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A Collection of Sweet and Sensual Fiction: Volume 2

Compiled by: Sandman

The fiction gathered here is labeled according to the following scale:

Fluffy: (nothing serious, mostly cute) Fuzzy: (a real d'aww scene for the heart) Snuggly: (hugs, peck on the cheek, etc.) Tender: (kisses, lying down together) Romantic: (kisses w/ tongue, massages) Cheeky: (moaning, overly massaging wings, hoofs, etc.) Saucy: (very, VERY suggestive) Whoa! (This goes as far as describing actual sex.)


Constellations By: Anonymous


You let out a deep sigh of relief as you enter your modest home. It has been an uneventful day working at the restaurant. Horte Cuisine may be a little difficult to deal with sometimes, but otherwise you like the work. Much of your free time however is spent gazing at the night sky and mapping out what you see. Its almost an obsession, and sometimes you even swear that you see hidden drawings in the sky. You take off your bow-tie and suit and flop on to the sofa. You let out another sigh as you relax. Staring out your window you notice the daylight is getting dimmer as the sun sets over the horizon. After a few moments of collecting your thoughts and relaxing, you get up again and grab your maps and telescope and strap it to your back. The night is almost upon you. You travel out to your favorite spot by a tree in an open field, just outside town. It has become too bright to see the stars from within Ponyville, not that many ponies seem to mind. Its as if they don't even notice the night sky. You set up your telescope and begin your near-nightly ritual. Every night you notice new stars and you draw out what you see in the dim light of a flashlight. As your lower your telescope after an evening of gazing at the night sky, you spy another pony further on down the field. "That's odd..." you think to yourself as you pack up your things. Curious, you decide to trek their way instead of returning home. Upon reaching the pony, you hear soft crying. You realize quickly that they are distressed. You slowly approach the pony.

"Are you alright?" Surprised, the pony turns her head and peers over her shoulder at you. "I'm fine..." she mutters between sobbing. You notice that it isn't just anypony, its Princess Luna! You begin to lower your head in a gesture to kneel. "Don't," she mutters and turns her head away from you. You approach her and sit beside her. You are slightly nervous; this is the pony that created the night sky you hold so dearly. "What is the matter? Why are you out here all by yourself crying?" She collects herself then points up towards the sky with her hoof. "My subjects, they forsake my gift to them. Nobody seems to notice. I put everything into this and nobody seems to care..."You lower your head in disappointment. You are unsure what to say to help calm down the princess. She turns towards you, sniffling a bit. "...What is that?" she gestures to the rolled up piece of paper hanging out of your pack. You pull it out and lay it on the ground before her. "Its a map." you say with a slight smile "A map of the sky." The princess unrolls the paper and uses her horn as a light. Her face beams with a smile, her tears drying up on her cheeks. "It's my creation! Somebody does care!" She studies your work more, her smile becoming wider with every moment. "You even see my constellations!" You are slightly confused. "Constellations?" you ask quizzically. She explains, still smiling "The patterns I have drawn in the sky. You've drawn many of them in your maps. The Pegasus, the Ursa Major, the Manticore, many of them are here!" You knew you weren't just imagining it. You smile. "So that's what those are..." She looks up at you. "I'm sorry, where are my manners? What is your name?" You tell her your name then she reaches out to you and gives you a hug, pressing you against her chest. You are taken aback for a moment but you manage to give her a hug back. "Thank you!" she exclaims while a tear of joy rolls down her cheek. You spend the rest of the night showing her your maps and your telescope. Eventually you tire out and must make your leave. You have to be at work in the morning after all. You pack your things and wave goodbye as you make your exit. "Wait..." Luna stammers "Will you be here...tomorrow night?"

You turn to her and smile with a nod. "Sure." She smiles back at you before flying away towards Canterlot. You arrive home to shower and prepare for bed. You feel giddy on the inside. You met Princess Luna, and she loved your maps and drawings! You are barely able to sleep. At the restaurant all you can think about is your encounter with Luna. As soon as your shift is over you bolt straight home to prepare for your evening with her. Dusk sets in and you make your way out of town. It is nightfall by the time you reach the spot. Standing in the field and waiting for you is Luna. You spend another night gazing with her as she explains more to you about her creation. This happens on a regular basis for a couple of months. She does get caught up in her duties in Canterlot, but there isn't a week that goes by that you don't see her. Your meetings become even more personal and intimate. She holds you close with her wing and presses you against her side. You notice that both you and her blush when you make eye contact. You learn that despite your backgrounds, you both have a lot in common. She even accepts a few invitations to your home where you both have tea and converse about the latest news and gossip in Equestria. You begin to have more intimate feelings for the Princess. "Could it be love?" You think to yourself as you spend more time with her. "No...that's silly. She wouldn't have anything to do with such a lowly Earth Pony." You can't help yourself though. Eventually you have fallen madly in love with her. You just have to tell her! You approach the usual spot but notice she isn't there that night. You set up your telescope and begin to observe the black sky alone. It gets late and you pack up and head for home. "She must have gotten caught up in her duties again." You head home, disappointed that you did not see Luna. This repeats for several weeks and you become a bit distraught. A month passes by. The longer she does not appear, the more depressed you get. You begin to wonder if she will ever return. Your heart sinks every time the thought crosses your mind. You start to notice a group of stars you did not see before while stargazing alone. You begin to map them out but it is unclear if they make up a constellation or not. Every few nights, a few new stars appear in this section of the sky. You have never seen anything like this before. Eventually the stars appear to draw a pony. You're not completely sure just yet but you make note of it on your map. By this point you don't even expect to see Luna again but the next night you approach the spot and she is there! You run as fast as your legs can carry you to greet her. "Luna!" you exclaim. She turns to you and gives you a warm smile.

"There you are. I apologize for my absence. I had a few matters to attend to in Equestria" She blushes "...and I had to do some other things." You wrap your arms around her neck and give her a hug. You spend the rest of the evening catching up. Eventually you reach the topic of the new stars you found. "So you found it, huh?" She blushes and looks down at her hooves. At first you don't realize it, but as you stare at Luna you make the connection in your head. The new constellation...was of you! You look up and admire your constellation. It is the best gift you have ever received. You face Luna and walk up to her. You look into her eyes as you hold back your own tears. "Luna, its beautiful. Thank you so much." She gives you a wide smile "I knew you'd like it..." You can't hold it in anymore. "Luna, I have to tell you something. These last few months have been amazing. Gazing at the stars and being with you make me so happy. Luna I...." Before you can say it, she leans in and gives you a kiss. You embrace her and kiss her back.


Lyras Tears By: Stratus

It's a nice day in Ponyville and you are out for a walk. Feeling hungry, you decide to have some cake at Sugarcube Corner. You sit at one of the tables outside the shop, eating your cake and just watching the activity going on in the town. Vendors are selling their merchandise, little ponies are running around laughing, and you catch Derpy delivering a package to a nearby house. A sudden burst of laughter near you surprises you, and makes you look in that direction. Your heart stops. There are two mares sitting at the table. One is a creamy white earth pony with a twotoned blue and pink curly mane. This is Bonbon, but you are interested in the other one. She is a unicorn with mint colored fur and a silverish-blue mane, with beautiful golden eyes. She had a voice that was somewhat quiet, but not as quiet as Fluttershy's. This is Lyra, the object of your affections. They are probably on their break from work. You and Lyra know each other and consider each other friends, but don't spend a lot of time together. You would meet her sometimes at the candy shop where she and Bonbon work, and she would always greet you happily and talk to you for a bit. You would also see her around town on her days off where you caught many of her oddly adorable quirks and habits. She would sit on benches in a weird way, leaning against the back of the bench with her belly sticking out. You also caught her holding a soda with a hoof instead of using magic. In fact, she would do anything with her front hooves instead of her teeth or magic.

You heard from other ponies that Lyra was very emotional and sensitive, even more so than Fluttershy, and also going so far as to call her a crybaby. This didn't bother you. Even if she was very sensitive, you wanted nothing more than to be there to comfort her during her emotional episodes, hugging her and kissing her until she feels better... You snap out of your daydream when you realize the truth. Lyra was always with Bonbon, all those times you saw her around town. There were rumors going around that Lyra and Bonbon are "together". You didn't believe them at first, but the fact that Lyra and Bonbon were never seen without each other seemed to point at this being true. You finish your cake and go home for the day, feeling disappointed. The next day, you decide to take a quiet walk through the park. As you near the fountain, you see Lyra and your heart stops again. You forgot it was her day off today and she would be hanging out around here. She is sitting on the bench in her usual Lyra way, but strangely, she is by herself. As you get closer, you can hear her sobbing. This is your chance. Even if she had Bonbon, it didn't mean you couldn't comfort her. You walk up and sit on the bench next to her. "Lyra?" Lyra looks up. "Oh, it's you," she struggles to calm herself down. "Hi." "Are you alright?" you ask gently. "No," says Lyra. She was starting to break down. She spoke her next words through tears. "You see, Bonbon's out of town visiting her family for the week, so I'm running the register of the candy shop by myself. This mean customer came in yesterday, complaining how some candy canes she bought were broken when she got home. I gave her some new ones and she left. But today, on my way over here, I met her and she STILL complained. And she said it was because the candy canes 'were not made of the right peppermint', then she yelled and...and..." "And what?"

Lyra was struggling to speak. "Called me a stupid, crybaby filly!" She is sobbing loudly now. You sit up and put your arms around her shoulders, hugging her. You try to shush her. "It's all right. It was wrong the way she treated you. I'm here for you." You can feel her breathing normalize, and tears stop running down her face. "I'm just so stressed right now," she says. You get an idea. "Lyra, please come to my house. I'll try to do as much as I can to help you feel better." Lyra wipes her eyes. "Th-thank you. That's sweet of you." By the time you both get to your house, Lyra has calmed down. Lyra sits herself down on your sofa in her usual way. You go into the kitchen and make hot chocolate, making sure to fill Lyra's cup with extra marshmallows. You give the cup to Lyra and she takes it in her hooves, smiling at you. You smile back and sit yourself down. "If you don't mind me asking," you say to Lyra, "why do you sit like that?" "I dunno," Lyra answers, "it just feels more comfortable to me." "Really? Let me try." You sit up in the "Lyra way", and surprisingly it does feel quite comfortable. Lyra giggles at you and you blush. You look at the way Lyra is sitting. You can't help but feel a little aroused at the position her belly and hind legs are in, with her beautiful tail sticking out from under her. You want to caress her belly so very badly... "So why are you doing this for me?" Lyra's voice interrupts your thoughts. You gulp, but try to muster up all the courage you can. Here goes... "Because I love you, Lyra. I've always loved you. Ever since we met." Lyra looks at you with surprise and you see tears welling uf eyes. Your heart sinks and you wonder if you said something i but Lyra is smiling.

"Oh why haven't you told me before?" "Because..." you say awkwardly, "...because you're with..." "Bonbon?" Lyra has a little laugh in her voice. "Oh, those are rumors. All that stuff about me and her isn't true. We may be friends and roommates, but we're not together'." You breathe a sigh of relief. Lyra is crying again, but they are of happiness. "Do...you really mean it?" she asks. You nod. "Every word." "I've...actually always liked you too. I was always happy to see when you visited the shop. But I never told you because..." "Because what?" "I didn't think you liked me that way," she is starting to sound sad again. "Nopony likes me. They think I'm a crybaby, and make fun my habits, and they spread those rumors about me and Bonbon Shes crying tears of sadness now. You know exactly what to do. You hug her tightly as she cries into your chest. You stroke her ma and try to shush her gently. You then pull her away and stare into those tear-filled golden eyes. "Lyra, please don't cry anymore," your face gets closer to hers. "I'm here for you. As long as I'm around, you never have to cry again." Your eyes close and your lips meet hers. Her face was wet, but you don't care. You suddenly feel Lyra's tongue slip into your mouth and dance around your own. You are both surprised and happy that she is returning the kiss with so much passion. You break off the kiss and look at Lyra. Shes blushing and smiling. Shes still sniffling from her crying, and the last tear of sadness rolls down her cheek. As you wipe the tear away with your hoof, Lyra places her own hoof on i and closes her eyes.

"I...I've wanted this for so long..." she sighs, "I've been so lonely all my life...then you come along and...oh, c'mere!" She throws herself on top of you, embracing you and kissing your lips. She inserts her tongue again, but does it with even more passion than before. Her breathing starts to get heavy and you can feel her body temperature rising with lust. Your dream has finally come true. Not only does Lyra love you, but she NEEDS you. Badly. Poor little Lyra was all alone her whole life, and finally gets what she needs. You can't help but feel happy for her. She starts to kiss your neck, and you feel her hooves move down from your back to your haunches. She caresses you there with tenderness. You take it all, your breathing also becoming heavy. You catch a whiff of her scent. She smells minty, but mingled with the scent of lust. You are in heaven, but you aren't gonna let her do all the work! You roll Lyra onto her back. Now you are the one on top of her. "Whoa, easy there!" she says, giggling. You start kissing Lyra's neck. She starts to moan. You move on to kissing her chest while at the same time caressing her belly. It had a slight pudge to it, and it was soft and adorable. You can't help but shower it with kisses. She was moaning louder now. You feel her stroking your own mane as you move on to stroking her flank, which feels so perfectly round and soft. You go back to kissing her lips, giving her all your tongue. Lyra rubs her chest against yours and wraps her hind legs around you. Little sparks start to fly from Lyra's horn that intensifies as she moans with pleasure. She breaks off the kiss and stares expectantly at you. You stare back. "I...I want you now," she says somewhat shyly. "Can we go someplace more...comfy?" You nod and lead her to your bedroom, where a big soft bed was waiting. She lays herself on the middle of your bed, lying flat on her stomach with her back towards you, her tail swaying seductively. She looks over her shoulder at you with that expectant look. You don't hesitate and lie on her back. You kiss her head and stroke her beautiful mane.

