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SIMATIC TP 270/OP 270 The "allrounders" for operator control and monitoring


The Touch Panels SIMATIC TP 270

feature Color-STN touchscreens (analog/resistive) and are available with 5.7" or 10.4" displays. SIMATIC OP 270

The Operator Panels SIMATIC OP

Product Brief
270 are operated via a keypad and are also available with optional 5.7" or 10.4" Color-STN displays. Key features at a glance

Excellent value for money Robust and compact Backup/restore options via
Ethernet (TCP/IP), CF card, MPI or USB

Remote download/upload for

configuration and Firmware

All interfaces on board, e.g. MPI,

PROFIBUS-DP, USB; optional Ethernet connection

Sharp, clear 256-color displays Extensive HMI functionality Optimum performance Specific drivers can be loaded at
a later stage

The SIMATIC Touch Panels TP 270 and Operator Panels OP 270 have everything you could expect from an operator control and monitoring device. At the same time, these powerful high-performance panels manage to remain highly cost-effective.

Based on the Windows CE operating system, TP 270/OP 270 offer innovative operator control and monitoring functions combined with the known advantages of Operator Panels: robustness, stability and simplicity. The standard hardware/software interfaces guarantee increased flexibility and transparency, as well as access to the Office world.


Summery of technical specifications

Display Size in inches / W x H in mm Resolution (pixels) / colors MTBF of backlighting (at 25C) Input medium Programmable function keys, optional labelling System keys Alpha / numerical input Keyboard, mouse, barcode reader Processor Operating system Memory for ProTool configuration Interfaces Serial CF card slot USB Printer Connection to controller Power supply Current consumption Clock Dimensions Front panel, W x H in mm Mounting dimensions, W x H x D in mm Weight Temperature Operation: vertical installation / tilted installation max. 35 Transport / storage Relative humidity Degree of protection, front/rear Certificates Functionality Variables Event/alarm messages Message buffer Process screens Graphic objects Dynamic objects Recipes Data sets per recipe Entries per recipe Archiving Types of archives Visual Basic Scripts Print functions Online languages Character sets PG functions (STATUS/CONTROL) Scheduler Password protection Configuration
1) Ethernet optional via NE 2000 compatible network cards

OP 270 6
C-STN liquid crystal display (LCD) 5.7 / 115 x 86 320 x 240 / 256 colors 40,000 h Membrane keyboard 24 (18 with LED), 14 of which as softkeys 36 (3 with LED) yes via USB

OP 270 10
C-STN liquid crystal display (LCD) 10.4 / 211 x 158 640 x 480 / 256 colors 60,000 h Membrane keyboard 36 (28 with LED), 20 of which as softkeys 38 (3 with LED) yes via USB

TP 270 6
C-STN liquid crystal display (LCD) 5.7 / 115 x 86 320 x 240/256 colors 40,000 h TouFK VFUeen (analog/resistive)

TP 270 10
C-STN liquid crystal display (LCD) 10.4 / 211 x 158 640 x 480 / 256 colors 60,000 h Touch screen (analog / resistive)

yes via USB 64-bit RISC CPU Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 Flash, integrated, 2 MByte

yes via USB

IF1A: RS 232; IF1B: RS 422 / RS 485; IF2: RS 232 CF-card memory cards (for archives, recipes, backup/restore) / NE 2000-compatible network card (e.g. Ethernet) Universal serial bus USB, serial (RS 232), network (Ethernet)1) SIMATIC S7 (MPI), SIMATIC 505 (NITP), Allen Bradley, Omron, GE Fanuc, Mitsubishi FX, Telemecanique Unitelway, AEG Modicon; via PROFIBUS-DP (integrated) to SIMATIC S7/S5/505 24 V DC (18 to 30 V) max. 0.6 A Hardware clock, with battery backup 308 x 204 282 x 178 x 59 approx. 1 kg 0 to +50C / 0 to +35C -20 to +60C 483 x 310 436 x 295 x 55 approx. 6 kg 0 to +50C / 0 to +40C -20 to +60C 212 x 156 198 x 142 x 59 approx. 1 kg 335 x 275 310 x 248 x 59 approx. 4.5 kg

