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Bhrigu Maharishi’s Blessings

Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi -1

Saptarishis Astrology1

I n Vedic astrology there is only one method of timing events of one’s life which is ‘Dasa
in conjunction with Transits’. It is not allowed to use transits in solitude though there
are paramparas (traditions) who use only transits and no dasas (Late Ravindra Desai’s
Parampara). Astrologer by the end of life admit that Vimshottari dasa is toughest, also the
disadvantage of using dasa is it gives generally a very broad range of period in terms of
timing events and if one gets the dasa of bigger period planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Venus etc
then the antar dasa is sometimes of 3 yrs, what to do when someone wants a date of an
event, forget date we are unable to even predict the year of an event. Forget the year; we are
unable to even predict with all honesty & 100% accuracy if in a subperiod an event will
happen or not. To predict what will happen in a current year we refer to Varshaphal method
which savants say is not Vedic. For years we wrote on several Jyotish Internet Forums that
timing of events as we practice today is not the original method of the sages but obviously
such bold statements discarding what Indian Astrologers have been doing for thousands of
years would be considered lunacy of a kid. For years we struggled at how to pinpoint the
date of an event and got some success in 2004 but due to no software maker ready to
incorporate it we had to shelve it as it involved lot of calculations though our friend Jay
Weiss in Sweden developed an excel software for it. Then in 2006 when we had left
astrology for nearly 6 months something happened and we got the method which gives us a
hint of something very ancient. This method we had gotten few years earlier than 2006 but
had forgotten about it completely hence the excitement of a kid when we got it back. Before
that we must pay obeisance to those souls who were instrumental behind this methodology
which has gone ignored and not yet revealed by anyone. Though the truth is we discovered
as late as 27th June 2008, 10.45 pm that Late J N Bhasin had written 4 lines on it. In the course
of years we also realized that one or two practitioners use it secretly e.g. Shri P.D.Sharma
from Delhi whose guru is Mauni Baba uses it and we realized when after knowing only the

To gain more please start reading this during Sukhla Paksha, Friday with left nostril flowing in the
Hora of Venus.
Asc and age of person, Mr. Sharma predicted 3 events i.e. without knowing any other planet
in the chart Mr. Sharma had predicted 3 events for the concerned year. As we had worked on
this method for some years we realized he is using this method only.
Without paying Obeisance it is considered a sin hence Obeisance to 2 events:‐

1) In ‘The Last Book of Astrology’ which is the greatest book ever on astrology as per us
and which some natives do not want to be published as everyone can gain benefit from it,
there is a dialogue between a student and the Yogi whose name is Babaji, whose name is
featured in our credits list. Babaji gives a chart to the student and asks him to predict when
the marriage will happen and how he will go about deducing it. The student says he would
use Vimshottari Dasa & then combine it with transits. The Yogi slapped on back of the
students head and said when was Vimshottari Dasa discovered, what about astrology before
these dasas. Does not the universe have a system imbibed within the basic natal chart (Rasi
chart)? The student said how this is possible no astrologer or sage has written about it. The
yogi replied that they have written but it is lost or coded as of now but should you not think
on what was the system of timing of events before you guys discovered transits, before the
1st panchangas was written. ParaBrahman (The Lord) obviously is more intelligent to see to
it that within his nasargik kundali of an individual (Rasi chart) everything about that
individual is contained therein. All these dasas, transits everything was discovered many
thousands of years later by you all.

The above made us think for a long time and we thought that what we had done in 2004,
obviously there must be something similar & simpler than that.

2) In 2006 our mentor called up and said you have not being doing astrology for 6
months why don’t you now try to decode the system of predicting significant years of one’s
life. He said predicting the significant events of one’s life is the ‘Rishi Way’ (one gets a
glimpse of it from nadis too). We said if no one has been able to do it successfully in a
repeatable method, then how can we do It.? He said in Chandra Kala Nadi there is this
system but it is encoded and you must try to decode it. It was at this time that we had called
Shri C.S.Patel and asked him ‘Chandubhai, you have never taught me Dhruv Nadi, pls teach
me, you see I love Dhruva a lot and so I must learn the secrets of Dhruv Nadi’. He replied in
his strict tone ‘No, concentrate on Chandrakala Nadi, it is the besttt’. We felt dejected and
depressed quite a lot but Gurus words never go to waste if one takes it in all its honesty and
we thought even mentor has assigned us to work on Chandra Kala Nadi so we shall do it.
We spent 2 hrs outside a Trial Theatre a place where movie was going on inside and then it
hit us, the method had become decoded, it seemed to work. Next day we called mentor and
said with the excitement of a kid ‘we have done it’, he asked preliminaries and liked it and
then flew down from Delhi to Mumbai. We sat for 12 hrs at a stretch and he said this is
similar to a lost method of Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi, but we did not feel inclined to use the
name of Sage Bhrighu as today everything is sold in the name of Bhrighu thanks to
scrupulous writers and publishers. Even K.N.Rao has given up on finding the Bhrighu
Paddathi so we called it Chandra Kala Nadi Progression for 2 years, shared it with few of
our friends & today even our good friend Shri Madhav Rao Deshmukh only uses this

Where movies are shown to film stars & distributors much before the release of the film.
Personal discussion of 3 hours with him in Feb 2006
method for his stunning predictions. But as we were to write for this August issue, mentor
lovingly gave us adesh (instructions) to dedicate it to Sage Bhrighu who is indeed very loved
by us too. This is the same method as mentioned in Publitorial & similar to Padma Chakra
method of Shri Bhavasar except he had 2 generations of experience in it which is

This method is so important that we must stretch this introduction and say that for 2 yrs on
over more than 600 charts ‘We have not used Dasa or Transits at all to time events to the
year and at times to the day’. The secret behind this method is in the movie Zorro which
also contains the best secret for astrologers which is when Anthony Hopkins starts the
training of Zorro (Antonio Bendaras’s). Therein he says about the 7 circles (Ring of
Saptarishis) and how as we progress to the inner circle the diameter reduces, it’s akin to only
one technique (of astrology) left with you for lifetime and you use only ONE technique
forever, imagine the mastery that you would achieve out of it. With this method your
predictive skills improve so drastically that it is unimaginable but then one should be good
in yogas, lordships and basics of astrology otherwise this technique is useless.

1. Take the 1st house of your chart (Ascendant) to be the 1st year of your life.
2. The 2nd house will be the 2nd year of your life and so on and the 12th house will be the
12th year of your life.
3. Then the chakra will rotate and come again to the 1st house which will become the 13th
year of your life.
4. Thus the 12th house will be always 12th year, 24th year, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84.

1st House = 1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 61…………. Years of One’s life
2nd House=2, 14, 26, 38, 50, 62………….Years of One’s life
3rd House = 3, 15, 27, 39, 51, 63………….. Years of One’s life
& so on for the rest of the houses.


S th
o the moment someone says he is born in May 1963 and right now it is say Feb 2008,
you immediately deduct 2008‐1963=45th year (he is running). Now, if right not it is
Aug 2008, then he has completed 45th year and is in the 46th year which means 46‐
36=10 house you got to see for how his year is. As to why 36, well always deduct from the
last integer of the 12H years i.e. 12H = 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96.

Although, this looks similar to Sage Parasaras Sudarshan Chakra Method but it is not so if
as otherwise so many astrologers by now would have been able to predict the year and date
of the event. Trust us on this. As we go further you would realize that Bhrighu Chakra
Paddathi is far different & is not based on 3 lagnas combination of Sudarshan Chakra
Method of BPHS, that also is not used by astrologers in their practice.

Chandra Kala Nadi

Let us test it on few verses of Chandra Kala Nadi (Deva Kerelam hence ref as C.K.N or
D.K), also you would find that this matches with 80% of the shlokas contained in Chandra
Kala Nadi

D.K: Book: 3 by R. Santhanam, Sagar Publications, New Delhi.

1) Shloka 2053‐2061 point (f) Leo Asc

The native will lose his father in his 27th year of age. Even if he escapes death, 32nd year will
surely cause his end.

Notes: See 27th year would be 27‐24=3H of death and 32nd year would be 32‐24=8H of death
again, so the shloka here hints some death happening in the family, further on from 9H of
father it is 7H of maraca (ref 3H) & also 12H of Exit (ref 8H).

2) Shloka: 2210‐2214
In his 27th year in the 3rd dasa he will have a re‐marriage.

Notes: 27th year would be 27‐24=3rd house which is the house of re‐marriage as per most
nadis, some nadis take 11H or 9H for 2nd marriage. The houses of remarriage conforms with
what the illustrious translator Late R. Santhanam has already written in Chandra Kala Nadi.

3) Shloka: 2373‐2377 – Ta Asc

b) His happiness will commence after his 20th year of age

Notes: 20th year is 8H, after 20th year is 21st which is 21‐12=9 th House of Fortune, hence bhayga
commenced in the 21st year.

4) Shloka: 2473‐2476‐ Aries Asc

c) During the 33rd or 27th year of age, in the 3rd dasa, the natives’ father will be endangered.
At that time Saturn will be in transit in Aries or in Pisces.

Notes: See chart below, 33rd year will be 9th house of father and Tr Saturn in Aries will be
trine to fathers house causing danger or even if Tr Sat is in Pisces then it aspects the 10H
aspect to 9H of father causing grief to father. Now see 27th will be (27‐24) 3rd house of death
and opposite fathers house or you can say 6th from 10th house of father for those who use 10th
as father.

5) Shloka 2684‐2692 Page 51 – Sg Asc

His marriage will take place in the sub period of the lord of the ascendant during the 2nd
dasa. There are divergent views that the marriage will be in the sub period of Rahu or in the
16th year or in the 14th year.
Notes: 14th year would be 14‐12=2nd house of family or way to family as it is said which means
marriage. 16th year would be 16‐12=4th house of Settlement in one’s home life, pls note these
two are the most important houses for marriage which has been ignored in the last few
decades by astrologers. Can we remember our parents here who always keep on coaxing us
to get married and settle down (4H) in life, get stability (4H) in life? When man marries he
comes home early to meet his wife everyday at his home (4H). In hindi 4H is called
Grahasth means Grashth Jeevan one of the 4 aims of life as per our culture. Hence how can
we ignore 4H for marriage?

b) For one born in the 1st half of the subject nadiamsa marriage will be in the 12th year
Note: 12H of sex, when one marries he normally gets bed pleasures so 12H must be activated.

6) Shloka 2721‐2723 Pg 53 – Sg Asc

During the 28th year the person will earn wealth from a defeated kingdom……. His 40th year
will bring in prosperity
Note: both 28th and 40th year is 4H of Fortune and Throne, so both incidents will happen.

Due to lack of space we ask readers to dig out the shlokas in Deva Kerelam and you would
find this working on hundreds of shlokas.
1. The most obvious query is 1st to 12th house is the 1st to 12th year of one’s life so what
happens in the 13th year, wouldn’t it be the same event that happen in the 1st year of one’s life.

This is where most of our friends whom we shared this method stopped as they used
analytical mind. The answer though is obvious but let’s observe that the transits will not be
the same as it was in the 1st year, 13th year, 25th year and so on. So combine this method with
transits as it is hinted in Shloka No 4 above. But at the same time we must indicate that to
Master this Method, for first Six months do not use transits at all. The best way to master
any method is to remove as many parameters as possible and make it simple. Let us take
some example charts.

2. How to differentiate between what would be the type of event between two years e.g
16 year of 4H and 28th year of 4th house.

This is tricky and the key, so let’s look at it this way, we have 12 houses for which we have
combinations (yogas) that describe all the 18000 events that happen in our life so obviously
each house has around 1000 plus events embedded in it out of which some will fructify now
& some later & some never, we should then use naisargik fructification age, the age of yoga
result & Kaal. Suppose you get the 5H as the worst house then in any one or two or all
(depending on transits & other factors) the years 5, 17, 29, 41, 53……… will be worst.


T his is two parts one year of the event and the next date of the event. Out of 60
techniques only 4‐5 are presented here due to space constraints. At later date slowly
we promise to reveal all when mentor grants permission.

Chart 1: Barack Obama, time of birth source: birth certificate.

Ketu is in the 2H of family, ketu means ‘Break’ so there should be break of his family in the
2nd year of his life as 2nd house is 2nd year as per Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi, on Sohamsa
public list we asked if there was a dramatic event in his life in the 2nd year as 2H is 2nd year.
Someone confirmed & so does Wikipedia that in the 2nd year his parents (family) had a

Chart 2: Wesley

T his chart was posted on the Sohamsa list, see Ketu exalted in the 3H of death, so
something exalted and dramatic should happen in the 3rd year of this natives life. He
was asked on the list if something dramatic happened in that year.

3rd year:
He was asked on the sohamsa net forum ‘How was your health in the 3rd year of your life or
in your 3rd year of your life what happened to some family member’s health’.
His reply “The 3rd year of my life.... I don't remember. But I think I got into serious fever
that year, I was rushed to hospital by my parents (Jupiter exactly in lagna even a bad
functional malefic saves lifes). Also around 3‐4 year, I have seen some real serious harmful
ghosts...as my parents did too. But I was protected somehow, by feng shui items given by
Note, Ketu is spirits in Indian astrology, Saturn lord of the 4th year is with Mars in the 12H
of spirits doubly aspecting this Ketu and in the 3rd /4th year this hong‐kong native saw
24th year:
Jupiter is in chara rasi so it will destroy/spoil the 12th from it which is where two malefics
Saturn and Mars are placed in the 12th house of 24th year, people will say Saturn is
yogakaraka but Jupiter has destroyed the 12H of sex, pleasures & losses. He writes on the list
‘In conclusion, age of 24‐25 was a horrible year I wish I don't encounter those career loss
EVER AGAIN in this life.’

Chart 3: Death at 24 posted on vedic astrology list, message No. 96278

Respected Astrologers

Why this talented young boy died in accident Three weeks back (posted on 11Sep2007).
Astrologically which grahas are behind this.
Veerender Kaushik

24th year:
He posted it on Sept 11th 2007 which means death happened in the 24th year, so we see the
12H, over there exalted Saturn is sitting, the dispositor of which has gone into the 9H (note
9H) with 6L & AscL Mars (accidents & 6H karaka) and again in the 6th from 4H of vehicles
(he might not have died by vehicle as Mr Kaushik did not specify exact nature of death)
Mars aspects the 24th year (12H). A major upheaval in the 24th year cannot be ruled out, now
see karaka of vehicles & his 12L of exit was transiting this 9H right

on the 29th degree exactly around his period of death, right on his natal Venus & Mars
degree. Let’s also not forget transit Venus the maraca was retrograde on the degree.

Chart 4: Saint Therese De Lisieux, source astrodata bank.

French Roman Catholic nun canonized in 1925. A model of simplicity, sincerity, patience
and devotion, she suffered with TB and died of a pulmonary hemorrhage 9/30/1897, 7:30PM,
Lisieux, France at the age of 25. Now, Mercury Ketu confirms TB.

25th year:
25‐24=1st house of health & life, here Mars the 8L & 3L of lungs is sitting trine to Rahu &
Saturn two malefics. 1H is the house of new beginning and her Atma (Mars is AK) got a
new beginning. Another way to see is 8H is of chronic diseases so when 8L comes to lagna
remember it as ‘Chronic diseases (8H) coming to Self (1H) or death (8H) coming on self
(1H) hence death can happen in 25th year.

