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Extract of Noting containing RM


for FET abroad


Schedule 2A Extract of Noting containing DG approval for Team and FET

Approved FET Schedule



M/s Sikorsky lnvite for Field Evaluation Trials



Mls NH lndustries lnvite for Field Evaluation Trials


Proforma tor Political Clearance

1. Reference enclosures 14 to 64'

2. The case on file seeks political clearance from MEA for deputation of
fvfoO team

for Field Evaluation Trials (FET) of 16 Multi Role Helicopters

case to ltaly, France & Netherlands'

for 3. Field Evaluation trials for procurement of 16 Multi Role Helicopters Defence lndian Navy are ;;quired to be conducted in accordance with and M/s Procurement Procedures. A total of two vendors M/s $ikorsky

vendor NHI would be *"iu"t"O during the FET in lndia and abroad at pioposeO locations. The case for FET abroad at vendor proposed io"Jtl*t (in fiance, ltaly, Netherland, Turkey MoD yq)- 13* been I DG (Acq) vide approueO ny Hon; nte'Rafsha Mantri vide Encl 1A. approveO FET schedule placed at Encl 3A and Encl 2A has MoD FET team as per details tabulated below:constitution of "iro



$er Rank & Name

(a) (b) (c) (d) Cmde RK $ingh (02614-R) Capt A$ Dhillon rn3466-A'| Cdr AN Pramod (03579-H) Cdr VG Menon (03606-W)

Desisnatian Dy TM (M&s)
Capt (Air), INS Shikra. Mumbai JDM, IHQ, MOD (Naw), New Delhi co, INAS 336, lNs Garuda. Kochi

Remarksl U,xd MolJ (Acq wlng) rep

Team Leader, SHQ Team Member $ecretary, SHA Team Member (gos/ A8W\, $HQ TEAM
r.--^L-/T^^a Ll:lA

(g) (h)

Cdr VS Naresh (51568-2) Shri Anurag

SALO, INS Garuda,


Scientist'C' RCMA
(Helicopters), CEMILAC Banoalore SSO-II, ORDAQA (H), Banqalore

Member (L/AL), SHO Team DRDO rep


Shri Jose Varuqhese


4. vendor invites for FET are placed at enclosures 4A & sA. The
Deputation Proforma is placed at Encl 64.

(Europe West)/ MEA for conduct of trials abroad in Europe West with M/s NH lndustries from 29 Aug to 10 Sep 11 as per Encl 3A. A separate file is being processed seeking political clearance from JS (AMS/ Central Europe)/ MEA for trials in Turkey and US.

5. File is submitted for accord of necessary political clearance from JS



Tele: 23011628

(AoD) Jul 11

JS (Europe We-st)/ MEA




r'* \


{"."*\ I
\ /i'

,l E


t ', ,f.

l'r /\.





Name and Designation of the Seniormost Officer


Equivalent rank in GOI ( e.g. Secretary, Additional Secretarv. Joint Secretary) Delegation members along with names, designation, roles etc

Commodore RK Singh Dy Technical Manager (Maritime Systems) MoD (Acouisition Wino) Below Joint Secretary
(a) Captain AS Dhillon, Team Leader, SHQ Team (b) Commander AN Pramod, Member Secretary, SHQ Team (c) Commander VG Menon, Member (ASW/ ASW), SHQ Team (d) Cdr KP Sanjeev Kumar, Member (Testy Pilot), SHQ Team (e) Cdr YC Pandey , Member (E/AE), SHQ Team (0 Cdr VS Naresh, Member (L/ AL), SHQ Team (g) Shri Anurag, Scientist'C' Member DRDO (h) Shri Jose Varughese, SSO ll , Member DGAQA Yes

Confirmation that above contains complete list of all the visitors from your M in istrv/ DeoartmenU Aoencv lf not, then details of those in whose respect political clearance are likely to be souoht seoaratelv. Justification why instead of the visit, lndian Mission abroad cannot be asked to represent our interest.

Not applicable.


Country Dates Purpose of Visit


Nature: Bilateral/ Multilateral/ Private/ Transit

Specialists required for field evaluation trails of NH 90 and S 708 helicopters for Multi Role Helicopters (MRH) case are not available at lndian Mission abroad. France (29-30 Aug 11), ltaly (31 Aug - 14 Sep 1 1), Netherland (1 5 - 16 Sep 11), Turkey (26 - 30 Sep 11) and USA (01-19 Oct 1 1) for Field Evaluation trials for 16 Multi Role Helicopters Bilateral

