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American Board of Family Medicine, Inc.

Founded 1969

James C. Puffer, M.D. ID: September 2008

President and Chief Tadao Okada, M.D.
Executive Officer
Kameda Family Clinic Tateyama
Michael D. Hagen, M.D. Department of Family Medicine
Senior Vice President
4304-9 Masaki
Roger M. Bean, C.P.A.
Chief Operating Officer
Tateyama, Japan

Terrence M. Leigh, Ed.D.

Vice President
Dear Doctor Okada:
Examination Administration
and Credentials CONGRATULATIONS! We are pleased to announce that you have passed the 2008
July/August Primary Recertification Examination given by the American Board of Family
Joseph W. Tollison, M.D.
Senior Advisor to the
Medicine. As of August 2, 2008, you are certified as a Diplomate until December 31, 2015.
President In keeping with the Board's mission, you have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in
the specialty of Family Medicine. By your successful performance on the examination, you
Martin A. Quan, M.D.
Senior Advisor to the have exhibited the cognitive knowledge worthy of recognition as a specialist in Family
President Medicine. We thank you for your effort, and we look forward to your ongoing commitment
Robert F. Avant, M.D.
to excellence and the delivery of high quality health care throughout your years of practice.
Executive Director Emeritus Your certificate will be sent to you within a few months. You may obtain an analysis of your
performance via a link in your Physician Portfolio.
Paul R. Young, M.D.
Executive Director Emeritus
As you may be aware, the traditional recertification process has evolved into a Maintenance
of Certification (MC-FP) program requiring yearly interaction with the ABFM. Now, entering
its sixth year, this process has been continuously improved to allow you to participate
2228 Young Drive efficiently. To learn more about MC-FP and to begin Stage One of the process, please login
Lexington, KY
to www.theabfm.org and click on MC-FP Track Your Progress from your Physician

Tel: (888) 995-5700 As you enter into the MC-FP program, communication is critical. It is important that we have
(859) 269-5626 your current and valid email address on file. To update your email and/or mailing address,
please log into your Physician Portfolio at www.theabfm.org. If you need assistance, please
Fax: (859) 335-7501
(859) 335-7509 call the Support Center toll-free at 877-223-7437.

www.theabfm.org Our best wishes for your continued success.

Most sincerely,

A Member Board of
the American Board of
Medical Specialties
James C. Puffer, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer