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## Minecraft public server alpha release ## To change any settings, edit server.properties.

To run a private server, set isPublic to false in the properties. To connec to y our server, people should open the following url in their browsers: http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?server=<YOUR IP>&port=<SERVER PORT> To start the server, run "start server.bat" on windows. On any other system, the command you want is: java -cp minecraft-server.jar com.mojang.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer Add any user names you want to have op to admin.txt Ingame, ops can use the following commands: /op <name> Ops the player with name <name>. They have to be logged in. /deop <name> De-ops a player. /kick <name> Kicks a player /ban <name> Bans and kicks a player /unban <name> Pardons a banned player /banip <name> Bans a player by ip number. Cannot be undone ingame, you must manually change banned-ip.txt /say <message> Broadcasts <message> across the entire server. /setspawn Sets the current location as the default spawn location for n ew players /tp <name> Teleports to a player. /solid Switches between placing normal and placing unbreakable stone

## Changelog: Version 1.10.1: + Fixed grow-trees again Version 1.10: + Added a HUGE warning for running without verify-names turned off + Fixed grow-trees + Fixed a bug where people with long usernames could connect + Added admin-slot to server.properties. Setting this to true prevents people fr om logging in if the server is almost full and they're not admins. Version 1.9.1: + Made tree growing a server option (grow-trees) + Opping or de-opping a user now updates their client without forcing them to lo g out/in Version 1.9: + Added support for new tile types. + Fixed exploit where someone logging in with an illegal name would cause player s to disconnect. Version 1.8.2: + Ooops, everyone could build unbreakable blocks! Fixed!

Version 1.8.1: + Fixed a protocol error. Version 1.8: + Added a whole bunch of new tile types + Players can no longer destroy unbreakable stone. Admins can, though! + Added /solid command to toggle stone tile type between normal and unbreakable Version 1.7: + Added /tp as an alias for teleport Version 1.6: + Fixed sponge working weirdly Version 1.5: + Fixed a client crash bug on chat + You can now send most admin commands via stdin + Added chat throttling. Players who spam the chat will get muted for eight seco nds + Added movement throttling. The server will not process more than a single move command per tick. (stand still to catch up if you're lagging) + Added max-connections to server.properties. This is the maximum number of conn ections per ip to the server. Default is three. Version 1.4.1: + Fixed bad names connecting and crashing all players Version 1.4: + Added a /teleport command. It doesn't work yet, though, since it requires a cl ient update. + Tried to fix two remove client crashes Version 1.3: + Name security + Server-side client verification + Add logged-in.txt on the server + added /setspawn command for admins + Fix heartbeat pausing the game + Don t let people spam ping requests + Fix ban ip (it was working, but not intuitive) + Various server fill exploit preventions. No more lava floods! + Private server adresses changed behavior, sorry. The server generates an exter nalurl.txt when run now. + Added verify-names to properties. Set this to false to allow people to connect directly via http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?ip=<ip>&port=<port> Version 1.2: + Fixed a connection problem + Maybe fixed /banip

Version 1.1: + Made the private flag work + Added a /say command. Used to be /broadcast Version 1.0: Initial release