"You never have to cry again, my lovely Lyra, you whisper. "...I don't think I ever will," she responds contently. You kiss her head again. You start to feel tears of happiness welling in your eyes, but you quickly wipe them away. IIm ready now, Lyra says. She was with you always for many years to come. Lyra became the happiest unicorn in all of Equestria.


A Shop Fit for a Princess By: Digi-Lord

Princess Celestia.

Just thinking the name conjures incredible images of beauty and power into your mind. Not that you had to try very hard to imagine her lovely face, she had been stopping by your novelty store for some time now. You had come to Canterlot to start a small business, selling things was your passion and creating a store that sold a wide variety of things from all over Equestria just seemed a natural thing to do. Your modest little establishment had only been open for a few days before the Princess herself walked in the front door. You could barely get two words out as her beautiful purple eyes perused your wares. No matter how hard you tried, you could not tear your eyes off of her beautiful form, even after she had bought a few small items and left you remained transfixed on the last spot your saw that wavy multicolored tail. Eventually you asked one of the other merchants about the event. Apparently the Princess is quite fond of spending time with her subjects; she even goes out of her way to support the local economies of towns and cities she visits. It had become a well-accepted fact that the gorgeous Alicorn would take a stroll through Canterlot and partake in the city's wares. After learning this new fact you were filled with an even greater desire than to merely have a successful business, you wanted a store worthy of the stunning Princess herself. You immediately sent out messages to your contacts in other cities, wanting some of their best finds shipped immediately the cost being of no concern. Your gamble would be costly, but so worth it if you were able to please royalty such as Celestia.

Soon the day arrived where the duties of a Princess were not so great as to prevent Celestia's stroll through her city. You felt overjoyed that you had been able to build your store so close to the castle, so it did not take long before her Excellency once more graced your establishment. This time however you were prepared, strolling confidently up to her a wide smile on your face you properly introduce yourself and your store. Guiding the lovely goddess around the shelves of goods from all over Equestria, you point to the best of what each city had to offer, even the smaller shelves reserved for towns where shown off. At the end you put on your best salesman pitch saying if there was anything she needed all the great Alicorn needed to do was say the word and it was hers. She thanked you for the presentation, her voice was radiant and filled with the wisdom of the ages, however for now all she bought where a few small trinkets that had caught her eye. As she left your store for the second time you could not help but feel elated, even if you had not earned back the investment you had made for some of the items that now graced your shelves it had been worth it to see that lovely smile on Celestia's face. Soon it became a sort of pleasant routine, whenever the ancient yet lovely Princess went on her walks they inevitably took her to your store, and every time she did you greeted her with a wide smile and cheerful hello. You always went to great pains to have something new and unique set aside for the pure white Alicorn on her visits, no matter how much it would put you back to do so. It did not take too long for Celestia to begin making requests for a particular item, an item you always went to great pains to get so you could once again see that radiant smile. However the attention the Princess put on your establishment did not go unnoticed and business soon began boom, and you had her to thank for every customer that walked in. However no matter how many friends you made with the growth of your store, one particular customer never left your mind. It soon became crystal clear to you that you had fallen in love the goddess, and yet every time she walked in you could not help but treat her just like every other pony that shopped at your store, you could even consider yourself her close friend, but to be her lover was far too high a hope for a simple pony like you.

But the thoughts would not leave. Every time you laid your eyes on her gorgeous curves, your heart raced. You could almost feel her flowing multicolored mane resting against you as you kissed her deeply. Your body warmed at the thought of being wrapped up tightly in her powerful wings. Every time you made her smile and laugh with a lame joke or an overly enthusiastic sales pitch, your whole body felt lighter than air as if with just her voice she could make you fly. Yet time and time again your mind focused on several factors that would forever prevent keeping your from admitting your desires to the physical goddes that was Celestia. For one she was ancient, to her you must seem like an infant in comparison despite being fully grown. Secondly she would always be, you knew that she was immortal and that pained you more. Even if you were able to express yourself to her, even if she reciprocated, it would not last for her. You would grow old, your body would begin to fail you, and you knew that even Celestia herself could not stave off death. Just imagining leaving Celestia like that, losing the pony she loved and knowing that she could not follow you tore at your very being more than anything else. So you said nothing, time after time you saw her, heard her angelic voice, adored every inch of her body, and yet her heart burned at the thought of never being able to be with the one you desired most. Though it might have been your own feelings but something about Celestia's visits that continued to pick at you. You knew that she visited many stores on her walks but it almost seemed like she spent most of them here at your establishment. You could never be sure but you were certain that she was specifically coming here time and time again, as well as spending the majority of her trips with your walls. At first you did not really noticed as time spent with the beautiful royalty always seemed to fly by for you, yet the feeling persisted. Well today the store was pretty much dead, you had not had a single customer all day, you somehow knew that Celestia would be on her walk and you decided you should ask her about your observations on her actions. Since it had little to do with your own feelings you did not see the harm in presenting the question. Sure enough, Celestia soon strode in the sun reflecting off of her white fur in an exquisite way, a pair of guards took up posts just outside the door a customary act to give the Princess some privacy.

Ah, and so my number one customer returns, you say in your usual energetic tone can I interest you in a new recipe book I just received from Appleloosa? I hear it has a rather interesting recipe for a dish much enjoyed by the buffalo there, not that I can quite tell if its palatable. She chuckled at your attempts at humor, her voice lifting your spirits as it always does I do not believe that will be necessary today. I believe that my recent order has arrived correct? It most certainly has, a bit dry for my tastes but quite interesting all the same. If you would come with me. You begin leading her back to your office where you always put personal orders. It was somewhat small and modest with only a desk and chair against one wall and a relatively comfy couch on the other. You trotted over and pulled out a book from your desk Here it is Mundo's Magical Mysteries. Celestia levitated the book over to her, the elegant horn atop her head glowing faintly with a soft white light; she briefly looked it over to make sure that is what she had ordered. Satisfied, she placed the book in the satchel she carried with her during her walks As always you deliver right on time. Happy to be of service, you began to fidget a little uncomfortably as you try find a good way of asking your question. Celestia? you began having never addressed her as Princess in the whole time you had been meeting, the powerful Alicorn never seemed to object so you had no reason to stop may I ask you something? She had been rummaging through her bits purse when you asked. She gently placed the pouch down and looked at you, her purple eyes always showing a kindness mixed with incredible age. You know that you don't need my permission to ask something.

You had to admit that you rather enjoyed the rather informal way you could speak to her. Even though you knew it bothered the guards to no end when they heard you do so. I don't mean to sound rude, nor ungrateful, but why do you keep coming back here? I mean I understand your desire to be close to those under you, as well as supporting businesses and the like, but why here of all places? You are the Princess after all, surely you could purchase the orders I have been giving you directly from the stores that sell them. After all I have to charge extra on such orders so that I could make a profit, not that I mind your patronage, but you could get them cheaper elsewhere. It just does not make all that much sense to me, if you will excuse my honesty. You could not read Celestia's face as she sat down in front of you. If we are being honest with one another than there is something I must say myself. In truth I am well aware that my coming here and purchasing from your store may seem a waste. Though there has always been one thing that I have had my eye on since I first walked in your store, I just never thought I should ever want it. Truth be told I keep coming back, for you. You feel your jaw hit the floor as you hear those words escape her lovely mouth. Surely you had misheard that, there was no possible way that the great Princess of Equestria would ever be interested in one like you. Heh, good one Celestia you had me going there for a bit, you laughed nervously trying to get the feelings of joy to subside. I am being completely honest, she said her voice as stern and soft as ever you treat me differently from any other pony that I have met. Even with some of my closest friends, the fact that I am their Princess never escapes their minds. They see me as royalty, and as a goddess, and because of that they are never relaxed never themselves. Because they do not act naturally, neither can I. But with you, you treat me like any other pony, you are truly yourself when you speak to me and you hold nothing back. It is so refreshing to be able to act less like your ruler and more like your friend. I do wish that we could even be more.

You are in shock. You feel your heart doing backflips in joy as the words pour over you, everything she says a confirmation of your own feelings and desires. Yet once more the reasons why you can never be with her come flooding back. Your head sank, along with your heart as you knew what you had to say next. Celestia, since we are being honest with one another than I have a confession to make. I love you, I guess you could even say it had been love at first site, but it would never work. I mean look at me just some regular business pony, what right have I to have heart of a pony like you? Besides you are immortal and ageless, I could never bear the thought that I would one day break your heart by that inevitable day. I want to be with you Celestia truly I do but... You were cut off by Celestia's golden shod hoof lifting your chin and her lips connecting to yours. Almost instantly you could feel your body turn to so much pleasurable goo from just this. You attempted to find the proper words to express how it felt, but everything you could think of fell short at accurately describing the sensations. All too soon the kiss was broken, Celestia looked at you with her gorgeous eyes, longing and passion filling them. At one point in my life I might have agreed with you, but I learned so very long ago that there are somethings that can never be taken from a pony. Your memories. Even if you can no longer hear their voice, or see their face, or feel their touch beside you, so long as they reside within your memories you will never be apart. While I do know that a day will come where we will no longer be together, in truth I envy you, you can live a life fulfilled and pass on. But so long as I have my memories than we will never be truly apart, but we need to make them first if you so desire. It only took a second for her words to fill you up. All the doubt, all the apprehension, all the nervousness, gone. You quickly brought your muzzle back up to hers renewing the kiss, but this time you showed no resistance, only desire to be with the one you cared for. Celestia soon took control, not that you cared in the slightest, lowering you to the ground wrapping her forehooves around you in a passionate embrace. You felt her tongue ever so slowly slide its way into your mouth, your own tongue moving with it, you move your own

forehooves around her soft neck making sure that the moment would last as long as possible. Her body was warm, like a mid-spring sun, and even with just your arms around her you could feel the toned muscle that lay just beneath her delicate skin. Once more the kissed ended, this time it was so the both of you could breath. You looked into her endless purple pools never wanting to be apart from those eyes ever again. No more barriers lay between the two of you, any apprehension or second thoughts were long gone never to return. Before we continue how about we retire to a more, private location? In all honesty you did not care where the two of you were, so long as she was there you would be happy. Where did you have in mind? giving her cheek a soft peck, her fur felt like a cool breeze to the touch of your lips. If you do not object I would like to see your home. You nearly have another panic attack when she says this. Its all too good to be true, but what about your duties as a Princess? Surely you can't stay with me for too much longer? She gave an adorable smile and helped you to your feet. You were curious as to what she was planning as you followed her out of the office. She motioned you to wait for a bit while she spoke with her guards. You could not quite tell what she was saying, but the guards looked terribly confused. Eventually they nodded one of the taking off the other returning to his post. What did you say? you ask wondering how that helped their situation. I told them to pass on a message to my sister. She is to take over for the duties of sun and moon along with my own duties for the remainder of the day and into the night, and possibly some of the next day as well. The other guard will accompany us to your abode but will remain outside so that we may have out privacy.

You were absolutely shocked that she would do so much for you. Everything still seemed like a dream, and even if it was you never wanted to wake up. Shall we retire for the day?' said Celestia her eyes shining with her passion. Of course, you beam your usual cheerful smile and demeanor returning full force after all we have many memories to make.


If Wishes Were Pegasi By: Sim

Gazing up into the late afternoon sky as you saunter through the town square, your eyes search in vain for something you know you're not likely to see today. 'Another beautiful day in Ponyville,' you think to yourself with a sigh. 'Not a cloud in the sky, and it's supposed to be clear and sunny all week.' How terribly disappointing. It means that your chances of seeing... her... are slim to none, at least for the next few days. You can't help but to think back to the very first time you saw... her. -------------------------------------You remember your first day in Ponyville, watching a rainbow colored streak split the sky, zigzagging in so many directions you're lucky your neck didn't snap trying to keep up with it, clouds bursting into nothingness every time the prismatic streak made a sudden break for another direction at a seemingly impossible angle. To your amazement that day, the entire dreary sky had been cleared in ten seconds flat. When the dizzying array of rainbow contrails finally came to an end, you caught your first glimpse of its creator; a beautiful light blue pegasus pony who had stopped to hover for a moment, shaking a few stray locks of chromatic mane from her face to admire her handiwork. Even though there was a great distance between you, her face wasn't obscured in the slightest; dazzling amethyst eyes set beneath furrowed brows, a satisfied smirk across her muzzle, her entire countenance oozing with confidence and attitude.

Your jaw dropped and your heart leapt, never before had you gazed upon such exquisiteness. You were so entranced you didn't notice the apple cart you had been walking toward, crashing into it and falling over the orange pony that had been peddling her wares there in an undignified heap. "TARNATION!!" The annoyed pony yelled out, "Why don'cha watch where yer goin? SOME ponies are tryin' ta make a livin' here!" Horribly embarrassed, you hastily apologized. "I'm terribly sorry, I guess I was distracted" you had said, helping the pony to pick up the various apple-filled goods you had so carelessly knocked all over the place. "What were ya so distracted by anyway?" the blond maned pony asked with one raised brow before noticing you had already once again locked your attention on the sky, completely spellbound. "Ah see." "Who... who is that MAGNIFICENT pony?" you asked as you watched her fly out of sight. The curious look on Applejack's face became even more distorted. "Rainbow Dash? Magnificent?" she began, pausing to emphasize each word. "Well, I suppose if ya asked HER she'd agree with ya. Pony's got an ego the size a..." She stopped herself seeing that you clearly were paying no attention to a single word she'd been saying, closed her eyes and sighed while shaking her head. "Rainbow... Dash..." you repeated slowly like an awestruck colt who'd just seen Celestia raise the sun for the very first time, your jaw still hanging open. "If ya don't shut that trap uh yers, yer gonna start catchin' flies..." Applejack muttered. You shook your head and pulled your heart back down from orbit before turning back to the orange pony.

