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Your Starcast for July 22 - August 22

Enjoy and take BENEFIT of Sun s Transit of LEO

July 22: The Sun enters Leo Whether you want a new relationship or a new job, the world needs to know that you exist. So, as the Sun transits through dramatic Leo, make sure the spotlight shines on you! You can't help but notice the regal posture of famous Leos -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martha Stewart, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank and Madonna all share this sign -- and no matter what you may think of them, these are people who are certainly never overlooked. Use this transit to highlight your projects, creativity and overall fabulousness! July 23: The Sun quincunxes Neptune Should you pay attention to yourself? Or put your needs and desires aside to focus on others? When the Sun is in Leo, you're called to lead, create and express your confidence. Neptune's placement in Pisces is about your spiritual life, as well as being compassionate and inclusive of others. If the Sun and Neptune can find common ground, they can accomplish a lot; otherwise, it seems these two signs might need a translator to help them communicate! July 28: Venus enters Leo The planet of love entering royal Leo can bring out the drama queen in anyone, so it's time to show off and be entertained! You'll definitely want to get out into the world during this transit that lasts until August 21. Tickets to the theater or a night out at your favorite restaurant can bring plenty of romance into your life. Are you single? Go to an event where you'll be noticed. Married? Then find an activity that brings you closer to one another. Leo is a sign that rules fun -- so get out and have some! July 28: Mercury enters Virgo and opposes Neptune Your fertile mind needs something to do as the communication planet, Mercury, leaves fiery Leo and enters analytical Virgo. Mercury loves to be in Virgo, one of its two home signs (the other is Gemini), so if you've been waiting to capitalize on your creative ideas, the wait is over! Ordinarily, your mind would be as sharp as a tack during this transit. However, since Neptune entered Pisces, this analytical planet's annual ingress into Virgo during these next few years will immediately oppose dreamy Neptune, requiring you to use your imagination as much as your logical mind. Meditation will yield huge rewards now ... so if you know how to sit still, you'll go far! July 30: New Moon in Leo With so many planets forming aspects to this new Moon, you'll have plenty of people weighing in on your plans! Venus conjuncts the Moon, lending her attributes of beauty and harmony; Uranus's trine brings plenty of excitement, while Jupiter's square adds enthusiasm. Yet Neptune and Pluto are both demanding adjustments once they quincunx -- and since they're the heavy hitters in this configuration, you should plan on making a few changes over the coming days. With all this planetary energy, do something fun and amazing, since the Moon doesn't enjoy this much action

every month! August 2: Mercury turns retrograde As communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in analytical Virgo, it's time to go over your plans in detail. You have plenty of good ideas, and with a little more thought, they'll go from good to great! Don't rush anything -- or even tell other people what you're thinking. When Mercury slips back into Leo on August 8, your creativity will be thrust into the spotlight, so you'll want to return to previous projects and contacts for inspiration. And when Mercury turns direct on August 26, you'll get the green light to present your fabulous ideas to the world! August 3: Mars enters Cancer and trines Neptune As warrior Mars put its energy into protective, sensitive Cancer, your actions are very much influenced by your desire for safety and security, as well as your emotions. Pay attention to your feelings, instincts and hunches as you move forward with your plans. Don't act on anything that doesn't feel right ... but also watch for oversensitivity and any tendency to overreact. Upon entering Cancer, Mars immediately forms a beneficial trine to Neptune in Pisces; make the most of this aspect by embracing those wonderful ideas of yours. Where do you want to go? What do y want to do? ou Open yourself up to the possibilities, but with Mercury currently retrograde, don't act on them quite yet! August 4: Neptune re-enters Aquarius Last April 4, Neptune began a 14-year stay in Pisces -- with the exception of this return to grouporiented Aquarius, which will last for the rest of 2011. (Neptune turned retrograde on June 3.) You'll build an unshakable foundation for 2012 if, right now, you pay attention to how you invest in your hopes and dreams. Are you specific about what you want to achieve for yourself, as well as your vision for humankind? Aquarius is a sign that rules the group, the community, the larger world. Every time you align your desires with those of others, you move yourself forward and your life opens up. Your contribution comes from the house themes in your birth chart, through which Neptune is currently transiting. Dream a big dream for all of us -- the world needs you! August 8: Mercury enters Leo and opposes Neptune Both Mercury and Neptune are retrograde when they join in this dreamy, creative conjunction. Imagination is your friend with this duo, but the trick is to make sure you see everything as clearly as possible! The truth is a bit slippery, and trying to figure out what is real -- and what isn't -- may be exhausting. If you can, use this day to do something that inspires you. August 9: Mars squares Uranus August 10: Mars opposes Pluto While traveling through protective Cancer, feisty Mars connects with the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square that, while not exact, is still very potent. There are few combinations that are as headstrong, rebellious and potentially explosive as when Mars, Uranus and Pluto connect! One thing is for sure: You won't want anyone telling you what to do, although you're sure to be challenged now! This is a wonderful opportunity to liberate yourself from old, worn-out patterns. However, this aspect can also represent power struggles or, for the enlightened, a culmination of what you've been working toward. No matter what you confront now, make sure you use the power of this aspect to do