Chart 5: Aurness, Jenny Lee, source ADB

W hen you see a chart like this two things strike you Uranus close to 4 degrees of
the Asc degree and concentration of planets in 4/10 axis spoiling Mars and
Venus the 5L of love, Ketu in the 4H of heart so it is going to ‘break’ badly, so
you note this. American noted family, daughter of actor James Arness. Despondent over a
breakup with rocker Gregg Allman a few years earlier, she swallowed a lethal dose of pills
on 13th May 1975, Los Angeles, CA. She had been watching a TV show in which Allman
appeared with his new love, Cher. She left a long, rambling suicide note in which one line
read, "Tell Gregg I love him."

25th year:
13th May 1975 (DOD) – 23rd May 1950 (DOB) = 25th year which means 1H, the lord of which
goes into the 5/11 axis is retrograde means buddhi (Mercury) will get brasht (destroyed) one

5H Asc & PK Asc:

Then take 5H of love as Asc, from it the 25th year is 5H the lord of it Venus which is heavily
afflicted with rahu, ketu and mars. Mostly importantly you see PK (putrakaraka – children –
5H ‐love) Jupiter again the Bhrighu Chakra Bindu will come in the 1H of PK where Jupiter
is placed, the lord of which is Saturn with Gulika (poison), she swallowed pills (poison)
which was poisonous for her system.

A5 Asc
If it does not complicate you then use A5 (5th Arudha – The result giving house of 5H of
love), it is situated in 3H, now see 25th year that’s the 1H of the chakra, which means 25 th year
would be 3H only, the lord of it is Sun which has gone into the 12H of exit, in 3H there is
Saturn the 8L in the 3H of death with gulika which means poison again you get hint. On the
day of death Saturn, Moon, Ven were on her 1H, Saturn her 8L combined all this energy and
aspected the Bhrighu Chakra Bindu i.e. 3H of 25th year giving death. When you see a chart
like this the only advice you give instantly is do not ‘fall’ in love ever.

Thus you check it with many possibilities by being guided with what the chart tells you to

Chart 6: Death of C S Patel

92nd Year:
This legend died at the age of 92 on 14th Aug 2007, now 2007‐1915=92, deduct this from
multiples of 12 the nearest to 92 would be 84, thus 92‐84=8, so see 8th house of death where
Jupiter the 6L is placed, now we know 6L in 8H is a bad yoga for health and dispositor of 8H
is Saturn in the 12H of exit. The combination is too bad with linkages of 6,8,12. Now on the
day of his death, in the 8H of Bhrighu Chakra Bindu Tr Rahu came there with aspect from
2H where Tr Sat, Ketu, Moon and retro Venus were present thereby ‘Activating the 8H of

Chart 7: Nathuram Godse, assassin of Mahatma Gandhi
40th year:
He was born in May 1910 and was hanged on 15th Nov 1949, which means died few months
after his birthday of 1949 so deduct 1950‐1910=40th year, which means 40‐36=4th house of the
chart is where Bhrighu Chakra Bindu is placed with Moon (dispositor of Mandi) along with
retro Jupiter (blessings will be withdrawn). Retro Mer the lord of the Bhrighu Chakra Bindu
goes into the 12H of exit along with rahu (anti social) and sun, rahu being exalted would
mean a big watched death. This all happens in the sign of Taurus the sign of the neck and
incidentally he was hanged to death due to an anti social act (rahu)

In Part 2 of this Bhrighu Chakra Paddhati which is contained in this

same issue we give how to find the date of an event but before that
please test it on 50 charts as unless you find the master key yourself
in timing the year you would find the Part 2 distracting and thereby
would never be able to use this method.

As we feel it is one of the most ancient methods we feel the laws of

Jyotish Purusha would be very active for those who use this method.
So those who do not feel inclined to follow the laws of Jyotish Purusha it is requested to
them not to use this method.

Gripping of Planets
by the Nodes1
Babubhai N.Yodh, India.

ur subject is based on Nodes.
Therefore, let us understand
what Nodes are. Nodes (Rahu
and ketu) are considered in
Hindu astrology as equivalent to planets,
but they are not physical bodies. They are
only calculated points having immense
effect over the life of nativities on Earth.
Moon is a natural satellite of Earth, which
rotates around the Earth. The Earth with
its satellite revolves around the sun and
moon in its orbit crosses the ecliptic. There
are two points of intersections, each 180
degree away from each other known as
North Nodes or Dagon’s head and South
Node or Dragon’s tail. Nodes are
considered shadowy planets ‐ in the

Shri Babubhai Yodh is an 86 yr old darkness, one cannot see any object and he
has to only imagine. Therefore, it is very
difficult for astrologer to predict correctly
astrologer who hails from a parampara on the basis of Nodes in the chart of
family in Gujarat, India. He has done B.A in Native.
English literature from Bombay University
in 1948 and has been a teacher all his life. Indian astrology compares Nodes to a
He has devoted his life to Jyotish and has Dragon. The mouth of a dragon is called
written two books in astrology titled ‘Art of North Node ‐ Rahu and tail of the dragon
Prediction’ & ‘Importance of Transit Points’ is called South Node‐ Ketu A dragon kills
both considered classics. He is known for his its pray by encircling the tail around its
research work & decades of experience in body. While killing anyone, the tail is
astrology. important for a dragon, therefore, South
Nodes (Ketu) is more harmful than the
North Nodes (Rahu)?

Shri Yodh’s research on nodes is famous since
decades & is published in his book in Gujurati.
This article has been freshly written again by
his kind self for Saptarishis Astrology.

The nodes represent (act like) the lord of the sign in which they are deposited. For e.g., if
North Node (Rahu) is in Leo sign, then that Node represent the characteristic of sun &
house in which it is occupied.
Similarly, the South Node in However, the degree of Saturn is1-1 and the
Aquarius will give the characteristic degree of Nodes is 22-45 – The difference
of Saturn. between them in degree is 21-44. Therefore,
As nodes are the dark portions in the Saturn is not gripped due to difference in degree
Birth chart of an individual, the more than 10. However, Jupiter is gripped
interpretation about the matters
because the difference in degree between Jupiter
indicated by nodes will be incorrect
for n astrologer because of darkness and Nodes is only 3-13.
concerning the nodes. Most of the
interpretations based on nodes are therefore haphazard.

To understand how Nodes grip a planet or planets, remember the rules given below.
1. A planet in conjunction, opposition or in square to Nodes will be gripped.

(1.a) But only when the degree of Node is more that the degree of the planets. E.g. Rahu 25
deg & Ven 20 deg.

(1‐b) The difference between Node and the planet is less than 10 or 12 degrees and then a
planet is considered gripped. The closest grip will be within 5 degrees difference between
Node & planet.
However, the degree of Saturn is1-1 and the degree
2. The planet when
gripped by the Node will give of Nodes is 22-45 – The difference between them in
the following effect. degree is 21-44. Therefore, Saturn is not gripped due
(2‐a) Nodes will give adverse to difference in degree more than 10. However, Jupiter
results of the matters of the
house owned by the gripped is gripped because the difference in degree between
planets Jupiter and Nodes is only 3-13.
(2‐b) House occupied by
gripped planet are not beneficial at all.

3. A Node completes the cycle of twelve signs in about 18 years.

(3‐a) When a Node is giving adverse result in birth chart at particular period, again it well
give adverse result after 18 years.
(3‐b) Fractions of this 18 year there are every four & half year. Therefore, at the period of
every four & half years, the native will experience the adverse result.
For the clarification of the rules the following birth charts are given‐Chart‐I

Chart 1: Female Native, 05 Dec 1952, 00‐10Am, Nadiad (Gujarat, India), 22 N 41, 72 E54.
Planet As Sun Mo Mars Mer® Jup® Ven Sat Ra Ke Ura Nep Pl
Degree 15 19 27 16 09 19 29 01 22 22 24 29 00
Minute 12 30 24 18 44 32 46 01 45 45 42 58 01

Explanation of the gripped planets:‐
1. Mars is in conjunction with North Node
2. Jupiter & Saturn are square with Nodes.
Degree of mars2 is 16‐18 and degree of Node is 22‐45 Degree of Nodes is more than Mars and
difference between the degree of North Node and Mars is 6‐27. Hence, Mars is gripped by
Nodes. Subsequently the matters of houses owned by Mars & the house in which Mars is
deposited, will give adverse result when any Node will transit in conjunction or in opposition or in
square with mars.
The houses gripped by Nodes via Mars are 9th, 4th & 6th. Houses 9 th and 4th are owned by
Mars & 6th is the house in which mars is deposited.
According to rules given, Jupiter and Saturn are square to Nodes.
Degree of Nodes is more than these planets. Therefore, these
planets are ‘Also’ gripped.
However, the degree of Saturn is1‐1 and the degree of Nodes is
22‐45 – The difference between them in degree is 21‐44.
Therefore, Saturn is not gripped due to difference in degree
more than 10. However, Jupiter is gripped because the difference
in degree between Jupiter and Nodes is only 3‐13.
Now the forecast of gripping of the planet mars is given below:‐
When the North Node (Rahu) was transiting from the sign Cancer (Karka) in the year 1962‐
63, mars was affected adversely. The result was that the native’s mother took divorce3 . Due

Degrees in authors submitted article varies from our software.
Publisher: Pls note that Mars is the 4th lord of Mother in this chart.
to this event, the native’s home life was totally disturbed. The native was brought up by her
father’s sister.
1. At the age of 18 years, North Nodes was again transiting from the sign Capricorn in
conjunction with Mars and also square with Jupiter in the year 1971‐72. Therefore, both
Jupiter and Mars gave adverse results.
Jupiter owns 5th & 8th house and deposited in the 9th house so all the matters pertaining to
these houses gave adverse results to the
Native. Jupiter is the main ruler of family life & also of
child. Therefore, if Jupiter is adversely affected
9th house: ‐ Her father lost both eyes
due to unsuccessful operation. in any chart, the native will not enjoy happiness
of the family Life.
5th house: ‐ Education was disturbed
and her comforts also were lost. She had to live under ruling of her father’s sister.
8th house: ‐ Lost the care of father and at this age she had the responsibility of father and her
younger brother.
Jupiter is the main ruler of family life & also of child. Therefore, if Jupiter is ad adversely
affected in any chart, the native will not enjoy happiness of the family Life.Let us observe
the above chart in which Jupiter is deposited in 9th house in Aries sign and this Aries sign is
a Barren sign. Secondly, Jupiter is adversely affected by the grip of Nodes. Therefore, she
married a simple person who was a laborer in textile mill. Native has no issue.

Chart ‐2: Male Native, 04 June 1961, 17:21 pm, Ahmadabad (Gujarat, India) 23N04, 72E37


Planet As Sun Mo Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat ® Ra Ke Ura Nep Pl

Degree 24 20 02 22 13 13 05 06 07 07 28 25 12
Minute 31 24 02 36 20 42 43 02 57 57 52 47 18

Lord of the 10th house Moon is gripped as you can observe.

In the above chart, the lord of the 10th house is moon and it occupies the fifth house in
conjunction with South Node (Ketu). As per the rule, the degree of the Nodes should be more than
the degree of the gripped planet.
Here the degree of South Node is 7‐57 and the degree of Moon is 2‐2. The difference between
them in degree is 5‐55. Hence, Moon is adversely gripped by south Node. The result of Moon
will be adversely & negatively experienced by 10th and 5th house. The native is the son of a
leading industrialist in Ahmadabad City. At the age of 26, during the year 1987‐88. The
native was offered the post of a manager in one of the prosperous industrial units but as fate
would have it, the native failed to prosper as per expectation.
As per astrological principle, the 10th house shows the credit in the career, but if this house is
spoiled, then one has to suffer in the career. In the above chart, the lord of 10th house is
placed in the 5th house which indicates the proper working of the intelligence and
discriminations’. But due to gripping of the Moon by Ketu, both the houses i.e. 10th and 5th, is
spoiled and giving adverse result to the Native made improper changes in the Industrial
Unit and also took hasty decisions. The result of all this was the native had to step down
from his managerial post and it affected his career (10th house).
During the period of his managerial post, the Nodes were transiting the sign Scorpio and
Taurus. This transit of North Nodes and south Node in Scorpio & Taurus sign, gripped
Moon and this period was 1992‐93. During this period of transit, the native had to step down
from his post of manager.

Chart 3: ‐ Female Native, 26 April 1969, 17‐15pm, Mumbai (Bombay, India) 19N01 73E51

Planet As Sun Mo Mar Mer® Jup® Ven Sat Ra Ke Ura® Nep® Pl®
Degree 19 12 01 23 00 03 17 06 5 5 07 04 29
Minute 21 45 25 20 25 50 23 15 10 10 12 35 25

Lord of seventh house Jupiter is gripped. In the above chart, the lord of 4th and 7th house is
Jupiter and Jupiter occupies the Ascendant in conjunction with South Node. As per the rule
the degree of the Node should be more than the degree of the gripped planet. Here the degree
of south Nodes is 5‐10 and degree of Jupiter methods can come out which they can
is 3‐50, the difference between them in share with us. In the next issue, we shall
degree is 1‐20. Therefore, Jupiter is present some finer methods in this series
adversely gripped by south Node. of ‘Gripping of the Nodes’.
Hence, the result of Jupiter will be
adversely and negatively experienced by
the matter indicated by 4th, 7th and also 1st
house. The native is of a cultured family.
The native is also very intelligent but as
the forth house indicates education and
this house is spoiled by Nodes, she could
not complete her education in Journalism
and she has to work in different stream.
Again, Jupiter the lord of the 7th house Dusthanapasthadhithara
indicating her marriage is also gripped by
Nodes. The result is that her parents tried
their level best for her marriage but they swakshetra bhavaphalameva
were not successful. Even the boy friend of karoti nanyat - If a planet owns
the Native who was in contact with her, two houses, one of which is a
did not agree to marry her at the end. dusthana but it is in his own house,
Finally, at this age of 39, she is still
unmarried. it gives the effects of the house
where it is posited.
The transit of North Node and south
Node during the year 1987 was in the sign
of Pisces and Virgo at the age of 28 year of
Lagnath anthyagrihadhipo
the Native. There were chances at that balavathi swartte chirayuh sukhi -
time to get married, but due to adverse this dictum means if lord of the 12th
effect of gripping of Jupiter by nodes, it
was not finalized & she lost the chance. is strong the native lives long with
own wealth and happiness.
The Nodes grip the planets in natal chart When Gulika is posited in
and gives adverse results during the transit Jupiters house, it loses its malefic
period of the Nodes. This principle has
quality, but when Jupiter happens
given astonishing results in predictions &
one can observe that the methodology is to be lord of the house occupied by
extremely simple & lucid. This author has Gulika, he becomes a malefic like
painstakingly derived this principle on his an intoxicated mad dog - Shloka
own after observing thousands of charts from book ‘Gulikotpati’
over a period of several decades, hence he
requests the younger generation to not do
the mistake of just reading this article
only, but to test it immediately on
minimum 25 charts upon reading this piece
& that too at one go whereby it would
register in their mind and some finer
Krittika in Ravana
Babban Kumar Singh, India.
Continuation of the nakshatra series from
Ravana Samhita.