"Sorry again for running into your apple cart like that. At least let me buy something for causing you so much trouble." You tossed some coins from your saddlebag onto the cart and grabbed an apple before taking off. After that day you were determined to get to know as much as you could about that heart-stopping pegasus pony. In the couple of weeks that followed, you had managed to scavenge a little bit of information here and there from the ponies around Ponyville about her, but nothing terribly substantial or interesting. Until today. ---------------------------------------------------------After thinking so much about the target of your obsessions, you feel a little craving for something sweet. While casually perusing the local confectionary you run into a peculiar crazy-maned pink pony who could fill an encyclopedia with everything she tells you about Rainbow Dash. You find yourself completely immersed in the tales she spins, soaking it all in like a sponge, until suddenly the pink pony gets a huge grin on her face and gasps. "HEY!!! Would YOU like to meet Rainbow Dash? Because me and Rainbow Dash are totally really good super-duper awesome friends and I think it would be TOTALLY neat for her to make a new friend like you who is so interested in hearing about her she SURE does like to talk about herself and with someone like you to sit and listen I bet she'd go on and on and on and on and on and on without ever stopping like this one time whenmeandRainbowDashwere..." You can't concentrate on the pink pony's rambling anymore. It all turns to background noise as you mull over the possibility of actually meeting that glorious pegasus pony that had been invading not only every waking moment of your thoughts, but also every dream you had since first laying eyes upon her. ...and that was when I said silly Dashie, I warned you about that oatmeal! So how about it, do ya wanna meet her? Well doya doya doya doya DOYA? The irrepressible pony that was now bouncing in circles around you spouted. Well yes I think I would like that very much you say with a nervous chuckle and grin.

"GREAT!" the pink pony practically explodes. "Oh DASHIEEEE!!!!!" You are almost knocked off your hooves by those words. Surely she didn't mean right n... "Sup Pinks?" You hear as you see a light blue blur from the corner of your eye followed immediately by a rainbow mane and tail, hovering over the side of the stairs behind you rather than walking down them and plopping down next to the pink pony, looking at you with a grin. "Ooooooh, who's your new colt friend here? Don't think I've seen him around here before" she says with a wink. "Pinkie Pie, you fox, is there somethin goin on here between you and this guy you wanna tell me about?" she says with a devilish grin. The pink pony, apparently completely used to this kind of banter, replies with a response that sends you skyrocketing out of your comfort zone. "Pffftt..." the pink pony sticks out her tongue and gives a raspberry then rolls her eyes, "nothing like that at ALL Dash, but he sure does seem interested in YYYYOOOoooouuUUU!!!" she says teasingly. "I've been telling him just EVERY SINGLE eensy weensy teeny tiny little detail about you and he just sat here with a big dopey smile on his face nodding the WHOLE time, and he just beeegggged me to introduce you to him!" You become pale as a sheet. "Uh... that's... that's not exactly how it happened..." you stutter as though the emotion of embarrassment had coalesced into a physical entity that had its clutches wrapped around your throat, preventing words from forming properly. "Don't worry about it," Dash laughs, "if I were you I'd be just as nervous about meeting someone as AWESOME as me, too" she says, breathing on a front hoof she has dangling in the air and rubbing it on her chest as though polishing it with a smirk on her face, not even bothering to look in your direction.

"HEY, I got a GREAT idea," the dreamy Pegasus pony's eyes light up as she looks right at you, "I was just about to go practice flying, you can watch if you want. But I gotta warn ya, not everypony can handle so much coolness in one dose, so it's at your own risk" she says, giving you a quick wink. "Wanna come with, Pinkie?" "Aww I wish I could Dashie but I gotta watch the store. Maybe I can meet up with you and your new booooooyfrieeend later! Teeehehehee!" The pink pony replies, giggling uncontrollably with her eyes closed and a hoof over her mouth. Dash just rolls her eyes and nervously chuckles, and you think you see a hint of a blush on her face. "Okay Pinks, see ya later." As you and Dash make your way out of Sugarcube Corner, you could swear the pink pony winks at you as you look back over your shoulder walking out the door, as if she could sense your massive crush on Rainbow Dash the whole time. "Sorry about Pinkie..." Dash apologizes as you two walk down a path leading out of town. "She can be so... random sometimes." You force a nervous smile, replying "Oh it's okay... heh... I've met ponies like her before. They're so unpredictable, but they can be a lot of fun." Rainbow Dash stopped for just a moment, seeming completely perplexed that anypony could come NEAR Pinkie Pie's level of spontaneity and energy. She shook the thought off and kept walking. After walking for a few more minutes, Rainbow Dash stops and turns to you. "Here we are!" She announces when you'd arrived at a clearing just on the edge of town. "So, what do you wanna see first? The Filly Flash? The Super Speed Strut?" She asks, that confident, furrow-browed, smirking look on her face quickly replacing the one of slight embarassment that had been there minutes earlier. You sit on your haunches. "I wanna see EVERYTHING. Give me all you got, don't hold anything back!"

The ever-eager-to-show-off pegasus pony smiles and says "You got it, pal. Brace yourself because you're about to be blooown awayyyy." Rainbow Dash immediately takes flight and dazzles you with an acrobatic display that you think, quite frankly, would put the Wonderbolts to shame. Your eyes are locked on her the entire time, your jaw hanging open in awe. After several minutes of showing off all her best moves, the rainbow maned pegasus pony was obviously getting tired. "And now," she yells down to you, breathing heavily, "now you get to witness the most spectacular thing ever beheld by pony eyes, the sonic rainboom!" You feel your heart pound with excitement, you'd heard of sonic rainbooms before, but you always thought they were just an old mare's tale. Rainbow Dash shoots up into the sky, flying so high you lose sight of her. Moments later, all you can see is a colorful blur travelling at incredible speed toward the ground. You hear a somewhat muffled BOOM, but this was definitely no rainboom. You instantly see that Rainbow Dash has lost control of her vector of descent and is spinning wildly toward the ground at a wide angle from the path she was on previously, as though striking some unseen forcefield. "DASH!!" you yell, and without hesitation you immediately jump to your hooves and gallop as hard and fast as you can toward the spot she's falling to. She'd be hitting the ground any moment now, and you could tell that she was unable to regain control and pull herself out of the dive she was in, though she was trying hard. Determined to break her fall even if it kills you, you gallop even harder, pushing your body to its limits, a fine mist of blood forming at your nostrils from alveoli in your lungs starting to rupture from the strain of trying to supply the maxed-out muscles in your body with oxygen. All at once, you feel the full weight of Rainbow Dash come crashing down onto you like an Ursa Major, you hear her let out a loud yelp of pain and both tumble head over hoof for several yards before finally skidding to a stop.

You're dazed for several moments. When you finally come to your senses, you immediately run over to Rainbow Dash, who is still lying motionless on the ground. You lift up a front hoof and gingerly shake her. "Dash? ...Dash?" you whisper. No answer. "Dash??? Come on Dash, get up... please get up..." your voice gets louder but starts to crackle and tears form at the corners of your eyes. You know she's in a bad way. "DASH!!" you finally scream at the top of your lungs, shaking her as hard as you can. She moans a bit and tries to roll over, but instantly yelps out in pain when her left wing touches the ground. "Ow!!! Uh... I mean..." she coughs, and forces herself up off the ground. You immediately feel intense relief and choke back happy tears. She was alive and in one piece, and that was all that mattered to you at that point. As she stands up though, you see her left wing is noticably sagging. She tries to move it and immediately falls back to the ground, her face contorted in pain. You immediately rush over to her side to try to help her up. She quickly and violently unfurls her good wing, knocking you flat on your back. "BACK OFF!" she yells, "I'M FINE!! No thanks to YOU!!" She grunts, grits her teeth and stands back up, limping away from you. "STUPID, STUPID EARTH PONY, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!?? I would have STUCK that landing if it weren't for YOU!!! YOU IDIOT!! YOU IDIOT!!!" Her words sting you worse than a swarm of angry hornets. "Ow!!" she squeaks in a crackly voice before falling down, you rush over to catch her but again she pushes you away.

"I SAID BACK OFF!!!" Her good wing again knocks you onto your back. You feel absolutely terrible and so guilty. You never meant for any of this to happen, you were just so excited that Rainbow Dash was paying attention to you, and showing off for you. You never would have expected anything like this. As much physical pain as you are in from the impact, and as much emotional pain you are suffering from her completely blaming you for the pain she's in, you still insist on helping her. Seeing her start to stumble again as she walks away from you, you run up to her again, this time from behind, prepared to catch her. "BACK" she yells through gritted teeth as she puts all her weight onto her front hooves, "OFF!!!!" and in one fluid motion, kicks you with her back hooves as hard as she can, sending you flying. It's a brutal kick, and it connects squarely with your chest, immediately causing searing pain to shoot through your body as you tumble backward away from her, almost as hard as you had when she landed on you. You lay on the ground, utterly defeated. Any chance you had at being with Dash is surely gone at this point. Your ears fold flat against your head at the thought. You make no attempt to stand back up. Closing your eyes, you stifle soft sobs as tears stream down your face. You can't even bring yourself to look at her. After laying there for what seemed like an eternity, you feel a gentle nudge on your shoulder. "Hey... hey..." a familiar voice says softly with each nudge. You roll over and to your surprise; Rainbow Dash is standing over you. "I'm... I'm sorry for snapping at you like that..." She helps you to stand back up, and you see an unmistakable expression of regret on her face as she looks away from you, her left wing still drooping slightly.

"I... I can't fly anywhere like this... and... I guess... I guess I'd appreciate a little help right now" she forces a smile. You look her in the eyes, sniffling a bit and wiping the tears from your cheeks. "My place isn't far from here, that would probably be the easiest place to make it to with us both being hurt" you reply. Rainbow Dash's front legs suddenly give out on her again. She's weak and exhausted. This time you catch her though, and there is no resistance. She smiles warmly at you as you put one of her front hooves over your neck and shoulder, lean down a bit, and in one quick motion throwing all of your strength into it, pull her up onto your back. She's heavier than she looks, and you feel your legs shake as you make a few uneasy, wobbly steps toward your home. "Are... are you sure you can do this? Really... I think I can walk if you just..." Rainbow Dash says weakly. "I insist" you snort, digging down deep and forcing your battered body to find the strength to continue. With a bit of renewed determination you trudge forward, step by step toward your home. Almost an hour later you arrive at your home. Dash is fast asleep lying on your back, which is perfectly fine with you. You push the front door open, and gingerly lay her on your sofa. She stirs ever so slightly, but remains asleep. You gingerly nuzzle her left wing, and feel intense heat coming off of it just above where it met her back. She moans a bit and winces in her sleep, obviously the wing still being a bit painful to the touch. Rummaging through your kitchen, you find a jar of salve that you always use when your muscles ache. You scoop some out onto your hoof and gently massage it into her left wing where it hurts. Dash moans a little bit again, but this time its more of a contented moan as the cooling action of the salve takes effect. She shivers a little bit and you notice your door is still standing wide open. The sun is beginning to set and a cool breeze is making its way into

your home, chilling the indescribably beautiful creature that was now curled up asleep on your couch. You walk over and shut the door, but notice she is still shivering. You're exhausted as well, and you climb up onto the couch next to her, providing warmth with your body. She stops shivering a few minutes later and you both drift off to sleep. You are awakened from your blissful slumber by an angry voice in the middle of the night. "WHAT THE HAY???!!!" Rainbow Dash yells as she jumps up from the couch, the sudden absence of a body to lean against causing you to roll onto the floor to a rude awakening. "Just what EXACTLY do you think you're doing there, bub?" her eyes are daggers as she stares at you. "Uh... well... I mean..." you stutter. Her wings unfurl and she stomps a front hoof. "If you think you can just...." she stops mid-sentence, and the intensity of her scowl decreases, if only a bit, "...hey... my wing, it feels a LOT better..." "Yeah... when we got here, you were already asleep... and... well... you see I have this salve that I use when I get sore muscles... and I put some on your wing to see if it would help... and then... you started shivering from the cold... and... I was too tired to go upstairs for a blanket... so I tried to keep you warm..." you try to explain. Dash's expression eases, and she looks away from you. "Oh... well... uh... thanks I guess..." she mumbles. She sits on her haunches, still looking away from you, and nervously rubs the back of her neck with a forehoof. "Hey... about earlier, I really am sorry for blaming you... it wasn't your fault" she says. She has a certain air of vulnerability about her, far from the confident pony with attitude you've become accustomed to. "I... I don't admit this to many ponies... but... well, the Sonic Rainboom isn't something I've gotten down to an exact science yet. I've only

managed to actually do it twice, and both times were because I was feeling some pretty extreme emotions that I think gave me the edge I needed to actually do it." There is a brief period of awkward silence. "I guess... I guess I'm not really as awesome as I make myself out to be sometimes... I... hope you're not disappointed" she continues. You see a tear roll down one of her cheeks even as she turns away from you to hide her tears. After all, nopony had ever seen the awesome Rainbow Dash cry before. You steel your nerves, and cautiously approach her. You gently nuzzle her cheek from behind. Her whole body jumps, and you fear she may become defensive again, but to your surprise she actually relaxes ever so slightly. "I still think you're awesome" you whisper into her ear, "even if nopony else does." She turns to look at you, her face completely unreadable, you have no idea what emotions she's going to express. You look deep into those irresistible amethyst eyes, which are shimmering from Luna's pale moonlight making its way through a nearby window, and from the tears which coat their surface and accentuate that moonlight. It's now or never. You take a forehoof and carefully, gently brush away a few stray hairs of that beautiful multi-colored mane hanging down over her face. You close your eyes and lean in closer and closer, your lips almost touching. You stop about 90% of the way there, and pause for a moment. You almost back away thinking she's not going to reciprocate, when suddenly Rainbow Dash puts a hoof behind your head, pulling you close to her, your lips meeting, her sweet breath cascading over your muzzle between each kiss. You rub your cheeks together in the brief moments your lips aren't locked together and can feel the wetness from tears rolling down her cheeks, but that doesn't matter now.

