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http://www.gravityms.com/ GRAVITY MADE SIMPLE GMS INTRODUCTION Author Cliff Clinton. Copyrighted. All right reserved.

02/24/2010 Understanding gravity is something that has been sought after for a very long time. Some of the most prestigious scientists of the world have spent their lives trying to understand its true nature. Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of theories have been put forth to explain the phenomena but only wind up explaining its function. The only theory that even comes close to understanding gravity is the Superstring Theory in which gravity appears as the lowest energy vibration of a fundamental particle. Gravity is generated from each and every fundamental particle that has inertial mass. All energies we can detect are forms of vibrating entities in the fabric, for if these energies are not vibrating they are unobservable in our existence. Energy itself cannot be defined other than by its results which we can observe in the form of electromagnetic radiation or mass. Gravity does not exist without the presence of a mass, therefore mass and gravity are completely linked to each other's existence. I use the term fabric, but in the old days it was referred to as the ether (Aether). The ether was generally believed to be some form of a solid of infinite density, and waves of energy used that solid as a means to propagate. I do not refer to the fabric in this way, but I do hold to the idea that the fabric does support an energy wave, and not only support it, but is part of the existence of vibrating energy. There are other basic things I've come to believe, and that is the gravitational field of a fundamental particle is not infinite in scope and does not fill the entire universe. I believe it is finite and has limits to how far its field can influence. I also believe that the gravitational field of a particle does not resemble that of a planet but in fact has a closed field that does not influence space equally in all directions. These limits can explain why the universe does not behave as we think it should. Gravity appears to be a one directional force when you are close to its source. However, at some distance far out, and I mean way far out, the attraction field will slowly turn into an attraction away from the mass. I also believe that the gravitational field varies in its size when immersed in a denser area of the fabric. As far as we can tell inertial mass is the only thing that distorts the fabric in a way that produces a gravitational field. To me the fabric is the backbone which creates all of the known energies in our universe and is some form of a nine or ten dimensional entity or something with multiple properties. When something disturbs the fabric it produces inter-dimensional changes which causes the formation of waves or vibrations that manifest themselves, to us, as energy waves. These energy waves represents us. Light, radiation, and mass are the product of these energy disturbance in the fabric. The vibrating energy in the fabric has the effect of increasing or decreasing the fabric's density. This is not done by adding substance to the fabric but by manipulating the different properties that make up the fabric, thus producing the energy waves we observe. These waves are limited to the speed of light by this manipulation or, in the case where mass is produced, that mass causes a fundamental distortion in the fabric itself but it is still an energy wave which means mass is still subject to the speed of light rules. When the fabric's density increases or decreases it produces other side effects. One of these effects is the slowing down or speeding up of time. Time can be characterized by the increase or decrease of the energy wave transit duration from one point in fabric to another, referenced from an outside observer. Our clocks use this transit time as a reference. The movement, or the motion of a mass, in a mass caused fabric distortion, is another characteristic of the fabric. Inertia is also part of this equation. It is a part given very little attention to, since without inertia

you could not make anything move, for the equal and opposite reaction forces to work inertia must be present. Gravity is the product of the distortion density differences in the fabric caused by the presence of a inertial mass. A fundamental particle can be considered to have a fixed amount of energy which would represent a stable mass. Mass by itself increases the density of the fabric that surrounds it so when a mass is in the presence of another mass the density of the fabric increases between them. When this happens each mass experiences a slowing down of time which reduces its energy. This changes the relationship between mass and energy within each of the two masses and therefore violates the conservation of energy laws. When this happens the masses must correct for this change and they do so by increasing their motion. The increased motion adds energy to the masses and re-balances the equation. This change of motion is what we observe as the attraction of gravity. When an apple falls from the tree and stays on the ground it is doing nothing more than correcting for an energy imbalance created by the density changes in the fabric that mass creates. This in turn is how gravity works. It is not mysterious or hocus-pocus, but simply how the laws of energy are obeyed. The fabric, when disturbed, can be considered a separate entity that produces the waves of energy we are created from but it, by itself, does not have to obey the energy laws we subscribe to these waves. String theory basically says that everything we are composed of is a form of vibrating energy. Closed strings or wound strings will produce different types of particles when vibrating differently. The theory and its mathematics goes a long way in describing a particle's characteristics. I believe that vibrating energy which represents particles is governed by the multiple dimensional properties of the fabric (Space) and the string is not a separate entity but built from the multiple properties of the fabric itself. This simply means that the properties of a string in string theory also represent many of the characteristics of the fabric. Some of these equations could very well be an analysis of the fabric's characteristics as much as that of the fundamental particle it is describing. We should not treat the fabric as a single entity but something that has multiple characteristics, and these characteristics bring about the type of energy we are composed of. Part six is somewhat of a summary of the first five parts. If you're new to this site you should read this part first for it will give you a good view of how I see gravity. If you would like to know more of how I derived these conclusions please look through the other five parts. In this section inertia becomes part of the gravity equation for it is what actually makes things move. This is an attempt to look at gravity from a different perspective, one not as an attraction or a push. It puts time, space and motion into perspective. A look at space in a way you have never looked at it before. It is a look at what else the space time fabric might be doing and how it may be playing a role of which we are unaware. How does gravity produce motion? Is it a particle or wave? The alternative to the big bang. Was there really one? Can all the things we see in space that leads us to the big bang theory happen without a big bang? Is gravity the same in the microscopic world as it is in the larger universe? Is the strong force and gravity one and the same thing? If so, how could we connect the two? Can string theory explain anti-matter and the expanding universe? This part will challenge a great deal of known physics and your imagination. PART 6 PART 7

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 Part 7 is NEW don't miss it. You Are Visitor No 057348 Globel Administrator Tracking Device NEW I have been interested in gravity for more than 50 years. I have read numerous books and literature on the subject and found it intriguing how little we know or visualize about what gravity is. My explanation is simple for I believe in simplicity and common sense. The ideas that I have expressed here are bits and pieces of conventional theories. The scientific community, of course, treats these ideas and thoughts as speculation and hogwash. But if you have read and studied the multitude of gravitational theories now in existence you will find that physicists and scientists still have rigorous debates about the validity of the existing theories. I thus have no remorse about my own ideas for I have read many outlandish theories put forth by notable scientists. They have more credibility but I believe I have more visualization to how gravity works. My ideas do stretch things but when you give them more thought they make common sense. Parts 5, 6 and 7 will give you a new outlook on the nature of gravity. The other parts are how I developed these ideas over a long period of time so you might also find them interesting. This part is a natural outgrowth of the six parts proceeding it. It explains some aspects of gravity that were not foreseen earlier. It shows why the connection between mass and gravity has been so elusive. It is also a great leap into the perception of how I view gravity. If you have ever read much about wormholes and space tearing you will find this concept interesting. Part five and part six will lead you up to part seven. Your comments are always welcomed at. gravity@gravityms.com First posted July / 18 / 1999 Start TOP OF PAGE A look at particles, time, and gravity control. Can we build a device to control gravity? To change gravity we must be able to change time. Can this be done? What is a magnetic field and way is matter solid?