something amazing! August 13: Full Moon in Aquarius An Aquarius Moon activates our desire to be part of something bigger, whether it's your local community or getting involved in a global initiative. Whenever the Moon is full in group-oriented Aquarius, the Sun is concurrently in Leo, the sign of leadership. Your main task during this emotionally heightened time is to maintain a balance between your own needs and desires, and those of others. Due to this full Moon's abundance of Mars energy -- not to mention Mars's contact with outer planets -- this is a particularly dynamic and challenging aspect. You'll do best if you employ Aquarian detachment rather than allow yourself to be triggered by the moods and feelings of everyone around you. The world needs thoughtful leaders right now ... perhaps it's time for you to step up and be one of them! August 16: Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction The Leader (Sun), the Lover (Venus) and the Messenger (Mercury) come together in bold, creative and dramatic Leo, and this triple conjunction brings plenty of interesting -- and fun -- conversations. You're in planning mode now, and if you can remember to brainstorm without necessarily committing to anything (since Mercury is still retrograde), you'll lay a foundation for exciting events to come! Reach out to people from your past for extra support and ideas. August 18: Mars sextiles Jupiter When action-oriented Mars entered nurturing Cancer on August 3, you began exploring ste to ps enhance your security and emotional well-being. This week, Mars connects with Jupiter (currently transiting through Taurus, a sign very interested in finances and stability), and this combination offers you the energy to take your projects and plans as far as you want to take them. For many, it creates an opportunity to do things in a big way, or perhaps move into a more worldly sphere. Luckily, people are available to help, so make use of this fabulous aspect! August 21: Venus enters Virgo The love planet Venus in such a practical sign brings welcome relief to all the drama going on these days! Sometimes the most simple, thoughtful acts can open your heart in a way that all the dramatic gestures in the world cannot. This is an ideal transit during which you can tangibly improve your relationships, so ask yourself some questions. What can you do to make life easier for the person you care about? Can you work a date night into your weekly schedule, or set aside a weekend to clear out the garage together? Perhaps on your way home from work, you can pick up your his or her's favorite food. Use your imagination, but also simply open your eyes and look for opportunities to be helpful. After all, the smallest acts now can bring the greatest rewards! Enjoy the Sun's transit through Leo!

AstroLesson: How to Benefit from Transiting Uranus

Uranus, the planet of change, turns retrograde during the upcoming solar period -- an aspect offering tremendous opportunities for personal transformation!

More than ever before, it seems, people all over the world are calling for freedom, independence and change. But this theme is not only playing out in the destiny of nations -it's true of your own life as well. If you haven't already started to reinvent yourself, the power of Uranus can shake you out of tired ruts and put you on an exciting new path! Over the next couple years, Uranus is moving toward a square with powerful Pluto, intensifying the call for change. Over the past centuries, this aspect has been prominent at the time of sweeping revolutions and new innovations. For now, make sure you don't spend time wishing for the "good old days." Instead, make a plan for your future that excites and inspires you. Check your birth chart. Is Uranus transiting through your tenth house? You may be ready for a career change. If Uranus is in your seventh house, perhaps it's time to breathe some fresh air into your relationship. And if Uranus is residing in your fifth house, your kids may be leaving the nest, offering you a chance to engage in new activities. No matter where this revolutionary planet is traveling within your chart, be sure to open yourself up to new environments, people and situations. If you do, you'll reap a bountiful harvest of benefits!