Outcome anticipated from the visit





The trials would enable GOI to validate check the capabilities of helicopters offered and its associated equipment and competence of vendor to provide the items for 16 Multi Role Helicopters case in accordance with RFP issued bv GOl. List outcome if this visit is not undertaken / Trials are mandatory in accordance postponed with extant regulations. lf the visit is postponed, it will have a cascading effect on timelines of this critical acquisition case and operational availabilitv of lil helicopters. Yes (copies enclosed) Whether an invitation has been received from visiting countries. lf so details (Please enclose a copv) Not applicable. lf multilateral event, level of participation from other countries. Trials are being conducted at vendor Details of meetings fixed in countries / proposed locations in France, ltaly, places being visited. Netherland, Turkey and USA. lndian Missions are being informed. Whether concerned lndian Missions/ Posts have been consulted on arranqements and meetinqs reouired. Level at which administrative approval for Approval of Raksha Mantri for trials abroad in France, ltaly, Netherland, the visit has been taken in the nodal Turkey and USA has been accorded. organisation. Approval of DG (AcqX MoD have been accorded for constitution of trials team and trials proqramme. The expenditure is debitable under Sources of funding for the visit Defence Services Estimates lf any foreign hospitality is proposed to be Not applicable. accepted, whether approval of MHA from FCRA anqle has been obtained.


<*Ea gwam rw ferdq

Joint Dircctor Aircrell Acquisirion





{ ffizxcvDtbi.ltoolr dp.*:t\le,r.r7 & tl i a' i I

lntcllriltcd I lqrr ol' Mol ) (Nryy)


Sikorsky lnternational Operations, lnc.. 6900 Main Street r P. O. Bsx gI29 Shatford, Connecticut 066 1 S-91 29 (203) 3864071 t Fax', (860) 998-sS69

June 30, 201

Con:rmodore B. S. pai-has

Principal Direc.tor,Aireraft Aequisitron

Integrated Headquar[ers r:f Xdinistry of Defenee fNavy] (Directr:rate of Aircraft Acquisitian)

A Bloek Huhlent
Daihousie Road ldew Delki 1100i I

subject: sikorsky Respcnse to the Indian Navy's Request fot Field rrials Novem er 01, 20tr0 F-ef. Fitre No. All,lggl SnfnfVf
Dear Sir.


MRH case dated

As a foliciry up to Sikoisky Intematiana! Operations, Inc.,s (Sikorsky,s) ietter dated February i4, 2811 and your subsequent meeting with ihi sikorsky r*u. in N.w Deihi on May lgfLg,zall, piease find sikcrsky's proposed agerida for the s-zogil itJi;-p*r Field EvaluarionTrial (FET), sikr:rsby Froposes conducting the FET in three to fuliy demonsrrate compliance with the Indian Navy R'equest for Froposal (F,FF) Naval *ug*., quJrioriu* Requirements fNSeRs) The FET will be ecnduered in Tuikey and the United

f9t ;; States.

* Turkey - Fiight dernonstrations of General Flight Characteristies, ASW mission, DayNight shipboard operations
aiid Maintenanee Demoistrations
at the Cengiz Topel }Javal Base.


u Turkey lrJary

s-708 helicopter

united states - Flight demonstration ' j\4easure

af Mission systems incJuding radar, Electronic support {Esho and Ereeko-opriear devices Mission flights utilizing a Brazil t*avy i-zon at sikorsky'r iio"c"-f

olttl;il;4ed isuw;;i!fr


c umted states

LIS Nary MH-60R helicopter at

Demonstration of the dipplng

patuxeniRiier u.s.

system and a subset of sonic systems on a


Air station, Maryrand.

sikorsky proposes that the FET carnmence Mo:rday, september 26tr and conclude wednesday, october 19ft . The recommended duration of the n'ET wlr be ls;il;", #;;;;;*.roo* aircraft familiarization ro be eondueted in india rrom august I tlrough 5.

'A'Block Hutrnents Integrated Headquarters Minisny of Defence (t{avy) Dalhousie Road New Delhi - 11011
CmdcBSParhar,NM kincipal Director Naval dircraft Acquisition
16 Jun 201

Dear Cmde Parhar.

Letter of Invitation to the NH90 Field Evaluation Trials zgth August - l6tl'September 20ll
Further to the Pre FET discussions held in Delhi on the 27tt'May 20Il,NHI pleased is to i'vite the Indian Navy personnel to Eulope on the above days in ordeito undertake tri. r,ann eEi.

on tlre 25tr'through2gth July 2011.

NHI's final FET plan is attached for yor-u'infonlation. In adclition to the FET activities in Europe wP can confirm that tlie class room based Familiarisation Course will be helcl in Delhi

soon as possible.

NHI will, as agreed, endeavour to complete the FET actives for indigenous HF and VUHF radios witli HAL and ECIL during August, however if this is not possible we will as agreed schedule these in early Qctober. We will also confirm the plan foi the FET of the SatCom as

NHI is comrnitted to ensuring that all of the Navy's ob.iectives for the FET are fully addressed. In order to ensure security clearances are processecl in good time NHI request that you provide the required BIo data for all Navy personnel no later than the 20,1' June.
I trust this letter and enclosure is sufficiently detailecl for your requirernents.

Yours Sincerely.

Chris Cornish