Sun in Krittika
v The Sun in Krittika receiving the drishti
(aspect) of Mars indicates one whose
bold and competitive nature will earn
him status, wealth, and fame.
v Mercury’s drishti (aspect) reveals one
with a magnetic personality who is
interested in music and other fine arts.
v When Jupiter aspects the Sun, the
native will be preeminent in his family
(kulsheshtra). He may be wealthy and
employed as a public minister or cultural

Babban K Singh, age 40, has been v With the aspect of Venus on the Sun,
the native will have a beautiful body and
eyes, which will make him attractive to
studying Vedic astrology as hobby for others.
over 10 years, and took it up seriously since v Saturn’s aspect on the Sun indicates ill
health and poor economic
2003. He is doing prediction on chart circumstances. The native’s personal life
through SA method. He is working as a will suffer due to numerous
Senior Journalist. He is a member of the disagreements.
Saptarishis Astrology Team & is noted for
First Pada
his humane approach towards the science.
v The Sun’s placement in the first
He hails from Darbhanga area of India, 2
pada under benefic aspect confers a
known for its paramparic astrology.

We fail to understand how in rasi chart the
text speaks of Mers aspect unless it is hinting at
something else.
Interestingly, a benefic aspect is considered
inauspicious in this example, contrary to the
popular notion about the positive results of
benefic aspects.
v simple life and many children. Such a native will be poor.
v He may have the desire to learn astrology and related subjects, though an elementary
knowledge of these disciplines will not be helpful to him.
v He has weak eyesight and a large appetite for food. He may experience inflammatory
conditions in his body.

Second Pada
v The Sun’s placement in the second pada of Krittika ensures a long life and happiness
from children.
v He will have sharp intelligence and obtain great wealth in the latter half of his life.
v He will be a disciple of saints and religious personalities.
v He may be interested in music and drama.
v If the native receives favourable support and guidance in childhood, he may work in a
health related field, perhaps dermatology or medical sales.

Third Pada
v The native lives under meagre conditions and is afflicted by unnatural diseases when
the Sun is positioned in the third pada of Krittika.
v Balarishta (infant death) is possible.
v The native may earn his livelihood as a barber, hairdresser, or other trade.
v If female, the native may be engaged in illegal activities or suffer from sexually
transmitted diseases.

Fourth Pada
v The Sun situated in the fourth pada indicates a native who lives under oppressed
conditions, possibly working as a servant.
v He will be unreliable and ruthless, perhaps even a murderer, and will experience
family troubles.
v The native will waste his money on unwholesome activities, and may be afflicted
with water‐born diseases.

Moon in Krittika
v The Moon in Krittika aspected by the Sun confers affluence as well as success in an
agricultural or real estate business.
v With Mars’ aspect on the Moon, the native will have a magnetic attraction to the
opposite sex. He will also enjoy his extended family relationships.
v Mercury’s drishti reveals one who is intelligent and kind to others.
v Venus’ aspect promises fine clothing, a good home and a number of servants, though
the native may be somehow deprived of happiness from the maternal side of his
family. For instance, he may be separated from his mother at a young age.

Publisher’s Note: The Sun in the 1st pada of Krittika is considered exalted. Generally, one would
predict superior eyesight in the case of an exalted Sun, even when quite removed from the exact point of
exaltation. This example shows the paramount importance of nakshatra padas.
Publisher’s Note: In the 2nd pada of Krittika, the Sun is in Taurus, a sign of Venus (karaka of the arts).

v Jupiter’s aspect with Saturn indicates that the native’s mother may be ill or short‐
lived. Without the Saturn influence, the native will enjoy all types of happiness and
material wealth.

First Pada
v When the Moon occupies the first pada of Krittika, the native will be well‐known for
his involvement in Black Magic (Mantra‐Tantra Shakti and Vashikaran Tantra).
v He may experience difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex.

Second Pada
v The Moon placed in the second pada indicates one who enjoys political power. He has
a bright and attractive personality and associates with scholarly people.
v He may suffer from Pitta‐related disease.
v He may be interested in academic subjects like chemistry, physics, and geography.
v Saturn’s aspect may deprive the native of parental happiness.

Third Pada
v With the Moon placed in the third pada of Krittika, one will be shrewd, but poor. He
will have a tall and burly physique.
v In a female horoscope, the drishti of Rahu or Mars indicates the loss of a husband in
the 35th year.

Fourth Pada
v The Moon placed in the fourth pada of Krittika indicates one with a medium‐built
physique. His eyesight may be weak.
v He is an erudite, worldly, and wealthy businessman, blessed in many matters.
v However, he will not enjoy a happy married life, and may not be compatible with his
father or father‐in‐law.
v He will be generally cooperative by nature and will work hard to gain respect from
others. He will be an unmatched and loyal friend among men and women alike.
v The native will be knowledgeable in a variety of religious ceremonies, astrology, and
Tantra shastra.
Mars in Krittika
v The Moon’s aspect on Mars reveals a hostile maternal relationship.
v In addition, the native will have several marriages, and at least one of his wives will
be avaricious and quarrelsome.
v The aspect of Mercury or the Sun confers a reserved nature and few enemies.
v Such an individual will be fond of the arts. He will be sweet‐spoken, educated, sober,
attractive, and renowned.
v Jupiter’s aspect suggests one who becomes an artist and takes care of his family
members. He will be wealthy after age 30.
v With Venus’ drishti, the native will be an expert in handling weapons or explosives.

Publisher’s Note: The fact that Ravana abruptly mentions Saturn at this juncture is an important clue
for chart delineation methods.

v If Saturn aspects Mars, the native will be wealthy and robust. He will have many
servants and be a respected leader of society.

First Pada
v When Mars is placed in the first pada of Krittika, the native is imposing and
v A strong competitor and combatant, he will hold a leadership role in the armed forces
or law enforcement. If Mars is between 28‐30 degrees, he may achieve the highest
v If Mars or the Sun transits in Taurus while the native is running a dasa or sub‐dasa of
Mars or the Sun, the native may become famous.
v Saturn’s aspect may reflect one of poor character who associates with the same.
v The native’s health will suffer due to substance abuse (alcohol or drugs). He may earn
money through illicit drug sales.
v In childhood, the native may be infected by meningitis and suffer a high fever, or he
may receive a head trauma.

Publisher’s Note: As per the above text, Mars in the first pada of Krittika (in Aries)
suggests the possibility of contracting meningitis. The following chart belongs to an
individual who was diagnosed with meningitis in his teens. As indicated, Mars is in Aries,
though in the 3rd pada of Ashwini. Nonetheless, Ravana Samhita does not associate Mars in
Ashwini in the 3rd pada with any such disease.

This interesting point certainly warrants further research.

Saptarishis Astrology, Vol. I, “Ashwini in Ravana Samhita,” p. 50.

Second Pada
v Mars occupying the second pada confers injury or affliction to the mouth, eyes, or
v The native’s mental health will be badly affected during childhood, and he will have a
suspicious character. However, he may be granted favour from the government.
v If Mars conjoins other planets, the native may experience some difficulty conceiving
v He may earn a living through weapons manufacturing.

Third Pada
v When Mars is placed in third pada, the native may receive government benefits.
v He collects jewellery and other precious articles. He will be successful and
commanding in business matters.
v He is erudite and respectful of all religions. From a young age, he is assertive,
competitive, and highly skilled in debate.

Fourth Pada
v When Mars resides in the fourth pada of Krittika, the native will have a flaccid
physique. He may suffer from febrile conditions caused by chicken‐pox or similar
infectious diseases.
v He enjoys life and is a good friend. If Mars conjoins the Moon, the native may earn a
living through a chemical or pharmaceutical business. After his father’s demise, his
business success will begin to rise.

Mercury in Krittika
v If Mercury is in Krittika and receives an aspect from the Sun, the native will be poor
and will suffer from disease.
v When the Moon aspects Mercury, the native will have to work very hard to become
v Mars aspects to Mercury will confer poor health or poverty.
v Jupiter’s drishti ensures a high position in society. Such a native may be well‐regarded
for his refinement and erudition.
v Venus aspects to Mercury indicate an individual who appreciates and seeks the finer
things in life. He may be a successful businessman and will be well‐known among
diverse segments of society. He may also become a social advocate or philanthropist.
v Saturn’s aspect indicates one who is poor and abandoned by his wife and children.

First Pada
v If Mercury resides in the first pada of Krittika, the native will have a government or
business job.
v He will live until middle age. Others will respect and praise him.
v He may also earn an income through acting, music, and writing, in addition to
v When Mars or Saturn aspects Mercury, the native will have a lean body type. He will
enjoy carnal pleasure and will spend his savings.
v If the Sun conjoins Mercury, the native may become a prominent doctor or surgeon.

Second Pada
v Mercury’s placement in the second pada indicates one who will be happy and pleasant
by nature, and will marry more than once.
v He will have a well‐developed physique, and will have a long life.
v He will be a successful businessman, and will receive great pleasure from his children.
v He will be renowned after the age of 40.
v The native becomes a celebrated astrologer or Tantric master if Jupiter conjoins

Third Pada
v When Mercury is placed in the third pada, the native will
be practical, charming, influential, and authoritative.
v If Saturn conjoins Mercury, the native becomes a scientist
or intellectual.

Fourth Pada
v When Mercury resides in the fourth pada of Krittika, the
native achieves a prominent position in business.
v Such a native will be truthful, dutiful, and highly respected by others.
v He will have more sons than daughters. He will need to spend a great deal of money
on his health later in life.
v He will live until age 60 to 62.
v Jupiter conjoined Mercury indicates a professional consultant and manager.

Jupiter in Krittika
v If Jupiter is in Krittika and receives an aspect from Sun, the native will be skilled in
the art of fighting, and may be injured in war.
v He will be wealthy and have numerous servants and vehicles.
v The Moon’s aspect reveals an individual who is truthful, upright, and kind by nature.
He will enjoy a warm and beneficial relationship with his parents.
v When Mars aspects Jupiter, he will have outstanding offspring and will excel in an art
v Mercury’s aspect indicates one with impressive spiritual and scholarly achievements.
Such natives will be personally agreeable and skilled in various fields.
v With Venus’ aspect, the native enjoys a life of fame and wealth. Saturn’s aspect
reflects a community leader who enjoys great pleasure from his wife and children.

First Pada
v When Jupiter occupies the first pada of Krittika, the native is passionate about
learning and will become a brilliant mystic, seer, and spiritual teacher.
v The native may be a recipient of wealth from his father or his offspring.
v He lives a luxurious and life and enjoys women and drink.
v He is interested in historical literature.

Second Pada
v When Jupiter occupies the second pada of Krittika, the native will have good health
and will respect his mother. However, he will also visit prostitutes.
v He may become famous through his religious affiliation.

Third Pada
v Jupiter’s placement in the third pada of Krittika indicates one whose career is in higher
administration or management. Such a native has an enjoyable personality and is
well‐liked, though he was born to be poor.
v He will choose to live according to society’s moral or ethical standards for himself,
though when it comes to others, he will not care about breaking the rules.

Fourth Pada
v When Jupiter is situated in fourth pada, the native will be noble, truthful, and well‐
v He receives maternal wealth and will marry at age 27.

Venus in Krittika
v If Venus is in Krittika receiving an aspect from the Sun, the native will be lucky and
popular with women. He will be wealthy and own nice vehicles and property.
v If the Moon aspects Venus, the native will have an extreme interest in sexuality, and
will experience business losses. Nonetheless, such an individual will have a reserved
demeanour and will be well‐loved by his family.
v Mars’ aspect on Venus indicates one who lacks peace and prosperity in life, who earns
a living through illegal means.
v With Mercury’s aspect, the native will be agreeable, sensible, and fearless.
v With the aspect of Jupiter, the individual will have immense wealth and treasured
wife and children.
v Saturn’s aspect confers a slender, wiry physique. The native will ruin his family’s
honor, will be poor, and will live by simple means.

First Pada
v When Venus occupies the first pada of Krittika, males will have effeminate qualities,
and females will display masculine characteristics. Such individuals may also be
afflicted with night blindness.
v He may be employed at a higher level in the Navy. His married life may be full of
v The Sun’s drishti ensures a very early (teenage) marriage. The native will receive
wealth through a legacy.
v The Moon’s aspect in a female horoscope indicates several pregnancies, though few
progeny will survive.
v Mercury’s aspect confers a hostile relationship with one’s relatives.

Second Pada
v Venus occupying the second pada reveals a native who earns money through water
resources of any kind.
v The Moon’s aspect on Venus in a female horoscope indicates poor health and
unfortunate circumstances with children.

Third Pada
v Venus’ placement in the third pada indicates a kind‐hearted native who will have
more than one wife.

v A learned, highly‐educated individual may become a teacher by profession, whereas a
less‐educated native may work in the fashion, apparel, or beauty industries.

Publisher’s Note: Ravana Samhita has revealed a subtle difference here. If a native were not
highly educated, his profession might be connected with Venus (fashion and beauty
industry), whereas if he were more highly educated, then he might be affiliated with a more
Jupiterian profession (such as a teacher).

In the above chart, the native works in the TV and film industry, which is a Venus‐related
profession. The native’s education though of a technical nature but he could not become a
graduate, that is, he was not “highly‐educated,” and as Ravana Samhita points out he will be
lead into a Venusian profession.

Fourth Pada
v When Venus resides in fourth pada of Krittika, the native earns a living as an actor or
v He may receive wealth through a legacy or other means.

Saturn in Krittika
v If Saturn is in Krittika receiving an aspect from the Sun, the native will be a tactful
speaker and will enjoy a satisfying life.
v The Moon’s drishti ensures favours from members of high society. He enjoys the
company of respectable woman with whom he also does business.
v Mars’ aspect on Saturn indicates a native who will be charming and loquacious.
v Mercury’s drishti indicates one who prefers the company of women. He may also have
business associations with lesser elements of society.
v Jupiter’s drishti reveals an individual who spends a great deal of time assisting others,
and thus is well‐respected in the public eye.

v Venus’ aspect reflects one who is egocentric and self‐centered, with many desires and
cravings in life. He will have close associations with higher authorities.

First Pada
v When Saturn is situated in the first pada of Krittika, the native has little enthusiasm
for work and is hostile towards his father.
v He has struggles in childhood, though life improves later on.
v He may have a dark complexion and a lean physique. He has the ability to perform an
important job even though he has a belligerent and impatient personality. He may
experience dental or digestive illnesses.

Second Pada
v Saturn’s placement in the second pada reveals one who may marry an older woman
while also having multiple affairs.
v Consequently, his marital life becomes a hell.

Third Pada
v When Saturn occupies the third pada, the individual may be work in an agricultural
v In a female horoscope, the Sun’s aspect with Saturn confers marital difficulties;
marriage may be denied, or if it does take place, the consequences will be disastrous.
v Mercury’s drishti confers an impotent (napunsak) individual, or one who has minimum
sexual capacity.

