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Monday , 1st Agustus 2011 111 Junior High School Secondary School (Physics) Topic 1: Physical Quantities, Units

and Measurement Note Measurement of Length (Vernier Calipers) Name: ___________________( ) Class: Sec _______ Date: _________

A pupil used a micrometer screw gauge to measure the thickness of a glass panel. The diagram below shows part of the micrometer. What is the thickness of the glass?
___________________ mm

The diagram shows part of a micrometer screw gauge. What is the reading shown?

Monday , 1st Agustus 2011

3 2 0 1 10

_________________ mm

The diagram below shows part of a pair of vernier callipers used to measure the diameter of three identical ball bearings. _____________ mm

Monday , 1st Agustus 2011

Five spheres are placed side by side and the total length was measured. What is the diameter of one sphere?
____________ cm

A student uses a vernier caliper to measure the diameter of a glass block. What reading is shown on the vernier caliper?
_________________ cm