Her kisses become more and more intense, until finally she pulls away from you, looking into your eyes longingly, slowly backing toward the big comfortable couch you had both been sharing only minutes earlier. She reaches for you and pulls you down and backward with her onto the couch. You're on top of her now, and you continue the kissing, eliciting pleasured moans from this light blue goddess, and almost can't believe what's happening. You're completely overcome with passion, and let your tongue meander into her mouth, rubbing every part of her body you could reach as you kissed. Her tongue meets yours in kind, and you take turns exploring each others mouths, savoring the taste as your tongues felt as though they would become tied up in knots. You notice her wings, both of them, are slightly unfurled. You pull away slightly and kiss her neck, occasionally nipping playfully at it. She leans her head back and moans softly, her eyes closed, her breaths coming slightly more rapidly. In one fluid motion you let your tongue poke out and lick from her neck all the way up the side of her face, to her ear which you intently blow a soft, warm breath onto, causing it to twitch and eliciting a full-body quiver from the beautiful-beyond-words Rainbow Dash, whose wings have become even more spread. You kiss your way back down her neck, still playfully nipping, eliciting a couple of uncharacteristic giggles from Rainbow Dash in a few spots where she must be ticklish, committing those locations to memory for next time. You rub her chest and kiss it, feeling it heave with every breath she takes. You make your way to the part of her body where her right front leg meets her body, wrap your hooves around it and deeply massage it, your lover cooing in delight as you work out the tension in the muscles all the way down to her hoof. You gingerly rub her hoof, drawing little hearts on it with the tip of your own hoof, surprisingly eliciting another giggle from Rainbow Dash, a bit surprised that her hooves are so sensitive. She shifts positions and stretches a little, moaning and humming with delight as you repeat the same process with her other front hoof, her wings fully extended and flaring at this point.

You reach forward with both your forehooves and gently rub both of her wings while kissing her belly and blowing hot breaths onto it, eliciting squeals of surprise from her at first which quickly turn into loud, passionate moans as you continue rubbing even harder, and start to gently lap at her belly with your tongue. You wonder if you are coming too close to her nether regions, but she offers no resistance at all and seems to be enjoying herself immensely. You rub the inside and outside of her left thigh, massaging it with the same intricate skill you had employed for her forelegs, all the way up to the tip of each back hoof, feeling your beautiful lover shudder with desire the entire time. You gently slide yourself back up next to her and whisper into her ear "turn over onto your belly..." with a hot breath that you slowly release into hear ear. She does as you ask, and her wings are still splayed far apart. You bury your face into the spot on her back where her wings meet and breathe deeply into it, letting your warm breath become absorbed into her fur. She gasps slightly, and you bring your front hooves forward to gently press down into the same spot, working it firmly but gently. The pegasus' moans are almost deafening at this point and her entire body is shaking with intense pleasure. You massage, lick, kiss, and caress her back all the way down to her croup, but that's as far as you go. There will be plenty of time for *that area* a bit further down on her body later on if everything works out, you remind yourself. You don't want her to think you're taking advantage of her, after all. You work your way back up her back to her wings. You begin stroking them rhythmically. Slowly and gently at first, but gradually putting on more and more pressure. The pegasus' body bucks violently underneath you as she spasms with intense pleasure. You start to wonder if you can bring her all the way over the edge just from the attention you're giving her wings. You do your best to do so, touching her wings in ways that she'd never had them touched before, rubbing... caressing... kissing... deriving almost as much pleasure as she is from making her feel so good. After many minutes of careful manipulation, of trial and error, the success of each new sensation you stimulated her with

being marked by even more intense moaning, you bite down on her neck with just enough pressure so as to not hurt her, forcing your hot breath into her neck, and simultaneously pressing down in the areas of both wings you'd found to be most sensitive through your experimenting as hard as you could, the sensations becoming too much for Rainbow Dash to handle she screams out in ecstasy as every muscle in her body tightens and she explodes, seeing stars, the moment lasting all too briefly as she quickly comes back down to earth and her muscles relax again. You roll off of her back and lay facing her, your hooves around her and hers around you, locking each other in a warm embrace, softly nuzzling and kissing at the mare of your dreams as she wraps her wings around you. A thought comes to your mind that brings a smile to your lips as this lovely goddess falls asleep. You'd probably seen sides of Rainbow Dash tonight, and touched parts of her, that nopony else had ever ventured near before. You hope with all your might that this lasts, and that the bond you've formed with her is never broken by anything. Tonight may have been your best night ever, but you're already planning for the next with high hopes that it will be even better.


If Wishes Were Pegasi: Chapter 2 By: Sim

You awaken the next morning to the delightful trilling of songbirds in a nearby tree, which curiously sound louder than usual. Your eyes still closed, you savor these fleeting moments in the transition state between consciousness and unconsciousness. A warm, brisk, late-morning breeze rustles through the treetops and makes its way through an open window, along with the radiant sunlight which casts itself onto your closed eyelids, warming them and causing you to visualize bright swirling shapes even whilst your vision is obscured. You instantly remember the wondrous night before and a smile crosses your lips. Mmm Good morning, my sweet. You contently mutter, but there is no response. Dash? you call out breathily as you slowly open your eyes. There is no rainbowmaned goddess lying next to you. You open your eyes widely, stretch and yawn, calling out again. Dash? Where are you? There is still no answer. You jump up off the couch and stretch again with a much louder yawn than before, placing your front legs far in front of you and slowly bending down, feeling each vertebra in your back pop in succession. You straighten back up, shake out your disheveled mane and swish your tail a couple times before setting off to find Rainbow Dash. Youre curious as to where the pegasus pony that you had shared the most

passionate night of your life with the night before might be; the avian equine that had lit fire to your dreams for days and days, then piled a thousand pounds of dynamite on that fire by giving you a night you never thought you could have hoped for in a thousand years. Youre a little worried when Dash doesnt respond. After checking every room in the house, shes nowhere to be found. You find it hard to believe that chance would bring you that close to the mare of your dreams only to rip her away from you like this. Cursing fate, you speak out loud as if someone or something might actually be listening. So thats it, huh? Just one hot and heavy dalliance and you expect me to believe Im never to see her again? You frown and stomp a hoof. Well Im not gonna let that happen without a fight. Youre just about to take off out your front door when you remember one room you forgot to check. Oh wait, the kitchen! You think out loud, your face lighting up, grinning as you trot toward the one place in the house you had somehow neglected to check in your frenzy to find Rainbow Dash. Your grin quickly turns back to a frown when you see the state of the kitchen. Its an absolute mess, there are a few half-eaten food items scattered about, dirty pots and pans, open cabinets everywhere, and it looked like about half your stock of groceries for the week had been eaten. On the table, you see a hastily scrawled note sitting under a half-empty cup of apple juice. Hey, I was STARVING when I woke up this morning, hope you dont mind I helped myself to some breakfast. It made me feel at least 20% better. I would have stuck around, but Ive got a lot of thinking to do. Last night was AWESOME, but Im wondering if we arent moving too fast. As hard as it might be for you to believe, Ive never actually been with anypony before. Also, we just met; maybe we shouldnt be so hasty. Normally Id go for a flight to clear my mind and help me think, but my wing still hurts too much to fly, so Im gonna go for a walk around Ponyville and think this over. Ill be back to talk to you by sundown. I dont expect you to wait up for me if you have stuff to do today, its cool. But I do hope youll be around when I get back. If not, Ill catch ya later. XOXOXO ~Dash

You unceremoniously slump over, your rump making a dull thud when it hits the floor. Sitting there on your haunches, staring at the note, youre not quite sure what to make of it. You had really hoped that Rainbow Dash would still be here this morning, her beautiful face being the first thing you would see upon waking up, and that you would maybe even get to sneak in some morning kissing and cuddling with the object of your worship. The notion of Dash having second thoughts about last night really bothers you. To you, there is absolutely no trace of doubt in your mind whatsoever about you and her. You are madly in love with this spunky young mare even though, admittedly, you havent had much time to really get to know her. You let out a sigh. You DID have things that needed to be done today but you dont want to take a chance on not being here when Rainbow Dash returns. Youll put your whole life on hold if you have to, even if only to speak with her one more time. You set yourself to the task of cleaning up the kitchen. You tuck the note safely away before beginning your work, making sure not to lose it. After all, it was written by HER and as silly as it seems you want to keep it forever, just in case things dont work out between the two of you. At least youd have something to remember her by. You had just finished scrubbing the last of the dirty pots and pans and had put them away when you hear a knock at the front door. You nearly stumble in your haste to rush over to it, a smile on your face and a song in your heart, hoping when you open the door to see a light blue rainbow-maned pegasus pony staring back at you with that attitude-filled smirk that you love so much plastered on her face. You fling the door wide open to see a pegasus pony standing there, but not the one you were desperately longing to see. Your grin fades as a dopey gray pegasus stands before you, smiling. She shoves a hoof full of mail in your face, mumbles something about muffins, and waves at you before flying away. Ponyvilles mail pony is such an oddball, but she has a way about her that always makes you smile when she makes her daily delivery to your house. Not today though. Today there is only one pony you wish to show up at your door, and you know you wont REALLY smile until she does.

You try hard to distract yourself for the rest of the day. Shortly after the mail pony leaves, you search a bookshelf in the corner of your modest living room for something to read, hoping it will help pass the time. Youre a bit disgruntled when you realize youve read every single one of these books before - some of them two or three times. You decide perhaps a quick trip to the town library might be in order. Its still early in the day, and something tells you Rainbow Dashs walk is gonna last for quite a while. You quickly scribble a note and tack it to your front door: Dash went to the library to find something to read while waiting for you to come back. I wont be gone long, feel free to go on inside and wait for me. You throw your saddlebags on and head for the library, leaving the door unlocked. You feel completely comfortable in doing so, after all you highly doubt that in a town like Ponyville you had much to fear. In fact, youd be surprised if ANYPONY in this quaint little town actually bothered to lock their doors. Everypony around here is just so friendly and neighborly; you know there cant be any thieves amongst them. When you arrive at the library, you walk in to see a purple unicorn with light lavender and pinkish highlights streaking through her dark violet mane, her muzzle buried in a book. She doesnt even seem to notice you walk in. Ahem you clear your throat, but she doesnt flinch. AHEM you clear your throat a little louder, but shes still too engrossed in her book to notice. Excuse me you finally blurt out, startling the bookworm, who leaps to her hooves, her horn involuntarily shooting out a spark of magic which knocks over several books from a nearby shelf. NEVER sneak up on me like that! she yells out. Oh I mean hi. Is there something I can help you with? she chuckles, slightly folding her ears back with a tinge of embarrassment. Sorry to startle you um Im just looking for a book. You reply.

She just gives you a blank stare for a moment, not quite sure what to make of you. No, really? Id never have guessed the annoyed purple pony says, rolling her eyes. She stares at you for a moment, waiting for you to say something. Well? What kind of book? she urges. Oh, just something to pass the time. I need a good distraction, can you recommend anything? you ask. She thinks for a moment, and then her eyes pop open, a smile instantly appearing on her face. I have just the thing! she says, walking over to a book shelf, her horn coming to life with an etheral glow and snagging a book from near the top. She drops the book at your feet and you read the title. "Different as Night and Day: A Detailed History of the Royal Pony Sisters" You frown. Uh actually, I was thinking more along the lines of some fiction you say, forcing a nervous smile, hoping you hadnt insulted her. Oh... the unicorn replies, seeming a bit disappointed. Hmm, I might have something here. She spends several minutes looking through the library before finally finding a rather lengthy fiction book she thinks youll like. The title sounds intriguing, so you decide to check it out. You thank the purple pony as you turn to walk out the door. Noticing your cutie mark, she suddenly calls out to you. Hey wait! she yells, trotting over to you. I knew there was something about you that was bugging me in the back of my mind. The look on her face is a bit disconcerting and makes you uneasy. Puzzled and curious, you reply Oh? What, um what exactly do you mean? Just tell me this she says with a raised brow, do you know a pegasus pony named Rainbow Dash?

Your eyes become wide and you grin happily, nodding your head and saying Oh yes, I definitely know Rainbow Dash! The purple unicorn now has a scowl on her face. Her horn glows once again, and the door slams before you can even think about running out it. It appears as though youre not going anywhere quite yet. I dont understand you squeak after gulping hard. Dash and I are close friends. She came by this morning and she seemed quite distraught. The things she was saying were sort of cryptic, and I didnt really understand what she was getting at. I DO remember that she described a pony JUST. LIKE. YOU. That is, before she rushed out the door, seeming on the verge of tears, which is REALLY unusual for Rainbow Dash. I noticed she couldnt fly either the unicorn is inches from you now, her horn at your throat. What. Did. You. Do. To. My. Friend? she demands, drawing her horn ever nearer to your throat as she harshly emphasizes each word. What? Nothing! Oh well, at least ALMOST nothing I mean we she and I that is to say, me and Rainbow Dash you stutter, gulping hard, terrified that this unicorn is about to end you. You dont hear the door slowly creaking open behind you. Nor do you or the purple pony see the light-blue form as it slowly enters the room, just out of both of your peripheral vision. You WHAT? the purple pony demands again. You want to just tell her the truth, but you hesitate. You dont have a clue how Dash would react to you making your rendezvous with her known to one of her friends, especially after the note she left you this morning showing she was clearly unsure about your relationship. You want to scream your undying love for Rainbow Dash from every rooftop in Ponyville, but you dont want to drive her away, which you fear might happen if you tell the purple unicorn what happened before talking to Dash. You try to talk yourself out of it the only way you can without exposing the passion-filled night you spent with Rainbow Dash.

NOTHING, okay! It was NOTHING! NOTHING at all! NOTHING happened between me and Rainbow Dash! So PLEASE stop this now. NOTHING! HAPPENED! BETWEEN! ME! AND! RAINBOW! DASH! you insist, stomping a front hoof to emphasize each word as you are now glaring at the unicorn, hoping she doesnt call your bluff. You hear a voice that instantly shreds your heart into a thousand pieces. Wha what? the voice says. You turn to see Rainbow Dash sitting on her haunches, looking at you, her mouth agape, ears flat, wings drooping to the floor. She has an unmistakably pained demeanor the first time youve ever seen Dash truly in pain, and its enough to make you want to fall over dead for being the one that inflicted it. It was NOTHING to you? What we shared last night meant NOTHING? the rainbow-maned mare chokes back tears. Oh Celestia, what have I just done? is all you can think. You go to her and try to nuzzle her, but she pulls away. You feel tears welling up in your eyes and your voice cracks. You start to hate yourself, regret crashing over you like a tidal wave for not thinking about what you said more carefully. If only you could turn back time five minutes and make your past-self realize Dash was standing there Dash I you start. The mares emotions explosively transition from pain to anger in the blink of an eye. Well if that aint just like a good-for-nothing low life colt! She says, practically spitting venom as she stands up and her wings flare in rage, a single tear streaming down her left cheek. Use em and lose em, is that your game? She raises a hoof and pokes your chest to emphasize her next statement. Well guess what pal, THIS GIRL AINT PLAYIN! she yells as she turns and bolts out the door.

