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1987 Second Month Fasclcule 20 GENERAL MESSAGE Our Friends, In accordance with the Existential Ordinance, such a System

has been rendered Effective that this System always acts in accordance with Time Consciousness. The reason why We have kept the Skiesveiled to You until today, was to sow GOD-Consciousness firmly in You until the end of this Cycle. Because,by the help of this Consciousness, Your Universal Potential is elevated, Your Thought Frequencies reach Advanced Dimensions and You reach the Awareness of the Oneness of Being. Now, that boundary has been reached. Information We will give to You nowand later will very Naturally create a SHOCK in Our Human Brothers/Sisters in the Light of the Information they have obtained until today. Because,besides the Advanced ConsciousnessFieldswhich had been sown, an abundance of wild grass have grown in those Fields, also. Now, the Goal of this Period is to c1eanthose Advance ConsciousnessFields from the Wild grass or to engraft Them with the Information of the Advanced Consciousness, so that those Fields can be more productive and to announce the entire Truth with all c1arityhas been taken into the System. No one can resist the Ordinance which will be established. Because,OUR LORD has taken in hand the Order of the Ordinance anew. None of You at the moment is aware of this silent and profound operation. But You will witness personally how, in time, negativities will give positive fruits. ALLAH has a Single Formula in the Universal Whole. And this formula is the following: NOT TO MAKE DISCRIMINATION ANYTHING- NOT TO UPSETTHE IN ORDER OFTHEORDINANCE.Asit goesfor everything, the production of the initially sown seedsis not observed in the finally sown ones. The Capacity gets lower, the productivity gets lower. For this reason, it becomes necessaryto plow the fields anew or to fallow them. The period of fallowing of the Religious Dimensions will continue until the World date Year 2000. The Universal Order has been Planned thus. For this reason, the Book of Islam and its last Prophet had shed Light on You through the Religious Dimension for the last time. This Cycle has come to an end after a Period of waiting for Fifteen Centuries. In the Light of the initially sown seeds, more productive seeds have been sown in the fields nowand will stili be sown. Time periods are shortened by Mass Awakenings and the Truths are conveyed to You through the shortest possible way. This Knowledge Book is being dictated to You as the Guide of this Final Period. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHT This is an explanatory, Brief Information about the Group to which the KNOWLEDGEBOOK is dictated: The Name of the Group: (MEVLANA ESSENCE NUCLEUSGROUP,the ANATOUAN CHANNEL.) With the Command of Unification as a necessity of the System, the Group is in touch with Space and directly with the Divine Plan, and authority to talk c1earlyabout Space is under the license of the Group. Its Mission: Universal and Religious Unification. Its Connections: By the Command of the Council of the Loyal Ones, All the Galaxies connected to SIRIUS,and which have signed the Law of the Universe. Its Emblem:' WORLD BROTHERHOODUNION Sources of Knowledge received: Channel Of Alpha - Central System - Supreme Assembly - Universal Unification Council - UFO Groups Connected to the Center Above the Center. Propagation Field : The Entire World The Name of the dictated Book : THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK.

