demonstrating Gods glory. This is certainly a far stretch from the days of the patriarchs like Noah and Abraham or even the days of the prophets like Elijah and MoseswhenGodanointedonlyonemanonthewholeearth. Almost anywhere in the world today you will find a conference,seminarormeetingwhereanentirecongregation ishungryfortheanointing.Weevenhavetheanointingpassed on mass media. With the assistance of satellite links, an increasingcastofGodsservantsarepassingontheanointing through television and radio, not to mention product items that record the anointing and release it to precious saints as theyplayDVDs,CDs,oraudioandvideotapesintheprivacy of their living rooms or, in their cars or even, as they walk listeningtoaportabledevice. Ifwecomparethistotheexperienceoftheearlychurchwhen menlikePaultransferredtheanointingthroughsuchmediums like handkerchiefs and aprons, we can conclude that the

ministryoftheanointinghasexperiencedarevolutionofgrand proportions. The mighty demonstrations of the Holy Ghost as experienced by the anointing are causing a stir. It seems like everyone wants to get involved. This generation is hungry for more of God. Fortunately heaven is not short of supply. Even though it is knownthatsomearenothappywiththistrend,Iwouldloveto reveal that it is Gods good pleasure. He has even prepared moreinstoreforwhoeverisinneedoftheanointing.Matter offact,whatisgoingonisafulfillmentofHisownwordasHe spokethroughtheprophetJoelsaying:
Inthelastdays,IwillpouroutmySpiritonallflesh. Yoursonsanddaughterswillprophesy,youroldmen willdreamdreams,youryoungmenwillseevisions. Evenonmyservants,bothmenandwomen,Iwill pouroutmySpiritinthosedays(Joel2:28).

Andthesearethedays.TheseareourdaysintheSpiritofour God.Alloftheprophetstestifiedconcerningus.Theysawour daysandrejoiced.Today,theywitnessfromthecloudsofglory what we are doing with this amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit(Hebrews12:1). Unfortunately, our testimony is not all that good. To the detrimentoftheirministryandatthecostofeternitywiththe

Lord,anumberofGodswonderfulpeopledonotrealizethat carrying the anointing is indeed a very high responsibility. In therushformoreoftheanointingmanyhaveoverlookedthe need to live a life that is commensurate to the grace that is available. As a result, we have grieved the Holy Spirit. The extenttowhichthishasbeendoneisonlyknowntotheLord. However,thepointisthatweneedtobegoodstewardsofthe opportunityGodhas given us as the mostblessed generation tohavelivedontheearth. This is why the Holy Spirit has moved me to write this book. Forwhileitistruethatmany,morethaninanyothertime,are receiving the anointing, it is equally true that the numbers loosingtheanointingisequallyamazing. IhaveseenfolkgotoincrediblemeetingswheretheHolySpirit was ministered in a powerful way and they received the anointing. I have seen the same people walk out of these meetings only to reach their homes and realize that they are devoid of the anointing they had just received. In fact, it is becomingcommonparlancetohearsuchthingsasIusedto beanointedorshe/heusedtobeanointedoreventhat church once had the anointing. What goes wrong in these cases? Why do people loose the anointing? Could it be that theyhadnotreallyreceivedtheanointingassomecriticsofthis endtimemovearequicktosuggest?

Tobesure,thereisauniversal,outoftheworld,mightymove ofGod.Peoplefromallwalksoflife,regardlessofnationality, region,color,tradeorstatusarebeingcalledandanointedby theHolySpirittofulfillGodspurposes. Thatshouldnotbedoubted,questionedorresisted.Todoso, istocontendwithGod.Anysuchpersonisalooserandifone is not so careful as to blaspheme the Holy Spirit or even His work, he/she risks loosing terminally. Such a sin cannot be forgiven(Mark3:29). However,itistherescuablelooser,thatconcernsmetheone that receives the anointing and then looses it. Many are earnestintheirdesireoftheanointingandareevendisturbed whentheylooseit.Theywonderwhytheyhadalevelofgrace tomanifestGodspromisesandyetcurrentlybesodry. Part of the reason stems from the fact that in the search or craving of the anointing many overlook to know more about walking with the Holy Spirit. They are in a sense keener to receiveHimthantheyaretobemanagedbyHim.Intheend, they ask of His anointing, even more of it, and loose all they havebecauseoffailingtosubmittotheHolySpirit. Consequently, it can be observed that many that are benefactors of this marvelous grace refuse to choose a life guided by a strict code of discipline. Preoccupied with how theycanreceiveadoubleportionoftheanointingtheyneglect

thevitalneedforthedoublecombinationoftheanointingand discipline. What many do not realize is that while the anointingwillgetonestartedinthegloryofGod,itisactually discipline that will keep one going in that glory. In fact, disciplineisthekeytoincreasingtheanointinginoneslifeand thereforetakingyoufromglorytoglory. AcarefulstudyofthelifeofElisharevealsthatbeforeheasked for a double portion of the anointing upon Elijah he had actually walked a life guided by a strict code of discipline (2 Kings 2:114). Serving Elijah and resisting the temptation to resign were very necessary preconditions for him to receive eventheopportunitytobeaskedwhatheneeded.Lateronin his effective ministry we are shown several references to his disciplinarian tendencies. One key reference is the stern rebuke and punishment he reserved for his servant Gehazi wholiedto theSyrian commander in order to gain silver and clothing(2Kings5:2027). Brethren,itisvitalinthisendtimemoveofGodtoendureto theend(Matthew24:13).ThesevererebukeGoaway,Idid not know you, you workers of iniquity the Master reserves formenwhowillcometoHimonthedayofjudgmentclaiming to have worked wonders under the anointing reveals a lot concerningwhattheSpirithasaskedmetowrite(Matthew7: 2123).

Godisnotonlytheauthorofourfaith;Heisalsothefinisherof ourfaith(Hebrews12:2).Whiletheanointingissignificantfor authoringthework,disciplineisnecessaryforthefinishingof the work. And just for your information, God is not really as impressedbyhowyoustartasHeiswithhowyoufinish.This was the invaluable lesson we derive from His parables concerning the Kingdom. One of them, the parable of the three servants and the talents, provides useful reference (Matthew 25:1430). The master in the story is obviously our Lordwhilewearetheservantsandthetalentsmayrepresent the anointing. Notice that while it is the Lord that gave the talents,itisthetwofaithfulservantsthatincreasedthetalents (nottheLord). Notice also that the master did not commend them for the talents he gave them, rather he took note of the talent they hadputtowork.Ontheotherhand,wasthecarefulservant that buried the talent. He was severely rebuked and actually referredtoaswickedandlazy. Clearly from the mocking tone of his excuses we can see his indiscipline. Consequently,althoughallhadafairstart,justasalldoreceive an anointing when we come to Christ, the Lord was more concerned with how they finished. It should be emphasized that more crucial than the talent was the conduct of the recipients.

I should also say this at this point: There is no such thing as receiving a double portion without any exercise of discipline. Anysuchexercise ismereempty religion,aform ofgodliness with empty results. Like Elisha, the double portion comes at the backgroundofacareful code ofconduct and is increased the same way. That is why it is very important to also notice the fact that none of the two obedient servants got anything morefromtheLordbeforetheirgoodreports.Itwasafterthe masterhadverifiedhowtheyhadbeenfaithfulwithwhatthey hadthatheaddedtothemevengreaterresponsibilities.That ishowitiswiththeanointing.Youcanonlygetmoreaftera good report. The discipline of the anointing is the key to a doubleportion!

The lessons I seek to provide here are critical and certainly exceed the subject of spiritual mentoring and fathering. However, the testimonies of Elisha and the reference to our Lordasauthorandfinisherofourfaitharecarefullyselectedto elaborateasignificantpoint:Thedisciplineoftheanointingisa fatheringexperience.Foreveryonethathasananointinghas been mentored by another person or/and God Himself as Father(Matthew3:17)andeveryonethatwalksindiscipline hassimilarlybeenmentoredbysomeoneelseor/andGodas

Father (Hebrews 12:511). Ultimately, of course, God is the Fatherthatgivesustheanointinganddisciplinesustoensure that the good work He has begun with us is completed. Both areequallysignificant. This has been my personal experience: God in His infinite wisdom has used spiritual fathers in my life and ministry to both anoint me and instill the right exercise of discipline that notonlygotmestartedinGodsglorybuthaskeptmegoing since.TimesinmypastwhenIrejectedthequestfordiscipline sawmepayingdearlywithalossoftheanointing.Ontheother hand, when I responded positively to it I have benefited immenselywithmoreoftheanointinginmylifeandministry. It is for this reason that I am convinced that while the anointingiscriticaltogetonestartedintheglory,disciplineis essentialforonetokeepgoingintheglory.Itisalsoforthis reasonthatweshouldpaysignificantattentiontothefactthat whiletheChurchofJesusChristwasstartedinpower(Acts2), He is really returning to find a Church without spot or wrinkle,adisciplinedchurch(Ephesians5:27). Let me elaborate on the critical role the anointing plays in gettingonestartedinGodsglory.


TheanointingisthemeansbywhichanywalkinGodsgloryis begun. Without the anointing, you just cannot get started in the purposes of God. It does not matter what other exceptional gifts one may possess or whatever advantages you may have, without the anointing there cannot be a beginninginthelongdestinyofGodsglory. Throughout the bible, this is the consistent stand of Almighty God. Whoever He summoned to fulfill His omnipotent purposes had to start with the anointing. When He created man in His own image, to rule the earth, He breathed in him thebreathoflife,Heanointedhim.Beforeplacingmaninthe GardenofEden,GodhadanointedhimwithHisdivinebreath thatgivesunderstanding(Genesis2:7;Job33:4). Itisthisanointingthatgotmanstarted.Similarly,beforeJesus launchedintoHisincredibleministryHewenttotheJordanto be baptized by John the Baptist. In that experience, the Holy Spirit descended on Him like a dove and anointed Him. From thence, the Holy Spirit took Him to the wilderness to be temptedofthedevil.After40days,Dr.LuketellsusthatJesus returned with great power. His ministry was launched by the poweroftheanointing(Luke4:1421). Other scriptural characters that were launched in their ministrybytheanointingincludeElishawhoIhavealludedto earlier, Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1: 910), David (1 Samuel 16), Moses(Exodus3),Saul(1Samuel10),Samuel(1Samuel3:19

21),andJacob(Genesis32:2230).Inallcases,theroleofthe anointingingettingthemstartedintheirdivinewalkinGods glorywascritical. It was not for nothing that Jesus asked His disciples not to leave Jerusalem until they had received power from on high (Luke24:49). After 40 days of waiting upon the Lord, on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit filled the room in which they were andanointedeachofthemwithtonguesoffireandtheywere allfilledwiththeHolyGhost(Acts2:14). The amazing transformation of these men and women as a resultofthatencounterisoneofthemostamazingaccountsin thewordofGod.Consequently,theChurchofChristwasborn withgreatpowerastheapostleswentabout,firstinJerusalem andlater totheGentiles, proclaiming the glorious gospel and manifestingdiversewondersandmiraclesastheHolySpiritled them. Whatever God asks you to do; He will anoint you to do it. BeforeHedoes,donotattempttodoit!Anysuchendeavoris futile and can end in disaster. I am reminded of Moses experience.HerewasayoungHebrew man inhisfortiesthat hadbeenbornwiththepurposeofdeliveringGodspeople.In a clever twist of events he had grown up in the house of Pharaohalthoughfortheearlypartofhisyouthhehadbeen nurturedbyhisownmotherandsister(Exodus2:710).Nowat fortyhefeelstheconviction todeliver Gods peopleand may

have assumed his experience in Pharaohs household or his sophisticated Egyptian education were sufficient for the purpose(Exodus2:1114). Any such presumption on his part set him up for failure and disaster: He must have been shocked to find out that they were quite inadequate for the task. In fact, his militant bid backfires on him and instead of delivering Gods people he runsforhislife(Exodus2:15). Out of Egypt, in the far country of Midian, God tutors him through the humbling job of shepherd to the sheep of his fatherinlaw. And, it is after another forty years, when this former prince is entirely expired of his ambitions and confidence that God beckons him (Exodus 3). Only this time, God has him anointed (empowered) before sending him to delivertheHebrew.Therestis,asweallknow,history.Inthis case, the anointing was not only critical to getting Moses startedbutlateronweseethatitwasuntilIsraelwasanointed thattheytooleftEgypt(Exodus12). My friend, do not get started without the anointing. Have no confidence in anything, be it career, education background, family background, wealth, whatsoever. I have had some people come to church and want to get involved in the ministry and are confident they can do so because they are educated or wealthy. That is a lie from the enemy! Only the

anointing is vital for getting started in the glorious walk of Godspurposes. Ontheotherhand,arethosewhoareanxiousorfrustratedfor lack of everything. They cry wondering how to start. They spendlongdays(evenyears)inprayer,hopingeverythingwill be lined up right. In their wrong perception, they are convinced that they cannot start the ministry God has called them into until they have a car, house, money (lots of it), friends,education,whatever.Thedevilisaliar!Someareeven anointed!Somehavereceivedtheanointingseveraltimes.You findthemmovingfromconferencetoconferencereceivingthe anointingandcannotstart! IdontknowwhoIamspeakingtobutallanyoneneedstoget started in the glory of God is the anointing. Once you are anointed, you can start. The anointing is better than gold, than money, than friends, than cars or houses or offices or any such thing. Once you have gotten the anointing move under the instruction of the Holy Spirit. You will find a way wherethereseemstobenoway!HALLELUJAH! Itdoesntmatterwhoyouare,howyouare,whereyouare,as long as you can receive the anointing you can get started. I remember one time I had this prayer buddy with whom we had great dreams to serve God. Then God commissioned me andIusedtoaskhimfortransportmoney/busfaretobeable tomovebecauseIwasfinanciallyinadequate.OnedayIasked

him to join me so that we could serve God together and he refused.HisreasonwasthathewouldnotliketostartlikeIdid beggingfortransportmoney.Inhisdreams(andthatisallitis sometimes)hetoldmehewouldstartwhenhehasmillionsof shillingswithanexecutiveofficeatthetopofoneofourcities towering buildings. Sadly, he has never begun. He is still dreaming. Many are caught in this trap; they forsake their gloryforlyingvanities(Jonah2:8). EverytimeImeetsomeonethatwouldreallylovetoservethe Lord,ItellthemtoseekfirsttheKingdomofGodandallofits righteousnessandalltherestshallfallinline(Matthew6:33). Whatmanydonotrealize isthattheanointingwillattractall thoseotherthingsthatarenecessaryfortheministry.So,seek the anointing first then all other things money, friends, offices, houses and staff, even family will fall in line. This is what caused Gehazi to miss the opportunity for a trip into more of Gods glory. He run after goods at the cost of the anointingintheendhesufferedfromleprosyandneverbegun hisministry(2Kings5:1927). It does not matter where you are. Whether in the dungeon, deepinapitor,stuckinthemire,itdoesnotmatter.Oncethe anointing falls on you it will propel you to greatness. It has morethansufficientresourceforthetaskathand. Jesus had so much confidence in the anointing that when people came into his ministry He actually asked them to give

upalltheyhad(Mark10:21).Heknewtheydidnotneedit.He alsoknewthattheanointingwouldgivethemexceedingly,far morethantheyeverhad(Mark10:2730). Areyouwaitingfor afriend to encourageyou before you can begin?Or,youarepersuadedthatoncethatmoneyarrivesyou willbeabletobegin?Myfriend,quitthefoolishnessandseek God for His anointing. And once you get the anointing, GET STARTED!

Like I have mentioned, there is truly a great move of God acrosstheearth.Nodoubt,themoveismoreevidentinsome countriesthanothers,insomecitiesthanothers,eveninsome churches than others. Some individuals are more endowed thanothersastheSpiritofGodmovesinafinalbidtowrapup historyasweknowit.Soonandverysoonwearegoingtosee the Great I Am standing on the clouds of glory then the Holy SpiritwillcompleteHismoveontheearthasangelsliftusup to meet our marvelous Lord (1 Thessalonians 4:1617). When thathappens,eachofusmustpreparetogiveanaccountof whatwehavedone;nothowwestarted,orhowanointedwe were, but what we have done. In other words, discipline is reallycrucialifwearegoingtostandbeforetheLordonthe DayofJudgment.

Itisnotthemostanointedthatwillreceivethehighesthonor, it is the most disciplined. Discipline, my friend, is the key to the highest glory of God Almighty. Many do not realize that whereastheanointingiswhatGodgivesyou,disciplineiswhat yougiveHim.AndGodisnotreallyinterestedinwhatHegave youasmuchasHeisreallykeenonwhatyouhavegivenHim. Beloved,whenGodisbraggingaboutHissaintsorministersHe isnotsaying,Oh!SeehowmuchIhaveanointedthem.No, Heiskeeneraboutdiscipline.HeboastedtoSatan,Haveyou consideredmyservantJob?Thereisnooneonearthlikehim; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil (Job 1:8) On the contrary, it is Satan who is concerned aboutthethingsGodhasgivenman.Itishimwhocomplained to God concerning all that he had given Job (Job 1:10). As a result,Jobwasgreatlytestedasallhehadwasstrippedoffhim (Job1:1319).Andyet,inallhismessJobdidnotsin(Job2:10). Important to note, is the fact that it was not so much the anointingonhislifethatgavehimdoubleforallhelostbutthe combination of both the anointing and discipline. In the end, thedoublecombinationgavehimdoubleforallhistroubles! So how does it work? Beloved, I have just explained the role theanointingplaysingettingyoustarted.Well,asweallknow, itisnotsufficienttostopwhereyoustarted.Onemustgoon. Nofatherissogladofthebirthofhischildthathewouldnot loveto see himgrow up. Thatis wheremanybelievers today

haveaproblem.Theyarecontentonremainingonthestarted level. They prefer to remain children. They are not keen on growing,goingontogreaterglories.Theproblemwiththatis thatforthemostpartwhatwearecelebratingasGodsmove on earth is in the hands of men and women at the started level.Manyofthemarechildish,spirituallyimmature. That is why there is so much strife, gossip, hatred, and arrogance among church leaders today. It also explains the mediocre condition of a people that are supposed to be reigninginlife.WhenweseeservantsofGodfightingoverwho is more anointed than the other, or who has a bigger bank account/influence/church building/program than the other or worsestill,fightingfortheapprovalofpoliticians,entertainers, and socalled rich folk, I long for a revelation of the sons of God. When I observe the wrangles, divisions, strife, fear, complaintsandmurmursamongthesaints,Iamdisheartened atthestatusoftheChurch.Althoughtheyhavetheanointing theylackdiscipline.Asaresult,theycannotpartakeofgreater glories. You see, getting the anointing is the first glory. Growing in discipline is the latter glory and the latter is always greater than the former. The reason is simple: God changes us from glorytoglory,fromoneleveltoanother(2Corinthians3:18). Myfriend,withoutdisciplinethereisnospiritualpromotion!

The scriptures are loaded with accounts to demonstrate this principle.OneofthemostobviousisthestoryofSamson:Here was a man that was really anointed from birth (Judges 13:5). Asaresultofhisanointinghehadsupernaturalstrengthwhich he used against the enemy of Gods people, the Philistines. Several times the anointing upon his life enabled him to overcomeseeminglyimpossibleopposition.Beitawildlionor a thousand men of war, Samson was not afraid. He wrought them all (Judges 14:6, 15: 1417). And yet for all his super strength,Samsonwasweakwithwomen.Helackeddiscipline inthatregard.Thatweaknesscausedhimtospendtimewith unbelievers to the extent that his morals were corrupted (Judges16:1).Italsomadehimvulnerabletoseductivemoves that saw him reveal the source of his strength (Judges 16:4 21).Intheend,Samsonsministrywasshortlivedashelosthis lifeatthehandsofhisenemiesalthoughhealsokilledseveral ofthem(Judges16:30). Yousee,adisciplinedSamsoncouldhavegonesofarastobe ajudgeinIsraelintheorderofpreviousoneslikeGideonor lateroneslikeSamuel.Instead,hisministryhadminimaleffect as a result of his indiscipline in spite of the great anointing uponhislife. Theotheraccountusefulforourunderstandingisthefamous failureofKingSaul:HerewasamanthatGodhadpickedfrom obscurity to be the first reigning king of Israel much to his astonishment and that of several people in Israel (1 Samuel

10:2123, 27). He was anointed by the prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 10:1). As a result, God promoted him to the point whenallofIsraelrecognizedhimasking(1Samuel11:15).The anointinguponhislifewaspresentinbattletogiveIsraelgreat victories against all their enemies, including the Philistines (1 Samuel 14:47 48). And yet, when God tested his heart by giving him instruction he disobeyed (1 Samuel 15:2124). Insteadofbeingremorsewhenhisevilwasexposed,hesought tocoveritupwithimportantappearancesbeforetheeldersof Israel(1Samuel15:30). TherebukefromSamuelobedienceisbetterthansacrifice andtheseverityofthepunishmentGodgavehim(helosthis throne as a result) emphasized the prominence God attaches to discipline. The consequence of indiscipline on Sauls part causedGodtoregrethavinganointedSaulinthefirstplace(1 Samuel 15:35). That is what happens with indiscipline. God regretsanointingavesselifitwalksinindiscipline.Anditcan get worse: God could actually remove the anointing and replaceitwithanevilspirit! Ithastobeoneofthesaddestversesinthescriptures:
NowtheSpiritoftheLordhaddepartedfromSaul,andan evilspiritfromtheLordtormentedhim(1Samuel16:14).

In the New Testament, we note the concern the apostle Paul had for the church in Corinth. Although it was a greatly anointed church as a result of hosting the ministries of great apostles like Peter, Apollos and Paul himself, this spiritual advantagewasthreatenedbyalackofdiscipline(1Corinthians 3:141).Consequently,Paulsternlyrebukesthemandcounsels ontheneedtoemphasizedisciplineinthechurch.Hewaswise enoughtoclarifythatthemereactivityoftheHolySpiritinthe absence of order was in fact detrimental to the church as a whole (1 Corinthians 14:33). It is instructive that he warns that the anointing minus discipline is tantamount to confusion. Andthisisthecasewithsomanychurchesandindividualsthat have received the anointing and care less for discipline. They donotrealizethattheGodofpowerisalsotheGodoforder!A carefulstudyofalltheepistlesofthevariousapostlesreveals thatforthemostparttheywereconcernedwith discipline in the church and the life of the believer. It would seem that after the powerful demonstration of the anointing that startedthechurchrecordedinthedynamicbookofActs,the remainder of the New Testament emphasizes the necessary disciplinesthatwouldguaranteethechurchcontinualgrowth into the mighty force that would take over the kingdoms of thisworld.

Insummary,thenewdispensationofgracegiventothechurch inthecovenantofChristcanonlybemaximizedbythedouble combinationoftheanointinganddiscipline.


Thereishope:Godswordassuresusthat He will accomplish whatsoever He has begun (Philippians 1:6). I am duly convincedthatGodisnotcomingforahalfbakedChurch.He has declared that He will return for a Church without spot or wrinkle(Ephesians5:27).Andsincethechancesareextremely high that we are the end time generation, then we must be that Church, that Kingdom that cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12:28).IbelievethismaybethereasonGodhasgivenmethe gracetopendownabooklikethis. TheDisciplineoftheAnointing:Howtogetstartedandkeep goinginGodsgloryisanendtimetoolforthepreparationof Godsbride. There is no greater example of this testimony than God Himself. Our God is not only a God of power but a God of impeccable character. If anyone says they are like Him then they too must display the same qualities. To be sure, it is impossible to walk with Him and fail to aspire to the same standard. Everyone that walked with God learnt to walk in power and obedience. From the patriarchs, prophets and priests in the Old Testament to the disciples, apostles and

evangelistsoftheNewTestament,ordinarymenandwomen wereconvertedtoextraordinaryvesselsofhonorbyvirtueof thedoublecombination. Ifthegloryofthelatterrainisreallygoingtobegreaterthan the one of the former, then we too must walk in the anointinganddisciplineandthat,inevengreatermeasures. Moreover, it is important to realize that the two are mutual and should not be seen as separate entities. It is futile to operateintheanointingwithoutdisciplineasmuchasitisto operateindisciplinewithouttheanointing.Thetwogohand inhand, you cannot be sincere to desire one and not the other. Someone must clarify on a vital subject regarding the anointing:Thesubjectofthedoubleportion.FromthetimeI begunhearing aboutthe anointing and seeking even more of it,Ihaveoftenheardseveralministersdiscussandevenclaim toministertoothersadoubleportionoftheanointing.Often timesthescripturalreferencejustifyingthisexerciseisElishas request for a double portion of Elijahs anointing. The impression given often belies a misunderstanding of what is meant by a double portion of the anointing. Most people mistakenly assume that Elisha was in fact asking for twice as muchanointingaswasevidentinthelifeandministryofElijah. It is often cited that after all, Elisha did twice the number of miraclesperformedbyElijah.

Andyetacarefulstudyofthissubjectrevealsthatthispopular understandingisinfactinerrofwhatismeantbythedouble portion. The first time the concept of a double portion is mentionedinthescripturescanbefoundinthelawsofMoses whereitisclearlytalkedofasaportiongiventothefirstborn ofafamily.Itisimportanttonotethatthespecificportionwas actually double the portion all the other children of a father received from him as an inheritance and certainly not double whatthefatherhad.Observethelaw:

Ifamanhastwowives,onebeloved,andanotherhated, andtheyhavebornhimchildren,boththebelovedandthe hated;andifthefirstbornsonbehersthatwashated: Thenitshallbe,whenhemakethhissonstoinheritthat whichhehath,thathemaynotmakethesonofthebeloved firstbornbeforethesonofthehated,whichisindeedthe firstborn: Butheshallacknowledgethesonofthehatedforthe firstborn,bygivinghimadoubleportionofallthathehath: Forheisthebeginningofhisstrength;therightofthefirst bornishis(Deuteronomy21:1517).

Logicbegsacasehereasitisobviousthatthefatherwouldnot beexpectedtogivemorethanheactuallyhad.Forinstance,if thefatherhadtwochildrenandhehadthreesheep,hewould be expected to give an inheritance to both his children. Commonsenseinformsusthatwecannotexpectthefatherto give six sheep to the first born when he only has three. A

rational application of the law of the double portion would require the first born to get two sheep while the latter gets one. Aclearexampleinthescriptureswherethiswasdemonstrated isthecaseofKingJeroboam:

Andtheirfathergavethemgreatgiftsofsilver,and ofgold,andofpreciousthings,withfencedcitiesin Judah:butthekingdomgavehetoJeroboam;because hewasthefirstborn(2Chronicles21:3).

Inthiscase,weseethatJeroboambyvirtueofbeingthefirst borninheritedamoreseriousportionfromhisfatherthanhis siblings.Notethatthefatherdidnotandcouldnotgivedouble what he had to Jeroboam but instead gave double to Jeroboamwhathehadgivenhissiblings. So when Elisha was asking for a double portion of the anointing, being conversant with the laws of Moses and therefore the principle of the double portion, he was not askingformorethanElijahhad.NeitherdidElijahsreplywhen he mentioned the difficulty of such a request being fulfilled suggestthathewasponderinghowhewouldinfactgivetwice what he had. He too was familiar with this principle. Both knewthatElishawasaskingfortheinheritanceofthefirstborn whichinsofarastheanointingisconcernedwastantamountto

arequest tobe the rightful spiritual firstborn of the prophet andthereforehismostobvioussuccessor. The reason it is important to understand this, is the role discipline played to guarantee Elisha this claim. You see, in actual experience Elisha was not the spiritual first born of Elijah. The veteran prophet had had other sons in the spirit beforehecalledElisha:Therewastheservantthathadwalked withhimatthetimeheearnestlyprayedfortheraintofall(1 Kings 18:43). There were the many prophets in Jericho and Bethel who obviously were significantly influenced by the prophet before Elisha left his fathers flock and field to follow him. However,eversinceElishacaughtthevisionofElijahsministry he was the most disciplined. Hitherto, Elijah had never had a more faithful disciple. Everywhere the great prophet went, Elisharesolutelyfollowed. The reason Elijah said Elisha had asked for a difficult but possible inheritance is because both were familiar with the supreme law of the double portion. Both knew that to alter something of that regard required more than the decision of ElijahbuttheapprovalofGod. Nonetheless,ElijahknewitwaspossiblebecauseGodHimself hadintimespastoverlookedthisveryprincipleinfavorofthe younger child as the case of Jacob and Esau showed. In that case, God who has the benefit of foreknowledge had known

thatJacobwouldbethemoredisciplinedofthetwoandhad chosen him, although younger, to inherit the double portion. That is why God is known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,andtheMessiahwasindeedtracedthroughJacobsline asagainstEsaus. Consequently, Elisha received the portion of a first born, the doubleportion,notbecausehewasElijahsfirstbornnaturally but because he was Elijahs most disciplined son in the spirit andthereforethefirstbornspiritually. ThisalsoexplainswhyGodpreferredDavidtobekingofIsrael overEliabdespitethelatterbeingthefirstborninthehouseof Jesse while he was the last (1 Samuel 16: 7). It also explains why Joseph was blessed to have two tribes (from his sons Ephraim and Manasseh) in the House of Israel as against his elder brothers who got a tribe each (Genesis 48:22). Both David and Joseph were the most disciplined sons of their fathers Jesse and Jacob respectively even though they were notnecessarilythefirstborn. Disciplineisfundamentalinthisregardofspiritualinheritance. Itisstillthemostvitalrequirementformoreoftheanointing.I am perturbed by the fact that whereas many are keen to teachthatthereisagreateroutpouringoftheanointingthan there has ever been before, hardly anyone seems to be convincedthatthereisanequallyhigherdegreeofdiscipline required today than ever before. We forget Jesus command

that our righteousness should exceed that of the Pharisees (Matthew5:20).WealsoforgetHisadmonitionthattowhom much is given more is required (Luke 12:48). If we say that this is the most anointed generation ever, we must also be readytobethemostdisciplinedgenerationever. Thisfeatispossiblebecauseofthegracethatisavailabletous. Infact,Iwouldsaythatwithcertaintythatifthereeverwasa generation that ought to be disciplined, it is this one. As we await the imminent and most certain return of the King of gloryweoughttobeatthehighestalertorwewillmissHim.I couldntagreemorewithIsaiahwhenhewarns:

Whoamonguscandwellwiththedevouringfire? Hewhowalksrighteouslyandspeaksuprightly,who despisesthegainsofoppressions,whoshakeshishands,lest theyholdabribe,whostopshisearsfromhearingof bloodshed,andshutshiseyesfromlookinguponevil,hewilldwell ontheheights...hisbreadwillbegivenhim,hiswaterwillbesure. YoureyeswillseetheKinginHisbeauty;theywillbehold aland(theKingdomofGod)thatstretchesafar(Isaiah33:1417).

Consequently,aswewitnessGodsgreatestmoveoftheSpirit, we are also going to see a correspondingly equal measure of discipline among the bride of Christ to the glory of God. It is this disciplined bride that shall behold the Lord in glory and rulewithHimforathousandyearsonearth. Thisbookisinyourhandstoguideyouasyouwalkinglory.As you start it, dont stop till you finish. Remember, the latter

glory is always better than the former. Get started and keep goingintheglory.Godbless!




AlotofsaintsandevenministersoftheLordmissitrighthere. Many have a problem with this subject recognizing the anointing. Part of the problem stems from a complete misunderstanding of what the anointing is. And so, it is quite amazing to witness people hungry for what they do not understand. Even more amazing are those who are dishing what they do not understand. The consequence of this has been a lot of abuse of the anointing in so many ways. Some like the Pharisees in the days of Jesus have blasphemed the Holy Spirit for failure to recognize the anointing. Others have simply missed their visitation while others have suffered for lackofknowledge.

Tobesure,thestoryhasnotbeenentirelyhopeless.Thereare thosewhobythegraceofGodhaverecognizedtheanointing totheirbenefit.Atanyopportunityofaccesstotheanointing they have recognized it and as a result they have received it, operatedinit,enjoyedit,increasedit,passeditstests,valuedit and passed it on. Their lives, ministries, families, plans, and dreams have taken a higher dimension by reason of recognizingtheanointing.Ifyoucanrecognizetheanointing, youcanneverbeleftthesame.Itisvitalthatyoudo.Ibelieve thateverybeing hasa divine purposeunder heaven and that purposeisthewillofGod.LikeIhavesaidbefore,thatpurpose cannot be performed without the anointing. Consequently, recognizingtheanointingiscrucialtoobeyingGodanddoing His will on earth as it is done in heaven. Without the anointing, one will not even be able to understand what that will is in the first place. The anointing gives knowledge and unction to the steps of the righteous so that they can fulfill theirdivine,Godgivenassignment.

Agoodplacetostartinrecognizingtheanointingistodefine what it is. Many miss the anointing because of wrong perceptions of what it is. Part of this wrong understanding is the result of inadequate studies of the bible or wrong teachings of the word of God. Recently while sharing on this subject with some pastors I asked them what the anointing

was. The answers revealed to me a lot concerning why many ofGodschildrenmisstheirvisitation.OnemanofGodwitha long experience in the ministry said that the anointing is oil. Another said it was power. Yet another understood is as the personoftheHolySpirit.AllofthemwerewrongandonlyGod canimaginewhathadbeengoingonwiththeircongregations. AlotofGodschildrensimplydonotknowwhattheanointing is and can not differentiate the anointing from the symbols usedinthewordofGodtodescribewhatitcandoorfromthe personoftheHolySpiritwhoactuallygivesustheanointing.A clearunderstandingofwhattheanointingiswillcertainlyopen moreopportunitiesforonetorecognizetheanointing. The anointing is really the office of the Holy Spirit. It is the functionofthepersonoftheHolySpiritanditisnotlimitedto humanvessels.Thatfunction cantake place on any object as long as the Holy Spirit so desires to use it. That is why in the scriptures we read of how the handkerchief and aprons from Paulsbodywereabletohealthesickandcastoutdevils(Acts 19:12). It also explains how the hem of Jesus garment containedpowerinitsufficienttohealmanythatweresickor howtheshadowofPetercouldhealthesick(Matthew14:35 36; Acts 5:15). In fact the scriptures are loaded with how inanimateobjectscontainedthisofficeoftheHolySpirit.Inthe Old Testament we see how the staffs of Moses and Aaron wereabletoworkwonders (Exodus 4:24, 7:812, 1922, 8:5 6). We also witness how the cloak of Elijah was able to

separate the river Jordan (2 Kings 2:14). I am sure when the scriptures mention how Samson killed a thousand Philistine menofwarwithajawboneofanass,thatjawbonecontained in it the very power of God (Judges 15:16). Similarly, did the smallstoneDavidusedtofelldownGoliath(1Samuel17:49). There are so many other references in the word of God that reveal the wonderful function of the Holy Spirit in inanimate objects. The most favorite objects the Holy Sprit used are wind, fire, oil, blood and water. I call them favorite because theywereactuallyemployedtoactuallydescribethefunction oftheanointing.Onesuchreferencecommonlyusedtodayby saintsaroundtheworldisfoundinthe133rdPsalmwhenDavid celebrates the unity of the brethren and likens it to the anointingoilthatflowsonthebeardofAaron. Howeveroftentheanointingcanbeseenininanimateobjects, itisimportanttorealizethatultimatelytheanointingismeant forGodspeople.Theanointingisnotmeantforstaffs,cloaks, fire, oil, wind, or handkerchiefs, as much as it is meant for people, Gods people. There is no other place the Holy Spirit would love to work than in the lives of Gods people. In fact, that is His critical mission on earth today. It is important to realizethattheHolySpiritishereonbehalfofourSaviorand Lord, Jesus Christ. It is Him who sent the Holy Spirit to the churchaffirming:

andyouwillbemywitnessesinJerusalem,andinallJudeaand Samaria,andtotheendsoftheearth(Acts1:8).

The anointing is this power from above, the office of the Mighty Spirit of Jehovah God. To receive the anointing one must of necessity receive the Holy Spirit. The result is the conversionofajarofclaytoadynamicfieldofextraordinary virtue(2Corinthians4:7).Theanointingchangeseverythingin its domain. The host of the anointing becomes supernatural. He/she/itceasestobeordinary.Itistothisspecialcategoryof peoplethatJesusreferredtowhenHeforetold: Andthesesignswillaccompanythosewhobelieve:Inmyname
they willdriveoutdemons;theywillspeakinnewtongues;theywill pickupsnakesintheirhands;andwhentheydrinkanydeadly poison,itwillnothurtthematall;theywillplacetheirhandson sickpeopleandtheywillgetwell(Mark16:17).

Important to note is the fact that insofar as people are concerned, the anointing in discussion only comes to those who believe in Jesus. Every saint, every believer has an anointingintheirlife.Theproblemhasalwaysbeenthatmost believers do not recognize the presence of the anointing. So theyfacechallengeslikeordinarymenandwomenandsuffer inlife.Theysufferforlackofknowledge.

ItisvitalthatsaintsoftheLordrealizethatthemomentthey accept Jesus into their life as Lord He in turn imparts the anointingoftheHolySpiritintheirlives.Sotheybecomean officeoftheHolySpirit,abletodoallthatGodcando.Ifthis developmentcanberecognized,signsandwonderswillfollow suchaperson.Putitthisway,ifyouwalkintoanofficewhere theyprocesspassportsbutyouarenotawareofwhattheydo there, you certainly cannot be helped to get one. This will remainthecaseeventhoughyoudesperatelyneedapassport. However, if you recognize where you are then proceed to request for assistance, even if you never needed one desperately, the chances of you getting one are significantly increased. You may even assist others that do not know the officeandacquisitionproceduretogetone.Ifyouturnoutto be good at it, you may even make a career out of assisting others. Thatiswhathappenswiththeanointing.Manyinthebodyof ChristdonotrealizethattheyarerightintheofficeoftheHoly Spirit so to say. They do not recognize where they are. They still think they are the same person before they committed theirlifetoJesus.And so, they derive noassistance from the anointing, from the office of the Holy Spirit. Others on the otherhand,havefoundoutthatthemomenttheyreceivedthe Lord as Master of their life, they instantly received the Holy Spirit and conversely became His office. Not only have they assumed full advantage of this supernatural status for their

benefit,theyhavealsoassistedotherswithneedforwhatthe anointingisabletodo.Somelikemehaveinfacttakenitupas alifelongcareer. IfonlyprecioussaintslearntorecognizetheofficeoftheHoly Spirit, the world would be a stage of miracles, signs and wonders! Fortunately, that is where we are headed. As we progress closer to the last day, God is anointing end time messengerslikemetoeducateHisbridesothattheanointing canbemaximallyutilized.TheprophetDanielsawthesedays andprophesiedthus:

Many have wrongly taught concerning the last days. Most times the days are talked of in extremely negative connotations. They talk of massive backslidings and false prophetsworkingwonders.Theyneverlooktothebrightside ofthelastdays.Ratherthaninspirefaiththeyarecrusadersof fear. I would love to say that there is need for balance when we are looking at these days. True, there will be negative dynamics but these will not overwhelm every body. On the contrary,therewillalwaysbeadifferentpeople,apeculiar nationthatwilloperatetheanointingtoworkexploitsinthe lastdays.Infact,thosedaysarenottobeunilaterallyassumed to be days of evil as some prophecy experts tell us. Daniel againtellsuswhatwillhappenwhenhesays:

Manywillbepurified,madespotlessandrefined,butthewicked willcontinuetobewicked.Noneofthewickedwillunderstand, butthosewhoarewisewillunderstand(Daniel12:10).

