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Human resource management process in the organization

i. HRP process
The human resource planning process of the Askari Bank starts with the market situational analysis. The situation of the economy and market dictates the kind of work force required by the. The HR department keeps a close eye on the market, economic and general public buying/spending patterns situation in Pakistan to form their HR strategy and later translate it in to planning process. The executives of the future are expected to be equipped with the professional knowledge, skills and competencies required to lead the Bank by introducing new initiatives.

ii. Forecasting HR requirements

The HR department extracts the statistical data of the economy and general buying and saving patterns of the consumers for example If the general public is saving more then Askari Bank HR department will hire more marketing staff to get as much deposits as possible. It is the main function of the forecasting HR that it determines the need of the organization and predicts about the staff which the organization will need in future.

iii. Methods to forecast HR needs Meetings

The statistical data of the economy and market is thoroughly discussed in the meeting and work force forecasting decisions are made on the basis of consideration of Bank Policy and market directions.

Managers Feedback
If manger feels the more staff in specific department than he reports to the HR department to hire the employee related to the vacant post.

Market Analysis
Keeping an eye on the smart players is also a technique to device a strategy for example Bank Alfalah Limited recruiting car financing staff can give an idea that automobiles demand in going to increase in future so the management of Askari Bank Limited will also concentrate on this section.

(b) Employees recruitment & selection

The Recruitment Team shall arrange to prepare candidate synopsis for each eligible candidate in the light of job description documents. This process requires the employees nationality, references, knowledge and on skills basis. A written test is taken and those candidates pass the exam call for interview. In the end successful candidates send on training. Advertisement (Newspaper) Scrutiny of application Short listing Test Listing on the basis of test Call letters for interviews Interviews-Panel Interviews Final short listing

Internal Sources
The internal sources includes Making Permanent contractual employees. Reference based selection. Employee Son/Daughter recruitment policy. Commission staff

External Sources
Web site announcement Newspaper announcement Giving adds on other job sites Job fairs Targeting

ii. Employment selection process

Integrity of the person is important. For this purpose, references are required so that the person giving the references can be contacted in case of any lose to the institution by that person. Bank policy is to take such references in writing. At the lower level, Bank has

mostly hired young staff and fresh graduates. However, some employees have also been transferred from other institutions- both banking and non banking. At the management level, mostly experienced staff is working and has been hired from other banking institutions. A written test is taken and those candidates pass the exam call for interview. In the end successful candidates send on training.

(c) Training and Development

Training is necessary for bank job. Our Training and Development Programmed focus on enhancing the skills, competencies, and knowledge of human capital. Bank arranges annually meeting in head office as training for new employees. Hr department prepares plans about the training and development of the employees. Analyzing three major human resource areas can assess training needs the organization as a whole, the job characteristics and the needs of the individuals. Begin by assessing the current status of the company how it does what it does best and the abilities of your employees to do these tasks. Training has become a pre-requisite for advancement in the profession. In Askari Bank employees are provided training according to the requirements of the individuals. Training programmes attended by the Bank employees are mostly sponsored by Pakistan Institute of Management and Institute of Bankers in Pakistan. Management accesses the development and training needs of each individual and enrolls the employees accordingly.

Training need assessment

Training Need Assessment is an integral part of this policy and will be done every year. The purpose is to identify the skill levels of individual and match it with the job. In NBP training programs are schedules are arranged after short periods. It is necessary to prepare staff to compete with the market. The basic purpose training is that to prepare the staff for competition and encourage them to learn new skills.

Employee Development
Employee development is also necessary to run the affairs of the organization properly. Development needs of its human resources and in this regard is investing substantial amount of money and efforts in organizing various types of training programs. NBP takes special importance to the development of its employees.

