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Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

Important Installation and Usage Information
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PTC Introduces Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

PTC is pleased to present Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0. This release offers numerous enhancements that set the bar for product development efficiency and productivity. With a full range of integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE applications, Pro/ENGINEER connects and ensures the seamless flow of digital product information to cross-functional teams as well as to customers, partners, and suppliers, whether or not they are Pro/ENGINEER users. Simple, powerful, connected, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 improves both personal and process productivity. A few of the enhancements in this new release are highlighted below:
Streamline Detailed Design Processes

Create and edit designs faster with a more intuitive user interface, real-time model regeneration, simplified detailing workflows, and more. Accommodate design changes more confidently with greatly enhanced failure diagnostics and recovery tools. Create spot, plug, fillet, and groove welds with ease using new weld features, annotations, and simulation enhancements. Improve your design efficiency for plastic parts with a new rib tool, curvature continuous rounds, sketch points and coordinate systems for patterns, real-time previews for UDFs, and dynamic editing capabilities. Prevent product failures earlier in the design process with a new module for electromechanical clearance and creepage analysis. You can identify where an electrical current will jump gaps and creep along conductive surfaces. Create pipes faster on the fly with a new Piping Design user interface.
Copyright 2009 Parametric Technology Corporation

July 2009 English


Bring products to life with enhanced, real-time photorealistic rendering. Added support for shadows and reflections, perspective views, and exploded-state animations shows your products to your advantage. Extend data exchange capabilities to leverage the most from imported designs, including free support for Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks. With industry-leading nongeometric data exchange, you can preserve 3D notes, annotations, and metadata in neutral formats.

Easier Simulation, Verification, and Validation

Create machine design simulation easier. You can drive slot motor components along curves, quickly create belts to show kinematic and dynamic coupling, analyze dynamic gears, and show 3D contact simulations. Verify and validate designs faster with expanded analysis capabilities such as heterogeneous units and support for materials plasticity. You can streamline your workflow with an intuitive dashboard user interface for surface and volume regions. Improved display for icons and labels enhances your visual cues.

Faster Tooling Design and Manufacturing

Provide more intuitive workflows, an easy-to-use tool manager, and HTML-based process documentation for greater efficiency in production machining. You can quickly and easily duplicate toolpaths and leverage the Process Manager for turning operations such as area turning, grooving, and profile turning.

In summary, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 contains more new capabilities to improve your product development processes. For details on the above capabilities and on other enhancements, read the Whats New product release notes at http://www.ptc.com/appserver/wcms/relnotes/category.jsp?&product=403.

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 uses an updated PTC License Server powered by FLEXnet Publisher 10.8.6 from Acresso Software Inc. PTC introduced this license server in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 M030. If you have not installed M030 or are a new user, you must install the new PTC License Server. Use the product DVD-ROM or the Web installer on the Order or Download Software Updates page at http://www.ptc.com/appserver/cs/software_update/swupdate.jsp. A new license agreement in PTC.Setup, the installation utility, requires your acceptance before you proceed with the installation. Declining the license agreement stops the installation and provides additional instructions. Installation from the Web requires an active maintenance contract. Via the Web installation, you can create a custom DVD-ROM image containing only selected components for specified languages and operating systems. For the most up-to-date installation information, see the online version of the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Installation and Administration Guide. (The hardcopy guide is out-dated.) In PTC.Setup, click Installation Guide, or browse for it on the
2 Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

Reference Documents page at http://www.ptc.com/appserver/cs/doc/refdoc.jsp. To complete installation, see the installation guide for your product. To access PTC documentation from the Web, you must have, or register for, a PTC account at http://www.ptc.com/appserver/common/account/basic.jsp. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read PDF files. Download Acrobat Reader from http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html. After installation, the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Read This First is on your local drive at <proe_loadpoint>/html/$LANG/proe/helpSysTop/siteset/readme.pdf. It also is under Books in the Help Center. Licensing You must update your license file for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 (version 31). First, you must perform license simplification. If you have a license file from Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 or later or from Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, you already have performed license simplification. Upon request, you will receive a new license pack by electronic mail. For more information on simplifying licenses or obtaining an updated license pack, visit the Order and License Support page at http://www.ptc.com/support/index.htm or visit http://www.ptc.com/olm/ls-faq/. When requesting a license online, respond to the prompt about the Pro/ENGINEER release as follows:

YesFor Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 (version 31.0) NoFor Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 (version 25.0)

