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: 2008-2009 : S.Y.B.B.A. : 53 : ____

Submitted To:Saurashtra University

Guided By :Mr. Savan Rupala

College:R. P. Bhalodia College, RAJKOT


India is a developing country. One of the leading forces behind these outcomes is the swift growth of the industries and service sector. Practical studies are the part of B.B.A. course, B.B.A. is a special professional course regarding business. Practical study implied by Saurashtra University in B.B.A. under this subject, the student requires to visit one service sector.. The visit is very helpful to the students because students get the practical knowledge about the working of service sector and seeing the atmosphere of that unit. With the help of service sector visit, student develops his awareness about service sector field. As a B.B.A. student, I had got an opportunity to visit, a service sector. That was RADHIKA RESTAURANT. it was a great experience for me. I have tried my level best to get as possible as information about RADHIKA RESTAURANT. I thanked all members who helped me to get information.

I am a student of S.Y.B.B.A. studying in R.P.Bhalodiya College. The syllabus of B.B.A. includes practical visits to the service sector in its study. It plays a crucial role in the practical management studies. It is a great experience for me to prepare a project report. I feel happy that I present this report before you. I thanked all those persons who are involved in the making of project. Firstly, I would like to thank my college R. P. Bhalodia College and my Guide & Professor Mr. Savan Rupala who have give us complete information regarding the project report. I prepared this project under their guidance. I am very happy that I have chosen B.B.A course because, by choosing this course one become aware of practical studies. For the learn management B.B.A. is very useful course.


I, the undersigned YAGNESH BHANDRI a student of S.Y.B.B.A., here by declare that the project work which is presented in this report is my own work. I have prepared this project report under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Savan Rupala of Shri R. P. Bhalodia College, Rajkot. I feel very great to prepare this project report. This project report is to be submitted to saurashtra university of Rajkot. By preparing this project report, I got an opportunity of practical study. Place: Rajkot Date:



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General information Services Food & Beverage Department Marketing Department Financial Department Personnel Department Achievements Feature Plan S.W.O.T. analysis Suggestion Conclusion Bibliography

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Introduction Profile Location Size of the organization Form of the Organization Objectives of business

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The Radhika Restaurant is one of the best restaurant in RAJKOT. It is a high quality Restaurant. It established on 18th Augest 2004 at 150 ft. Ring Road, Mavdi Chowkadi, Rajkot. The history of the any company is very important. The RADHIKA RESTAURANT was established in the year 2004. Today this Restaurant becomes very famous because of the hard work of the Restaurants members. The contribution of the workers is very high for the development of the Restaurant. Mr. Manjulaben V. Limbasiya was the chairman of the RADHIKA RESTAURANT. RADHIKA RESTAURANT established for providing food facility.

Name Area of Location ::RADHIKA RESTAURANT. 150 ft. Ring Road, Mavdi chowkadi, Rajkot. Radhika Restaurant 80 ft. Road, Rajkot. (0281) 2332977 Manjulaben v. limbasiya Jagdishbhai D. Limbasiya Jayantibhai H. Kathiriya Mukeshbhai L. Bodar Saurastra Gramin Bank Small Scale sector 2004 April to March

Branch Name


Contact No. Owner Partner


Bankers Size of Unit


Establishment Year : Accounting Year :-

Organization structure is a basic frame work of business management. It is the pattern in which various parts of the company are interconnected. Organisation structure is the presentation of the division of system. It helps to keep conduct, control and co-ordination to the activities of company. The organization structure is given below of the Radhika restaurant. Partners

Head of Department




Location of the service sector requires all that facilities which are needed to run them. When the new service sector is to be established, one major decision has to be taken. That is the location of that. There are many factors which affecting the location of the service sector i.e. availability of Raw material, Financial factor, Govt. policy, availability of water, electricity etc. Generally, the location of the sector should be very easiest in which the sector can get necessary things very easily. The Radhika Restaurant is situated at 150 ft. Ring Road. This sector situated hears for some reasons are as follows. New developing area Just 5 Km. from railway station Just 4 Km. from bus station


According to Indian company act, there three main types of industry SMALL SCALE MEDIUM SCALE LARGE SCALE

THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT has under the category of SMALL SCALE.

