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MADDOCK, (314) 345-7025 MANGIA ITALIANO'S RESPONSE TO THE FOOD TRUCK'S "CHALLENGE" The EvantiGroup, LLC ("Mangia") sends for immediate release its response to certain statements of the Defendant, Mangia Mobile LLC's ("the Food Truck") owners and attorney, Albert Watkins. Yesterday, the Food Truck sent out a press release asking Mangia to "put its mouth where its money is" and challenged it to settle the trademark lawsuit it filed in Court via a "cook-off" of indeterminate rules. Although putting money in your mouth is unsanitary, Mangia believes that a one-time short response is appropriate to the Food Truck's tauntings. Unlike the Food Truck, which has been around for less than a couple of years, and has virtually nothing invested in its name or its "operation", Plaintiff and its predecessors-ininterest have been in business for over 25 years, and built Mangia Italiano's name and reputation one dish at a time. Mangia has two owners, Collier T. Evans and his partner James ("Jim") R. Bonsanti, who have been friends since childhood. Collier and Jim both attended the culinary arts school in Forest Park, and are pursing their dream of owning and running their own restaurant. Jim and Collier borrowed money to purchase the business from David Burmeister on February 15, 2011. Collier noted that Mangia Italiano had been his personal favorite for almost ten years, and was absolutely thrilled when they became its owners. The menu and the recipes, with a couple of minor exceptions, remain the same. After Mangia learned of the Food Truck's name, its counsel contacted Defendant's attorney Albert Watkins and requested that the Food Truck change to a new name without "Mangia" in it. Mr. Watkin's response suggested that if Mangia attempted to protect its trademark and trade name, that he and the Defendant would turn this into a media circus: "my clients believe that any litigation arising out of this matter will ultimately prove to be interesting public fodder during the lifetime of the litigation. It is important to note that it is quite possible that the lifetime of the litigation will exceed the lifetime of my clients' business enterprise in this regard." True to form, various posts on the internet and Albert's "Pasta Smackdown" challenge attempt to trivialize this matter and turn it into a "heads-we-win, tails-you-lose" Hobson's choice for Mangia. While a third party may get a chuckle out of the "smackdown" ruse, the illegal use of the Mangia Italiano name is no laughing matter to Mangia. Rather than respect Plaintiff's rights, and change to a non-infringing name, the Food Truck now purports to challenge the Plaintiff to risk its valuable trademark and name in a "taste test" with no defined rules to "resolve the dispute." Obviously, there is no guarantee that whatever the Food Truck prepared in such a "smackdown" would be the same food it serves every day.

"The fact that the Food Truck would propose such a ridiculous challenge for something so valuable to my client demonstrates the willful nature of its infringement. If the Food Truck valued the name like my client does, it would never leave to chance its valuable rights based upon the subjective nature of some unknown taste buds. Even a child could see through this purported "challenge": Heads the unknown judge(s) rule in favor of Defendant's toasted ravioli of the moment; Tails the unknown judge(s) rule in favor of Mangia, giving it what it already owns - its name." said Paul Maddock, litigation counsel for Mangia. Additionally, Mangia is claiming damages, including its attorneys' fees, for the Food Truck's willful infringement. Collier Evans added that "the smackdown challenge makes clear that the City of St. Louis is not big enough for two companies with Mangia as a key part of their name without confusion." Nothing is more personal to a business owner than the name of its business. Therefore, Mangia sued the Food Truck for willful trademark infringement after efforts to amicably resolve the matter with the Daakes failed, including offering some type of license/supply agreement. In the future, Mangia will no longer respond to any media taunts by the Food Truck or its lawyer, but instead will respond in the courtroom, where this case belongs. Courtrooms have rules of evidence and procedure designed for fairness. However, Mangia reiterates its prior settlement offer, good for the next two weeks, for the Food Truck to agree in writing to permanently cease using anything with Mangia (or similar to Mangia) in its name and/or advertising and, Mangia will agree to end the litigation. Given the lack of value placed upon the name, Mangia hopes the Food Truck's owners will do the right thing. Mr. Maddock concluded that "Every school child knows not to copy his neighbor's work. If the Daakes truly want to make 'Mamma Leone' proud, they will build their own unique name and reputation on their own." Contact information: Collier Evans Mangia Italiano EvantiGroup, L.L.C. 314-664-8585 collierevans@hotmail.com