(d) Performance management i. Setting performance standards & expectations

Higher authorities of Askari Bank Limited set the standard of works and performances of the organization in the bank. It is essential to build a strong setup in the organization and follow these standards to achieve the best result. In this process first main step is to build the performance standard which is a tough job A template designed to evaluate performance of NBP employees. This template is linked to the performance management system proposed by HRD in bringing about the major change in the way reward and promotion is perceived. The Askari Bank Limited has specified the performance variables over which employees are judged like Regularity Punctuality Effectiveness Efficiency Behavior and conduct Targets achieved Training and development Clients feed back/cases if any

ii. How performance reports are written

The performances reports of each employee are written at the end of six months by the HR coordinator and presented to manager and Regional head Office. They are written on a specific Performa form and promotion decisions are taken on the basis of these reports. This report tells that how an employee is going in his work in the organization.

(e) Employee compensation and benefits

It is necessary in the organization that employee should given compensations and benefits. It encourages the employee towards the loyalty with organization and they work with their full intensions. Compensation and benefit plans motivate the employees of the

organization to put their full efforts in the work. NBP is providing these compensations and benefits to their employees. Base Pay Commissions Overtime Pay Bonuses, Profit Sharing Merit Pay Stock Options Travel Allowance Housing Allowance Medical Allowance Education Allowance

(f) Organizational Career Management i. Employee job changes

Job changes may hold positive outcomes for employees, such as job enrichment, fulfillment of development needs, more satisfaction, or improved labor market opportunities. NBP provides all the necessary opportunities for their work force to acquire multi-disciplinary skills. They implement the policy of job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment to give all the important experiences to their employees in order to transform them as a successful modern banker.

ii. Job changes with the organization Promotion

The criteria of promotion in the Askari Bank Limited are mainly based on the performance. At the end of the financial year all the managers are evaluated so that promotion decisions can be taken. These are also included in the promotion decision Experience of Employee


According to policy of Askari Bank Limited the employees are not transferred without need unless it becomes predictable like to start a new branch in a small city some experience staff is transferred to that branch for some time.

Demotion means downgrading of anything. If an employee is involved in unethical issues clients negative feedback or carelessness, behavioral misconduct can result in the demotion according to the situations of that particular state of affairs.

Separations Lay Off

Layoff is the temporary suspension or permanent termination of employment of an employee. In the policy of National Bank of Pakistan there is appropriate way until any kind of incident is not occur then the employees have to face some inquiries.

Misappropriation and sexual harassment are the issues that can result in the termination of an employee.

The employees can resign as well after the maturation of their contracts

After the age of sixty years National bank of Pakistan bequests retirement to their employees.

(g) Labor management relations

Strong relation between the labor and management helps the organization to run its business affairs in a very smooth way. Askari Bank keeps full attention for the strong relationships among the employees and management

15. Critical analysis

Critical analysis is very important in finding the weakness of the work and also helps to improve the weaknesses. It helps to find out the weak points of the organizations and workers. During the internship period I also did critical analysis. Fig: 33 In Askari bank staff is not sufficient and burden of work on staff is very high. Work stress is very soaring on staff. It is wrong and put bad affect on the performance of the employees of the bank. This main branch of D.G.Khan city is working double. The work of Cantt. Branch is also doing in this branch. So the work pressure is very high. Coordination among employees is very low. Stress on employees is very high from the Branch Manager. It is tough to handle the work burden. Coordination with public is very low and staff did not cooperate with public. Management did not concentrate on the employees performance. Bank is not following the modern banking system properly. In branch leg pulling is frequent. Bank is not fulfilling the requirement of employees and also not fulfilling the public interests. Bad behavior of the employees is degrading the image of the bank. Askari bank need to improve the working environment of the bank it should provide proper training to their employees to deal their clients properly. Bank should hire more staff to reduce the burden from the current working members. It is necessary to provide proper training and improve their skills. Askari bank should concentrate on the performance of the employees and provide them proper training and should also arrange programs to improve their behavior and their self development.

16. SWOT Analysis



ACBL has got a well-developed on-line system in most of its branches. Remittance Department is working very deficiently in transferring the funds of people due to this system.

Wide network of branches and ATMs. One distinctive feature of the bank is that it is the only bank working for the welfare of army officers, which was established by Army Welfare Trust. Modernized banking system. Branch is fully computerized.


The human resource department is not performing the function of selection and recruitment effectively. Selection process is not on merit due to which competent persons cannot be selected.