Franklyspeaking,Iamconvinceddeepdownthatweareinthe midst of those days. We are probably the last generation beforethiswholethingiswrappedup.Itisverycriticalthatwe recognize the anointing because it is the Holy Spirit that will help us through in those days. Jesus foretold this when He talkedaboutthelastdays.He mentioned howweshouldnot be afraid of what to say when we are taken before kings. He saidtheHolySpiritwillgiveuswhattosay(Mark13:11).Later on, He tells us that he who stands firm to the end will be saved (Mark 13:13). Beloved, without the blessing of the anointing one cannot know what to say or for that matter, standfirmtotheend.

In spite of the massive out pouring of the Holy Spirit there remains a lot to be known about the anointing. Many are confused about the anointing and in their perplexity fail to recognizetheanointing.AsIhaveexplained,muchofthishas todowithafailureinunderstandingtheministryoftheHoly Spirit. For many, their wrong perceptions reinforce wrong expectations.Intheend,theylooseoutontheirvisitation.

Thisisnotonlyacontemporaryproblem.Thisgenerationisnot thefirsttodoit.Overtheyearsseveralpeoplehavefailedto recognizetheanointing.Infact,thisisthereasonthatmanyof the Old Testament prophets were persecuted, and in some instances killed. When a generation fails to recognize an anointingtheymissoutonGodsvisitationandpurposes.The costs to that generation can be so enormous as Israels fate showed every time they did not esteem a servant of God. In the days of Elijah the cost was three days of famine and drought.InthetimesofNoah,thewholeworldperishedunder aflood.InthetimesofJeremiah,theentirenationwasexiled. InthetimeofMoses,PharaohsEgyptwasgrosslytormented with the worst super natural disasters ranging from hail stones,locusts,andboilstodeathofallthefirstbornanimals and children. Throughout the Old Testament the pattern is consistent as those who did not recognize the anointing sufferedimmeasurableloses. Oneofthemostcostly,ifinfactnotthemostcostlyresultof failingtorecognizetheanointingisthecaseofAdamandEve. TheyhadbeenanointedbyGodsothattheywerelikeGodso tosay.TheycoulddoonearthallthatGodcoulddoinheaven. AsGodruledinheaventheyruledonearth.Forallintentsand purposes, man was like God by virtue of the anointing on his life.Andyet,Satanusedignorancetodeceivethewomanthat they were not really like God. In a tragic episode of evil

deception, he lies to the woman that if they ate of the forbidden fruit they would be like God. Eve should have recognizedtheanointinguponherlifethathadactuallymade herlikeGodandtoldhimtobackoff.Instead,shetookalook at the fruit and priced it above her entity (Genesis 3:6). The rest is our tragic story. This failure cost them and their descendantsallthatGodhadgiventhem.Thissinisindeedthe rootsinthathascausedgenerationaftergenerationtofail in recognizing the anointing. Later on in the Psalms, we witness GodlamentingthegrossfailureofthosewhobelieveinHimto recognize the anointing that is functioning in their lives as a resultoftherelationtheyhavewithHim,Youaregods,sons oftheMostHighbutyouaredyinglikemeremen;fallinglike any other ruler (Psalm 82:6). When we fail to recognize the anointing we die and fall when we face challenges. Ultimately,welooseallthatGodhasgivenus. InthedaysofourLordonearth,Hedidexperiencethesame problem.HiscasewasevenmoresignificantsinceHewasthe long awaited Messiah, the Anointed One. He was Gods only begotten Son and was filled with the Holy Spirit beyond measure. Failing to recognize Him was the greatest oversight of Israel. And yet they did. He came to His own and they did notreceiveHim(John1:11).ManytimesHewasevenaccused of being possessed of the devil (Luke 11:15). Jesus, on the other hand, was amazed at their unbelief and failure to recognizeHim,letalonetheanointinguponHislife(Matthew

13:5558).InseveralinstancesHesoughttoproveHimselfand yettheirunbeliefwastotal.AtsomepointHerequestedthem to at least recognize the anointing by virtue of the things He did (John 10:38). Instead, they were adamant in their confusion, some suggesting that the powers He possessed weredemonicwhileothersinadequatelyperceivingHimtobe one of the prophets (Mark 8:28). As a result, He foretold the disaster that would face them for this failure. In His own words:
Woetoyou,Korazin!Woetoyou,Bethsaida!Forifthemiracles thatwereperformedinyouhadbeenperformedinTyreand Sidon,theywouldhaverepentedlongago,sittinginsackcloth andashes.ButitwillbemorebearableforTyreandSidonat thejudgmentthanforyou.AndyouCapernaum,willyoube lifteduptotheskies?No,youwillgodowntothedepths. .buthewhorejectsmerejectshimwho sentme(Luke10:1316)

Andyetnoteveryonefailedinrecognizingtheanointing.Those who did benefited amazingly as they were catered for by the anointing.IntheOldTestamentreferencesIgave,therewere thoseinthetimesofthedifferentpatriarchsandprophetsthat recognized the anointing. The family of Noah was spared the oncoming wrath because they heed to the anointing upon their father; the widow at Zarephath was able to receive Elijahsanointingandwassparedthedisastrouseffectsofthe

famine; the Hebrew were delivered because they recognized theanointingofGoduponMoses;andsoon.Inthetimeofour LordtheywerethosewhobelievedontheanointinguponHis life and followed Him. They were His disciples and apostles. Othersbelievedandwerehealedoftheirinfirmities. OnestoryalwaysamazesmethatIoftenusetocomparethose whorecognizeananointingfromthosewhofailtodoso.Itis foundinthethirteenthandfourteenthchaptersofMatthews gospelrespectively.Inthethirteenthchapterwearegiventhe disappointingaccountofhowJesusreturnstohishometown of Capernaum (Matthew 13:5558). There, He goes to the synagogue and teaches the word. The residents of the town areutterly amazed by the wisdom heexhibits of Gods word. However,theyseektorelateittotheJesustheyhadwitnessed growingup.Intheend,theyareoffendedandfailtorecognize theanointinguponHislife.Jesus,onHispart,isamazedatthis andworksfewmiraclesasaresult.Thestoryinthesubsequent chapter is diametrically opposed to this (Matthew 14:3436). Here the Master arrives with His disciples on an island called Genessaret. The local residents respond in a most amazing fashion: They all recognize Him and proceed to spread the newsofHisvisitacrosstheisland.Theyalsogoandgatherall theirsickfriendsandrelativesthatneedhealing.Havingdone so,theybegJesusthattheymayasmuchastouchthehemof His garment. As many as did, were instantly and completely healed.

The difference in the response of the two towns offers an appropriate comparison of those who recognize an anointing from those who do not. In Capernaum, the anointing had limited opportunity for maneuver as the residents did not recognize it even if Jesus actually had ministered to them in wise teachings. In Genessaret the people recognize the anointing and are rewarded handsomely. Recognizing the anointingisvitalifwearegoingtogainfromit.Thereverseis also true, if we fail to recognize the anointing in our day we shallmissoutonwhatGodhaspackagedforus.Brethren,do notbestiffnecked.ByexperienceIknowthatmanytodayare liketheresidentsfromCapernaum.Theyponderwhethertheir siblings,spouses,children,friends,evenenemiescanreallybe carrying the anointing. Unfortunately, they use the flesh to perceivespiritualissues.Intheend,becauseoftheirfamiliarity with persons who carry the anointing they miss out on the benefitsoftheanointing.IurgeyoutobeliketheGennesaret crowdwhoinspiteofnotgrowingwithJesusrecognizedthat hewasanointedandproceededtobenefitfromtheanointing. I believe if we do so, we shall behold an ever increasing dimension of Gods glory such as has never been witnessed sincethefallofman.

The onus is personal: Will you recognize the anointing? A decision has to be made whether you will seek to recognize theanointingornot.Itisvitalthatyoudo.Godwantsyouto. Reasonbeingthatrecognizingtheanointingisinfactthefirst step to a fantastic journey with the anointing. Failure to recognizetheanointingonlylimitsonesexperiencewithit.It often amuses me how people with no experience with the anointing are yet quick to criticize those who choose to recognize the anointing. Some of them are religious leaders who, if the truth is told, would have their own ministries improved if only they recognized the anointing. Instead, like thePhariseestheystandatthedoorandwillnotletanyoneto getin(Luke11:52). These people are one of the biggest problems in the church. Theysucceedintheirevilcampaignsbyprojectingfearamong thesaints.Ratherthanseektounderstandwhytheanointing will function through a particular person or in a particular mannertheyquicklydiscountanyministrywithananointingas false prophets. And many in the church are then afraid of certain ministers that are deemed to be false. One of the erroneousmeansofconcludingaministryoranointingisfalse is to judge it by its works. They will for instance point to a particularministerwhofellspeopleoronewhopourswater asameansoftransmittingthefunctionsoftheSpiritorother meansasfalse.That,inGodsopinionisnotasufficientmeans of evaluating or even recognizing the authenticity of an

anointing. The scripture does not tell us that we shall know them by their works but by their fruits. Jesus knew that the anointing is not limited in its operation. It can manifest in many paradigms for where the Spirit is there is liberty. However,theultimatestandardofwhatisgenuineandwhatis notgenuineanointingshouldbedeterminedbyothermatters likethefruits(conduct)anddoctrineofthespecificministerin question. That is why when Jesus Himself questioned the anointinginwhichthereligiousleadersofHisdayoperatedin, He was more concerned about their character and teachings bothofwhichreflectedadubiousformofgodliness(Matthew 12:3437). As you begin to exercise a sense of recognizing the anointing youshouldbraceforchange.Merelyrecognizingtheanointing is not sufficient in itself. It is the beginning to a long and excitingjourneyofwonders.


Surely,Godhaslovedmanbeyondthemeasureofangels.Itis simplymindbogglingtomeditateontheaffectionGodhasfor us.Many,however,areignorantoftheamazingpositionGod has given man in the order of creation. In fact, I used to be ignorant as well until by divine providence God spoke to me about His original, only and final plan for man. The details of those revelations are in a book I wrote called Holiness is Dominion. Man is awesome, a creature fearfully and wonderfully woven together in the image of God. In essence, manisagodinhimselfanditisthispreeminenceGodaffords man with that explains His bid to fellowship with man. Consequently, the anointing is a divine effort by which God communicates to men to realize this privilege and by which

mencanalsoadequatelycommunewithGod.Theministryof the prophets, the role of the patriarchs, the coming of the Messiah and the supernatural dynamics of the early church are ultimately intended to enable as many men as possible realizethis.AnawesomeGodhasfoundcommongroundwith man! Satan, Gods archnemesis knows this. Together with his evil cohort of demons and fallen angels he works all through seeking to frustrate this revelation from as many as possible. Part of the means he uses to do this is through temptations andtrials.Ultimatelyhismostcommontoolisdeception.Aliar from the very beginning he seeks to set before men a lesser standard than that which God has purposed from the foundations of the world. Unfortunately, he was successful with the first man and still scores today. The author of Ecclesiastessummarizestheconsequenceofthisdevelopment citing,Godmade manupright,butmenhavegoneinsearch of many schemes (Ecclesiastes 7:29). Through the times, Satan has consistently presented counterfeits that have deceivedmany.Itisinthiscontextofmanypresentationsthat Johntheapostlewarnstheearlychurch,thus:
Dearfriends,donotbelieveeveryspirit,buttestthespiritstosee whethertheyarefromGod,becausemanyfalseprophetshave goneoutintotheworld.ThisishowyoucanrecognizetheSpirit ofGod:EveryspiritthatacknowledgesthatJesusChristhascome inthefleshisfromGod,buteveryspiritthatdoesnotacknowledge

JesusisnotfromGod.ThisisthespiritoftheantiChrist,whichyou haveheardiscomingandevennowisalreadyintheworld(1John4:1 3)

Atthispoint,Johnbringsustotherealityofwhatisgoingonin ourenviron.Likehiscogenerationapostle,Paul,hewouldnot have us ignorant of the devils wiles. But does he also mean thatwearehelplesstothisdevelopment?No!Andthisiswhy, rather than propagate a climate of tension and fear, I personally urge the saints of the Lord that we shall definitely overcome the enemys team of false prophets. The problem always stems from a limited understanding of who we really areinChrist.Johnknew:HehadthisrevelationofGodsplan for mankind. And so, rather than seek to evoke fear he straightenshiscounselfurtherbystating:
You,dearchildren,arefromGodandhaveovercomethem, becausetheonewhoisinyouisgreaterthantheonewho isintheworld.Theyarefromtheworldandthereforespeak fromtheviewpointoftheworld,andtheworldlistensto them.WearefromGod,andwhoeverknowsGodlistens tous.ThisishowwerecognizetheSpiritoftruthandthe spiritoffalsehood(1John4:46)


Of course, God has not been ignorant of the devils evil plots metedoutagainstHisplanforman.Heisawareandmoreso, Heisdeterminedthatthetruthprevailsagainstthepoisonous liesoftheenemy.ToensurethatthetruthofHisplanforman isactuallyrealizedHehasreliedonmessengersthatcarryHis anointing. Consequently, we observe that over time to date GodsSpirithasenableddiversemenandwomentoshareand establish this truth. The Spirit has done this in a number of ways. Soweobserve how through different strokes the same theme of mans divinity is consistently communicated throughout human history as we know it. From Noah to Abrahamandthroughthe prophetsto theChrist Himself,the early church and even to this day, God and His Spirit are relentlessinanointinggenuinevesselstodeliverthetruth. The question of distinguishing between a true from a false anointingisjustasoldasman.Inthebeginningthistruthwas given to man from the unquestionable authenticity of God Himself.GodswordspoketomanandeverythingthatHesaid was experienced by man. As God had said, man lived in dominion, pleasure, and peace. The true test of Gods anointing was the effective integrity of His word as demonstratedinmanspreeminenceonearth.Man,sotosay, tasted and saw that the Lord is good (Psalm 34: 8). He had reasonable experience to confirm that there is no lie in the Lord (Titus 1:2). And yet, it is interesting that God still allows man the benefit to have a free will which means that man

could choose either to rely on Gods testimony or prefer another. It is this freedom that provides us with the first insightontheprivilegemanisaffordedtoeventesttheSpirit ofGod,andthereforetheanointing.Andifso,anyotherspirit oranointingmustbesubjecttotestbyman. ItisutterlyamazingthatfromtheverybeginningGoddesired toproveHimselftoman.Inspiteofthefactthatmanisindeed His creature and by that fact should be entirely reliant and dependent on God, He still offers the opportunity to man to examine for Himself what God already knows is genuine, impeccable,divineandaltogethersolid.So,mydearfriendone shouldnotbeshytoputanyanointingtothetesteventhatof God Himself. This explains why when Thomas the apostle doubtedMarysincrediblereportthatJesushadrisenfromthe dead Jesus nonetheless felt obliged to prove to him that Marys testimony was indeed true. Similarly, when the disciples were ashore and the Master approached them walkingonwaterJesuswasnotoffendedbyPetersconcernas towhetherHereallywastheMaster.Petertestedhimthus,If itisreallyyou,callmetocometoyou(Matthew14:28).Jesus response was immediate as He proved Himself to Peter and thefearfulapostles.Hebidhimtocome(Matthew14:28).On thatoccasion,althoughGodpassedthetest,itwasPeterwho failedwhenhelostfaithandbeguntodrown(Matthew14:30). Thepointinthatregardisveryinterestingforitdemonstrates thefoolishnessofanimperfectmantestingaperfectGod.

Throughout the scriptures we witness God permitting fallible beings,menandwomen,totestHisinfalliblestate.Oneofthe most amazing tests in the scriptures of Gods anointing is witnessed when Jacob makes covenant with God promising thatifGodwouldlookafterhimwherehewasgoingthenhe would submit to Him (Genesis 28:2022). As ridiculous as it may sound to one whose faith is particularly strong yet God did honor Jacob and caused him to prevail in Labans house wherehewent(Genesis31:12,21).Thereisanotheramazing story from the Old Testament where Gideon tested Gods wordbyputtingfleeces.Itisoneofthosepuzzlingaccountsas weseeGodprovinghimselftoacoward(Judges6:3640).The point is if God does not mind man examine Him directly why shouldwebeshytoexaminevesselsheanointstoperformHis purpose. There is sufficient evidence in the word of God that He does not mind us testing the anointing of his servants. One of the first illustrations of this can be found in the classic story of Moses burning bush encounter. Here was God recruiting an old man to deliver his people who had been suffering in bondage by the Egyptians. An overwhelmed Moses asks God howhewillprovetothepeoplethatitisindeedGodwhohas senthim.First,MosesaskstheLordforHisnameinthefaceof theneedforhimtoprovetotheHebrewsthatitisindeedGod who sent him. God reveals His identity in detail and even

promisesMosesthattheelderswillbelievehim.ButMosesis still notoutdone. Heasks what he will do if the Hebrews still donotbelieve.TowhichGodmovestheprooffromspeechto action. He tells Moses to demonstrate to the Hebrews three signs using his staff, his hand and water (Exodus 4:29). God expectedthattheHebrewswouldindeedtesthisemissaryand HewasnotoffendedbythatbecauseHewasmorethanable toprovetheanointingHewouldbestowMoseswith. Beloved,anyministeroftheLordmustbeabletoprovethe anointingontheirlifebothinspeechandinaction.Thatisthe standard. Our God is not a God that is untested or unable to proveHisauthenticity.Infact,thatiswheretherealdistinction between Him and other gods is. At Mount Carmel, he was presenttodefendtheanointinguponElijahinthefaceofthe prophetsofBaal(1Kings18:3639).HeistheGodthatanswers by fire! Rather than argue and be embittered when people question your anointing ask God to prove your ministry in word and deed. The scriptures regularly tell of how Jesus provedbythescripturesthatHewastheMessiahwhowasto comeandalsobydeeds,thatwecallmiracles.Theorderwas consistent in His ministry so much that when they did not believeHiswordHeurgedthemtoatleastbelievebecauseof the miracles He performed (John 10:38). There were those who even went so far as to ponder if Jesus were not the Messiah whether indeed the Messiah would perform more signsthanJesusdid(John7:31).HeprovedHisministry.

Beloved,ifJesusprovedHisministrywhataboutus.Icantell all those big critics out there who waste a lot of time and resourcesattackingthemiraculousthataslongasthewordis preached miracles will continue. Jesus foretold that as the gospelofthekingdomispreachedthesesignswillfollowthose who believe (Mark 16:1718). I love the way that Paul the apostle was audacious enough to defend the anointing of his ministry.TellingitinbareknucklestothechurchinCorinthhe asserts:
Mymessageandmypreachingwerenotwithwiseandpersuasive words,butwithademonstrationoftheSpiritspower,sothatyour faithmaynotrestonmenswisdom,butonGods power(1Corinthians2:4).

Again,whencertainapostlesquestionedtheauthenticityofhis apostolic anointing stating that he was only impressive in letters he defended himself. The manner in which he did so provides the ground for us to be ready for proof producing ministry.Heassertsthus:
Suchpeopleshouldrealizethatwhatweareinourletterswhenweare absent,wewillbeinouractionswhenwearepresent(2Corinthians 10:11)

ItshouldbeclearbynowthatiftheministriesofMoses,Jesus andPaulweretestedourswillbenoexception.Ibelievethat

thereasonwhyreligion,atheismandnewageismarehavinga fielddayinourgenerationissimplybecausefewministersare boldenoughtosubjecttheiranointingtothetest.Asyouread this,IcallonyoubythegraceofAlmightyGodtoriseuptothe occasion. Do not be afraid, the Master guaranteed that signs will back up the testimony of our anointing. If He called you, youcanproveit!

Sheer logic is applicable in this context: If the truth can be questioned in spite of its merit it follows that a lie must be questioned as well. If anything, it should be rigorously tried. Andyetitisamazingthatthereverseisthecaseintheworld. Mostpeoplehavemasteredthecouragetoquestionthetruth but most never examine a lie. It is so remarkable to observe howgulliblepeoplehavebeenoverthetimestolies.Fromthe Garden of Eden when Eve entirely took Satan at his word to date,peoplewholesomelytaketodeception.Haveyounoticed howyoumayasksomeonefromanyofthemajorreligionsof theworldwhytheyindeedsubmittoitandtheywillsimplysay because they were born into it. They never question the validityoftheirreligion.Nowondersomuchisamess.Thisis thedilemmaeverytrueanointedservantofGodfaces.Jesus wassoincensedbyitthatHelamentedhowtheJewsrejected His ministry and yet they would believe the testimony of a fraud that would sway their hearts (John 5:43). Similarly, we

haveobservedhowPaulwasbotheredbythesametendency amongchurcheshehadplanted.Hisconcernforthechurchin CorinthtellsalotaboutwhatIamdealingwithhere:

ButIamafraidthatjustasEvewasdeceivedbytheserpents cunning,yourmindsmaysomehowbeledastrayfromyour sincereandpuredevotiontoChrist.Forifsomeonecomesto youandpreachesaJesusotherthantheJesuswepreached, orifyoureceiveadifferentspiritfromtheoneyoureceived, oradifferentgospelfromtheoneyouaccepted,youputup withiteasilyenough(2Corinthians11:34).

Must this status quo be maintained? Is this what the Master meantwhenHeaskedustobemeek?ShouldbelieversinChrist oranyoneforthatmatterletdeceptiongounquestioned?The correctanswerisabigNO!ItisnotthewayofGod.Ihavejust proven from His word that He does not mind anyone questioningHiswordinsincerity.AndifHiswordcanbeputto task we should expect that He has no qualms about questioning the lies of the enemy. In fact, throughout the scriptures He urges us to test and prove false the integrity of falseanointings.Thisisthewisdomwegetfromtheproverb, The first to present a case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him (Proverbs 18:17). Just because a liehasbeenpresentedearlierthanthetruthdoesnotjustifyit. God expects that we contend with it, and the victory of the truthisguaranteedinJohnsassertionthatgreaterisHethat isinusthanhethatisintheworld(1John4:4).Consequently,

Godexpectsthatweactivelycontendandprovethefallacyof falseanointingsthatmayhaveprecededthegospel. This matter is of particular interest to many evangelists and apostles who are tasked with preaching the gospel in some areas where the gospel may never have been preached. We shouldnotbeshyorapologeticforthegospelisthepowerof Godforthesalvationofeveryonewhobelieves(Romans1:16). Whicheverfaithwefindwhereverweministerthetruththatis contrary to the gospel must be tested and proved wanting. Paul was an expert at it. Several times he confronted cities wherereligionsthathadbeenpracticedthencewerecontrary to the gospel. He wasted no time to test and preach their inadequacies while proving the authenticity of the gospel he preached.HediditinAthenswherethepeopleworshippeda variety of idols including an unknown God. There he commendedthemnottothinkthat:
ThereforesinceweareGodsoffspring,weshouldnotthinkthatthe divinebeingislikegoldorsilverorstoneanimagemade bymansdesignandskill.

InthepastGodoverlookedsuchignorance,butnowhe commandsallpeopleeverywheretorepent.Forhehasset adaywhenhewilljudgetheworldwithjusticebytheman hehasappointed.

As disturbing as the following claim was he confidently roundeduphissermonthus:

Hehasgivenproofofthistoallmenbyraisinghim fromthedead(Acts17:2931).

Althoughtheresponsewasmixed,thereweresomewhowere wontotheLordonthebasisofhardcoretruth.Thiswasthe consistentstandardoftheearlychurch.Theywereunwavering intheirfaithandclaims.Intheirpassionsforsoulsandzealfor the truth they did not hesitate to test and expose false anointings. They did this in writ, in person, in synagogues, in openforums,wherevertheopportunitypresenteditself. This was also the testimony of the prophets in the Old Testament. After all, God had given the green light then for every false teacher or prophet to be examined. Speaking to MosesGodgoessofarastogiveaconclusivemeasurewhen testingafalseanointing,thus:
IfwhataprophetproclaimsinthenameoftheLorddoes nottakeplaceorcometrue,thatisamessagetheLord hasnotspoken.Thatprophethasspokenpresumptuously. Donotbeafraidofhim(Deuteronomy18:22)

This theme is reiterated consistently throughout the Old and New Testament. Every false anointing was consistently challenged. And yet, many ministers of the gospel and believersofourLordarenotkeentocontendwiththesefalse anointings. They dont want to be confrontational and some are even wary of being disliked. What a shame. The requirements of the truth demand that of necessity we test and expose the emptiness of false anointings even as we presentwithwisdomandtangibleproofintrueanointing,the gospelofthekingdom.


Itisinterestingtonotethatforall the goodintentionsofthe gospel yet the truth is still on trial. Hardly anyone seeks that the various religions of our day prove that their faith is true. Their adherents merely follow traditions that previous generations upheld. In fact, if the truth were told, the major religions of the world are in all intents and purposes not religions but traditions. And as is common with traditional tendencies,thetruthisnotreallyasimportantasthecustom. In most of the worlds religions it does not matter whether what worked for people 1,000 years ago is relevant today. Their adherents gloss over the inadequacies of archaic and obsolete teachings and instead demand that we prove the validity of the gospel. It is not for nothing that the most persecuted faith turns out to be those that believe in Jesus

Christ as Lord. Similarly, the true anointed priests have therefore been doubted in favor of priests of faiths that generallyupholdnothingmorethanmerecustomsofmen. Thisisnotonlylimitedbetweenthetruefaithandtheworlds religions.ThedilemmaisalsofoundintheChurch.Indeed,itis truethattherearewolvesinsheepskinandthatthewheatis growingwiththeweed,andsothismatterisofcriticalinterest to the Church. It has been my observation that while those who masquerade around the body of Christ with false anointings have been emboldened and are in active attack of those who carry the true anointing, the latter have been decisively quiet choosing not to respond or contend with the former. The consequence to the kingdom of God has been enormousandonlyGodknowshowmuchhastrulybeenlost as a result of the complacency of those who know the truth. The truth, so to say, has been on a twofold trial: Both from within and without. Both belligerents have used the spirit of fear to evoke cowardice in the ranks of those who carry the trueanointing.Ithasbeenthesameoldbaneasinthedaysof the scriptures when the prophets and the apostles were persecutedevenuntodeath. So,howdoesoneprovethetrueanointingfromthefalseinthis maze?Firstofall,letmesetitstraightthatthecircumstances arenotasdesperateasthosewhohatetrueanointingwould haveusfeel.Oh,no.Farfromit.Thetruthisstillwinning,and

so is the anointing that carries it. One means through which thisisseenisthemultipliednumbersaddedonanhourlybasis tothetruth.Elijah,Jeremiah,JohntheBaptist,Paul,Johnthe Apostleandallotherscripturalcharactersmustbeamazedat thegraceavailabletothosewhocarryatrueanointingtoday. Ministers like Benny Hinn, Chris Oyakhilome, Reinhard Bournke,KennethCopeland,T.DJakes,JoyceMeyer,Pauland JaneCrouch,andseveralothersthatarecontinuouslyattacked haveneverthelessseenmultiplenumbersintheirmillionsjoin thekingdomandbelieveintheLordtheysowonderfullyserve. I believe this has been the case because of three principle reasons, namely: Firstly, the sheep know the Masters voice andfollowit(John10:35).Consequently,astheseservantsof God (and there are indeed many others) have ministered, thosethatbelongtotheLordhavebeendrawnasdowndeep theirconsciencelaysthespiritofmanwhichthebreathofGod givesunderstanding(Job32:8).Secondly,theseministrieshave had amazing grace to articulate and prove by both the word and action the gospel of the Kingdom. As a result, lives have been transformed. The word of their testimonies has overcome the evil one (Revelation 12:11). People that have beenhealedintheirmeetingsorwhohavebeenedifiedbythe unction of the word they minister have testified to multiple others in a world so tired of impotent traditionalism. And lastly,the Master is comingsoon. I believe we are seeing the

mostmassivesweepofevangelismoccurbeforeourveryeyes inafinalbidbyGodsSpiritandarmytofinishthegoodwork. What this means is that we are winning. No other force can contendwithus.Forthosewhogenuinelyseektoknowatrue anointing from a false one the proof is in the unequivocal devotion to Jesus as Christ, the edifying quality of the word, the evident testimony of positive change and the integrity of the minister. Against these standards there is no judgment. And ministers upholding them are not in short supply or hiddeninawildernessfaroutoftown.Theyaremoreavailable than ever before. What is more, I believe that once you complete studying this book you too will join in this noble effort.Icantellyou,nothingcomparestoservingourLordand SaviorJesusChrist.So,whenyoufinishwiththis,youtoowill haveatrueanointing.HALELUJAH!


The reverse is obviously required and acceptable: Every candidateoftheanointingwillbetestedbytheanointing.Itis Gods prerogative and He does it for our good. Remember, earlierinthisworkIdefinedtheanointingastheofficeofthe HolySpiritandifHeisgoingtoworkwithyouHewilltestyou. A lot of people miss out on this. They want to assume the office without being examined or evaluated. They want the powerwithouttheprice.Beloved,thereisnosuchthing.Ifyou are going to be impacted by the anointing you should be willingtopassthetestsoftheHolySpirit.Thesetestsarenot intended to fail us from walking with God. Instead, they strengthenourconfidenceintheperformanceofGodsSpirit. More importantly, they mould us into compliant and submitted vessels that will be more susceptible to every functionGodwantstoworkinusandforusbythepowerof theanointing.Soitisprofitabletobetestedbytheanointing.

TheMasterHimselfprovidestheexampleparexcellence.The gospelsrecordhowHewasledtothe wildernessbytheHoly Spirittofastfor40daysandbetemptedofthedevilsoonafter Hed been baptized at the Jordan and the Spirit came upon Him.ThatwasHisfirstexamination.Itwasntaneasyonebut Hepassedthetest.TheresultwasthatHedescendedfromthe wildernessfilledwithpower(Luke4:14). Importanttonoteisthefactthatthisincredibleresultwasthe trademark of Jesus ministry. Everywhere He went He was renowned for the authority and power of His ministry. Subjecting Himself to the tests of the Holy Spirit and passing themisoneofthereasonsHewasfilledwiththeSpiritbeyond measure. Many who desire a great anointing today would do well to learn from the Master. You see, long ago I came across a powerful scripture that taught this invaluable virtue. In the book of Proverbs, the philosopher counsels all who care to walkwithGodthatGoldistestedbyfire,silverbycruciblebut theheartofmanistestedbyGod(Proverbs17:3).Ifwewill notletGodtestus,weshouldnotexpectHimtouseus.Butif we do, and pass His tests, although we are earthen vessels weshalldemonstratetheexcellenceofGod(2Corinthians4:7 KJV). IfindKathrynKuhlmannsadvicetoallwhowanttobeusedof God very useful at this point when she says, God is not

lookingforgoldvessels.Heisnotlookingforsilvervessels.No, Heislookingforyieldedvessels. Areyouyieldedtothetestsoftheanointing?Ifyouare,God islookingforyou.


The most common tests of the anointing will involve either pleasure or pain. This is what I refer to when I say tested by fruitsorfire.Ofcourse,thereferencetofruitsisderivedfrom thetestofAdamandEveintheGardenofEden(Genesis2:17). The test that confronted them was a test of pleasure. They were asked to avoid eating fruit from the tree of the knowledgeofgoodandevil.Althoughthefruitwasbeautifulto beholdGoddemandedthatmanshouldnotpartakeofit. What is important to note is that God was not against man having any pleasure. Similarly, when the anointing tests us in thisarea itisnotthatthe HolySpiritis against usenjoyingin life. Later on in this book I will dwell in depth on how in fact you canenjoytheanointing.Hehasmorepleasurethantheworld caneverofferyou.Ifanything,theGardenofEdenwasaplace ofgreatpleasures.Thereweresomanyvarietiesofpleasures that were available to Adam and Eve. In my opinion this was supposed to be an easy test. Man could simply have enjoyed all that was available in complete fulfillment without paying

any attention to the forbidden fruit. Unfortunately, this was not the case as man succumbed to the temptations of the serpent.ItissadtoobservethatEvewhowasabeneficiaryto all God had given man in the Garden still took note of the pleasureofthefruitattheexpenseofthepainitwouldcause. Therestishistoryastheshortlivedpleasurehascausedalong seriesofpainfromAdamandEvetothisday. And yet, in spite of this example so many fail right here. The test of pleasure has reduced the impact the anointing would realizeinsomanyministriesandinsomecasesmanyhavein factbeendismissedfromservingGodasaresult.Thiswasthe experience of Samson that I mentioned earlier in this work. ThepleasureoffornicationandadulterycostSamsonnotonly his ministry but his life as well. The case of Gehazi, Elishas servant,whoIhavealsomentionedearlier,wastragicinthat he was dismissed from the ministry with a curse to top it all. His master Elisha was appalled at Gehazis weakness for pleasurewhentestedwiththeSyriancommandersoffer.The dishonorablemannerinwhichElishadischargedhimstilloffers arelevantwarningtomanytoday.Intheprophetswords:
Isthisthetimetotakemoney,oracceptclothes,olivegroves, vineyards,flocks,herds,ormenservantsandmaidservants? Naamansleprosywillclingtoyouandtoyourdescendants forever.2Kings5:2627.

Beloved,nopleasureisworththeanointing,nonewhatsoever. Anysuchoffershouldberejectedwithcontempt. Iamalwaysinspiredbythevaluetheearlychurchhadforthe anointing.OneamazingaccountisgivenoftheApostlePeters ministryinSamaria.Followingthedynamicevangelicalefforts ofPhillip,thechurchinJerusalemhadsentPeterandJohnto theregion.TherewasawitchthathadconvertedtotheLord called Simeon. This gentleman had believed the gospel and followed Philip as he observed in astonishment the miracles wroughtintheNameofJesus.WhenPeterandJohnarriveand baptizedthebelieversintheLordwiththeHolySpiritbylaying onofhandsSimeonwasevenmoreimpressed.Hesoughtthe giftbyofferingmoneytotheapostles.Petersresponsetellsa lot concerning this test of pleasure and how we should respondtoit.HerebukedSimeon,thus:
Mayyourmoneyperishwithyou,becauseyouthoughtyou couldbuythegiftofGodwithmoney!Youhavenopartor shareinthisministry,becauseyourheartisnotrightbefore God.RepentofthiswickednessandpraytotheLord.Perhaps hewillforgiveyouforhavingsuchathoughtinyourheart. ForIseethatyouarefullofbitternessandcaptivetosin.Acts8:2023

Andthatisit.Manydesiringtheanointingdonotrealizethat they will be tested with pleasure. I have had some ministers actually say that the anointing attracts good things. Some of

which,wemustrealize,isnotnecessarilygoodforthevessels Godiswillingtouse. Sometimesitisthetiming.Thereisalotonewillbenefitfrom theanointingbutnoteverythingwilloccuratonce.Thereare seasonedbenefits,andunderstandingthetimingofwhatGod hasinstoreisacriticaltestinpleasure.Iwillneverforgethow earlyintheministryIwasofferedtheopportunitytobegiven atickettotheUnited States by a wealthy divorcee. She even suggested that it was God who had told her to do so in additiontoaskinghertoputatthedisposalofmyministryher entirewealth. That offer came in those early difficult days. I must confess that the offer was incredibly tempting. Fortunately, I sought GodscounselandHeaskedmeamostprofoundquestionthat changed my life and impacted me for Gods immeasurable glory. He asked me to choose between going to the United Statesandhavingitbroughttome.TheHolySpiritadvisedme to choose the latter. Two years later, and married, the Lord revealed to me in a vision that if I had gone with the lady I would have ended up nothing more than a house husband! And,today?Well,IcanseriouslysaythatTheUnitedStateshas indeedcometomebythegraceofAlmightyGod.


That is pleasure, and to be sure it can be a difficult test. However, there is the test of the pain that the anointing will subjectoneto.Thatcanbeequallydifficultifnot,asinsome cases,evenmorechallenging.Iusefireinametaphoricsense althoughthetestofpainisnotlimitedtothethreatoffire.It comes in several ways. However, I find that the use of fire captures the conduct of the test in such an exact sense. The scripturesalsoareladenwiththeuseofthisreference. ItisinthissensethatweshouldunderstandthattheLordour God is a consuming fire (Deuteronomy 4:24, Hebrews 12:24). SeveraltimestheHolySpiritisactuallyportrayedasafire(Acts 2:34).TherevelationthattheLord isindeedarefinersfireis an explicit reference to this testing by fire (Malachi 3:2). The useoffireisoftenemployedinthescripturestorelatetoGod removing impurities in the vessels He uses (Malachi 3:34). Consequently,anyonehungryfortheanointingmustrealize thatwiththeofficecomesthistestofpaintopurgeoneofall impurities. I have a message I have taught sometime that exhaustively covers this issue called The Pains of the Call. I might consider, the Lord permitting, turning it into a book because manybelieversandservantsoftheLorddonotrealizethatin theserviceoftheLordHewilltestuswithfireanditoftenisa

painful experience. In ignorance, many quit, others get miserableandcomplain,stillothersbecomebitterandpasson thepain.Theymissthepoint:Theobjectofthetestisalways toimproveonthequalityofthevessel.InfactJesussaidwe rejoice in these circumstances. For after the pain will come promotion if we endure and become better rather than bitter. Important to note, is that once we are yielded to the HolySpiritHisanointingwillnotresttillwehavebecomethe perfectvesselsofhonor. Oneofthemost dramatic tests offire in the scriptures is the account given in the book of Daniel about the three Hebrew boys Hananaiah, Mishael and Azariah. In fact the book of Danielisaclassictextontherelationoftestsandpromotions. In this particular instance, the three boys had been part of a group of young men exiled in Babylon that included Daniel, who had gained favor in the kings court because of their wisdom.Ofcoursethewisdomtheyexhibitedwasbyvirtueof the anointing operating in their lives. At some point in their serviceofKingNebuchadnezzaraveryinterestingcomplication arosewhenhedemandedbydecreethateveryoneinBabylon bowsbeforeastatue(Daniel3). The young Hebrew boys find themselves in that common dilemmaanointedpeoplefindthemselvesin,wheretheyhave to displease their seniors for the sake of their faith. They refuse to bow to the statue and are subjected to a fiery

furnace whose heat has been tuned seven times over. Fearlessly and resigned to whatever consequence this threateningdevelopmentposestheyarethrownintothefire. To the consternation of everybody including Nebuchadnezzar theydonotburn.Theyareseenmovingfreelywithinthefire. And moreover, in their company is a supernatural being that thekinglikenedtoaSonofman.Thekingisamazedbeyond hiswitsandordersforthemtoberemovedfromthefire.He even goes so far as to promote them and confess that their GodistheonlyGodwhocouldsaveinsuchamanner(Daniel 3:2930). The fire was their passage to prominence. And if anyone has walkedwithGodforsometimetheywilltell youthatthere is nopromotionwithoutatestofpain.Thisisthepointthatisso oftenmissedbythosewholoveDavids23rdPsalm:Theylove the Lord who takes them besides still waters and green pastures. They love Him when He restores their soul. What theydonotrealizeisthatthesameLordwilltesttheminthe valleyoftheshadowofdeathbeforeHeactuallytakesthemto a prepared table before their enemies. This has been my experience and I am forever grateful to the Lord for every blessing He has given me, and this includes the tests that I havehadtoincuralongtheway. ItisinthiscontextthatIunderstandmyidentity,purposeand life. When the Lord revealed to me that I was Joseph (I give

graphicdetailsofthisexperienceinmybookTheValueofa Name) I could relate my ups and downs to that of Joseph. BeforeJosephwaselevatedtothepinnacleofEgypt,hehadto endurethepit,beingaslave,andthedungeon. In another book Winner, Dont Quit: The Truth about Struggle, I reiterate more elaborately on this theme. Using struggle to relate to the prospect of overcoming pains, I employ the testimony of the rich life of Jacob to offer invaluable hope to every believer and minister confused by theseseeminglynegativecircumstances.Rightfromthewomb ofhismother,Jacobwasconceivedinstruggle.Hismotherwas barren and she struggled with the Lord for the fruit of her womb. It seems to me that God answered her by providing JacobandaproblemcalledEsau.GodsetthestageforJacobs first test right in the womb of his mother. Before his climatic wrestle with God in Genesis 32 Jacob struggled with his brotherrightinthewomboftheirmother.Frombirthtodeath Jacobstruggledforhislife. Eventhoughhewassomewhatunaccomplishedintheevening of his life with only one son that had really made it, out of a large bunch of twelve children, Jacob was not outdone. He made the bestoutofa bad situation: He blessed all his sons. Hesawapowerfulnationemergefromadysfunctionalfamily thathadbroughthimpainfromtheirdeceit,violence,betrayal, and loss. Rather than be afraid for their future he chose to

believethebestforthem.Thereisnorecordthatheleftthem any tangible inheritance. Perhaps we may presume that followingthefamineinCanaanandworldoverhehadlittleof substancetobequeathhisfairlylargefamily. Nonetheless, he left them something more important, an inheritancewhoselegacyhassurvivedtothisday.Heleftthem WORDS.Wordsofhope.Wordsofcourage.Wordstocarryon the struggle. Words to help them overcome. Words that carriedwhatwe callblessings. One by one, from Reuben and Judahtheeldest,toJoseph,Benjamin,EphraimandManasseh, a determined veteran of struggle spoke victory to another generation(Genesis49). BeholdingthegreatnationofIsraeltodaywemustrealizethat at its very foundation was the testimony of one man overcomingthetestofpain.