Oh no no no no NO NO NO!!!! you think to yourself. How could this happen? It wasnt fair. You had the mare of your dreams within your grasp, you could have been together, but in an instant it all went up in smoke because of a misunderstanding. You rush out the door after her as fast as you can, leaving behind one very confusedlooking unicorn in the library. When you get outside, youre surprised that shes already out of sight. Panic grips you. You run around frantically trying to find her. DASH??? DAAAAAAAASH??? you yell out to no avail, tears freely running down your face now. You had just crushed your own dream. Just like that, she was gone. You spend the rest of the day running around Ponyville, searching high and low for the fiery pegasus you worship so you can set things right. You call out her name what seems like thousands and thousands of times. Your voice eventually becomes hoarse, your legs wobble beneath you from all the running you do in your desperate searching. Several ponies gather on the streets of Ponyville staring at you, whispering about you amongst themselves. Finally, you realize its time to give up, and start down a path out of town with your head hung low. The sun begins to set on Ponyville as you sit in a clearing just on the edge of town. The clearing where, less than 24 hours ago, Rainbow Dash had personally shown you all her best moves. Where you had somehow broken the mares stubbornness and gotten her to accept your help after she became injured. Where you had scooped her up lovingly onto your back, determined to do everything in your power to make her better. You look out over the clearing, up into the sky. You see a rainbow-maned apparition in the air doing all kinds of insane acrobatic stunts. Zig-zags, loop-de-loops, barrel rolls. The apparition fades as memory gives way to reality. You blink away tears from your eyes as you look toward the ground, and back up at the sky, now as empty as your soul. You collapse in the clearing, utterly exhausted from the events of the day, and fall asleep. An hour or two later, youre awakened by the distant sounds of soft sobbing. Daylight is all but gone. You stand up and look around, your ears tweaking in different directions trying to locate the source of the sound. At the far end of the clearing, beneath an

immature apple tree that was only perhaps 7 or 8 feet tall, you cant believe what you see. Rainbow Dash is sitting on her haunches staring at the ground. Her ears folded back, her wings drooping. She tries to stifle the sobs but they gradually overtake her. Youve gotta make things right, RIGHT NOW. You might not ever get another chance. You start toward her cautiously, worried that if she notices your approach shell bolt away from you again. Youre only about twenty feet away when you make the mistake of stepping on a twig and snapping it, drawing her attention almost immediately. She scowls at you and turns to bolt. DASH!!! you cry out in agony at the top of your lungs, making the pegasus pony stop dead in her tracks, the pain in your voice seeming to have paralyzed her preventing her from taking another step. Slowly, she turns to face you, still scowling. What do YOU want? she says angrily, sniffling a bit. You take another step toward her but freeze in place when it appears as though this action is making her consider taking off again. Please please Dash please give me a chance to explain you plead sincerely, trying to force the tears back. Shes not buying it though. Explain what? That you dont REALLY care about me? That you just pretended to so you could take advantage of me? I bared my heart, no, my SOUL to you, I shared things with you that I dont share with ANYPONY, and you USED me! How COULD you? she asks angrily, pain reflected in those piercing amethyst eyes as you stare deeply into them. Dash you whisper as you cautiously approach her, your ears flat against your head and your tail tucked flat against your rump, choosing your words carefully. Dash, thats not it at all I swear to you please I dont want to lose you She looks around, and kicks at the ground with a front hoof for a moment. Im about to take off down that road, she nods toward a path in the distance, and youll never see me again. Youve got one minute to convince me not to.

Even though panic and dread grip your entire being after she utters those words, you steel your nerves and force yourself to remain calm. Dash I had gone to the library to get something to read to help pass the time until you came back When I got there, there was this purple unicorn Her name is TWILIGHT Dash states impatiently. Erm yes Twilight. Well, Twilight said that you had talked to her earlier this morning. I think she was under the impression that I had hurt you or was going to hurt you you try to explain. Looks like her instincts were DEAD ON Dash interrupts. You have thirty seconds left. You are unfazed. Everything is on the line right now. No matter what Dash says you simply CANNOT falter if youre to have any hope of salvaging the situation. You let out a deep sigh before continuing. She asked me what happened between us. I didnt know what to do, I didnt know what to say. I was terrified youd never speak to me again if I told Twilight what was going on between you and I. After reading the note you left me it seemed like you were unsure about us, and I didnt think youd want anyone to know. I panicked, and did the only thing I could think of. I denied it. Dash the ONLY reason I said those things was because I didnt want to jeopardize any future we might have together. I was thinking of you Dash of us but the timing at which you came into that library was the worst possible timing imaginable oh Rainbow Dash I you throw yourself at her feet, sobbing loudly and closing your eyes. I care about you so deeply youre the best thing that has ever happened to me PLEASE dont go I dont know what I can do to convince you you gingerly kiss one of her hooves as a teardrop falls from your face onto it and you close your eyes even tighter. If I lose you, I lose every reason I have to go on living I know you have no reason to believe me I know you dont know me well enough to really be able to trust me but Dash, from the moment I first saw you I knew, I KNEW that I would never

again be complete without you in my life You lie there at her feet for what seems like an eternity, expecting her to run away at any moment. After thinking over everything youd just said, Rainbow Dash finally speaks. She sits on her haunches and looks down at you, though your eyes dont meet. Yours are still tightly shut, streaming tears, you expecting the worst. I saw the note youd left on your door. My walk didnt last for very long I was so eager to find you and talk to you. When I saw your note, I just had to go to the library to meet up with you so we could talk. When I walked into the library and saw you and Twilight like that I assumed the worst. Especially with you being so adamant that what happened between us was nothing I guess I thought that maybe you had been hitting on Twilight or something, trying to get with her and were denying any involvement with me because of that she explains to you as you finally open your eyes and look up at her. There is a moment of silence as your eyes meet, a silent understanding finally forming between you two, needing no words to convey the emotions you were feeling to each other. Yours, of unfathomable compassion, regret, love, and pain... and Dashs, of embarrassment, regret, and forgiveness. So last night she starts again, breaking the silence. Was the best night of my life. A pony could live for a billion years and never even hope to come CLOSE to the level of happiness I felt when we were together last night you pour out your heart sincerely, your eyes locked on hers. The look of anger and pain on her face is long gone and shes smiling at you. She leans down and tenderly nuzzles you. Im sorry I doubted you she whispers, I guess I have some trust issues You cant help but be touched that this epitome of confidence and coolness is, yet again, exposing her vulnerable side to you. You rise to your hooves and tackle her backwards playfully. You lick the tip of her muzzle, causing Rainbow Dash to let out another one of her adorable, uncharacteristic giggles as she blushes lightly. You stare at the gorgeous goddess beneath you, and cant help but smile as she returns your stare, smiling

back at you with her eyes half-lidded. You lean in close to her and bring your muzzle next to her ear. Youll never doubt me again after what Im about to do to you you whisper seductively. Youre already straddling her with your hind legs, and you wrap your front legs around her, pulling her upper body closer to you in a loving embrace which she reciprocates as you close your eyes and kiss her neck. You feel your lover shudder with desire and feel her tail lightly flick against your hindquarters. You slowly release a hot, steamy breath onto her neck and grin when you hear her gasp ever so slightly as you give it a playful nip. You pull away slightly and look into her eyes again, this time seeing nothing but passion and love reflected in them. You close your eyes and bring your lips to meet hers softly. Those angel-soft,velvety lips that drive you wild with their tender caress. You kiss her over and over again, slowly, savoring the taste of the lips and the warm breath of your indescribably desirable companion. You wrap a hoof around the back of her head and delicately stroke her mane as you pull away yet again too look her deep in the eyes. You plant a tiny kiss on the tip of her muzzle. You gently nuzzle the side of her face and are surprised to feel a tear wet the tip of your muzzle. You lick her cheek tenderly, lapping her tears away, kissing her cheek several times, taking your time to make sure the passion and love that is boiling over inside you is clearly transcribed on her cheek through every single kiss. Her wings flare out slightly, and you can feel her breathing heavily underneath you, your body rising and falling with every heated breath she takes. You whisper into her ear. Ill never hurt you You let your hot breath cascade onto the top of her head as you gently nibble her ear, feeling her shudder again and moan softly. You kiss the top of her head after nuzzling your way through the tufts of multicolored mane on top of it. You continue this way for several minutes. The tender nuzzling, kissing, touching. This is what Rainbow Dash needs. She needs to see that you are after more than just sex. That you are here for her, and always will be. That Celestia herself couldnt keep you away from her.

This is your second time being intimate with Rainbow Dash. And for the second time, YOUR pleasure is the furthest thing from your mind. Though it is difficult to ignore the pressure building up down below in the most sensitive areas of your body, you force yourself to not be completely overcome by lust. You give every square inch of Rainbow Dashs body tender loving care. You gently kiss along her neck, down onto her chest, suckling and nipping occasionally, hitting all the spots you remember from the night before to get those adorable giggles out of her, and even finding a couple new ones as you go. By the time you reach her belly, the smell of her lust on the air is unmistakable. You inhale deeply through your nostrils and shudder with delight, the psychological high of knowing that you were yet again getting Dash all worked up yet again just from rubbing and touching her body being all the satisfaction you need. You venture even lower than before, letting your muzzle work its way dangerously close to her private parts as you trace the inside of her back left thigh, licking, tickling, kissing, illiciting gasps, moans, and more labored breathing from the mare of your dreams. You work your way slowly all the way to the tip of her tender hoof, kissing it lightly before moving back to her belly. Rainbow Dashs wings flare all the way out underneath her as you yet again come dangerously close to that region just beneath that prismatic tail, which at this point has become limp and slightly damp with her desire. You want nothing more than to take that train all the way south, so to speak, but yet again you resist your lustful urges. You remind yourself, yet again, that there will be time for that later. Right now, you will pleasure her in every other way you can. You gently motion for Rainbow Dash to roll over onto her belly, which she does without saying a word, her eyes closed and a look of sheer pleasure and satisfaction on her face. You straddle her back and drape yourself over her, leaning forward and once again kissing the top of her head, nipping at her ears, softly whispering sweet nothings into them. You slowly work your way down the back of her neck, warming her mane with your steamy breath as you kiss and nip all the way down to the point where her wings meet her body. Her wings are completely flared out. You feel yourself rise and fall rapidly with every breath Rainbow Dash takes. You kiss and nuzzle the area on her back where each wing meets it. You take extra care with her still-injured left wing as you take it between your

hooves and gently knead the rigid, muscly structure as Dash bites her lip and lets out a long drawn-out moan in satisfaction, her whole body shuddering again. You repeat the process with her right wing, stroking, caressing, kneading, kissing your own moans at this point nearly synchronous with hers. You continue adeptly massaging and caressing her wings, her lust and passion building exponentially. For the second time in less than 48 hours, every muscle in Rainbow Dashs body tenses up, she clamps her tail down, and shudders violently as she is powerfully overcome by exquisite pleasure, her shrill whinny piercing the night disturbing many nearby slumbering creatures. You lie next to Rainbow Dash in the middle of the clearing where she had first dazzled you with her skills such a short time ago. She is fast asleep. You gently nuzzle and kiss her, eliciting a couple soft moans from her while she sleeps peacefully curled up next to you. You had only been together for a couple of days, but already your nascent relationship had withstood its first major test, and the bond between you had grown stronger because of it. You shift your body around, cuddling up next to Rainbow Dash closely, you nuzzle her flank and give her cutie mark a little kiss before resting your chin on top of her hindquarters just above it. You feel her do the same, resting her head on top of your hindquarters while simultaneously stretching out a wing over top of your back to shield you from the night air. You smile in unparalleled bliss as softly you whisper I love you, Rainbow Dash.


A Very Special Fireworks Display By: Whipptron

Trixie had always been so confident, so brash, so full of energy. The world was her sandbox and she knew it. In the grade school that you shared, she was the first to get her cutie mark. It was little shock to you when it turned out to be a wand over a moon. The last one to get that particular cutie mark was now one of Princess Celestia's court mages, one of the most magical unicorns in the land. She had lots of friends in high school; most were pulled in by her confidence, others by her talent. You thought she was beautiful. With her silvery, silky mane and her smooth coat the color of the midsummer sky, she had captured your heart, but you never had the confidence to tell her. You felt that if you were just close to her for enough time, if you were a good enough...friend...that she'd reciprocate your affection. You were the best friend she could have had, and though she often took you for granted, the two of you were nigh inseparable. It was Trixie who had helped you find your cutie mark. It was long before you had noticed her beauty; long before your heart pounded in your chest whenever she smiled at you; long before the sultry swaying of her hips as she walked would drive you mad; long before high school, but the two of you had already been friends for years. She, of course, was doing a magic show at the town's summer sun celebration that year. Her act was superb. Lightning and thunder heralded the beginning of her act. Her horn would glisten as she made music with the wind. The earth shook when she stamped her hoof, so strong was her magic it seemed to you. But she needed something to leave the

stage in grand style. Since she always demanded the most of herself, she had to give 100%. By the end of her rehearsal, she had no magic left. With barely enough stamina to walk off of the stage where she would be performing the next night, she collapsed to the ground. You rushed over to her and put your arm around her. That's when she asked you, for the only time you can remember, for help. Early this morning, before dawn, several years since you had graduated from High school, you were up early making Fireworks. It was your profession. Your cutie mark was a colorful rocket with a lit fuse. The way the colors played in the sky, the thrill of the explosion, the raw power of a 16 pounder as it shot miles into the night sky; even the powerful smell of the explosive powder was wonderful. The firework you're working on this morning is very special. "This is the one" you say to yourself, "this is the one that will make my dreams come true." You thought of the very first fireworks you had ever shot off as you build this very special rocket. Trixie's talent show all those years ago had been closed out by your beautiful fireworks. You remember the radiant smile Trixie gave you when she got off the stage as you measure out the rocket's fuse. You set down the tool you were using as you recall the tight hug she gave you. You remember looking past her shoulder up at the fireworks display you had created. You remember what happened next as if it was yesterday. A tingling sensation on you flank, a slight glow, Trixie's excited gasp. That was the night your cutie mark appeared. Trixie hugged you once more, "I'm so happy for you" she whispered into your ear as she squeezed you tight. Your heart skipped a beat, feelings you had never had before awoke inside you that night. You remember how adorable she looked as she looked down and to the right and embarrassedly said "I know how much effort you put into those, I just want to apologize for asking for so much help." "You don't have to." You replied despite your pounding heart "I'll make beautiful fireworks for you anytime" And so Trixie became your fledgling business's first client. Even though you now had hundreds of customers from all over Equestria, Trixie was your first, and you always cut her a special deal.