Fourth Pada
v When Saturn occupies the fourth pada of Krittika in aspect with the Moon, the
individual may have an unattractive and immoral wife.
v The native’s health may be harmed by unwholesome and deleterious living habits.
v In a male horoscope, the Sun’s influence on Saturn indicates an unpleasant and
obnoxious nature.
v When Saturn receives the Moon’s aspect, the native may earn a fine living through
the female apparel industry.

Rahu in Krittika
First Pada
v The native may have extramarital affairs.
v He will have a black mole on his face.
v He may have surplus sexual desire, and will be healthy and wealthy.
v The native is intelligent, devoted to his father, and blessed by his employer.

Second Pada
v The native is spiritual but deprived of children and wealth.
v He is a traveller and marries more than once.
v He experiences hardship in foreign countries.

Third Pada
v The native may have a speech impediment.

v He is a dropout who avoids doing any work at all.
v He faces financial difficulties.

Fourth Pada
v The native separates from his family.
v He does not perform his duties and responsibilities, even after his marriage.
v In the name of God, the native leaves behind his home and wealth to pursue the life of
a spiritual pilgrim.
v He wastes his inheritance and the vast wealth earned in his younger years, and
becomes poor.

Ketu in Krittika
First Pada
v The individual faces frequent personal and professional difficulties.
v He is afflicted by digestive disturbances or sexual diseases.
v He works in a meteorological, chemical, metallurgical, or other similar technical
profession. His lifespan is between 40 to 50 years.

Second Pada
v He separately lives from his relatives.
v In spite of poverty, he is quite fond of women and drink.
v He suffers abuse at the hands of others.

Third Pada
v The native is a risk‐taker who might experience certain government‐imposed
v His wife may have an illegitimate child.
v He will suffer hatred from his family, but occasionally will receive co‐operation and
assistance from others.

Fourth Pada
v The native very often faces obstacles in his business.
v He frequently has conflict with his superiors.
v He faces marital difficulties.
v If he marries at a later age, he will enjoy luxuries and happiness in marital life.

Publishers Note: A similar remedy for marriage is given for Ketu in the 4th pada—if the native marries
late in life, then he will have happiness and prosperity. Rahu matures at age 42 and Ketu matures at age
48. When one marries later in life, the negative impact of the nodes will be over, thus conferring
happiness in marital life.

Asia: Reflections
From Astronomy
& Astrology
Brijendra S. Shrivastava, India
Full of pearls a bowl I kept
Upside down on every one’s crown
In all directions the bowl moves
But Not a single pearl rolls down
A Hindi folk Child’s Quiz

Jyotrivid Brijendra S. Shrivastava

.Director Apara Jyotisham, Member Board
S ky has always fascinated human
psyche as the history of Astronomy
suggests. When we look at sky it
evokes mixed feelings of joy, wonder,
admiration, mysticism and challenge. It
of Studies in Jyotirvigyan Jiwaji University has an unconscious yet constantly
Gwalior. He specializes in Medical expanding horizon of individual human
Astrology & teaches as Guest Lecturer in consciousness and has transformed into
UGC approved PG courses in Astrological social consciousness because sky is one of
Science in Jiwaji University Gwalior. Has those natural phenomena which is
presented more than 50 research papers in common to all. With its early advent from
national & international forums anthropocentric universe to geo‐centric
of science, engineering, universe and from geocentric to
technology, medical science, heliocentric universe and from there to
astronomy, astrology and vedic galaxy centric universe; from multi‐
galactic cosmos up to Cosmology of
universal oneness, our awareness about
organized ‘we’ has undergone a paradigm shift every
/sponsored by Universities IITs, time affecting our understanding of global
etc and published in research journals like relationships. Sky has also contributed in
Science India (recipient of award from the the advancement of mathematics, science
Prime Minister in 93rd Indian Science and philosophy.
Congress), Vigyan Bharati Pradeepika,
AIFAS Research Journal of Astrology etc V.Komarov, science writer has observed
that if we trace the history of many
sciences we find that mankind has been

immensely benefited by the study of the universe 1.
Einstein had every reason to say that intellectual potential, without which modern
technology would have been inconceivable, is mainly drawn on observations of the stars.

1‐Contribution of Brahmagupta and Other Astronomer

1.1‐Indian Astronomers‐Astrologers through cultural synergy with Central Asia between
early 8th century to 12th century have also contributed in the advancement of various sciences
particularly astronomy and mathematics and also astrology. This Indo‐Arab relationship
gave both momentum and direcion to this ‘Expansion‐of consciousness‐mission’ carried out
by mankind in this part of world, when Europe was in slumber2 . The Arabic translation of
Sanskrit Greek and other literature later translated in Latin provided a great help to
European great Renaissance or reawakening from around 11th ‐12th century AD onwards as
acknowledged by many European scholars and historians

1.2‐After Mohammad Sahib, Caliph Al Mansoor founded Baghdad in 762AD Indian scholars
visited the Caliph during 772‐773 AD with Astronomical Astrological books, which were
translated in Arabic, on the order of Al Mansoor. Confirming this, Ebenezer Berges in his
translation (1860) of Surya Siddhant of Hindu Astronomy has quoted Bin Al
Admi from the astronomical tables of planetary positions worked
out by Admi and published in 920AD that during the regime of
Caliph Al Mansoor (773AD) one Indian Astrologer visited the
court along with table of planets, observations on eclipses and
coordinates of zodiacal signs. This fact was also quoted by
Colebrooke in his ‘Hindu Algebra’2 .

1.3‐At that time, arithmetic, geometry, spherical trigonometry

and algebra were part of Astronomy. In Arabic two works are most
famous: SindHind and Al Arkand, both were translation of
BrahmaGupta’s Braahma Sphuta Siddhantas Sindhind and Khand Khandak as Al Arkand
These works were translated by Persian scholar Yakoob Ibn Taatiq and Arabian AlFazaari’s
son Mohammad in Arabic with the help of Indian Pundits. Later on several translations
were done and Al Beruni (973‐1048AD) also did one.

1.4‐Edward C. Sachau, a German scholar who translated Al‐Beruni has observed that in the
history of science and knowledge in eastern countries, Brahmagupta ranks very
high.Brahmagupta taught Astronomy‐Astrology to Arabs before they came to know about
Ptolemy 3. From Brahmagupta’s Brahmasphuta Siddhant, Arabic scholar Ibrahim Ibn Habib‐
Al‐Phazaari took basic elements and computation method and prepared tables in
Mohammadan lunar months.

1.5‐Yakoob Ibn Taarik authored Tarqueeb‐Al‐Aflaaqor Construction of Astronomical

Sphere based on elements of Brahmagupta brought by another group of scholars in 161Hizri
or 777‐778AD in Baghdad from India.

1.6‐Great Islamic Mathematician Al Khwaarismi (b783 AD) authored two books on Indian
ganita and Beeja ganita‐‘Hisaab Al Hind’ or ‘Kitaab al zaam’ and ‘Tafreek Bi Hisaab Al
Hind’ explaining zero based decimal place value mathematics Number system called Hind
Kaa Hisaab. Hisaab al Hind is not available in Arabic but was found from Spain’s Arabic
center (1126 AD) in Latin as Liber Algorizmi de Numero Indurum meaning book of
Alkhwarizmi on Hind’s Numbers.
1.7‐Impact of the work titled ‘Alkhwarizmi on Hind’s Numbers’ on Europe was so great that
Indian Number System was named as Alkhwarismi now known as Algorithm in
Mathematics. AlKhwarizmi has called the Indian Numerals used in the book as Haroof Al
Gubaar. Gunakar Muley4 has pointed out that these numbers are Indian which were
developed from Brahmi script. Muley further strengthens his assertion by bringing a
manuscript written in Spain in 976AD.It should be remembered that Spain was under
Islamic rule and to quote Rahul Sankratyaayan, Spain‘s capital Kardova had become
Baghdad of the West in the matter of knowledge and culture during 10th century.5

Sanskrit word Jeeba in trigonometry was translated as J‐B. Latin translation mistook it for
Jeb or pocket on chest and translated it sinus or chest which is now called “sine” in English
is an example of the impact of Indo‐Arabic relations on European re‐awakening.

Alkhwarizmi was born in Kheewa city of Khwarism region of today’s Uzbekistan of Central
Asia. Al Beruni (793‐1048) was also born here.

1.8‐ Indian Astronomer Aryabhat (b476AD) was first in Astronomy to expound daily
rotation of Earth. Abul Hasan Al Ahwaazi compiled his theories of planetary motions as “Al
Arjbhad” during 8th century AD. Faizi in Persian translated Bhaskaracharya’s Leelavati a
book on mathematics in 1587AD.

There’re hundreds works which deal with contribution of Indian astronomer‐

mathematicians ranging from value of Pi to different branches of mathematics, algebra,
geometry, trigonometry, spherical trigonometry etc and the joint impact of Indo‐Arabic
literature on European thought process. However, only an outline has been given here to
arouse curiosity among scholars and readers for further exploration in Indo‐Arab cultural

2. Ramal Vidya
2.1‐Ramal or the art of prediction through dice is an excellent example of cultural synergy. It
is based on four elements fire or aatashi, air or khhaarva, water or aabi and earth or baadi of
saankhya philosophy.

2.2‐Science historian Paul Tannery (1897 AD) translates Ilm Ul Ramal as Sand Time or
‘earth element’ based time calculation which in my opinion is erroneous. It reminds Dhooli
Karma because in India mathematic earlier was called Dhooli Karma – spreading dust or
sand on a board or earth for calculation, which was translated in Arabic as Haruf Al Gubaar,
as pointed out while referring to AlKhwarizmi.

2.3‐However, names of all 16 shapes formed on dice‐ kabzul daakhil etc are Arabic and its
muhurta is based on moon’s counting in Hizri calendar. This leads us to ascribe Ramal to
Arabic origin.

2.4‐S.B.Dixit in his monumental work on History of Indian Astrology6 has disproved this
assumption with a chronological analysis on the basis of a book found by Babur a European
scholar written between 350‐500AD and mentioned in ‘Bengal Asiatic Society’ Journals
which mentions Ramal type system of answering questions with Sanskrit and Prakrat
nouns. Dixit further refers to GargSamhita of Tanjor Museum, which contains a chapter
with 235 Shlokas on Paashavali, “Paash” in Sanskrit means “Dice”. He therefore concludes
that since Sanskrit books were lost, later Sanskrit books on Paashavali or Ramal were
written from Arabic text basis. Whatever might be the fact the Vidya of Ramal is an
excellent exmple of Indo‐Arabic exchange of knowledge.

3. Annual Horoscopy
3.1‐In this system planetary chart is worked out for the moment when the sun after
completing one year arrives at the same degrees in birth chart this system is called Taazik
which is an Arabic Word. All its 16 planetary combinations employed in predictions are
Arabic in name like Itthashaal Eeshraaf etc. However, mutual degree‐wise angles of planets
called Dristis or aspects are Arabic and differ from traditional Hindu Natal Horoscopy
despite their names being in Sanskrit. Again in assessing strength of planet Hadda strength
is used in Taazik only which is nowhere used in any Indian predictive system while
working out six fold strength of a planet called shad‐bala.

3.2‐In 1592 Balbhadra who living with King Shah Shuza authored ‘Haayan Ratna’ on Taazik
System of prediction and acknowledged its Arabic origin by stating ‘yavanacharyen paarseek
bhaashayam praneetam’ jyotish shastra etc.

3.3‐It is pertinent to note that AlFazari and Al Beruni while translating predictive astrology
from Sanskrit to Arabic has adopted 1 day =1 year system which was later adopted by
westerners as secondary direction system of prediction for one year this is acknowledged by
Alfraid Pears in his Text Book of Astrology written some 100 years ago.7 Nevertheless, all
these systems are somewhat different from Taazik Annual system of prediction.

4. Sawai Jai Singh’s Observatories

4.1‐When European Astronomers were following circular orbits of planets Jai Singh (1686‐
1743AD) had discovered elliptical orbits. During the regime of Mohammad Shah, Jai Singh
worked out new tables of planetary positions after rectifying astronomical tables of Mirza
Ulug Beg, which had accumulated difference of 4 degrees and 8 minutes of arc by then.
These tables are contained in his work called ZizMohammad Shahi for determination of
Hindu and Muslim festivals more accurately.

4.2‐Sawai Raja also constructed Astronomical observatories in five places with due consent
from his ruler Mohmmad Shah, for more accurate positions of planets including the moon
which was crucial in determining Hindu and Muslim festivals as both were moon based,
because he found that metallic instruments get eroded in use and do not give precision. He
sent Father Manual to Europe for collecting observation table prepared 30 years before for
comparison. These observatories which were viewed by Jagannath Pandit as light‐house of
knowledge are also illustrations of ancient Indo‐Arabic‐cooperation. We can still draw some
inspiration from them. He also got translated Ptolemy’s work Syntaxes called Almagest in
Arabic into Sanskrit as Samrat Siddhanta. Sawai Jai Singh had also a good collection of
instruments like Atro‐Labs from Samarkand because these instruments were being prepared
in Arab countries with good precision in 17th century. Sawai Raja Singh’s work and attitude
is of immense value because his period was of political instability yet he showed high
wisdom in strengthening Hindu Muslim relations through calenderic Astronomy and also
Indo‐Arabic relations.

efore this is concluded we draw attention to recent research done by Prof.C.K.Raju
of Nehru Museum who played a leading role in the C‐DAC team which built Param
our supercomputer. In his research,8 he has established that in the field of European
Gregorian calendar reform and in streamlining European navigation system Indo‐
Arabic techniques and rules of Laghu Bhaskariya a text on Indian astronomy authored by
Bhaskar I (550‐630AD) had played a decisive role.
The object of this paper is to remind that historical and scientific relations are part of a
larger social spectrum which act like a bridge often abandoned; but visiting the past through
such conferences can reaffirm our faith to evolve new patterns of relationships for making
the planet called earth‐ more better. To quote Al‐Beruni:

‘Knowledge in its true sense is always universal.

Thoughts and inventions originating from
any geographical region benefit all nations.’