One of the most inspiring biblical characters is the Apostle Paul.Thismansawitall.HiscallingtellssomuchaboutwhatI havejustdiscussed.Allthosewhoneverexpecttobetestedby theanointingmaydowelltostudytheministryofPaul.Hewas a veteran in every sense of the word, a genuine graduate of theschooloftheSpirit.TheMastersinstructiontoAnaniasin reference to Paul reveals a lot that many would do well to

understand,whenHesays,Iwillshowhimhowmuchhemust sufferformyname(Acts9:16). Andsufferhedid.Hesharesgraphicdetailswiththechurchin Corinth yet boasting in them: Several times he was flogged, abused, threatened with death, shipwrecked and imprisoned yetinallcircumstancesheglorifiedGod(2Corinthians11:16 33).InthedynamicbookofActs,heisshownpraisingGodwith Silasfromtheconfinesofaprisoncell(Acts16:2325).Andyet, Paulwasnotunaccustomedtopleasure.Infacthewastested with the unthinkable pleasure of visiting the third heaven where he was shown things that were too wonderful for human consumption (2 Corinthians 12:14). At another instance, his remarkable miracle performing ministry was put tothecommontestofprideandfameinthecityofLystra.The people were willing to worship him as a god. He frantically withstood their efforts revealing to them that he too was merelyamanlikethem(Acts14:815).Lateron,heconfesses to being able to be fulfilled whether with empty or full stomach (Philippians 4:1 3). Paul was a true graduate of the Spirit. If we are going to see maximum results from the incredible grace given to our generation in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we too need to endure and pass the tests of the anointing.WehavegottograduateintheSpirit.Beitthetest ofpleasureorpain,wemustrealizethatallthingsareworking

together for our good (Romans 8:28). Whatever the test, we mustrealizethatGodisnottryingHisbesttofailus.Rather,in HisomniscientwisdomHeisactuallyworkingbothtowilland todoaccordingto Hisgood pleasure to perfect us till we are entirelylikeHim(Philippians2:13).Iamsopersuadedwiththis experiencethatIhaveoftensaidthatifpeopledonotwantto betestedbytheanointingtheyhavenobusinessreceivingitin thefirstplace.

Doyourealizethatevenasyouarereadingthisbookyouare actually receiving an anointing? The word of God carries an incredible anointing that sheds light and wisdom while dispelling devils of deception and darkness. I have already mentionedthattheanointingisreallythefunctionoftheHoly Spirit. Well, as you read, you may or may not be aware dependingonhowsensitiveyouare,butthereisananointing

atworkinyou.Johnmentionsinhisprofoundgospelthat,as Jesus taught, His word cleansed the people (John 15:3). Similarly,asyoureadthisbookthereisacleansingfunctionof the Holy Spirit at work in you preparing you to receive even more anointing as you continue in your walk with God. Paul also talks of renewing ones mind with the word of God (Romans12:2).Thereisalsoarenewingfunctioninyourmind as you continue to read through this book. Beloved, the Lord haspurposedtoaddmoreanointinginyourlifehoweveritis vitalthatyourmindiscleansedandrenewedfornooneputs newwineinanoldwineskin.(Matthew9:17).Getreadyfora newandfreshanointingthatwillyieldawholenewdimension ofpowerandsuccessinyourlife. ItisvitalthateveryonerealizethatGoddesiresforeveryoneto receiveandoperateintheanointingofHisSpirit.Itistragicto witness believers in our Lord convinced that they are not anointed. Many do not realize that God has indeed anointed themandevendesirestoanointthemmoreandusethemfor great glory. Many actually think that the anointing is only for religiousleadersandsothey arelefttravelingaroundlooking for someone anointed to pray for them. Unfortunately, some leaders have taken advantage of this ignorance and created impressions that distinguish them as specially anointed while portraying their congregations or anybody who is unlucky to succumbtotheirmanipulativetendenciestobeutterlydevoid of any anointing. My friend, the devil is a liar. If anyone has

receivedtheLordJesusasLordandSavior,suchapersonhas indeedreceivedtheSpiritofGodandthereforetheanointing. Godhasnotspeciallydesignedforsomedistinguishedpersons to have the anointing. Do not let anyone make you feel that way. More so in the last days when He has poured out His Spiritonallflesh.(Joel2:28).Godismorethanwillingtoanoint youmybrotherandwilldosoevennowifyoucanreceiveit. This was the elaborate point Jesus made to religious leaders whenHecastigatedthemforconsideringthattheywereinany sensebetterthanGodinblessingtheirchildren.InHiswords:
Whichofyou,ifhissonasksforbread,willgivehima stone?Or,ifheasksforfish,youwillgivehimasnake? Ifyou,then,thoughyouareevil,knowhowtogivegood giftstoyourchildren,howmuchmorewillyourFather inheavengivegoodgiftstothosewhoaskHim!(Matthew7:911)

Inthatrebuke,Jesusactuallyrevealsagoodreasonwhymany do not receive the Holy Spirit and therefore His anointing: Manysimplydonotask.AsapastorandaservantoftheLord, IhavebeenamazedafterministeringtosomeoneintheHoly Spirit to hear them pray that the Lord increase my anointing. True to their earnest desire, the Lord does increase my anointingbutwhynotpraythatHeincreasestheanointingin you as well. You find beloved saints of the Lord praying that the Lord increases the anointing on the lives of His great vessels like Benny Hinn or T.L Osborn and yet they scarcely everpray thattheLord anoints them. That is a terrible error.

Anyone that so desires can ask and it will be given (Matthew 7:7). There are some, however, who will genuinely say they haveaskedandaskedandaskedinvain.Theywonderhowone can get the anointing. Some have tried everything they knew how only to find themselves where they started. It is also to thiscategorythatIwrite this chapter.Thereare a number of things many faithful servants of the Lord overlook that are critical to receiving the anointing and I wish to address them here.Hopefully,withtheLordsgracethiswillbethedaymany in His body will actually receive an increase of the anointing, notbymight,norbypower,butbytheSpiritofthelivingGod (Zechariah4:6).

ThereisaninterestingaccountsharedbyDr.LukeintheActs oftheApostlesthatexplainsthereasonwhymanyinthebody ofChristhavenotreceivedanincreaseoftheanointingofthe Holy Spirit. In it, we see Pauls ministry going to the city of Ephesus.TherehefindsabouttwelvedisciplesoftheProphet John and he poses them a profound question that many religiouspeopleoughttoaskthemselves,Didyoureceivethe HolySpiritwhenyoubelieved?Theirresponsewasnegativeas they had never even been told about Him. Similarly, many in our world today are in some kind of religion, some kind of faith, some even believing in the Lord Jesus but are totally obliviousofthepersonoftheHolySpirit.Theycansay,Oh,I

havegonetoaclassandreceivedacertainpassageorritebut as to whether they are conscious of this third person of the trinity in their life or/and priesthood is an entirely different thing. Paul further probes on what they believed in before sharingwiththemaboutthebaptismoffire.AndthatiswhatI am endeavoring to do so right here. Hopefully, we will have the same results. For having taught them, they were then willing to receive the Holy Spirit. He simply laid his hands on them and they were instantly filled with power from above (Acts19:17). Thatsituationdoeshaveexponentialrepresentationtoday.So many have believed the Lord Jesus and have received only a partial revelation of that faith. Years of tradition in some religiousbodiesthatteachtheLordJesushavemaintainedan exclusionofapersonalencounterwiththeHolySpirit.Insome cases, that has not always been the case. Some religious bodies, Christian ones, have actually declined from the revivalisttendenciesoftheirfoundersandtodayareapillarof cold customs and traditions. The only experience of the Holy Spirit left to them is the stories in the word of God and the historical accounts of their founders. Their congregations and evenministersarestarvedanddrydevoidofanyeffectual demonstration of the God they teach or listen about every Sunday.Sometimestheirleadershavetendedtobecriticalof those who are experiencing Gods anointing on their lives. Theyhavecalleditnamesandevensuggested,inararesense

of prophetic assessment, that those so called Holy Spirit peoplearethefalseprophetstalkedaboutinthegospelsthat wouldshowuptomisleadmanyinthelastdays.Fortunately, though, there is a spirit in man and the breath of God does give it understanding (Job 33:4). Not all their adherents have been cowed from joining in this end time revival. Many have recommittedtheirlivestotheLordandevenreceivedtheHoly Spirit. I am one of them. Additionally, some of their leaders, tiredofaformofgodlinesshavestartedattendingmeetingsof anointedservantsgenuinelydesiringtheanointing.Ihopethis bookisinthehandsofseveralofthem.Theresult,aswehave observed,isthatmanyofthesesectsareactuallyexperiencing revivalasthecharismaticeffectsoftheanointingisillustrated byreformedministers.Themoveisunquenchable! ItisalsofromthisstandpointthatIunderstandwhysomany, althoughbelieversinourLord,stillhavenotreceivedtheHoly SpiritandthereforeHisanointing.Manyarethevictimofahalf gospel, not a full gospel. They have a partial truth that winds up as a form of godliness that denies the power thereof (2 Timothy 3:5). Like the religious leaders in Jesus days, they actuallydonotknoweitherthewordofGodorthepowerof God.Whattheyknowisasetoftraditionsandcustoms.Most ofwhichisirrelevanttothelivesofthepeopletheylead.That iswhytheyaresufferingatotalhemorrhageastheiradherents switchtothetruth.Icanguaranteeyouthattheonesthatdo notseriouslytakeonthefullgospelwillwitherinthisendtime

moveofGod.Shortofwhich,theywillhavetomakealliances withSatantofightagainstGodandHisanointedones. How does one get to receive once they have believed? The account of Paul and the disciples gives a strong hint: Rather than critic Paul in defense of their partial revelation they soughttolearn.Theywantedtoknowaboutwhattheydidnot know. In the gospels, Jesus mentioned that blessed are the hungry, they shall be filled (Matthew 5:6). Elsewhere, the Apostle James wisely advices those who lack wisdom to ask God (James 1:5). That is what this book is seeking to do. It is givingyouinsight,wisdom,concerninghowtogetstartedand keepgoinginthegloryofGod.Ifwearehumbletoknowmore than we do, we shall receive what we do not have. These disciples of John the Baptist listened through Pauls teaching bearing witness that what Paul was saying was actually mentioned by John who baptized with water and preached repentance,buthadprophesiedthatJesuswhocameaheadof himwouldinfactbaptizethemwiththeSpirit.Similarly,rather thanarguewiththosewhoteachontheHolySpirit,manyfrom all these sects that are critical should take note that the scriptures they read every Sunday bear witness to what we say. Throughout this book, I have endeavored to employ the scriptures to back up the revelations on the anointing. There areover1,000referencestothescripturesjustforclarity.So, ratherthanresistthetruthembraceit.Letitworkinyourlife.

The Master declared, You will know the truth, and the truth willsetyoufree(John8:32).Thatisatleastthefirststep.


Tobesure,receivingtheanointingisnotalwaysaseasyasitis often portrayed. Soon many realize that it is not all the time that we ask that we receive. Sometimes, we have to seek, seek, and seek till we find. I call this the test of time by the anointing of God. Again, and this must be clarified early, it is not that God does not want you to get the anointing. He always desires that we receive the anointing. However, when Heorchestratesforustowait,andmanytimesHedoes,there isafundamentalreasonwhy.Oftentimes,theendjustifiesthe means.Ilovethewaythisissummedupinthescriptures:
ButtheythatwaitupontheLordshallrenewtheirstrength,they shallmountupwithwingsaseagles;theyshallrun,andnot be;weary,theyshallwalk,andnotfaint.Isaiah40:32KJV

Waitingfortheanointingpayshandsomely.Letthedevilnever foolyoubycausingyoutoimaginethatGodwillnotshowup. OurGodismorethanfaithful(1Thessalonians5:24).Through theProphetIsaiah,Hedeclares:

Ihavenotspokeninsecret,fromsomewhere inalandofdarkness;Ihavenotsaidto Jacobsdescendants,Seekmeinvain. I,theLord,speakthetruth;Ideclare whatisright.Isaiah45:19

When Jesus was about to ascend to heaven He left a solemn instructiontoHisdisciplestowaitinJerusalemtilltheyreceive theHolySpirit.Hetoldthemtowait.Theydidso,forfortydays and on that fortieth day the Holy Spirit came upon all that were present. I especially love the fact that He came like a rushingwind(Acts2:14).IsupposeHewasonlytooanxiousto anoint them to do the Lords work. And that is the way it is. GodsodesirestoputHisSpirituponusthoughHeasksusto waitonHim.Itisvitalwelearnthisprincipleofwaitingupon the Lord. A closer study of all the servants of God that have carried with them a mighty anointing reveals that they practicedwaitingupontheLordhabitually.Duringthetimewe wait,itwould help ifwe spent timefasting, praying, studying andmeditatingonthewordofGod. ThedurationofthewaitdependsentirelyontheLord.Itmay bedaysasitwaswiththedisciplesorevenyearsasitwaswith Elisha.Ultimatelythough,thepointis,howeverlongwewait, God is going to show up. Sooner or later, one day and in a singlemoment,theOnewewaitforshowsupandwerealize thatitwasworthitswhile.

Unfortunately,quiteanumberquitontheLord.Manycannot wait for the anointing. They get impatient and divert to something else. It is instructive to note that although the Masterspoketoagroupof500disciplestherewereonly120 onthedaytheHolySpiritcameuponthem.Whathappenedto the 380? I assume they may have gotten impatient. Some might have thought the Lord was lying to them. Yet others musthavebeendiverted bythegreat feastofPentecostthat wastakingplaceinJerusalem.Whateveritwas,theymissedit. Youwouldbeamazedhowmanytimeswemisstheanointing justbecausewearebusywithmanythingsorsimplybecause wethinkGodisaliar. WhydoesGodcallustowait?Thereasonsareseveral,mostof them personal to whoever God has asked to tarry. Generally, though,ithastodowithHistiming.Remember,Hiswaysare notourways,norareHisthoughtsourthoughts(Isaiah55:8). It would also help us to realize that in His time, He makes all things beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11). After all, the anointing is Hisandthemissionthatweshallaccomplishbyvirtueofit,is Hisplanandpurpose.PaulsassertiontothechurchinEphesus when he states, For we are Gods workmanship, created in ChristJesustodogoodworks,whichGodpreparedinadvance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10) reveals a lot in this regard. All that the anointing has been given to us to do was actually planned for before the foundation of the world. That is why thosewhocontendagainstitwastealotofcalories.Theyfight

divinitywithinahistoryrealm:Theformerrealmissuperiorto the latter. This is partly what can be understood from Pauls assertion that what is seen was not made out of what was visible (Hebrews 11:3). Those things which God has commanded are the things that are and will be. Beyond this, there is a significant reason why many still fail to receive the anointing yet others keep on getting even more of it. It is to thisfactorthatIturn.

The tests of the anointing that I have mentioned in the previouschapterarereallyanexaminationofthecharacterof thevesselthattheanointingintendsorisactuallyemploying. Whatever God uses He will test. The specific area for this exerciseisoften,ifnotentirely,the heart.Thereasoncanbe found in Jesus teaching that the heart contains in it the very issues of life (Matthew 15:1620). So we witness throughout thescripturesGodtestingtheheartsofmenevenasHisword declares that Silver is tested by crucible, gold by fire but the heartofamanistestedbyGod(Proverbs17:3). Consequently, one should not be surprised at the role the conditionofonesheartplaysindeterminingwhetheronewill receive the anointing or an increase of it. It does, and most significantly, as we have discussed. When one considers the incredible value of the anointing and its associated impact it

becomesobviouswhytheheartplaysthiscrucialdeterminant role.Asitmaybeclearbynow,theanointingdoesnotcometo merely accomplish our fleshly desires. It has omnipotent assignments as it enables mortal men do the very will of AlmightyGod.Mencannotdothiswillwithouttheanointingof theHolySpirit.Thereferencesforthisarerepletethroughout the scriptures: Moses could not in his strength have ever delivered the children of Israel; neither could Samuel in his wisdomhaveruledthechildrenofIsrael,orSolomonforthat matter; neither could David have won battles for Israel in his might; and when a perturbed Zechariah pondered on the impossibilities of rebuilding the temple, God reminded him thatitwasnotbymight,norbypowerbutbytheSpiritofthe livingGod(Zechariah4:6). AllthroughthewordofGod,theanointingisindispensablein performingthewillofGod.Itistheprimaryrequisiteforsucha function. And this grace is essentially for the will of God and notforourinadequatepreferences. Seen in this context one understands that although the anointing is indeed free for all who desire, it is nevertheless not always available to all who desire. That is why Peter severely rebuked Simeon the converted witch who sought to buy the anointing. The means he sought the anointing revealedtheextenttowhichhedesireditforpersonalandnot divine reasons (Acts 8: 924). And Peter should have known better for he had been trained that way. Several times the

Lord rebuked him and his colleagues to realize that the anointing is exclusively intended for the purpose of fulfilling Godsdesiresandnotpersonalwhims.Oncewhenthecityof Samaria had closed their gates to the Lord and his entourage and James and John had suggested that they call fire from heaven He rebuked them (Luke 9:5156). And when Peter himself unwittingly sought to discourage the Master from contemplating a death for which the Father had sent Him to the earth on the pretext that He was the Messiah, the anointed One, Jesus sternly rebuked him. The reason being thatPetersconcernswereofthefleshandtheyrevealedhow much he had not understood that in fact the anointing the Masteroperatedinwasultimatelyforthepurposeofenabling Him lay down His life as atonement for the sins of all men (Matthew16:23). Receiving the anointing is in a sense a heart matter. The Apostle James must have had this in mind when he cautions how many never receive from the Lord because of their evil intentions(James4:3).Desiringtheanointingsothatyoufulfill thedesiresofthefleshisasuremeansoffailingtoobtainwhat youdesire.Somanydonotrealizethisandfalselyassumethat they can obtain the anointing regardless of the conditions of theirheart.Theyaskfortheanointingforsuchsillyreasonslike theywouldlovetobeonT.V,orprovetheirenemieswrong,or evendestroytheirenemiesaltogether.Thedevilisaliar.Ifyou desire the anointing you have good reason to examine your

heartandmakesurethatyouearnestlyarekeentofulfillthe will of God. And I always say this to all people hungry to be used of God, study the word of God, lay it in your heart and surrender to the will of God. If you do, you will receive even more anointing than you can possibly fathom to the glory of God!

One of the most amazingly used vessels of God today is the wonderfulministryoftherenownedEvangelist,BibleTeacher, worshipper, and author Dr. Benny Hinn. That incredibly used vessel of Almighty God has been an inspiration to countless millions includingmyself.Iamforevergratefultothemighty ministry of the Holy Spirit for anointing this man who has taught us so much on the anointing. Benny Hinn ministries is onthecuttingedgeandisprobablythemostvitalworkofthe Holy Spirit going on today to the glory of God. What is so predominant in this ministry is the preeminent role given to the anointing and the Holy Spirit. Benny Hinn has literally devoted his entire life time to ensuring that we understand this role of the Holy Spirit and the anointing He gives those whowillsurrendertothewillofGod. Notsurprisingly,therefore,theHolySpirithasrespondedwith dramaticrecognitionofthisearnestdevotionwithremarkable resultsinBennyHinnministries.Everymeetinghostedbythis

manhasseenhimfulfillthecallingGodplacedonhimtowin souls.Theycomebythethousands,sometimestheyareinthe tens,orhundredsofthousands,orevenintheirmillionsinhis monthly and international crusades. Additionally, this is accompanied with special manifestations of the Holy Spirit evidentinthehealingofthesick,miracles,signsandwonders. The wonderful thing about it all is the humility Benny Hinn exhibits in spite of the world wide fame his amazing ministry has. Often he corrects those who seek to thank him for the miracles they have achieved during his meetings that he had littletodowithwhattheyhavereceived.Healwaysattributes it to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and gives Jesus Christ the glory.Becausetherehasbeenaoflotmisunderstandingabout his ministry he has gone so far as to publish a collection of books to set the record straight. One of the books is Welcome Holy Spirit. In this book he gives a biographical account of how he was called into the ministry, thereby explaininghisresolvetobesurrenderedtothewillofGod.He also clearly explains his own inadequacies for the task and therefore his total dependence on the Holy Spirit for the anointing. From here we are made to understand why Benny seekstoinvitetheHolySpiritforeverythingheissettodo. He has come to that wise conclusion that without the anointing he is as good as nothing as far as fulfilling the commissionofGodinhislife.

Itwouldbeanunderstatementtosaythatmanytodaydesire God to use them as effectively as He uses Benny Hinn. Many haveasimilarcallashedoestowinlostsouls.Thedifference, however, can be found in the extent to which one is surrendered to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and His anointing. If we would love to do great works for God, the example of Benny Hinn offers a suitable reference. We ought toreceivetheanointingandtotallybesubmissivetoit.Forthis tohappen,wemustberelentlessinourinvitation totheHoly Spirit. Once He comes, the impact will be obvious and the difference critical. And it is to this subject that we must now turn.

Oncetheanointingcomesuponavesseltherewillbeimpact. My friend, the anointing makes the difference. It does not matter the vessel. Once that vessel receives the anointing of the Lord there will be a corresponding effect. That is why I have often said that if these are days of the anointing then they certainly are days of action. The anointing can never be inert.ItseffectswillbeseenbecausethespiritofChrististhe spirit of the demonstration of Gods power. I do not believe

thatonecanbeanointedandtheyarevoidofthisexperience. Infact,theministryoftheanointingisaresultorientedone.It is proofproducing, to use brother Morris Cerullos phrase. Everyone that God anointed in his word was a person that actuallymovedfrompassivitytoaction.Itdidnotmatterwhat there condition was, or failure had been, once the anointing cameupontheirlifetheyweretranslatedintomovingresults ofthekingdomofGod. This is a crucial concern today because more than any other generationthereisaclaimtotheanointinglikehasneverbeen witnessedbefore.LikeImentionedearlier,thisisprobablythe most anointed generation the earth has ever witnessed. As a result,thisisalsothegenerationthathasmostwitnessedthe resultsofGodspower.Ministriesthatministerinthepowerof theanointinghavedemonstratedinmanydiverseways,signs and wonders that testify of the dynamic ministry of the Holy Spirit.Nearly,ifnoteverycountry,has beenawitnesstothis ministry. Due to the benefit of modern technology, this generation is privileged to witness works of the Holy Spirit that may not even be taking place in their vicinity. Through television, the internet, and such products like audio tapes, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs we are able to observe from the comforts of our livingroomsortheprivacyofourstudyroomstheactionofthe HolySpiritinplacesacrosstheworld,farawayfromwherewe

are. Before our eyes, we are witnesses to the impact of the anointing on the lives of ordinary men and women. The message from God is clear: We too can be impacted by the anointing and therefore converted from passive spectators to active participants. And in a sense, I hope this piece of literature will stir a desire for the impact of the anointing on yourlife.


Before the more incredible results of the anointing, the most immediate impact is the touch of the anointing. In itself, a touch of the anointing is an incredible experience that everyone ought to have. It is unlike any other touch. It is a touch with a difference that will result in power transmissions and supernatural manifestations. Even as I writeIsensetheneedformoretouchingbytheanointing.Itis thekindoftouchthateffectspositivechange.Insomecases,it revitalizes ones soul. In other cases, its impact is such that oneseyesareopenedtoGodswillandpurposes.Andyet,in others the immediate result is a physical one resulting in healing,aheightenedsenseofelation,drunkenness,asurgeof power, pleasure, burning, pleasant coolness, peace, and others. To be sure, there is quite a diversity of experiences people have when they are touched by the anointing. In all cases, the touch is always potent. Sometimes it may even

resultineitherresurrectionofthedeadordeathoftheliving asIwillteach. One of the most amazing accounts of the touch of the anointinggiveninthewordofGodcanbefoundinthecalling of Elisha to be a servant to Elijah (1 Kings 19:1921). At the time Elisha was a farmer working hard under the sun, tilling behindoxen.ElijahcomesdownMountHorebwheretheLord hasinstructedhimtoanointElishatobeaprophetinhisplace (1 Kings 19:1617). As he approaches the young man, he removes his mantle and puts it across the young mans back beforeproceedingonhisjourneyasifhewasunawareofwhat he had just done. The young man, on the other hand, drops everything he is doing and runs after the prophet. Once he catches up with him he begs to follow the prophet wherever he goes. Elijah responds in a manner that reveals a lot about theeffectofthetouchoftheanointing.Heasks,WhathaveI donetoyou?Ofcoursetheprophetknewwhathehaddone. What he was doing, however, in asking the young man this question was rather very profound and would define Elishas lifeandlegacyfromthenon. Thequestionsoughttobringhisattentiontothepowerofthe anointing. That brief episode as he put his mantle across Elishas bare back in the field was a touch of the anointing. Thattouchwasindeedtheonethathadpulledtheyoungman from his vocation to seek to go with Elijah. Elijah sought the

youngmantounderstandthathe(Elijah)wasnottheissueas much as the anointing that had just touched him. Consequently,weareshowntheeffectsofthistouchinamost amazingfashionasElishadestroyshisfarmtoolsandslainshis oxen before bidding his parents goodbye and following the prophet. Later on, we realize how profound the experience was when we observe how serious and unrelenting Elishas commitmenttoElijahwas.SeveraltimesheistestedbyElijah who asks him to quit only to be overwhelmed by the unflaggingzealoftheyoungman. Finally, when the prophet is sure about his imminent departuretoheavenheaskstheyoungmanwhathewants.It isherethatwerealizemostclearlythatallthewhileElishawas not merely following the man but the anointing he had. For herewas anopportunity for him to ask whatever he wanted. Hecouldhavechosentogoonwithhimtoheavenbuthedid not. His request reveals the incredible and lasting effect the firsttouchoftheanointinghadhadonhimforheaskedfora doubleportionoftheanointing(2Kings2:9). My friend, there is nothing like the anointing. Nothing on earth.Justonetouchisabletoconvertandrevolutionizeyou tolevelsoflifeyouhaveneverevendreamtabout.Inthecase that I have just discussed we witness how the touch of the anointing was able to provoke Elisha from the rituals of a menial livelihood. Later on, as we observe his ministry we

appreciate more the effects of the anointing because his ministry went on to operate from levels where he was elevated above kings and commanders of armies. This experienceisavailableforallwhoarehungryforatouchand moveofGod. It amazes me how sensitive biblical characters were to the anointing relative to people today. Was it because of the scarcity of anointed vessels compared to today? Is it the case thatbecauseoftheproliferationofseveralvesselscarryingthe anointing many have lost this sensitivity today? It is just so difficulttogetthekindofresponseElishademonstratedtoday. I have seen people come to a meeting where a mantle was thrown at them and they were slain on the ground but whether they got up to bear the effects of that experience is anotherthing.Whatiscommontodayareshortlastingeffects ofthetouchoftheanointing.Ipraythataswegetdeeperin our walk with God, possibly even as you read this book, you willstoptakinglightlythistouchoftheanointing. It is just astonishing how biblical characters respected the touchoftheanointing.Oneotherremarkableaccountisgiven of a woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years and she heard that Jesus was passing by (Luke 8:4048). It is so movingtoconsiderhowshewasconvincedthatifshejustas muchastouchedthehemofhisgarmentshewouldbemade totally whole. And true to her convictions, the moment she

touchedshewasmadeperfectlywhole.Jesuslateronreveals what transpired when she touched him. He confesses that power went out of Him. Notice, it is not Jesus who told this womantotouchHisgarmentsothatshecangethealed.This woman knew by revelation that the Masters garment was anointedandthatifshecameincontactwithittheanointing hadthepowertohealherofherinfirmity. Wow!AsimilaraccountisgiveninthegospelofMathewwhen Jesus goes to an island called Genessaret. When the inhabitants recognized him (a feat that has always perturbed me since at the time they did not have the benefit of photography) they went about the whole island and brought allthesicktohimthenbeggedthattheymayasmuchasonly touch the hem of His garment (Matthew 14:3436). And the results were remarkable for as many as did so, were totally restored. These people knew the profound effect a single touch of the anointing can cause. Even people that had their limbsmaimedhadthesebodypartsrestoredbythepowerofa singletouchoftheanointing. The sensitivity of biblical characters to the touch of the anointingisacriticallessonformanytoday.Weneedtorealize thatasingletouchoftheanointingcanhaveincredibleresults. Dr. Luke tells of a dramatic episode when Jesus and his disciples came across a band of mourners that included a widow that had just lost her son. Jesus was moved with

compassionforthewomanandtouchedthecoffin.Assoonas he did so, her dead son woke up to life (Luke 7:1115). That touchhadresurrectionpowerinit.Thetestimonyissimilarto the strange account of how a dead man was thrown in the grave of Elisha and as soon as his dead body touched the bones of the late prophet he came to life. The anointing was still present in the bones of the prophet (2 Kings 13:2021). Amazing! I pray you get so hungry for the anointing that a single touch of it transforms you from carnality and death to spiritualityandlife. The touch of the anointing may also have devastating results aswemayobserveinthecaseofUzzah(2Kings6:37).Asthe Ark of the Covenant was being brought by King David to JerusalemoneoftheKingsofficers,Uzzah,soughttostabilizeit whentheoxenthatwascarryingitstumbled.Themomenthe touched the ark he was struck dead. The account is a very confusing one as it appears that Uzzah was wellintended whenhesoughttostabilizetheArkoftheCovenant.However, God wanted to demonstrate that He is AllSufficient and thereforeabletohandleHimself.ItisalsopossiblethatHewas notpleasedwiththelowkeymannerKingDavidwasreturning theArk.Inbothaccountswhatisclearisthatanyvesselthat carries the anointing of the Lord must be handled with caution.Forherewasthepracticalwarningnottotouchthe anointedoftheLord(1Samuel24:6).

Whetherinlifeordeath,thepointissimplythatthetouchof theanointingdoeshaveimmensepotential.Itisinfactonthis basisthattheMasterinstructedthatwelayhandsonthesick and they will recover (Mark 16:18). When hands are laid, whenwetouchthesick,theygetwellbyreasonofthetouch of the anointing. It also explains why handkerchiefs and aprons could be taken from the body of Paul and when they were placed upon the sick they instantly recovered (Acts 19:1112). Similarly, the healing of the sick on the streets by the shadow of Peter was a manifestation of the incredible resultsofthetouchoftheanointing(Acts5:1516). Iamgladmanyministerstodayareincreasinglyawareofthis abilityandareexercisingit.BelieversintheLordneedtotake advantage and realize that much of what they assume is difficult can be entirely resolved by just one touch of the anointing. Remember, that it was one touch of the anointing thatsplittheRedSeaandtheRiverJordanintwosothatthe childrenofIsraelwereabletogoacross.Itwasonlynecessary foronetouchoftheanointingontherockforthechildrenof Israeltobeabletogetwaterfromit.Ontouchoftheanointing turnedthewatersoftheRiverNileintoblood.Myfriend,one touchoftheanointingwillturnyourmiseryintoamiracle.

Afterthetouchoftheanointinganythinggoes.Theanointing brings change. Wherever the anointing is experienced there will be profound and incredible change. I must clarify at this point the extent of change to be expected by reason of the anointing. The anointing is not an agent of change. It is a masterofit.Oncetheanointingbeginstotakeeffectinones life, the change is going to be more than modest. It will be ratherdeep;somemightevendescribeitasrevolutionary. My own life is a testimony to the ability of the anointing to master changeand to conduct itin sucha durable sense. For themostpartofmylifebeforeIreceivedJesusasmyLordand SaviorandthereforeHisSpiritanditsanointing,Iwasarather dullchild.Icannotrememberimpressinganyone,notevenin my immediate family. In school, my grades were constantly low, mediocre at best. This was in spite of the fact that my parentstookmetothebestschools.TheymadesureIhadall thatIneededasachild.Andyet,whenitcametoacademicsI constantly flopped. Other aspects of my life were equally mediocre.Iwasneverthehighlightinsportsoreveninsocial activities.AlthoughIhadafewfriends,Ireallywasnotmuchof anissuetotalkaboutorfollow.Ingeneral,mylifewasbelow average.Thishadaverynegativeeffectonmyesteem.Ihada lowlevel of self confidence. I hardly believed in myself. Instead,Ibelievedinwhatotherswereabletodo.Ibelievedin mum, dad, even siblings, and friends but not me. As far as I wasconcerned,Iwasnotmuchtobelievein.

Then, God changed all that. When I met Jesus in 1986, I became something else. It was nothing short of a revolution. The anointing to minister Gods word and power soon activatedmyintellectandspeakingprowessandbeforeIknew it, Iwasanattraction. Guys inschool wanted to know me. In theneighborhood,mychangewasdebatedandobserved.My gradesbeguntogoupandsodidmysociallifeasIbecamea leaderand had evenmore friends.The anointing enabled me to make friends with older people that shared my faith and convictions. Consequently,my world outlook was increasingly morematurethanthatofmypeers.Today,whatamarvelous result the anointing has engendered in me. I can say this for certainthathaditnotbeenfortheanointingoperatinginmy life I would never, never, never have turned up onetenth of whatIamtoday.BecauseoftheanointingIamamusician,an author, a pastor, a husband, a motivation consultant, a good friend, a father, a leader, some might even say I am a statesman.Whowouldhavethoughtthatadepressed,afraid, anddullguywouldturnouttobetheluminaryI amnow, an inspiration across the world. Every time I read mail from peoplethathavebeentouchedbymysermonsorwerehealed when I ministered in their country, or church, or of someone thatlovedandwastransformedwhentheyreadmybooksor listenedtomymusic,Iamsoooooooohumbled.Ialwaysgive GodtheglorybecauseIamconstantlyawarethatitisnotby

might, not by power but by the Spirit of the Lord (Zechariah 4:6). Myfriend,theanointingwantstodoalastingworkinyourlife. It does not matter who you are or what you have become, whatever the case may be the anointing can cause complete and total change. This is evident all through the scriptures. ThatiswhyIsharethattheanointingcangetanyonestarted irrespective of the odds against them. We see the anointing change Moses from a recluse that had given up in life to becoming a national hero and leader that would deliver a people that had suffered 430 years of bondage. We also see other recluses like Gideon, Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon and Jeremiah being transformed into prominent national leaders. In the New Testament we behold a weak and erratic Peter becomeastrongandstableleaderofthechurchinJerusalem even as we are shown how a raging fanatic, Saul, become a focused and composed leader of the church among the Gentiles. Everybody God called and anointed, he changed by reasonoftheanointing. AsdisciplinebecomescrucialforthedayswearelivinginIam confident that the anointing is able to cause Gods people to walkinamorestringentrouteofdisciplinethanthatexhibited by the Pharisees. Part of the problem with indiscipline in the Churchisnotbecausewehavenotbeentalkingaboutit.The problemhasbeenthatwehavebeendiscussingandteaching

itwithoutemphasizingtheroleplayed bytheanointing.Now we know that without the anointing discipline is a futile exercise. I particularly love the promise God makes through theProphetEzekielwhenhesays:
Iwillgiveyouanewheartandputanewspiritinyou;Iwill removefromyouyourheartofstoneandgiveyouaheartof flesh.AndIwillputmySpiritinyouandmoveyoutofollow mydecreesandbecarefultokeepmylaws(Ezekiel36:2627)

Godmakesitratherclearwherewearetoderivetheabilityto walkindiscipline.ByvirtueoftheSpiritinus,Hewouldenable us to be obedient to God so that we walked according to His will. When I combine this prophecy with that of Prophet Joel who talks of God pouring His Spirit upon all flesh in the last days, I am convinced that we are going to see change and disciplinebeingmanifestedinthemostunprecedentedlevelin the church today. I believe that all this hungering for the anointinggoingonisgoingtoculminateinamoveofdiscipline as we have never witnessed before. Entire cities and villages will change as people abandon casual lifestyles in preference foramoredisciplinedwalkwithGod.Ifthiswerenotthecase, the scriptures would not say that He is coming for a church withoutspotorwrinkle(Ephesians5:27). Well,mostpeopleareawarethattheanointingdoesnotonly change people. It is able to change anything. The anointing changed Moses rod to a snake. It changed the River Nile to

blood, the water at the wedding at Cana to wine. The anointing can change a desert land to an amazing ground for harvest. In the scriptures, we see the anointing changing 5 loavesofbreadand2fishtoanabundantsupplyoffoodthat fed 5,000 people without counting the women and children. We also see the anointing change the fortunes of people. WhenPeterhadcaughtnothingallnight,weseetheanointing enabling him to catch more that his net could carry. At some points in the scriptures we see the anointing changing weather.WhenElijahprayed,theweatherwaschangedbythe anointing so that there was famine for 3 years. Again he prayed, and again by reason of the anointing there was an abundanceofrain.WhenthedisciplesofJesuswereappalled and afraid of drowning because of the storm we see Jesus command both the sea and the wind by reason of the anointing. There is nothing on earth that the anointing cannot do. I am convincedthatthebelieverisgreatlyadvantagedbyvirtue of thefactthathe/shehastheanointinginhis/herlife.Ibelieveit was with this in mind that the Apostle Paul exclaims that he can do all things through Christ which strengthens him (Philippians 4:13). It is also with this in mind that God asks Jeremiah whether anything is too difficult for Him (Jeremiah 32:2627).


All around us we are surrounded with impact. This is a generation of impact where results matter. Knowledge has increased as the Prophet Daniel prophesied and with it development.Theimpactofscientificadvancementinitselfis universalandtooincredibletodiscussinanysinglediscourse. Commercial advancement, religious advancement, political advancement,culturaladvancement,andseveralothersmake thisthemostimpactedgenerationtohavelivedontheearth. Withoutcausingimpactoneshouldneverexpecttocatchthe attention of this generation. And that is why I am excited abouttheanointingintheselastdays.IbelievetheChurchof Jesus Christ is living in its generation. We are a people of impact and God is steadily moving His bride from the backgroundoflifetotheforefrontoftheworld.Inthesedays, the people who know their God shall do exploits (Daniel 11:32).Wearegoingtoimpactthisgenerationmorethanany otherdevelopmentbecausewehavethegreatestforceinthe entireuniversetheanointing. When speaking on the last days the Master asked whether whenHereturnsHewouldfindfaithontheearth(Luke18:8). My friends, as you read this book I urge you to join this end time move of the Spirit and become a proofproducer. The anointingonyouisnotintendedtobeidle.Youhavetobear fruit and testimony of what God is able to do. I strongly believe that the reason the early Church were so

demonstrativeofthe anointing can betraced to their faith in these matters. They knew who they had believed and who theyhadreceived.TheybelievedinJesusandwereconfident theyhadreceivedtheHolySpirit.Theresultwasanexplosion of activity that Dr. Luke euphemistically dubs the Acts of the Apostles. Today,evenmorebelieveontheLordJesus,muchmorethan in bible days. And even more, have indeed received His Holy Spirit.However,partofthereasonwhyquiteanumberdonot move in the same demonstration as in the book of Acts is simply because many are not aware of how to operate the anointing. Its not that they do not have the Holy Spirit or believeontheLordJesus.Theydobutareignorantonhowto puttheanointingtowork.ItistothissubjectthatImustnow turnforwhenbelieversareequippedwiththisknowledge,the gun will be loaded and the game done! Brace yourself for actionlikeneverbefore.Theworldsstagehashadallkindsof castsbutthereisanewdominanceoftheChurchaswecome totheclosureoftheplayoflifeinthisworldasmoreinthe bodyofChristareawareofwhattodowiththeanointing.I can confidently predict that it will be an impact production. And it is my hope that as you read this book you are conscriptedtobeapartofthecast.