Your reminiscing is interrupted by a loud and heavy knocking at your front door. You walk out of your workshop and down the hallway even as you still think of beautiful, wonderful Trixie. So occupied was your mind, that you forgot to look through the peephole to see who could be knocking at this early hour of the morning and just open the door. There stood the mare of your dreams, Trixie. Your heart nearly jumps into orbit. She calls you by name so quietly that you can barely hear her. "C...Can I come in?" she asks. You instantly know something is wrong. This isn't the Trixie you know. The Great and Powerful Trixie would say something like "Well I just happened to be in the neighborhood, and I thought I might grace you with my presence." With your heart lodged somewhere around your throat, you smile and nod. She's looking straight down at the ground, her uncharacteristically ruffled mane obscuring her eyes, she can't see you nod. You try to speak, but your mind cannot find the words. A few seconds pass, and she continues to look defeated, not attempting to ask a second time. You know no words will come to you, so you walk out your door, stand next to her, and put your right foreleg around her shoulders. You feel butterflies in your stomach as you touch her finely toned body. Like this, you lead her inside. She continues to say nothing, not looking you in the face as you close the door with a hind leg once both of you are inside. You can tell she's tired and distraught. The part of you that is her best friend overcomes the part of you that is in love with her. "Do you need a place to stay tonight?" you ask. She nods slightly. "I don't have a spare bed, but you can take mine." "I couldn't...I wouldn't... I don't want to impose." She says, still looking away. "C'mon" you say forcefully, you begin to lead her through your 1-story house. She puts up no resistance, nearly dragging her hooves, her head bobbing from fatigue. She must have run all night. Your heart aches for her at the thought of whatever she has been through. You get to your workshop, which easily takes up half the house, and lead the tired Trixie to the small but comfortable bed in the corner. Your bed. You lift the covers aside as she crawls in.

Her magnificent body slid between your sheets. Her beautiful face came to rest on your pillow. You lifted the heavy blanket over her outstretched hind legs, slid it over her round flank, pulled it over her shoulders, and wrapped it around her feminine form. You tucked the blankets beneath her plush belly. By the time you had made sure the object of your affections was comfortable, she was already asleep. You were glad she felt comfortable enough around you to fall asleep so fast, but you couldn't help but wonder what had happened to put her in such a state. Trixie slept all day. You knew she was going to be back in town sometime later this week to restock on fireworks for her travelling show, but you hadn't been expecting her today. So you had been putting the final touches on your 'very special' firework display frantically, hoping to finish before your beloved Trixie woke up. It was done. But there was no way to know if the final rocket, the most important one, would work. You had never made one like this, nopony had. Most fireworks were just meant to explode outward in every direction, creating a colorful burst. This one...this one was meant to make a very specific image dominate the sky for a few brief seconds. Hopefully that will be all you need. Trixie awoke around sunset, a breakfast kept warm by a thick hotplate and a note awaited her. "I'm out in the testing field, come join me when you're done with your breakfast. I've got some very special Fireworks I'm testing today. I think you'll love them!" Trixie knew where your testing field was, the place where you tried out your newest fireworks. Some of your best memories were from there. More beautiful fireworks displays had played out in the sky over that field for your friends than could be counted. More than once, you had been left blackened and singed by some failed rocket. It was always fun, but you hope more than anything else that tonight went smoothly. From behind you, you hear Trixie yell out your name. As she trots up to you she smiles wide. She looks like her usual self again, her luminous mane perfectly styled, no doubt she had found your comb. Her blue coat was silky any free of dirt and sweat. Your heart jumps, and starts beating fast. You had to keep your cool, it was tonight or never.

"Thanks for letting me stay." Trixie says with a blush she walks slowly up to you. You turn away from the fireworks stand you were working on, "You're welcome here anytime...my house I mean, not this field specifically, well, here too, but..." Trixie giggles into her hoof. You pause for a second to regain your composure. "How was your breakfast?" "It was wonderful." She says in a low voice. She closes the short distance between you and nuzzles your neck, a normal greeting between longtime friends, but something was different about this time. You do your best to suppress your deep red blush as she pulls away, and looks you in the face. All thought as to why she had showed up at your house in the wee hours of the morning dissolves away. Your eyes connect. For what must have been just a few seconds, but what felt like an eternity you look into each other's eyes. Your heart feels as if it is trying to escape from your chest. You are the one who breaks eye contact. You don't know how much more of Trixie's beautiful violet eyes you could have taken. "Well" you clear your throat "the display is ready." Trixie seemed excited, she always had enjoyed your fireworks. "This is the newest stuff, most of it is experimental, so why don't we stand back a ways so we don't get blown up like last time." Trixie laughs at your half-joke and begins to lead the way toward the observation post. You carry the primer box, which starts the display, on your back. Trixie stops as soon as both of you cross over the first rolling hill on the way. "Let's watch from here, we're far enough" she says, obviously very excited about seeing your newest display. "Yeah, but if we watch from here, we'll have to look straight up to see it." Her eye lids sink until they're half-closed.

"Then we can just lie on our backs and relax." She lies down on a small patch of short, smooth green grass amongst the tall wild brown grass. It's not quite large enough for both of you to lie down unless you were lying flank to flank, but she beckons you with her foreleg to join her anyway. Nervously, you lay down at the extreme edge of the tiny patch of short grass and sidle up to her. You jump a little when your bodies touch. Trixie wiggles up against you to get as close and comfy as she can. You're both now touching, from your left shoulder to your left flank, you feel Trixie's body. You can feel her breathing, it's fast and deep, You look over at her. She's already looking at you with a confident smirk, and half-closed eyes. You cannot speak. It feels like your whole body is frozen, like her magic gaze had turned you into stone. As you look at each other, you can feel the heat coming off of your blush. No doubt your face is bright red. Even under the moonlight you can see Trixie's cheeks are flushed a bright purple. Her lips open just the slightest bit as if she was trying to say something. Your heart is beating about a million miles a minute. Nervously, instinctively, you reach for the primer box, and not knowing what else to do, flip the primer switch and press the ignite button. A few seconds later the first firework explodes high in the sky, the entire field is dyed a beautiful red by its light. You had prepared over a hundred rockets for this display, a new one going off every few seconds. Every third or fourth one was something completely new you had made for the first time. One explodes into a beautiful gold, then changes to a bright blue, then to red before going dim. Another rocket sends purple stars spiraling away in curly paths when it exploded. Trixie is visibly wowed. You knew what these fireworks would look like. After all, you had spent the better part of the last two weeks painstakingly designing them. What you didn't know is what your beloved Trixie's face would look like when she saw your newest creations. While she watches your fireworks, you watch her. Her smiling, awed face was more beautiful than any firework you could ever make. Trixie looks over at you. The fireworks' loud noises seem to get quieter and quieter until all you can hear is both of your breathing. When you breathed in, she breathed in. When you breathed out, so did she. Your bodies are perfectly

in sync as you look into each other's eyes again. The world outside of your small grassy patch no longer exists. It was just the two of you. Always the confident one she makes the first move. She half rolls over and drapes her left legs over your body. Lying on her side, she closes her eyes, and slowly draws her face nearer to yours. You think your heart couldn't possibly beat any faster. When her lips meet yours, you're proven wrong. Your entire body is overcome with the pleasure of this kiss. You feel her tongue peeking out from between her lips. You open your mouth, and your tongues intertwine. Overcome with passion, you push you left foreleg underneath her heaving chest, and pull her on top of you without breaking your first kiss. When your lips finally separate, she is sitting on your lower belly, her hind legs on either side of your body, her front hooves on your chest. Smiling, she pushes herself back until she is sitting upright. She stretches her back in a reverse arc with her belly forward, and her head back. You lean your neck forward, and nuzzle her chest. She throws her head back, and lets out an audible moan. She leans forward suddenly and steals a second kiss. You offer no resistance. You feel like you're in heaven. BOOM!!!! You are brought back to the real world by the most earth-shatteringly loud explosion you ever heard. The entire field is lit up nearly as bright as day with purple light. Trixie snaps her head away from your mouth in panic, looking straight above in the direction of the noise. Dominating a third of the sky, and brighter than the moon, is the glowing visage of a smiling Trixie set into a bright red heart. A perfect portrait of your beloved, made with a firework, shines brightly over Equestria for just a few brief moments. Most of the firework's stars fade away quickly. The ones that remain spell out "The Great and Powerful Trixie, ruler of my heart" across the sky. It had worked. The 'very special' firework you had been working on for days, the likes of which nopony has ever made, worked. It was the last of the fireworks you had prepared. All was quiet now. There are tears in her eyes as Trixie turns her head back around. A single tear slid down her cheek. In the strongest, calmest tone her shaky voice could muster, she says "You had been planning this? How long?"

"Months, years even. I've loved you for the longest time, but all I've ever been good at is fireworks. That last one was how I was going to tell you." She smiles, but lets out a sob. "I thought you'd only love me if I really was Great and Powerful. Your fireworks were always so amazing." She was crying out loud now, fighting the tears to talk. You lean forward until she is sitting on your hind legs, and you are both upright. You lap her tears away with your tongue. She kisses your neck several times, then pulls back, and looks you in the eyes. "My caravan was destroyed in Ponyville, and I ran all the way here. I just had nowhere else to go. I thought you'd hate me for showing up in the middle of the night." She throws her forelegs around your shoulders, and holds you tight. You wrap your forelegs around her lower back, and pull her into full contact with you, and hug her tightly. She buries her face into where your shoulder meets you neck. "I just" she pauses "I'm not as Great and Powerful as I thought I was, I just can't keep up the act anymore." Suddenly, you regret putting 'The Great and Powerful' into your firework. You think quickly. You kiss her neck, and make your way up to her cheek, kissing every inch of along the way. She pulls her face back. Your lips meet again, briefly. "I love you, Trixie. Not for your title, or your talent, but for who you are. You helped me find who I am, and you were always the friend I could depend on." Trixie blushes and looks down and to the right. You pull a hoof away from her back, and lift up her chin. "I think you're amazing. To me, you'll always be Great and Powerful." Tears well up in her eyes again. Just as you think you've said something wrong she swoops in for a kiss, pushing you back onto your back. She is still crying, but this time, tears of joy and relief. It is the most passionate kiss you had ever felt. No regret, no restraint. Neither of you are worried about impressing the other; you both knew you truly loved each other. No need for more words. Your tongues move about each other's with such speed. You crave each other. The kiss was deep, and long. She moans, even as she kisses you. Her breathing becomes heavy, and she lies flat on top of your body. Her weight over every

inch of your torso feels amazing. The heat of her body as you slide your hooves down to her flank is intense. You feel something stirring between your legs. Trixie's slight jump tells you that she knows as well, but she continues to kiss you. She wants you. You put one hoof behind her head, and the other behind her back, and roll over so that she is on her back. You kiss her neck, and stoke her body with one of your front hooves while the other supports your weight just inches above her heaving, blue chest. You move down, not wanting any part of your mate to go to waste. You let you head meander, kissing her chest, her belly, her legs. Her body is convulsing with pleasure at this point. She can't stand the teasing much longer. You bring your head back up, and kiss her. Her moans are now rhythmic; her eyes roll back into her head. Just a bit more, you think. The area between each of your hind legs is touching, rubbing, sliding. Your hips seem to move by themselves, and hers move to match. Her moans get loud. You reach up with your mouth, and lick her horn from base to tip, and back down again. She cries out in ecstasy, her own private fireworks display playing in her eyes. You kiss her, even as she continues to moan in pleasure. With just foreplay, you had brought the most beautiful mare in Equestria this far. She opened her eyes halfway, and bites her lower lip, and glances downwards. She is ready. The night was long, and you were more tired than you had ever been by the end. Trixie was asleep, with her head lying on the grass next to yours. She had a big, silly, contented grin on her sleeping face, that you were sure matched your own. As she lay on top of you, you dare not move for fear of waking her. She had fallen asleep without even pulling the two of you apart. You felt strangely happy that you would spend the night still within her, and the warmth of her light body on top of yours felt like the best blanket in the world. You wrapped your arms around her back, and held her tight, the warmth of your body heating her from below. The tall brown grass around you keeping the cold night winds away. Deeply happy, you fell into a wonderful contented sleep.