0 to +50C / 0 to +35C 0 to +50C / 0 to +40C -20 to +60C -20 to +60C max. 90%; non-condensing IP 65 (available soon: NEMA 4x Indoor; NEMA12) / IP 20 CE (in preparation: cULus; FM Class I Div 2; Ex Zone 2/22; C-Tick) All specified values are maximum values. The total of all configured elements is limited by the size of the configuration memory. 2,048 4,000 (total) 512 entries 300 Vector graphics (line, polygon, rectangle, circle etc.), bitmaps 2,048 300 500 1,000 20 archives / 20 measuring points per project Cyclic and sequential archives for process values and messages 50 (max. 20 lines per script) Hard copy, message log, shift log 5 Windows fonts; true type and fixed pitch fonts: 16 colors with SIMATIC S5/S7 yes 9 levels SIMATIC ProTool or SIMATIC ProTool/Pro configuration software running under Windows 98SE/Me/NT/2000; to be ordered separately

SIMATIC TP 270/OP 270 Innovative operator control and monitoring systems

Standard interfaces for flexibility Thanks to the Windows CE environment, standard hardware and software interfaces are available for the SIMATIC TP 270/OP 270 devices. This opens up access to the Office world with new, forward-looking communication possibilities. It also means that the system can be upgraded with components from different manufacturers. CF card slot e.g. for memory upgrades in archives or storage devices, backup/restore or additional interfaces Optional Ethernet (TCP/IP) access via a network card for data exchange with higher-level computers and central data administration systems/ project administration systems Integrated USB interface for "Hot plug and play" of peripheral devices (keyboard, mouse, printer and barcode reader) during operation Standard Windows data storage format (CSV) for archives and storage devices for further processing with standard tools (e.g. Excel) Visual Basic Scripts or customer-specific ActiveX Controls for individual functional expansion/upgrades Robust and compact for applications close to the machine Windows CE offers the basic requirements for applications in close proximity to machinery, in harsh industrial conditions. This includes hard-drive operation with no cooling fan requirements, real-time capability and fast boot times. The TP 270 and OP 270 are extremely robust, with protection system IP 65 at the front, high EMC compatibility and the ability to withstand extreme vibrations. Thanks to their compact design with an installation depth of just 55 / 59 mm, there is always enough space for the TP 270/OP 270 system, even in the tightest conditions.

Extensive HMI functionality With an extensive range of available functions, the SIMATIC Panels TP 270/OP 270 enable innovative operation and monitoring for the most demanding machine visualization applications. They offer 256-color displays, archiving of process values and messages, user-friendly graph displays with scrolling and zoom functions, and many more features. Efficient configuration with SIMATIC ProTool The SIMATIC Panels TP 270/OP 270 are part of a coordinated and complete range of SIMATIC HMI Panels. All SIMATIC Panels, and therefore all of the TP 270 and OP 270, are configured with a software package which runs under Windows: SIMATIC ProTool. ProTool allows simple yet efficient configuration of the TP 270/OP 270: Configuration testing in PC-simulations even without the PLC and TP/OP The configuration can be zoomed in or out for different display resolutions Graphics can be created and modified quickly and easily with vector graphics Extensive libraries of graphics with pre-drawn picture objects Standard Windows fonts, animations, pixel-precise positioning, etc. An integral part of SIMATIC, but still open to devices from other manufacturers SIMATIC TP 270/OP 270 can of course also be used to take advantage of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) systems in order to reduce the engineering costs. For example, the STEP 7 database is accessed during configuration to avoid multiple data entry. At the same time, the SIMATIC TP 270/OP 270 can still be linked up with control systems/devices from a variety of manufacturers. The necessary drivers are already included free of charge.

Reducing servicing and start-up costs The cost for servicing and start-ups can be reduced with TP 270/OP 270 and ProTool by: Downloading/uploading the configuration and firmware via RS 232 (serial), USB, MPI, PROFIBUS-DP optionally via modem, Ethernet (TCP/IP) Data security for the complete internal Flash memory via backup/restore with application, storage device and passwords via CF card, USB, MPI, PROFIBUS-DP, RS 232 (serial) optionally via Ethernet (TCP/IP) Specific drivers can be loaded at a later stage Switch between 5 languages online including Asian languages with pictorial characters choose from 32 languages already available online A standard keyboard and mouse can be easily connected via USB using "hot plug and play"

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