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Market Intelligence Program - How leading companies enhance business performance with strategic market intelligence?

World class strategy processes require world class market intelligence. Strategy formulation should always be based on thorough marketplace understanding, created in close collaboration with decision-makers. Strategic market intelligence should, in fact, be part of the strategy process in order to have significant business impact. Strategic priorities should direct market intelligence efforts but at the same time, the role of market intelligence is to challenge the prevailing strategic assumptions. Market intelligence should not be practiced in isolation; instead it should contribute to a predefined strategic process by providing timely inputs to support strategy formulation and implementation.

What are the Program Objectives? How to Start a World Class Intelligence Program: A Step-By-Step Approach for Rapid Deployment Have you been tasked with setting up an intelligence program or revamping an existing one? Are you wondering where to start and what steps to follow? Or have you already started, and are looking to benchmark your progress against case examples and best practices? Add structure to your intelligence program set-up process Learn to utilize GIAs Intelligence System Development Model and the World Class Market Intelligence Framework, through hands-on case examples Learn to identify and quantify the benefits of the intelligence program as you move forward Make ambitious plans for your intelligence program: Take the pracmatic initial steps, but set long-term goals to become a world class MI organization Conducting a needs analysis and setting the scope of the intelligence activity Planning for the intelligence process Activating the organization Defining deliverables

Implementing tools and technique Marketing the newly established intelligence program to internal user groups What are the Program Benefits to the Students? The participants will also learn how to use the World Class Market Intelligence Framework from the very beginning in order to set initial targets and a schedule when launching the intelligence program. Later on, the framework will serve as a tool for measuring progress in taking the intelligence program to world class levels.

Before designing any courseware, you should try to answer the following questions: What do you want to teach? Why do you want to teach that? Who do you want to teach? What benefits the students will get? What will be the different modules of the courseware? How long each module will be? What tools/techniques you will use for teaching? What case studies you will provide as part of each lecture? What assignments/reading you will give at the end of each lecture? How will you evaluate students? What Questionnaire and Grading mechanism will you use? How will you know how successful you were?