The Day I Derped my Taxes By: Jackle App

You were running as fast as your legs could take you. The dull clopping of hooves hitting pavement filled your ears. Running never really was your thing, you were always more of a laid-back kind of pony, preferring to spectate rather than partake. Your sweat mixed with spit as you dampened the edge of the envelope clenched between your teeth. 'There's still time! 5 'o-clock is the deadline,' you went over the words in your head, 'but after that, all payments will be considered LATE.' The pamphlet from town hall phrased it quite clinically, it didn't really fit the mentality of Ponyville, but then again, it was a federal-tax pamphlet. Your eyes darted across the horizon over the lonely trail leading from the town square to the small Post Office. Being new to Ponyville, finding your way through the city was nigh impossible. Ponies were eager to help a stranger, but the paths weren't always clear. 'I... I made it!' you thought to yourself. You drooped your head outside of the door as the sound of your own panting filled your ears. You weren't about to let your first property tax be late. You reached out a hoof for the door, grinning wide at your mundane accomplishment until... BAM. Blackness.

Your eyes crack open and the azure sky spins around like you're on a carousel. A dull thudding pain enveloped your face growing more and more intense with each passing second. Wet tears welled in your eyes as you bit your tongue in an attempt to stem any over-dramatic outbursts. You peeked through squinted eyes to check if anypony was around. The coast was clear and a wave of information hit you: Judging by the newfound position of the sun, you've definitely missed your 5 o'clock deadline, your first taxes in your new home will be 'Considered LATE', your face hurts really badly, and there's nothing you can do about it. A rare stint of overwhelming weakness takes hold of you as you whimper to yourself. 'How could an okay day turn so awful...?' you sniffle as you try to regain your composure. As you lift yourself up the top of your head hits something soft. You look up just in time to receive a yelp and a vivid blur of gray and yellow. "OW! I BITH MY TONGUE!" The voice is feminine with a strong gritty alto quality to it. It squeaked quite shrilly on the 'Ow' "wha-?" You look up and see a very distraught pegasus pony flapping around a few feet off the ground, gently touching her now red tongue. She was quite a sight to behold to say the least. Her fur was a soothing light gray with 7 off-white bubbles gracing her flank. She whipped around her wispy blond mane in a valiant struggle to undo the pain her injured tongue caused her. Her most significant trait, however, was a pair of brilliant golden eyes, mysteriously skewed skyward and... West at the same time. "Ack! I-I'm sorry!" You stumble over your words as you stumble over your feet as you stand up. "Ow ow ow ow ow!" The young lady pegasus spins around in the air, still clutching her mouth in pain. You raise a foreleg to match your message, "P-Please! Miss... please calm down! I-I didn't mean to hurt you!" You stammer. Your frantic efforts to calm the startled pony seem to take a bizarre effect.

"Oh! Hello!" she chirps happily. Her face instantly mellows and she begins to smile broadly, seemingly oblivious to the pain she was feeling seconds earlier. You realize that she's now staring right at you, at least halfway staring. You step awkwardly towards her, taken aback by her rapid recovery. "Uh... Hi." You try to keep from focusing on one wayward eye and stare carefully back at her. The gray pony floats with almost no effort a few inches away from your snout, still smiling with fervor. "Hello!" she chirps again. "That musta hurt, huh?" She giggles innocently as she tenderly brushes her hoof against your newly blackened eye. You blush at the sudden contact and scoot back a couple steps. "Y-yeah..." you manage to say before trailing off. The pain seemed to melt away at her touch and your senses finally let you focus on the sky-pony floating in front of you. Your cheeks redden further as you take in the endearing beauty of the "odd" pony in front of you. You clear your throat in an attempt to get your train of thought back on its tracks. "H-Hey... is there any chance I could find a drop off slot or something to mail this letter?" Your nervous eyes try to dodge the gray pony's gaze. "I-I think I'm late with my taxes now..." The pegasus' eyes lit up at the sight of the dusty envelope. "MAIL!" She hastily grabbed it out of your mouth, grazing your snout in the process and stuffed it in her brown satchel. "Hey! That's min-" Before you could even protest, she had flown off in a nearly supersonic streak of gray and blond. Your heart dropped and the tears returned to your eyes. This just wasn't your day... Bruised, beaten, besmirched, and burgled. What else could you add to the growing list of falters? You let out a pained sigh and you began to trudge away from the post office, defeated. "HEY! ARE YOU COMING?" that same enchanting voice came calling, laced with bubbly energy. The bouncy mare grabs you by your tail and begins to drag you across the ground towards the rear entrance of the post office.

"What are you doing?! Where are you taking me?!" you yell. She doesn't care to answer as she presses open a door, dragging you inside, her giggling muffled by your tail. The room you were pulled into was dark, musty, and eerily quiet. The pegasus drops your tail and happily hums to herself as she finds the light switch. "Hey hold on now...I feel like we aren't supposed to be in here!" You plead. She turns towards you, letter in mouth, with a look of surprise on her face. She trots over to a desk and spits out your letter. "You just moved here, right?" Her left eye met your gaze. "Oh! Uh, yeah! I did...How did you know?" Her previous look of disbelief grew into an infectious grin. She points to a cute name placard on the desk. It was covered with flower stickers and read "Derpy Hooves - Postmaster" Your mouth drops open. You were overcome with a number of conflicting feelings 'She's the postmaster?', 'I CAN'T BELIEVE MY LUCK, OH MY STARS', 'She would put flower stickers on a federal name placard...', 'She is really pretty...' Her eyes lit up and she began to snicker. "Everything okay? You look kinda silly" You shut your mouth at those words, blushing a bit. She opens a drawer and pulls out a rubber stamp. "WE'RE ALL CLEAR, CAPTAIN!" She ceremoniously stamps your envelope and tosses it into a mail bag labeled "outgoing". You smile wide and prepare to thank her when you suddenly feel a wet warm sensation on your right ear. "I just wanted to tha....n?" you look up to see the gray pony flying cautiously above you licking your ear playfully. "I thought you tasted like strawberries, because you smell sweet!" she manages between licks, "But you're not very sweet tasting!" Your ears fold back in embarrassment and you go beet red. "I... what?!" "You're nice! But you blush a lot! It's funny!" She smiles warmly as she describes you. You shift uneasily where you stand. You've never really felt this type of warmth inside your body before. Nopony's had this kind of effect on you! Yes, she is very pretty! A unique kind of pretty, a beauty that's rare and easily misinterpreted. You test yourself. You give yourself a moment to look away and think. You think of her smile, you

smile at your own thoughts. You stare back at her smiling face, you smile even bigger. How can one pony's smile be so infectious? You're starting to become accustomed to her eyes, scanning the deep golden iris she was blessed with. You hardly even notice how off-center they are. You find yourself lost in them once more as your heart thumps wildly in your chest. "Th-Thank you!" You say with a puzzled confidence. "You're..uh, nice too!" You put on your biggest grin to show that you mean it. You close your eyes confidently and imagine the gray pony's grin growing even larger! Silence sweeps over the room. Did you say something wrong? You peek open one eye to assess the situation. She's gone. For the third time today, your heart drops. 'I'm a fool...' you think to yourself. You were just starting to really understand your own feelings for this enchanting mailpony! Only to blow it shortly after. Suddenly, a telltale rustling of wings behind you causes you to swing around to look at what can only be described as the most pleasant assault of all time. Derpy tackles you to the ground cheering and laughing loudly and before you can even grunt and hit the floor, she happily declares "You think I'm nice! I think you're nice! We're both nice! We're friends now!" She pulls you into a horizontal hug just in time to hit the floor and giggles over your shoulder. You begin to blush more fiercely than ever before. This adorable pegasus is full of surprises. You absently hug her back as your mind processes what's happening. "I-I'd like that!" You sputter out. She pushes herself back and straddles you, happily studying your face. "Oh wow! Hey! I didn't realize you were cute too! Ha!" she nuzzles your nose with hers and sticks out her tongue, gently licking your lips. Your blush grows redder at the sudden intimacy of her gestures. "Derpy... can I be honest with you? If only just for a second?" You nuzzle her nose with yours as you speak. "Yeah! Friends need to be honest with one another! It's like, in the rules or something!" She replies. Your heart races and your hooves sweat as you gently wrap your

forelegs around her back. Everything you've ever experienced is telling you that this is a stupid idea. And your mind agrees, but something tells you to keep going. "I know we just met... albeit a bit "untraditionally"" you begin. She nods happily and looks almost wistful as she reminisces about less than ten minutes prior. "But...truth be told, I think you're really pretty! And kind! And thoughtful!" You shut your eyes tight as you pour out your feelings. "You really helped me out! And I think I'd really like to get to know you better." You're returning her smile at this point. "I know that you said that we were "friends" and all, but I was wondering if we could maybe...uh...go out sometime!" there was no turning back now. The deed has been done, and there was no undoing. All you could do was squeeze your eyes closed and wait for a reply. "Hmmm! Hmm hmm hmm..." You could hear the idea literally ricocheting in the mail-pony's mind. "Aha!" You open your eyes just to meet her gaze, both eyes staring directly into yours. She smiles, this time, a blush adorning her gentle features. "Why wait until sometime! We're here now, aren't we?" She snickers and nuzzles your nose again. "Let's just go out sometime right now!" Your eyes widen at the sudden lucidity in her expression. "R-really?" You begin to tremble with excitement. "'right now' right now?" She nods enthusiastically in response. "OH OH OOOOH! I know where we can go on our date!" You blush at the mention of the word "date", it seems oddly formal for such a recent decision. "I can give you a tour of the post office!" She announces triumphantly. Your eyes derp in a massive pang of confusion. You begin to point out the obvious when you're cut off by a warm set of lips pressed firmly against yours. Your eyes widen and your body goes numb as you melt into her kiss. Your mind asks 'how' 'what' and 'why' as you return her kiss with equal parts passion and confused glee.

No more than a minute later, the kiss is broken as you both gasp for breath. You prepare to ask why that just happened when she shushes you with a tender lick to your cheek. "I really enjoyed our date!" she whispers, nuzzling your cheek as her body relaxes on top of yours. You decide that some questions are better left un-asked as you pull her close. "Me too, Derpy. Me too."

"By the way, sorry for hitting you with that door!"


A Cooldown Session By: Noby

"You WHAT?" Applejack is surprised to say the least. Dash is less so, but her mouth is also slightly agape. She's the first to regain her composure. A grin appears on her and she laughs. "You heard the colt, AJ! He wants us to coach him!" she says. "And can you blame him? I AM the most awesome pony around!" her hoof slides around your shoulder, and your body tingles a little. After all, you ARE in the presence of two of the most attractive mares in Ponyville. Applejack still seems a bit unsure. "Ah dunno, Dash... It's mah responsibility to make sure all them apples are down by season's end." "Aw, come on, AJ! You can leave early if you wanna! Just help this guy out a little! A favor to a mutual friend!" Dash squeezes your cheeks between her hooves, giving you a positively ridiculous look. Applejack frowns, but finally gives in with a sigh. "Awlright, fine. But just for a teensy bit." Dash's grin spreads to a size that could be called creepy by some. "Sweet! This is gonna be SO awesome!" she declares, pumping a hoof into the air. You feel a chill run down your spine, and one or two regrets begin to surface in your mind. You DID just ask the adrenalin junkie to coach you and make you stronger... A few hours later, your breath is ragged, your legs ache, and your brain is pounding inside your skull. The rocks in your saddlebags weigh what seems to you like a ton, and the idea of some water has never been so attractive. This whole shebang may not have been the best idea...

"Come on! You can do better than that!" Rainbow Dash's voice urges you on despite the weariness in your limbs. She wears a white headband on her forehead. She's really getting into the whole 'coach' role. "C'mon, sugarcube! You can do it! Ah'm sure of it!" Applejack says from ahead of you, juuuust beyond your reach... You can't give up now. It was you, after all, who asked them to coach you. You run forward, the adrenalin in your system giving you endurance beyond your normal reach. The rocks in your bags weigh, yes, but your pride is far heavier. That endurance training sure is grueling... "Alright. Four minutes, 30 seconds with full weight. Not bad! That's good for now! I don't want you tearing off a leg or anything..." Dash declares, landing in front of you. You begin to protest, but Applejack shoves her hoof into your mouth. "Be quiet and obey yer teacher. I don't want no darn tootin' complaints here, got it?" she asks, staring you in the eye. You nod slowly. She DOES have very pretty eyes... She notices your stare and looks away, at the slowly lowering sun. "Gosh darnit," she mutters angrily. "Ah gotta get back to the orchard. Ah'll be seein' y'all later!" she shouts over her shoulder, already on her way to Sweet Apple Acres. You weakly wave to her, then look to Rainbow, who's looking after her with a disappointed look on her face. The pegasus glances at you and smiles. "Alright, kid. Take off those saddlebags. I challenge you to a race!" she proclaims, taking off her white headband and letting her mane fall on her forehead again. Your heart races a little, and it isn't because of the grueling exercise. She lands next to you and waves a hoof in your face. "Hey! Hey, you in there?" You blink and nod, your tongue tied. Dash grins confidently. "Heh. I haven't even begun, and you're already dazzled by the awesomeness!" she says, before getting into the standard racing position. You drop your bags and get beside her. She raises her rump in the air, ready to dash off ahead. Your eyes get drawn to her flank, going over her cutie mark, then tracing the shape of her rump. She glances behind herself and grins, narrowing her eyes.

"Like what you see?" she asks, and you look away, a huge blush on your face. Dash looks ahead, a huge grin still plastered on her face. "Readysetgo!" she shouts, having shot forward at 'set'. You blink, and run after her, but of course have a huge disadvantage. Your limbs feel much lighter, but they still burn. You feel some pride in that you begin to gain some on her, with the adrenalin aiding you. You realize she's barely going at a quick trot, and your wounded pride makes you rush forward. Such is your thrill; you don't notice the stump in your path. You fall head over heels, tumbling across the ground and skidding to a rest. You hurt surprisingly little, maybe because of your tired limbs, or the soft dirt. Whatever it is, it feels good to just rest face down on the dirt... An idea forms in your head and you grin. A soft clopping sound approaches you. "Hey, you okay?" Dash asks. You grab her leg and flip her over, pinning her down with a grin. She laughs as she struggles a little. "Hey, let me go!" she says in between giggling and laughing, all the while struggling playfully with you. Then, while trying to get a better position, your knee brushes against her groin. Her eyes widen, her face goes red, and a small 'eep!' escapes her lips. You blush a little, realizing what this must look like to anybody watching. Dash looks up at you, still blushing. You let go of her front hooves and cradle her face gently. Her blush and yours intensify as you draw her closer until your lips meet. Her tongue slips past them and gently pushes against yours, initiating a brief battle for dominance which seems like pure, utter heaven to you. A very soft moan escapes her as you break the kiss. She looks up at you before you lean over and very softly kiss her cheek, then the point where her neck meets her jaw. Your kisses trace her soft, rounded jawline in the most loving of manners until you reach her chin. She closes her eyes and leans her head back, exposing her soft neck, groaning in pleasure at your ministrations.