1. V.Komarov : The Fascinating Astronomy ,Mir Publication Moscow

2. Euclid Ptolemy and other great mathematician and astronomer of Greece and Alexenderia –Egypt,
flourished during around 300BC to 300AD. After that there was no development of knowledge. The
European world was unaware of these works till the great European Renaissance starting around 12th
century AD when European scholars came in contact with the works of Greek, Egyptian, Indian and
Arabic scholars translated from Arabic to Latin. During that time Spain was under Islamic rule and that
is why several Latin translations of Arabic works were found at first in Spain.
2 Colebrooke:Hindu Algebra P64
3.Edwrd C. Sachau translation of AlBeruni’s Kitaab Ul Hind in English as Alberuni’s India p‐xxxi
4. Gunakar Muley: Great Mathematicians of World p64‐66
5.Rahul Sankratyaayan: Darshan Digdarshan p‐146. Alfraid Hupar historian of mathematics has
observed that Arabs were first to introduce Indian numerals in Spain. It was a new and revolutionary
system. This method has paved the way of modern science and engineering .Laplace, French
mathematician (1749‐1827) has observed that this wonderful Indian method of expressing all figures only
in10 symbols appears so simple that we don’t consider its importance…
7. 1‐Alfraid Pears: Text Book of Astrology P175 Published by American Federation of Astrologers
7.2‐Shri Awatar Krishna Kaul an eminent Astronomer in his article on Indian Astronomy and
Astrology of 1996 at p‐35 has quoted Robert Zoler from his Last Keys to Prediction at p‐8 that Arabs
established a link between India and Spain. Kaul says that it is to be noted that Spain’s St.Placidus
translated several astrological works in Spanish later translated in English, which included AlBeruni’s
Elements of Astrology, which is an amalgam of astrology prevailing in Central East Asia, Persia and
India. That was the period when Arabs were spreading Astrology and Astronomy in Europe.
8.Prof C. K. Raja’s article http/www/hinduwisdom.info
The Truth about
Alok Jagawat, India

A strology and gems are associated

with each other from time
immemorial. Astrologers often
recommend gems and associate them to
planets. While the association is clear in so
many classics, the wearing of gems for
particular planet is not mentioned in easily
available classics. Vrihadjataka, Vrhat
Shamita, Yukti Kalpataru, Rajvallabha,
Shushrut Shamita, Garud Purana refers to
use of gems in certain conditions and they
associate gems to powerful magical

“Dharnat tachh papalaxmi Vinashnam”


“Pavitra Dharnayach Paya
Jagawat is a young Laxmimalapaha” (Shushrut Shamita)
“Te te Yathapurvamatiprashasta
astrologer with a deep study of Saubhagyasampatividhandayaka” (Yukti
astrology. He is a Graphic Engineer Kalpataru)
and has done MA in Astrology. He Please note that 'Gems' refers to 'Ratna'
started astrology at a very young and every stone is not a gemstone. Classics
age of nineteen and has had many define "Ratna" according to following
credible predictions to his credit. His
website is www.gems-astrology.com 1. Gems taken out or mined on
inauspicious Muhurta have ill affects
despite being good in luster and
appearance. As we know most of gems do
not fulfill these criteria.

In “Ratnajati” chapter of Manimala, Sloka

6 says “Stones originating oninauspicious days
and at unlucky moments are not only void of
any beneficial quality but are positively

harmful” 1

Again, most of gems do not fulfill these criteria. This is because as a Gemologist and gem
buyer, we know that they are mined at commercial level and not on the basis of any
auspicious Muhurta (auspicious time).Same thing is mentioned in Chapter 68 of
Garudpuranam. This author begs the forgiveness of scholars as he has a translated version of
Garudapurana wherein Shloka numbers are not mentioned.

2. Gems should be free of inclusions, spots, internal cracks and should carry proper color.
(90% of the gems sold by astrologers do not fit this description). In “Ratnaparikshadhyay” of
Vraht Shamita, it is clearly mentioned:

“Ratnen Shubhen Shubham Bhavati Nripanaamanishthamshubhen,

Yasmadatah Parikshayam Devam Ratnashritam Tajagye”

Good, clean gems of top quality bring

good luck to emperors and those which Gems will come to you if you own a powerful
are of bad quality bring bad luck. Hence, horoscope and trust me they will fit above
an astrologer should first check the gem definitions.
for quality and only then he should
provide it to others. Gems are carriers of ‘Fate’.

3. Gems are worn after certain propitiation and rituals like removal of negative influences
through proper mantras.

Point 3 is my own view. I believe that only ‘Ratnas’ defined in classics should carry
“Swapranavastha” (Self invoked state) and rest of the gemstones are just stones. To energize
them one needs proper mantras to invoke their powers, which are in dormant condition.
This is the same as Idols of Deities need the ritual of “Pranpratishtith” (Infusion of Life
Force) before they are worshipped. But, Shalagrams and Dakshinavarti Shankas have their
own powers and they are never invoked through Mantras.

4. A gem which is powerful and fulfills above criteria gets devoid of its power when the
inheritor is an impure person. Please refer to the epic related to Syamantak Mani (gem)
during the period of Krishna. Prasena was the brother of Satrajita. Once, Satrajita took up
his abode in the seacoast for the purpose of spending his time in worshipping Sun. After he
prayed long and intently, Surya dev appeared before him. On being accosted, the divine Sun
took out the gem Syamantaka from his neck and laid it out. Sun gave this Priceless jewel to
Satrajita. It is said that on wearing the gem he appeared refulgent like Sun and entered
Dwarka. Satrajita later transferred it to his brother Prasena. When owned by a pure man
Syamantak would produce gold, but to an impure person it indubitably proved fatal. Prasena
decked this gem and rode hunting into the forest. He killed innocent animals on account of
which the gem altered his destiny. His impure heart brought his untimely fatal death when
a lion slew both the horse and the horseman.

1 P ublisher: The reason we requested the author to quote the

r e le van t Sh lo ka i s most gem s to ne p r act it ion e rs es p eci all y
on the internet & on net forums are not aware of this fact
th er eb y le adin g t o n e g at i ve r e su lt s fo r th e ir client s.
When we look at above criteria, it is very clear and evident that an average man, who is
bound by restrictions of average income cannot possess above kind of "Ratnas". Gems will
come to you if you own a powerful horoscope and trust me they will fit above definitions.
Considering the authenticity of wearing gems, certain classics do not mention them as
remedies. Rather, they are mentioned as powerful Talismans related to certain planets.

Remedies include Mantra, Tantra and Yantra for propitiation of planets. It is a fact that
your destiny can never be altered. Nothing can entirely mitigate your destiny. But you can
lower the intensity of mishaps in your life if you can read what planets signify. A wise
astrologer can tell you about some prayer, a stone or a ‘yantra’ that will help you bear the
fruits of your deeds. Your soul may never escape the clutches of your ‘karmas’ but with
remedies or Parihar you will get strengthened enough to bear that.

While remedies are meant for removal of harmful effects of

planets, talismans are entirely different things. They are meant
for either providing one with special supernormal powers
or for some definitive purpose. For instance gems can be
recommended as remedies to a person when a particular
planet is weak but benefic. Through a gem one can increase
the intensity of its beneficence. But when a Mukta like
the “Shankhamukta” is worn, it will give you all round power,
devoid of its relation with any planet. This is because “Shakhamukta”
is a Devmani which carries special powers and charm.

In olden times gems were not available easily. One cannot acquire them because of the low
grade methods of mining. Now with the advance facilities of mining and lapidary, gems are
within the reach of certain class of people. Still they may or may not fulfill particular criteria
and may not affect people as been mentioned in classics.

For example in the “Ratnaparikshadyaya” Shloka 14, Varahmihira defines the qualities of a
blessed diamond:

“SarvadravyaBhedya laghvambhasi tarati rashmivat Snighdham,

Tadidanlashaktrachapopamam cha Vajram Hitayoktam”

A diamond which cannot be cut through any device (This means that a diamond should be
hard), which appears heavier while held in hand, appears light when seen.“Tarati Rashmivat”
means which appears as if it is not touching the bottom when kept in water and then it
should radiate light, and should shine with sparks and appears like fire and rainbow colors,
then it is considered the best of all. Now match this criterion with presently available
diamonds in stores, you will hardly find any diamond which will match this description.
The effects defined in classics may stand true but gemstones should match their definitions
for the same.

I have stressed this idea in many of my write ups, that it is not so easy to change your
destiny. Gems can off course change your destiny, but again that can only take place after
supernormal intervention.

I can narrate an incident which is related to my life only. A person from Iceland came to
visit me for astrological consultation. He became a good friend of mine and asked me to
explain certain mantras and their processes. He was devoted to lord Shiva and so, while he
was leaving the country, I gifted him a beautiful Crystal Shivlingam. He was so happy with
the above gesture that he gave me a blue sapphire piece just as a token of appreciation. This
sapphire was deep blue in color and fulfilled every criteria mentioned in the Shastras.
Moreover it had a blue sheen like a peacock's blue shine on its long neck. I got it embedded
in Gold and performed the rituals mention in the classics. I wore it and the experience I got,
is unparalleled. Unlike whatever is been mentioned in classics, I had a totally different
experience. I constantly felt a cold sensation near my solar plexus and my back. This
sensation moved towards my head and my head remained cold most of time. I felt as if
somebody had kept ice on my head. I also felt that a golden hew surrounded everybody I
used to talk to. As if this was not enough, there were times when I felt that I am not inside
my body. It may sound weird but this is exactly what was felt. Later on, I understood the
astrological combination, which resulted into this kind of experience.

I was born on 3rd March 1977 at 14:34:40 Hours at Neemuch, (MP)

Saturn is a benefic over here as it is the lord of the ninth house and placed in the Nakshatra
of ascendant lord. Mars aspects it as exalted planet. Moon +Saturn often cause “Pravjaya”
like situation when it is aspected by Mars. Saturn and Moon both occupy the Dhanur
Navmansha which is Jupiter’s sign. Saturn occupied Meena in Vimshamsha and hence it
created that state of liberation.

Please note that gems have particular powers and when God needs you to be out of troubles,
he can definitely show you his powers.

Remedies affect a person only in certain cases when the mantra is properly invoked and then
denailed. Most of the sadhus initiate people with wrong mantras. The utkeelan process of a
mantra could only be achieved through a proper Guru who understands and lives with a
mantra. Mantras were nailed by lord Shiva when demons started using them for gaining
power and affluence. Their pronunciation was altered (Keelit) so that nobody can use them
without proper knowledge and path. Every mantra has its own nail and bears an Utkeelan as
well. The methods of Utkeelan are only Charchita
shared through Guru Shishya Parampara Yellow Peepal Jupiter
and every mantra carries its own process. Sapphire
One is considered fortunate if he/she can Diamond Gular Venus
obtain the utkeelan bejaas for their Blue Shami Saturn
respective mantra. Please note that a prayer Sapphire
is like “Avahan” of a deity. Your mantras Hessonite Durya Rahu
act as “Bhog” for Deities. However, mantras Cats Eye Kusha Ketu
without proper utkeelan do not reach out for Dharbha
Devatas. They act as “Bhog” for negative Gems, which are not mined and are formed
souls. Hence, one should be very careful in animals, shells and other organisms, are
with mantras. Keelit mantras can bring
called devmanis and they bear supernormal
mental illusion for its bearer and follower.
Same is the case with Yantras. Yantras have powers. These manis and muktas are
supernormal powers once they are charged. mentioned in Chapter 69 of Garudpuranam
But they lose their power when the "Karta" and “Mukta Laxnadhyaya” of Vrhat
or the owner becomes impure. The devatas Shanita. They are very rare and cannot be
(gods) which reside in a yantra leave it when obtained without luck. Please note that
impurity enters a "Sadhaks" mind.
gemstones have nothing to do with money.
Gems have the same criteria. They need to Even if you are Richie Rich, you will not be
be washed with proper herbs and the person able to procure a proper gem. There is a very
wearing it needs to maintain a high level of simple reason behind it. You cannot change
purity. It is better to wear them around neck your destiny so easily.
then in fingers. Every gem should be
purified before wearing. The purification can
be performed by keeping gems in their
respective herbs for a period of twenty four
hours. Gems associated with planets that are
malefic in a horoscope, should never be
worn. Donations of gems are indicated in
Shastras as remedies. One who cannot
procure high quality gems can donate their
substitutes as remedies. Gems could be worn S hould the 4th lord be in an angle from
and be effective to a person if they fulfill the the Asc while the planet Venus is in an
above mentioned criteria. Gems are often angle from the Moon, the subject will
attracted towards people who have very unfailingly be a scholar – Chap 2 Verse
strong Venus and who are undergoing a 87, Jyotisharnava Navanitam, an old
Venus major period. One can collect gems classic as taught by Shiva to Parvati.
during such periods.
Note: See chart of Late Scholar C S Patel
Birth Herbs Ruling to whom this issue is dedicated, the 4L
Stone Planets Venus is in angle to Asc & Venus also is in
Ruby Aak Sun an angle from Moon, satisfying the
Pearl Dhaak Moon condition. Data: 31st Dec 1915, 19.44,
Coral Kher Katha Mars Rancharda 72E39, 23N02, India.
Emerald Apamarga Mercury

Basic Rules
Of Predictions
‘Laghu Parashari’-1
Pt. Satyadev Sharma, India.

undamental Rules for
predictions are given from
stanza ‐6 of our classic text
most popular book on
predictive astrology. In this space, we take
some stanzas, which are extremely
important for predictions and understand
Pt. Satyadev Sharma, born in 1948 has the intricacies of it which this author feels
has not been deeply understood so far.
pioneered the spreading of jyotish in the
Now we take stanzas one by one and
western parts of India. Apart from being a
unravel the obscure meanings of them.
simple & humble human being he has
authored & also translated some rare works
which includes Siddhanta Shiromani, Stanza‐6:‐
KetkiGrahan Ganitam, Brihad Bhartiya
Kundali Vigyan, Saral TrikonaGanitam, ु
सव िकोनेतारो हाः शभफ़लदा। 
Aryabhatiya, Dridhavrath Lakshanam. He
is expected to contribute some interesting पतयिषडायानां यिद पापफ़लदा॥६॥
articles in time to come.
In this stanza, 2 different rules have been
mentioned one in the first line and second
in the second line.
In the first line it is narrated that all the
planets whether benefics or malefics by
nature give beneficial result if any of them
is the ruler of TRIKON Houses i.e. lord of
5th or 9th or 1st. The Ascendant is counted
both as KENDRA AND TRIKON house.

Here the second sign of that planet may be anywhere that is not to be considered for this
In the second line it is narrated that if any of the natural benefics or malefic s are the lords of
the 3rd (TRI), 6TH (SHAD), 11th (AAYA) houses, they give malefic results. This is separate
& a different rules than the first line above. In any horoscope following is the position of
lords of 3.6.11, houses.
3rd Lord Can Be Lord of 4th, 10th, 6th, 8th, or 12th house also
6th Lord Can Be Lord of 3rd, 7th, 11th, 1st, 5th or 9th house, also
11th Lord Can Be Lord of 4th, 10th, 6th, 8th or 12th house also
From the above table we can see that 3rd & 11th house lords can never become lords of 1st 5th 9th
houses and thus can never become benefic as per the rule 1st given above. Because only those
planets can become benefics which are the lords of 1st, 5th or 9 th houses. Thus for the lords of
3rd & 11th houses we can say that “they can never give benefic results” .If they are lords of
TRIK (6, 8 & 12) houses then they will definitely give malefic results but if they are the
lords of 4th or 10th house then as these houses are not malefic houses they will not give
malefic results but not great benefic results also. It will also depend much on whether the
lord of 3rd or 11th house is natural benefic or malefic planet.
Now, the lord of sixth house as per above table can be the lord of 3,7,11, houses which are not
benefic houses or Lagna (1st) or TRIKON (5th or 9th). If the lord of any of 1st,5th or 9th house
then as per the 1st line of the stanza ‐6 it will give beneficial results irrespective of it being
lords of sixth house, which is a TRIK house. Therefore, we see that the second rule is an
exception when it comes to being the lord of the sixth house.
In all Indian Astrological texts Ascendant (lagna) house been said to be always benefic.
Here also, in stanza‐9 second line it has been said that if the lord of RANDRA (8th house) is
also the lord of Ascendant (lagna) then also it has benefic qualities to it.

