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Third Grade Treasures

Unit 1 Week 1
Phonics Skill: words with short vowels
Vocabulary Words: downstairs, nervous, fumbled, chuckled, nonsense, trudged
Spelling Words: clap, luck, head, jump, step, crop, shut, click, sick, snack, miss, pond,
rock, mess, stamp Review words: cat, man, can Challenge Words: bathtub, anthill

Unit 1 Week 2
Phonics Skill: CVCe pattern
Vocabulary Words: crackle, announced soared starry, envelope, photograph
Spelling Words: date, life, globe, grade, fine, home, plane, smile, rose, safe, wise, come,
lake, rice, smoke Review words: clap, sick, crop Challenge Words: sneeze, escape

Unit 1 Week 3
Phonics Skill: words with long (a)
Vocabulary Words: neighborhood, content, addressing, resort
Spelling Words: fail, plain, braid, paint, bay, tray, sway, snail, pail, trail, gray, great, ray,
May, plays Review words: safe, rice, globe Challenge Words: lady, afraid

Unit 1 Week 4
Phonics Skill: words with long (o)
Vocabulary Words: fierce, whips, echoes, shuffles, huddle, junior, down
Spelling Words: gold, snow, scold, show, bowl, loaf, coal, float, soak, roast, slow, blow,
sold, coast, grows Review words: snail, plain, gray Challenge Words: window,

Unit 1 Week 5
Phonics Skill: words with long (i)
Vocabulary Words: perfect, challenge, healthy, satisfy, manage, scratch, appetite
Spelling Words: mild, find, fry, bright, sky, fight, tight, buy, pie, ties, child, dye, might,
right, flight Review words: soak, bowl, gold Challenge Words: wind, children
Third Grade Treasures

Unit 2 Week 1
Phonics Skill: words with long (e)
Vocabulary Words: decorated, symbol, darkened, gnaws, securing, weakest
Spelling Words: heel, bean, free, street, seal, creek, green, freeze, weak, speaks, clean,
field, week, team, cream Review words: right, pie, child Challenge Words: sixteen,

Unit 2 Week 2
Phonics Skill: words with (ch)
Vocabulary Words: passion, admire, concentrate, splendid, bothering, dangerous, ached
Spelling Words: chick, chum, hatch, stretch, much, lunch, cheese, watching, pitch,
ditch, bench, crunching, teacher, cheek, chunk Review words: weak, green, seal
Challenge Words: catcher, sandwich

Unit 2 Week 3
Phonics Skill: words, with (th, ph, wh, sh)
Vocabulary Words: objects, entertainment, predictions, computers
Spelling Words: thick, shock, them, month, this, fish, washing, dishpan, truth, what,
wheel, weather, whales, sixth, pathway Review words: lunch, chick, pitch Challenge
Words: shadow, thicken

Unit 2 Week 4
Phonics Skill: consonant blends
Vocabulary Words: solar system, easily, farther, main, dim, temperatures, telescope,
Spelling Words: thread, stream, three, strong, scrubs, scratch, screens, scraped, spree,
spread, spray, strength, screams, throne, throw Review words: thick, washing, whales
Challenge Words: streamer, scribble

Unit 2 Week 5
Phonics Skill: words with (gn, kn, wr)
Vocabulary Words: talented, single, proper, excitement, acceptance, useful
Spelling Words: wrap, knots, knock, gnaws, knit, wrote, wreck, write, gnat, knight,
know, wrong, wrists, sign, wring Review words: throw, spray, scratch Challenge
Words: wristwatch, knapsack
Third Grade Treasures

Unit 3 Week 1
Phonics Skill:
Vocabulary Words: guests, banquet, agreeable, curiosity, gaze, untrusting
Spelling Words: bark, hard, sharks, chore, shorts, storms, porch, wore, sharp, yard, pour,
carve, sore, sport, story Review words: knots, sign, wrong Challenge Words:
orchard, artist

Unit 3 Week 2
Phonics Skill: decode words with (ar, or)
Vocabulary Words: wearily, depart, suitable, increase, observed, advised, discouraged
Spelling Words: stairs, share, glare, pears, mare, wear, pairs, square, bear, dares, hare,
haircut, bare, chairs, their Review sport, sore, hard Challenge Words: airport, beware

Unit 3 Week 3
Phonics Skill: decode multisyllabic words
Vocabulary Words: preserve, restore, suffered, rainfall
Spelling Words: turns, purr, perch, world, first, third, girls, serve, herds. Earn, firm,
worth, learn, nurse, word Review bare, bear, stairs Challenge Words: perfect,

Unit 3 Week 4
Phonics Skill: silly sentences
Vocabulary Words: annual, potential, expensive, politely, package, wrapping, innocent,
Spelling Words: loop. Spoon, cubes, true, rude, tube, goose, shoe, look, shook, mules,
stew, clue, blue, gloom Review firm, turns, learn Challenge Words: classroom,