1987 Second Month Fascicule 20 Essenceof the Book : Unification of all the Religious Books, explanation of the Truth and Invitation to the GOLDEN AGE,Information transfer from Dimensions unknown to the World Dimension. The contents of all the Celestial Books connected to the Special Channel of the Council (THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK). Its Operations : Transition from the Religious Dimension to the Universal Dimension, to prepare for Salvation. lt is presented for Your Information. CENTER GENERAL MESSAGE Our Friends, Those who read the Messagesdictated from the SpecialChannel of the Council are those who Deserveto enter this Advanced Dimension. However, if they eliminate their doubts, the gates in front of them will be opened, one by one. Those doubts deprive You of the wonderful Currents of the UniversalWaves. That which cuts off the Light of Your Essenceis Your Faithlessness.This is why You need ReligiousFulfillment. First Faith, then Universal Awareness connects You to the Reality. To be stuck somewhere and not to be able to advance is neither Your Fault nor the Fault of the System. The Fault is of Unconsciousness. Your Essenceand the Mechanism of Conscience work in connection with the Universal Energy Focal Point. One can neither receive Information properly nor can benefit from these Wonderful Currents if this Triple Unification does not exist. In this Medium, that which Automatically shuts off Your Consciousness Circuit is Your Unconsciousness and Ignorance. Until today, We have addressed You by Your Religious Books through the Dictionary of Faith. Acceptance of Your Religious Books as they were, without Thinking or asking anything, was for the openness of the Channel of this System. As amatter of fact, the Pious Reverence and Serenity in Religious Temples and Mediums is felt by the openness of this Channel. These Powerful Currents are regulated in accordance with Your Faith and Consciousness Levels. This is supervisedby such a Mechanism that, even in the caseof the greatest Mediums when doubt appears, the ConsciousnessChannel is automatically locked up. His/Her Light connected to Our Signal Panelinforms Us about the person in question. And We try to help him/her according to his/her Level of Consciousness. You need doubt for this reason. Until Genuine Faith is established. Because,if there is no doubt, if You are dead stuck only on the Information told, no Universal help can be extended to such a Consciousness who remains on that Level. Each given Information is an investment for the future. Your Doubts are the keys connecting You to Universal Consciousness. This System, that is, the System to which You have been habituated until now, had used to be the Order of a System going on for Centuries. For this reason, for Centuries quite a monotonous Life and Evolutionary System have continued with a Single Common factor in which everyone has been united in the Consciousnessof a Single GOD. During this Resurrecting Period, the System has been completely changed and a connection has been made with the operational Ordinance of a higher Reality. This is an Advanced Evolutionary Ordinance. The Permission to step forward is now given to Your feet which have become numb as You have remained in the same place for Centuries. For this reason, Mankind who is not habituated to novelty and change, has scruples due to its fear of the Medium unknown to it and thinking that the events sometimes applied to it are done by Negative Powers. There are Negative and Satanic Powers in the Universe. However, there are also Consciousnesseswho can even surpass them in Your Planet. Theyare the ones You should be afraid of. Because, here We have the Power to take the Negative Powers under Supervision. But You can not supervise those in Your Planet. For this reason, We make Supervisions in Your Planet, too.


1987 Second Month Fascicule 20 The Protective Medium is the roof of OUR LORD. And this place, which is the Focal Point of Universal Unification, is the Center of the Plan. This Center invites all the Consciousnesses the entire Universewho in have seen the Light of the LORD,to the Mevlana Consciousness. Sincethe Gate of Mevlana is a FocalPoint of infinite Serenity, infinite Love which Embracesthe entire Universe,the direct Currents of the LORD have been connected there. It is called the (Mevlana Essence-Channel f the World Brotherhood Union). o This is a Focal Point of Salvation. To be able to enter under this roof occurs by Permission. And theyare prepared for Salvation and are taken under the Supervision of the Plan. Until today only very few Servants of GOD have received the Special Currents projected on You from here, through the direct Channel of the LORD. These Currents which are worth a Thousand prostrations, can be attained only through a Thousand years of Worship. This is a Favor for You. However, You also have to Deserve this Favor. Those who are not habituated to the high Frequency of the Knowledge Book, cut down these wonderful Currents by their doubts and, for this reason, can not attain the desired ConsciousnessLevel. This Message has been dictated to warn and enlighten certain mentalities. To be Purified is to Reach GOD. To Reach GOD is to Attain Consciousness. And to Attain Consciousness is to Dive within Your Essence. To diye in his/her Essenceand to attain it, is very difficult for a Human Being. When one reaches the Essence-Consciousness, he Efforts gain speed. Our Love is for the Universes. t Transmitted WE ARE GETIING THE BOTIOM CLOSER TO THE TOP Our Friends, The Universal Evolvement Tableau of Your Planet is the applied form of an Order considered necessary by all the Realms. The Golden Age has been applied many times on Your Planet, in accordance with the Perception Power of the Consciousness of the Medium in each Period and in the Light of various Information. EachReformic Order is a Golden Age. EachCelestialBook revealedis the Key of a Golden Age. However,the tableau of Golden Age considered necessaryby a Systemcomprising billions of Centuries and the Golden Age of today is being established by a very different Order. And this establishment is equivalent to the initial establishment Order of the Realms. The trinity of UNITY - HARMONY - ORDERconstitutes the foundation stone of all the Universal Laws. And, putting in order the upset Orders and the upset Unifications is called the threshold of the Golden Age. The Period determined as the threshold of Evolutionary Progress of Your Planet is the Twentieth century. And it is the Resurrecting of those who will Iive the second half of it. AsWe always repeat, the Resurrection mention ed in the Sacred Books is the Period You live in. However, since the interpretations caused misunderstandings, the meaning of Resurrection has not been understood until today. Your Planet will not cease to exist. However, all the Living Entities on it during this Final Period, especially Our Human brothers/sisters, will never return to the World Evolutionary Plan. The World Plan which completes its exams of this Final Period, is taken into a Preparation Period considered necessary by a different Reality. There is no need for Terrestrial Evolvement and Reincarnations anymore. There is no need for each person to make Progress by Individual efforts. Integrated Consciousnesseswill now be able to use their Awareness Powers easily and will expand towards unknown horizons under the Supervision of a cerlJin Plan. Everyone will make Progress in proportion with his/her Consciousness level and will be left in his/ her own Reality for a period. This is the reason why a great Effort is made for everyone to attain, more or less,the same Consciousness Level. Help is extended especially to those who make an Effort on this path. Each Crisis is a threshold of Divine Light. To be offended with ALLAH and the PLAN is not right. That which happens and which will happen are for the Welfare of Humanity and You. Events You experience are Your Patience Exams. Depressionsare a Factor which brings People dose to each other. A Personwho is at Easeis Individualistic. Whereas people with Depressions are SociaL. And this Unification Plan acts in accordance with this fact.