Stanza 7:‐

ु   नृणां सौाः के ािधपा यिद। 
न िदशि शभं

ु  ते  े बलाचोरोरम॥७॥
ू राचेदशभं
This stanza states that if any natural benefic planet is the lord of any kendra (4, 7, 10) house,
then by simply becoming the lord of Kendra (benefic houses) it cannot give benefic results.
In the same manner Kroor (natural malefic) planet does not give benefic result (or malefic
result). All the benefic or malefic properties acquired by the planets as said (above) get
stronger in the sequential order of the houses i.e. 4,7,10 houses means 7th is stronger than 4,
10th is stronger than 7th house.
Here a very important thing more has been said in the first line of the stanza 10, that the
demerit acquired on becoming lord of Kendras & hindrance in giving benefic results is most
to Jupiter and less than that is to Venus.
The above rule does not mean that benefics on being lords of kendras give malefic results
and the malefics give benefic results. The rule only says that simply on becoming lord of
Kendra any benefic planet cannot be taken for granted to give benefic results similarly the
malefic planet also.
Lord of the 4th or 10th house can also become lord of 3, 7,11,1, 5 or 9 th house only.
Lord of 7th house can also become lord of 4, 10, 6, 8,12th house only.
Lagna lord is always beneficial.
From the above it can be inferred that if any benefic planet is the Lord of 4th
or 10th house & also he is lord of 3rd 7th or 11th house then he will give
malefic results and if he is lord of 1st ,5th 9 th house also then as
per stanza 6 rule first, it will give benefic results.
Similar is the case of malefic (KROOR) planet.
In another case if any natural benefic or malefic planet is lord
of 7 house which is MARAK i.e. house of death then
definitely it will be malefic. Regarding the intensity of this
KENDRADHIPATI DOSHA it is clear that the most naturally
benefic planets are Jupiter & second Venus, if they are restricted to
give their benefic results then who is left in the Horoscope to give benefic results. Thus, this
demerit is most harmful in case of Jupiter and Venus.
Thus, the rules given in the stanza ‐8 & part of 10 are clear now. KENDRAS have not been
vested with the power to make its lord benefic, although KENDRAS are powerful houses as
per astrological principles.

Stanza 8:‐
लाद ्यितीयेशौ परेषां साहचयत। 
ानारानगु ये
ु न भवतः फ़लदायकौ॥८॥
This stanza narrates that lords of 2nd and 12th house from the Ascendants is a benefic or
malefic depending on where its other sign is deposited in the chart. According as is its
property being lord of its second sign deposited house or its association with the lord of
another (malefic or benefic) house.
Here we see that the lord of second house or 12th house can also lord of only 3, 7, 11, 1, 5 0r 9th
house. Thus here also if any planet is lord of 2nd or 12th house and also he is lord of 3, 7,or 11th
house then be cannot be a benefic. In another case if any lord of 2nd or 12th house is also the
lord of 1, 5, 9th house then he is definitely a benefic as per stanza ‐6 Rule 1. Thus, the rule
narrated is justified. Extra property of acquiring benefic or malefic as association of its other
lords is narrated here, which will be clear on further explanation of these rules.

Stanza 9:‐

भाययािधपने  रेशो न शभदः। 

ु धाता लाधीशोऽिप चेयम॥९॥
स एव शभसं
This stanza states that the eighth house MARKATVA, BUDH (MERCURY) is
being the loss (Vyaya) house in the lesser then Venus and Moon is lesser than
horoscope, it is not a benefic house and Mercury in the same way.
thus it Lords is not benefic. The second In the sequence of benefics the third planet
part of the starnra has been explaned above is MERURY which acquires benefic or
with the explanation of stanza ‐7 here. malefic property according to the
This eighth house is named as TRIK house association of such planets. At the last
along with 6th &12th .There are said to be comes Moon, which is malefic for half
the most malefic houses & their lords also month atleast. Thus as per the degree or
have been designated likewise. Here in intensity of beneficence the degree of
these stanzas we are studying the malfeasance is acquired.
characteristics of only the lords of The malefic characteristics acquired by
different types of houses. other planets on becoming lord of
RANDHRA (eighth house) is not
Stanza 10:‐ acquired by Sun & Moon, both have been
के ािधपदोष ु बलवाश
ु योः। 

exempted from this malefic characteristic.
To Be Continued…….
मारकेऽिप च तयोमारकानसंिितः॥१०॥
First part of the stanza has been explained
above with the explanation of stanza 7.
Second line of the stanza narrates that in
case Jupiter or Venus are situated in
MARAK houses i.e. 2nd 7th then they
become or acquire MARAK
Characteristics & thus become MARAK
Planets. Here also this demerit of Jupiter
being more harmful than that of Venus.
While timing death, do
not ignore the Varnada Rasi
This is because as they are the most
benefic natural planets and give most
or its trines, whichever is
benefic results, if they become or acquire most spoilt by malefics.
characteristics of malefic then it will be in
respective degree to their power & thus
more property of MARKATVA In Leo Ascendant when
respectively. Mars is situated in the 4th
Stanza 11:‐ House, the native leaves his
birth place after 35-40
बधु दन चोऽिप भवे
ु दन ु तिधः।  years of age.
ु याचमसोभवते ॥
न रेशदोष सू ू ११॥
In continuation to the stanza – 10 it is
stated here that the property of
Use Of
Dwadasamsa Chart
In Prediction By
Pramod Bhavasar, India.

enerally, Horoscope is
prepared by dividing it into 12
equal parts. Each part is
known as house such as 1st part is
known as 1st house and so on.

P. C. Bhavsar is one of the two masters 2 

3  11 
alive who teach & practice the Padma
Chakra Method. This method was initially
4  10 
taught by a Yogi to his Guru Shri Nanubhai.
Mr Bhavsar is a BE (Mech.), BE (Ele.) ME 5  7  9 
(Mech.) and retired HOD of Mechanical 6  8 
Department of Govt. Polytechnic –
Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). He has been If we take circle, it represents 0 – 360
honored with Jyotish Bhushan by Bruhad degrees. So by comparing Horoscope
Gujarat Astrological Society, Jyotish with a circle each house will be of 30
Padma Shree by Ahmadabad Astrological degrees.
Society (Navgrah), & Jyotish Ratnam by
Gujarat Astrological Federation,
In this method it is considered that 1
Degree = 1 day. Therefore 360 degree =
360 days, which is equal to 1 year.

But in actual calculations 1 year = 365

days and 5 hours

In horoscope 2nd house will start earlier by 5 days and 5 hours and so on for other
houses. So at the end of 2 nd house deduct 10 days and 10 hours – then 3rd house will
be started. The table for which is given below.

House Deduct days Deduct hours

At the end of 1st Year 5 5
At the end of 2nd Year 10 10
At the end of 3rd Year 15 15
At the end of 4th Year 20 20
At the end of 5th Year 26 0
At the end of 6th Year 31 5
At the end of 7th Year 36 10
At the end of 9th Year 41 15
At the end of 10th Year 46 20
At the end of 11th Year 52 0
At the end of 12th Year 57 5

Now let us have an example,

A person having date of birth 23‐10‐2003

1st house = 1st year = 360 degrees = 360 days and after
calculating difference of 5 days and 5 hours as
discussed previously,

2nd house will start at 18‐10‐2004

3rd house will start at 13‐10‐2005
And so on . . .

Thus for each year if we deduct 5 days and 5 hrs and if a person
completes 12 years. And 1st house will be again start at starting of 13th years.

Now we know that from each house we can predict about following things.

1st house – health, body, nature etc.

2nd house – family, speech and right eye etc.
3rd house – brothers and sisters, right hand, neighbors etc.
4th house – mother, heart, lungs, fixed assets etc.
5th house – grand father, education, 1st child, etc.
6th house – diseases, enemy, maternal uncle etc.
7th house – wife or husband, partner, 2nd child etc.
8th house – insurance, accident, illness etc.
9th house – father, own house, 3rd child, long journey etc.
10th house – service, entrepreneurship, boss etc.
11th house – friends, brothers and sisters and gain etc.
12th house – hospital, place for sleeping, jail, bondage and expenditure etc.

Let us have prediction of 1st house from Lagna (Ascendant)

2  12 
3  1  11 

4  10 

5  7  9 

6  8 

In ascendant of Aries, suppose lord of the 1st house Mars is in the 12th house,
Prediction will be as under for the child from birth date to the end of the 1st year –
may have following troubles.

As we have seen that 12th house represents the hospital, left eye, expenditure,
foreign countries or long journey. So

1. Child may have long journey

2. He may travel to foreign countries or states.
3. He may be hospitalized due to health troubles or left eye problem.
4. And all above, he will incur some expenditure.
5. As above things happen the place for sleeping is also changed relatively.
6. As in the 12th house there is Pisces Sign, so he may have injury in heel of leg
by sharp iron things or broken glass. Thus, he may be hospitalized due to it.
7. Cough and cold problem also observed during 1st year

All above predictions are based on Lagna Chart only…

Now let us have prediction of 1st house from Lagna Chart and Dwadasamsa Chart
both combined – Which is known as PADMA CHAKRA METHOD.

Suppose the Mars is in Taurus Sign in Dwadasamsa Chart. We mark this in Lagna
Chart as follows.
Mars (2)
2  12  From this, we can say that working of
3  1  11  Mars is in the 2nd house also.

4  10  Now 2nd house as we have seen

represents Family, Money, and Right
5  7  9 
Eye etc. So the prediction will be
6  8 

1. Child may get money from
his/her own family or family
earns more money due to the Scorpio Ascendant, if
working horoscope of child.
2. He may get money from foreign
Saturn is with the arudha of
countries or states or relatives, the 6th house along with
who belong to foreign countries Jupiter, then a maternal uncle
or states. will die in a hermitage.
3. He may travel long journeys to - Chandra Kala Nadi
foreign and incurs expenses.
4. Any member of family may
have to be hospitalized and
incurs expenses.
In the dasa of the 10 th lord,
5. Any member of the family may Saturn transiting the sign
go to foreign country and incurs identical with the Navamsa
expenses occupied by the 10th lord or
6. Or any member of family may the Navamsa of the 12th lord
get money from foreign
will cause mental distress to
co-borns – Chandra Kala
Thus by the use of Padma Chakra Nadi, Vol 3: Shl 5232
(Dwadasamsa) Method we can predict
more deeply and precisely with
extensive details (like we have
predicted about child’s family).
In Virgo Ascendant, if
Jupiter is situated in Taurus
This method will be discussed further sign, the married life will be
by using the actual horoscope of the damaged. If Jupiter is less
individuals in the next article. than 10 degrees the married
life will end in divorce, but if
Jupiter is more than 20
degrees, the married life of the
native will remain disturbed
but there will not be divorce.
- Old astrologer from an
ashram in Haridwar

The Amazing
‘CSP Arc’ &
R. G. Krishnan, USA


T his issue of Saptarishis Astrology

Magazine being the memorial
issue in honor of my Guru late
Mr.C.S.Patel, I chose to write this article
on a subject which was dear to him while
he was alive, which I think will serve as
the best homage to his memory & to his
pioneering work on Nadi astrology.

R.G.Krishnan is a professional Vedic Way back in the year 1988, I used to meet
Mr.C.S.Patel on every weekend, wherein
Astrologer, based at Murphy, Texas. He is he would discuss the principles enunciated
also a featured speaker at various in Chandra Kala Nadi, Dhruva Nadi and
international symposiums held in USA. He many other Nadi literature. In particular
has more than 50 yrs experience in Vedic he used to emphasize about the results of
Astrology and more than 21 yrs experience transit of Rahu & Ketu over the “Sun‐
in 'Financial Astrology, Stock Markets & Mercury‐Venus arc” in any natal
Commodity markets astrology. We horoscope.
congratulate him for his published
I do not recollect the exact verse quoted by
prediction of the stock market meltdowns in him in this regard which was from some
Jan 2008. He is also the author of the book Nadi literature but the essence of that
'Vedic Astrology-Stock Market Analysis'. verse was that whenever Rahu transits
He has also been publishing e-books on over the ‘Sun‐Mercury‐Venus’ arc in any
month to month trends in US Stock Markets Natal chart some good results accrue to the
every year, since the year 2001. native like monetary gains, career
http://anubazaar.com /rgkrishnan. advancement etc and similarly whenever
Ketu transits over this arc some adverse
results will accrue to the native like loss of
money, loss of position, involvement in

scandals etc .
Way back in the year 1988 Late Mr. Patel wanted me to test these principles by applying
them to the horoscopes of near and dear ones known to me and give him my honest opinion.
When I actually did check up on the charts of all near and dear ones in whose cases I had
full knowledge of past events with dates, I felt greatly excited to find that these principles
were holding true in at least 80% of the cases. When I narrated this happy experience to
him, he told me to write an article on this subject and soon thereafter I wrote one article
entitled ‘Transit of Rahu & Ketu & the he biggest advantage of these principles lie
fortunes of politicians in the Dec 1988 T
in the fact that these principles can be applied
issue of the ‘Times of Astrology’, to natives in whose case date of birth is known
published from Delhi, India. but the time of birth is not known.
Subsequent to the publication of this article, we used to discuss on several occasions in our
weekly meetings verses from different Nadi literature. Of and on Mr.Patel used to caution
me by saying that the various verses in Nadi literature convey the meaning in a cryptic
manner and it was expected of an intelligent astrologer to read the verses between the lines
& understand the import of the deeper meaning conveyed in these verses.

He used to say that it was his experience that after going over the verses again and again,
that these verses revealed more meanings to him than what was superficially understood by
him in the first reading.

For example he used to say that in this instant case although the Nadi verse mentioned the
good effects arising out of transit of Rahu treating it as a benefic and the adverse effects
arising out of transit of Ketu treating it as a malefic, he felt strongly after many times
reading the verse that we should also consider the deeper meaning by applying these
principles to transits of other benefic planets like Jupiter etc for evaluation of good results
and also apply these principles to transits of other malefic planets like Saturn & Mars for
evaluation of adverse results. I have since been following this advice of late Mr. Patel.

T he biggest advantage of these principles lie in the fact that these principles can be
applied to natives in whose case date of birth is known but the time of birth is not
known. This is due to the fact that the we can cast their natal chart based on the date
of birth and assumed time of birth and we will still find that the “Sun—Mercury—Venus”
arc is available to a good degree of accuracy in these natal charts (in the absence of accurate
time of birth and place of birth). This is due to the fact that Sun, Mercury and Venus move
by one degree in 24 hrs and as such any error in the time of birth is not likely to affect the
accuracy of this arc. Except 2‐3 charts, all the charts of politicians presented in this article
their time of birth is not too sure hence by normal Parashari methods one would be in
doldrums whereas the method below can be applied successfully.