The main business form of organization is follows. SOLE PROPRIETOR CONCERN PARTNERSHIP FIRM JOINT STOCK COMPANY



Generally, the main object of a business to get more and more profit. All the business activities are running with the main object of profit but profit is not only the object of any business. There are many objects such as to contribution in the development of the country, Social responsibility etc. RADHIKA RESTAURANTs main objectives are given below: To earn Sufficient Profit. To provide social facilities. Elimination of customers problems. Contribution in the development of the country.




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Introduction Service provided

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The action of helping someone working for someone, system supplying a public need & ready to assist someone when required THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT is perfectly suitable with this meaning because it helps public by providing its facilities, by gibing its facilities, by satisfying public needs and also ready to assist them whenever required.

A service is the most important part and major key for the success of any unit. Without a service, marketing cannot be imagined. Service is one tool in the hands of the marketing through which it gives life to all marketing program. So, the main responsibility of the marketing would be to know its service well and to take proper service decision.

120 persons. REGENT ROOM -Party Room for 120 persons. RESAURANT FACILITIES Provide Nourish food, fast food, and continental food. THE SWAGAT HALL Banquet/conference to accommodate

OPEN SPACE If customers demand open arena for the party, Reception, TERRACE is provided them with all arrangement.


If some one wants celebrate Birthday in THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT, they are providing hall for party and arrange the event. They provided music to the party, and also arrange for cold-drink and food to the members of party so; person can get both entertainment and food.

Some one wants to arrange a marriage party. They handle the event; they provide food & other services and also provide music and other facilities.

If the festival of Christmas and new year they provide all the types of entertainment to the all customers. Service like music, dance floor other many types of services to celebrate festival. RADHIKA RESTAURANT provides various services to their customers. They try to provide all the types of services to the customer so customers dont feel trouble himself. They think that BEST QUALITY SERVICES provided to customer is their responsibilities.



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The key department of hotel is food department. If the very nice service is providing by service department but the food is not that much good, The customer does not prefer that restaurant. In the food & beverage department, they have to making cleaning everyday. They have to use best items for making food. They have to taste quality and try to maintain quality, the main cooks having experience and ability to make best food. The Radhika Restaurant having well kitchen and cook is able & experience. Every day use best item for survive customer. They make list of item that they needed. They are always going to purchase quality product.


They are provided vegetarian food and nourish food. They are providing different food dishes. The objective of hotel is to provide best food and best quality to its customer. They provided following food dishes: Gujarati Chinese Punjabi Continental Fast food


The quality control department inspects the basic raw material, which is produced or extract from the earth, for quality assurance test. This process is necessary in order to get sufficient and effective management for produce the food. The Radhika Restaurant is maintaining quality by experience and expert person. They never compromise to its quality and services. They always try to its level best. Special dishes make by expert man Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Grain Maintain quality by experience cookers.


THE Radhika Restaurant is having storage department in which they are store different raw material some of them have long period like 15 day to changes, some of them have very short period i.e. daily. The store keeper examine store after every 15 days this stoke is oil, sugar, tea, coffee. And other stock examines store daily bases i.e. fresh vegetable, milk. After examine by storekeeper, he make a list of things that will be needed and give to purchase manager, purchase manager take form cashier and purchase thing listed in list. The store keeper has to visit storage department and check the stock otherwise it is create difficulty for cooks. And mismanagement is place. But the Radhika Restaurant has proper management of food & beverage department.



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Introduction Origination Chart Marketing mix Product Mix Promotion Mix Pricing Policy Advertisement Competitors Market Research


According to Philip Kotler, Marketing is the process of planning, and executive the conception, pricing promotion and distribution of goods ideas to create exchanging with target groups that satisfy customer and organization objective. Marketing is the function of the business concerned with the creation of the customers. Marketing is the essential of the business. Marketing is social and managerial process by which individual and groups obtain what they need and what through creating, offering and exchanging product of value with others. Marketing is a comprehensive term. The selling of any company is depend on marketing Through marketing, company got profit. There are different system of marketing. Some small scale sector doing marketing through advertisement in Newspaper, T.V., Pamphlets, Magazines etc. The big unit or organization doing marketing through advertisement in TV set. Today, marketing is being done by computer. According modern marketing concept," marketing starts with the products idea and ends with customers satisfaction.