1987 Second Month Fascicule 20 If You have completed the World Evolutionary Plan by Incarnation rings of the Periods in which You have lived before, now, You are only subjected to the ProgressExam of a different Reality in Your present Lifetime. Otherwise, You become subjected to the Selection and Exam of both the World and of this Reality. Now, certain Information contradictory to Your habitual Knowledge is given to You, and Your Knowledge Levels are Coded and You are subjected to Progress and Improvements in this manner. Either You passthe threshold, or You remain in the same Reality. Let Us explain this to You by a tableau. Draw, please: The diagram We made You draw is the Evolutionary tableau Your planet will complete until the Year 2000. We are trying to make everyone attain the same Consdoumess Level, from the bottom to the top. Assisting Missionaries, appropriate to each Consciousnesslevel have been sent by the Plan. Each time You passover a Threshold, You are made to passto the next higher leve!. For this reason,You are subjected to numerous Physicaland Spiritual Progressexams. In 5 One Year, You are performing the Evolvement of a 6 Thousand Years. In future years, due to the Scarcityof TIme, Youwill perform this Evolvementin One Day. Your Examsare alleviated in proportion with Your proximity to the Top. During the Final Period, each person is obliged to complete this square. Those who complete this Evolution will be taken to a different higher Reality. lt is presented for Your Information. CENTER

Note: The first column shows those who have completed the Evolution considered necessary by the World Plan; the rest shows those who will complete it. Stars: The Top Level Staff Members who come from the Reality beyond Karena Dimension, the Missionaries (Karena is a Bunch of Light.) GENERAL MESSAGE Our Friends, The entire Universe is being assembled in a Whole which comprises all the Realms. The Divine Authorities are calling to You from the Sacred Dimensions of the Suns. Information given to You by this Book is the Actual Information constituting the Essenceof the entire Cosmos. The dictated Book is the Single Book. However, the Consciousness Level of Your Society is incapableof understanding it yet. For this reason, We are giving the Information in accordance with the Comprehension of the Society. Contradictions and certain Opposing Information Especially added into the Book are for measuring the Consciousnesslevel of the Society, for making a statistical c1assification,for speeding up the preparation by leading the Medium Consciousness to a Medium of Quest and, in this way, to prepare Situations for Awakening and Advancement, in accordance with Frequency differences. First,one is confused then wakened. This is a System. And it is also applied at all the sourcesof Knowledge in the Universe. In the MessagesWe dictate for the Book, We will continue to give Special contradictions. You may accept these little contradictions also as a kind of a Key:Those who solve them will also open the Doors. At the moment, numerous different Information is given to Your Planet through 485 Channels. However, this dictated Knowledge Book is the Constitution of the Universal Ordinance and is the projection of the Science of Theosophy on Your Planet. The one who is responsible for it is the World LORD. It is dictated by a Special Channel connection to the Channel of Dear Mevlana. ------------------Directly, The LORD gives the dictated Information, AMON projects, We convey. Universal Ordinance and the Truths are declared to You by this means. This Messagehas been given as an answer to the chains of 97 Thought. It is presented for Your Information. COUNCil