In fact, I had applied these principles in the last 20 yrs to a few of my clients who knew only
their date of birth and did not know the time of their birth. In all such cases I could guide
them successfully about the future events based on transits over the “Sun—Mercury—Venus

For the information of readers it is stated that Late Mr. Patel had referred to this “Sun‐Mercury‐Venus
arc and the transit of Rahu & Ketu over this arc” subsequently in his book “Navamsa & Nadi
Astrology” published in the year 1996, at page 245.
arc” of their respective natal charts. These snapshot predictions were given by me without
considering other factors like the Dasas, Antar dasas, Divisional charts and the Ashtaka
Varga charts but my forecast was based only on transits of Benefics and Malefics over the
“Sun—Mercury—Venus arc”.

i. Over the last 20 years I found that transits of even fast moving planets like Mercury
& Venus over the arc also give favorable results during the duration of the transit.
ii. Sometimes Mercury due to retrogression will stay on the arc for longer duration and
during such periods benefits had accrued to the native during the entire period of
iii. I also found that the favorable results also accrue to the native if the benefic planets
transit by aspect over the ‘Sun‐Mercury‐Venus Arc’. For example, Rahu and Jupiter can
transit over the arc by their 5th or 7th or 9 th house aspect. Similarly malefics like Saturn
gave adverse results by aspecting the arc (3rd, 7th & 10th house aspects) and Mars gave
adverse results by 4th, 7th and 8th house aspects over the arc.
iv. I would like to add that the transit directly over the arc appears to give better results
as compared to transit over the arc by aspect.
v. In some cases, I found that both favorable transits by benefic planets and adverse
transits by malefic planets over the arc occurred simultaneously. In such cases, I
found that if the benefic planets transits were more in number as compared to transits
of malefic planets then the benefits did accrue to the native and vice versa.
In my opinion, these
principles offer a wide As per the Nadi principle the effect of the transiting planets is expected to
field for further commence when the planets transit this arc directly on the degree of the arc
research by young or aspect this arc on the exact degree of the arc, but late Mr. Patel had
scientific minded observed that in many cases the effects start once the planet transit or
astrologers. Hence, I
aspect the zodiacal sign in which either, Sun or Mercury or Venus was
would request these
younger scientific placed and the effects continued until the planet finished the transit or
minded astrologers to aspect of the zodiacal sign in which Sun or Mercury or Venus was placed. I
do further research in had also found this observation of late Mr. Patel holding true in all cases of
this regard to further my clients.
develop and take
these principles to the next level.

To make the above points clear I have discussed below horoscopes of top political leaders
in whose case both good and bad events are available on record with precise dates and this
helped to correlate them with the transits over the ‘Sun—Mercury—Venus arc’ in their
respective natal charts. Hereafter, let designate this arc as ‘CSP Arc’ for the purpose of
this article as a gesture to honor my late beloved Guru Sri C. S. Patel.

What is ‘CSP Arc’

T he arc in the zodiac in which Sun Mercury & Venus are placed in any natal chart is
called ‘CSP Arc’. We astrologers know that the planets Sun, Mercury and Venus
move very close to each other and in that process the distance between Sun &
Mercury will vary between 0 & 28 degrees and the distance between Sun & Venus will vary
between 0 and 48 degrees. Thus, the maximum length of the “CSP Arc” in any natal chart
will be 28+48=76 degrees. This arc will normally spread over three zodiacal signs & in some
cases over two zodiacal signs and in some rare cases will be in one zodiacal sign only.

As per the Nadi principle the effect of the transiting planets is expected to commence when
the planets transit this arc directly on the degree of the arc or aspect this arc on the exact
degree of the arc, but late Mr. Patel had observed that in many cases the effects start once
the planet transit or aspect the zodiacal sign in which either, Sun or Mercury or Venus was
placed and the effects continued until the planet finished the transit or aspect of the zodiacal
sign in which Sun or Mercury or Venus was placed. I had also found this observation of late
Mr. Patel holding true in all cases of my clients.

Former President Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev

In case of former President Mikhail Gorbachev’s horoscope, the ‘CSP Arc’ extends from
26deg Capricorn to 24 Aquarius. Analyzing the events in his life, we have the following.

1) He joined communist party in 1952. In that year Rahu was in Aquarius until June and
then moved over to Capricorn, thus it directly transited over ‘CSP Arc’ for the whole year.
2) He became president of Soviet Union in the year 1989. In that year transit Rahu was
in Aquarius & thus it was directly on the ‘CSP Arc’ for the whole year. Transit Jupiter was
in Gemini sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there from July 2, 1989 that year until
July 1990.
3) In the year 1991, he resigned as president Of Soviet Union. In that year transit Ketu
aspected the ‘CSP Arc ‘from Gemini from Apr 1991 to Oct 1992. Transit Saturn was directly
on the ‘CSP Arc ‘from March21 1991 to June 1995.

Former President Mr. Bill Clinton

n former president Bill Clinton’s natal chart it is seen that the ‘CSP Arc’ extends from
Cancer 14 deg 29 min to Virgo 18 deg 0 min. Analyzing the events in his life, we have
the following:

He was elected Governor of Arkansas for the first time in the year 1978. In that year
transit Rahu transited directly over the ‘CSP Arc’ (the transit actually was from May 1977
onwards until Nov 1981).

2) He was elected as a Governor second term in Nov 1982. In that month transit Rahu
transited Gemini sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’.

3) He was elected as Governor for third time in 1987 .In that year transit Rahu as well as
transit Jupiter transited Pisces sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there.

4) In 1991, he was elected again as Governor of Arkansas. In that year Jupiter transited
directly on the ‘CSP arc” while Rahu transited Sagittarius sign and thus aspected the “CSP
arc’ from there.

5) In January 1993, he assumed office as president of USA. In that month transit Jupiter
transited Virgo sign and thus was directly on the ‘CSP arc’. Transit Rahu was in Scorpio
sign and from there aspected ‘CSP arc’.


6) In the year 1997, he assumed office again as president of USA for the second term .In
that year transit Rahu transited directly Virgo sign and was thus directly on the ‘CSP Arc’.
Transit Jupiter was in Capricorn sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP arc’ from there.

7) In the years 1998&99, he was subjected to impeachment hearings During that time
transit Saturn transited Pisces sign until Apr 18 1998 and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’.
However, simultaneously Rahu transited Leo sign and was thus directly on the ‘CSP Arc’.
Transit Jupiter was in Aquarius sign and it thus transited the ‘CSP Arc’ by aspect. May be
due to these predominant plus points the outcome of the impeachment hearings went in his

Former PM Mr. Winston Churchill

In former PM Mr. Churchill’s horoscope, the ‘CSP arc’ extends from Libra 25 deg 29 min to
Scorpio 29 deg 55 min. Analyzing the events in his life, we have the following:

1) He was elected as Prime Minister of UK in 1940 .In that year transit Jupiter was in
Aries sign and thus had 7th house aspect over the ‘CSP Arc’. Further in that year transit
Rahu was directly over the ‘CSP Arc’ until the end of January and after that date transit
Rahu moved out of the ‘CSP arc’ but transit Ketu was in Pisces sign and thus aspected
the transited ‘CSP arc’ from there.
2) He was elected again in 1951 as Prime Minister. In that year transit Rahu & transit
Jupiter were in Aquarius sign thus both benefic planets aspected the ‘CSP arc’ from
3) On April 5, 1955, he resigned as Prime Minister. On that day transit Ketu was at 6
degrees in Gemini sign and thus aspected ‘CSP Arc’ from there and transit Saturn was
directly over the ‘CSP Arc’ at 26 degrees Libra. Transit Mars was at 2 degrees 43 min in
Taurus and thus aspected the “CSP Arc’ from there.

Former PM Mrs. Margaret Thatcher

I n former PM Mrs. Margaret Thatcher’s horoscope, the ‘CSP Arc’ extends from Virgo
26 deg 41 min to Scorpio 9 deg 15 min. Analyzing the events in her life, we have the
1) In 1959, she was elected to parliament for the first time. In that year transit Rahu
transited Virgo sign & was directly on the ‘CSP Arc”.
2) In 1961, she was appointed the Joint Secretary to the Ministry of Pensions. In that year
transit Rahu was in Leo sign until Nov 9 and then moved over to Cancer sign. Thus it
aspected ‘CSP Arc” from Cancer sign. Transit Jupiter was in Capricorn sign from Feb
11, 1961 and remained in that sign for the whole year thus transited the ‘CSP Arc’ by
3) She held the portfolio of Minister of Education in the years 1970 to 1974 .In the years
1970, 1971 & until Sep 1972 transit Rahu transited Aquarius and Capricorn signs and thus
aspected the ‘CSP Arc’. Again, from March 20 1974 transit Rahu was in Scorpio sign
and thus it transited directly the ‘CSP arc’ in that year.
4) She became Prime Minister on 5‐4‐1979. On that day transit Jupiter was in Cancer sign
and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Further transit Mercury and Venus were in
Aries thus they also aspected the ‘CSP arc’ from there. Transit Saturn was in Leo and
aspected ‘CSP Arc’. Transit Ketu was in Aquarius and aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from
there. Thus, the positive transits outnumbered the negative transits on that day,
enabling her to become PM.
5) In 1982, she became prime Minister for the second term .In that year transit Rahu was
in Gemini sign and thus aspected ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Transit Jupiter was in Libra
and thus was directly on the ‘CSP Arc’.

6) On 11/22/1990, she resigned her Prime Minister position. On that day transit Ketu was
in Cancer sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Transit Mars was in Taurus
sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Transit Saturn was in Sagittarius sign
and aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there.

Former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi

In former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s horoscope, ‘CSP Arc’ extends from Scorpio 4 deg 07
min to Sagittarius 21 deg 00 min. Analyzing the events in her life, we have the following:

1) In the year 1966, she became Prime Minister of India. In that year transit Rahu was in
Taurus sign until July and from August onwards it was in Aries sign and thus it was
continuously aspecting the ‘CSP Arc’ from these signs for the whole year. Transit Jupiter
was in sign Gemini until August 23 and thereafter moved over to Cancer sign for the rest of
the year and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from these signs for the whole year.

2) She was assassinated on Oct 31, 1984. On that day transit Mars transited was in Sagittarius
sign and was thus directly on ‘CSP Arc’. Transit Saturn was in Libra sign and thus aspected
the ‘CSP arc’ from there. Transit Ketu in Scorpio sign and was thus on the ‘CSP Arc’.
Transit Jupiter was in Sagittarius and was directly on ‘CSP Arc’.

Former PM Mr. Tony Blair

In the former PM Mr. Tony Blair’s horoscope, ‘CSP Arc’ extends from Pisces 21 deg 49 min
to Aries 22 deg 10 min. Analyzing the events in his life, we have the following:
1) In 1994, he became leader of the labor party. In that year transit Rahu was in Scorpio
sign until June 9 and afterwards moved over to Libra sign for the rest of that year and
thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’. Transit Jupiter was in Libra sign and thus aspected the
‘CSP Arc’ from there.
2) In May 1997, he became Prime Minister of UK. In that year transit, Rahu was in Virgo
and thus aspected ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Transit Mercury was in Aries directly over
the ‘CSP Arc’ and transit, Venus was also in Aries until May 6 and then moved over
to Taurus & thus it was directly on the ‘CSP Arc on that day. Transit Ketu was in
Pisces 4 degrees and thus was on the “CSP arc’. Transit Saturn was in Pisces 20
degrees to 23 degrees in May 1997. Thus, the positive & negative indications appeared
to be balanced in May, 1997. In his case since Saturn was a yoga karaka and also the
lord of his Rasi, the evil effects of Saturn appear to have been diluted, thus enabling
him to become PM in the month of May 1997.
3) In June 2007, he resigned from PM position. In that month transit Saturn was in
Cancer & from there aspected ‘CSP Arc’. Transit Ketu was in Leo sign and from there
aspected the ‘CSP Arc’.

President Mr. George.W.Bush

In President Mr. George.W.Bush’s horoscope, the ‘CSP Arc’ extends from Gem 20 deg 40
min to Can 28 deg 28 min. Analyzing the events in his life, we have the following.
1) He was elected as Governor of Texas in 1994. In that year transit Rahu transit was in
Libra sign for the whole year & thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from Libra. Transit Jupiter
was in Libra until Nov 12 and then moved over to Scorpio and thus aspected ‘CSP Arc’
for the whole year from these two signs.

2) He was re‐elected as Governor in 1998 for the second term. In that year transit Rahu was
in Leo sign until Dec 17 and then moved over to Cancer sign & was thus directly over the
‘CSP Arc’. Transit Jupiter transited Capricorn sign until Jan 8 and then moved over to
Aquarius sign and remained there for the whole year thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from
these two signs for the whole year.
3) He was sworn in as president of USA on Jan 21, 2001. On that date transit Rahu transited
Gemini sign and thus was directly over the ‘CSP arc’. Transit Mercury was in Capricorn
and thus aspected the ‘CSP arc’ from there.

Ex‐ President Mr. Richard Nixon

In Ex‐President Mr. Richard Nixon’s horoscope, the ‘CSP arc’ extends from Sagittarius 7
deg 22 min to Aquarius 10 deg 50 min. Analyzing the events in his life, we have the
1) He was elected Vice President on 11‐4‐1952. On that day transit Jupiter was in Aries
sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Transit Rahu was in Capricorn sign
and was thus directly on the ‘CSP arc’.
2) He lost his election in 1960 against John .F. Kennedy. In that year transit Ketu was in
Aquarius from May that year and thus was directly on the ‘CSP Arc’. Transit Saturn
was in Sagittarius for the whole year and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ for the whole
3) He won as President again on 11‐5‐68 by narrow margin. On that date transit Jupiter
was in Virgo sign & thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Transit Ketu was also in
Virgo sign & thus it also aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Transit Saturn was in
Pisces sign and from there it aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there (perhaps these minus
points was a pointer indicating that turbulent times lay ahead for him).

4) He won the election again for the second term in Nov 1972. In that year transit Rahu
& transit Jupiter both were in Sagittarius sign and thus both were directly on the

‘CSP Arc’. Transit Ketu was in Gemini and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there.
Transit Saturn was in Taurus sign and it aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there (perhaps
these minus points indicated that major adverse developments in store for the
Presidency down the road).
5) On 8‐9‐1974, President Nixon resigned as President USA due to developments
connected with Watergate scandal. On that day transit Ketu was in Taurus sign and
thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Transit Mars was in
Leo sign and thus it aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there.
Transit Saturn was in Gemini sign and thus it aspected the
‘CSP Arc’ from there.

Ex PM Mr. Morarji Desai

In ex PM Morarji Desai’s2 horoscope the ‘CSP Arc’ extends
from Capricorn 14 deg 32 min to Aquarius 17 deg 51 min.
Analyzing the events in his life, it is observed that:
1) He became the Prime Minister of India on March 24 1977. On
that day transit Rahu was in Libra sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there.
Transit Jupiter was in Taurus sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there.
Transit Saturn was in Cancer and thus it aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there. Transit
Mars was in Aquarius and was thus directly on the ‘CSP Arc’ (perhaps the two minus
points indicated potential problems down the road for his PM position).
2) On July 28 1979, he resigned as Prime minister due to adverse political developments.
On that day Transit Ketu transited Aquarius sign and was thus directly on the ‘CSP
Arc’. Transit Saturn was in Leo sign and thus aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there.