Marketing mix is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objective in the target market - Philip Kotler The basis of marketing operation is the co-ordination of four key variables namely, Product Price Place Promotion


Product mix is the list of all product offered for sale by a company. It is defined as The composite of product offered for sale by a firm or a business unit. The product mix of a company has two characteristics: (1) (2) product line. Width depends on the number of products group of products line with in the company. The Radhika Restaurant has product width in food dishes. i.e. Gujrati, Punjabi, Chinese, & continental items. The Radhika Restaurant has product depth in Hall i.e. Dance and Party Hall, Marriage Hall, Meeting and Conference Hall. Depth Width Depth depends on the number of products items with in each


The marketing mix activates or product planning and distribution are performed mainly with in business or between a business and the member of its distribution channels. However, though its promotional activities, a firm communicates directly with potential customers and as well we see, it is not a simple process. Basically, promotion is a attempt to influence, and more specifically promotion is an element in an organization marketing mix that serves to inform, persuade and remind the market of the product and the organization selling it, in hopes of influencing the recipient s feeling, belief or behavior. Promotion consists of those activities that are designed to bring a company goods and services to the favorable attention of customer There are four forms of promotion are as follows. Advertising Sales Promotion Publicity And Public Relation

The Radhika Restaurant makes a promotion activity. So they can increase the volume of sales and earning maximum profit.


The prices of the product are depend upon the expenses which is made for making product. The expenses such as the cost of raw material, cost of over heads, sector overheads, administrative overheads, margin of profit etc. Pricing decision has strategic importance in any enterprise. It means decision of determining price of a product. Price can be defined as the exchange value of the goods or services in the terms of money. The price of products should be determined in such a matter so as to offer a reasonable amount of profit to the manufacturer, a reasonable remuneration to middle man and the maximum satisfaction to the consumers. Price is an important element in the marketing mix. The policy is only factor that generate revenue other factor are expense. Price is only revenue generate element. So profits depend upon the price. While deciding the price of product, following factors are consider as cost: Cost of Vegetables, Fruits and other cooking material Wages paid Cooking Expanses Electricity expenses Promotion expenses Estimating cost Other cost


In this modern time, advertising is very important for increasing the sales of the product of the company or industry. Advertising is the best tool for increasing sales. Big company spent lots of Rupees for good Advertising. Advertisement can define as Mass, paid communication presentation and promotion of goods, service or ideas by an identified sponsor, it is paid communication, because the advertising has to pay for the space or time in which his advertising. It is a modern business word and in modern business world no business can survive without advertisement. So advertisement is must. RADHIKA RESTAURANT The main method of advertising is News paper, Pamphlets, Metal Board, etc. In all the advertisements the brand RADHIKA RESTAURANT highlighted. Radhika Restaurant give less advertisement compare to other restaurant.


Today, competition increases very fast in any business. Competition is very important for the development of the economy and country. The restaurant has to find new and new food product to continue in the market. There are lots of competitors in the market for restaurant. Therefore, Radhika Restaurant tries their level best to face the all competitors. They are as follow: Thakar lodge Patel Vihar restaurant


Marketing research is a systemizing gathering recording and analyzing the date about the marketing problem to facilitate decision making. Thus, marketing research concentrates on the study of product planning, advertising and sales promotion, distribution, structure, marketing strategies, marketing competition, buyers behavior and attitude in the marketing place. The RADHIKA RESTAURANT is high quality Restaurant. The Restaurant offers consistently high standard of food facility. Therefore The Radhika Restaurant is famous in the Rajkot especially for Swamini Rotali.



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Introduction Origination Chart Financial Planning Financial Process Financial Sources Capital structure Management of Working Capital Management of Fixed Assets Profit Trend Account

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Finance management is that management activity which is concerned with the planning and controlling of the firms financial resources in modern business. The finance is the blood of business economy. Finance department is very important in any company. We include capital, fixed assets, working capital etc, in finance. Finance is that administrative area in an organization which related with the arrangement of cash and credit so that organization may have the means to carry out its objective as satisfactorily as possible. Finance department plays a very important role in the development and growth of Business. If you have money and management, it properly you will make more money. This means management of finance is necessary for all. Finance is like an arm or left either you use it or loose it. All the activities requires finance for their implementation like to establish a business, to buy row materials and machines, to make production, to pay wages, salaries, to market the products etc.


