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AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE 3 Instructor: Julie Erickson jerickson@lcsd2.

org Prerequisites: American Sign Language 2 (COMM 1240) Date/Time: Monday Friday (every other day, 85 min.) Course Description and Objectives: ASL 3 is a course designed to build your receptive and expressive language ability. You will learn to translate and produce narrative language. Instruction includes an advanced level vocabulary, and structure of the language. Students will learn more vocabulary as well as: 1. Locating Things Around the House 2. Complaining, Making suggestions and Requests 3. Exchanging personal information about life events 4. Describing and Identifying Things (Detailed use of Classifiers) 5. Talking about Weekends 6. Continued work on fingerspelling at a faster speed, both expressively and receptively. 7. Watch DVDs that are signed at natural deaf speed and answer questions to check for understanding 8. Video yourself for several projects, then critique yourself looking for facial expressions, body language, classifiers, and accurate signs, and deaf culture. Also getting critiques from others in your class. No-Voice Policy: This will be Strictly enforced!! No voicing once you enter my room J Immersion philosophy will be used as the means of instruction. Only ASL signing is allowed. This will help improve your ASL experience and skills the most effective way. Transferability: Contact the school in question. Please keep your course outline for reference as various schools have different requirements for transfer. Some schools will accept this course as meeting the requirement for foreign language. Other schools will require a proficiency test to determine whether this course will meet the foreign language requirement. Textbook: Signing Naturally, Student Workbook, Level 2 with DVD edition Internet use is required for practice Methods of Instruction: Immersion, demonstration and practice with quizzes on each unit, brief lectures, whole group, small group and partner practice in each area, DVD use and fill out worksheets on each video, beginning practice in translating in real time (with and without seeing the script beforehand), make videos of self signing and critique yourself. Methods of Evaluation: Tests, quizzes, projects, homework from DVDs and workbooks Instructional Projects: I will give details about each project as we do them . My grading scale is as follows: 89.5-100 A 79.5-89.4 B 69.5-79.4 C

59.5-69.4 59.4 or below


Appropriate Student Behavior: Everyone in class has a right to learn and express their views in a comfortable environment, so please be considerate of others rights to learn, take notes or exams, express their ideas and participate in the class. Students with Special Needs: Students who qualify for specific accommodations under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) should notify the instructor the first day of class. It is the students responsibility to inform the instructor of his/her needs and to provide the necessary documentation to the director of the Student Development Center before any classroom accommodations can be met.

Note: This course outline is subject to change by the instructor. The instructor will inform you of any changes to this syllabus.