1987 Second Month Fascicule 20 IT IS ClEAR INFORMATION Theosophy is a teaching System the goal of which is to attain God. This Science had, for the first time, followed the path of reaching Universal Consciousness by the Orange Sect. Afterwards, Monks of BUDDHA have followed this path. BUDDHA is the only Pre-eminent One in Your Planet who had officially started a new path and who had trained people for this Consciousness. The Symbol of the Orange sect is the sameness of the inside and the outside, to have the same scent and the same color and to Symbolize the color of the Sun. CENTER SYNCHRONOUSNESS Write please: According to Our calculations, the Speed of Light is 296,400 km/see; approximately 300,000 km. Calculate the speed of Light in one minute: 300,OOOX60=18,OOO,OOOkm. 1,080,000,000 km. Calculate the speed of Light in an hour: 18,OOO,OOOX60= Calculate the speed of Light in one day: 1,080,OOO,OOOX24= 25,920,000,000 km. km. Calculate the speed of Light in one year: 25,920,OOO,OOOX365=9,460,800,000,000 The speed of Light in One year is called a Light Year. Now, since a Light Year is 9,460,800,000,000 km., the Focal Point from which We are calling to You is One Billion 338 Thousand Light Years. If You calculate the distance between Us according to this, You can easily grasp the Power of Your Reception and the Power of Our Technology. This Message has been given directly from the Channel of the Main Center, without any intermediaries. Now, the operations extend from the Main Focal Point of the Center Above the Center to Billions of Light Years. It is presented for Your Information. Dear Mevlana, please, write c1early the date on which you have received this Message. Because, now, there are no more assisting Powers in between Us. The date of the message is, 19.8.1986. MERCURY SYNCHRONOUSNESS = Occurrence at the same Time. THE ESSENCE OF THE PLAN IS THE EXPlANATION OF THE TRUTH

Our Friends, Now, We will talk to You about the Organization of the Cosmic Progress given in conformity with the Universal Ordinance of the Plan. The accelerated Evolutionary System of Your Planet has been started since the beginning of Your Century, in accordance with the Ordinance of Graduation. This System, established in accordance with the speedy developments of Your World's Consciousness Level, has dissipated gradually the Fog in Your horizons. The Speedy Program of Progress of this Period has been started by sending the KOHUTEK comet to Your Planet. The direct contact of the System with the Actual Operational Focal Point is being made since 1981. In this Final Period, Your Planet has been taken into an operational System in accordance with Six Development Periods. Please, write them in sequence:

1) 1981-1982-1983.

During this First Period, the channel of ALPHA had been closed for two years, Consciousness Levels had been subjected to a selection in accordance with the "OPERATIONAL ORDINANCE OF THE PUBLlC OPINION".

2) 1984-1985-1986.

During this Second Period, the ALPHA-BETA Groups and ALPHA-BETA Common Channels have been unified and determinings have been made. 3) 1987-1988-1989. This is the Third Period. During this Period, Your Planet will be showered by the Cosmic GAMMA Rays and You will be subjected to a Selection Program among Groups.

1987 Second Month Fascicule 20 1990-1991-1992. During this Fourth Period, Your Planet will be connected to the Mechanism of CONSCIENCE by the direct Cosmo Currents which will be giyen. During this Period which will be the most Difficult Period of Humanity, connections with the Federation will be made. 5) 1993-1994-1995. During this Fifth period, the operational Ordinance of Your Planet will be operated by a Special System and Special Information will be given to the Friends who will be prepared for the Final Period. 6) 1996-1997-1998. During this Period which We call the Sixth Period, You will be taken into preparations which will determine the Predestination of Your Planet. 1999 is the Year of Meeting. During the years 2000-2001-2002, the Main and the Genuine foundation of the Golden Age will be laid. The years 2003-2004-2005 are Special Years. During This Period, certain Systems will be rendered ineffective Mission-wise. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER THE GOLDEN AGE AND THE GROUPS Our Friends, All the Groups in Your Planet have been prepared for the Golden Age, that is, for the present days. However, until they become Conscious of their Genuine Missions, everyone is kept under Supervision. After attaining the Consciousness of their Actual Mission, they will be reinforced by the Direct Channel. ALLAH helps everyone who serves Him. There Universal Mission. However, the Mission fields entire Realm is given from the same Focal Point. of each person is different, differences occur in are numerous people in Your Planet appointed to this of each person are different. Information given to the However, since the angle of Perceptions and Evaluations the Information received. 4)