Every company having financial planning for the future. Financial planning is decided in the meeting of directors. Financial planning should estimate the resources required to carry out the operation and determine how far these resources can be generated internally or externally. The basic purpose of financial planning are to make sure that adequate funds are raised at the minimum cost and that they are used wisely. It should be seen that finance is neither excess nor inadequate. In financial planning, they do not think investment in other place but expand their business. Planning is very necessary for the smooth running of the business. Planning means deciding in advance what is to be done. The RADHIKA RESTAURANT will invest their finance for their new project establish new restaurant.




Purchase Work in Progress


finished products

Every business units financial is in this way. RADHIKA RESTAURANT invests his money into purchase basic things to prepare food. After completion of the foods, it is to be served to the customers. Thus, working money rotated into cash and profit is earned.


Sources of finance mean that from where to collect funds and from where money comes for industries and also at sometime in which way it comes at the time of requirements. Generally there are two source of finance i.e. (1) Internal Sources (2) External Sources THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT has both internal sources and external sources of finance.


Capital is the blood of any company or organization. All business activities are run with the help of capital. Capital structure refers to the composition of long terms sources of funds as debentures, long terms debtors, preference share capital, equity share capital and retained earnings i.e. reserve and surplus. The board of directors or financial manager of the companies should develop an appropriate capital structure and this can be done only when all those factors, which are relevant to the companys capital structure decision, are properly analyzed and balanced. The capital structure of the RADHIKA RESTAURANT is given

Particulars Loans + Borrow money + personal money TOTAL = = = =

Amount 15 lacks 25 lacks 40 lacks 80 lacks



Working capital refers to the funds locked up in materials, working progress, finished goods, receivable and cash, etc. since this asset are known as current assets, in very simple terms, working capital may be defined as capital invested in current assets According to Hoagland, working capital is decretive of that capital which is the fixed. But the more common use of the working capital is to consider it as the different between the book value of the current assets and current liability. Working capital plays as an important role in any organization. The management of working capital is done in such a way so that the firm dose not faces financial crises because or the secrecy of financial will create disturbance in the working of the unit. In THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT working capital is Rs. 5, 00,000. It is a major concern of the financial manager such as the accomplishment of the value of maximization of goal depends essential on prudent working decision.



There are different types of fixed assets in any company. Different types of fixed assets such as Plant & Machinery, Electric Fittings, Furniture and Fixtures, Factory Building, Vehicles etc. There must be proper and appropriate provision for depreciation of on fixed assets. The financial manager is responsible for maintaining proper management of fixed assets. Financial manager has to take proper decision for the investment in fixed assets. The total fixed assets of THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT Rs. 60,00,000 /- only.



Profit is the main aim or goal of any company. All business activities are running with the main object of earning profit. The entire existents of the business depend on its profitability. Profitability of a firm means consist ratio and percentage of total profit earned on an annual bases. It is always observe to be well maintaining in every firm. THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT has successfully in earning a profit by 10% incensement in sales turnover.


To know how much money earn during the year, how much sales and expanses occur during the year, what steps to be taken to remedy the financial problems, it is necessary to record all financial transactions systematically and properly. Every organization keeps records and evaluates the financial position of the unit. RADHIKA RESTAURANT keeps records and prepare financial statement at the end of financial year. For preparing account, they follow the double entry mercantile system. This is the modern method of preparing account. The account is prepared in computer. Mr. Alpeshbhai G. Rakholiya is the auditor. The RADHIKA RESTAURANT maintains its account by double entry system and accounting is computerized. This is managed by the auditor.




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Introduction Recruitment System of selection Selection Process Training Performance appraisal System Personal record Wages & salary Infrastructure Facility Time keeping system

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Personnel Management is the field of management which has to do with planning, organizing, directing, and controlling, various operative function of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilsing a labour force. Prof. Juicius : Principles of Personnel management. Personnel management is the direction and co-ordination of human relations in the business organization, there by obtaining maximum production with minimum of physical and mentle efforts, stress and strain of the individual worker and group of workers and without sacrificing the genius well being of the employees. Incentives to the workers is very important if the company wants to get more and more help of workers.