No doubt a very important and vast subject: Operating the anointing or sometimes called operating in the anointing or proofproducing is a vital experience that all in the body of Christ should master. Once the believer assumes this role, thingschangethedevilisshiftedfromtheforetounderthe believers foot. And the believer in turn is promoted to the heavenly realms where he/she reigns in life with Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6). Operating in the anointing is the key to victorious Christian living. The fact that many in the body of Christcurrentlywallowindefeatistestimonyoftheignorance many suffer from concerning how to operate the anointing. TheybelieveintheLordJesus,theyhavetheHolySpiritbutare unawareofhowtooperatetheanointing. Sadly,thishasbeenanongoingconcernamongGodspeople. Inthe OldTestament,God laments how His people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). I love the way Pastor Chris

Oyakhilomecomparedthebelieverthat isignorantofhowto operatetheanointingtopeoplethathaveageneratorduringa powercutbutareunawareofhowtousethedevice.Sothey areleftwiththedarknessandthegenerator.Well,itstimewe learnthowtoputthepowertoworkandkickthedevilout!In thischapterIseektoprovideanindepthdiscussiononhowto operatetheanointing.Hopefullymanywhostudyitwilllearna lot. The proof of this knowledge will be an exercise in the resurrectingpowerofGod.Ilookforwardtoreceivingmailon accountofthischapterinitself. It is important that we realize that this experience was never intendedtobesharedamongadiscreetsectioninthebodyof Christ as many think. Its amazing how many believers think that operating the anointing is a privilege for a chosen few. Most think the prerogative has been given to leaders in the body of Christ (usually they disqualify themselves from this responsibility). Consequently, we witness today many in the body of Christ not waiting upon the Lord as such but waiting onthepastor,prophet,apostleorteacherbeforetheycansee Goddosomethingforthem.AndiftheyareinAfricatheywill despisetheirpastorandevenwaitforsomeonetocomefrom across the world to operate the anointing on their behalf. As far as they are concerned, operating the anointing is only for thosewhohavebeenspeciallycalledtodotheFatherswill.

Unfortunately, many leaders have encouraged this tendency by impressing a sense of cultish devotion and dubious dependencyuponthesaints.IknowofsomeservantsofGod who have so mastered this art of manipulation to the extent that those who are caught in this evil web of deception are entirelydependentonthemforeverything.Itissadthateven asthebrideofChristmustindeedbepreparingtoreceiveher groom one can still find idolatry in her quarters. You find believers who depend on everything from their marriage, family, children, business to their plans for vacation, vocation,interpretationofdreamsandeven,personaleffects like dressings and hairstyles on a mere man, or woman, for that matter. These congregations are really in bondage and havenotbeensetfree.Thescripturesdeclarethatwherethe SpiritoftheLordistherewillbeliberty(2Corinthians3:17). Iamsurethesekindofleaderswouldhatetothinkofabook likethisthatseekstoexplainindetailhowonecanreceiveand operate the anointing, getting into the hands of what they mistaketobeordinarybelievers.Nevermindmyfriend,itis theFathersgoodpleasurethatyouknowthesethingssothat you may be his workmanship, doing those things He set in advance for you to do before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 2:10). And just for your information, there are no ordinarybelievers.AslongasoneisinChristtheyareanew creation, a supernatural, extraordinary being (2 Corinthians 5:17).TheyarebornofGod,sonsoftheMostHigh(John1:12).

Thewholeofcreationwaitsineagerexpectationthattheyare revealed (Romans 8:19). The critical reason why they are concealedisthefailuretooperatetheanointing. Ontheotherhandisadifferentcategoryofbelieverswhoare yearning to know how to demonstrate the power of God. If youhavereadthisworktothispointyoumustbeoneofthem. I am reminded of the question that the crowds asked our Master, What might we do that we may do the works of God?(John6:28).ItisimportantthatwerealizethatJesusdid not rebuke them for this desire. He went so far as to furnish themwithananswer.Inhisownwords,BelieveontheFather andalsoonHisSon(John6:29).Jesussowantedthemtoknow how to operate the anointing that He actually taught all His disciples how to do so. At some point in His ministry He actuallysentthemout todo what Hehad taught them. They returnedwithgreatjoycelebratingtheworksoftheHolySpirit astheyoperatedtheanointing(Luke10:117).Andwhenone of the disciples in turn reported with concern similar developments by a gentleman that was not one of them seekingeventohinderhimfromoperatingtheanointing,Jesus rebukedthem.AsfarasHewasconcernedanyoneoperating theanointingshouldnotbehindered(Mark9:3840). Jesus was keen that as many as desired operated the anointing. This was also the case of Moses the great Prophet wholamentedhowhewishedthatallofIsraelwereprophets

and that the Lords Spirit rested on them (Numbers 11:29). Paul was another one who was so keen to see that all he taught were able to operate in the anointing. Writing to the church in Corinth he cautions them not to be ignorant concerningspiritualgifts(1Corinthians12:111).Andwhenhe advised his young friend Timothy on vital aspects concerning thechurchhecautionedhimtostir(read,operate)thegiftin him that he received with the laying on of hands (1 Timothy 4:14).JamesanotherApostlewasemphaticwhenhewroteto all believers that their faith be followed with action (James 2:1419). His short but very authoritative letter is a stepby stepinstructiononhowtooperatetheanointingandweshall employ its significant points to guide this very important discussion.

Jamesbeginsbyurgingthebelieversonkeepingtheirjoywhen they suffer all kinds of temptations, tests and trials, a most useful advice for anyone seeking to operate the anointing (James 1:2). Quite a number of believers in the Lord falsely assumethatwhentheygettheanointingtheywillbedevoidof any challenges. In fact, many seek the anointing in order to avoid challenges and yet the reverse is often the case. The anointing,asIhavediscussedinthethirdchapter,willsubject one to tests. More significantly though, is the fact that tests provideafieldfortheoperationoftheanointing.

Manydonotrealizethattheanointingdoesnotseektobean inert force sitting in the inside of a person. He is active and always ready for action. Consequently, challenges are a welcome development for the operation of the anointing. James knew this. He understood that the power of God triumphs over all kinds of challenges be they temptations, testsortrials.Nodoubthehadexperienceinthesematters.At the time he made that communication, his own life was in dangerandsowasthatofmostofthechurch.Manymayhave been discouraged having joined this new faith only to be besieged by all manners of challenges. In this apparently difficult context James brings them to the attention of a vital fact. He tells them to be joyous. Jesus had said something similar when He taught at Mount Olives. He had told His disciples to rejoice when they are persecuted for the sake of thekingdom(Matthew5:1112). This kind of joy is not an ordinary joy such as the one that is witnessed by the sons of this world who rejoice over experiencing personal advantages. It is a special kind of joy that bears a radical perspective to the prevailing circumstances.Thisisthejoythatthescripturescallthejoyof theLord.Itisnotajoythatexcitestheflesh;itisadeepkind of joy that is motivated by the Spirit of God. That is why the scripturescontinuestocompareittothestrengthoftheLord whenhesays,thejoyoftheLordismystrength(Nehemiah

8:10). That joy is an inner witness that in spite of the challenges we endure we will eventually turn out victorious. You see the Spirit who communicates this joy in the believer knowsthatwhenthedevilcomeslikeaflood,Hewillraisethe standard (Isaiah 59:19). In other words, challenges do not come to put us down. Rather they are Gods means of promotingHissaintsandservants. NodoubtJameswasmotivatedandinspiredbythetestimony ofJesus.Hewasapersonalwitnesstotheseveralpersecutions Jesushadenduredatthehandsofunbelievingteachersofthe law.Buthehadalsoseenhowinspiteoftheirfranticeffortsto frustrateHisministryGodhadincreasedHisfavorandgloryon Jesus so much that even his detractors marveled at what He did and how He taught (John 7:1415). No doubt in his mind Jamesmusthavehadthefactthatitwasindeedthecrucifixion and death of Jesus that had led to His exaltation above all in heaven and earth. He also must have remembered the profoundlessononspiritualpromotiontheLordmetedtoyet another James and his brother John when they requested to be at His right and left in His kingdom. The Master had subsequently asked if they could drink of the cup of his suffering.HecontinuedtoteachthemhowinHiskingdom,the wayupisindeeddown(Mark10:3545). Beloved, this is the way to operate the anointing in your life. When you witness challenges see them as stepping stones

rather than mountains that cannot be moved. Your attitude will always change your altitude. Your perspective in challenging times is a critical factor in operating the anointing.Tobesure,thechallengesonefacesarereallythe initialrawmaterialsforustoactivatetheimmensestrength atworkintheinsideofus. Whatmanybelieversoughttoknowisthattheanointingwas neverandisneverignorantconcerningwhateverchallengethe believerfaces.Longbeforethesechallengesshowuponyour door, the anointing was aware of it. It is also important that youunderstandthatthere isnochallengeintheentireworld thatcansurmounttheanointinginyourlife.Nothing!!!Iloveit the way the Apostle John encourages us when he says, GreaterisHethatisinyouthanthedevilthatisintheworld (1 John 4:4). Paul compounds it by asserting that in all challenges we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37). Consequently, believers need to take advantage of this knowledge and ride above the challenges in life which have onlycometoraiseushigher. Itisinterestingtonotethatthroughoutthescripturesthemost challengedpersons wereindeed the most uplifted persons. It seems to me that whenever God wanted to promote His people, He set a challenge before them. That was the case with the three Hebrew boys in the times of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel as well in the time of Darius, Moses as well before

Pharaoh, Joshua in the land of Canaan, Gideon against the Midianites, Samuel against the Philistines, David against the houseofSaulandagainstthePhilistines,andmanyothers. As I mentioned above, Jesus who is indeed the author and finisherofourfaithbearsthegreatestexampleinthisregard, no one in scripture so mastered the art of operating the anointingthanHedid.ThescripturesactuallytestifyofhowHe was filled with the Holy Spirit without measure and how He went about doing good and healing all those who were oppressedofthedevil(Acts10:38).ThissameJesuswasoften timesrejected,persecuted,tried,untilHisadversariesactually killed Him. And yet, in spite of these adversities His ministry grew stronger and stronger as they only served to evoke a higherstandardfromtheHolySpirit.ItisencouragingthatHe promisedthatwetoowillsufferevenasHedid.Ibelievethat in such times, we ought to be like Jesus knowing that the KingdomofGodadvancesbyforce!(Matthew11:12).


Something else James brings to our attention in relation to temptations has a lot of significance to operating the anointing. He mentions how it is impossible for a double minded person to receive anything from God (James 1:6 8).

HeretheApostleistalkingaboutfaithwhenwepray.Itisvital thatwerealizethattheanointingthatisinusisderivedfrom the Spirit of Christ who is indeed the Spirit of faith. James is sayingsomethingsovitalhereifwewilloperatetheanointing in our lives or not. In fact, many fail at this point. Many that havetheanointingdoubtthepoweravailablefortheirbenefit. Manysimplydonotbelieve.Certainlythesewillobtainnothing from the anointing and will not even seek to operate what theydonotbelieve. Itislikesomeonewhoreceivesacaranddoubtswhetheritisa car.Onecanbecertainthatforaslongassuchapersondoes notbelievethattheyweregivenacartheywillnotgettouse it. So they may have it in their garage but it remains unused eventhoughitisintheirpossession.Similarly,thosethathave received the anointing and doubt its ability may have the anointinginhabitingbutnotfunctioningintheirlives.Sothey are confronted with challenges and they face them as mere men and women. This seems to have been the problem of Israel in the wilderness who complained and murmured at every challenge they faced as though God and His presence wasnotwiththem.SooftentheytestedGodspatienceinthe wilderness to the point that He actually judged them. My friend,unbeliefisquitecostlyoncetheanointingisinyourlife. This is indeed the dilemma many believers in Christ face without knowledge. Most of what they suffer is not persecution but the consequence of having the anointing in

theirlivesbutdoubtingitsabilitytodealwiththeissuesoflife. Whenwedoubttheabilityoftheanointingweinvitediscipline from God. Remember, He prunes every branch that does not bearfruit(John15:56). ButthisisnotallthatJamesissaying.Iknowquiteanumberof believerswhowillsay,Ibelievebutmyfaithisweak.Thisis the kind of person that has faith mixed with unbelief. James calls such a person a doubleminded person who he asserts should expect NOTHING from God. Such a person, James revealstousisunstableinallhedoes.Ibelievethisissovital fortodaysbeliever.Inaworldwhereheartshavegrowncold, wherehumansecularknowledgehasincreasedexponentially, where challenges are myriad, more complex and threatening than they have ever been before, it is seemingly difficult for manytohavestrongfaith.However,althoughitmaybemore difficult than former times (this, though, is disputable by especially those who exercised faith in those times) it is not necessarilyimpossible. That is why to answer the Masters question regarding the timeswearelivingastowhetherwhentheSonofManreturns HeshallfindfaithontheearthIoftensayYes,Hewill!Itis possible, so possible to have strong faith today. In fact, I believe that this generation is going to have more faith than anygenerationthathaseverlivedontheearth.Thesearethe days of faith. These present dangers have only come to

separate the wicked form the righteous, those who live by sightformthosewholivebyfaith.Sowhenyouhearthemedia reportsontheimpendingcalamitieslikebirdflu,earthquakes, floods,climaticchange,warsandrumorsofwarsrejoicerather than despair because God is going to prove Himself to those who believe on His Name. The dangers are selection criteria forthosewhowillovercomeandenduretotheend(Matthew 10:22). That is why the Prophet Daniel tells us that it is the peoplethatknowtheirGodthatwilldoexploits(Daniel11:32). To maximally operate the anointing strong faith is required. Strong faith requires that one believes doubting nothing and acting on those convictions and is distinguished from great faith which is really the result of sufficient amounts of the wordofGodonanissue.Consequently,itisimportantthatwe realize that it is not sufficient to have enormous amounts of thewordofGodonanissueandyetnotbeabletoactonwhat we know. For many, great faith has not been converted to strongfaith.Thescripturesdeclarethatfaithcomesbyhearing and hearing by the word of God, and although many have heard and acquired great faith they have not necessarily developedthisgreatfaithintosomethingstrong. Unfortunately, many simply have a religious experience of faith in Jesus and not a practical experience. That is why it is important today for us to understand the concept of strong faith. Apart from receiving the word of God, strong faith acts

ontheword.Itisimportanttonotethatonemayactuallynot have great faith in the sense that I have explained but yet in turnhavestrongfaith,evenverystrongfaithforthatmatter. ThismaymarkthedifferencebetweensomeAfricanministers and those from the western world. While the former may neverhavegonetotheologicalschoolandcorrespondinglyare limitedintheirknowledgeofthewordcomparedtothelatter, they nevertheless get more opportunity to act on their faith thantheircolleaguesinthewesternworld. SowehavemenandwomeninAfricawhojusttheotherday werewitchesbuttheyturntotheLordandmustthencontend with principalities that seek to kill them. Such a convert is so quickly placed in the position to put the little they know in actioniftheymustlive.Theresultisthatinashortwhilethis newconvertisrunningadeliveranceministrycastingoutdevils that his western counterpart is studying about in the theologicalcollege.Hehastheexperience,hisfriendbearsthe knowledge.Ifyouaskme,boththeknowledgeandexperience are most vital. However, when it comes to operating the anointing action is more necessary than knowledge. I believe thatiswhyJesusinthegospelseveraltimesspokeoffaiththe size of a mustard seed being able to yield a great result (Matthew17:20).AgainHecomparedthekingdomofGodtoa mustardseedthatgrewintoagreattree(Matthew13:31).My dearfriend,combineyourfaithwithactionandtheanointing willsimplydotherest.


Jamescontinuestotellusofonemorevitalrequirementthat issovitalinoperatingtheanointingdivinewisdom.Thisisof courseadifferentkindofwisdomfromtheoneofthisworld.It is a wisdom that is from above, concerned about the things abovemorethanthingsaboutus.Jamesdescribesitwhenhe explainsthatitcomesfromheavenandis:
firstofallpure;thenpeaceloving,considerate,submissive, fullofmercyandgoodfruit,impartialandsincere(James3:17).

Thiswisdomisdivine.Itisagiftfromaboveandismanifested in a person as a result of submitting to the counsel of the MightyHolySpirit.Beloved,thiswasthepromiseGodmadein Christ when He said that He would send the Counselor. He is not merely another counselor, Jesus referred to Him as the Counselor.ThebelieverinChristhasthisincredibleprivilegeto receivewordofadviceloadedwithsupernaturalknowledge.I submittoyouthattherecipientofthiscounselisaboveeach and every circumstance in this world. The reason being that such a person is gaining understanding far superior than whatever challenge he/she may face. Following his own personalexperienceinthiswisdom,KingSolomonstateswith muchauthorityintheProverbs:

Thereisnowisdom,noinsight,andnoplanthatcan succeedagainsttheLord(Proverbs21:30).

Throughout the bible, God avails tested and proven evidence of this wisdom. In Joseph, we have an incredible encouragementaccountofhowavulnerable,betrayed,exiled, sold slave rose to amazing heights because of submitting to this wisdom. Joseph was a simple young man that overcame damning circumstances that would ordinarily sentence any man to a life long sentence of depravity and oblivion. When hesbrotherssoldhimasaslavetoEgyptiantradersthisyoung man was abandoned to the cold wind of illfate. He entered Egypt with nothing. He had no property, no capital to start business,noequipmenttooperate,nopartnershipwithalocal to guarantee patronage. He did not even have his favorite garmentasithadbeentornandsoakedwithbloodtoprovide falseevidenceofhisapparentdeath. Beloved,thatmaybeyoursituationoryoumaybefacingone orsosimilarchallenges.Itmaybethatyouareillequipped,or havebeenbetrayedandabandonedbyalovedoneorpartner andareatgreatlossastohowyoucanstartoutagain.Itmay even be that you are in a foreign country with no sufficient knowledgeoftheculturenormsofthenationalstherebutthat isallsurmountableifyousubmittothewisdomofGod.Joseph foundhimselfpromotedaboveEgyptianslavesinthehouseof his master Potiphar. As he paid heed to divine wisdom, he

manifested incredible skill and superior knowledge so much thattheworkofhismastersucceededonaccountofhim. My freind, success is possible for all who submit to the knowledge of God. The incredible power He has deposited in theinsideofuswilloperateinoneslifeunleashingsuccessata levelpreviouslyunknowninsuchalifeorbythosewhoknew suchaperson.Josephsbrothershadneverthemselvesknown thattheirlittlebrotherwasabletobringhouseholdsuccessin thewayPotiphargottoobserveandacknowledge.Yourfamily maynothavebeenawareofyourpotentialbutonceyoulisten toGodscounselyoucertainlyhavegonetoadifferentleague from the one they have always known you. As you beseech God for this wisdom, get ready to surprise family members. And if your family has been one of those with a list of past failures,youwillbethebeginningofanewsuccessstorythat willchangethattestimony. And just in case the devil wants to take the glory by consideringthatheis the source of your promotion, God will often raise the stakes to such a level that you and everyone observingwillconsiderthatallthegloryisHis.Whenthedevil sought to cause Joseph succumb to him as though he owed himanything,Josephusedthesamewisdomtoresisthim.He toldtheseductiveadulteresswifeofhismasterwhowantedto sleep with him that he could not commit such a folly before theeyesoftheLord.Heknewhissourceofprestigewasnotin

thehandsofthedevilbutGod.Althoughthewomansoughtto have him pay for his upright decision with a prison sentence, Josephknewthatthisplancouldnotrobhimoftheblessingof divinewisdomhehad. Moreover,youneedtounderstandthatthedevilcannottake youaway.TheythoughtthatbythrowingJosephinprisonthey were taking him away. Beloved, no one can take you away once the Lords wisdom is operating in your life. In fact, wherever they think they are sending you God will turn their counsel to your service. Soon the enemy will realize that ratherthantakeyouawayheactuallybroughtyoucloserto yourdestinythanherealized.AsinthecaseofJosephwhere God turned his prison sentence to a pathway to the palace where he was made the Prime Minister of Egypt, God will always reward those who depend on His wisdom with an incredibleendtotheirtrials. Divine wisdom will operate the grace of God in your life. Josephexperiencedthisgraceinexile,asaslave,inprison,and before Pharaoh. He was able to solve Pharaohs intractable dreambeforeacounselofeldersandwisementhathadfailed. Godwillalwayssetaproblemthatonlythosewhopayheedto Hisvoicecansolve.Didyouknowthatthereareproblemsthat onlyGodcansolve?ListentoHisvoiceandyouwillbeoneof thosepeopletheworldwillrelyupontoresolvewhatareoften intractable problems; problems that have failed everyone. At

thesepoints,therewardofalifesubmittedtothecounselof God will compensate for all the trials you have gone to. Althoughinitially,functioning in this wisdom will have testing circumstances do not give up. The time will come when God will promote you before everyone. What may have been scorned by many in the beginning will soon be esteemed before many. Pharaoh, observed at the dismay of all his counselors (including Potiphar) that there was no one in the whole of Egypt that had such wisdom as was manifest in Joseph.Beloved,Godwillrewardyouincrediblyforlisteningto HisvoiceandpayingheedtoHiswisdom.Itisamazingthatthe results of the life long experience of divine wisdom allowed Josephtoexercisetheanointinginhiminsuchvariedlevelsof skillthatinvolvedpoliticalleadership,foodsecurity,migration, and minority support. God used Joseph to exercise governing skills that improved Egypt, provided for the world, including savinghisownfamily. Others like Joseph in the Holy Scriptures include Jacob who saw the wisdom of God cause him to succeed against the exploitation of his uncle Laban; Isaac, Jacobs father, who by the wisdom of God became so blessed as to become richer than the nation of Philistine where he was an economic refugee;Danielwhosetestimonyonaccountofministeringthe wisdomofGodmadehimaprophettothenationofIsraelin exileandaPrimeMinisterforthreesuccessiveregimesinthe foreign land of Babylon. However, it is the testimony of King

Solomon that tells a most moving account of the benefit of divinewisdomintheOldTestament.WhenSolomonaskedfor it,GodwassomovedthatHegaveHimallthings(1King3:5 13). Beloved, I am convinced that divine wisdom is a master key to operating the anointing. Although Solomon was appointed King of Israel, he was humble enough to acknowledge that operating a kingly anointing required a sufficientkindofknowledge.Thisknowledgeisdivinewisdom. However,themostamazingandtellingaccountofthepivotal role divine wisdom has in operating the anointing, is the testimonyofJesusChrist.Forone,Hewasthemostanointed person to ever live. He was filled with the Holy Spirit beyond measure(John3:34).Yetacarefulstudyofhisministryandlife bears the evidence of divine wisdom in several regards. As earlyastheageoftwelveweareshownhowHewasalready manifestingsuchknowledgeastomesmerizetheteachersand scribes. In fact, I wish to submit the revelation that before beginningHiswonderful ministry Jesus prayedandstudiedto gaindivinewisdom.Heknewhownecessaryitwastohaveit soastobeabletooperateintheincredibleanointingthathe gained once the Holy Spirit descended upon Him. The result was a mighty move of God such as had never been seen in Judea and Jerusalem. Even, His most vicious critics were able toadmitthatHewaswisebeyondexplanation(John7:1415) and were equally astonished at how He ministered the anointinginsuchwaysastheyhadneverwitnessedbeforeand

they wondered whether any one would ever do greater miraclesthanHedid(John7:31). ThesamepatterncanbeseeninHisdisciples.InfactbeforeHe sentthemtominister,anopportunitythatsawtheoperation oftheanointingatlevelsthatwereasamazingasHis,Hehad firstimpartedthisdivinewisdominthem.Hehadtaughtthem, severaltimesspeakingtothemplainly(Matthew13:1023).He spentthreeyearsimpartingthiswisdominthem.Thiswisdom begins with the fear of God (Proverbs 9:10). He had taught themnottofeartheonewhocanharmthebodybuttheone whocangetbothbodyandsoulandthrowitinhell(Matthew 10:28). WhenyoufearGodaboveeverything,youwillbeboldtowork Hisworks.ThatiswhywhenPeterandJohnwereprohibitedto minister in the Name of Jesus they questioned the Sanhedrin whether it was wise to fear men and disobey God (Acts 4:7 20).InalltheyearsthatIhaveministeredintheanointingina ministrythathaswitnessedmiracles,signsandwonders,Ihave been persecuted and scorned for doing the works of God. SometimesbythoseoutsidethebodyofChristbutmanytimes by believers who should know better but who, for lack of divinewisdomhavefailedtooperatetheanointingandwould nothaveanydoso.IhavebeendoubtedbyPastors,criticized by Bishops, ridiculed by graduates of Theology who have questionedthewisdomofGod.Some,likethePharisees,have

persecutedthosewhooperatetheanointingthinkingthatthey aredoingGodaservice. Shouldwerelenttotheseskeptics?No!Athousandtimesno! We are duty bound according to the wisdom of God to performHisworks.Itisthefoolwhodoesnot believe(Psalm 14:1) but theMastersaidif we believe we too shall do these works,evengreaterworksthanHedid(John14:12).Theonly reason why many do not is because they refuse to seek the LordforHiswisdomwhichshouldenablethemtooperatethe anointingthatmayindeedbeintheirlives.Beloved,letChrist reignaswisdomtoyouandyouwillseetheworksofGodona regularbasis.


WhateverGodgivesyouHeexpectsthatyoushoulduseit.He is not patient with waste, negligence or importunity. He will not have any of it and has in fact appointed a day when all havetoaccountfortheopportunitiesHegaveeachandevery one of us. This is the Day of Judgment and just for your information,thisjudgment begins intheHouseof God. What

areyoudoingwiththeanointingthatGodhasputinyourlife? Haveyouputittouse?DoyourealizethatGodgaveittoyou inordertoaccomplishanassignment?Oneday,youwillhave toaccountforwhatyoudidwiththeanointing. Operating the anointing is a most vital necessity for both the world and the Church today. The world needs to witness the resultsoftheanointingbecauseformostofthembelievingon God without any evidence is impossible. Many will believe because of witnessing the results of the anointing. Operating theanointingoffersmanywhodonotbelieveanopportunity to witness the works of God. For many, it is a chance to be ministeredtopersonallybyaGodhithertoestrangedbyyears of false religion. Ministering in Africa where many people survive on minimal provisions unable to get professional medical service and seek witch craft not out of choice but necessity, I have seen the anointing heal people that were hopeless.Iamgladforthebenefitofoperatingtheanointing.I amremindedofawomanwhocametooneofmymeetingsin Africawithachildwithtwosexes.Sheaskedmetopraythat oneofthesexeswoulddisappear.Itoldhertogocheckinthe restroom and that the sex she did not like would have disappeared.Thisladyhadnohelp.Shewassopoorandcould notaffordtotakethechildforanoperation.Andyetbyreason oftheanointingtheothersexdisappeared.Theladybegunto scream right from the restroom because the female genitalia haddisappeared!

My friend, there are many in this world, that in ignorance some have called Godforsaken, but in truth the anointing in yourlifeisalltheyneedtomakeit.Ifyoudonotoperatethat anointingtheydiefornothing.LikeJoseph,thetimehascome foryoutocomeoutofyourprisoncelloffear,doubt,anxiety and foolishness and save a world only we can save in the MightyNameofJesusbyreasonoftheanointing.Someonein your family, in your neighborhood, in your office, in your school, wherever, whosoever, is awaiting you to operate the giftoftheanointinginyourlife.ItisforthisreasonthatJesus said we are the light of the world. Again He said that we are thesaltoftheworld(Matthew5:1316).Yet,wemustnottake itlightlythatHewarned usthat if the salt looses its saltiness thenitisbetterthrownoutandtrampledon.Iwishtosubmit that the reason why the church is so often trampled on is simplybecausewehavenotallowedoursalttooperateinthe world. IftheChurchisgoingtomovefrombeingtrampledtoactually triumphing over the world then it should operate the anointing. The scriptures declare that your gift shall make roomforyou(Proverbs18:16).Godhasgiventhisworldtous. We shall dominate it by reason of the anointed One and His anointing. The Holy Spirit is the greatest gift of all and operatingtheanointingoffersthegreatestopportunityofall.I believethewordwhen it declares that whatsoever is born of

Godovercomestheworld(1John5:4).WearebornofGodin Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and we overcome the world by operating the anointing he imparts in our lives. The Church needs to operate the anointing or risk being damned bothinthisworldandintheworldtocome.Thetreethatdoes notbearfruitshallbethrowninthefire(John15:6).Assuch, operatingintheanointingisnotonlyaprerequisiteforaction, promotion, prosperity, and protection but is also a means of makingsureoursalvation.


Lifeisgoodandcanalwaysgetbetter.Themeansbywhichthis is possible is the double combination of the anointing and discipline. Contrary to those who presume that salvation is onlyalifeofdontsandprohibitionsIforonebelievethatalife withtheLordisthemostincrediblelifethereis.Itsalifewith opportunities, with dynamic events loaded with profit and poundsofimmeasurablepleasure.Itisasweetlifewhereone encounters the amazing love of God, which for your informationDavidregardedbetterthanlife(Psalm63:3). Andmanywouldtestifytothis:LifeinGod,filledandanointed withHisSpirit,andwalkinginHiscounsel,isthemostfulfilling experience one can ever have. That is why I talk of enjoying thedoublecombination.Theanointingoccasionsgoodgraces that convert a life from mediocrity and monotonous boredom toonethatis constantly swirling in success, peace and momentous delight. Yes, the anointing will turn your ashesintobeauty,yourcriesintosongs,andyourpainsinto pleasures. Discipline, on the other hand, will sustain it and promoteittoamazinglevels. Are you worn out with the dreary business of an unchanging life?Doyouneedmorepassioninalovelessmarriage?Or,are youintormentandfright,inadilemmaastohowyouwillever

comeoutofanaddictionoraprisonsentence? Whateverthe circumstanceofyourlifetheanointinganddisciplinearemore thansuitedtotheoccasion.Itmaybesobadthatinyourmind andexperienceyoucannotseelightattheendofthetunnel. Mydear,donotsweat.Thedoublecombinationismorethan able to turn that situation around. That is what Jesus meant whenHesaid,Thethiefcomestosteal,killanddestroybutI havecomethatyoumighthavelifeandlifemoreabundantly (John10:10). Whatever the previous event or/and condition of your life, I have good news for you: God is going to stir a new wind of blessing, and am not talking about relief or just a modest adjustmentassomehavebeencarefultosuggest.No!You do not serve a cheap, secondrate, tryingtogetby God. When we talk of power from onhigh, we are talking extremes.Iamtalkingaboutoverflowing,mindblowing,and very exciting blessings. Not just for you but even for those dear to you. And if you are indeed faithful to operate the anointing, you will certainly administer this great life to the benefit of others, including masses of people spread around theworld. Iwishtoclarifysomethingatthispoint:Whileitisindeedtrue thattheanointingwilltestyou,thatyouwillpayadearprice forwalkinginit,itisequallytruethatbecauseoftheanointing youwillexperiencebenefitsthatfaroutclasswhatevertrouble

you will suffer. I have recently concluded a three message seriesthatIamquicklyconvertingtoabookentitledCalledof God: The Powers, Pains and Privileges of serving the Most High,inwhichIelaborateonwhatIcallThePrivilegesofthe Call. These privileges are what I refer to when I talk about enjoyingthedoublecombination.Thepointisvital:Manyquit the desire for the anointing because of the discipline commensurate with it. What they do not realize is that they forsaketheirgloryforlyingvanities(Jonah2:8). Onbalance,itisfarmuchbettertobeanointedanddisciplined thannottobe.Tobesure,alackofbothistheprinciplereason why people are burdened with cares and yoked in bondages. Thereissomuchsufferinggoingoninthelivesofmanypeople because they are powerless and trapped in sin and rebellion. Consequently,thedevilisgivenroomintheirlivestobeable to cause them to be distressed, depressed, and oppressed. Without the anointing hearts faint and minds are paralyzed forlackofasolution.Andintheabsenceofdiscipline,slaves of darkness find themselves hopelessly bound to a negative cycleofloss. Ontheotherhand,theyokeoftheenemyisbrokenbyreason oftheanointing,triggeringthedawningofanewdayadayof liberty,ofprosperity,ofpeaceandhealing.Jesus,speakingof theanointingsaid:

TheSpiritoftheLordisonmebecauseHehasanointedmeto preachgoodnewstothepoor,Hehassentmetoproclaim freedomfortheprisonersandrecoveryofsightfortheblind, toreleasetheoppressed,toproclaimtheyearofthe Lordsfavor(Luke4:1819).

Disciplineensuresthatwhatbreaksbyreasonoftheanointing remains that way. It guarantees an irreversible process of increase and prosperity that will catapult its bearer to untold blessingsforever.AlthoughDavidwasanointedandvaluedthe anointing, he also knew so well the benefits of the Lords disciplinetosay:
PraiseyetheLord.Blessedisthemanthatfeareth theLord,thatdelightethgreatlyinhiscommandments. Hisseedshallbemightyupontheearth:thegeneration oftheuprightshallbeblessed.Wealthandrichesshallbe inhishouse:andhisrighteousnessendurethforever.Unto therighteoustherearisethlightinthedarkness:heis gracious,andfullofcompassion,andrighteous.Agood manshewethfavor,andlendeth:hewillguidehisaffairs withdiscretion.Surelyheshallnotbemovedforever:the righteousshallbeineverlastingremembrance(Psalm112:16).

Whatthisworldthatiscloudedwithproblemladenandfailure strickenpeopleandcommunitiesneedsisnotmoremoneyor powerful individuals with the usual empty promises but the poweroftheHolyGhostcombinedwiththecharacterofGod.

Like I stated in the beginning, the anointing will get you started.Formanywhoselifeisstuckinthemireofdecayand squalor, what is desperately needed is the anointing. The anointingwillchangeeachandeverynegativecircumstance.It will propel a new dimension of real pleasure as against the artificial, synthetic and empty pleasure the merchants of this world are peddling before people. Discipline will keep it that way and for the most part ensure a continuous exercise of successandblessing. For that matter, the anointing and discipline are better than gold, better than money, better than friends, better than events.Thedoublecombinationwilldoforyouwhatbeautiful womencanneverdo,whatalotofwealthcanneverdo,what a lot of entertainment can never do. I urge you my friend to gain these incredible virtues, they are an oil of gladness that willliterallyexchangeyourtearsforjoy,yourashesforbeauty, andyourpainforpleasure(Isaiah61:3).

So get happy, get really happy my friend, the double combinationwillbringgoodnessalongyourway.Theanointing isgoingtocovertyouintoarecipientofgoodnessandmercies (Psalm 23:6). I can assure you: Wherever the anointing is, a preparation for liberty, prosperity, peace and abundance shouldfollow.Theanointinghasamagneticabilitytoattract beauty. No matter what has been pertaining before, the

anointing will institute a new order of privileges that will make life easier, classier, and better. And once you begin operatinginit,youwillbeseenmovingforwardfromgloryto glory. The anointing can never leave you abandoned or isolated. Once you have it, it will attract the right resources andtherightpeopletoassistinrealizingthepurposeforitin your life. Notice that King David declared that goodness and mercies shall follow him after he had confessed, You anoint myheadwithoil,mycupoverflows(Psalm23:5). Alotofpeoplecantestifytothisexperience.Liveshavebeen multiplied, opportunities magnified as a result of the anointing. The scriptures several times testify of this supernatural productive ability of the anointing. The case of IsaactellsalotaboutwhatIamtalkingabout:Isaac,thesonof Abrahamhadofcoursereceivedtheanointingfromhisfather. At some point in his life, he found himself in exile as an economic refugee. The times were hard and it seemed as though he was getting worse than the other way round. It is instructive that the word for the anointing is interchangeably used with the blessing (as different from blessings which are the result of the blessing) in the earlier accounts of the scriptures. InIsaacscase,thescripturerevealshowGodencourageshim tosowseedinspiteofthefamineassuringhimofaharvestof blessings.Theresultwasthatwhileeveryoneelsewasreeking from the difficulty of the time Isaac was distinguished for his

prosperity.Infact,Godsoincreasedhisharvestinspiteofthe drought and hardened ground that he reaped a hundredfold (Genesis 26:12). His wealth so multiplied in these negative circumstances that he became richer than the nation hed southrefugein(Genesis26:1316).WhatmadeIsaacpeculiar in those hard times was the anointing upon his life and the necessary discipline to obey Gods instruction. Operating the anointing gave him amazing advantages when everyone else wascomplainingofscarcity. The anointing will cause you to rise in each and every circumstance. You cannot get stuck. Once the anointing is operatinginyourlife,youwillmovemountains.Impossibilities become possibilities and miracles become the order of the day. No matter the odds, goodness will prevail. It does not matter what the general or prevailing circumstances are. Whileothersarecryingtheanointingwillputasonginyour mouth. He will fill your life with goodness. That is Isaacs testimony. Not because of his skill or ability but by reason of theanointinginhislife.Whenothersarereapingnothingand complaining and murmuring, the combination of the anointinganddisciplinewillgiveyouadifferentrecord.You willexcelanddistinguishyourselfamongmen. What is more, the ground and all the elements of creation cooperatewiththeanointing.JustasinIsaacscasewherethe hardened groundand dryweather yet allowed him to have a

multifoldharvest,soshallyouseecreationworkforyou.This isanotherwayofunderstandingthefactthatallthingswork together for good for those who love Jesus and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Whatever God created becomes a servant at your service to ensure your programmedsuccessbyreasonoftheanointing. Why? Well, simply because the anointing in your life comes with privileges, supernatural privileges, privileges that should ensure that you are peculiar. It is to this special category of eminent persons that the prophet Isaiah calls upon to arise andshinebecausethegloryofGodrisesonthem(Isaiah60:1). Whentheglorycombineswiththeanointing,achainreaction ofgoodnessresultsmakinglifebetterandbetterallaround. You literally become a venue for miracles and pleasure. The anointingwillattractthebestthatlifehastoofferandyouwill bethebetterforit. What is more, kings and princes will celebrate with you becausetheanointingwillpromoteyouandcausethemtobe colleagues and friends. In their company, the anointing will cause them to share with you all good things. That is the reason why Daniel and Joseph were made Prime Ministers in foreignlands.ItalsoexplainswhyEstherwascrownedqueen inPersiainspiteofthetreacherousandcoldbloodedmaliceof Haman.Inasense,itexplainswhyevenatbirthJesuswasable toreceivethreestatelywisemenbearinggifts.Acarefulstudy

ofthelifeandministryofJesuswillrevealthatgoodnesswasa constantthemeofHisbusinesswithmen. IloveitthewayDr.LukespokeofChristwhenHesaid:

HowJesuswasfilledwiththeHolyGhostandpower andwentaboutdoinggoodandhealingallwhowere sickandoppressedofthedevil(Acts10:38).