Unit 3 Week 5
Phonics Skill:
Vocabulary Words: instance, illustrate, style, textures, sketches, suggestions
Spelling Words: coy, coins, boiled, choice, soil, point, spoiled, soybean, foil, noise,
enjoys, joyful, toil, loyal, voice Review spoon, rude, shook Challenge Words: noisy,
Third Grade Treasures

Unit 4 Week 1
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (ar, or)
Vocabulary Words: beasts, handy, itches, nibble, preen, puddles
Spelling Words: part, start, park, farm, dark, sort, storm, short, for, horse, scream, stripe,
area, money, piece

Unit 4 Week 2
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (er, ir, ur)
Vocabulary Words: balance, deserted, freezes, imagine, saddest, wider
Spelling Words: clerk, term, herd, skirt, sir, stir, chum, burst, hurt, turn, shark, storm,
hours, problem, usually

Unit 4 Week 3
Phonics Skill: variant vowel (oo, ou)
Vocabulary Words: conservation, extinct, hardest, remains, trouble
Spelling Words: shook, stood, hook, brook, crook, foot, soot, could, should, would,
clerk, stir, during, sure, whole

Unit 4 Week 4
Phonics Skill: variant vowel (oo, ui, ew)
Vocabulary Words: beware, destroy, grasslands, prevent, uprooted, violent
Spelling Words: flew, new, boot, shoe, clue, root, canoe, fruit, glue, suit, cook, could,
complete, measure, questions

Unit 4 Week 5
Phonics Skill: variant vowel (au, aw)
Vocabulary Words: beloved, glanced, gleamed, noble, promised, wiggled
Spelling Words: pause, draw, launch, law, fault, jaw, fawn, hawk, raw, crawl, cool, flew,
door, order, remember
Third Grade Treasures

Unit 5 Week 1
Phonics Skill: diphthong (ow, ou)
Vocabulary Words: beyond, burrow, distant, lengthy, ranger’s, warning
Spelling Words: clown, growl, howl, brown, crown, round, loud, cloud, house, sound,
pause, fault, listen, several, wind (noun)

Unit 5 Week 2
Phonics Skill: diphthong (oi, oy)
Vocabulary Words: agreed, gathered, jabbing, randomly, signal
Spelling Words: soil, broil, moist, point, boil, oil, toy, joy, soy, royal, down, house,
pulled, travel, voice

Unit 5 Week 3
Phonics Skill: schwa (a)
Vocabulary Words: areas, oceans, planets, vast, voyage
Spelling Words: alone, ago, again, away, alike, agree, above, awake, idea, comma,
noise, broil, finally, notice, morning

Unit 5 Week 4
Phonics Skill: consonants (gn, kn, mb)
Vocabulary Words: aroma, blooming, muscles, prickly, scent, trade
Spelling Words: knee, knife, knot, gnaw, sign, wrist, wren, thumb, lamb, debt, alone,
idea, certain, field, hundred

Unit 5 Week 5
Phonics Skill: hard and soft (c, g,)
Vocabulary Words: discovered, footprint, lunar, spacecraft, surface, visible
Spelling Words: camp, cave, cent, face, girl, wagon, gift, gym, gem, germ, knot, wrist,
against, half, true
Third Grade Treasures

Unit 6 Week 1
Phonics Skill: endings (dge, ge, lge, nge, rge)
Vocabulary Words: assembled, devoured, fetch, forgetting, menu, simmered
Spelling Words: cage, page, judge, lodge, large, barge, bulge, change, range, hinge,
face, germ, among, bought, decided

Unit 6 Week 2
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (ar, are, air)
Vocabulary Words: creating, familiar, glamorous, imagination, memories, occasions
Spelling Words: star, shark, care, stare, rare, dare, hair, pair, chair, fair, judge, range,
believe, built, material

Unit 6 Week 3
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (er, eer, ere, ear)
Vocabulary Words: impossible, pleasant, talent, treasures, watch
Spelling Words: near, dear, ear, deer, steer, queer, verb, perch, here, where, chair, care,
heavy, region, system

Unit 6 Week 4
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (or, ore, oar)
Vocabulary Words: allowed, design, instrument, invented, powerful, products
Spelling Words: more, tore, wore, store, oar, roar, board, port, north, fort, dear, here,
building, machine, scientist

Unit 6 Week 5
Phonics Skill: r-controlled vowels (ire, ier, ure)
Vocabulary Words: collection, concern, exclaimed, figure, goalie, vendors
Spelling Words: fire, wire, hire, tire, drier, flier, crier, sure, cure, pure, north, wore,
island, special, though

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