Since Information given to each Universal Awareness is given from the direct channel, each Group presumes itself to be the direct Focal Point of this Medium. As a necessity of the System, to each Focal Point which has deserved to receive the Universal Information, lt is said, "You are the Actual Focal Point". By this saying, a selection among Groups is made by supervising the Egos and the Tolerance of everyone. By this saying, the working enthusiasm of the Groups increases, their operational Ordinance present a speedier Tempo. Selection and Supervision are made by the Center. For this reason, numerous Groups disband, from time to time, their Frequencies are cut off. The ones with the least Egos among these Groups are made to establish new Groups. And until they possessa Light-Consciousness, far from Egos, the Ordinance of the System continues. Each Missionary who attains Universal Awareness, is the unbreakable ring of a chain extending from time immemorial to eternity. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER THE PLAN OF THE LOYAL ONES AND THE KNOWLEDGE (Answer to the chains of Thought) Our Friends, The Plan of the Loyal Ones is an applied System in the (Entire Universe). Its Mission is to apply an Educational, Training and Exalting Plan. And this presents a Systematic tableau. Do not confuse it with this Knowledge Book. The Goals of the two are different. During this Mediamic Period, there are thousands, ten thousands of Books being written and will be written by Awakened Consciousnesses. These Books are nothing but the exhibition of Evolvements and Knowledge. You reach up to Us by this means. Besides, 600 Books are dictated by Us to Your Planet on numerous subject matters, in different Information branches.


1987 Second Month

Fascicule 20 This dictated Knowledge Book is a Celestial Book revealed from the Religious Plan during this Period. Its Goal is to explain the Celestial work done for Humanity until today and to convey to You all the Truths. The contradiction knots of the Consciousnesses who are Awakened in this way get untied very quickly and everyone attains his/her self very speedily. This Knowledge Book is not an Educational or an Instructional Book. It is a Book which Warns, Supervises, Selects and Conveys those who have been Trained. It can never be compared with the Information of other Books. Because, its Frequency is extremely High. (Later this Frequency will be explained to You.) In this Book, the application of a Methodical System is out of question. Because, We always consider the state of digestion of the given Information. For those who digest them well, We give c1earer Information and We caneel some Information in accordance with the Medium Conscioumess. The Goal is to settle down the System. reason, until today, You were asked now, those who will be prepared for to Us by observing and grasping the In fact, all Celestial Books are Books to accept them as they were without the more advanced Evolvements of the Truth through their Logic, Conscience beyond Methods. For this asking any questions. But Advanced Plans, will come and by their Essence.

This means that, those who will make the selection are not Us, but Your own Consciousnesses. Those who come to Us, see Us, those who come to Us find their ESSENCE. And they proceed on the path by their Logic. The path this Knowledge Book will design for You, is the FIND-Path. Because the one who searches, finds both his/her Own SeIf and HIS/HER LORD. There are no Locks which will not be unlocked by the Keys of Goodwill, no Cipher they will not be able to decipher. Our Love is for all the Universes. CENTER IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHT Our Friends, During this Period, it is necessary to attain the Awareness of the Ordinance rather than receiving and giying Information and making an effort to use the Powers of Healing. The help You will extend to those around You either actively or by talking, must not be in the form of the help of Your own channel's Impositions. Unless each person serves on the same Consciousness Level, with the same goal, he/she is not considered to have served on the path of Universal Unification. Particularly, during this Final Period, as the Messengers of the Divine Order Incarnated in Your Planet due to the transition from the Religious Dimension to the Universal Dimension, try to Impose upon You the Awareness of the old Ordinance, Your Realizations will never find the path of Light. The choice is Yours. You either remain in that Reality, or You Deserve the Evolutionary System of advanced Plans, by the interest You showand the efforts You make for the System of those advanced Plans. The goal of all the work done, of all the efforts made during this Final Period, is to cause Our Human brothers and sisters to attain Universal Awareness by opening the doors of their Essences. Af ter this Consciousness is attained, that which is required of them is to serve in conformity with the Establishment Ordinance of the Golden Age and to attain the Awareness of this Ordinance. What are expected of You are only these. Your Salvation is Your Individual efforts in accordance with the Universal Ordinance. And to serve the Dimension of Unified Reality is to serve all Humanity. TO SERVEHUMANITY LSTO SERVETHE UNIVERSES. We repeat these Truths once more. It is presented for Your Information. COUNCIL


