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Letter of Inquiry Questionnaire


What is the purpose of this letter of inquiry? To whom is it being sent, and what is the connection?


What year was your organization founded? What year was it incorporated?

The East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring (EPATT) Organization was initially established in 1988. In 2009, EPATT became a non-profit organization so that they could better serve students in this low-income community.


What is the mission of your organization?

EPATTS mission is to provide a transformative, comprehensive afterschool esperience for students K-12 to ensure that they graduate from high school with academic, physical and personal qualities necessary for future success.


What are the long-term goals for your organization?

The long term goals of EPATT is to increase the number of students that complete high school and attend college so that these individuals may become productive citizens that obtain gainful employment, which can be helpful in reducing crime rates within the community.


What programs does your organization provide that support these goals?

EPATTs program includes: (1) one on one academic tutoring; (2) skill development and literacy skill building programs; (3) college counseling and SAT preparation; (4) life skills through the NJTL network; (5) parent education and advocacy; (6) team building activities and (7) fitness, health and nutrition education.


What is the need in your community that you seek funding to address?

East Palo Alto is a community that consists of about 35,000 people. This area is plagued with high rates of uneployment and crime. This is due in part to the fact that thirty percent of individuals in this community have less than a ninth grade education. Only eighteen percent graduate from high school, and only ten percent have a bachelors degree (Census, 2000). Consequently, twenty-one percent are unemployed (Graet Schools, 2011). Theories support the rationale that people with more education commit less crime. In East Palo , there are so many crimes because the citizens lack educational resources. In fact, the violent crimes committed in East Palo Alto surpass both state and national averages (FBI Report, 2003).


How in your organizaitons view is the need related to our programs, long-term goals, and mission?

EPATT is committed to providing educational resources to K-12 students and their parents through advocacy and support. Through education, it is possible to diminish the communitys issues of high rates of crimes and unemployement, as well as catapult these individuals into the realms of higher education. It is imperative that graduation rates are increased and that students are prepared for the SAT so that they can attain college entrance. Additional preparation will be offred to students so that they may pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). At this time, there are only thirty-six percent of students that are able to pass the Math portion of this exam, and only eighteen percent successfully pas s the English Language Arts section. EPATT will continue to strive to improve students aptitude scores and their overall success in the completion of high school. EPATT will continue to address the needs of this community, but has plans to serve as a model for other communities with similar issues throughout the state. EPATT is hopeful that comparable programs can exist to assist these populations as well.


What do we propose to do about this need?

EPATT offers tutoring, counseling, parent support and advocacy. Students are trainied individually, as well as are offered opportunities to participate in team building activities. It is imperative that students have a tailored program that emphasizes enhancements to their personal, physical, and academic development. Currently, EPATT has a 96% graduation rate amongst its participants and the number of program enrollees that attend and complete college is increasing. EPATT must focus on those individuals within the community that are not receiving such services. EPATT is hopeful that students within the community can benefit and increase their chances of completing high school by receiving the same services that were offered to program enrollees.


What outcome do we anticipate after the first year of funding?

During the first year, EPATT will continue to host fundraisers and other community events to raise funds to address these issues. $140, 000 has already been secured through other

funders. An additional $30,000 will be needed to assist with the implementation of a CAHSEE tutoring program. Currently, participants are being prepared for college with the SAT prepatory program, but there are no programs addressing the communitys need of preparing students to complete high school. This is the first step to increasing the high school graduation rate in East Palo Alto.

10. What is the total cost of our proposed idea for the first year (or multiple years if we plan to request multiple-year funding)? How much do we want from this funder?

11. Who will be contacting the funder to determine its interest and when? Whom should the funder contact for more information?