VERICUT Products and CGTech Licensing CGTech has removed PTC licensing as of release 5.4 from the advanced VERICUT products: NC Verification, Optimization, and Machine Simulation. If you use any of these products, you must move to CGTech licensing to use it with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 or later. Operating System Support
Operating System Version

Microsoft Windows Vista

Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Business, and Vista Enterprise, Base OS (32-bit and 64-bit Editions) and Service Pack 1, Internet Explorer 7.0 Windows XP Professional Edition and Windows XP Home Edition, Base OS and Service Packs (1, 2, and 3), Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Base OS and Service Packs 2, Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later (see second note below) Solaris 10 with the Intel and AMD Opteron processors

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP x64

Sun Solaris x64

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

Operating System Notes


Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 does not support HP-UX or Sun Solaris SPARC. Direct3D 10.0 graphics support is now available for Microsoft Windows Vista. If you use independent mode of Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica on Microsoft Windows XP x64, use the following installation instructions: 1. Navigate to the runtime directory on the Windows XP x64 DVD-ROM. 2. Double-click setup.exe. System Requirements and Hardware Certification Information Visit the Platform Support page for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 for current, detailed system requirements and certified hardware configurations: http://www.ptc.com/partners/hardware/current/support.htm Asian and European Languages As in the previous releases, the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire user interface and documentation are translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. The Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica user interface and documentation are translated into French, German and Japanese. In Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, PTC is introducing the following translations:

Simplified Chinese version of Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica for the user interface and documentation Russian version of Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica for the user interface (Russian documentation will be provided in a maintenance release.)

PTC Product Interoperability with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

Arbortext IsoDraw 7.0 Distributed Services Manager

Not interoperable. Available with Distributed Services Manager (DSM) 5.0. Use a Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 dBATCH client that in turn must pass the task to a Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 dBATCH service to submit tasks to DSM 5.0. Applications based on GRANITE are forward compatible. You can retrieve geometry and other data created in any GRANITE release, including GRANITE 6.0 datecode F000 and later. In contrast, only in GRANITE 6.0 can you retrieve Pro/ENGINEER parts and assemblies created in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0. Pro/ENGINEER requires a


Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

PTC Product

Interoperability with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

gPlug to retrieve application data if the application does not write GRANITE .g files. InterComm Expert Mathcad Pro/CONCEPT Available with InterComm Expert 5.3 M040.

Available with Mathcad 13.0 or 14.0 (Win32 and Win64 only). Win64 support requires XML 6.0. Pro/CONCEPT scenes can be imported into Wildfire 5.0. Starting with this release, Pro/ENGINEER files are no longer compatible with Pro/CONCEPT. Available with Expert Framework Extension 6.0 M020.

Pro/ENGINEER Expert Framework Moldbase Extension

Pro/ENGINEER Expert Extension

Available with Expert Moldbase eXtension 6.0 F000.

Pro/ENGINEER Progressive Die Extension Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer Pro/INTRALINK 3.x Pro/INTRALINK 8.0 Pro/INTRALINK 9.x Pro/TOOLMAKER ProductView

Available with Progressive Die eXtension 5.0 M030. Available with Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer 8.0 datecode F000 or later. Not interoperable. Not interoperable. Interoperability planned for Pro/INTRALINK 9.1 M020. Not interoperable with 8.0 or 9.0. See Note 1 and 2 below. Available with Pro/TOOLMAKER 8.1 M030 and Pro/TOOLMAKER 9.0 M020. Available with ProductView Adapter for Pro/ENGINEER 12.1 M010. This adapter creates viewables for ProductView 7.0 or later. Pro/ENGINEER can directly create viewable data targeted for ProductView 8.0 or later. Direct reading of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 data into ProductView via the PGL import filter will be supported in future maintenance releases of ProductView 9.0 or later. Available with ProductView ECAD Compare 9.1 M020.

ProductView ECAD Compare ProductView Validate

Available with ProductView Validate 9.1 M020.

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

PTC Product

Interoperability with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

ProductView Express (PVX) (Standalone) Windchill Foundation and PDM Windchill PDMLink Windchill ProjectLink Windchill ProductPoint Note:

Interoperahle. Not interoperable. Interoperability planned for Windchill PDMLink 9.1 M020. Not interoperable with 8.0 or 9.0. See Note 1 and 2 below. Interoperability planned for 9.1 M020. Not interoperable with 8.0 or 9.0. See Note 1 and 2 below. Interoperability planned for Windchill ProductPoint 1.1.