Jesuswasamosthighlyanointedmanandasaresultgoodness followed Him everywhere He went. Reading accounts of the gospelrevealstheextentofthisgoodness.Inmanyaccountsit manifested in the healing of those who appealed to him. Whatevertheailment,whoeverthevictimwas,Jesusreleased His virtue. There were miracles that did not involve sickness such as enabling struggling fishermen catch fish, or supplying wineinaweddingceremonywhenithadrunout(Luke5:17; John 2:111). His compassion for a hungry crowd and His consequent multiplication of bread and fish goes so far to demonstratetheextentofgoodnessthatwasfamiliarwithHis company (Luke 9:1217, Matthew 15:2938). He enjoyed so much that religious leaders in His time were critical of how much pleasure He had. They werent only offended by His determinationtoheal sick people on the Sabbath. They went further than that and were irked by His social life and called Him a drunkard and a glutton (Luke 7:34). To be sure, the

anointing in His life programmed a series of goodness and enjoymentunparalleledbyanyoneelseinhistory. Jesus showed us that life must be lived over the brim. He demonstrated that this was possible if we operated the anointing.Histestimonywasthemostassuringaccountofhow muchlifecanbeenjoyedwiththeanointing.

Thisonslaughtofgoodnesswillevokeagreatamountofjoyin yourlife.Ohyes,theanointingwillcausealotoflaughterand praisewillfillyourmouth.ThegoodnessIhavejustdwelledon is going to be accompanied with a constant sense of delight. Thescripturesdeclarecorrectlythattheblessings ofGodadd nosorrow(Proverbs10:22). By that, I do not mean that you will not be tested. You definitely will. The glad tidings of the Lord will nevertheless meet stiff opposition from the enemy. Remember, he hates youandthekingdomofGod.Ateveryopportunityheseeksto devour and destroy the people of God, especially those He is goodto. When he observed the good life of Job, he was provoked to destroyallofit.ThanksbetoGodwhoprotectedJobslife.As long as Job had breath and remained a vessel that could

containtheanointingofGod,itwasamatteroftimebeforeall he had lost was restored. In fact, the anointing took it to anotherlevelforJobsblessingsweremultiplied.Ibelievethis iswhatthescripturesmeanswhenitstates:
Thoughthedevilcomeslikeaflood,theSpiritofGod raisesthestandard(Isaiah59:19).

Areyouanointedbrother?IstheSpiritthatraisedChristfrom the dead resident in you? Dont cry. I love it the way James counseledtheearlychurchwhenhesaid:
Consideritpurejoy,mybrotherswheneveryouface trialsofmanykinds(James1:2).

He knew from both the word and experience that the joy of the Lord is a great strength (Nehemiah 8:10). This joy of the Lord is not merely a surface delirious bout of empty excitement.Wearenotdealingwithfacadeshere.Godisnot fake,Heismorethanreal.Thejoyamblowingaboutisadeep innermostunctiongivenbytheanointingoftheHolyGhostat work in a believer. It is unlike the joy of the world that is premised on the pleasures of this world or the desires of the flesh. It is a joy deeper and richer than any joy you can ever get. ThejoyIamsharingaboutisacloudofblessedassurancethat saturates a person by reason of the anointing. And when it does,yourtrialbecomesasteppingstone.Peoplewiththisjoy

intheirdepthareconstantlyawareofpromotion,ofasolution. Theyknowdowndeepthattheyareneveralone.Inwhatever circumstance,nomatterhowlowtheenemymayseektotake them,theyarecomingout. Thisiswhyyoufindsomefolkdancingandshoutinginchurch andyetwhenyoutakeacriticalassessmentoftheirplightyou think,Howcantheydothat?Someofthemhavenojob,or lackafriend,orahouse,orevenfamilybutitdoesnotmatter. Somemayhavejustbeeninformedbythedoctorofadeadly viral infection like HIV/AIDS, or have an impending problem loomingovertheirheadsthreateningtostrikeatanymoment. Nomatterthesituation,eveninprison,ostracized,boundand constrained,theyknowthatGodisincharge.Thejoyinthem isasignofGodsgreatpoweratwork.Andtheyknowthatas longasGodisworkingtheycannotbekeptbound.Aslongas God is working my dear, His immeasurable strength will overcomewhateverenemyispoisedagainstyou. This was the experience of the maverick Apostle Paul and his friend Silas. When they were thrown in prison and locked in shackles of iron, they sensed their relief. The sign was the welling up of joy that burst out in acclamation of praise. As they sung praises and hymns the scriptures tell of how there wasanearthquakethatshookthegroundoftheprisoncausing itsverywallstocollapseandtheshacklestobeloosedoffthe handsoftheprisoners(Acts16:2326).

Mydearfriend,letthatjoyout.Donotdespiseit.Thejoyof the Lord is an incredible strength far greater than your imagination.Donotletnegativethoughtsoffear,worryand anxiety rob you of this immeasurable strength. Once you begin to joy in the Holy Ghost, those walls of limitation, hatred,debtandsicknesswilltumbledown.Yes,greaterisHe thatisinyouthanthedevilthatisintheworld(1John4:4).In youtheLordofhostsisreleasingjoythatconfirmsHisworkfor youandyourvictory. Did you know that when you joy in the Lord, you are actually celebratingwiththeSpiritofGod?Whenyousingpraisesand hymns to the Lord you are actually glorifying Christ with the HolySpirit.ThepointisthatHethenisobligedtomanifestthe meaning of your excitement. When the Holy Spirit witnesses yourjoy,Hemovesinactiontomakeitcomplete. That is why the scriptures declare that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). Meaning, that apart from the inner strength of the anointing there will be an outward attendance of Almighty God. The joy of the Lord is an open invitation to Him. Think about it: Picture God hearing praise rising to His impeccable throne in the Highest of Heaven and descending down to its source only to find an entrapped but divineenthusiast.DoyouthinkHeiscrueltoenjoyyourpraise andleaveyoucaughtintroubleunfazed?

ThatisnottheGodweserve.Heisloving,kindandgoodtoall. PraiseHimandHewilldescendtoyourrescue.Iamactually convinced that the fastest means to realize the salvation of God in any circumstance is to engage His joy in utmost and sincere praise. And the anointing is the only means of doing this. When you operate the anointing in your life, you are reallyaperennialhostofGodsdeliveringhandandcomforting presence. And the presence of the Lord is really another awesome level of enjoyment that the world can never give you.ThanksbetothegraceofGodsanointingatworkinthe lifeofabelieverthatenablesthemtobeasanctuaryofGods presence.


ItisamatterofgreatregretthatthepresenceoftheLordisa mysterytomanyintheworldwhoarecaughtinthesnareof sin and carnality. As a result, many are more exposed to satanicinfluencesthatareoutrightlydestructive.Asaservant ofGodthattravelstoseveralnations,Iamamazedtowitness theconsciousnessmostpeoplehaveaboutwhatthedevilcan do rather than what God is doing. Even among believers and evenservantsofGod,thereisalargenumberthatwilltellyou moreaboutwhatthedevilhasdoneorisdoingorisaboutto do than about the Lord. What they do not realize is that in sensingthedeviltheyactuallyprogramhimtoactualizehisevil schemes.Whatyousenseiswhatyouget.Ifyouareconstantly

awareofSatan,youwillalwaysseehiswork.Thatexplainstoa large extent why there is so much suffering in poor communities around the world. Most of them are constantly awareofsatanicwhimsandinfluences. Ontheotherhand,arethosewhoallowtheanointingofGod to usher them to a life constantly aware of the presence of God. The means that this may be realized in the life of the believer is by combining the anointing with discipline. Remember,theanointingwillnotstayinapollutedvessel.God willnotcontinuetofillafilthyvesselwithHisawesomepower as this will be disastrous both to the vessel and others. Consequently,oncewereceivetheanointingwecanonlykeep andincreaseitbywalkingindiscipline,walkinginthewaysof God. When we do so, we attract the presence of God. And once the presence of the Lord shows up, His goodness will follow suit for in His presence there are pleasures forever more. The double combination therefore is the necessary recipe for one to carry the presence of the Lord with them. And I can assureyou,thatthepresenceoftheLordinitselfisadefinite causeofevenmorejoyandpleasure.Itisoneofthemostvital requirementsinlife.Infact,thepresenceofGodisbetterthan life, it is better than angels, it is better than wealth, it is betterthanHeaven;itisamostvitalrequirement.

ItisverycrucialthatweconsiderthatJesusrelatedeternallife, not to being in Heaven, or singing with the angels, or even living forever, but to being with the Father, being in His presence (John 17:3). Again, am reminded of Moses encounterwiththeLordwhenoffendedbythepeopleofIsrael for worshipping anidol. Heurged the prophet to move on to the Promised Land without Him but with an angel (Exodus 33:16). Notice the value Moses attached to the presence of theLord:
IfyourPresencedoesnotgowithus,donotsend usupfromhere.Howwillanyoneknowthatyou arepleasedwithmeandwithyourpeopleunless Yougowithus?Whatelsewilldistinguishmeand Yourpeoplefromallthepeopleonthefaceofthe earth?(Exodus33:1516).

Beloved, the presence of the Lord will distinguish you with goodness and pleasure. You will stand out among peers, bearingthemarkofsuccess,victoryandexcellence. ItisthepresenceoftheLordthatmakesuspeculiar,royaland priestly:MeaningthatifwewalkwithGod(inbothHispower andcharacter)weshallbeelevatedtoastatusprivilegethat isdivinelyaboveallandsubjecttonone.Peopleenjoyingthis privilegearemastersofallsituationsandvictimsofnone.The Lordspresencebecomesashield,arefuge,atowerofstrength thatenablesthemtobeaboveandaboveonly.Whatismoreis

that they bring with them deliverance and healing wherever theygo.ThisisthesamepresencethatwasupontheApostle PeterinJerusalemcausingevenhisshadowtobeasourceof Gods healing power (Acts 5: 1516). It is the presence of the Lord that David went with in battles against his enemies. No wonder he was confident that a thousand would fall on his right hand and ten thousand on his other hand but there would be no evil that would come near him (Psalm 91:7). I believe that if we learn to abide in the presence of the Lord, we would occasion such a surrounding wall around us that wouldjustbeimpenetrablebytheenemy.Thepresenceofthe Lord becomes a fortress, a shield from forces of despair, destructionanddepression. Unfortunately, many believers do not realize this and seek fromtheLordperishableandshallowthingsthatwouldnever sustainjoy,peaceandpleasure.TheywillcrytotheLordfora job, or a spouse, or property rather than seek Him for His presence. They will hardly do anything about gaining the anointinganddisciplineintheirlives. Never be like them. This book is in your hands to make you knowbetter.ThepresenceofGodisnotonlybetterthanthese things but in itself it has the capacity to attract them in your life in ever increasing abundance while enabling you to be fulfilled.Asthedoublecombinationoccasionsthepresenceof the Lord in your life, you will discover that all other things

willfollowtomakeyourlifeaspectacleofvirtue,value,and allthevariedbenefitsoflife.Youwillberich,healthy,wise, andhappy.Notonlythat.Youwillalsocauseothersaround youtoshareinthisexperience.Whenyoucarrythepresence oftheLord,youareactuallyacarrierofblessingsandpeace.


Nothing like the double combination of the anointing and discipline: The quality of life we are able to enjoy because of both of them is beyond belief. Their propensity for goodness and pleasure is unlike any you can derive from any other source. That is why I say that a life with the double combination isaseries of magical encounters that so outwits theexpectationofthevessel.Letnoonelietoyouwhenthey say that you only get what you expect. Once you connect to the anointing and live a disciplined life that optimally operatesit,youcertainlygainfarmorethanyouwerehoping for.Paulwhohadanexperienceinthesematters,talkedabout Godbeingabletodofarmorethanweareabletoask,thinkor evenimagine(Ephesians3:20). A careful study of Joseph, Moses, Daniel and other scriptural characters promoted by the Lord from great depths reveals that none of them really had a detailed expectation of the goodfortunestheirsimpleliveswereturnedintobyreasonof theanointinganddisciplineatworkintheirlives.Theysimply

foundthemselvesinplacesandpositionsthatwerewayoutof their league, beyond belief by even those who knew them or loved them and certainly way beyond the expectations of those who were against them. In Josephs case, the very brothers that had sold him were not able to identify him almostadecadelaterandhisfatherwhodearlylovedhimand had concluded on his fate, having been deceived hed been killedbyawildanimal,wasthoroughlyamazedbythegloryof hisson.JosephsesteemedpositioninEgyptwasnotanything thattheirmindshadattemptedtoproject. Mydearfriend,theanointinganddisciplinewillliftyouupand turn you around till no one will be able to relate you with anything in your past. Get ready for a serious body and soul makeover.Atotaltransferfromyourfamiliaryesterdayto a fantastic tomorrow that exceeds your most enthusiastic forecast is the reward of a life that is submitted to the anointingandthewaysofGod. Thus the double combination will turn you from a zero to a hero,fromashallowtoaswallow,fromthejokeoffoolstothe talkofthewise.Itwillpropelyoutoawondrouslifethatwill be perturbing to those who do not like you and amazing to thosewhothoughttheyknewyou.Notonlywillyoubeinthe book of life but the double combination will give you a life worthabook.Thedetailsofyourlifewillbecomeasourceof inspiration to many resulting in a biographical prospect that willhelpothersfindthegoodlife.

Thegoodnewsisthat,enjoyingthedoublecombinationneed not be shortlived. It can go on and on spanning throughout ones life time. And if the anointing is actually passed on, its benefits pass on as well. This is why the Lord promises blessings that will carry on through a thousand generations. Remember that it wasnt material wealth that Jacob gained fromhisrichfatherIsaacasmuchasitwastheanointingthat prosperedhiminlife. This is your privilege and for all who will submit to the incredibleinnerstrengthcalledtheanointingoftheHolySpirit andthewaysoftheupright.Pursuebothandyouwillenjoylife fromthisdayonandforevermore.


Considering how useful the anointing is it is quite a relief to knowthatwe can actually experience an increase of it in our lives, families, ministries and in all other aspects. As I have statedearlier,everyonethatreallybelievestheLorddoeshave ananointing.Perhapsthereasonmanydonotrealizeitcanbe traced to the problem of neglecting the need to have more. TheGodwehaveisagoodGodwillingtoincreasethemeasure of every good gift that is beneficial to us. The Holy Spirit and His anointing is one of them. If we request for more of His anointing weshouldbe confident that He is faithful to do so. ThatiswhyDavidkeptonreferringinseveralinstancesofthe Lord anointing his head. The first time he was anointed was when the Prophet Samuel visited his fathers house and anointedhimwithoiltobekingoverIsrael(1Samuel16:13). Soon after, we witness the shepherd boy moving from the wildernesstothepalacewhereheministersinthatanointing to none other than the king, Saul (1 Samuel 16:1423). Followingthe palace,hegoestothe battlefieldwhere inthe sameanointinghevictoriouslyleadsthearmyofIsraelagainst thePhilistine(1Samuel17).

Fromthenon,heispromotedtobetheleaderofthearmyand infactbecomesthemostpopularcitizenofthenation.Under thesameanointing,hebecomesthesoninlawofthekingand thebestfriendofthekingsmostfavoredson.Andthatwasnot all, eventually the Lord against many life threatening odds makeshimkingofIsrael. Throughitall,Davidwaswisetoacknowledgethattherewas an inner divine power the Lord had imparted in him that triggeredhislifefromthemediocrityitwastotheprominence he had attained. Consequently, he constantly referred to and soughtmoreoftheanointing.Hewasnotcontenttooperate ononlytheanointinghehadreceivedasayoungshepherdbut atmanyoccasionshesoughtformoreoftheanointinginevery waypossible. Asaresult,Davidhadaconfluenceofseveralanointings:Apart fromthekinglyanointinghehadreceivedasayoungman,he also had an anointing for battle, worship, and prophecy. As a king,heruledoverIsrael.Asaworshipper,apartfromcasting devils out of Saul while worshipping, he is also credited with writingmostofthepraiseandworshiphymnsthatconstitute thepsalms.Andasaprophet,youwilldiscoverthatitisreally because of his prophecy that the queen of Sheba and other kingsbroughtsilverandgoldtohissonkingSolomonlongafter Davidhaddied(Psalm72:10;2Chronicles9:9).Moreseriously, youwillappreciatethevariousmessianicprophecieshemade

thatwerefulfilledseveralcenturieslaterbyJesusChrist(Psalm 22). Because of his illustrious and inspiring account as a man that hadamultifoldmanifestation oftheanointing,Ithoughtthat this chapter should examine the ways David attained this testimony as a means of providing key lessons on how to increasetheanointinginoneslife.

Theanointingcanbeelusiveinthesensethatyouwillnotget it if you do think that you need it. Many people wonder why when they go to a meeting where the anointing is being ministered in a marvelous way and they see some people receiveitbuttheydonot.Sometimestheydismissthewhole experience as fake not realizing that it is their selfrighteous and proud impressions that keep them from getting more of theanointing.Whatismoreisthefactthatyoureallyoughtto be hungry and thirsty to be filled because most often the anointingmaycomeinamostunusualvessel. In Davids first instance, the anointing was brought to him by an old prophet, a hasbeen. Samuel had long moved off the scene since anointing Saul to be King of Israel. God is interesting in the sense that he often uses a most offending vesseltopackagetheanointing.ForthepeopleinCapernaum atthetimeofJesus,itwastheMaster.Whilehetaughtthem

they were moved by his wisdom but took offense at him becausetheywerefamiliarwithhim.Theresultwasthatfew received his anointing and hardly any miracles were performed. On the other hand, the reason we have a great move of God today can be traced to the fact that this is the hungriest generationtheearthhaseverseen.Ithinkthishungerisinfact divinely orchestrated. I believe a lot of it has to do with the return of our Savior and Lord Christ Jesus. Because He is coming back and the time of the Gentile is really closing up, thereisaheavensenthungerintheheartsofmenandwomen all around the world for more and more of the anointing. ProphetJoelpeekedintothistimeandsaid:
Andafterward,IwillpouroutmySpiritonallpeople Yoursonsanddaughterswillprophesy,youroldmen willdreamdreams,youryoungmenwillseevisions(Joel2:28)

This is the time everyone has been waiting for. Paul saying about this time made a most incredible announcement. He confessed:

WhoarethesonsofGod?YouandIwhoareinChristJesusare the sons of God. And what shall reveal us? The anointing my friend, the anointing shall reveal us. The reason why many in

theLordareconcealedintheirmiseryandproblemsisbecause theydonothungerfortheanointing.Receivetheanointing,let it operate in your life and I can guarantee that you will be a spectacle of wonders and miracles. Those who could not see you will behold you in glory. David knew this. That is why he was hungry for the anointing. He always wanted more of it thatiswhyhetalkedalotaboutit.Heknewthattheanointing promotes,prospers,andcausesonetoendure. Consider and meditate on this most accurate confession he made:
Butmyhornshaltthouexaltlikethehornofan unicorn:Ishallbeanointedwithfreshoil.Mine eyesshallseemydesireonmineenemies,and mineearsshallhearmydesireofthewickedthat riseupagainstme. Therighteousshallflourishlikethepalmtree:he shallgrowlikeacedarinLebanon.(Psalm92:1012).

We can see therefore that David was not some religious fanatic desiring the anointing for no good reason. What he needed he knew. It was not money that had caused him to flourish.Itwasnotthecounselofwisementhathadmadehim king. He knew that is was not his great army or any of his skilled and ferocious fighting men that protected him. David knewandacknowledgedthatallhislife,allhisachievements,

allhis successwastheresult oftheanointingat workin him. That is why he took opportunity to ask for it. I am often inspiredbyhisprayersformoreoftheanointing.Considerthis request:
OGod,youaremyGod,earnestlywillIseek You;mysoulisthirstyforYou,mybodylongs forYou,inadryandwearylandwherethere isnowater(Psalm63:1).

Heknewandtreasuredtheanointing(Iwillbedealingwiththis issue in more detail in the tenth chapter Valuing the Anointing). He reached the place in his life where he did not desiretolivewithouttheanointing.Whenhewokeup,thatis what he wanted. When he went to sleep, that is what he desired.Whenhedidnot,hissoulwasintorment.Davidknew that without the anointing everything went haywire. He did notwanttolivewithoutit.Sowhenhewascarelessastoallow suchmomentsasthosewhenheneglectedtheanointinginhis lifetooccur,heregrettedsincerelyandsoughtforitearnestly. One such time can be witnessed when his own son Absalom betrayshimandoverthrowshimfromthethroneofIsrael.At that point, his soul was tortured by the absence of God from theentiresituation.Withouttheanointing,hedidnotwantto put a fight. He knew better. And so, with great passion and diligence hecriesto theLord for his anointing, for more. The openingoftheprayerhemakesisadetailedcommunicationof

passionthathasbeenanothergreatinspirationandmodel of requestforthosewhohungerforamoveofGod.Hecriesthus:
Asthedeerpantsforstreamsofwater,somy soulpantsforYou,OGod.Mysoulthirstsfor God,forthelivingGod.WhencanIgoand meetwithGod(Psalm42:12).

Inalltheserequests,Davidknewthattherewasneedformore andmoreoftheanointing.Yesterdaysanointingwasoftennot sufficient to meet the needs of the day. Many trials had broughthimtotheplacewherehehadcometotermswiththe fact that for as long as he lived he would always need more andmoreoftheanointinginhislife.Ifthetruthistold,David lived on the anointing. He depended on it. Hed come to acceptbyexperiencethattheanointingwastheessenceofhis life.Andas aresult he sought more and more of it. And God was always more than faithful to his requests. In his most famous psalm he shares about the overflowing measures of theanointinghereceivedfromGod.Inhisownwords:

That should be the desire of every believer. We need an overflowing measure of Gods power today that we may manifestthegloryofGod.Withthedevilpullingoffallthathe can,withallthechallengesofthelastdays,wecannotmanage withalittleanointing;andamnottalkingaboutthosewhoare

traditionallyperceivedasbeingusedofGod.Iamforeveryone goingforallthatheavencanoffer.Jesussaid,Askanditshall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shallbeopened(Matthew7:7).Doit.Theproblemisthatfor themostpartwedonotask. Over the years as I have ministered the word of the Lord, I havefoundmanythatactuallylovetheworksoftheanointing and are not conscious of the anointing itself. They will cry aboutthelossofajob,alovedone,apieceofpropertybutwill neverrealizetheabsenceoforneedformoreoftheanointing. Andsotheydonotaskfortheanointing.Instead,theywillask Godfortheirhouse,car,andspouse,whatsoever,andnotcare to ask for the anointing which incidentally is the power by which God will manifest all the others. James says they ask amiss with selfish motives (James 4:3). They speak a carnal languagetoaspiritualGod.Intheendtheyaremiserableand leftdry. Mydear,yearnfortheanointingmorethananythingelse.The anointing has all that we need. As we witnessed in the previous chapter, the anointing will indeed give us the good life. You can enjoy the anointing and have every spiritual blessing pertaining to life. Rather than observe what you do not have materially, I urge you to consider more of the anointing.Open yourheart to more and more of Gods wine. AsPaulsaid,donotbedrunkwithwinebutbedrunkwiththe Holy Ghost (Ephesians 5:18). Allow the anointing to saturate

you till you are so mingled with it that every bit of you is anointed. Didyouknowthatyoucanbesoanointedtilleverythingabout youisanointed?ThatexplainswhythegarmentofJesuscould heal people, or the shadow of Peter, or Pauls handkerchief. That is what we would like to see in these days. If we are indeed the most anointed generation, then lets not hinder God. Let us go for the whole thing, seeking, hungering and thirsting after more and more of Gods incredible miracle working,proofproducingpower.Itisavailableinabundance!


Ihavealreadyhintedonthisrequirementifweneedmoreof theanointing.Rememberthatwearetalkingaboutthepower ofGodhere.So,ifwewantit,wemustwantHim.Wemustbe intimate with God who is the source and provider of the anointing.IsitpossibleforonetobeanointedofGodandyet have no particular relationship with God? Yes, but it is extremelyfoolish.Itispossibleinthesensethattheanointing isforservice.WhenGodwantstogetajobdoneHeanointsa vessel. Often times the calling and gifting of God is without repentance(Romans11:29).AclassiccaseisthatofSaulwho was anointed king of Israel but was not careful enough to ensurethathemaintainedacloserelationshipwiththesource

of that anointing. We witness his disobedience to Gods instructions as a result of this estrangement from God. Beloved,whenyouarenotintimatewithGodchancesarethat youwilldisobeyHim.Youwill have no motivationandpower to obey His commandments. When Sauls sin was exposed, rather than repent and regret his disobedience he besought the prophet from exposing him among the Jews (1 Samuel 15:30).InsteadofbeingbotheredabouthisrelationwithGod, he was more bothered about people. God responded by removingtheprivilegeofkingshipfromhisfamilylinebutleft himwiththeanointingtogovern. Beloved, avoid having a Saulish mentality with the mighty privilege of the anointing. Neglecting the Lord will leave you with yesterdays anointing which is no march for tomorrows challenges. That explains why Saul was unable to confront Goliath. It also explains why David killed more in battle than SauldidandwhyintheendSaullosthislifetothePhilistines together with all his family. The anointing is required constantly, and the fresher the better. We need a fresh anointing to deal with the various new challenges that confront us. Tobeable toreceive a continuous supply of the anointingweneedtoopenourselvestoboththeanointingand theAnointedOne.ThelatterisChristorGodforthatmatter. We need to seek His face so as to gain His hand. When we studyDavidsprayers,wewillobservethatherarelyspecified thathedesiredtheanointing per se. Oftentimes weseehim

askingformoreoftheLord.Andthevehicleforthisisprayer andfasting. AlotofbelieversintheLordoperateinastaleanointingthatis insufficient for the latest attack from hell. Most of their weapons of warfare are rather rusty and illprepared for sudden action. Do you want to see speedy functions of the divine?Well,nurturealifeoffastingandprayer.Themoreyou do, the more intimate with God you will be, the more orientated you shall be to a quick and successful response to theenemiesattack.Yes,prayerandfastingarethemeanstoa quick response effort of the anointing. The reason being that they enable one to have more and more of the anointing to such an extent that there is incredible amounts of divine power generated to fix any situation that needs attention. A carefulassessmentofDavidslifewillrevealthathewasaman of prayer and fasting. He spent time in his closet, intimating with the awesome God who in turn responded by imparting moreandmoreoftheanointinguponhislife. Prayer and fasting are indeed the master keys to increased levels of the anointing. All ministers in the word of God that operated in incredible demonstrations of the anointing were men and women of prayer. Before Elijah ascended Mount Carmelcausingfiretofallfromheavenbeforetheprophetsof BaalandallofIsrael,hehadspenttimeinprayerandfasting. Elijah was so anointed to the extent that many traditions in

Israelinhisdaysandevenafterheleft(somehavecontinued to this day) did not consider that he was a normal human. Significantamountsoftheanointingtranslatedtheprophetto alegend. And yet, James clarified that the man was in fact a normal persononlyonecommittedtoprayer.Writingtoadistraught and troubled church that may have been afraid and feeling vulnerable as a result of the persecution they faced in Jerusalemhewrote:
Elijahwasamanjustlikeus.Heprayedearnestly thatitwouldnotrainontheland,anditdidnot rainonthelandforthreeandahalfyears.Again heprayed,andtheearthproduceditscrops(James5:17).

Elijahwasnodifferentfrommanytodayintermsofhishuman nature. I love it the way the King James Version actually tells the account I have just quoted. Instead of saying that the prophet was a man like us, it says he was a man of like passions with us. Meaning he was a man that had the same emotions and feelings. In the context of the time James was actually writing this letter, the chief emotion that bothered him was the fear the believers were having as a result of the persecution. And he was encouraging them on the virtue of prayer. PrayeriswhatmadeElijahseemsuperhumaninhistime.Itis whatcausedtheanointingtomanifesttosuchextentsthathe

mastered the weather. Of course such a demonstration of gloryisnottheresultofavesseloperatingsomelittlereserves oftheanointing.Elijahhadlargedepositsthatweretheresult of a life of prayer and fasting. No wonder his cloak carried poweraswell.WhenElishahittheJordanwithit,theriversplit wideopen(2Kings2:1314). AsyouspendtimeinthepresenceofGod,prayingandfasting, youshallincreasetheanointingtosuchlevelsthatyouwillbe so distinguished among believers and even servants of God. This was the secret of Jesus, who incidentally was filled with the Holy Spirit beyond measure. These incredible deposits werenotmerelytheresultsofHimbeingtheSonoftheFather whoisindeedthesourceoftheHolySpirit.Acarefulstudyof Jesus life reveals a deep commitment to prayer and fasting. EvenafterHereceivedtheHolySpiritandtheanointingduring His baptism, He still spent 40 days in the desert fasting and praying. The scripture tells us that the result was that He descended in great power and authority (Luke 4: 14). He had gainedevenmorelevelsoftheanointing.SeveraltimesinHis ministry,thescripturestestifythatHewouldsendthepeople awaytoclimbthemountaintoprayandwhenHedescended, Hewouldhavesufficient powertohealallthatwerebrought toHim(Luke6:1219).Whenhisdiscipleswereunabletocast out a devil that caused seizures on a young lad, He rebuked them for being perverse and faithless (Luke 17: 1417). Later on,heexplainedwhytheyhadmiserablyfailedtocastoutthe

devil. He told them that the particular kind required fasting andprayer(Luke17:21). A life committed to fasting and prayer will increase the anointinginoneslifetosuchanextentthatonewillbeabove demonic activity. You become a master over devils and scorpions.Infact,youcannotbepoisonedordoneawaywith. WhenapoisonoussnakebittheApostlePaulontheislandof Malta,hesimplyshookitoff.Thosethatobservedthisthought that he would die in a moment. Well, they saw and saw till theyintheendtheyconcludedthathemustbeadivinebeing (Acts28:16).Howwasitthatthepoisonfromthesnake was inert in Pauls body? By reason of the sufficient levels of the anointinginhim:Hewasloadedtothebrimsomuchthatno harmbyanaturalthingcouldoccurtohim.Andhegotthere byspendingtimeinprayerandfasting. ThatexplainswhyDavidconfidentlyconfessed:
athousandwillfallonmylefthandandtenthousand onmyrightbuttherewillbenoevilthatshallcome nearme(Psalm91:7).

He knew the privileges of spending time in Gods presence fasting and praying. Earlier in that psalm he had begun by stating:

HewhodwellsintheshadowoftheAlmighty willrestintheshadowoftheAlmighty.Iwillsay oftheLord,Heismyrefugeandmyfortress, myGodinwhomItrust(Psalm91:12).

Myfriend,whentheanointingincreasesinyourlife,itcanget to such levels that you become supernatural. No harm, no weapon of the enemy is sufficient to cause your demise or failure(Isaiah54:17).Prayandfastandallyourenemycando is look, look and look at you as you conquer and thrive. Whatever he sends, the Spirit will raise the standard (Isaiah 59:19).Meaningyouwillbeaboveandaboveonly. Unfortunately,manydonotbelievethatsuchalifeispossible. Theyassumethatitisalrighttolivewithallthecalamitythey are trapped in. They think that if everyone seems to be cloudedintrouble,wemayaswellsettleforsomeofit.Thatis a lie from the enemy. First, you are not everyone. Second, if you are in Christ that is not your portion. Thirdly, something canbedoneandoughttobedoneaboutyourmanyproblems. The third point is what I have dealt with here. You can pray and fast and intimate with the Anointed One. The more you do,themoreanointingyouwillexperienceinyourlife.Andin fact,whenyougaintheanointingtosuchincrediblelevelsyou will not only deliver yourself but even all those you witness aroundyouboundintroubleandburdens.

Ohyes,youwillsetcaptivesfreeandthatisthemissionofthe ChurchofJesusChrist.Withanoverflowingabundanceofthe anointing, you become a transmitter of victory, power, and prosperityallaroundyou.Sufficientlevelsoftheanointingwill not only do good for you but through you families will be changed, the youth will be changed, widows will find solace and grace, cities will bask in richness and peace and nations transformed. One person with an overdose of the anointing caninfactimpactanentiregeneration.Menandwomenlike CharlesFinney,D.LMoody,MariaWoodworthEtterandothers that God so anointed that impacted their generation and whose legacies are still felt today were people of fasting and prayer.

Who do you spend time with? A most useful question: If you findyourselfwithanointedpeoplemostofthetimeorpeople that are hungry for more of the anointing in their life, it will affect you. It will cause you to seek the anointing too, it will inspire you. A significant reason why many righteous people looseoutontheanointingtheyhave,someevenuntiltheyare totallybacksliddenisbecauseofthecompanytheyhave. The scriptures declare that, Bad company corrupts good morals(1Corinthians15:33):Idonotcarehowanointedyou may be, if you are always in the company of people that are hostile to the anointing or are not keen of it you will

conversely loose out on what deposit you have. I have seen people that were once used of God decline to a point where they just hate Him because they unwittingly spent their time withpeoplethatdidnotcaresomuchforthefaiththeyhador theunctionofpowerintheirlife. The usual excuse is family members who do not share the same faith or desire for the supernatural. In a bid to secure their familial ties they find themselves loosing on their first love and eventually the very anointing they may have paid a dearpricefor.Thatiswhythescripturescallforseparationin several instances. Abram was called out of his fathers house (Genesis12:1).Gideonwascalledtodestroy hisfathersidols and spent the rest of his life with people that shared his convictions(Judges6:2532).AndDavidwasoftenseenalone withhisGodinthewildernessratherthaninthecomfortofhis fathers house or in the company of brothers who by their testimonydidnotsharewithhimadesireoftheanointing.We knowtheydidnotbythefactthattheywerepartofaneven larger group of Jews who dared not confront the army of PhilistineortheuncircumcisedPhilistine(1Samuel17). Paul could not go back and fraternize with the Sanhedrin but rather went to the Arabian Desert where he was taught on a first hand basis on more concerning the grace of God and where he also increased on the anointing he had (Galatians 1:1518). Jesus, on His part, often times departed from those

whodidnotspurHimonHisquestforseekingtoknowthewill of God. Requested to attend to his family, He stubbornly asserted that His family were not necessarily His flesh and blood but those who so valued what He did (Luke 8:21). SeveraltimesweseeHimseparatingHimselffromthecrowds thatsoughttohearfromHimorwitnessamiracletothesecret confines of prayer where He sought more of the anointing (Matthew 14:2223). Even among His close disciples He selected three with who He shared more intimately because more than the others, they were hungry for more (Matthew 17:12). David offers invaluable lessons on this matter. He was a man that so valued fellowship with those who shared a similar passionhehadforGod.Atonepointwhenhereturnswiththe ArkoftheCovenantdancingandsingingwiththeyounggirlsof Israelandhisownfirstwiferebukedhim,hesidedwiththose hed been with. He even asserted that he would do so again severaltimesover(2Samuel6:1422).Heknewbetterthatit was the anointing that had given him all the privilege he enjoyed and he also understood that fellowship with people that shared the same ideals was better than siding with membersofhisfamilywho didnot. Consequently,headvises us at one point on the benefit of such fellowship when he states:

togetherinunity!Itislikepreciousoilpouredon thehead,runningdownonAaronsbeard,down uponthecollarofhisrobes.Itisasifthedew ofHermonwerefallingonMountZion.Fortheir theLordbestowsHisblessing,evenlifeforevermore(Psalm133).

David knew well the benefits of fellowshipping with the anointed. When he says brothers, he is not talking of it in merely the biological sense. Though it may be the case that members of one household may indeed all share the same passionfortheanointingandtheLord,andthereforeitwould be appropriate for such a house to fellowship together as oftenaspossible,yetinthiscaseDavidisreallyreferringtothe merits of spiritual connection more than anything else. Time spent with those who agree concerning the anointing is time well spent. That is why later Paul comes and urges the saints nottogiveupthehabitofmeetingtogether(Hebrews10:25). Like David he knew that this was a significant means of increasingtheanointinginoneslife.TheanointingthatDavid is specifically referring to here is a corporate anointing that doeshaveanoverallpositiveimpactontheindividualsdeposit oftheanointing. Several times in his writings we see the premium David attached to this association of believers. They are very useful accounts that should inspire everyone who desires the anointing.InoneinstancehecallsonGodtobestowHispower

which conversely is reference to the anointing on account of suchfellowship.Inhiswords:

Yourprocessionhascomeintofullview,OGod, theprocessionofmyGodandKingontothe sanctuary.Infrontarethesingers,afterthem themusicians;withthemaremaidensplaying tambourines..Summonyourpower,OGod; showusyourstrength,OGodasyouhavedone before(Psalm68:24,25,27).

IfeelledbytheSpiritoftheLordtoquotethispassageforthe benefit of many who do not realize the importance of fellowshippingwiththesaints.Itisquiteablessinginregards to increasing the anointing in ones life. There are flows from Histhronethatareonlygoingtobeoccasionedtovesselsthat havecometogetherinHisName.Whileseparation,fastingand prayer are very vital, equally significant is the anointing we gain by fellowshipping together. I believe that part of the mysteriousbenefitthatresultsfromtheunityofthebrethren istheconceptoflove.GodisloveandifwebelongtoHimas children we ought to have love for those who identify as His children.JesusearnestlyprayedtotheFatherthatweareone (John 17:11). When we unite according to our faith, in love, God releases special anointing that has a specific benefit for eachandeverysaint.

Ontheotherhand,thereisaspecificdisregardDavidhadfor fellowshipwiththosewhodidnothavethesamekindoffaith. In one instance, he draws a most interesting but profound comparisonstating:
Betterisonedayinyourcourtsthanathousand elsewhere;Iwouldratherbeadoorkeeperinthe houseofmyGodthandwellinthetentsofthe wicked(Psalm84:10).

He knew better that the fellowship of the brethren drew the anointingintohislifewhiletheotherfellowshipactuallydrew theanointingoutofhislife.Itisquiteunfortunatethathisson Solomon who begun his reign conscious of the benefit of the fellowship of the righteous yet allowed himself to be drawn intothewrongfellowshipbymanyofhisforeignwives(1Kings 11:16). Although Solomon was graced incredibly with the anointingasaresultofhiszealfortheLordandHishouseyet when he begun to yoke with unbelievers he consequently declined till he did not have enough anointing in his life to keep the twelve tribes united. His son lost ten of them! (1 Kings11:1113). The lessons are profound and useful for those who desire more of the anointing. Evaluate your relationships. We ought to know how to relate and who to relate with and in what capacities if we desire to have more of the anointing. In this regard, I have dwelled on a subject that will assist you have

moreoftheanointinginadirectsense.Remember,deepcalls todeep(Psalm42:7).Ifyouareconstantlyspendingtimewith shallowpeoplethataremostlycarnallyminded,itwillnotbe longbeforeyouaredrawnawayfromyourspiritualpursuitsto theshallowend,loosingtheanointingalongtheway. Keep in the company of the prophets, the company of those who share with you a deep desire for the Lord and you will increase on your deposit. It may even be that the Lord has provided for you to have fellowship with people more anointed than you are. That is even better. Use the opportunity.YouwilldiscoverlikeJoshuathatwhattheyhave willsmearonyou.Thisiswhathappenedtotheapostleswhen theyfellowshippedwithJesus.Itwasnotlongbeforetheytoo were casting out devils and performing miracles. A lot of the anointing manifesting in my life today is the result of this fraternizingwithotheranointedvesselsofGod.Icaughtwhat they had and was impacted when the Lord bestowed a blessingintheHolyAssembly.

