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Employee Application Form


Instructions: 1. Attach your resume if prepared. Please note that you must mention the information in the application form also even if your resume contains the same information. 2. Please fill application form in full. If any section is not applicable to you mark as NA (Not Applicable). 3. August Infotech is an equal opportunity employer. 4. Short-listed candidates will be called for further interview. You may check for your status in 2 weeks time if theres no response from the school.

Position applied for Last Drawn Salary Expected Salary Earliest joining date Willing to work overtime?

PHP Devloper 7000

Yes [ ]

No [ ]

How did you hear about our job opening? [ ] Newspaper advertisement please specify newspaper name here: [ ] From August Infotech Staff please specify name here: [ ] From the August Infotech web site: [ ] Campus interview: [ ] Other source(s) please specify here: Through friends.

Name Date & place of birth Current Address
Panchal Amit Rajnikantbhai 14/5/1988 , Surat 8/360,Navsari Bazar, Koth Sofil rd, Surat

Permanent Address (if not same as above) Places (cities/towns) lived in since birth

Same as Above

Surat UK

No. of years
20yr 1.5yr


No. of years

Residence number Mobile Marital Status (if married specify year & month of marriage) E-mail id

9429338760 Single


Employee Application Form

Mother Tongue(s)


Employee Application Form

(List below ALL your educational degrees from your highest qualification upto your SSC/Class 10, starting with the most recent first)

Degree (write specialization if any) MCA Running PGDIT BCA SSC

Date completed From 2009 2006 2007 To 2010 2009 2008

Percentage and/or Class

Institute name & location (also specify the college) London International College,UK VNSGU

77% 74% 69.75%

Can you furnish original certificates of completion of the degress mentioned above? Yes [ ] No [ ] Any other qualification (Certificate/Diploma course in XYZ computers etc) (all relevant
certificates may be asked for during interview)

Hobbies/ Interests/ Talents / Passions: Cricket, reading, Any Sports Language Proficiency (rate yourself on each parameter on a 1-5 scale, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest) Language English Hindi Gujarati 5 5 5 Can understand 4 5 5 Can speak 5 5 5 Can read 4 5 5 Can write

Details of all relatives/ family members living in the same house as you: Sr. No 1 2 3 4 Name Rajnikantbhai Taraben Mayur Divyesh Age 55 46 26 21 Relations hip with you Father Mother Brother Brother Highest Educational Qualification, Occupation, Organization & Designation 4th HSC ITI SSC

Employee Application Form

(Begin with the most recent position. In case you worked in the same organization in different roles, please mention them separately. Add rows if needed)

Start Date

End Date

Organizatio n name & location

Job Title & brief description

1st Still January 2011

Augustinfotech Trainee

Startin g& Final Salary (Gross) 7000

Reason(s) for leaving this job

List 1-2 people (not relatives) who can vouch for your qualifications, achievements and work ethics. Please also include references of your current / past employers.

No .



Your Relationship

Address / Contact No.

Please mention if theres any medical history or personal history that the school should be aware of:

I hereby state that all information given by me on this application is true and correct and any misstatement I have made may result in immediate dismissal. Applicants Name: Panchal Amit R. 15/4/2011 Date:

Employee Application Form

Please answer the following questions to the best of your abilities. Use full sentences only. Use as many words as required. These questions are important as they help us understand you better. 1. Why did you choose (or have now chosen to) to become a Web Developer & Web Designer? I was quite interested in this field from the beginning and as look at the current trade choose to become Web Developer

2. Why do you want to leave your present organization (if applicable)?

3. What are your short-term (1-2 year) and your long-term (5-10 year) plans? State both professional and personal goals. Short Term goal is to get knowledge and developed skill to being good web developer and than after work at good post and Get good salary because salary is most effective factor and essential 4. What do you consider as the priorities in your life? My Family

5. Working at August Infotech requires a lot of learning (and unlearning) as well as hard work. What are your opinions on the same? Yes, it requires lot of learning and hard work. 6. What are your expectations from the company (working environment, personal & professional growth)? Obviously good salary and There should be friendly nature to solve the problem or doubt of any candidate. Leader should be with friendly nature so if any one have problem regarding work he/she can freely ask. I think this can be good to develop friendly atmosphere and this can reduce the mental stress

7. According to you, what qualities should a good web designer or web developers have? He/she should be good learner so he/she can lean new technologies as it comes and updated him self 8. Describe your important strengths & improvement areas (current weaknesses that you have identified and that you wish to work on)? (SWOT) Never Give up 9. Can you describe an instance in life (professional or personal) where you were facing a difficult situation and you took the initiative / leadership to solve the problem?

Employee Application Form

When i was in college and making project due to lack of leadership we face lots of problem by that i can say that leadership is must to do each and everything on time and to improve perfection