1 For specific information on Windchill 9.x compatibilities, refer to the respective Workgroup Manager for Pro/ENGINEER Product Compatibility Matrices on the PTC Web site. 2 Before upgrading from one major release to another of Pro/ENGINEER (for example, 3.0 to 4.0), transfer files from your workspaces to avoid the loss of any local changes during the process.

OpenGL Library
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 supports the remote display of OpenGL across SUN UNIX platforms. For best performance, do not run OpenGL remotely across wide-area networks or with preselection highlighting enabled within Pro/ENGINEER. Note: For Windows, a configuration option in Pro/ENGINEER provides an alternative to WIN32_GDI to address graphics-related issues. This option toggles Microsoft Software OpenGL on the local machine: use_software_opengl = yes/no.

Graphics Library
No separate Graphics Library is shipped with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0. All necessary files are included with the Pro/ENGINEER installation.

Pro/ENGINEER Help CenterHelp and Books

Help and books for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 are on the Pro/ENGINEER DVD-ROM. Refer to the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Installation and Administration Guide to install, set up, and use the Help Center. If you use Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica in independent mode or use Simulation Advisor for Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica, you can view Help using Mozilla 1.7 or later, Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later, or Firefox 2.0 or later.

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

You can access the Help Center by clicking Help > Help Center or using context sensitivity. The following items are in the Help Center:

Context-sensitive Help for Pro/ENGINEER, including Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Installation and Administration Guide PTC Customer Service Guide Pro/ENGINEER Resource Center

The default browser with its language setting is used for the Help Center. For best results, view the Pro/ENGINEER Help Center in the Pro/ENGINEER browser. To view a locally installed Help Center, use one of the following commands: <proe help install path>\proe_help.exe (On Windows) <proe help install path>/proe_help (On UNIX)

Pro/ENGINEER Resource CenterWeb Tools and Tutorials

Web-based tools and tutorials can assist you with learning to use this release. The Pro/ENGINEER Resource Center is accessible from the Pro/ENGINEER browser, through the Pro/ENGINEER Help Center (Help > Help Center), or on the Internet at: http://www.ptc.com/community/resource_center/proengineer/index.htm The tools in the Resource Center with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 are as follows:

Whats New in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0Documentation of new functionality in Web or PDF format. Personal Productivity ToolsAn interactive guide to tools: selection tools, viewing tools (Spin, Pan, and Zoom), and the Model Tree.

Product-Specific Information
Feature Recognition Tool The Feature Recognition Tool (FRT), a former plug-in application, is integrated into Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0. FRT recognizes geometry representing features and replaces the geometry with Pro/ENGINEER features. Do not install the downloadable plug-in, which is only for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0. The plug-in will cause FRT to fail to start correctly. Note: Before starting Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, you must set the frt_enabled configuration option to yes in the config.pro configuration file in the working directory. Pro/ENGINEER Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 supports enhanced tools for users making it easier to deal with failed features and components. Resolve failed features before continuing to add new modeling features.

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

Pro/ENGINEER Distributed Pro/BATCH Distributed Pro/BATCH can register a Windchill Pro/INTRALINK or PDMLink 9.1 installation and workspace similar to that provided with Pro/ENGINEER. Windchill Pro/INTRALINK and PDMLink 8.0 and 9.0 are no longer supported. Pro/ENGINEER ModelCHECK ModelCHECK Gatekeeper can prevent check-in to a Windchill Pro/INTRALINK or PDMLink 9.1 server. Windchill Pro/INTRALINK and PDMLink 8.0 and 9.0 are no longer supported. Preventing check-in to a Pro/INTRALINK 3.x server is no longer supported. ModelCHECK shape indexing attributes can be stored in a Windchill Pro/INTRALINK or PDMLink 9.1 server. Windchill Pro/INTRALINK and PDMLink 8.0 and 9.0 are no longer supported. Storing shape-indexing attributes in a Pro/INTRALINK 3.x server is no longer supported. Heterogeneous Design in Context Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 expands support for Heterogeneous Design in Context (HDIC) to include SolidWorks 2007 and 2008 in the context of a Windchill PDMLink 9.1 M020 server. Windchill Pro/INTRALINK and Pro/INTRALINK 3.x are not supported. The WWGM_MANGLE_WLD environment variable needs to be set to true to enable Pro/ENGINEER to import UG parts if the Workspace name has Japanese or Unicode characters. Pro/ENGINEER ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 enhances the process of exploring and synchronizing design changes between the ECAD and MCAD abstractions for printed circuit boards. The collaboration is tightly integrated with ProductView and InterComm products to automate design comparison and issue identification. The integration enables incremental update for Board Outline and objects with IDs. It introduces the concept of unique Object IDs sharable between the ECAD and MCAD tools that extend collaboration to include Mechanical Components, Holes and Constraint Areas. Pro/ENGINEER Piping Design Improved pipe routing provides an asynchronous environment. The streamlined user interface improves user performance for the creation and modification of pipelines. Pro/ENGINEER Cabling Design Improved cable routing provides a streamlined user interface improving performance for the creation and modification of electrical harnesses. Pro/ENGINEER Rights Management Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 works in conjunction with Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES server to protect the intellectual property in your parts, assemblies, and drawings. The publishers policy server controls the authentication and decryption of DRM-protected content for any Pro/ENGINEER user. After the decryption of DRMprotected content, Pro/ENGINEER upholds the publisher-controlled permissions on the
8 Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