Bank is not introducing new products and new saying schemes. Bank should boost the product development and increase the range of facilities offered for customers.

The bank has very low staff and the pressure is very high on the bank staff. Coordination among employees is not sufficient.


Govt. is taking very bold steps to promote IT in Pakistan. ACBL has an opportunity to improve in technology. Providing free online services to provide relief their clients. ACBL is surrounded by many competitors. It has an opportunity to adopt aggressive marketing to increase its business.

Reducing the interest rate on services for customer benefits.


ACBL has many competitors, which are continuously increasing its products and marketing aggressively. It may cause its customers to shift to competitors. Some other banks have competent taskforce, which is also a threat for ACBL. Appearance of new banks in the banking sector. The products and services of the existing banks is also threat for the ACBL.

17. Conclusion
During the internship period I reached on this point that Askari Bank Limited is working well. Its progress is increasing by passing time. In year 2009 it achieved many targets but there are some points which are causing its weaknesses. So it is very crucial that bank should improve its financial position and financial performance. Bias in hiring and between colleagues should be removed. Bank should increase its number of staff. Bank should increase its promotional activities of its products and services through proper channel. So the major decision power vested to it and it is not contributing good result in the profitability of the business. Bank should increase the number of branches and should adopt the promotion policies. It is necessary that bank should reduce its weaknesses. Overall Askari bank working well with its limited resources. Fig.35

18. Recommendation

During my internship, what I feel should be there are: Fig.36 Human Resources Department should be more effective to motivate the employees. I have noted some dissatisfaction among the employees, due to in efficient promoting system. So the bank should provide clean and on the merit basis promotion system. The bank is now over staff. The building under operation is in adequate for such a large staff. So the building should be extended Askari bank should recruit the more staff to run the affairs of the bank. Employee should be given proper training about their work.

All the employees must have computer system so that they can work effectively.

Departments I Worked
In my internship there are some departments in which I learned much about the organization as well as work. It was my first experience to do work in Bank and their i learnt about the culture also about the work. The procedure of working in a team was outstanding .It also increases my communication skills. Accounts opening department In account opening department I worked two weeks and in this duration I seek about the main requirements of accounts of bank and there opening procedure. Remittances department(Online services) In Remittance I worked one week and in this duration I seek about the main requirements of making DDs (Demand Draft), PO (Payroder), TT (Telegraphic Transfer).

Clearing department Here I get knowledge about the clearing and get information about its types. Here I worked for one week

Accounts department Here I got knowledge of accounts departments that how it works and what are the main function which this departments perform in branch. Here I worked for one week

Human resource department in HR department I got the knowledge of the main functions of this department and its working procedure in bank. Here I worked for one week

1 12. Training program 2

Training Need Assessment will be integral part of this policy. The purpose is to identify the skill levels of individual and match it with the job. The focus is to establish and maintain a happy, contented, motivated and an efficient team of employees, therefore it is utmost necessary. Among other policies and strategies, should have a comprehensive and progressive training policy for ensuring sustainable and continuous grooming of a person. Fig.32

a. Detailed description of the operations/activities of the department(s)

Account Opening Department

In this department we see that there is tough competition among bankers for the deposits, so bank find the new customer to get the desired deposit from him, then he is to be welcomed by the banker as a source of fresh deposits.

Account opening procedure

Know your customers

About the identity, financial resources, and general information of the customer. When the customer is newly introduced by the bank following information is needed.

Customer name
Mention the complete name as in CNIC card . Nature of business also mentioned. if customer is doing job in the government office or in the private office then he should attach the salary slip class enter name. If the customer is a businessman, he should show the original work pad.

Source Of Income
The customer should mention the source of income if he want to open the account in the bank. Which is the basic information about the customer

Mailing Address
The customer should give the mailing address in the account opening form and also give the permanent address for the bank use.

Contact Number
Mention the home, official, mobile, fax number for the bank use. Mobile number is the necessary requirement because the all the transactions are done by the customer by the ATM the bank send all the information on the customer mobile number.

