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Piping Systems, Inc.

Piping Systems, Inc.

Module Fabrication

We begin with our customers process design

We can use our customers orthographic drawings or work with their process engineers to develop an efficient equipment and piping arrangement

Support Frame Design Drawings are prepared from the orthographic drawings

Each piece of the frame is detailed to ensure that it is fabricated to fit accurately within the completed assembly

We prepare piping isometric spool drawings for extensive pre-fabrication prior to module assembly, maximizing productivity, configuration accuracy, and quality

The module support frame is fabricated and painted to customer specifications, ready to receive equipment and piping

Piping spools are pre-fabricated, examined, cleaned and inspected prior to final assembly

Component Expediting, Receiving and Control

Module Fabrication involves a wide variety of valves, instruments, pumps, heat exchangers, and other specialized components. Piping Systems project managers establish comprehensive status and expediting reports for each module, ensuring that all components are on-hand for assembly and that each component has been inspected, tagged and verified. Whether purchased by Piping Systems or provided by the customer, equipment and components are received, stored and controlled; tagged and segregated by project and module.

Quality Assurance is an integral part of our fabrication process

Our Quality Programs include: ASME NQA-1 and 10CFR50B Nuclear QA Program ASME Code U, S, and PP Symbol Stamps and National Board R Symbol Stamp QA Program ASME B31.1 Power Piping QA Program ASME B31.3 Chemical Piping QA Program When necessary, Piping Systems prepares project specific programs or procedures to meet unique customer specification requirements.

Quality Assurance is an integral part of our corporate culture

Our project managers, supervision and craft understand their roles within the quality programs and are dedicated to QA program compliance. Instructions and procedures provide documented assurance that the completed project meets specification requirements. Our material control and traceability program is unequaled. Shop inspectors are AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI and CAWI) as well as ANSI N45.2.6 certified.

Piping Systems work is accepted at union jobsites throughout North America

We are a United Association (UA) Union Label shop, signatory to the National Commercial Pipe Fabrication Shop Agreement. Our local union, Steamfitters Local 400, is known for quality craftsmanship and, with over 1200 active members, can support our labor needs for fabrication projects of any scope.

Partnering with electrical, insulation and painting subcontractors ensures that each craft works together in our shop as an integral part of the project team

Control wiring

Piping Insulation

Planning and organization ensure accurate efficient assembly of the piping and components and a quality product

Selective Catalytic Reduction Urea Dissolver Skid

Loading and Shipping The final step in a successful module project

Selective Catalytic Reduction : Vaporizer, Unloading and Compressor Skids

Piping Systems Module Fabrication Experience

Piping Systems has provided modular fabrications, incorporating piping and valves, structural supports, equipment, process controls, instrumentation, electrical wiring, and insulation to customers throughout the Americas. The following photographs illustrate the wide range of industries and processes for which we have provided modules, skids and other pre-assembled fabrications.

Power Plant

Selective Catalytic Reduction Dilution Air Skid

Power Plant

Selective Catalytic Reduction Forwarding Pump Skid Selective Catalytic Reduction Ammonia Unloading Skid


Safety Related Steam Generator Sludge Lancing Platforms

Shop Pre-assembly - Frame

Connection Details


Brewery Process module Pneumatic/Electrical Controls


Brewery Refrigeration module Brewery Beer Release Manifolds


Brewery Carbon Filter Modules


Brewery Keg Line Module

Brewery Hops Injection Module

Orange Juice

Orange Juice Roof & Bridge Modules (Installed)

Food Processing

Trombone Coil precision assembly using laser-cut templates Enzyme Reactor Trombone Coils


Refinery Truck Loading Racks

Refinery Additive Injection System


Refinery Compressor Modules Two of these modules were fabricated, assembled and shipped in two weeks


Mining Equipment Blast Hole Compressor Skid


Brewery Pipe Bridge Modules

Piping Systems, Inc. Shop Facilities

New London, WI

Kaukauna, WI

Piping Systems ships modules throughout North America and the Caribbean

Piping Systems will become a true partner and a member of your project team