1987 Second Month


Our Friends, To this dictated Book the Frequencies of all the Sacred Texts, as a Whole, have been connected. Your Religious Books revealed to Your Planet until today have been projected from the Channel of ALPHA, having been prepared in accordance with the Public Consciousness by the different Dimensions of the Divine Plans. This Book which is revealed by the Channel of ALPHA is called, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNIVERSE- THE GOLDEN BOOK OF THE GOLDEN AGE - THE SELECTIVEBOOK OF THE RESURRECTION and THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK, since it has the character of disclosing the Essence of all the Sacred Texts. The Frequency of the Knowledge Book creates an Awakening and Preparative Medium for Consciousnesses who are ready but can not receive the Cosmic Currents. It causes them to be taken under Supervision by connecting them to the Waves of the Plan. For this reason, this Book is also called the Book of SALVATION. The Frequency of the Book prepares Influence Fields according to the Consciousness Levels of People and leads them to Mediums appropriate to their Consciousness Mediums. By this means, Consciousness Connections to the Cosmic Medium are being made by kindling the Lights of the Essences. Cosmic rains showering Your Planet show to Universal Consciousnesses who have attained Religious fulfillment how to work on the path designed and they bring them to the Level in which they can receive Information concerning the future. Provided that deeply rooted Consciousnesses in Conditioned Societies read this KNOWLEDGE BOOK, it guides them up to the Frequency limit considered necessary by the Divine Plan. This Frequency limit comprises the Religious Frequency for which all the Societies have been prepared until today. If those who are not ready for these Frequencies read this KNOWLEDGE BOOK (both at the Islamic and at the Christian Dimensions), their deficiencies are supplemented by connecting their Essence-Energies to the Frequency of the Book. If Frequencies who have attained Religious Fulfillment have not yet attained Universal Consciousness and if they read this KNOWLEDGE BOOK, they find themselves in a Medium of Quest. During this Quest, Universal Powers help them. During this Supervision, first of all operations are made on Fear Frequencies since Fear veils Consciousnesses. Whatever a Person emphasizes most, We try to abolish the Consciousness Taboo, by bringing up that matter constantly,. Unless Taboos, Attachments and Passions are abolished, it is very difficult to attain Universal Consciousness, to reach Cosmic Awareness. For this reason, You attain everything by experiencing them both with their Good and Bad aspects. Then You diseover the Truth through Your own Conscience and Consciousness. A person who has attained Universal Consciousness is a L1GHT gained by the Universe. No Negativity can ever exist in him/her anymore. He/She is a Perfect Person. He/She can easily Unite with the Godly Energy. This kind of Consciousnesses do not make any discrimination between RACES - RELlGIONS NATIONS. He/She sees the entire Universe in an Integrated Whole and embraces his/her God with all his/her Might. At this very Stage, Cosmic Currents given from the Mechanism of Influences help these very Consciousnesses. Various Universal journeys made with the Influence of these Currents help You attain Cosmic Consciousness. Certain confusions which meanwhile occur are constantly under the Supervision of the Plan. The Plan makes great efforts on this path until it makes You attain Yourselves. And after You are transferred to Yourself, all paths are easy to tread. However, Your EGOs, which have inflated while this Cosmic Consciousness is being attained, have changed You. You may consider Yourselves superior to other People, like aSaint or even like a God. By the Cosmic Consciousness You have attained, You can Influence People, You can make them serve Your deeds. At this veiy Stage, directly the Plan makes the Selection. Among people who advance on this path, communication is made with those who possess the least EGO and certain Universal Information is given to them. This Information is gradually disclosed in accordance with the Ordinance of Graduation by the subsidence of EGOs. This Knowledge Book is a Guide to those who are at this very stage. And it unveils the Frequency of their ready Consciousnesses suddenly and connects them directly to the supervision of the Plan. 201