The customer should give the required documents which are necessary for the account opening. The salary person provide the salary slip, CNIC card and initial deposit. Sole proprietor and partnership should provide the original work pad or company pad CNIC card of all the partners, A house wife should provide the CNIC card the undertaking form. All the account holders should provide the information about the next of kin for the necessary use in the bank soothe bank should information about his account in the absence of the account holders

Function of Account Opening department

Providing account opening form according to the customer's requirements. Check the forms whether they are correctly completed or not.

Verification from the NADRA Through verisys verification software. Stamping on the form. Maintaining account opening register. Issuance of cheque books. Providing the ATM card. Pasting of forms in register after release from general banking in charge.

Types of Account
Basic banking account Evergreen account Askari special deposit account Askari Mahana Bachat Account (1 + 3 Years Term) Askari Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit Askari Deposit Multiplier Account Current deposit Value Plus account

Remittance Department
The remittance department deals with the transfer of money from one place to another. It deals with the local currency transfer. It is for the client and non client.

Instruments of Remittances Departments

Pay Order
Pay order issued from one branch only and payable from the same branch. It is issued for payment in the same city. Name of beneficiary. Address of the beneficiary. Amount

Mode of payment either through cheque or cash The place where pay order is drawn. Two Signatures of the customer

Demand Draft
This is an instrument on demand for which value has been received and issued by the branch of the bank .It is payable at some other branches of the same bank In application form following are required. Name of beneficiary. Address of the beneficiary. Amount Mode of payment either through cheque or cash The place where DD is drawn. Two Signatures of the customer

I learned from Ms Samina Shaheen how to prepare the DD and filled the form. She told me the basic difference between the DD and pay order that pay order is only valuable within the city and DD is valuable out of the city

Mail Transfer (MT)

Mail transfer (MT) is another mode of remittance that is used for transfer of money. All inter-branch transfer is done through MTs. A mail transfer (MT) does not need an advice to be sent because the amount of MT is directly credited to the account of the payee. Therefore it is an easy way to transfer the funds through the inter branches of the same Bank.

Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

It is the fastest mean of transfer of funds from one place to the other. For issue of telegraphic transfer (TT) a request has to be made to the manager who gives the permission. It is a costly mean and the charges are comparatively higher than other means of the transfer of money

Work in credit card

I also learned from Ms Samina Shaheen that what the payment method of the credit card is. There are two method of the payment Cheque payment Cash payment

Clearing Department
It is a system by which banks exchange cheques and other negotiable instruments drawn on each other within a specific area and thereby secure payment for their clients through the Clearing House. Clearing department is the most important department of the Banks which perform different types of task. There are two types of clearing inward clearing

Inward clearing
On receiving cheque/instruments from central clearing branch, the in charge checks the number and amount of cheque received in clearing must tally with the main schedule received from central clearing branch.

Outward clearing
The instrument collected or stored bank wise and a schedules is prepared separately for each bank mentioning the total number of instruments and the amount of the instruments. These are recorded in a register called Outward Clearing Register then a main schedule is prepared showing the total number of cheque and their aggregate amount being presented in the clearing.

Accounts Department
Every transaction which takes place recorded in the computer so all transactions in different departments are forwarded to account department. Since all vouchers from different departments are forwarded to current department so this department tally all

such transactions with current department after maintaining the ledger of each department. Following functions are performed by accounts department Vouchers (daily vouchers sorting, binding, and keeping at secure place and maintaining voucher register. Bank Reconciliation (Reconciliation of NBP & UBL balance with our bank ledger on weekly basis. Profit Posting (Posting of profit of TDR 1Year 3years, and special rates on ASDA deposit on monthly basis M.O Reconciliation (Checking and balancing of main office entries must be after 10 days Calculation of markup on different advances. Reporting (monthly reporting to area, region and head office. Uni Reports (Checking of Uni DD 100,Uni DD 113, Uni DD 50, Uni DD 62, Uni DD 110, reports on daily basis. Submission of Taxes (put forward tax on cash withdrawal, salary, services, and profit in NBP on weekly basis. Leave Record (maintenance of leave record register on weekly basis. Salary disbursement (pay out of salaries of regular and contract staff and posting of medical and fuel allowances Expense approval & budgetary limits (processing of prior and monthly expenses and check and balancing of budgetary limits

Human Resource Department

The Human Resources Management (HRM) function includes a variety of activities, and key among them is deciding what staffing needs you have and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs, recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance issues, and ensuring your personnel and management practices conform to various regulations. Activities also include managing your approach to employee benefits and compensation, employee records and personnel policies.