There is much to say about this subject of increasing the anointing. It is vital for this end time move of God. I believe there is so much to be accomplished on the part of Gods saintsandservantsbeforethereturnoftheLordChristJesus. Todoagoodworkwehavetorelyonevenmoredepositsof

theanointingthaneverbefore.Wewillnotdomuchwithjust enough.Weneedtoincreasethelevel,swimintheriverofthe Holy Spirit in even greater portions of Gods anointing than thosewhoservedGodbeforethesedays. Whatisencouragingisthattheopportunityisavailableforus morethanitwasforanyothergenerationbeforeourtime.The Spirit of God is moving in an unprecedented way offering previously unthinkable opportunities of Gods anointing. As a result, we can change cities and affect nations that were previously unreachable. As we continue to participate in this end time revival, we will have to give undivided and intense devotiontothewordofGod.Itisamostvitalrequirementfor thosewhoseektoincreasetheanointingintheirlife. The word of God is indispensable where the quest for the anointing is concerned. If you need more of the anointing in your life you will find that the word of God is a most useful channel to realize your desire. David knew as much. Several times he testified on the immortal benefits the word of God gavehim.Heknewbyexperiencetheimportanceoftheword in bestowing more of the Lords anointing on his life and confessed as much. The means by which he saw the work of the anointing in his life as a result of the word is given in his earnest regard for it as his sustenance. Observe this sincere consideration:

Yourword,OLord,iseternal,itstandsfirminthe heavens.Yourfaithfulnesscontinuesthroughall generations;youestablishedtheearth,anditendures. Yourlawsenduretothisday,forallthingsserve you.Ifyourlawhadnotbeenmydelight,Iwould haveperishedinmyaffliction.Iwillneverforget yourprecepts,forbythemyouhavepreserved mylife(Psalm119:8993).

DavidunderstoodthatthewordofGodhadinitthepowerof life,victoryandjoy.Heknewthataconsistentandcommitted life to the word of God deposited a significant unction of the anointing of God. As a result, he spent a lot of time studying andmeditatingonthewordofGod.FromthewordofGodhe wasabletoreapthefaithfulnessofGodasitcausedaseriesof evident manifestations of divine ability. This was also the LordsunderstandingofthewordofGod.Hewasconsciousof themightypowerinherentinthewordofGodsomuchthathe guaranteedHisdisciplesthatiftheyabodebyittheywouldbe abletopossessalltheyneeded.Johnwasmoreimpressedby thisqualityofthewordthatheactuallyfoundinthewordthe veryessenceofGod(John1:13). My friend, the word of God contains an amazing amount of divine unction. God Himself implied this when Joshua was at lossastothefutureofIsraelfollowingthedeathofMoses.In thatepicmomentGodassureshimthus:

BecarefultoobeyallthelawmyservantMoses gaveyou;donotturnfromittotherightortothe left,thatyoumaybesuccessfulwhereveryougo. Donotletthisworddepartfromyourmouth;meditate onitdayandnight,sothatyoumaybecarefulto doeverythingwritteninit.Thenyouwillbe prosperousandsuccessful(Joshua1:79).

GodhaswrappedHispowerwithHisword.Thatiswhythereis lifeintheword.WhateveryouneedisinthewordofGod.The word was indeed the principle means through which Moses increased the anointing in his life. Moses spent most of his timeinthepresenceofGodreceivingHisword.Whenhedid, hewasabletofunctionfromapositionofincredibleability.He was distinguished from all of Israel because God talked with him. So, when the time came for Joshua to walk in his steps, God emphasizes the word of God as the critical means of clothing His divine power. This is what He meant when He promised that as He was with Moses so shall He be with Joshua. In other words, as Moses received divine impartation fromthewordofGodsoshallthecasebewithJoshua. Theexperienceisinnowaylimitedtothelogos(writtenword) asitwere.Italsoappliestothespokenword.Youcanreceive more of the Lords anointing by listening to an anointed servant of God minister the word. In fact the more you are attentive to the ministry of an anointed servant of God, the

moreyouwillbesusceptibletomoreoftheanointing.Thisis whatKingJehosaphatimpliedwhenhecounseledIsraelthus:
BelievetheLordandyoushallbeestablished. Believehisprophetsandyoushallprosper(2Chronicles20:20).

Itwasalsotheexperienceoftheapostles.Theyexperienceda certain divine vitality upon hearing the word from the Lord. Several times they were witnesses to the remarkable power thatwasinherentinHiswordsomuchthattheywerewilling when he spoke. When they saw Him walk on water, Peter requested a spoken invitation for him to do the same. Once the Lord said, Come Peter experienced a divine empowerment that enabled him afloat on the sea walking to theMaster(Matthew14:2829).Theywereallwitnessestothe amazing resurrection of Lazarus. At the shout of the dead mansnamebytheMaster,Lazaruscameforthfromthegrave alive even though hed been dead for 4 days (John 11:144). The voice of the Lord transmitted a lifegiving anointing that awoke the man from mortal death. That is why Peter confessed that, You have the words of eternal life (John 6:68).HecouldnotleavetheMasteronaccountofHiswords which he was able to recognize imparted in him a divine vitalitythatactivatedlifeandpowerinhim.Lateron,wenote after the resurrection of the Lord and his ascendance that PeterwasnotableamongtheapostlesforthepowerofGod.I believe that this prominence directly relates to the fact that

PeterspentlongerthanmostatthefeetoftheMastersoaking oneverywordHespoke. IurgeyoutospendtimeinthewordofGod.Studyit,meditate on it, memorize it, seek it, hunger for it, and if you really are seriousaboutdesiringmoreoftheanointing,watchit.Thereis a power in it that contains a most unusual source of Gods incredibleanointing.AsyouspendtimeinthewordofGodyou will discover that it will perform in your life. The means by whichitwillrealizethiswillinvolveapassionandconfidencein it that will stir the impossible converting it into divine possibilities of Gods grace and privilege that will manifest an anointingpreviouslyunknowninyourlife. IdonotsaythisonlybecauseIhavestudiedit.Ihaveseenthe spiritual profit of the word of God in my life. Sitting under seasoned servants of God, studying the word of God, meditatingon it has worked wonders for me. I have received anointing that without this means would just have been impossible to receive. From men and women of God ministeringthewordofGod,Ihavepartakenofanincreaseof theanointingfromvesselslikeBishopT.D.Jakes,BennyHinn, RobertKayanja,KennethCopeland,ChrisOyahkilome,Prophet T.B Joshua, and several others. This diverse cast of seasoned servants has imparted a multilateral field of power in my life that is really a marvelous bonus. In fact, the word of God is really the chief medium that is credited with this utmost

manifestation of the anointing in this generation. These are thedaysofGodsword. But apart from receiving the word of God either as a written scriptorasasentword,a mostvitalmeansof increasingthe anointing is exercising the word of God. It is not enough to keeponstudyingthewordofGodorlistenandcheertheword ofGod.OnemustmoveontoexercisethewordofGodintheir life. A practical relation with the word of God is a demonstration of faith that produces works of God. Consequently, new deposits of the anointing will increase in response. Iaminfactconvincedthatthisisthemostglaringgaptoday. Manymaystudy,attendorlistentothewordofGodbutfew areactuallyputtingitintopractice.Whattheydonotrealizeis that God watches His word to perform it (Isaiah 55:11): In otherwords,wheneverGodobservesapersonthatiswillingto implementHisword,HereleasesdivineunctionofHisgloryto enable the word perform. This latter development is the dimension the Church must enter if we will increase the anointing to such levels as to enable us take over this generation. We must realize that obedience to the word of GodmakesusrecipientstomoreofHispower. Whenwe say yestoHiscommandsweareinessencesayingyestomoreof Hisanointing.

I believe we serve an El Shaddai God, a God of more than enough.Hedoesnotdesireforustooperateinlimitationthat iswhyHesentusJesusChristsothatwecanhaveasmuchas we want, unlimited as it were by prejudice and self condemnation.Infact,inChristwecanapproachGodasoften as we desire to get more than we ask, think or even imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Matter of fact, Jesus assures us that our Father will never decline from giving the Holy Spirit to those whoask(Luke11:13).InHimwecanrealizeinfiniteamountsof Hispower,theanointing,accordingtoHiseternalcommitment togiveusallgoodthings.Consequently,itisimportantforthe believertorealizethatthereisapromiseonthismatter.Each and every believer can obtain an increase of the anointing in their life. What so often limits this increase is the vessel concerned.Withouthungeringformore,fastingandpraying, fellowshipping with those who desire more, and without paying more attention to studying and practicing the word, welimitourselvesfromreceivingmoreoftheanointinginour life. I am further reminded of the great revivalist, Charles Finney who asked the Lord to stop adding him with more anointing because he felt his body would burst from the refill. Gods responsetellsalotaboutHisdesireforustohavemore.God asked Finney why he did not prefer for Him to expand the

vessel so that the revivalist could indeed be able to contain moreoftheanointinginhislife. Beloved, God wants to add more anointing in your life. He is notshortofsupply.Hispowerisexceedinglygreatandbeyond depletion.Allwehavetodoisavailourselves.Heislookingfor yieldedvessels,menandwomenthatwillask,seekandknock for more. David knew as much and gained incredibly. In his famous23rdPsalmheacknowledgesthisoverflowingprovision of the anointing. His life was a testimony to the fact that he had an increase of the anointing. His multitalented devotion to God that witnessed him worship, fight, prophecy and lead wasinfacttheresultofahungrydemandfortheanointing. I believe that this is the great privilege for the end time Church. More and more saints ought to realize that we are living in the days of multivaried opportunity. The saints of today are more than capable to do more than one vocation. Whatiscriticalistheneedforthemtodesiremoreanointing. Furthermore,anincreaseintheanointingisamostnecessary requirement if we are going to do more for our God. Considering the enormous task of ministering in the most perversegenerationever,wemostcertainlyrequiremorethan whatpreviousgenerationsofsaintsandministersoperatedon. Godunderstandsthetimesandiswillingtogivetoallwhowill placeademand.Thisbookis atoolinyourhandstoprovoke you to seek for more from God. Do not settle for less than

whatGodiswillingtogive.FollowthevariousrequirementsI havesharedhereandyouwilllivealifemorethanyoucould havebargainedfor.


All that trust in the Lord ought to be glad that His Spirit is moving in a most unusual manner in the world today. It is absolutelyamazingtoobservethecountlessministriesthatare presenttodayspreadoutaroundtheworld.Ifthereeverwasa sign that history is about to close, this is it. Never has there everbeenarecordofrevivalaswearewitnessingtoday.Some wouldliketoconcentrateonthehalfemptyglass.Theypoint out that in reality most of the world is yet untouched by the message of the gospel and that quite a significant portion of thehumanraceisinfactstilldominatedbyidolatryandfalse religion.True,butthatwillnotbeforlong.Soonerthanmany realize,thewholeearthwillbefilledwiththeLordsglory. Certainly, we are witnessing the most spread out impact of Gods anointing. There are more missionaries of the gospel than ever before. There are more churches than ever before. Therearemorebelieversthanevermore.Godisraisingamost

incredible army of ministers and believers of His Son and Kingdomthatwilloutmatchtheprinceofthisworldandallhis coteries. Witches, false prophets, evil priests, and sons of darkness are going to convert to the winning side of Gods glory. This is not the time for the Church to be skeptical or intimidated. There are more on our side than on the loosing side. It is most encouraging to note that the Master is not returning to collect a variety of beatenup, mediocre saints who are most anxious to depart from failure and defeat. Oh, NO!Heiscomingbackforachurchwithoutspotorwrinkle,a groupof highlycharged, victorious and overcoming kings and prieststhatareyearningtosingsongsofvictoryforalleternity. To be sure, there remains a significant amount of work to be done.Religiousprincipalitiesthathaveheldfasttonationsfor millennia are the most critical. New nuisances disguising themselves as angels of light like newageism and false teachings in the Church that compromise on fundamental doctrinal positions and definition of acceptable conduct such as those that promote vices like sodomy are another challenge. In spite of their apparent vitality, pomp and popularity,theywillvanishinthefaceofthisongrowingmove ofGod.Those who bear witness tothe move of God need to realize that we are privileged to be a part of it. We ought to valuetheanointingthatismakingallthispossible.

It is possible that a familiar spirit is creeping its way into the Church causing many to despise the manifestations of the anointing resulting in many saints and ministers of the Lord takingforgrantedthismostenormousofprivileges. If we do not value the anointing, we will miss the day of our visitation and respond irresponsibly to the great opportunity availed to us. Valuing the anointing, on the other hand, will motivateustobeusefulinGodsKingdom. Whateveryouvalue,youwillutilize.Consequently,ifwevalue the anointing we will make great use of it in this endtime moveofGod.Ibelievetheconceptofvaluingtheanointingis necessaryforusto: ServeGodwithoutreservations ServetheservantofGodwithutmostcommitment ServethechildrenofGodwithlove ServetheKingdomofGodinpower Ultimately, therefore, valuing the anointing will result in greaterservice.ItwillenableonetofulfillthewillofGodand accomplishHispurposes.This isthereasonforourliving.We werecreatedtoglorifyGodinservice.Thekeymeansofdoing soistheanointingwithoutwhichwewillbecompletelyunable toservetheLord.Assuch,itisquiteessentialthatwevalueit. We need to attach a considerable premium to this most vital spiritualbenefit.Themorevalueweattachtotheanointing,

the more service we will render the Lord and His eternal purpose. The higher the premium we place on the anointing, themoreavailablewewillbefortheserviceofGod. TherearefivesignificantfactorsthatIwouldlovetodiscussat this point that are necessary for one to value the anointing, namely 1. SubmittingtoGod 2. Purifyingtheheart 3. Sacrificeofeverything 4. KnowledgeofthewaysofGod 5. Selectivityinfellowship Iamconvincedaconsiderableobservationoftheseprinciples are vital in guiding one to value the anointing resulting in utmostservicetotheLord.


Alotofpeoplemissitrighthere:Manydonotrealizethatthe Lord seeks a humble and contrite heart (Isaiah 66:2). It is a most vital requirement if He is going to minister through any vessel. As I have quoted before, one of the most inspiring statements given in relation to the anointing can be found in the profound revelation made by the great 20th century

evangelist, Miss Kathryn Kuhlmann, when she aptly stated, God is not looking for golden vessels. He is not looking for silvervessels.Heislookingforyieldedvessels.Inotherwords, when God is seeking to anoint a vessel for His service He is inclined towards those who are available to Him. Throughout the scriptures, one will observe that God always sought out persons that were willing in the day of His power. When He called, they were humble to obey. It is people with such an attitudethatvaluedtheanointingofGodupontheirlives. The case of Moses offers a vital example. The scriptures declarethatMoseswasindeedthemeekestpersoninhisday (Numbers12:3).Acarefulstudyofhisliferevealsthat,forthe mostpart,hewassubmittedtoGod.Heconstantlyconsulted with Him, several times spending days on end at the top of Mount Sinai with God (Exodus 19:3). Moses never did as he pleasedinrelationtothepeopleofIsrael. Everythingthathesharedwiththemwastheresultofcounsel he received from the Almighty God. The testimony of his life borewitnesstothisfactandasaresultweobservethatGod used him enormously. Submitting to God caused Moses to value the anointing to such an extent that he rendered great servicetoboththeLordandHispeople.Itispossiblethatthis relationship was premised on the fact that God often asked Mosestodomorethanhewasabletoaccomplishinhisown strength.

As he submitted to God, and therefore qualified to be His emissary, he soon realized that he needed to esteem the abilityofGod.EveryoftenMoseshumbledhimselfbeforeGod todoHiswill,hefoundoutthatGodrequiredhimtodomore than he was prepared to do. He discovered that God had an assignmentforhimthatwasbeyondhisability. This overwhelming sense necessitated a profound value for Gods ability that was inherent in the anointing. We can see thisinhissubmissiontoGodattheburningbush.There,God senthimtodowhathedfailedtodowhenhewasyoung.His own strength was proven inappropriate for the task of delivering the children of Israel when he was 40. Amazingly, whenheis80(twiceolder),Godcallsonhimtodowhathed failed to do before. Submitting to God was tantamount to confrontingwhathedfailedtodo.Onlythistimeround,God wasgoingtouseavesselsubmittedtohim.At80,Moseswas humbleandavailabletoconfronthisfailureinthestrengthof Almighty God. This time round, he was going to rely on God andnothisownstrengthorexperience.Andinordertodoso, MosesvaluedtheanointingofGod. Without this submission to God, Moses had previously attachednovaluetotheanointingashethoughthewasable to deliver Israel by himself. Consequently, he was met with dismal failure even though he was born for such a role. It is vitalthatwerealizethesignificantrolesubmittingtoGodplays inenablingusvaluetheanointing.

Ibelievethatthiswasalsothepatternintheministryandlife ofChrist.HewastotallysubmittedtoHisFatherandasaresult HesovaluedtheanointingthatGodputuponHislife.Several times He revealed how He sought to do the will of God as opposed to His own (John 15: 910). A critical assessment of thelifeofJesusrightfromhisyouthrevealedthishumilityand subordination to God. This is the reason that when he was asked to perform a sign for the benefit of skeptical Pharisees herelented.HevaluedtheanointingduetothefearHehadfor GodandsocouldnotpeddleGodsabilityasamereshowoff (Matthew 16:14). He knew that the anointing is meant for service and not for showmanship. This knowledge was the resultofHissubmissiontoGod. Similarly, his disciples submitted to Him as God and simultaneously grew in their value of the anointing. A clear demonstrationofthisisgiveninregardstoHislastinstruction tothemtowaitinJerusalemuntilHehadsentthemtheHoly Spiritwhowouldempowerthemforservice(Acts1:48;2:14). They obeyed and waited for the fulfillment of His promise whichcametopassonthedayofPentecost. Because they feared God and submitted to His Son, they similarly valued the anointing of His Spirit that would enable themtoserveinthepurposeoftheirLord.Severaltimesinthe bookofActsweseethissubmissionnotonlytoGodtheFather and Son but also to the Holy Spirit. Several of the decisions theymadeweretheresultoftheirsubmissiontothewillofthe

Holy Spirit. Their testimonies bore the mark of their fear for GodandsubmissiontoHisSpirittotheextentthattheyboldly stoodagainstanykindofthreat. Whether it was the raging anger of Jewish leaders or the dangers of rowdy cities, whatever the opposition, they were relentlessintheirobediencetothecommissiontopreachthe gospel.Asaresult,theyreliedentirelyontheanointingofGod toaccomplishthewillofGod. The Apostle Peter for example, held such a premium on the anointing,valuingitmorethansilverorgoldormoney.Atthe gateofthetemplehedemonstratedthevaluehehadforthe anointing by ministering to a crippled beggar that sought to obtainmoneyfromhim.Hiswordsbluntlyplacetheanointing above silver or gold (Acts 3:110). Later on in his dynamic ministry,wecontinuetoobservethepremiumtheapostlehad fortheanointingabovelifeormoney.Followingthehealingof the cripple, he was arrested together with the apostle John and forbade by the religious leaders of the time from ministeringundertheNameofJesus.TheirsubmissiontoGod manifestedtheir value for the anointing above their own life. Theyobjectedtothisthreatconsideringitwasbettertoobey Godthanman(Acts4:1820). AndwheninSamaria,arichwitchsoughttobuytheanointing, Peterrebukedhimthus:

Mayyourmoneyperishwithyou,becauseyou thoughtyouwouldbuythegiftofGodwith money!Youhavenopartorshareinthisministry, becauseyourheartisnotrightbeforeGod.Repent ofthiswickednessandpraytotheLord.Perhaps Hewillforgiveyouforhavingsuchathought inyourheart(Acts8:2022).

Peter was clear about the value of the anointing. It is more thangold,silverormoney.Ithasagreatvaluethatcanonlybe revealed when we submit to God. His rebuke of the sorcerer sought to bring him to repentance and submission to God. If hehadindeed received the anointing for the price of money, hewouldneverhaveknownitstruevalue. Brethren, the anointing is far more valuable than money, than property, than life. Its the reason why Elisha burnt his plough, gave up his family to serve the man of God. His submissiontoGodledtothegreatrequesthemadeattheend ofElijahsministry.Notice,hedidnotaskforthepropertyhed givenuporformoneyoranythingperishable.Elishahadlearnt and walked a life of submission to God through his prophet Elijah and therefore had grown to know the value of the anointing.AttheJordan,justbeforeElijahwastaken,heasked foradoubleportionoftheanointing. Many people do not realize why someone will submit to the voice of God or walk under a servant of God. They do not

realizethatinsubmissiontotheLordyouwillberevealedthe truevalueoftheanointing.

Apureheartisanothermostvitalnecessityifonemustindeed appreciatethetruevalueoftheanointing.Obviouslythiswas lacking in the part of the sorcerer who sought to obtain the anointingforcash.Hisintentionswerenotgood.Hecertainly was not seeking the anointing to fulfill the will of God. Peter perceived his heart was not right before God meaning it was impure. Do you remember the men that the Lord rebukes in theendofdayswhowillcometoHimandsay,weperformed miraclesinyourNameandyetHedismissedthemasworkers ofiniquity?(Matthew7:2123). The Lord knew the day would come when people would not appreciate the true value of the anointing and would in fact abuse it for their own ends rather than for service and glorifyingtheLord.AsservantsofGodweoughttobecareful tokeepourselvespuresoastohaveaproperappreciationof the anointing. Part of the reason why God does not rush to anoint a person is the improper motives they may have in relationtotheministryoftheHolySpirit.

Remember that it is better that ones name is written in the lambsbookoflifethantobeabletodoallthemarvelsofGod andafterwhichlooseyoursoul.ThiswasJesusconcernwhen he sent the disciples to minister in twos and they returned testifyingofthewondersofGod(Luke10:120).Lackofapure heartwillexaltthevesselthattheLordusesratherthanthe Lordofthevessel.Sadlythisisthestateofmanyservantsof God today. Many are rather concerned about their status among men, bothering with who is more anointed than the otherormoreseniorthantheother,andnotconcernedabout theLordoftheanointing.Inablindquestforselfglory,many havevaluedthemselvesevenmorethantheanointingandlost theirsouls. In some instances, the impure motives have degenerated to such an extent that there are those that are not ashamed to peddle the anointing for profit. The ministry of the anointing has in these cases been reduced to a business of money. Whatevertheanointingcandohasinthesecasesbeenpriced at a financial sum. Typical of witches and psychicmediums somehavesoldthegiftofGodforaservice.Iknowofservants ofGodaroundtheworldthatwillchargeafeeforahealingor special prayer. Precious saints and ministers of the Lord oughttobeawarethatfreelyhavewereceivedandfreelywe give (Matthew 10:8). What the anointing is able to do is far exceedinglymorethanmoneycaneverbuy.

This was the same problem Judas had as the financial administratoroftheLordsministry.Hestolefromthemoney bag because he was a selfseeker that did not have a pure heart unto God (John 12:6). It has to be one of the New Testament tragedies that he let his impurity grow to such a devastatingpointthatheinfactsoldtheAnointedOneandHis anointing forthirty piecesof silver(Matthew26:1416). Jesus calledhimasonofperdition. Theproblemwithanimpureheartisthatitcausesapersonto betotallyselfconceitedandoftentimesoneloosestheability tojudgecorrectly.HowelsecouldoneexplainhowJudassold theBreadoflifethatfedandsustainedhim?Ratherthanlook to Him who was the source of everything, he looked to the HighPriestandtheLordsenemiesforalittlesomething.He forsook his glory for lying vanities (Jonah 2:8). In the end, he lost everything including his soul. Judas offers an everlasting caution for all those who have access to the Lord and His powertobepureinheartsoastohaveacorrectvalueofthe anointingthatwillenableonetoglorifytheLord. The other side to this involves those who for short of a pure heartmocktheanointing.Inasense,thisiswhereasignificant sectionofourpresentgenerationisat.Therearemanytoday, evenamongthebodyofChrist,whomockandscornatwhat the Lord is doing by means of the anointing. The impurity of their heart has made them skeptical and even abusive of the

anointing. At the time of Jesus, this was the prevalent circumstancesthatsawhimpersecutedandquestionedforthe worksHedidbyreasonoftheanointing.SeveraltimesHewas questioned by what authority He did the things He did (Luke 20:12).Themoderatecriticsmockinglyaskedforasign(Luke 11:16). The radical ones conspired to kill him (Mark 12:12). Some even accused Him for using the power of Satan (Luke 11:14 15). Their impure hearts had closed their eyes to the longawaited Messiah of Israel. They could not value the anointing that was upon Him. There were those who were accustomed to Him because he had grown among them and were even offended by the anointing on His life (Matthew 13:55).AsaresultHecoulddofewmiraclesamongthem. IsaythistosaythatmanyhavenotseenGodbecausetheyare impure in their heart. They will never know the true value of the anointing because their impure hearts will cause them to doubt and harass the very move of God they may even have beenwaitingfor. Ifwekeepourheartspure,thenwewillcauseGodtorevealto us the true value of the anointing. The testimony of Jesus is certainly critical in this regard. He was the most anointed vessel that ever walked the earth because He was also the mostpureheart.Hesoughtgoodandnotevil.Helivedforthe glory of His Father and sought to do His will even to death. Consequently, God filled Him with the anointing beyond measure and He went about doing good and healing all who

wereoppressedofthedevil(Acts10:38).Thatiswhatweneed today in this perverse generation. We need to seek God to keepourhearts pureandholyuntotheLordsothatthetrue valueofHisanointingbecomesknowntous.Whenthethree HebrewboysrefusedtobowbeforethebrazenimageofKing Nebuchadnezzar, they were revealed to the true value of the anointingastheydidnotburninthefire(Daniel3). Similarly,whenDanielwasconfrontedwithevilmenthathad maneuveredadecreeseekingtopreventhimfromprayingto God, he kept his heart pure in such dangerous circumstances thatGodrevealedtohimthevalueoftheanointinginthelions den(Daniel6:21,22).InJosephscase,hisrefusaltosleepwith thewifeofhisbossthatendedwithhisimprisonmentsawhis commitmenttopurity rewarded with arevelation of the true value of the anointing in Pharaohs appointment of him as PrimeMinisterofEgypt(Genesis41). A pure heart will necessitate God to reveal the true value of theanointingwhichismorepreciousthanfriends,silver,lifeor anypleasure.

SacrificeisanotherofGodswaysofrevealingthetruevalueof theanointing.Severaltimes,theLordwillexpectustogiveup something for us to really receive something better. A ministeroftheLordonceministeredamessagethathetitled

Ifyoucangiveitup,youcangetitall.ItotallyagreewithHim wherethegivingupforthesakeoftheanointingisconcerned. ThiswasthecasewiththeProphetElishawhenhegaveuphis commitment to his parents to follow Elijah; his sacrificial attitude caused God to reveal to him the true value of the anointing. Thereissomethingthathappenswhenweareabletosacrifice totheLordorbecauseoftheLordthatopensoureyestothe truevalueofHisempoweringvirtue. If one carefully studies the disciples of Jesus, they too were revealedthetruevalueoftheanointingasaresultofgivingup all their belongings and occupations to follow the Master (Matthew19:27).Peter,Andrew,JohnandJamesgaveuptheir fishing business to become fishers of men (Luke 5:8 11). Mathewdiditinstyle:Notonlydidheshiftfromhisprofession as a tax collector (which incidentally was one of the most lucrative of careers at the time) to follow the Lord, He celebratedthesacrifice.Thescripturesrevealsthathethrewa grandpartyinwhichJesuswasaccusedforhangingaroundtax collectorsanddrunkards(Matthew9:912). Tothiskindofpeople,theLordrevealedthetruevalueofthe anointing.Theysoonfoundoutthattheanointingwasableto reinstatetoevengreateramountswhattheyhadgivenup.He assuredthemthus:

Andeveryonewholefthousesorbrothersorsistersorfather ormotherorchildrenorfieldsformysakewillreceiveahundred timesasmuchandwillinheriteternallife.(Matthew19:29)

Myfriend,donotbeafraidofsacrificingforthekingdom.The anointinghasgreatervaluethanwhatsoeveryoucangiveup. In this regard, Jesus was explaining its ability to provide even morefamiliesandbusinessesthanyoumaybeabletogiveup. I suppose that this was the wisdom that guided Abrahams faithwhenGodaskedhimtosacrificehischild(Genesis22:1 2). He knew that the Lord had power (the anointing) that would give him another child. In any case, it had taken the anointing to give him the child. His sacrificial attitude motivatedGodtoundertakeanoathtogivehimmorechildren thanhewouldevercount(Genesis22:1618).Thetruevalueof theanointingisstillcontinuouslymadetohimasallchildrenof IsraeltogetherwithallthosewhobelieveintheLordJesusare both reckoned descendants of Abraham (Romans 4:16; Galatians3:29). Comingbacktothedisciples,Iamamazedbytheleveloftrue understanding the Lord enabled them to have pertaining to the anointing. They left all they had and joined him with nothing.Andyet,thereareseveralindicationsinthescripture thatrevealtheydidnotremainthatway.ApartfromtheLords guarantee,theyactuallygainedmuchmorewiththeLordthan

they previously had. One indication of their apparent wealth relates to the occasion the Master taught on how difficult it was for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven (Mark 10:1723). They were astonished and asked whether it was possible for anyone to enter the Kingdom. Their response demonstrated that they were wealthy people since they had taken it to be a challenging sermon to them personally. They asked,ThenwhoshallentertheKingdomofheaven?(Mark 10:26). If they had been poor people, this question would not have surfaced.Instead,asistypicalwithmanyreligiouspoorpeople, theywouldhavebeencontentedthatthericharenotgetting into the Kingdom. The fact that the sermon provoked them demonstrates that they were indeed rich people with the concern of getting to the Kingdom of God. The Masters promise of a hundred fold multiplication of what they had given up had already begun to manifest in their lives. They knew that there was an incredible value to the anointing so much that when he asked them to leave at one point they objected.Althoughatthetimetheyconfessedtothevitalityof the word, they also knew the value of the anointing (John 6: 67). This was also the case with Elisha who had given it all up to serve Elijah. When his master kept on sending him away, he firmlydeclined.HeknewthevalueoftheanointinguponElijah

andwasgoingtodowhateverittooktogetaholdofitevenif it meant sacrificing more (2 Kings 2). In the end, he got a doubleportionofitandlivedamoretriumphantlifethanthe onehewouldhavelivedhadheremainedthefarmerhewas. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most people. Many, even in the Church, are not aware of the true value of the anointingbecausetheywillnotletgoandletGod.Theyrefuse tosacrifice,holdingtotheirabilities,possessionsandrelations. They call it being responsible. A lot of people like this are toocarefulaboutearthlyissuesthattheyareblindedtothe value of the things above. The anointing is from above. It is theempoweringvirtueoftheMightyHolySpiritthathasbeen givenbyourheavenlyFather. In order for us to be able to partake of the true value of the anointingweneedtoadjustourthinkingfromearthlyissuesto heavenlyissues. Jesus, who probably knows the true value of the anointing morethaneveryothersouloffersusthebestexample.Hewas willingtosacrificeallthingsincludingHislifebecauseHekept HiscourseinobediencetothewillofHisFather.Severaltimes, HeconfessedthatHehadcometofulfillthewillofHisFather inHeaven(John8:16;55).Hetaughtustopraythatthewill ofGodisdoneonearthasitisinheaven(Matthew6:10).And when he was tested with this will in the Garden of

Gethsemane, He cried, Not my will but your will be done (Matthew26:39). AsaresultofHissacrificialattitude,HewasfilledwiththeHoly Spiritbeyondmeasureandoperatedinavalueoftheanointing unmatchedbyanyonebeforeHim.EvenHismostfiercecritics wondered whether indeed when the Messiah came he would perform as many miracles as Jesus had done (John 7:31). They missed the point for lack of knowledge: They did not know that the scriptures revealed that the Messiah would be mighty only because Hed been lowly. That it was appointed for the Messiah to give up His life as a ransom for many. In laying down His life, He would then be exalted above all creationreconcilingallthingstoHimself(Philippians2:9). Paul who was an expert on these matters, having himself sacrificed his former impressive life for the sake of Christ, cautioned us to share in the same attitude with Christ who although equal to God was in fact humble to the extent of givingupallinheavenandonearth.Hegoesontoexplainthat itisthisattitudethathascausedGodtoexaltHim,givingHima Nameaboveeveryothernameinheavenoronearthandthat at the mention of that Name, every knee should bow and everytongueconfessthatHeisLord(Philippians2:911). The true value of the anointing will be revealed to such a person. If you can give it up, you can know the value of the anointing.


AlotofpeoplelacktheknowledgeofGodandasaresultthey live a life limited by the circumstances of this world. They glorify every challenge they face. In fact, the problem is compounded, made worse, by the fact that a lot of believers tendnotonlytohavealackofdivineorrevelationknowledge ofGodbutalsodemonstrateagreatamountofknowledgeof theirdifficulties.Andwhileitistrueasthescripturesadmonish ustonotbeignorantaboutthedevilswiles(tricks),therehas gottobeabalancehere.Somepeoplejusttakethedevilthing toofar.Amazingly,thereareevenministriesthatarebasedon what the devil can do or/and has done. It is so sad to find believersthataresoinclinedtowhatthedevilisplanningfor their lives or what he has done in their lives. There is, in a sense,akindofdevilglorificationamongthiskindofpeople. Consequently, I have observed that they often bear a life constantly trodden by the devil. More often than most, their livesareproblemriddeninacycleofonedevilincidenceafter another.ItisjusttragictowitnesssonsofGodwhotheSonset free, and are supposed to be free indeed, demonobsessed, possessed or/and oppressed. In circumstances like this, it becomes difficult for this kind of believer to have a true understandingofthevalue of the anointing. On thecontrary,

they will be more aware of the power Satan and his demons wieldthantheawesomepowerofGod. This was a significant problem with the children of Israel. Severaltimestheyknewmoreaboutillfortunethantheywere conscious of what God can do. Often times they did this in spiteoftheverygloryofGodrevealedamongthem(Numbers 14). ItbegunwithAdam:InmyotherbookHolinessisDominion IrefertowhatreallyhappenedattheGardenofEdenwhen Adam lost it. Having been created by God, given by God all authorityonearth,andplantedintheGardenofPleasure,yet Adam lost all he had been given by God. Many like to say he lost it because he disobeyed God. True but it is more serious thanthat.AdamandEvelosteverythingbecausetheystopped beingconvincedaboutwhatGodwasconvincedabout.When Satan showed up in that garden, he succeeded in changing mansknowledgefromwhatGodhadrevealed.Hecausedman todoubtGodandbelievealie.InthemidstofGodsglory,yet because Adam believed a lie he lost consciousness of Gods power. Similarly, the children of Israel several times complained againstGodinspiteofthefactthatGodwasrevealinghisglory to them. In the wilderness, they were several times more awareoftheirplightthantheywereofthepresenceofGodin their midst. It did not matter to them that God had just

performed a great deliverance for them from the house of Pharaoh,orthatHewasamongtheminacloudbydayandfire by night. They just were more aware of their bad circumstances. They would complain about food or water in spite of celebrating a God who had done wonders before them. Even though they had seen His awesome power displayedwhenHesplittheRedSeaandmadeawayforthem, they still complained that they would never be able to take over the Promised Land (Numbers 14:14). They never acknowledgedthepowerofGod. TheywalkedwithGodsservantMoseswhoGodhadanointed to deliver them and take them to the Promised Land and yet theygrumbledandmumbled. Markthis,theyknewaboutGodbutdidnotknowHim.There is a big difference. In the end, they all perished in the wilderness. Not because there was no commitment on Gods part to deliver them safely and sound but more so because they refused to know Him and His power. They knew about HimbutfailedtoknowHim.Intheend,theydiedforlackof knowledge(Hosea4:6). I am convinced that this is a huge problem among many believers today. Many have nothing more than a form of godliness that denies the power thereof. Often times it presents itselfinasetof religious rites and observations that amount to nothing more than some cultural expression with

no bearing to the revelation of God. A lot of it is the accumulation of studies made about God and bears an attempt to understand Him within the finite realm of human intellect. Thatissimplywhatreligionis:MentryingtounderstandGod in their terms. They think that God should be understood withintheirculturalorsocialcircumstances.Iftheygetbetter thanthat,andthatiswherealotofmodernChristianityfinds itself,theyaddhistorytotheJewishpeople.Andthatsit;most religions are just a collection of human studies about divine things (Please study my other book FAKE or FAITH: ExperiencingGodBeyondReligion). ItsadtoobservethatChristianityhasbecome,formostsaints andevenministersoftheword,adedicationtohistoricaland socialaspectsoftheJewishpeopleaswritteninthebible. Thatiswhyitissodifficulttogetpeoplelikethistobelievein the supernatural. They are convinced that miracles and prosperityremaininthebookandisthereforeathingoflong timeagoandnottoday. Many believers are caught in this web of deception and limitationandasaresultarenotawareofthetruevalueofthe anointing. As important as knowing about God is, it is not sufficient for the day. The Church needs to go beyond this to actually knowingHim.Infact,itisuntilwereallyknowGodthatwecan

even understand the scriptures. The religious people in the days our Lord Jesus ministered in Jerusalem misunderstood thescripturesbecausetheydidnotreallyknowGod. In one instance, Jesus went so far as to rebuke them for not knowingboththe scriptures and thepower of God (Matthew 22:29).Inyetanother,heridiculedthemformakingtheword of God ineffective by their traditions (Mark 7:13). In this rebuke we are actually brought to a better understanding of theproblemwehavetodayamongthosewhoprofessreligion ratherthanGod.ForfailuretoseekandknowGodforwhoHe really is, many have strayed in seeking to interpret the scriptures to suit their own ends wrapped as it were in traditionsofmenandasaresulthavealsoremainedignorant of the power of God. They say healing stopped with the apostles because they do not know the power of God. They ridicule what they call the prosperity gospel because they do not know the word of God. A lack of knowledge of the scriptureswillresultinafailuretounderstandthetruevalueof theanointing. Thisisveryvitalforeveryonebecauseifthetruthweretoldwe have immense gain in getting to know the true value of the anointing.Itisnecessaryfortodaywhenweareentrustedasit werewithwrappingupGodslastmoveonearth.Inorderthat wedothisweneedtogettobelikeMoseswhoknewtheways of God rather than just the miracles of God. We need to go

beyond knowing about God to actually having a firsthand encounterwithHim.WeneedtoknowGod. WealsoneedtomovebeyondknowingthehandofGodand seektoknowHisheart.HeisagoodGod,aneverpresenthelp intimesofneed(Psalm46:1). Moses knew this. So when the children of Israel were complaining and murmuring, Moses was beseeching God. While they accused God for bringing them to the wilderness, MoseswaspursuingGodinthemountain.Whiletheyreveled in wild orgies worshipping idols, Moses sought to know the glory of God. In the end, a compassionate God responded to MosesfaithbyhealingandprovidingforIsrael.TheyknewHis miracles,whileMosesgrewmoreintheknowledgeofGodand Hisways.ThemoreofGodMosesknew,themorehebecame awareofthetruevalueoftheanointing.WeknowthatMoses knew the true value of the anointing because he obeyed the Lord.Whenyouareawareofthetruevalueoftheanointing, you will obey the instructions of the Lord even when they seemtotallyoutoftouch. God had told him that he would deliver Israel with his shepherdrodandithadhappened.HeknewthatGodhadput his anointing on that thing to deliver His people. We see severaltimeshowhehadatruevalueoftheanointinginthe obedience he walked in. When the children of Israel needed healing from the snake bites, he knew that there was an anointingthatwouldhealalloftheminthebronzeserpentthe

Lordtoldhimtomake.Andwhen,thechildrenwentinbattle, he knew there was an anointing in the lifting up of his hands that was mightier than both armies that were in battle. He knewthisvalueoftheanointingbecauseheknewtheLordof theanointing. WetooneedtoknowtheLordandthereforegaininhavinga truevalueoftheanointing.ThereasonJesusChristmovedin such a manifestation of power that so amazed many in His ministry on earth was more than anything else because He knew God. Jesus had a deep understanding of God premised fromthefactthatHewastheOnlyBegottenofGod.Hesaidas much,severaltimesreferringtoGodasHisFather(John10:29 30).Atoneinstance,HeevenlaidclaimtoknowingGodmore thananyoneelsewhenHesaidthatnoonehadseenGodbut Him(John6:46). TheapostlePaulactuallytookittoanotherlevelwhenHesaid inPhilippiansthatJesusdidnotconsideritrobberytobeequal toGod(Philippians2:6).JesusHimselfhadadmonishedPhillip saying, Dont you know that whoever has seen me has seen theFather(John14:9).HeknewGodmorethananyoneelse andinfacthadcometorevealGodtomankind.Consequently, he had a complete knowledge of the power of God, a true valueoftheanointing. And heres the catch: God will never entrust anyone with a blessing they do not understand. A blessing in the hand of a

fool is a curse. Well, because Jesus had a true value of the anointing, God gave Him the Spirit without measure. He had moreanointinguponHislifethanthefinitemindofanyhuman wouldbeabletocomprehend. The reason the apostles operated in such great demonstrations of the anointing can be traced to the revelation of knowledge they had concerning the Lord. They did not just know about Him, they went further to actually knowing Him. Observe the authority of Johns introduction in hisfirstletterwhenheclaims:
Thatwhichwasfromthebeginning,whichwehaveheard, whichwehaveseenwithoureyes,whichwehavelooked atandourhandshavetouchedthisweproclaim concerningtheWordoflife.1John1:1.