object. Users are either allowed or prevented from using the commands to print, save, or copy. To publish DRM-protected Pro/ENGINEER files, a locked license extension is required. Pro/ENGINEER Data Exchange Support For more information on data exchange formats and supported platforms, see the Platform Support page: http://www.ptc.com/partners/hardware/current/support.htm Pro/ENGINEER Mold Design To use automatic workpiece functions with Pro/ENGINEER Tool Design Option, you must click the Mold Component Catalog component when installing the software. The Mold Design and NC Menu Managers for the creation of mold and NC geometry take advantage of the standard Pro/ENGINEER features. Pro/PLASTIC ADVISOR Pro/PLASTIC ADVISOR incorporates Moldflow Part Adviser Release 7.0. ProductView Express ProductView Express provides for the preview of Pro/ENGINEER models in standalone mode within Windows Explorer and within the CAD Document Product page in Windchill running inside the Pro/ENGINEER browser. ProductView Express is available with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0. Pro/TOOLKIT Pro/ENGINEER supports Unicode encoding for textual data as of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 or later. This change impacts Pro/TOOLKIT APIs, which now return Unicode-encoded strings, instead of the previous EUC encoding. Applications interacting with external files, APIs, and libraries might need to translate the string encodings to ensure proper behavior. Applications might encounter models containing items whose names, properties, or values are in different languages, for example, Japanese and German strings together. Programmers should expect some cost for migration of pre-Wildfire 4.0 Pro/TOOLKIT code to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0. Some older applications will not be compatible. For Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, the Pro/TOOLKIT for this release is supported for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 compiler. All Pro/TOOLKIT applications on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms must be built using the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 compiler. A new library ws2_32.lib has been added. The CC flags no longer need the -D_USE_32BIT_TIME_T flag on 32-bit Windows platforms. These changes have been incorporated in the sample makefiles.

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

Trademark Acknowledgments Certain Registered Trademarks of Parametric Technology Corporation, its subsidiary companies, and their respective licensors: Arbortext, IsoDraw, Mathcad, Parametric Technology Corporation, PTC, Pro/ENGINEER, Simple Powerful Connected, GRANITE, MECHANICA, Pro/INTRALINK, Wildfire, Windchill, Windchill PDMLink. Certain Trademarks of Parametric Technology Corporation or a Subsidiary: AutobuildZ, Distributed Services Manager, Expert Framework, Expert MoldBase, InterComm, InterComm Expert, ModelCHECK, ProductView, ProductView ECAD Compare, ProductView Validate, Pro/CONCEPT, Pro/PLASTIC ADVISOR, Pro/TOOLMAKER, Pro/Web.Link, Routed Systems Designer, and Windchill ProjectLink. Certain Third-Party Information: Adobe Acrobat Reader is copyrighted software of Adobe Systems Inc. and is subject to the Adobe End-User License Agreement as provided by Adobe. Autodesk Inventor is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc. FLEXnet Publisher is a trademark of Acresso Software Inc. HP, Hewlett-Packard, and HP-UX are registered trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Company. Internet Explorer is copyrighted software of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft, Vista, Windows, and Visual Studio .NET are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Moldflow is a registered trademark of Moldflow Corporation. Mozilla components are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. Sun, Solaris, UltraSPARC are registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. VERICUT is copyrighted software and a registered trademark of CGTech. SolidWorks and eDrawings are trademarks or registered trademarks of SolidWorks Corporation. Certain Third-Party Technology Information: Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Distiller are copyrighted software of Adobe Systems Inc. and are subject to the Adobe End-User License Agreement as provided by Adobe with those products. The Pro/ENGINEER Digital Rights Management module uses Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0