The bank has special importance to the aspect of training and career planning of its staff members. Forwards this main objective, several training courses have been organized initiating a self development process, in order to accelerate organizational growth and to further improve the Banks level of expertise and efficiency. Many years ago, large organizations looked to the "Personnel Department," mostly to manage the paperwork around hiring and paying people. More recently, organizations consider the "HR Department" as playing a major role in staffing, training and helping to manage people so that people and the organization are performing at maximum capability in a highly fulfilling manner. Recently, the phrase "talent management" is being used to refer the activities to attract, develop and retain employees. Some people and organizations use the phrase to refer especially to talented and/or high-potential employees. The phrase often is used interchangeably with the field of Human Resource Management . Those people might include HRM in HRD, explaining that HRD includes the broader range of activities to develop personnel inside of organizations, e.g., career development, training, organization development, etc.

b. Detailed description of the tasks assigned to you OR Detailed description of the project assigned to you
There are following learning points for me in the bank.

First week & Second Week

In my first two weeks in ACBL, they assigned me work in Account Opening Department. Mr Yasir Minhaj and Mr Sohail Mushtaq trained me very nicely and I learned more in this department. They told me different accounts names and their codes. How to open the account? New computerized CNIC is must for opening of new account. For current account 5,000 and for BBA account 1,000 and for saving more than five thousand What is the source of income of the customer How to fill the deposit Slip if anyone wants to transfer cash or deposit cash How to fill the different accounts Form

How to issue the Cheque Book How to enter it in the register What are the procedures for the ATM card I m fully trained in this job how to open the different accounts ,how to issue the cheque book and enter it in the register and how to issue a Debit Card.

Third Week
In the Third Week they assigned me work in Clearing Department. Mr. Sabir Ali trained me very nicely and I learned much in this department. There are two types of clearing Inward clearing Outward clearing In this week I entered the cheques lodged for inward clearing in clearing register as their cheque number account holder name, cheque amount and bank name amount to be paid. Secondly in this week I prepared (O/W) clearing for next day. Same as entered cheque number account holder name amount and Bank name. In this week I also entered cheque return in cheque return register and put cheque return slip on cheque. I am full trained now in this particular job. How to fill cheque return slip? How to enter in me /W, O/W clearing register.

Fourth Week
In Fourth week they assign me work for Remittances Demand draft and Pay order preparation. Demand draft is for payment outside of city and pay order for local payment. It is a secure source of payment. There are no charges for Pay order while other banks charge for this service so it is an advantage going to ACBL bank to attract customers. In this week I repeatedly perform the jobs and I am fully trained in such type of operations to make the DD, Pay order.

Fifth Week
In this week I worked in Accounts department In this week they assign me work

In Accounts Department how to sort the Vouchers and preparation of Salaries, bank reconciliation, MO Reconciliation, Leaves Record, Profit posting Reporting and Uni reporting expense approval and budgetary limit, submission of taxes and more. I am fully trained in this job and able to check that all the vouchers are accurate and matched with the activity and in the other task.

Sixth Week
In Sixth Week I worked in HR department under the supervision of Miss Nimra Roohi. She guided me about the Hr role in the branch and also told me how it works. How it works on overall levels. In the branch the HR Coordinator is responsible for keeping the record of the employees, presence record and their performances. This department keeps record of leave application of the employees. If application of any employee is missing then it asks him/her for the application. It also keeps the record of the progress of employees and prepares the report.

13. Structure of the HR Department

Department hierarchy
Director HR

Manager HR

HR planner

HR controller

HR controller

HR controller

HR controller