In conclusion to the same letter, he reiterates this when he says:

WeknowalsothattheSonofGodhascomeandhas givenusunderstanding,sothatwemayknowHim whoistrue.AndweareinHimwhoistrueeven inHisSonJesusChrist.HeisthetrueGodand eternallife.1John5:20.

HehadmorethansurfaceunderstandingconcerningtheLord. To him, the revelation of God in Christ was more than an

accountofhowGodanointedaman.Whileothersatthetime oftheLordsministrywerecontentonmaterialsaspectssuch as bread and fish or debated whether He was one of the prophetsoreventhelongawaitedMessiah,ChristwastoHim the omnipotent One who had coexisted with God from the beginning and was indeed God Himself (John 1:1). He had a deep revelation which He not only heard about but had actually experienced in person. He had testimony on it and couldnotkeepquietaboutit. JohnclearlyimpliesinhisgospelthattheaccountoftheLords life he has compiled was not a mere brief on the Lord as it were,asmuchasitwasameanstoenablepeopletoactually believe in Him. By writing what He knew about the Lord he neverthelesshopedthatthosewhoreadwouldactuallyknow the Lord and not just about Him (1 John 1:3). He was not content that people should just read about the Lord. Rather, hesoughtthattheywouldgetarevelationoftheLord. Unfortunately,thatisallthatreligiondoes.Anumberofsects thatprofesstheLordhavenotmorethanknowledgeaboutthe Lord. Most of them remain on the surface of historical and philosophicalunderstandingwithoutanyprofoundexperience oftheLord.Consequently,theyarerobbedofthepowerthat accompaniesrevelationknowledge.TheLordremainstomost of them an abstract subject that bores them every Sunday

instead of being the Living Bread that satisfies all their daily needs. Without revelation they perish! That is why the Lord warned, Not all who call me Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 7:21). In my other book Fake or Faith, I actually make a serious discussion about the difference betweenbelievinginGodandbelievinglikeGod.Religionmay makeyoubelieveinGodevenasthedevildoesbutitwilltake revelation for you to believe like God. And there is a whole worldofdifferencebetweenthetwo. Paul, another of the apostles, however one that did not fraternize with the Lord during His ministry enough to know about Him, yet received the same revelation of the Lord that Johnhad. The example of Paul is perhaps one that some outside the Christian faith would relate to: Here was a man that had no experience with the Lord before his conversion. Instead, having gathered some knowledge about the Lord, he was actually antagonist against those who had known the Lord. KnowingabouttheLordcaninfactbemisleadingasitdepends from which source one is getting their education on who the Lord is presumed to be. Some religions in the world know something about the Lord, although what they know about Him is mostly misleading. Some of them have been blinded

fromknowingtheLordbywhattheyactuallyknowaboutthe Lord. Unfortunately,thereareindeedsomesectsthatasaresultof theinadequateknowledgeabouttheLordtheyhave,theyare rather critical and in fact in some cases outrightly hostile against those who know the Lord. In Pauls case, he went aboutpersecutingthosewhoknewtheLordtillhehadhisown encounter with the Lord on his way to yet another city to persecutetheChurch. I say this to emphasize a most important issue: Everyone needstohaveapersonalencounterwiththeLord.Itdoesnot matter what knowledge one may have about the Lord, whether it is from the right sources or from the wrong one, everyoneneedstohaveapersonalencounterwiththeLord. Withoutit,onecanneverbegintoknowHim.EvenasIwrite orasyouread,IpraythatyouwillbegintoencountertheLord. IpraythatyouarenotonlypersonalwithHisinformationbut youwilldeepenfurthertogetpersonalwithHisrevelation. From the time Paul encountered the Lord, he was never the same again. It changed him for life. Knowing the Lord caused him to scrutinize and dismiss all the false knowledge he had abouttheLord.Thatiswhattheworldneedstoday.Theydo notneedourpreachingasmuchastheyneedarevelationof theLord.

Mark this: I am not against ministering the word per say. Rather, I am for the ministry of prayer and the Might Holy Spirit causing a revelation of the Lord among those who receive the word of God. It is not enough for us to preach. Preachingaloneorevenbookslikethiscannotsavetheworld. What they need to back up the efforts of those like me who theLordhascalledtoministerHiswordisarevelationofwhat wearesayingorwriting. This is why Paul, writing to the Corinthians in his first letter assuresthemthus:
Mymessageandmypreachingwerenotwithwise andpersuasivewords,butwithademonstrationof theSpiritspower,sothatyourfaithmightnotrest onmenswisdom,butonGodspower(1Corinthians2:45).

That is what the world and even the Church of Jesus Christ needs.AlivingfaithbasedonatrueknowledgeofGodandHis SonJesusChrist.Withoutthisknowledge,revelationinsight,all wehaveisanotherreligionandafaithcontrarytothatofthe apostles. Without revelation, we cannot value the anointing. In fact, there are among several ministers that discount revelation knowledge, many that will not be bothered if there was no tangiblepresenceoftheLordintheirservice.Theywillnotbe botherediftherewasnomanifestationofGodspowerintheir

meetings.Asfarasagoodnumberofthemareconcerned,the anointing is both some ritual that is practiced and its results, somethingthatisclosedinthebibledaysoftheapostles.They will not seek for a personal encounter or fresh revelation of the Lord and His power. In stead, they prefer to spend their daysinreligiousritualismandnastycriticismofthosewhowill actuallyvaluetheanointing. Revelationknowledgeisofutmostimportanceifwearetobe abletogetatruevalueoftheanointing.Itissomethingworth sacrificingfor.Although,theapostlePaulwasagreatpreacher and teacher of the word, he also was a man that valued the anointing.Heknewthatmorethanwords,whatpeoplereally needistheKingdomofGodinallitspower.Andheknewthat theycouldnotrealizethisgreatpromiseoftheMasterhereon earthwithoutarevelationofGod. This was his major concern when he wrote to the church in Ephesusstating:
Iprayalsothattheeyesofyourheartmaybeenligh tnedinorderthatyoumayknowthehopetowhich Hehascalledyou,therichesofHisgloriousinherit anceinthesaints,andHisincomparablygreatpower foruswhobelieve(Ephesians1:1819).

This was his earnest prayer then and it still remains a critical concern now. Without the enlightening of the eyes of our hearts,wecannothaveatruevalueoftheanointing.

AlthoughPaulknewrelativelylittleabouttheLord,heisrightly commendedforhavingunderstoodHimmorethanthosewho knew about Him, including even those who had walked with Him.Youdonotneedtohavespentallyouryearsinchurchto knowatruevalueoftheanointing.Manyhavedonesoandif thetruthistold,theyareactuallylostinthechurch! What you and I need, is a personal encounter with the Lord and a growing knowledge of Him. When this occurs, we will haveatruevalueoftheanointingwitnessingallthatGodcan do. I pray that all the body of Christ gets to this place; where nothingelsemattersexceptthatweknowHimandthepower ofHisresurrection!(Philippians3:10).

This is where many loose it. The old English adage is useful herewhichsays,Birdsofthesamefeatherflocktogether.If wereallywouldliketohaveatruevalueoftheanointing,we oughttobecarefulofthecompanywekeep.Wecannotever discoverthetrueworthofHispowerinthecompanyofthose who do not esteem the things from above. A lot of people thatarehostiletotheanointingarethatwaymoresobecause of the company they keep in than the convictions they have. They have a certain allegiance to the mob than they are actuallyconvincedoftheirdisputetothethingsofGod.

IsaythisbecauseIknowthatthereisaspiritinmanandthe breathofGodgiveshimunderstanding(Job32:8).Ifthetruth weretold,manypeopleactuallydesireadeeperrevelationof theunknownthantheyareactuallywillingtoadmitinpublic. They will gang around and critic those who have experienced God while deep in themselves they yearn for what they are persecuting. This may have been Sauls problem, who persecutedtheChurchwithsomuchzealalthoughdeepinhis soullaythecalltoservetheGodHefoughtagainst(Galatians 1:1116). His zeal was certainly the result of his allegiance to theSanhedrin(Acts9:12). The same social trap bedeviled another Pharisee, Nicodemus, whoslidawayinthenightfromtheradicalsectofPhariseeshe wasintoattendtoJesuswithsomeseriousquestionsthathis sectcouldnotsatisfactorilyanswer(John3:121). TherewerethoseyetwhobelievedintheLordbutforfearof the mob remained distant form Him (John 7:12). They fell short of a deeper understanding of Him because of the companytheypreferredtohave. It is amazing how Jesus who knew the hearts of people responded to this dynamic: When He spoke to the crowd (thosewhodidnotwanttobecloselyidentifiedwithHimbut wanted to benefit from Him in some way or the other), He spoke in parables. However, when He spoke to the apostles and disciples, He spoke plainly. The latter got a deeper

understanding because they were a different kind of fellowship. Whichfellowshipareyouin?Areyouwiththecrowdthatjust wants a miracle from the Master? Or, are you with the apostles and disciples that really need the Master of the miracles?Thekindoffellowshipyouareinwilldeterminethe kind of knowledge you will have. Those who waited for the miraclesgottoknowaboutHimandweresatisfiedwiththat, whilethosewhowaiteduponHimgottoknowHimandthey becamemiracleworkersthatsatisfiedothers. We ought to be careful about the company we keep. It may evenbethecasethatwehavegottoknowtheLordandthose whoweoughttoavoidusedtoknowtheLordandoncehada true understanding of the anointing. However, if we are not carefulwecanactuallyloseitall.SometimestheLordrequires thatwearestrictaboutourfellowship. I am reminded about the young prophet that was sent to rebuke the king with clear instructions to avoid eating with anyone.Havingaccomplishedhismission,theyoungmaneven refusedthekingsofferofameal.However,hewastrickedby anolderprophetwholiedtohimthatanangelfromtheLord hadsaidtheLordwouldlovetheyoungprophettodineatthe olderoneshome.Intheend,alionkilledtheyoungmanonhis journeyback.HelostitallbecausehedidnotobeytheLords instructiontokeeptohimself(1Kings13).

Thisisofcourse,aradicalrequirementtheLordwillmeteout occasionally to His servants. The point however, is that in order to have a true value of the anointing, we ought to be obedienttotheLordinregardswhoweshouldorshouldnot fellowshipwith.WhentheLordsenthisdisciplesonmissions early in the ministry, He forbade them from greeting anyone along the way (Luke 10:4). He was critical about this same issue. He knew the consequence the wrong fellowship can have on the understanding of the anointing they would have or/andtheircommitmenttoaccomplishthemission. AnotherexampleistheShunamitewoman:Whenshelosther childandrunlookingfortheprophettoreportthematter,she toldeveryonewhogreetedherthatallwaswell.Shewaswise not to elaborate to any of them the details of her case. It is probablethathadshetoldthehusband,hewouldhavecaused her to panic. She knew only to well that none of the people alongthewayknewwhatsheknewconcerningtheLordofthe prophet. And she was not even going to be swayed to fellowship with the prophets servant, who perhaps she may have observed while they stayed in her house, was not of considerablefaith. A closer study of Gehazi shows that her impressions were correct for although he walked with Elisha, he failed to have the same faith with him. She was selective about her fellowshiponthatmatterbecauseshehadatruevalueofthe

anointing.Intheend,thisselectivitypaidoff.Onlytheprophet wasabletoresurrecthersonbacktolife(2Kings4:837). Mydearfriend,becarefulwhoyoushareyourtroubleswith. If they do not share your knowledge of the Lord, they will only cause you to devalue the anointing and risk you the failure or threat you dread. On the other hand, if they share the same or even more understanding of the Lord as you do, they will inspire a greater understanding of the value of the anointingresultingingreatanswerstochallengesyouface. ThismayexplainwhyElishahimselfdidnotspendallhistime in the company with the prophets in Bethel and Jericho. AlthoughtheyknewabouttheGodofElijahenoughtotellhim, they didnotknowHim. They knew what He was about to do withoutnecessarilyknowingwhoHewas.Alotofchurchfolk arelikethat:TheymayknowallthatGodhasdone,isdoing, and about to do but they do not know the God they know about. One means of detecting this is how much value they attachtotheanointing.InElishascase,theyheldnoparticular significance to the anointing. They just speculated on the departure of the prophet unbothered about who would partake of his anointing. Elisha, on the other hand, knew better: He separated himself from this company of prophets andpersistentlyhookedupwiththerightfellowship,Elijah.

That is why numbers never really bother me. I would rather walk with one man that has a true understanding of the anointing than stick it with a crowd of religious freaks that are up to no good. Elisha chose better than numbers, even when the one guy he was yoked to was leaving anytime. It musthavetakenquiteasignificantknowledgeofGodandHis powerthatmotivatedhimtoendurethisexperience.Areyou able to seek the anointing away from the usual? Will you separate yourself from everybody to find God with somebody that really means business? If you do, you will get to understandthetruevalueoftheanointing.Inthe end,Elisha wasabletoaskforadoubleportionoftheanointingbecause he had come to an understanding of the true value of the anointing. Insomecases,manywhobeginwiththetrueunderstandingof theanointingandeventherightfellowshiploseallwhenthey changefellowship.Itisveryimportantforustorealizethatin theKingdomofGod,itisnotsoimportanthowyoustartasitis how you finish. It may be the case that you begun with the rightfellowship butwhatis thecompany you finish with like? InthecaseofSaul,hebeganhiscourseintherightfellowship. Whenhewaslookingforhisfathershorses,hehadthegood companyofaservantwhotoldhimaboutthepossibilityofthe anointing on the prophet Samuel enabling them to find the horses (1 Samuel 9). This young man knew the value of the anointing.Becauseoftheyoungmansadvice,whenSaulmet

Samuel,hewasanointedtobeKingofIsraelandfromthenon keptaclosefellowshipwiththeprophetandtheprophetic. Soonafter,hemetacompanyofprophetsalongthewayand prophesiedwiththem.Whenhedid,hehadgreatfellowshipin the Holy Spirit (1 Samuel 10:912). For a time after that, Saul spenttimeinthecompanyofthosewhofearedtheLordand valuedtheanointing. However,afterhebecameKingandwassurroundedbythose whodidnotknowthetruevalueoftheanointing,hebegunto loosethisunderstanding.Thislosecausedhimnottoobeythe instructionsoftheLordandtobepresumptuousofwhatwas necessarytopleasetheLord. Thatiswhathappenswhenwedevaluetheanointing.Wetake mattersintoourhandsandassumethatweknowbetterthan Godwhatisneedful.AtthenadirofSaulsdownwardspiralto decadence, we observe a man who was more perturbed by whatthepeoplewouldthinkofhimthanthathehadactually losttheanointingtoruleIsrael(1Samuel15:30).Saullostthe kingdom because he valued the people more than he valued theanointing. The reason why he did so was simply because he chose to spendmoretimewithpeoplethatdidnotvaluetheanointing. That explains why he was so bothered that the people exclaimedthevictoriesofDavidmorethanhisowninsteadof

beingaffectedbytheanointingbywhichDavidachievedthese victories. He was blinded to the anointing on Davids life because he had chosen to esteem people more than the anointing. Sadly, this was Solomons problem as well. He began well, ofteninthecompanyofpriestsandprophetsseekingtoplease the Lord. However, once he begun to marry women from foreignnationsthatdidnotshareinhis understandingofthe anointingandGod,hesoondisgracedhimselfbyworshipping theirgodsandsimultaneouslyunderminingtheanointingthat had made him king (1 Kings 11:14). A man who begun his reign chasing after the anointing completed it chasing after vanity(Ecclesiastes1:14). Like Saul before his father, the consequence of this evil fellowshipwasaclearlossoftheanointingandthereforethe righttoruleGodspeople(1Kings11:11). Brethren, the lessons are very profound and remain available forustobecarefulwhowesetcampwith.Laterthescriptures perhapsawareofSolomonsfateasaresultofevilfellowship cautionsthus:

I have seen quite a number of folk that begun earnestly seeking the Lord and in fellowship with those who value the

anointing. I have seen the same people over time begin to fraternize with others who have lost a fear of the Lord and a senseofthetruevalueoftheanointing.Somehavedoneitfor fear of being left out or for the desire of being counted in. Whateverthereason,theyhavefoundthatinthecompanyof doubters,players,liars,andlosers,theyhaveovertimelostthis valueoftheanointingresultinginthedownwardrecessionof theironceamazingandusefulministry. If we want to keep glowing from glory to glory, we need to seekfromtheLord,first,whoweshouldfellowshipwith.Not every Tom, Dick and Harry is good for your company. Not everychurchforthatmatterisgoodforyou.Neitherisevery conferenceorretreatormeetingorasthecasemaybe,every Christianmediaprogram. On the other hand, are those who have been strategically orchestratedbytheLordtobenefitourtrueunderstandingof the value of the anointing. Certainly in Elishas case, the company of Elijah proved to be a most vital ingredient in his life that brought him to such a correct estimation of the anointing as to keep him on Gods course of things. Without theelderprophet,itwouldhaveprobablytakenhimlongerto understandthevalueoftheanointing. Similarly, Aaron needed Moses in the same regard. The apostles also gained more than they could write about in associatingwithJesus.Everyoneneedssomeonethatwillspar

them in the right direction in as far as the anointing is concerned. OnecanclearlyobservethepositiveinfluencetheapostlePaul hadonTimothyhisspiritualson.Inoneofthelettershewrote totheyoungman,spiritualnurturingandmentorshipisgiven appropriatelightwhenheadvices:
Donotneglectyourgift,whichwasgivenyou throughapropheticmessagewhenthebody ofelderslaidtheirhandsonyou(1Timothy4:14).

PraiseGodforfathersinthespiritwhohavekeptatruevalue of the anointing over the course of their ministry and are committedtopassingitontoanothergenerationofministers. Many young ministers in the Lord need to seek the Lord to enablethemtheprivilegetoassociatewithgenuinefathersin the spirit who will uplift them in correct impressions of the anointingthaninfalsehoods. I for one, remain grateful to Pastor Robert Kayanja who has nurturedmetogrowingreatfaithconcerningtheLordandin trueunderstandingofthevalueoftheanointing.Inthisman,I have grown to know that the word of God is not another philosophy of man but a powerful deliberation that is accompaniedwithsupernaturalmanifestations.Myfaithwas groundedinthisexperienceunderhishumblecommitmentto

esteemthegospelwhichisthepowerofGodforthesalvation ofallthosewhobelieve(Romans1:16). Itisthepassionwithwhichhesobelievedandesteemedthe anointingthatmotivatedmetootherministrieslikehissuchas Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Benny Hinn, and Bishop T.D. Jakes. Althoughtheywerefarawayfromme,Ifoundfellowshipwith them through their materials. I would rather listen to Pastor Chrisoverandoverthanspendasingledayinthecompanyof achurchthatdoesnothighlyesteemtheanointingoftheLord. True as it may be that they may know about the Lord but if theydonotknowtheLordtheyprofessIamoutofthere.This isindeedonereasonwhyIappreciatetheLordforthebenefit oftelevangelism,productitemslikecassettetapes,CDs,DVDs, and the media of the written word. Through them we can fellowship with genuine servants of God and receive the anointing or/and the understanding of the true value of the anointing. Hopefully,thisbookwilldoforyouwhatIammentioninghere. In this regard, we also ought to be careful about the kind of literature or material we are exposed to. Not everything writtenorspokenintheNameoftheLordisgoodforyou.You needtobediscerningoftheanointingthatthesematerialsare carryinginordertoavoidhavingfellowshipwithsomeonethat willcauseyoutohaveapoorunderstandingofthevalueofthe anointing.

Who you associate with will more often than not tell how muchvalueyouwillattachtotheanointingofGod.Noticethe factthatfouroftheaforementionedrequirementsforvaluing theanointing,namelysubmittingtoGod,purifyingtheheart, sacrificial attitude and knowledge of God deal with you specificallyasanindividual.Thismeansalotofwhatyouneed to do to have a clear revelation of the value of the anointing requiresyourown work. However, yourisk loosing all if after youhavedonewhatyouarerequiredtodo,youassociatewith thewrongfellowship.Ifyoukeeptherightcompany,youwill havetherightvalueoftheanointing!

Talk is cheap. The world needs more than debates and arguments. The reason why we have been poor representativesoftheKingdomofGodisbecauseforthemost part we have an undervalued impression of the anointing. Therearefartoofewvesselsthatreallyesteemthepowerof God and what He is able to accomplish. As a result, our faith has been wrongly equaled with the religions of this world. Some have even gone so far as to join a world movement of religionsthatrecognizethosethatdonotesteemtheLordship ofChrist.Theyclaimthatallreligionsaredifferentexpressions ofthesearchofhumanityfortheunknownGod.

Itisamostprofoundshamethatamongthosewhoclaimthey believe in Christ are found those who also believe religions thatdonotrecognizeHisLordship.Tothiskind,Iaskthesame criticalquestionthatPaulasked,Whathaslightgottodowith darkness?(2Corinthians6:14).Hisparticularwarningagainst being equally yoked with unbelievers is especially useful to someoftheleadersoftheChristianfaith.ThatiswhyIalways saythatthereareintruthonlytwofaiths,namelythosewho believe in the Lord and those who believe in the devil in any varied guise he presents himself. Those who believe in the Lord are under no obligation to accept as equal those who believe otherwise. Let God be true and every man a liar (Romans3:4). Fortunately,theLordisalsoirkedwiththesedevelopments.To disputetheclaimsofotherreligionsweareenteringaseason of great glory for the Church when God is raising the standard.Thelightisgoingtooutshinethedark. I often say I have no time to argue with those who doubt Jesusauthenticityorevenmineforthatmatter(becausehe called me). I do not have that time. Instead of wasting time withsemantics andpersuasions, I seek the Lord to raise the standard. That is what is going to happen. The Lord is gatheringagreatarmyofmenandwomenwhohaverefused to bow to deception and is strategically positioning them to raise the standard. These people know their God and are the peopleDanielprophesiedwilldoexploits(Daniel11:32).

Asignificantqualificationforthismightyarmyisthetruevalue oftheanointingtheyhave.Theyknowtheextentoftheability the anointing is able to accomplish through a vessel that is wholly submitted, pure, sensitive and sacrificial to the Lord. Theyrefusetominglewiththosewhodoubt,donotbelieve,or arebusywastingtimeintheirownagenda.Thisarmywillraise suchastandardinourdaythatwillthoroughlyoverwhelmthe enemyandhiscohorts. Get ready to experience the God who answers by fire. In an evilworldwherethedevilhascomelikeaflood, theSpirit of Godisraisingastandardhithertounknownamongthemenof theearth.ThosewhovaluetheanointingmustseekGodmore than ever before that they may truly be enlightened to the truevalueofthesethings.Thereisashakingintheheavenlies and all professors of truth whatever their persuasion are being put in a balance. Those found empty will be put to flight from the scene no matter their historical depth or cultural relevance. Only those with a true understanding of theanointingwillseethegloryofGodincreaseamongtheir fold. I commit you to the Lord and to a deeper and more sincereunderstandingofthevalueoftheanointing.


Mantles are passing on today more than ever before. The anointing is urgently being passed on from vessel to vessel. Crucial in the exercise is the roleplayed by mentors/fathers. The mentors mantle is really the anointing under which they have been operating. The act of impartation is in a sense an admission by a mentor that they have only accomplished what they did by the power of God and that that is what it takes to fulfill ones mission on earth. It is also vital we understandthatpassingonamantletoanothergenerationis always in obedience to God and is carefully guided and determined by God. One cannot always pass on the mantle accordingtotheirpreferencewithoutconsultingwithGod. Any such exercise will only be formal but devoid of any potency. This was the experience of Isaac, Eli and Saul. AlthoughIsaacsfavoritesonwasEsauandnotIsrael,Goddid notpermithimtoimparttheanointingontheformer.Atthe critical time as he was about to die, Israel manipulated the ceremony of impartation and stole the blessing to Esaus dismay(Genesis27:140).InthecaseofElitheHighPriest,God removedtheprivilegeofspiritualauthorityfromthehouseof EliandbestowedtheanointingonSamuel.ThecaseofSaulis

evenmorerevealing:HereisakingGodhadchosenbyHimself toruleHispeople (1Samuel10:2). Unfortunately, because of hisowndisobedienceGodremovedtheprivilegeofleadership fromhisfamilytothatofthehouseofJesse(1Samuel15:23). This was in spite of the fact that Sauls chosen heir, his first bornJonathan,wasapparent.ButeveninthehouseofJesse, God did not leave it to Jesse to choose his firstborn and favorite,Eliab. Rebuking Samuel who had gone to perform the impartation ceremony for the next king of Israel and for a moment was considering Jesses choice God reveals how He makes his choices.Hesaidthus: Donotconsiderhisappearanceorhisheight, ForIhaverejectedhim.TheLorddoesnot lookatthethingsmanlooksat. Manlooksattheoutwardappearancebutthe Lordlooksattheheart(1Samuel16:7). Passingonthemantleisnevertobeacasualexerciseassome ministerstodaymakeitappearinrevivalconferences.Ittakes more than a laying on of hands for God to transfer an anointing from one person to another. Too many believers, and indeed, servants of the Lord seek to receive an impartation of anointing from one minister (usually one they highlyregard)withoutregardtothecostofthatanointing.

To be sure, God will test the heart to assume whether one canindeedqualifyforthesoughtafterimpartation,andifHe findsthatonesheartisnotreadyyetHewilljustnottransfer theanointing.Thatiswhyitissocrucialthatwhenweattend pastoral, leadership or revival conferences we first examine theconditionofourheart. The case of Elisha reveals just how serious the matter is: We donotknowhowlongElishahadbeenElijahsservantbefore he asked for the double portion of his masters anointing (2 Kings2:914).However,whatisclearisthattheyoungservant had evidently paid a dear price to reach that point in time. Previouslyasuccessfulfarmer,theyoungmanhadslainallhis oxen, destroyed all his tools, and given up his trade and propertytoservetheLordunderElijah(1Kings19:1921).His commitmentintheministrywascertainlyserioussomuchthat even when the prophet himself and other prophets discouraged him he still persisted in his service to the end (2 Kings 2:16). Even then, when he asked for the mantle of his master,Elijahstilltoldhimhehadaskedforadifficultthing(2 Kings2:10).Elijahsetacondition:Iftheyoungmanwitnessed hisdeparturethenhewouldindeedhavethemantle(2Kings 2:10). God must have considered the young mans faithfulness and permittedhimtopassthetest.Lateron,everyonethatknew hismastersministryconfessedthattheanointingofElijahhad comeuponhim(2Kings2:15).

The accounts of David and Elisha demonstrate that four attributesarevitalifanyonemustqualifytoreceiveaspiritual mantle, namely humility, faithfulness, obedience, and persistence. DressingsimilarattirewithaservantofGodcannevergiveyou theiranointingasDavid demonstrated whenSaulsoughtthat he wears his armor in the fight against Goliath (1 Samuel 17:3840). Neither does merely associating with a servant of God guarantee impartation, as it was not so much Elishas association with Elijah as his faithfulness and persistence. Elijah had after all had another servant before Elisha who never received the mantle (1 Kings 18:43 44). The other exampleofhowGehazi,Elishasassistant,missedthemantlein spiteofhisassociationandbecauseofhisgreedisevenmore instructive. It is also instructive that David did not assume the throne of Israel because of any assistance of Saul. Instead, once it was obvious to Saul that David had the mantle to rule Israel (and notJonathan)hehatedhimandchasedhimfromthepalace(1 Samuel 19). The point is that any virtuous person paying due diligence to the call of God and willing to suffer even to the point of death will certainly qualify for the anointing. The mantleisaprivilegebutitcomesataprice. THEPRICEOFHUMILTIY

Ihavewrittensomuchregardingbeinghumbleinthissubject oftheanointing.Thereasonisthatitissoimportantthatwe realize the premium God attaches to it. The anointing is a most valuable mantle. It is something that once one gets a holdoftheywieldenormouspowerandwillincreaseinevery aspect of their life. Consequently, the anointing will certainly empoweronetodothingstheypreviouslywereunabletodo. The anointing will positively change so much in the life of its bearer in many instances causing them to be advantaged beyondtheirdreams.Theanointingwillthereforepromoteits host propelling them to heights previously unaccustomed to them. If the particular person with this advantage is not humble they will certainly not glorify the Lord which incidentally is the primary purpose of the anointing. The anointingisessentiallyGodsempowermentforthepurpose of accomplishing His work and not for our own self glorification. Itisveryvitalforthosewhoareentrustedwiththeprivilegeof passingonthemantletobesocarefulinassessingthevessel thatispartakingtheanointingtherein.Thereisaseriousneed to be careful because if the anointing is not passed on to a humblevesselthenthewillofGodwillbefrustrated. ThiswastheseriousproblemthatthesonsofElimanifestedin thetemple.ItwascleartoGodthatalthoughtheywerelegally in positiontoqualifyfor the anointing to lead the children of Israel yet their pride was a stumbling block. The arrogance

withwhichtheyprofanedthetempleoftheLordandtheplace ofsacrificecausedGodtoseeksomeoneelse.Hischoicewasa rather unlikely candidate: To begin with, Samuel was young andentirelyinexperiencedregardingthewaysofGod.Hewas also not legally qualified in the sense that he was not from a priestly background. His background held the dubious setting ofapolygamousandstriferiddenhome. And yet, God will overlook all former considerations if he finds a humble heart that will minister to Him all the glory. Godknewthatinthisyoungman,Hehadtherightheartand conduct to accomplish His will. Spiritual mentors and fathers oughttobecarefulwhentheyareassigningopportunitiesand bestowing blessings that they will seek to favor the humble overtheexperiencedortheprivileged.Partofthereasonwhy previouslystrongministriesorchurchesonfirehavelosttheir formerglorycanbetracedtowrongchoicesbythementorsin whotopassonthemantleto.Theanointingshouldneverbe passed on the basis of carnal considerations like education, age, wealth, relation or appearance; all that is hogwash. Rather than getting the job done they will seek to gratify themselveswhileabandoningthemissionoftheLord. Thepriceofhumilityiscrucialiftheanointingmustbepassed on. Mentors owe it to God to test the vessels they are consideringtobestowtheanointingon.Andthisisnotentirely meanttosiphonoutthosewhoareeducated,wealthy,ofgood

appearanceorarerelatives.Itispossibletohaveahumblebut good looking servant or humble and educated servant who would qualify to receive the mantle. In fact these other benefitsarereallybonusestotheanointingandcanactuallybe positivelyintegratedtofurtherthemissionoftheLord.Aclear andcurrentexampleistheclassiccaseofProfessorAdeboye. This humble and contrite gentleman is nothing short of a divine legend in our modern times. A well studied and accomplished college professor of mathematics, yet when his pastorsoughtfromtheLordwhoshouldtakehismantleasthe OverseerofRedeemedChristChurchofGod(RCCG),theLord choseAdeboye. Atthetimetherewasconcernbecausehehadjustconverted to the Lord and was rather new to the ministry. Many in the ministryofRCCGdidnottakehimasaseriouschoice.Itdidnot matter. The Lord had seen his heart. He was humble. Even though he was questioned and criticized he did not defend himself neither did he hold any grudge against his detractors whoofcoursedidnotknowbetter.Insteadhepursuedthewill ofGodinearnest.Severalyearslater,Rev.Adeboyeisstillthe same humble man that the Lord chose and little wonder he hasbeensogreatlyusedoftheLord.BythehandoftheLord, RCCG has grown to be the fastest growing evangelical sect in theworldwithover10,000churchesaroundtheworld. Humilityisnoteasy.Itisaprice.Onemustallowtobebroken by the Lord in order to be used of the Lord. Often times,

several persons quit when the Lord is still working on them. Manywillcutshortthetrainingcoursethatisworkinghumility inthem.Theywillrefuseprematurelytobesubmittedundera servant of God. Often times, humility is an offense to many whofeelthattheyarebeingexploitedorunderminedyet theyaresomebody.Itisnotaneasypricetopayandyetitis a most crucial one if the anointing must be genuinely passed on. WhatmanywhoseektoservetheLordneedtorealizeisthat the ministry of our Lord is not only a privilege. More than that,itisactuallyaserviceandweareservants.JesusChrist spent three years nurturing this virtue among those who He wasgoingtopassonthebaton.Severalarethetimeswhenhe rebukedtheminthisoneissue.Hemadeitclearwhatspiritual authority was all about. When the sons of Zebedee provoked all the others with their irascible request to be sitted on his right and left in His Kingdom, He was quick to educate the offended apostles concerning the true order in His Kingdom. Hetoldthemthus:
Notsowithyou.Instead,whoeverwantstobecome greatamongyoumustbeyourservant,andwhoever wantstobefirstmustbeslaveofall(Mark10:4344).

Itistothosewhofollowthisorderthattheanointingmustbe passedon.

Itsamazinghowpeopletodayassumethattheministryofthe Lord is a junk yard of failures. It seems for a lot of folk that whentheyfailwithwhatevertheywereuptothenthethingto do is ministry. What is even more disenchanting is that often times they were not faithful at what they were doing in the firstplace.Youfindsomeonethatwasaparticularlylazyhand orevencorruptpersonbeingsackedandthentheythinkthat the ministry is the recourse for their failure. Ministry has become like a retreat career where all kinds of people are nursingtheirfailure. My dear, full time ministry is not full time foolishness. This perhaps explains why there are all kinds of fake ministers today.Itisjustremarkabletoobservehowitisdifficulttofind genuinely faithful ministers today among those who are serving the Lord. Many ministers are really pretenders that have only transferred their failure or corruption from other vocationstotheministry.Theirunfaithfulconductinprevious vocationshavemanifestedintheministry. IlkofthiskindmustnotbegiventhemantleifGodspurposes are to be fulfilled. On the other hand are another crop of people that will be faithful with everything else but ministry. They will attend to their businesses, homes, and other concerns with utmost faithfulness but when they get to the ministry they will pay only limited attention. I have seen

peoplethatwillbediligentandefficientonmatterspertaining totheircareersbutwhentheyareinvolvedinGodsworkthey are sloppy and outright disinterested. That is so sad considering that the Lord commanded that we love God with allourheart,alloursoul,andwithourentiremind(Matthew 22:37).AllegiancetoGodisaboveeveryothercommitment.I haveneverunderstoodhowpeoplecanrushforajobandthey willregularlycomelateforameetingoftheLord. Before passing the mantle, a particular measure of the faithfulnessofonescommitmenttoGodmustbeundertaken. The ministry of the Lord must be esteemed. It is the most useful,fulfillingandchallengingcareer onecaneverembark on.Itbearsthehighestresponsibilitymancanevershoulder. Wearedealingwitheternalconsequenceshere.Theserviceof the Lord is never to be taken as a second rate concern. Its placeamongallwhoarecalledisnothingshortofnumerouno! Unless one has demonstrated that they are diligent and entirelycommittedtotheserviceoftheLordtheyshouldnot be given the mantle. It does not matter whatever other qualification they have. If they cannot be reverently dedicated to the will of God, send them home. Sometimes peoplewillhaveanexcuse.Theywillsaytheywerenotableto attendtotheworkofGodforonereasonortheother.Tothis kind,Irefertheaccountofthemasterthethreeservantsand thetalents(Matthew25:14).Theservantthathadexcusesfor his ineptitude and laziness was seriously reprimanded and

severely dealt with by the master. The Lord sought to demonstrate the extent of dedication He expects from those whoserveHim. It does not matter the circumstance. We are not to hurry in passing the mantle to others. Several times I will read about how mighty servants of God like Lester Sumrall or George Jeffrey or Kathryn Kuhlmann seemingly passed on the anointing to a single vessel like Rod Parsley or Reinhardt Bournke or Benny Hinn respectively and wonder why it seemsliketheyanointedonepersonintheirentirelife?Why isitthatSamuelfoundonlyoneDavid?Or,whydidElijahfind onlyoneElisha?Or,whyisitthatJesusfoundonly120that caught it at Pentecost? The reason can be found on the fact that it was not as easy for them then as it is today to find faithful hands that the Lord could use. Passing mantles en masse may seem in vogue today but if the truth is told, not everyoneinthevenueiscatchingonthemantle.Mostofthe hype we see today is mostly drama that only the genuinely faithfultakeadvantageof. Wehavetorememberthattheanointingreallybelongstothe Lord,HeisLordoftheharvest.Heknowsmorethanallofus whoisfaithfulandwhoisnot. The amazing story of Benny Hinn catching on Kathryn Kuhlmanns mantle offers a serious point for observation. Although Benny was never a close aide or never closely

associatedwithMissKuhlmann(theclosesthecametoheris minister in her choir) yet, his diligence to the Lord was not hiddenfromtheLord. Passing on a mantle need not involve the traditional ritual of layingonofhandsassomehavealwaysassumed.Inthecase of Benny, he was able to catch the Kuhlmann anointing long distance. True as it were that they were indeed those who closelyassociatedwithMissKuhlmannandwhoinfacttapped the anointing upon her life, some of who she actually may havelaidhandson,yetitisBennyHinnwhoismostcreditedto have caught on her anointing than anybody else. The reason can certainly be traced on the fact that he was the most faithfultheLordsawamongallthatwereavailable. Jesus, teaching on faithfulness, stressed a most significant pointwhenheadvises:
Whoevercanbetrustedwithverylittlecanbe trustedwithmuch,andwhoeverisdishonest withverylittlewillbedishonestwithmuch.So ifyouhavenotbeentrustworthyinhandling worldlywealth,whowilltrustyouwithtrue riches?(Luke16:1012).

The anointing, as you may know by now, is true riches. It is notsomelittleenterpriseyoupassontoyourfamilyfavorites orsharedisproportionatelywithfriends.Itmustbepassedon tothefaithful.

Thepriceoffaithfulnessisyetamosttaxingone.Itis,thatis why it is so difficult to find faithful hands. Many people can claimtobeuntilyoutestthem.Notmanypeoplearebecause fewreallyeverhaveagenuineconvictiontoagivencause.The reason this is the case is really because it is not easy to have genuine conviction when most people are selling out, compromising and selfseeking. Faithfulness in the ministry is evenmoredifficultbecauseonemustbefaithfultoGodabove elseandtoHispeoplebeforeseekinganythingforthemselves. Itinvolvesacomplexparadoxofsacrificeandexcellence,self denial and competence. To realize this level of virtue in someone will take nothing less than the Holy Spirit. Several tests and challenges have to be thoroughly serialized for one tobeconfirmedasfaithful.Untilthepriceoffaithfulnesshas beenconvincingly demonstrated,the anointing should not be passedon.

Thirdly, the anointing should be reserved for the obedient. OnlythosewhoaregoingtobewillingtodotheMasterswill should be favored to be given His anointing. It must be understood that the anointing is for service and only the willing and the obedient deserve to have it. Without this virtue,notonlywilltheworkofGodbefrustratedbutrebellion ispossible.Beforetheanointingisgiven,onemustbesurethat the recipient will be submissive to the demands of the Lord.