RECRUITMENT is the process of searching for prospectve employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment the process begins with the new recruit are sought and ends when their application are submitted the result is a pool of applicants from which new employee are selected In simple terms recruitment is understood as the process of searching for obtaining applicant for job, from among whom the right people can be selected. Recruitment is the process of selecting efficient & trustworthy employees who are willing to apply for the job. Recruitment aims to develop & maintain proper manpower resources. There are mainly two method of recruitment are as follows: DIRECT METHOD INDIRECT METHOD


Sources of recruitment

Internal sources :1) 2) 3) Promotion Demotion Transfer

External sources :1) Contact of present employees 2) Formal employees 3) Intermediaries 4) Recruitment at the gate 5) Advertisement 6) Academic institution 7) Professional institution 8) Trade unions 9) Employment exchange.

THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT recruits from internal sources and external sources.


The highering process is one or many go, not go gauges candidates are screned by the application of this tools, qualified applicants go want to the next herdal while the unqualified are eleminated Selection is the process of picking individual from pull of applicants with necessary qualification. The system of selection of employees is very important thing. Some in cottage industry, we can see that workers and employees are not qualified as much as small scale industries. Some industries, select the employees or workers in experience basis, while some industries select on qualified basis. This company select the workers both on qualified basis and experience basis. It means that both qualification and experience involve in worker or employees.


The object of manpower selection is to ascertain clearly the type of person required and to secure an appropriate candidate for filling that position. It is also concerned with security relevant information about an applicant. Selection is a process by which the qualified personnel can be chosen from the application selection is process in the hand of management to get qualify and disqualify applicant by various methods. This process is follow

Interview Preliminary Selection Final Selection Placement

INTERVIEWS :If the performance of candidate is satisfied in the written test, then the candidates is called for personal interview and ask about his job here some of the points regarding his job terms and condition, salary etc. are also clarified.

PRELIMINARY SELECTION :This interview usually is of a short duration and is aimed at obtain certain basic information with a view to identifying the obvious misfits or unqualified. If the condition seems to possess the basic minimum requirement for efficient job performance he is given an application from for being filled out by him.


FINAL SELECTION ;At the end of all the steps mentioned above, the last step is taken which is known as final selection. The candidate who successfully passed the above all stages is become able to get the final selection.

PLACEMENT ;After the completion of the above process, the candidate gets the job in the sector.



Tanning and development refer to importing of specific skills, abilities and knowledge and performance of employee. In personnel management an opportunity of advancement is given to the new or old employees. There are many workers work in the sector. Some of them are skilled and some of them are unskilled. Thence, sector has to give them special training, practical knowledge etc. Training is necessary to know about the working conditions and techniques . An every institutions or organization trains their worker after selection of the person. Training is a technique by which a management also gets information that, this employee is right for the job or not. THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT is giving training to new employees by senior. They are planning for giving training to employee in other branch. Training includes ASK means Attitudes, skills and Knowledge. Promotion involves movement of a person to a vertical position carrying higher status more pay, increased responsibility, increased benefit, better prestige, higher authority, better working condition facilities and higher rank.



ACCORDING TO EDWARD FLIPPO Performance appraisal is a systematic, periodic, and so far as humanly possible, and impartial rating of employees excellence in matters pertaining to present job and to potentialities for a better job. Ones the employees have been selected trained and motivated; he is then appraised for his performance. Performance appraisal is the step where the management finds out how effective it has been at hiring and placing employee. A performance appraisal consists of evaluating an employees performance of a job in terms of a job in terms of its recruitment. THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT considers its employees as its most valuable and therefore it believes in perfect and accurate performance appraisal system. They believe that employees efficiency, productivity and great performance is a ladder to success. THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT has an efficient performance appraisal system for evaluating their employees performance. The performance appraisal evaluates the performance of an employee by quantitative factors such as quantity and rejected output standard of workers.


In personal record, compete up to date information is maintained about employees. Every unit have record book for employees in which record information about employee, leave, promotion, punished men etc. THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT has record book of employees. These record books are as follow.

Salary-wages register Casual leave register Attendance register Bonus register



The wage and salary administration is concern with the financial aspects of needs, motivation and rewards. Wage is the remuneration paid for the service of labour in production, periodically to an employee or worker. Salary refers to the monthly or weekly rates paid to the clerical, administrative and professional employees. Wages and salary is one of the important functions for organization as well as staff working in it. It is motive the person to effective, so it is most important work. In THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT wages and salary is to be paid on monthly basis. They pay salary to their employee on 7th in every month.