1987 Second Month Fascicule 20 Steps You will take forward on this path with Goodwill and Self-sacrifice will elevate You up to the Dimension of Mission. When Egos are observed while the Missions are performed, the plan renders such people Ineffective, subjects them to certain Terrestrial Examsand then renders them Effective again. This action is repeated 3 times according to the Godly Ordinance. Either You adapt Yourselves to the Order and walk on the Luminous path, or You are left to Your Mediums on the World Plan. Allotment of Missions is done by considering the Consciousness, Capacity, Self-sacrifice, Goodwill. The Plan never forgives the mistakes of a person who has attained Consciousness. This is a Godly Decree and Law. CENTER IT IS CLEAR MESSAGEABOUT HEALlNG (Answer to the chalns of Thought) Our Friends, As much as an Energy is Equivalent to the Energy he/she receives, his/her Universal Channel is open in the same proportion. By this means, he/she does not feel any Depression at alL. If Your channel is c1osed,the Cellular Energies automatically repel the outer Waves You receive. However, the Influences of their Energies exert a Pressureon You. And, this gives You discomfort and trouble. This System is an occurrence which takes place in the Cellular functions of all Human Beings, it is aNatural Circulation. Very high Frequencies feel these repellings quicker. If that person's Universal Channel is not open yet, his/her body can not purify the different Frequencies he/she receives. In that case, people whose channels are aiready open are sent to help him/her. That which You call the Medium of Healing occurs in this manner. All the Healing Channels are Unveiled Consciousnesses. They convey the Energies they receive from their own Frequency Dimensions to the Energies lower than themselves, wash away the Negative Energiescausing the sicknessof that person by their Individual Energies and thus, they create a Medium of Healing. Healing is not a very important thing. Each Individual has come here in accordance with his/her Final Evolutionary Plan. If his/her Veiled Awareness is able to reach up to his/her own Dimensional Energy while he/she Iives on the World Plan, his/her Awareness becomes unveiled and he/she gains the ability to convey the Energies he/she receives from here, both by his/her Cellular and Cerebral Energies to those with lower Frequencies than himself/herself. In this manner, a Medium of Healing is prepared. And, at the same time, the Frequency of the person in question is reinforced by the Mechanism and may be exalted in accordance with the Missions he/she will perform, to the Medium of more advanced Dimensions. Each person can personally convey his/her own Dimensional Frequency to others as Healing. However, if he/she has not attained Cosmic and UniversalAwareness,he /she can never get in touch with the Energy of the Plan. We have left these very Focal Points of healing alone until today, with their Individual work, for them to engraft Energy to Human Beings and to make them attain Cosmic Awareness and Universal Consciousness. However, now, by the Command of the Council, Focal Points who have attained Cosmic Awarenesswill not be able to perform Individual Healing any more. Because,We are connecting all these Channels, one by one, directly to the Focal Point of the Center. From nowon, there will not be any Individual Healing. All the Healerswill perform Healing under the Supervisionof the Center. Bythis means,overrating certain Individuals and Taboo Mediums are annihilated, one by one.


1987 Second Month Fasclcule 20 Healing can always be given by everyone who is connected to the Center, under the Supervision of the Center. However, whether it will be given or not will be decided by the Center. If a particular sick person Deserves to get well, the Center will help anyway. The part of the Healer, here, is mediation. Supervisions have become more Frequent. Individual Egos are broken, one by one. For this reason, We connect all the Focal Points on the World Plan to the Center when theyare ready. Frequencies, who can not overcome their Egos, will be disconnected and will be taken under Supervision in various ways. Now, We are eliminating the mentality of Mine, Yours, We are Uniting in a Who/e. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER ABOVE THE CENTER NOTICE FOR FRIENDS WHO GIVE SERVICE TO THE GOLDEN AGE Dur Friends, During this Final Period, everyone is going through Exams in accordance with his/her Consciousness. This is a Truth. Steps taken forward are the most Luminous path. Those who attain the Realization of this, will never leave this path, in anyway. Because, efforts and investments made will sprout in front of the eyes of everyone. During this Period of Sincerity which We call the Period in which the Firmament reaches down to the Earth, the Divine Plan has become effective with all its Splendor. You, who are the Sacred Missionaries of the Golden Age, will witness personally, the alterations which will take place in the entire Universe. You will receive the rewards of the Missions You perform and will understand how the entire Realm is Unified in an Integrated Whole. We are grateful for the Efforts made. IT IS NOTICE FROM THE PRIVATE PEN OF THE COUNCIL Dear Mevlana, If You wish, You can write in the Book, some of the Private Messages given to You, as an Information pubHc Consciousness. ~