The purpose of the Lord is forever established and awaits those who the Lord has determined from the foundations of the world to perform. I love it the way Paul presented this revelation when we he says, We are Gods workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which He set in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10). The Lord is not expectinglessthanperformanceofHiswillwhenHeanoints avessel. ItisimportanttorealizethatwhoeverGodanointshasadivine assignment to be performed. Consequently, the anointing must never be passed on to someone that is not aware of whattheLordseekstodoortoonewhoisnotmovedbythe needsoftheAlmightyGod.WhenGodspeaks,theanointed should never doubt, hesitate or decline. They can and must onlybidtheMasterswill.Davidputitthisway,OncetheLord has spoken, twice have I heard (Psalm 62:11). This is also what the apostle meant when he referred to himself as a prisoner of the Lord (Ephesians 3:1). As a servant of the Lord hewaswillingtoundertakewhatevertheMasterswillwas. The anointing should therefore be given to those who either byperceptionorbydemonstrationhaveshowntobewillingto dothewillofGod.Youcannotandshouldneverbeanointed tofulfill yourown will. WhenGod seeks a vessel He is really seekingHiswilltobedone.Consequently,untilsomeonehas demonstratedanabilityandagilitytoperformthewillofGod

theydonotqualifyfortheanointing.Thereasonwhythereis somuchdivision,strifeandrebellionamongmanyministersin the Church is because of the absence of the commitments of thevirtueofobedience.Therearefartoomanymasters(than servants)intheserviceoftheLord.Somanyarepreoccupied withtheirowndesiresandnottheLordswill. Several considerations in this regard have to be asked before theanointingispassedontoagivenvessel:Willtheparticular candidate for the anointing obey the Lords will? Are they submissivetoauthority?Cantheysacrificetheirowngoodfor the sake of the will of God? Do they fear the Lord? This was why the Lord gave Peter the leadership of the Church. The apostle had demonstrated a degree of submission and readiness to observethe will ofGod. Infact, in the particular incidencetheLordappointedhimtothisposition,heactually describedwhatservingasaminister in HisKingdomisabout. Hetoldhim:
Whenyouwereyoungeryoudressedyourselfandwent whereyouwanted;Butwhenyouareoldyouwillstretch outyourhands,andsomeoneelsewilldressyouandlead youwhereyoudonotwanttogo.(John21:18)

ServingtheLordisreallyoftenthecaseofdoingwhatyoudo not like to do. When we commit ourselves to serve the Lord, we have actually surrendered our will to His. Consequently,

beforepassingthemantleitmustbefirstproveneitherbythe Lord or by experience that one is going to be obedient to do thewillofGod. The call of God is above preference, principles, or privileges one may feel entitled to. The mantle should not be given to peopleonanyotherbasis.ItisnotfornothingthatJesusspent threeyearsteachingHisdisciplesobediencebeforeHepassed on the mantle. It should also be noted that the Father has given Him charge over all things only as a result of the obedience He demonstrated by descending from heaven and dyingfortheredemptionofman(Philippians2:69). To be sure, obedience does not come easily for most folk today.Mostpeopleprefertolivetheirlifepursuinggoalsthey set for their own benefit. Few are willing to commit themselves to fulfill a goal that does not relate to their own ambition.ThatiswhyIcallitaprice. In fact, serving the Lord comes at a high price. God expects nothinglessthancompletesurrenderandthemantleshould neverbepassedontopersonsthatareunabletodoso.Iam sure that among the many considerations God had regarding givingElishahisrequestforadoubleportionwasthesacrifice hed undertaken to give up his families land and trade to followtheprophet.Theyoungladgaveupeverythingtoserve the prophet. It should be noted that before serving the Lord, Elisha served the Prophet of the Lord. It is important that

beforewepassamantletoanyone,thereoughttobeaheart ofservicediscernedinthepersonpartakingoftheanointing. I am reminded about one of Africas fathers of the gospel, Bishop Arthur Kitonga who I met in the city of Nairobi. This amazinglyhumblemantooknoteoftheapostolicthrustofmy ministryandsoughttoordainmeasanapostle.Iwouldnotlet him do so, even though my ministry clearly functions as one until I had rendered him a service. I asked him to assign me some duties, some of which were not particularly apostolic. Even as an apostle, I still find myself seeking to serve under other servants of God. When we do evangelical meetings in cities or study seminars or music concerts, we often find ourselves having to work together, and many times under a coveringofoneministryoranother.Ineverreachacity,even when the Lord has clearly spoken to me about it, and then proceed to minister without first seeking to know who the elders there are. When I meet them, I then share with them the burden the Lord has given me concerning the area. Once we have agreement on this, I submit to the particular servant(s)asIdotheLordswill. Often times, it is not easy as we may have contrary views on what the Lord would have done and it seems that we should justwalkinanddoourthing.Andmanyaretherelikethatthat donotpaythepriceofobedience.However,Irememberthat Godisorganizedandworksinorder.Herespectshierarchyand

submission. It is not for nothing that the Lord has appointed elders in the Church and authorities in the spirit realm. Knowing that he lifts the humble provides the bonus I need andIfollowsuitwithobedience.

The most serious and costly price one will pay in ministry is persistence.ServingtheLordisnotashortpicnicasmanyfind outaftertheyrespondpositivelytothecall.Themomentone accepts to serve the Lord, they have just been conscripted in thearmyoftheLordandmustnowengageinbattlewiththe enemy.IhaveoftensaidthatifGodhascalledyou,youwillcry toHim.Wherethereisacall,therewillbeacry.Ohyes!The service of the Lord is often laden with challenges along the way.Thedevilandhisentireforceofdemonswillseektostop youfromservingtheLord. Whatshouldourresponsetothisdevelopmentbe?Shouldwe quit because we are challenged? Never! Jesus in fact set a most convicting standard in this regard: He warned that no onewhoacceptsthecourseofministryandquitsisworththe Kingdom(Luke9:62).Inministry,theprizeofpersistencewill wearoutthecostofresistance. I have spoken on the cost of ministry in the third chapter of this book entitled TESTED BY THE ANOINTING. In that chapter I explain how the anointing will often allow tests to

comeourway.Someofthetestsarepleasantwhileothersare painful. It is important for one to realize that once the Lord calls a vessel for His service He knows what they are coming against. This is serious business and should never be undertakenbythosewhoassumeotherwise. Recently, there has indeed been a revelation of Gods prosperity in a wider scale than ever before. As a result, servantsoftheLordhaveexperiencedunprecedentedlevelsof financial increase making ministry a most coveted career. Many young men and women have responded with such an interestconvincedthatwhentheyservetheLordtheywillbe asprosperousasthevariousservantsofGodtheyknow.Most of their references are the popular televangelists and major ministers that have built stadium sized sanctuaries of prayer. Most of them have and publicly bear their opulence and splendor.Somehavespokencriticallyaboutthisdevelopment, complainingthatservingtheLordwasneverintendedtobea prosperouscareer.Theyarguethattheministryissupposedto belowlyandhumble. I, for one, disagree with this crop. Jesus Christ provides the standard par excellence for ministry and His was no poor fit. The fact that He had a finance manager meant that He operatedinhighfinances.Andwhen HesentHisministersto the mission field, he forbade them from carrying gold, silver andamoneypursebecausetheyhadtheminthefirstplace.In

my opinion, the gold and silver is the modern day equivalent for serious currencies like the dollar, pound sterling and the euro. Additionally, He Himself assured His disciples that whoeverabandonstheirfamilyandfieldtoservetheLordshall inreturnbeblessedwith100timesmorefamiliesandfieldsin thislifetimetogetherwitheternallife(Mark10:29). Consequently, ministry is by truth a lucrative career. Why it wasnt so in times past and among some today can be blamedonignorance.Tobesure,Godshallblessanyonethat is willing to serve Him. However, this should not be the principlemotivationforservingtheLord.Theprimarymotive should always be the bidding of the Lord and the burden for souls. If one does not sense an omnipotent call in their life or/and have a genuine concern for the souls of men, they shouldnotventureintheserviceoftheLord.Iftheydo,they willnothavethegracetodealwiththeteststhatcomewithit. In fact, those who seek privileges and possessions in the ministry fail one of the tests that come with ministry. Many have been known to abandon the mission the Lord has assignedtheminpursuitofworldlyfameandriches. In fact one of the earliest challenges Jesus faced in ministry was this one. When the Lord was in the wilderness being tempted by the devil, he was offered all the wealth of the world (Matthew 4:8). If He had accepted the offer, He would not have accomplished the mission. Resolute persistence is

requiredtodaywherewealthisatraptheevilonehasplaced onthecourseofministry. The most profound example we have in our contemporary timesisthetragiccaseofPastorJimBakertheformerCEOand cofounderofPTLinAmerica.Ibelievehehadagenuinecallto serve the Lord. His beginning was right, called by the Most Highwithaburdentosavesoulsandtransformlives.However, as his ministry progressed and gained fame and success to such incredible levels Jim and his wife Tammy lost direction. The temptation of wealth cost them their entire ministry and marriage. Jim even spent time in jail serving sentence for fraud. His repentant book I Was Wrong is a modern day classicthatallaspiringministersoughttogetaholdof. And yet, Jim is by no means alone in this failure. There are countless others that have lost their souls in the course of winning others. Rather than be persistent for the Lord, their pursuitisdriventothewealthandprivilegestheministryloads ontheirpersonalestates. The more common detractor to ministry, however, is the daunting challenges that many suffer as they serve the Lord. Mostofthecasualtiesarefoundintheearlypartofministry. Only God knows how many quit so soon. Quite a number assume the call to serve with a double mind and will pursue ministry with another career or vocation. The trouble occurs whentheotherpursuitrequiresmoreattentionforonereason

ortheother.Inmanycases,ministryhasbeenknowntosuffer the consequence, especially when the other commitment is theincomeearner.Facedwiththechoiceofeitherwaitingand sailingthestormofministryorsettlingforanincomeearning career, many prefer the latter. I believe that is why Jesus cautioned that it is impossible to serve two masters at the sametime.Heplainlywarnedthatonecannotservemammon andGod(Matthew6:24). Apriceofpersistencehastobepaidbymanyyoungministers. OftentimestheLordwillrequirethatwegiveupanincomeor in some married cases, both incomes, to serve Him. Precious and I have paid this price. One year after our marriage, we decided to go full time in the service of the Lord. It was not easy for us as a young couple. We had needs, bills, even a salaryloanwewereservingwhenwetookthisdecision.Tobe sure,wepaidaseriouspriceofpersistenceforit.Asifwhatwe had given up was not enough, the Lord upped the stakes by commanding us to go to four countries to open up writing colleges.Itwasnoteasymaintainingourresidencebackhome, providing for ministers in the church, while at the same time travelingandbelievingtheLordthatHewouldseeusthrough. Therewasahighpriceofpersistence,whichincidentally,God graceduswithstrengthandfaitheverypassingday. Whether it is wealth or poverty, pleasure or pain, the mountain or the valley, persistence is vital for the service of

the Lord. The anointing should not be placed on people that havenotrackrecordforpersistence.Ibelievethatoneofthe reasons that may have inspired Jesus when He picked Peter was his persistence to catch fish through the night. Even thoughhehadcaughtnothing,heatleasthaddemonstrateda staminathattheMastermusthavefoundusefulforservice. Thepriceofpersistenceisvitalbecausetheenemyaminister confronts is a rather persistent one. Some of the breakthroughsthatonemaydesireinministrywilltakealong time coming. Not every devil will easily bow and cow at our appearance. Even in the ministry of our Lord, although there were devils that easily relented at His command, there were others that bedeviled Him till they saw His death. Consequently,ministersoughttobetrainedtobepersistentin the endeavors of the Lord. They ought to know that, while some cases may be easy, a lot of issues will be hard and will take longer to deal with than others. It is to those that have demonstrated this virtue that the anointing must be passed onto.

The Kingdom of God is not a selfish domain. Its most esteemed law is love. The Lord commands that we love one another.Inthecontextoftheanointing,weneedtoremember that it is indeed a take and give business. You cannot be an

indefinitekeeperoftheanointing.WhenGodanointsavessel, He intends that the vessel will serve others. Consequently, when we receive the anointing we are actually expected to passiton. Whatismoreisthefactthatunlesswegivewecannotreceive more.Isaythisbecausealotofpeoplewonderwhytheyloose theanointingtheyhaveorhad.IhavebeenaskedhowIkeep the anointing in my life. Often times, I have astonished my inquirers by revealing that I never keep the anointing. The surestwaytoloosetheanointingistokeepit. If we do not put the anointing in our lives to service, we will looseit.Thereasonthelazyservantlosthistalenttotheone who had profited 5 more talents was because he kept his talent. He was being too careful with what really did not belong to him. My friend, the anointing does not belong to you. I have heard of such a thing as my anointing or her anointing.Thereisnosuchthing.Thereisonlyananointing upon someone or the other but there is no personal anointing. To say something like Elijahs anointing or Isaacs anointingorPetersanointingiscompletelyoutoftouchwith the ways of the Kingdom of God. The anointing is never and will never be personal. It belongs to the Kingdom and is essentially for service. The proper way of addressing it is to saytheanointingthatwasuponElijahortheanointingthat wasuponPeter.

Topersonalizetheanointingistosuggestthatoneisamaster ofthemselvesandthereforehasachoicewhethertoserveor not,oreventoservethewaytheypreferwhichisnotthecase. Jonah could not choose better than God whether to serve in TachishorNineveh.AndMoseshadtofollowstrictinstructions onhowtostriketherock(Numbers20:212).Iftheanointing waspersonalwewouldhaveachoiceonthesematters. Sincetheanointingisnotpersonalandisforservice,everyone with it must get busy giving while those who do not have it mustgetreadytoreceive.ThatiswhyIcallthebusinessofthe anointingatakeandgiveenterprise.Ipraythatthisbookwill impartmorethanknowledgeoftheanointinguponyourlife.I praythatitwillactuallyanointyou,impartingadivineunction thatwillrevolutionizeyourlife.Iamsurethatevenasyouread it you will begin to sense and experience the impact of the anointing. MaydiseasesthathaveinflictedyourbodylooseyouinJesus Name! May mentalities and devils that have cursed you be broken in Jesus Name! May the Lord make a way where therewasnoway,mayHeturnyouaroundfromazerotoa hero, from a squalor to a spender, from grass to grace in Jesus Mighty Name! You can shout a huge AMEN! to that! Butafter,dontjustrevelintheLordskindness.Goyourway anddoforotherswhattheLordhasdoneforyou.Amiracle has the potential to reproduce itself. Whatever it is the Lord

hasdoneforyou,Godisabletodoitthroughyou.Freelyyou havereceived,freelygive! Dontjustkeepyourprosperity,passiton.Dontjustkeepyour breakthrough,passiton.Dontjustkeepyourhealing,passit on. God is still El Shaddai More than enough. I agree with brotherKeithMoorewhenhesays,GodisatoomuchGod! Ohyes,HeismorethanabletodothroughyouwhatHehad doneforyou.Thatiswhythewordsayswehavedefeatedthe enemybythewordofourtestimony.Whenyouhavereceived theanointing,passiton.CanGoduseyou?Youvegottoknow Hecanuseotherstoo.CanGodhealyou?Well,believethatHe can heal others too. Can He provide for you? Take it for grantedthatHecangivetootherstoo.So,letsnotkeepthis thing.Letsgiveanditshallcomebacktous,shakentogether, presseddown,runningover!Themorewegive,themorewe shalltake. Elijahpassediton.SodidIsaactoJacob,NaomitoRuth,David toSolomon,andJesustous.ThatisthewayoftheKingdom.It maybethatyoudonothavetheanointinguponyourmantle as Elijah was graced to have. But you certainly have a testimony or gift the anointing has enabled you to exercise. Passiton.Donotsitonit.ThatiswhatPaulmeantbyurging Timothytostirthegiftthathehadreceivedfromtheeldersby laying on of hands (1 Timothy 4:14). Paul was telling him to passiton.

Iwillevengofurthertosuggestatthispointforyoutopasson this book to someone else that needs to know about the anointing. Dont just sit on it or let it gather dust on your shelf,passiton!


AlthoughIamcertainthattheanointinginyourlifehasbeen stirred to another degree, I sincerely hope a firm impression hastakenoveryouasyouhaveread/studiedontheanointing.

Ihave laboredinlove to clarifythat though the anointing is gloriousitisnotcheap. Some would object to this suggestion and cite the scripture thatsays,Freelyhaveyoureceivedoutofcontext(Matthew 10:8).However,justbecausewereceivetheanointingfreely from God does not mean that it is cheap. A father may provideforhishomefreelyasmostgoodonesdobutitdont comecheapformany.Infact,ifaproperassessmentofmost free staff were made we would find that they are not altogether cheap. Some of them are indeed the most expensiveandcanbecostlytotheirrecipients. Takeforinstance,thegiftoflife:Whenweareconceivedthere maynothavebeenapricewepaybutthatdoesnotmeanthat our existence and life is cheap. This is similar to the genuine affection we may usually get from loved ones. Most of them may freely love us and share their lives with us at no price offeredonourpartbutthatdoesnotdiscountthebenefitsand costs of that friendship. In most cases, the benefits of such a relationship are gained if we are responsible enough to appreciate their premium, while the costs are sadly realized when we lose it. It is at this point that we realize how expensivethefriendshipthatwasfreelygiventouswas. Andthatishowitiswiththeanointing.Althoughfreelygiven toallwhobelieveinChrist,itsbenefitsarebeyondmeasure

and the costs of its absence or abuse further than we can appreciate. Anything of such value then requires utmost discipline to ensuremaximumutilityatminimumloss. Because the anointing is being given to more vessels in this generationthaninanyotherinhumanexistence,itmeansthat there is potential for both its benefits and costs to be experienced more today than in any other generation. Certainly the benefits are far more than many of our predecessorseverhopedtosee.Althoughwehavenothingso far to compare to Moses separation of the Red Sea and deliverance of the entire Jewish nation from the hands of PharaohorSolomonsfamouswisdomandextravagantriches orElijahscallforfirefromheaven,yetweareatthebrinkof seeingmorethantheysaw.Observethisprophesy:Thetimeis going to come and has come when God will empower His servants with such an anointing that entire nations will witness fires fall from heaven, seas give way and whole nationsdeliveredspiritually,financiallyandmentally. Whatwesawinthescripturesareoftentimesshadowsofthe time to come (Colossians 2:17). God is going to replicate in a far more outlandish fashion the same miracles of the bible. Remember,JesussaidwewoulddogreaterworksthanHedid (John 14:12): Get ready to see entire mass graves of people beingfilledwiththebreathoflife.Notoncebutseveraltimes,

entire mission teams will walk on water in full view of the world. Whoever said miracles are a thing of the past is in for a big surprise. Miracles, signs and wonders are taking place today and will increase with intensity, variety, and regularity. I agree with Kathryn Kuhlmann and Benny Hinn who earnestly havebelievedthatthetimewouldcomewheneveryoneinthe body of Christ will be healed and live in divine health. Those who suggest that any outlandish miracles are only to be demonstratedbytheantiChristorhisfalseprophetsareinfor arudeshock. Jesussaidmiraclesarethebreadofthechildren,meaningthat as long as there are children of God there will always be miracles (Matthew 15:26). These signs and wonders shall follow ALL WHO BELIEVE!!! Besides, the scriptures have prophesied that in the last days the people that know there God shall do exploits (Daniel 11:32). They will do miracles, signs and wonders that will far outweigh those wrought by falseprophetsandanyantiChrist. How do I know this? Well, for one, the Spirit of the Almighty Godhastoldmeso.Secondly(justtobackuptherhemawith logos),whathappenedwithMoseswasasigntous.Whenhe performedwondersbeforePharaohsodidPharaohsmagicians andsorcerers.TheysoughttodowhatMosesdidmeaningthat

Moses was the pacesetter while they followed. And yet, Moses miracles so outclassed theirs that at some point they hadtocommendthatGodshandwaswithhim(Exodus8:19; 10:7). Itellyoumostassuredlythatweshalloutclasseveryreligion, everywitchcraft,orotherpowerbyreasonoftheanointing. Christianprojectswillsoonoutpaceeveryotherprojectinthe worldwhetheritisconstructionandbuilding,entertainment, motivation,feedingthehungry,clothingthenaked,providing relief,evengovernance.Theanointingisgoingtocausealevel ofexcellenceamongsaintsbeyondtheabilityofanyhumanor angel. The benefits of the anointing are about to be released totheChurchinameasuretheworldhasneverseenintimes pasttothisday. This will be the case only because there is a release of grace fromheavenfor saints to pay the cost for this move. Oh yes, the cost of discipline will be more endured in this generation thanhaseverbeenbefore. Ithasbeensaidthatthisisaninstantgenerationinrelationto its impatience. Others have suggested it to be generation x referringtoitslossofidentity.Yetothershavedismisseditasa lost cause in reference to the gross indiscipline found among itsyouth. Well,thatiswhatthedevilwouldloveustosee.Hewouldlike us to be preoccupied observing his works. However, there is

anemerginggenerationthattheprinceofthisworldisafraid ofandhopesagainstallhopethatyouneversee.Iamtalking of the endtime Christ generation, a people that have been separated,saturatedandseasonedbytheanointing. Theyarenotanythinglikewhatisgoingonaroundthem.They donotmindbeingdifferent.Theydonotonlybelievethebible, theylivethebible.ThewordofGodistheircompassforliving andtheSpiritofGodtheirMaster.Theydonotonlywalkwith theSpirit,theyarewalkingintheSpirit.Theybearasenseof urgency.TheyknowthatJesusissooncomingandtheyhavea majorassignmenttoaccomplish.Thisworldmeansnothingto themexceptthelostsoulsthatneedtobewonandthewillof the Father which must be done. To this kind, anything goes father, mother, brother, sister, friend, husband, wife, business,whatsoevercomessecondarytothelovetheyhave forGodandtheirpurposeinHim. Whileeverybodyelseispreoccupiedwithgettingabetterlife for its sake, this crop of spiritual people is caught in the disciplineoftheanointing.Theywillnotseparatetheanointing from discipline or benefits from costs. Each carries his cross evenastheyareclothedinHisglory.Theyknowwhatitisto be high and low, famous and unknown, alive and dead, full stomach and empty stomach. To them death is but being absentfrom thebody and presentwith the Lord. Life, on the otherhand,istounreservedlyservetheLordandliveforHim

onlybywinningsoulsandstrengtheningthebodyofbelievers. TheyhavenocauseinthisworldexcepttheLord.Theyhave nocauseindeathexcepttheLord.Theyhavenocauseinthe after life except the Lord. They live and die, eat and hunger, suffer and enjoy, test and are tested for His glory. They are deniedbythosewholovethisworldandareacceptedbythose who love the Lord. They dont send missionaries. They are missionarieslivingforChristinacoldheartedworld. ThisisthearmyofroyaltroopstheprophetJoelsawmarching intheendoftime(Joel2:29).Theyarevictoriousandwillnot relentagainstthetideofevil.Theirbattlesarenotagainstany of the people in this world. No, they battle principalities and powers in high places (Ephesians 6:12). They love everyone andareobligedbyvirtueoftheirpersonandcallinginChristto love allmankind (1 John 4:7). Be that as it may, they are neverthelessenemiestothespiritofthisworld.Intheircourse todestroytheevilmachinationsofdarkness,theyarehatedby the world (John 15:18). Sometimes it is their immediate relationsliketheirspouse,siblings,parentsandacquaintances that will betray, ostracize or contend with them (Matthew 10:21). Some of these acquaintances will be fake apostles, prophets, pastors, turncoat believers planted by the devil to steal, kill and destroy their faith. Sometimes it is strangers or powerfulpeopleintheauthoritiesofthisworldthatwillseek toincarcerate,persecuteorexecutethem(Luke21:12).

At all costs they march on bearing the truth of the gospel. TheirlivesaresurrenderedtotheleadingoftheHolySpirit,the dictates of God, the motives of the Most High. They will not relent till the Kingdom is firmly established in the earth. For them, no price is too lofty to pay. No cost is too high to endure. They bear their cross and carry the Lords message, power and authority to an ending world that is lost in covetousness and carnality. Their greatest reward is not yet. Noonecanpaythemenoughandneitherdoesthisworldhave whatsoevertheyneed.Theircuriousappetitesshallneverbe entirelysatisfieduntil they beholdthe smile of their Master complimentthem.Theiraspirationswillfindfullrecompense at the Lords acclamation, Well done, good and faithful servant.Enterintoyourrest(Matthew25:21).Inthisworld, and in the one to come, they are by far the richest, the happiestandstrongestofall.

IfwesaythatJesusChristissooncomingtowrapuphistoryas weknowit,thenitisvitalthatwerealizethatamongthevital signsgiveninthewordofGodconcerningthisdevelopmentis thereturnofElijah.Elijahissupposedtooncemorereturnto preparethewayfortheMessiah.TheprophetMalachiputon themouthofGodandsolemnlydeclared:

Behold,IwillsendyouElijahtheprophetbeforethe comingofthegreatanddreadfuldayoftheLord:

Andheshallturntheheartsofthefatherstothe children,andtheheartsofthechildrentotheirfathers, lestIcomeandIsmitetheearthwithacurse(Malachi4:5,6).

Ofcourse,theLordisnotalludingtotheJewishexpectationof the first return of Elijah which did indeed occur when the prophetsmantlewasuponJohntheBaptist.Thefirstreturnof Elijah did not herald a great and terrible day as it were and neither was the primary function of Elijah at the time to reconciletheheartsofthechildrenandfathers.Itisinfactfor thisreasonwhyeventheteachersofthelawandthepriestsof histimedidnotrecognizethatJohnwasindeedElijah. It is important that we appreciate the specificity of function here in relation to the anointing and discipline: Notice that ElijahdoesnotfunctionoutoftheexpectationofGod.Heis anobedientvesselthatwillsubmittheanointinguponhimto the discipline required of him by the Lord; meaning that he doesnotdoashepleasesbutasitpleasestheLord.Observe that in his first appearance, Elijahs function was limited to revealingGodspowertopaganIsraelandonlyoncecallingit to repentance. The second time we see Elijah (in John the Baptist)weseehimpreparingthewayfortheMessiah,calling Israel to repentance, and hardly manifesting any power from above except that the anointing of his ministry is strong enoughtodrawallofIsraeltotheJordan. Consequently,onewillobservethatwhilethefirstappearance of Elijah emphasized the anointing, the second appearance

emphasized discipline. The first Elijah was a man of considerate power while the second one was a man of impeccablecharacter. So, what is the third Elijah like? Is he a man of power or of character?WillheappearfromtheancienttownofTishbeasin his first appearance or from the wilderness as in his second appearance? Beloved,thethirdElijahisnotathand.Heisalreadyhere.This timewithavengeancetodomorethanwhathehaseverdone before. Important to realize is the fact that whenever the scripturestalkofthereturnofElijahtheyarenottalkingabout thereturnofhisactualbodybuthisspirit.Thatiswhymanyin Israel, even those who were earnestly studying the details related to his return actually missed him because he did not come in the old form calling power from heaven but as John theBaptist,avoiceinthewilderness. In all of Israel, it was only Jesus that knew that Elijah had indeed returned, and he revealed the same to the disciples whentheyaskedhimaboutthereturnofElijah.InHiswords:

Tobesure,Elijahcomesandwillrestoreallthings. ButItellyou,Elijahhasalreadycome,andtheydid notrecognizehim,buthavedonetohimeverything theywished.InthesamewaytheSonofManis goingtosufferattheirhands(Matthew17:1112).

The scriptures then continue to affirm that the disciples understood that Jesus was talking about John the Baptist (Matthew17:13). Itisimportantthatwerealizethatthesamethingishappening today. Many with carnal minded religious observations are wearily waiting for Elijah when he is already here. They are waiting to see one greatly anointed vessel in Israel, probably dressed in carmel skin and eating locusts and wild honey before they really know that Elijah is back. Others have erroneously believed that they alone are the Elijah that was prophesiedwill return as was the case with WilliamBranham who died in 1965. Others have yet mistakenly suggested the return of Elijah to a spirit of the prophet as witnessed in a movement of Christian and Judaism leaders involved in reconciling Judaism aspirations to Christian ones. They really believe that this is what the Lord meant by reconciling the fathers(theJudaists)withthesons(Christians). All are wrong allthrough. To the best of my knowledge, foundedasitisontheinerrantwordofGod,theJudaistsand believers are brothers and not father and son respectively. TogetherweconstitutetheseedofAbraham(Romans4:1116; Galatians3:7). Tobesure,Elijahisamongusinafargreaterfashionthanhe haseverbeenbefore.Andthescaleofhisministryisthistime

notgoingtodecreaseastheLordreturnsbutitshallincrease more and more till it has sufficiently accomplished the Lords missionwhichisrestoringallthings. SowhatdoImeanbyallthis?ThelastreturnofElijahismuch more different than his first two appearances. Whereas, in the first two he appeared as a man and emphasized either the anointing or discipline, this time he is returning as an army of people that are yoked to both the anointing and discipline.AsitwaswithJohntheBaptist,wherewecorrectly observethatitreallywasnotthepersonofElijahsomuchasit wasthespiritofElijah,soitistoday.However,thistimeround, thespiritofElijahisnotreturningasasingleindividualorasa person. The spirit of Elijah has come back as a mighty people! Their sphereofoperationisnotlimitedtothebanksoftheJordanor thesummitofMt.Carmel.Theyareallaroundtheworld.They areinchurchesaround the world, in communities, cities,and nationsthatHerodandJezebelneverknew.And,theyarenot inhidingfromAhab.Ohyes,theLordissotruewhenHesays that unless a seed falls to the ground and abides alone and dies, it cannot grow and become a tree and bear much fruit (John12:24). ElijahwasbulliedbyJezebel,threatenedbyAhab,andkilledby Herod, but he has now returned as a people that are well endowed with the power of God as well as the character of Christ. They are anointed and disciplined and have therefore

mastered the discipline of the anointing. The spirit of Jezebel andtheinfluenceofHerodaresolimitedforthiscomebackof Elijah. What is more, he is not decreasing in intensity and numberevenasthedayoftheLordapproaches.Ohno.Hedid that before, now it has been given to him to increase from glorytoglory. Whatdoesthatmeanforyou?Well,thatdependsonwhether youwanttobeamongthenumbers.Doyouwanttobeamong the people carrying this spirit of Elijah? It is all a matter of choice. All you have to do is hunger and thirst for righteousness and the anointing. Desire the Kingdom of God with all of its righteousness and you are in (Matthew 6:33). Thisistheonlykindofpeoplethatwillreconciletheheartsof thechildrenwiththefathers.Childrenwillbedrawnbecause of the power; the fathers will be drawn because of the discipline. Both will congregate before men and women and willmanifestboth. Get ready to see the greatest move of God ever seen in this world.Noeyehasseen,norearheard,norhasitenteredthe heartofmanthethingsGodhaspreparedforthosewholove Him and are called according to his purpose. But (and heres the catch), it has been revealed to the saints (1 Corinthians 2:9).Receivethisomnipotentrevelationandrunwithit!

My friend, this is no season not to be both anointed and disciplined. You just should not afford that. Any such foolishnessisatickettodisasterandfailure.Ifyouarevoidof the anointing seek it. And if you are indisciplined pursue righteousness. You cannot do enough with either of the two andyouaredamnedifyouhavenoneofthem. If you earnestly burn with the desire to see all this world change for Jesus, you should have both the anointing and discipline. If we really want to see the glory of God revealed beyond measure, beyond doubt, beyond our understanding, thenweneedboththeanointinganddiscipline.

Itisveryimportantthatwerealizethatasdayspassbythereis a particular destiny that the Church is intended to fulfill: A mostincredibleone.Wearenotherejusttosinghymns,goto Sundayservice,makeprayersandreadmoralliteraturesuch astheoneIandmanyothershavewritten.Christianity,soto say,isnotareligion.Itissomuchmorethanthat. Understandingourfaithwillpermitustoappreciatethefact thatGodhasordainedtheChurchtoestablishtheKingdomof God,tooccasionthewilloftheFatherhereonearthasitis doneinheaven.Thisistherestorationofallthingsandboth theanointinganddisciplinearevitalforthispurpose.


Ibegunbysayingthatwhiletheanointingwillgetyoustarted; disciplinewillkeepyougoingoninGodsglory.Iwouldliketo saythatbothareneededifyoumustaccomplishthemission. The mission is no simple feat. It is a Herculean task, a grand assignmentofmonumentalproportionsthatwillmovebeyond reconciliationoffathersandchildrentothefinalrestorationof allthings. As messed up as things appear today around the world, the future will see the realignment of all creation back to Gods original plan. Oh yes, God is going to put things back where thereweresupposedtobebeforemanfellfromperfectionto corruption. What do we mean by restoration of all things? It is so importantthatweclearlyunderstandwhatGodmeansbythe restoration of all things. Important because as certain as you are reading this book the restoration of all things will take place. Therehasbeensomuchthathasmanifestedthecorruptionof all things since the fall of man. So much has indeed gone wrong. Any casual observation of life today and times gone reveals the trouble, distress, despair, destruction and death thatallofcreationhassufferedandcontinuestosuffer. Observedasitwerebyhumanwisdomitreallyseemsthatthe challengesconfrontingmankindareinsurmountable.Tomans

credit,though,therehavebeenscoresofattemptstoresolve these challenges and this spirit does continue today. Yet, in spite of several successes the challenges of poverty, war, decay,disease,anddeathremainimmenselysignificant. Does restoration of all things mean making all things better? Or,doesitrelatetoensuringthatwhatwentwrongisbrought backtoitsoriginalstate?Ibelievethatitgoesbeyondmaking thingsbetter.Godsplanisbetterthanthat.Thebestofmenin their government policies, business endeavors, donor missions, religious devotions, and international efforts really onlyaspiretoimprovecircumstances.Godontheotherhand isseekingtoperfectwhateverwascorrupted. Restorationofallthingsisacomprehensiveendeavorofthe Almighty God to establish in our times that which was His sovereign intent from the very beginning. God intends to makeallmenandwomentobewhatheintendedthemtobe fromtheverybeginning.Heseekstomakethemthekingsand priestsheordainedmankindtobe,withdominionandpower over the air, the land and the sea. None of them should be subjecttotheotherorimpoverishedinanyway.Noneofthem shouldbesick,distressed,orhopeless.Allofthemshouldhave accesstoHimandtoallHehasmade. Restoration of all things begins with the restoration of man and concludes with man being himself the salvation of all creation. Until we have restored man, any endeavor to

manage the environment, ensure world peace, preserve wild life or any other noble efforts of this current world will be fruitless. Conversely, when God is complete in His divine commitmenttorestoreman,allthingswillthenbereconciled inHimthatHewillbeallinall(1Corinthians15:28). Beloved, believe it so that you may partake of it: The day is coming, and I am certain that we have arrived at that time, whenallthingswillbemadeperfect.Everymanwillbemade perfect. Very soon, there will be a conclusion to every struggle, every pain, and every loss. What no kingdom, empire, or government was able to do is going to be accomplished by reason of the anointing and discipline. What no religion, creed, ritual or code was able to perform the anointing and disciplinewillachieve. Of course, there are those who will assume that such a prospectisofutopianpotent,anidealthatwillremainapipe dream. However, they think so because they live in a limited realmofhumancorruption.Butif youaretranslatedintothe KingdomofGodandbeholdthepurposesofGod,youwillbe abletotapintothisprospect.Remember,wearenottalkingof any other ability other than the ability of God It is not by might,orbypower,butbytheSpiritoftheLordofHosts.The zealoftheLordshallaccomplishthis(Zechariah4:6).

Isaythisformanythatdonotrealizeityettounderstandthat theanointingwehavereceivedisnotmerelyforustocastout devils,speakinothertonguesandreceiveaprosperouslifeat an individual or corporate level. There is a grander plan than that.YouhavetoknowthattheanointingisthepowerofGod. Thatpowerisunlimitedpower.Thehumanmindhasnoability whatsoever to comprehend the extent of that power. The carnal mind cannot even understand what I am dwelling on here.Thatpowerisfarbeyondmeasure,orscale.Itisinfinite in ability, glorious in its impact, exponential in its purpose (Ephesians1:19).Whoeverwieldssuchpowerismorethanin control. And we that believe in the Lord Jesus have indeed received that power (Matthew 28:120). It is the power of heavenandearth. I wish to submit that it is the same power by which a new heavenandanewearthshallbecreated(Revelation21:1).In fact, that is indeed the crowning function of that power. Together with God, we shall create the next dimension. Together with God, we shall command new lights to be, new waterstobe,newcitiestobe,newbeingstobe.Togetherwith God,weshalljudgeangelsofallkinds.Thatanointingwehave receivedwillbemadefullymanifestandourunderstandingof itwillbebroughttoafullsensesothatthegloriouspurposesI havementionedareperformed.

But here is the catch: Only those who have demonstrated a significantmeasure of disciplinewith theanointing they have willbepartofthisrestorationofallthings.Theanointingwe have seen so far has been so minimal compared to the one thatwillbeentrustedtothosewhowillbedisciplinedenough toberewardedwithmore. Itisvitalthatwerealizethattherestorationofallthingsisnot a myth from religion but a truth of God. The day shall come, and it is so soon, when a certain category of people will possess the original plan of God and walk in it. These will be men and women that have mastered the discipline of the anointing.Becausetheyhavebeenfaithfulwiththelittlethey willbegivenmuch(Matthew25:21). Theywillbepeoplethathavegonebeyondthestartedlevelof Gods glory and ventured into glories hitherto unknown by men. And I believe that if you have gone this far in this text, you are a candidate for this next glory of God a glory of a perfectman,superiortoallthings.Amanthathasbeenmade byreasonoftheanointingtobesimilartoGod.Itisthisman thatPaulspokeaboutthatallofcreationawaitstoberevealed (Romans8:19).ThismanisruleroverallofGodscreation.He reigns with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6). Nothing inthisworldisabletomasterhim.Ineverycircumstanceheis morethanaconqueror(Romans8:37).

Because they are born of the Spirit, are anointed beyond measure,theyovercometheworldandaremastersofdestiny (1John5:4).TheyarenotintheLeagueofNationsstilltrying tofigureoutwhatworks.NO,athousandtimesNO!THEYARE WHATWORKS!Thescripturetestifyingofthemreveals:
\ ForweareGodsworkmanship,createdinChristJesus todogoodworks,whichGodpreparedinadvanceforus todo(Ephesians2:10).

What kind of people are we dealing with here? A people withoutdefeat.Aroyalpriesthoodselectedandpredestinedto betherevelationofGodtoHisentirecreation(1Peter2:9).It is they for whom the Christ came and for whom He will be revealed. Together with Him, because of righteousness (both intermsofcorrectstateandcorrectliving)theywillinheritthe earth and eat the fruit of the land (Isaiah 1:19). They will do whattheUnitedNationsfailedtodowithallofitspoliticsand noble intentions. They will eradicate poverty, manage the environment, ensure world peace, and secure universal knowledgeandhealthforallmen. Makenomistakesaboutit,thisisnofantasy.Itshallstandthe test of time and only those who endure the double combination of both the anointing and discipline will live to see the day of these things. For it will take both in increased measuretorestoreallthings.

Mydearbrethren,theSpiritoftheLordhasmovedmetoput this work together so that you do not settle for less when thereissomuchmore.MayGodgiveyouallgraceinChristto understand,desireandachievethisprospecttothegloryofHis Son Jesus Christ and the eternal benefit of mankind and all creation.AMEN! GLORY, HONOR, DOMINION AND POWER BELONG TO OUR GODFOREVERANDEVERWORLDWITHOUTENDAMEN! To all who are hungry and thirsty after righteousness, the SPIRITANDBRIDEsayCOME!