Workers and Employees are very important for any big organization. The business is continue in the market because of the working of workers and employees. Therefore, companies give various facilities to the workers such as Medical, Querts, etc. RADHIKA RESTAURANT provides various Infrastructure facilities to the workers such as holidays, medical services etc. Also, they gave Bonus to the workers every year. One person told truth that if you mind your man, the man will mind all other things. RADHIKA RESTAURANT gives the following kinds of facilities.

clothes Living facility Food facility Medical facility Overtime Festival gift



Time keeping system for a one person or a firm should develop an effective time keeping system. Each unit must have its own time keeping system. Since time must for every company to measure the regularity of its employee. In time keeping system the arrival and living of employees are recorded. THE RADHIKA RESTAURANT has a two shift of duties. They can enjoy the festival holidays. First Sifts :- 8:oo A.M. TO 3:00 P.M. Second sifts :- 5:oo P.M. TO 11:00 P.M.



The people of Rajkot are famous for celebrating festivals and eating outside. One survey states, Rajkotians spend more money on eating outside the home than any other city of Gujarat. In Rajkoat, Most of the families go to the restaurant or hotel once a week. Radhika Restaurant is situated on 150 Ring Road which is near to Kalawad Road. So it is very easy to attract people. Mega Malls of Rajkot city like BIG BAZAR, ISCON MALL, NEW ISCON MALL etc. are too near to Radhika Restaurant. For this reason Radhika Restaurant has 10% annual increase in sales turnover. Radhika Restaurant is famous for Kathiyawadi food especially for SWAMINI ROTALI.



Radhika Restaurant wants to establish new Restaurant in Rajkot. Radhika wants to provide residential facilities and will be converted in HOTEL. More skilled and famous cooks are to be employed. Radhika wants to start new dishes that are not prepared right now.



SWOT Analysis
If you do not know where you are going, you can take any road. This famous quote epitomizes the attitude of people and their lack of planning. It is primarily because of lack of strategic direction. As a result it is hard to look at the actions and determine where you are and where you want to go. This is where SWOT analysis plays an important role. SWOT is an acronym for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. SWOT analysis is universally accepted as an effective method of identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and examining the opportunities and threats you face. It is a process in which you can gather and assess, in an orderly manner, information that will become the basis of your development plans. SWOT analysis includes:STRENGTH WEAKNESS OPPORTUNITY THREATS


It is one thing to discern attractive opportunities and another to have the competencies to succeed in these opportunities. Each business needs to evaluate its internal strength and weaknesses periodically.

Famous for Kathiyawadi Dishes especially SWAMINI ROTALI Good public relation

The location of RADHIKA RESTAURANT is a developing area. Internal personal relationship is very nice between staff and owner.

The business does not have to correct all the its weaknesses or should it gloat about all its strengths.

Scarcity of Water Inconvenient Parking space Certain Dishes are prepared occasionally Less advertisement


It is an area of buyers need in which sector can perform profitability. The sectors success probability depends on whether its business strengths not only match the key success requirements for operating in the target market but also exceed those of its competitors.

Radhika Restaurant has good opportunity to be converted in HOTEL because it is situated right in the heart of the city.

It is challenge posed by an unfavorable trend or development that would lead in the absence of defensive marketing action to deterioration in sales or profit

Thakar lodge Patel vihar restaurant



After visiting the sector, I think that Restaurant is well and efficient there is nothing as such which I can suggest to the sector. But, I also want to tell something to the Restaurant that I think is necessary to attract more and more customers.

The restaurant is strongly recommended to introduce dishes that are not still served. The major problem faced by customers is parking so Restaurant must make some arrangement for parking. The Restaurant should provide home delivery so that the customers for distance place can also attracted. The Restaurant should promote cooking competitions and also accept the cooking recipe from the people outside.

So, this is one the views from my point of view, which I hope may be taken positively and will not be misunderstood.



I think that I had got a golden opportunity to visited. RADHIKA RESTAURANT. I got a whole information regarding personnel, financial and marketing. During my study, I marked that the Restaurant is best in management, in working in providing facilities to the workers and provide food facility to the people. I have come to the conclusion that this sector has an efficient in financial and marketing process. It possesses proper finance. Hence, this sector has a many scope for expansion and development. The food of this sector is very good in test. The Name is Radhika Restaurant, Customers would like to visit often to this Restaurant. The staff is interested to improve the food product as per changing and test of the customers.