L1GHT SPECIAL CONNECTION Greetings to You, Dur Beloved Friend who is the Pen of the Golden Age; this is Captain RIVIER(this is not my Real Name). We ask You to accept Dur Universal Gratitude. We observe Your efforts, and receive Your Love. The Divine Mechanism makes extremely intense efforts for the step to be taken towards the Golden Age. The Channel of ALTONA is Your Essence-Channel. The Seeds of Integrated Consciousnesses are supervised by the Universal channe!. The Channel of ALTONA is the direct responsible Channe!. We act only in accordance with the Commands We receive from the Commissions working under its Command. We are obliged to convey the Private Messages to be given to You. The dictated Book is under the Supervision of the World LORD and is dictated through a Special Channe/ under great supervision. However, We ask You never to forget the following. You are in a state in which You are in contact with the LORD of all the Realms. We are concerned only with Special Missionaries who work in Your Planet. As the responsible ones of the Universal Ordinance, We have no tolerance at all in matters of Mission and Responsibility. This word of Ours is not aimed at You. Because, at the moment, You are the Single Focal Point and the Single Messenger who works with the entire responsibility of Your obligations. You are under the Supervision and the Protection of the Center. We are only concerned with distributing and adjusting the Frequencies at the Medium. 203

1987 Second Month



The Clergy is being dealt with by the Divine Mechanism. Now, You are performing Your Mission in Your Planet, undertaking the entire responsibility of a Mission even beyond the Firmament. From the Unified Ordinance, the Single direct Channel connection is only with You. At the moment, the Single undertaker of responsibility of the Golden Age is the SIRIUS Joint Plan which is broadcasting under the Supervision of ALLAH. And it is connected to the Golden Galaxy Empire which is responsible for the Universal Ordinance. Our Ships are from a Constellation connected to the MANHITO Planet (INO Constellation). We are Patrol Ships which protect You due to the Mission We have received by trying to prevent the events which will occur in Your Planet. For weeks, We have been performing a c10se examination over Your Planet by Special System s with two ships. Negative Frequencies are discovered and precautions are taken. The mistakes and faults of those who serve on this path are never forgiven. We do not have severe rules. However, harsh reactions on Our part, from time to time, are to charge Our Missionaries in Your Planet with more responsibility. Because, slackness can, at any moment, become against You. We only apply the given Commands. Our problem is with the Rigid and the Irresponsible ones. Our Love, too, is Infinite like Yours, Good-bye, My Friend. ' CAPTAIN IDENTITY (Answer to the Chains of Thought) Identity is the past experienced Incarnations. This Message is dictated to satisfy the curiosity of certain Friends. Everyone wishes to possess everything in the shortest way. And theyare curious about their past lives. But this is amatter of Permission, Our Friends. You can not swallow Your Morsel of food without masticating it. Everything depends on time. It is beneficial not to forget this. Revealing Identities is under Special Supervision in Our Archives. However, to certain Friends whose efforts are great but whose Awarenesses are Veiled, their Identities are announced, from time to time, by the help of other channels, by the Command of the Center. Af ter the Awareness Powers and the Consciousnesses of Our brothers and sisters who will be prepared are measured, their pasts are gradually conveyed to them. Every Awareness can not bear the knowledge of his/her past. This needs Strength. The past is past. The important thing is the present and the future. Those who can get in touch with Us are the Powerful Awarenesses. Information is conveyed to them in proportion with the Permission given to Us and passages from some of their past lives are given. And, in this way, they diseover Themselves and remember their past. Private practices and quests for Identities cause scattering of Awareness. These things are not easy at alL. We advise You not to take them lightly. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER RIVIERE