Birth Time given in original article by Shri Krishnan 13:00 but ADB software gives time of birth of
13:38 with a C rating but readers can see that the difference in degrees of Mer, Ven, Sun with both birth
times is not an issue with this method.
Ex‐President Nelson Mandela
This is the what was confirmed a tough chart as his time of birth is still not certain and if
one goes by the various times floating around then we would get several lagnas to play with.
RoddenRating: DD

DataSource: Astro Data Bank www.astrodatabank.com

Source Notes: Frances McEvoy reported that her son and daughter‐in‐law spent a summer
in South Africa with the Kennedy Foundation as lawyers. During an afternoon in the
entourage of Mandela, they asked his birth time and were told "afternoon." Noel Tyl wrote
in May/1994 that he rectified the afternoon time with extremely taxing detail to 2:54 PM,
then shared his documentation with Rod Suskin, a well‐known South African astrologer
who responded with "a veritable catalogue of reinforcement for the time." South African
astrologer Anita Noyes‐Smith has a friend in Mandela's office who checked for a time and
found that there is no known time of birth. Umtata is a rural area and blacks had no birth
certificates. Often, they did not even know the date, as it was not valued as important.
(Formerly, Noel Tyl had speculated 8:45 AM, given in AFANews 1/1994. Daniela
Schmuckli had a spec time of 12:45 PM in Astrolog 6/1996. Anita Noyes‐Smith speculated
2:12 AM.)

In former President Nelson Mandela’s horoscope, the ‘CSP Arc’ extends from 29 deg 35 min
Taurus to 23 deg 02 min Cancer. He became the first black President of South Africa on May
9 1994. On that day transit Rahu was in Scorpio sign and aspected the ‘CSP Arc’ from there.
Transit Jupiter was in Libra sign and aspected the ‘CSP arc’ from there.

How Are The Transits Likely To Play Out In The US Elections Due In Nov 2008?

After reading the above, the readers will certainly be curious to learn about the possible
outcome, based on transits over ‘CSP Arc’ in the US elections due on Nov 4, 2008. Let us see
the transits in Mr. Obama’s and Mr. McCain’s natal charts.

Mr. Barack Obama3, Presidential Candidate – US Elections
As seen from Mr. Obama’s natal chart the ‘CSP Arc’ extends from 8 deg 29 min Gemini to
19 deg 14 min Cancer.

On Nov 4, 2008, transit Ketu will be at 20 deg 15 min in Cancer. Thus it will be directly on
the ‘CSP Arc’. It is also seen that Transit Rahu & Transit Jupiter will aspect the ‘CSP arc”.
Further transit Moon will be in Uttarashada Nakshatra and will thus transit the “CSP arc”.
Transit Saturn will be in Leo and thus will be outside the “CSP arc”
Thus there are both positive and negative indications but the positive indications appear to
outnumber the negative indications.

Mr. John McCain, Presidential Candidate 2008 US Elections


His Birth Certificate can be downloaded from http://my.barackobama.com/page/invite/birthcert
In Mr. John McCain’s natal chart the ‘CSP ‘CSP Arc’ on their natal chart made with
Arc’ extends from 9 deg 17 min Virgo to 13 assumed time of birth can be used to
deg 02 min Leo. determine the favorable and adverse
1. On Nov 4 2008, transit Jupiter will developments that are likely in their life
be at 23 deg 10 min in Sagittarius and and the period in which they are indicated
will thus aspect the ‘CSP Arc’. to a fair degree of accuracy.
2. Transit Rahu will be at 20 deg 15 min
in Capricorn and will thus aspect Saptarishis Astrology’s Request:
the ‘CSP Arc’ from there. This is a research that is highly
3. Transit Saturn will be at 24 deg 56 commendable and must be carried
min in Leo and will be directly on forward. Though this is not a technique
the ‘CSP Arc’. for determining victory in elections still
Thus, there will be two positive can we request true students of this science
indications and one negative indication in from various countries to kindly mail us
his case. systemized tabular data of their countries
election dates, candidate’s data and
Disclaimer: election results to test this mega‐research
Note: with an open mind. If anyone wishes to
The following conclusions are based on test it on his or her countries election
planetary transits and on the principles of results and present an article, even if the
Vedic Astrology. It is advised that no results are contrary, we do not mind
fatalistic view be taken of these publishing it in the spirit of further
conclusions. learning. Even if we get 75% success ratio
Possible Outcome of the US elections: out of Sri Krishnan’s Research it would be
The race between Mr. Obama & Mr. a valid repeatable pattern.
McCain is likely to be a neck to neck race
until the last moment. However Mr.
Obama appears to have an edge over
Mr. McCain and appears to have a
better chance to win the elections due
on Nov 4, 2008
An R. Santhanam Saying
I f the 7th lord is in the 5th house he will
portend difficulties in respect of married life
It will be seen from the above that transits and children’s affairs. This does not apply to
of Rahu and other benefic planets over the Virgo and Gemini births
‘CSP Arc’ in any natal Horoscope do
indicate that some favorable developments
I f the 5th lord is in the 7th house then
similar effects as above except in the case of
& benefits are likely to accrue to the Leo and Scorpio ascendants
Native while the transits of Ketu and
other malefic planets do indicate that the
S hould the 12th lord from natal asc be in
Pisces Navamsa one will shine in foreign
native will be prone to some adverse countries.
developments, setbacks etc. Thus, these
transits can serve as an additional basis for
prognostication based on transits alone.
Further in case of natives whose time of
birth is not available the transits over the
The Nostalgic
Lanes of
R.G.Krishnan, USA.
I met late Mr. C.S.Patel for the
first time in the year 1982 at
Ahmadabad, India at an Astrological
Convention, where we both were
honored with the award of “Jyotish
Maha Mahopadhyaya” title. At the
convention Mr. Patel’s speech made a
big impact on me and I told him that
R.G.Krishnan is a professional Vedic after returning to Bombay I will meet
him on a regular basis to learn more
Astrologer, based at Murphy, Texas. He is from him on finer points of astrology.
also a featured speaker at various Thereafter a good friendship and a
international symposiums held in USA. He Guru‐ Shishya relationship developed
has more than 50 yrs experience in Vedic between us. I was eager to learn more
Astrology and more than 21 yrs experience astrological knowledge from him and
in 'Financial Astrology, Stock Markets & he was eager to part with his
Commodity markets astrology. We specialized knowledge. In the year 1982
congratulate him for his published onwards until 1988 I lived in Bombay
prediction of the stock market meltdowns in and made it a point to meet him on
Jan 2008. He is also the author of every Sunday and in each meeting I
the book 'Vedic Astrology-Stock learnt some thing new from him.
Market Analysis'. He has also He had a good collection of
been publishing e-books on books on astrology written by several
month to month trends in eminent astrologers. Many of the
US Stock books in his library were books which
Markets were out of print and were difficult to
every year, since the year 2001. get. He had preserved these books
http://anubazaar.com /rgkrishnan.
carefully and would refer to them
occasionally to make his point. He had
a very good habit of recording brief
notes at the back page of his books,
which helped him to swiftly retrieve
any information he needed. He continued this wonderful habit until his last breath.

In our weekly meetings we discussed mainly the verses from Nadi astrology. He
used to maintain a big chart showing the position of transiting planets with dates
on which these planets will be in retrogression and the dates in which they will be
direct, dates on which they will enter each sign etc. He also kept notes of important
events and the dates on which such events occurred along with the astrological

During the year 1982 through 1984 he discussed with me the various verses from
Chandra Kala Nadi (aka Devakeralam). One particular verse which he referred to
ran thus;
Lagnese Nidhanamsaste Moode Shashtagathe athava
Shudhvadaya cha Maranam Bandhu Heene Mahitale

Meaning that when the lord of the ascendant is posited in the Navamsa chart in the
8th house with ref to the ascendant of the Rasi chart or is eclipsed by the rays of
Sun or is posited in the Navamsa chart in the 6th house with ref to the ascendant of
the Rasi chart, then the native will die of starvation or on the bare ground with no
blood relations by his side.

To make his point he used to refer to the chart of the great Mahatma Gandhi (chart
given below)

____ ____

It will be seen from the above natal chart that Mahatma Gandhi had Libra
Ascendant in the Rasi chart and that the lord of Ascendant Venus was adversely
placed in Taurus sign in the Navamsa chart which was the 8th house from Libra
Ascendant of the Rasi chart. As we all know Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead on
Jan 30 1948 at Delhi by some assailant. At the time of his sudden death no blood
relations were near him as mentioned in the verse.

Around this time on Oct 31 1984 the then Prime minister of India Mrs. Indira
Gandhi was assassinated and was shot dead by one assailant.

It will be seen from her natal chart that she had Cancer Ascendant in her Rasi chart
and lord of ascendant Moon was adversely placed in Aquarius sign in the Navamsa
chart (8th sign with ref to ascendant in her Rasi chart).

____ ____

Later Mr. C.S.Patel had written an article on this verse elaborating the two natal
charts discussed above in an article entitled ‘Search light on Navamsa’ which was
published in the Astrological Magazine in Jan 1986.

In the year 1985 while discussing some astrological points he referred to a verse on
Mars which described Mars as “Vrshti Kruth Vrushti Hartah Cha” meaning that
Mars is the planet which can cause rainfall and which can also deny rainfall. In
Bombay we generally have Monsoon commencing in June which will last until
August. In that year in July Mars transited an enemy sign namely Gemini in July
that year. Mr. Patel told me that the rainfall in July is likely to be much less
although it is one of the monsoon months during which one expects heavy
downpour. I was surprised to observe that first two weeks of July were full of dry
days without rain which is rather unusual for a place like Bombay. He also
mentioned that when Mars moves over to watery sign Cancer there will be heavy
rains. This was also observed to be holding true. Incidentally during the current
year 2008 in June, Mars transited cancer sign (a watery sign) and we had seen news
paper reports stating that heavy rainfall occurred in Bombay in that period. In
USA also we had heavy floods in Midwest & in Mississippi river in the month of
June which was unusual.

In the year 1987 we had organized annual convention on Astrology under the
banner of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. Dr. B.V.Raman and other
eminent astrologers like Mr.K.N.Rao, Justice Kapoor Ghanashyam Joshi,
Parasmani, V.A.K Iyer, Raman Thakkar etc attended. The function was presided
over by a Deputy Minister of Maharashtra Govt. Dr. Raman had personally
appreciated Mr. Patel on the Reasearch in Nadi astrology by him and the articles
published in Astrological Magazine of India. This convention gave opportunity to

eminent astrologers like Mr. K.N.Rao to meet personally
Mr.Patel & discuss with him the finer points in Nadi
Astrology etc.
The convention went off very well and it gave immense
pleasure and happiness to Mr.Patel. He had expressed to
me then that this was one of the landmarks in his life.

Mr.Patel’s visit to USA in 1998

The American Council of Vedic Astrology had invited Mr.
Patel to be the Keynote speaker at their Annual Symposium on Vedic Astrology,
due to be held at Sedona Arizona. Mr.Patel had accepted the invitation and decided
to come to USA with his daughter Kailasben. He informed me over the telephone
and I invited him to come early and stay with me at Dallas prior to the symposium
and that I will accompany him to the symposium from Dallas. After overcoming
many challenges which he had to face to get a visa for self and daughter he could
make the trip to Dallas in Oct 1998 and he spent with us about 15 days in that
month. Those 15 days were very precious to me as we had daily one‐on‐one
meetings in which we discussed many finer points of astrology. It was in one of
those meetings he told me that he had met many top‐level astrologers in his life
and in his opinion what made them great was not their book knowledge but their
intuitive knowledge. He explained further stating that repeated readings of the
verses in “Chandra Kala Nadi” made him understand more that what was
superficially conveyed by these verses. At some stage every Astrologer gets some
revelation and that was what he got by repeated readings of the verses of Chandra
Kala Nadi. He also stated that if one is a good astrologer with intuitive knowledge
the horoscope will reveal to him more information than what others will see on the
surface. Thus there can be two different interpretations on the same horoscope by
two different astrologers but the one with intuitive knowledge will have an edge
over others.

He used to say that it is enjoined in the classics of Astrology that an astrologer

should be a man of good moral character, should do his daily prayers to his ‘Ishta
devata” and before venturing to make predictions he should worship the Nine
planets aka “Nava Grahas”. He himself was a devotee of “Lord Subramanya”
(whose picture he used to carry with him always). He used to quote some verse to
make his point that an astrologer must worship the Nava grahas before venturing
to make predictions.

Publisher: Mr. Krishnan as usual is being humble here, it was an immense challenge as first his
Visa was rejected which disheartened Shri Patel immensely at the age of 88, then Mr.
Krishnanji spoke with a Senator who then called up Mumbai US Consulate office and then a
Visa was granted straight for 6 months without questions asked. This is as told by Late Patel to
Similar points were made to me years
ago by Shri Ghanashyam Joshi, a
famous astrologer/Palmist of Bombay Panchapakshi
in the 80’s. He told me then on one Roma Rishi says that Panchapakshi is the
occasion that there are three kinds of science of sciences which can be practiced in full
only by the Siddhas. It should not be revealed to
Knowledge namely “Gyan” meaning all and sundry. A Guru chooses a disciple after 12
knowledge,”Vigyan’ meaning years of test, discipline, virtuous conduct and if
scientific knowledge and “Pragyan” found fit and deserving, then only will he initiate
meaning intuitive knowledge and the his disciple into the mysterious and all powerful
astrologer who has “Pragyan” or Panchapakshi
intuitive knowledge will have the What is Panchapakshi? The word literally
ability to give more accurate means five birds namely, Vallooru (royal bird),
Owl, Crow, Hen and Peahen. According to
predictions. Nandinool, an ancient Nadi work the five
elements of transcendent and dynamic energy
Similar views were expressed by Yogi akasa (ether), vayu (air), thejas (fire) appu (water)
Karveji who had stayed with us at and prithivi (earth) evolved one after another
Texas for 15 days in the year 1993. He from the Universal Sound called Nada Brahman
had also told me that any astrologer or Goddess Parasakthi allegorically described as
the Better Half of God who represents the Static
with a spiritual bent of mind is likely
Energy of the Universe. The whole cosmic
to be endowed with intuitive functions of Nature viz, Creation, Protection and
knowledge and for such astrologers Destruction going on endlessly is performed by
the horoscopes will reveal more the Goddess through the Panchabhootas at the
information than what can be seen will of God. That is why She is praised in Hindu
superficially on the surface. Scriptures as Panchabhootesi, the Ruler of Five
They say that Panchabhootas are of two
Over the years I have my self kinds, Sukshma (subtle) and Sthula (gross) the latter
experienced that when I focus on the being evolved from the former in fixed
natal charts after doing prayers to mathematical proportion and combination. Every
“Nava Grahas” they appeared to Sukshma atom of Panchabhoota is spilt into halves,
reveal more information than what is one half of which is divided into four equal parts to
be exchanged and blended with the split atoms of
available on the surface. the other four bhootas resulting in the formation of
Sthula Panchabhootas, so much so, one Sthula
With these few words I conclude this Akasa atom contains ½ Sukshma Akasa atom, 1/8th
article by stating that the best homage Sukshma Vayu atom, 1/8 th Sukshma Theja atom,
we can pay to the memory of late Mr. 1/8th Sukshma Appu atom and 1/8th Sukshma
Prithvi atom. Similar is the case of evolution of the
Patel will be by following the advice
other kinds of Sthula atoms.
given by him.