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Treasures Unit 1 Week 2

Monday Day 1
1. Propose Focus Question: Who are some of the legendary figures of
American history? What qualities did they have?
2. Build Background Knowledge: Pg 48
3. Introduce the Read Aloud pg 49
4. Read Aloud “Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind” page 17 in anthology.
5. Read through vocabulary on pg 50.
6. Discuss “Grandma’s Tales” pg 50. Display transparency while reading.
7. Go through vocabulary routine pg 50.
8. Complete the comprehension lesson on 51a and 51b. Use transparency 2, 2a,
and 2b. Begin filling in the plot/setting chart with the class.
9. Work through/assign practice packet pages 8 and 9.

1. Go through pages 76 and 77. Read through the bookmark and read the
student model.
2. Display transparency 5 and go over the pre-writing/planning an essay with an
idea web.
3. Have students pre-write.

1. Use 77I to introduce subjects and predicates.
2. Use transparency 6.
3. Go through practice packet page 7.
4. Assign packet.

1. Give pretest: long vowels
2. Go over packet and assign.
Tuesday Day 2
1. Propose Focus Question: What problem does Davy Crockett try to solve?
2. Review vocabulary words on page 52.
3. Do Phonics lesson on page 77E
4. Have students practice with practice packet page 14.
5. Introduce story words on page 52.
6. Read “Davey Crockett Saves the World” pages 52-71.
7. Go through red check mark comprehension questions.
8. Do plot/setting chart.

1. Use 77A to discuss topic sentences.
2. Use transparency 8 to demonstrate.
3. Allow time for students to draft.

5. Go through transparency 7 and 8 to review/practice subjects and

Wednesday Day 3
1. Propose Focus Question: Describe how Grandma would react to “Davy
Crockett Saves the World.” Use details to explain your answer.
3. Use page 71 to guide the students to talk through a summary with a partner.
4. Do the vocabulary lesson on page 77D. Use transparency 3 and 4. Also use
practice packet page 13.
5. Reread “Davey Crockett Saves the World.”
6. Have students answer the comprehension check questions on page 71.
7. Practice fluency with transparency 2. Focus on punctuation, page 71A.

4. Practice editing with daily language practice transparencies.
5. Provide time for students to continue drafting and move into editing.

6. Use 77J to review subjects and predicates.
7. Use transparencies 8, 9, and 10.
Thursday Day 4
1. Propose Focus Question: How do you know that “Davy Crockett Saves the
World” is a tall tale?
2. Read over page 72 as a class and discuss the genre and text feature. Also
go over the content vocabulary.
3. Read “The Tall Tales are Getting Taller” on page 72.
4. Go over the questions on page 73, 74, and 75.
5. Do the vocabulary review game on page 77F.

1. Work session while conferencing with students.

Grammar & Spelling:

1. Go over packets and correct them. Review what is necessary.

Friday Day 5
1. Review if necessary.
2. Weekly assessment.
3. Read aloud.
4. DEAR.
5. TFK.

Grammar & Spelling:

1. Spelling Test
2. Grammar Quiz