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Avignam Group

Company Profile August 2011

Overview Avignam Group is a New Delhi and London based development advisory and investment firm with a vision to alleviate poverty in the emerging world through the development of private sector and free markets with a SouthSouth Agenda. The group believes that sustainable investments into the developing world can build strong and efficient economies for the future. "Avignam" is derived from the amalgamation of two words from ancient Sanskrit and Pali languages. The word Avani means the earth in Sanskrit and Vijana means consciousness or awareness in Pali, together they mean Worldly or Global Knowledge. Our mission is to provide solutions that are well defined, sustainable and globally acknowledged. Avignams development advisory firm advises Indian private sector organisations, looking at new markets, to invest in developing economies by matching technologies, capital and capacities. Avignam Groups sector expertise is in: Agriculture and Agro Processing Education and Training Healthcare Hospitality and Tourism, Infrastructure and Construction Renewable Energy

Avignam is passionate about bringing change to emerging economies by building trade and investment relationships and building a sustainable model to develop the private sector. We believe that the efficient and effective development of the private sector can alleviate poverty faster than through aid alone. With a view to diversify and create value to the Groups activities, Avignams investment arm has been investing in various sectors in South Asia and Europe. It has now started to look for opportunities to invest in Africa and Southeast Asia. Trade and investments not aid alone Underdeveloped economies with chronic issues of poverty and low human development have long attracted external support in the form of aid. Although aid is necessary, it must be complemented with building capacities at various levels of the economy and develop a sustainable private sector. Injecting investments and capacities into such economies could lead them to move away from aid dependence gradually helping them grow in a sustainable manner. We at Avignam ardently believe that Trade and not aid alone is the viable strategy for economic and social development in emerging countries. Trade as a driver for economic growth has been proved historically as one of the fundamental tenets of economic theory. Handouts alone cannot be building blocks for prosperity but trade with efficient exchange of investments, technology and capacity building is required to drive growth, create employment and bring prosperity to societies.

We advise and facilitate Indian companies, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), in their overseas foray (out bound investments) specifically from a strategic, commercial and regulatory perspective. Our regions of expertise are Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Professional Service Offerings Avignam has recognised that for its Vision to be realised, a unique model is necessary. India has a burgeoning economy with her private sector seeking to expand to new locations or diversify into new sectors. Developing economies of Africa and Asia require, for their private sector development, three important ingredients capital, technology and capacity building. Avignam helps to match the ingredients between India and her counterparts in Africa and Asia so that it can be beneficial for both the investor and the new market. To enable this unique model, Avignam provides the following services as may be required: Locational Evaluation In an ever-changing world, every location is different from a political, economic and social perspective and to evaluate the best available option for an organisation to invest or conduct business can be confusing and tedious. Avignam can provide professional location analysis service taking into consideration the clients needs and risk appetite. Through its able network of global resources and vast collective knowledge of its professionals, Avignam can provide perspective on the best location for the clients business and investments. Risk Analysis Globalisation has led to an interdependent society where any change in the political, economic and social environment in one country may have a profound effect on another. Moreover, such volatility is constant in emerging and developing markets due to various factors. Analysing such risk is vital for an organisation to formulate strategies for business success.

Avignam is well equipped to assist its clients evaluate such risks. With its access to global networks and a wide range of decision makers in politics and business, it can provide neutral, unbiased information and strategic advice in its sectors of expertise. Avignam can also assist in risk evaluation for problem resolution and crisis management. Market Study Reliable market information is often unavailable in emerging and developing markets. Publicly available information may not be specific to detail and unclear. An investor always seeks better understanding of the market, competition and value and requires a market strategy to be developed. Avignam can provide tailor-made clear market information and provide clarity and insight to enable companies to make decisions to move into complex markets. Our approach is to tap into our pool of networks who are able to undertake both quantitative and qualitative research as desired by the client. Entry Strategy Entering a new market anywhere in the world is a challenge, especially when it is an emerging market. An investor or a company has to consider the risk associated from not only a political, economic and social sense but also understand the commercial, regulatory and tax aspects involved. Avignam offers advice and guidance on complete entry strategy keeping in mind the regulatory and tax regime of both the investor and investee countries. The advice may range from practical ground advice to professional international tax and legal advice through its associate offices.

Partner Identification Many investors complain that there is never a problem finding a business partner, the challenge lies in choosing the right partner. Finding a good local business partner is essential or the business may be exposed to high risk. At Avignam, we gather information of local partners through authorised public channels and local market expertise through our associates in the country. If necessary, we also conduct due diligence on the local partner organisation to establish their commercial and legal standing among others. These procedural checks reduce risk and help make better-informed decisions to find joint venture partners. Government Relations In some parts of the developing world, it is important to have government relationships to have a proper understanding of policies and regulations for a successful venture. These relationships become important in places where there are limited policies and guidelines available or are still in the process of being

drafted. Incorrect interpretation and application of policies and regulations can cause obstacles for the investor. Good government relationships help enable understand and manage such obstacles. Avignam is well placed to provide advice and interface in the best possible way to manage the bureaucracy and legislative obstacles that organisations may face. We have well placed networks in the bureaucracy and political structures across the globe. Policy Planning and Regulatory Avignam provides comprehensive advisory services to States, Policy Planners and Public Service Institutions in bringing out policy documents in the sectors of our expertise. The management of Avignam has worked with government bodies in India, especially in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, on various policies and programmes and has recommended appropriate action-plans to enhance the value of such policies and programmes

For further understanding of our services, please contact Abhilash Puljal, Executive Director below: India First floor, 8 School Lane Bengali Market New Delhi, 110001 Telephone: +91 8800969966 Facsimile: +91 9873109966 Email: abhilash.puljal@avignam.com United Kingdom Flat B, 2 Mecklenburgh Street Bloomsbury London, WC1N 2AH Mobile (IN): +91 98711 33726 Mobile (UK): +44 7864629750 Internet: www.avignam.com

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