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You are invited to join the Beloved Network And to attend its founding meeting and first annual

celebration On Saturday, August 6th, 11:00 AM, At Faith Community Church, 417 Arlington Street, in Greensboro
What is the Beloved Network?
The Beloved Network is an intentional effort to support people who believe in social justice and who hope and work for a better Greensboro by staying connected and by building positive relationships. The key words are connectedness and positive relationships.

Why a Beloved Network?

We need a greater, stronger sense of community and a deeper culture of democracy. Committed, hard-working people who want to build a better Greensboro are scattered throughout the city. We are in different neighborhoods, organizations and churches. We belong to different races, social classes, and national backgrounds. Therefore, it is no surprise that we have different perspectives and some different opinions and views. Too often, however, our differences are exploited and manipulated instead of being respected and used as opportunities to deepen our mutual understanding and to enhance our collective culture. Consequently, we are not only scattered, but we often find ourselves working against each other simply because we do not have a way to get to know each other better, share common concerns, and build unity among us. We come together occasionally in coalitions around particular projects or causes, but we do not have a viable network that grows greater connectedness. The Beloved Network will seek to fill this void.

The Greensboro Justice Summer Internship and the Beloved Network

Ten very committed interns have been working in several neighborhoods in Greensboro during the summer of 2011. They found that people in these neighborhoods shared many concerns, including community safety and increased break-ins, landfill and health issues, police accountability issues, and issues related to reducing utility bills and increasing energy efficiency. However, it was clear that even people in the same neighborhood did not know each other as well as they should. The vision of the Beloved Network is to help people throughout Greensboro get connected.

The Beloved Network Is Not a New Organization

There are many good organizations in our city doing great work. The Beloved Network is not a new organization! It is a network, a way to help people in a variety of organizations and neighborhoods to stay more connected, build common understandings and positive relationships. Where organizations exist and are doing good work already, the Beloved Network will encourage people to join them. Where there is need for an organization to be developed or strengthened in a neighborhood, the Beloved Network will support residents in crafting an entity that meets their needs.

What Are Membership Requirements and What Will the Beloved Network Do?
There are two requirements for individuals to join the Beloved Network: a) that you desire to be a part of building greater connectedness and unity in the city and b) that you pay membership dues of $1.00 per month. Dues can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. The Beloved Network will do the following four things: a) produce and distribute quarterly updates of relevant developments in Greensboro; b) hold quarterly gatherings (maybe a breakfast) where people from different parts of the city and different walks of life can mingle together; c) promote voter education, voter registration and voter participation but not endorsement of candidates; and d) hold annual meetings and celebrations to collectively agree on how to improve and grow the Beloved Network.

What Will Happen on Saturday, August 6th?

A. We will gather, meet, and greet each other. For those who are interested, we will also tour the Beloved Community Center Offices, the Beloved Hospitality House, and the Beloved Garden. B. We will discuss, refine, and seek agreement on the general ideas expressed on the other side of this flyer. C. We will adjourn outside (weather permitting) to enjoy games with the kids, share food from the grill, and showcase our talents during an open mic session. So, the stage will be open to you for: a Spoken Word a Song a Dance a Joke (tasteful) an Experience to share Or any other talent


I _________________________________________________ would like to join the Beloved Network.
__________________I am committed to paying the $1.00 monthly dues and attending the quarterly gatherings as regularly as I can.

My address and contact information is: Street Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: _____________________ Work Phone: _____________________ Cell Phone: ______________________ E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________


The Beloved Network is a project of the Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, Incorporated. The Beloved Community Center was initiated by a group of neighborhood leaders, community activists, and clergy members in 1991. It was officially chartered by the State of North Carolina in 1994. The founding charter members were Rev. Barber Dua, Rev. Nelson Johnson, and Rev. Zeb Holler. For more information on the mission, vision and work of the Beloved Community Center, visit our web site at www.belovedcommunitycenter.org or call us at 336-230-0001 weekdays between 10 AM and 6 PM.