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e-learning / teaching as inquiry

Link to Strategic Plan: Goal 1: To focus on high quality learning and teaching and to encourage and support the growth of Tikanga Maori. Goal 5: To engage in regular self review to monitor and evaluate areas. Explanation: The Internet has dramatically changed the information landscape. The internet has enabled a wealth of knowledge and opened doors to a new paradigm of learning and creativity. Education and teaching and learning that was familiar to us are reminiscent of the 18th, 19th and 20th Century models of teaching - where the teacher held all the knowledge and the children passively learnt/absorbed. Over the past ten years there has been a fundamental shift and change with the introduction of technologies and the principles of formative assessment. We are preparing children for their future. a future we are uncertain of. e-learning opens up new and different ways of learning. Outcomes: - Integration of e-learning into daily programme. - Purposeful and creative learning. - Growing confidence and competence to use a range of technology for authentic learning. - Resourcing to enable effective e-learning integration. - Modifying teacher practice through the process of teaching as inquiry.
Action Professional Learning centred on the effective integration of e-learning into literacy. Exposure to variety of Web 2.0 tools that can be integrated purposefully into learning and teaching programmes. Who? Resources? When? How? Cost? Marama Stewart (Principal Pukeokahu School) Professional Learning Day (January) $150 Regan February - November

Action Teaching as Inquiry Process. A common understanding of the Inquiry Process which is based on sound research and evidence. Inquiry into integration of e-learning. Regular professional readings and support to maintain the focus and principles of Teaching as Inquiry. Teachers to identify an area for inquiry (linked to elearning) to gather data and initiate process. Teaching as Inquiry plan developed and drafted as a working document. On-going reflection, analysis and critiquing of the plan and process to ensure the best outcomes for students. Presentation of Teaching as Inquiry Plans. Teachers to share their plans with staff - active reflection and sharing of new initiatives that have supported student learning. Approval of Cybersafety Policy and Procedure (based on NetsSafe for Schools) for implementation at school. Staff, Parent and student permission to use digital technology and Web 2.0 tools to aid and support learning. (Use Agreements). Purchasing of Macbooks and iTouches to support the integration of e-learning and mobile learning. Investigate the use of Flip Video. Investigate robust network system. Establishment of Class Blogs to share childrens digital learning.

Who? Resources? When? How? Cost? Carol Lynch (Tim White Consulting) $1370 February - November Carol Lynch/Regan February - November 1 staff meeting each term. Whole Staff March/April Whole Staff March/April Whole Staff March - October Whole Staff March/AprilNovember

Regan and Board February Whole Staff and children February/March Regan and Sonia (School Budget and KPTA) $10 000 February - August Regan, Sonia and Angela July/August

Action Walkabouts. Critical Friend to support and assist with supporting the integration of e-learning.

Who? Resources? When? How? Cost? Whole Staff Term 2 and Term 3 Reliever Cost Leadership Team

Learning Walks. Learning Walks conducted by leadership to provide coaching and mentoring of elearning integration. Implement an e-learning Development Plan reecting the school vision and direction for elearning. Maintain School website as a window to our school.

Regan, Sonia and Angela February Regan January - December $45.