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Town to bid on house to make way for access road

Thursday, Jul. 28 by Laura Peters | 0 comments | Email this story

Leesburg Town Council decided during its July 26 meeting to bid on the house at 1 County Club Drive during a foreclosure auction in order to move forward on the access road planned for the Linden Hill subdivision. The project, which would be an addition to the South King Street widening project set to start in the spring of 2012, would add a one-way access road between the residential developments of Linden Hill and Leesburg Country Club. The one set-back is the access road would require the demolition of the house at 1 Country Club Drive. The council has placed a price cap for the town to purchase the house at $375,000, which has proved to be not enough. The 36 house development of Linden Hill has had its residents petition council numerous times in the past to get the access road approved and set up for design and construction. The problem Linden Hill residents are facing is that if the widening project is completed without the access road, they will have to turn right on South King Street, then make a u-turn if they want to go into the town of Leesburg. I do support the widening of South King Street, Mayor Kristen Umstattd said. Because of the widening project and cutting off Linden Hill from their long standing access to King Street and not making a left they are at a disadvantage. This gives the town the option to resell the home, should we be able to acquire it. I think we will make back the majority of what we will spend. The proposed plan is to add two left-hand turn lanes on Country Club Drive at the South King Street intersection, along with the access road connecting the two developments. Vice Mayor Kevin Wright wasnt on board with the town to bid on the house. I dont think this is a wise use of taxpayers dollars, Wright said. The cost of this will continue to move up as we move along. According to town staff, the design for the access road was to be finished by June 1. At almost two months behind schedule, it now moves the project back to the fall of 2012. Town Attorney Jeanette Irby, or someone from her staff will bid on the house Aug. 8.
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