You gently, caressingly brush your lips against the tender skin of her throat, feeling her ragged, moaning breaths pass through it. Your arms are busy as well. They are around her, rubbing her strong wings as they stretch to their full length, a rigidness unlike any you've ever felt in them. Her back legs wrap around you as your attentions continue. You lick at the side of her neck, causing a particularly shuddering moan to emerge from between her lips. You stop your kissing and licking of her neck, much to Dash's protest, but you grasp her front foot and kiss the spot where her hoof meets her leg. Her eyes widen as you slowly kiss and stroke your way up her beautiful leg, finally coming to rest on her shoulder, which you gently massage as your mouth moves up, over her neck, past her jawline, and to her lips again. This time the kiss is much more aggressive. Her tongue pushes roughly against your own, and you push back. Now she's the one to break the kiss, panting heavily, her eyes lidded, her body shuddering. Your belly is pressed against hers, your chest against hers. Her every breath makes your body move. Her every gasp and pant makes your whole body yearn for more. For more contact, more closeness, more of her body, more of HER. You dive into her neck once more. Kissing, licking, groaning into it with passion, with ecstasy. Dash's head rolls back as she lets you get to work, her rainbow mane falling past her splayed wings. You snake an arm around her, hugging her close to you, and you begin stroking her wings. She moans loudly, almost a scream, and you silence her with a quick kiss, into which she moans as well. She breaks it again, and pants heavily as you hold her close. Then she flips you over, laying you on the ground, and begins to kiss your ear, gently nipping and nibbling on it. You shudder in pleasure as she rubs her body against yours, her hoof caressing your face. Her mouth lowers, now kissing the hollow beneath your jaw. Her tongue drags along YOUR jawline, reaching your chin. She nibbles on your lower lip before kissing you, shoving her tongue into your mouth and firmly pinning down yours.

Then her other hoof begins to rub your belly, sliding in between the two torsos. Your body rubs involuntarily against hers, your tongue wrestles with Dash's, attempting to determine the winner. Your own arm slides back to playing with her wings, feeling the feathery texture, their rigidness, their strength. She screams in pleasure, only partly muffled by your mouth. You break the kiss, and Dash, well, dashes to your neck. She licks at your throat, then begins to descend, down to your shoulder. "What in tarnation are you doin', Rainbow Dash?" Your lover freezes up, ad you do as well, when you hear Applejack's voice. Dash looks up, chuckling nervously. "Hehe... AJ, didn't you have to help with the farm?" she asks, sitting up straight, a hoof rubbing the back of her head. You feel awkward, being straddled by Dash like this. Applejack certainly doesn't look happy with this. "Rainbow Dash! Ah really thought better of you!" her voice is accusing, to say the least. She storms over to the two of you... then shoves off Rainbow Dash. "Colts don't like it when you get all strong-armed on them! Ya gotta do it more like this!" she yells, before kissing you on the lips, very softly. Your eyes widen, as your brain races to figure out, WHAT THE HAY IS GOING ON?! Dash glares at Applejack before pushing past her. "Yeah?! Well, he seemed to like THIS just fine!" she declared, before going back to kissing and licking your neck. Applejack emerges from the kiss and glares at Dash , before nipping your ear, maybe a little too hard. Rainbow Dash looks up, a confident smirk growing on her face. "What's wrong, AJ? Think you'll fall behind?" she asks challengingly. The yellowmared pony's nostrils flare, and she kisses you fiercely, while her hoof slides down very quickly, down below your chest, down your stomach, heading for-

HOLY MANURE! Your eyes widen, and your arm shoots out, taking her hoof. You break the kiss, and lick the hoof. Applejack's face breaks into a blush at your attentions. Then Rainbow Dash tackles both of you into a heaving, twisted ball. You don't know whose neck or belly you lick, whose hoof you massage, whose lips you kiss. All you know is you are in heaven. A few minutes later, you're all untangled, and both Dash and Applejack are laughing contentedly. You, on the other hand, are completely spent, and choose to lie down for a moment before your racing heart gives out. "Oh, man. That wasn't awesome. That was twenty percent cooler than awesome!" Dash proclaims, pumping both hooves into the air. "Sure was! That was one good darn tootin' cooldown!" Applejack agrees. You groan a little. THAT was no cooldown. "Still, I feel like I could've done it by myself," Dash mentions, touching her own chest with a hoof proudly. Applejack snorts and waves a hoof dismissively. "Please, sugarcube. AH'M the one who got him all excited and stuff!" Dash narrows her eyes and flies a little into the air. "What? It was all me! You just jumped in at the last minute!" she accused, her hoof pointing at Applejack, who rolled her eyes. "You don't agree, sugar? I can prove it for ya," she says, advancing toward you while Dash crosses her arms over her chest. You groan inwardly. No cooldown for you, it seems


Backstage Pass By: Coffeebean

Youve been waiting months for this concert. As a journalist for the leading music magazine in Equestria, Cantering Rock, you have a passion for meeting some of the biggest names in music and bringing their opinion, ideas and dreams to the everyday ponies of the nation. The gig that you are on your way to is at a huge nightclub along the outskirts of Canterlot a fairly long way from your original home in Ponyville and youve been staying at the Crimson Stallion Hotel in a five star suite paid for by your employers. The artist youre hoping to speak to tonight is none other than the infamous DJ P0n3, also known as Vinyl Scratch. The white unicorn filly is notoriously hard to meet with, having an almost legendary dislike of the media and of journalists in general, but youve been given a back stage pass by your superiors and hope to be able to sneak into her dressing room for an interview. As you approach the back door of the club it becomes pretty obvious that youre not the only journalist hoping to get an interview with the elusive celebrity. Deciding that you have no chance, you walk around back to the front entrance of the club and wave the press pass around your neck at the two large Earth Ponies acting as bouncers. They let you through, much to the chagrin of the trendy young fillies and colts queuing for several blocks. As you enter the venue, you can hear the music of the warm up act filtering through the large doors ahead of you. The doors swing open just as the act finishes, two masked colts bowing before the audience and leaving the stage.

The lights dim as you find a spot at the back of the cavernous black-walled room and pull a notebook and pencil from your saddlebag. Seeing a high table nearby, the sort usually used to hold drinks, you relocate there and place the notebook on it, holding the pencil between your teeth and scribbling down the date and location. Suddenly the lights on the stage blaze a blinding white as Vinyl appears, rearing before a light and casting a shadow over the front rows of ponies. You can see her clearly from your vantage point, her trademark purple lensed goggles over her eyes, streaks of electric blue contrasting against the darker navy blue of her mane and tail. As she drops back to four hooves, an image of her cutie mark appears on the screen behind and she trots over to the record deck that her warm up act had also been using. You remember from having read her profile back at the office that she tends to try and give her supporting artists a bit of popularity by first performing a remix of one of their songs and sure enough her horn glows, raising the previous record and placing it on the deck before her. She chooses one of her own and puts it on the adjacent turntable and they begin to spin. The familiar tune of Derezzed begins to flow out of the speakers causing an almost visible euphoria to erupt in the crowd cheering for the song with a noticeable P0n3 twist. Scribbling furiously as you watch the star, trying to note her style and technique for the magazine, you glance up at her, almost certain you can see yourself in the reflection of those goggles despite being close to a hundred meters away... As the first track ends, you see her smile as she launches into her own music, whilst you frantically make notes about how every track she produces is unique, never being reproduced at a live event. In your notes you begin to wonder what her special ability is and circle the suggestion that she is in fact a complete musical genius. Your eyes still occasionally flicking up at her, you can see her smiling in the full enjoyment of seeing so many ponies enjoying her work yet you still feel like youre being watched, she must surely have noticed that youre the only colt not throwing themselves around to the beat. Pencil still hanging from your lips you simply stare at the disk jockey as she nears the end of her set. As her last song approaches, you decide to return to the back door of the club, waiting for the artist to leave amongst the other reporters.

A long black carriage sporting Scratchs cutie mark is pulled opposite the doors. Five more minutes pass before the doors themselves burst open and two huge earth ponies, easily a good three hands taller than you, appear with the young unicorn between them. Barging their way through, her bodyguards force a channel through the sea of fans and journalists, Scratch suddenly stops, looking you dead in the eye through the crowd. You gulp as she nudges one of her bodyguards and whispers in his ear; the huge pony looking at you with the dull eyes of a horse with a short temper and very little sleep. He plods towards you, almost walking over the ponies in front of you, a startled Pegasus taking to his wings; the giant lowers his head to your ear and speaks in a deep and monotonic voice. Ms. Scratch saw you at the concert. She would like to have a word with you. You are to get in her carriage. He promptly turns and guides you through the crowd to the door of the limousine before placing a hoof on your head to prevent you from banging it as you enter. Inside you realize that youre alone with the white unicorn, her simply staring at you, unnerving you. As the limo travels, you wonder if you should try and speak to her, her eyes beneath those goggles penetrating you and causing your heart to beat slightly faster as you struggle between fight and flight instincts. The carriage comes to a halt and she motions for you to follow her, still silent. It turns out that the carriage has pulled around the back of a large building to try and avoid any sort of attention from the media. The two of you enter an elevator and step out again on the very top floor the penthouse of the hotel. You gasp, the sharp intake of air causing your companion to crack a slight smile before returning to her silent emotionless gaze. She takes a seat, folding her legs beneath her and continues staring at you. Still feeling slightly threatened by this incredibly famous mare, you copy her, sitting across from her. Five minutes pass with you both staring at each other before she sighs. Not nice is it? She asks, her voice gentle yet firm with a heavy tone of displeasure. I dont appreciate being gawked at, especially whilst Im working. You completely threw my second and third tracks; its a good job for you that the fans didnt notice.

You look at the floor ashamed, not realizing that you could well have ruined the event. Following the pattern of the thick white and grey rug that youre both laying on, your eyes eventually meet Vinyls fur without you realizing, you blush and look straight down again. She eventually speaks up once more. Let me see what youve written about me then. She says, slightly less harshly than her first sentence to you but still with a slight angry twang. You lift the flap of your saddlebag before her magic lifts the notebook out and over to her. Reading your name from the front of the book, one of her eyebrows rises slightly. So, youre the one from Cantering Rock. I read your article about Pies & Roses a couple of months back, it was a fair piece of work - Rose is completely insane yet you managed to bring that out as a good thing for his creativity, definitely better than what Ive read about him and others in that rag the Enquirer. Most new artists dont even get off of the ground because of the damn media deciding how ponies should express themselves to fit into their little cliques. Your ears prick at the recognition for your work and you raise enough courage to look at her. Her goggles still obscure her eyes, but youre sure you can see the outline of her pupils tracing your words as she flicks through the book looking for her entry, she stops for a moment, You know, you should start interviewing the opening acts too. They need just as much love as us established artists I can set you up with Daft Pony sometime, heck, I used to be involved with the lead guitarist from Applestein until he became a total clover addict, so I can get you in with them too. She then continues to flip through the book, eventually stopping. Your heart begins to pound as she reads your notes, a knot forming in the pit of your stomach and easing slightly when you see her crack a grin, So, you noticed that I like to help out the openers. Thats good. She continues to silently read, you secretly hope that she will stop before she reaches the part about... Musical genius? Scratch says; her slightly cold voice an octave higher than before, a slight pink appearing on her cheeks. She continues reading until the end of the page and then sets the book down next to you, bringing the pencil out from your bag.

What can I say? Youve impressed me. Im guessing youve been sent to try and get an interview? her cold tone reappearing. You reply saying that you were originally sent to get one, but chose to write a documental piece instead, an analysis of her techniques. She sighs, obviously not impressed at the slightly stretched truth. This is why I cant stand journos. You think we cant tell the horse apples? If you want to ask questions just ask them. Its not like you were just invited up here for me to mock you. Mouth slightly open in mild shock, you slowly lean around to your bag once more and pull out a sheet of paper with questions from fans of hers that have written into Cantering Rock asking about their idol. Your first question comes from an eight year old fan from your home town, simply asking what colour Vinyls eyes are. She lets out a slight laugh, her voice a little warmer at the thought of such a young fan wanting to know something so different from the usual questions about sexual preference or dietary routines and fashions. She looks at you again before levitating the pencil and notebook over to her, a grin turning the edges of her mouth upwards. You know what? I think Im going to make you work for your interview. Come over here, I want you to nuzzle and kiss my neck. Do a good enough job and off the goggles come. Got me? You nod and shakily rise to your feet, seeing the diva before you grinning once more as you place hoof after hoof, approaching her slowly. You sit at a right angle to her and slowly lean in, rubbing the top of your snout against her jawbone, before gently kissing from behind her ear, over the straps of the goggles and down her neck to her shoulder. Cmon, put some feeling into it. She says bluntly, tilting her head to allow you better access. This time you start a little further around, from her shoulder kissing upwards in a trail using a little more force just enough to move her fur and skin under the pressure of your moistened lips, noticing a flavour similar to mint on her white fur, smelling blueberries as your nose gets closer to her mane. This seems to have the desired effect as she arches her

neck as far as she can to give you more room, obviously enjoying the sensation. You reach the bottom of her neck again and nuzzle her, able to feel a slight moisture on her coat from the light layer of saliva on your lips. Thats better. She sighs, unfolding a hoof from beneath her casually flipping the goggles over her horn and from her head altogether with it. She turns to face you revealing the most amazing pair of violet coloured eyes you have ever seen, you lean in again and return to kissing her neck before being interrupted. So... Next question? She asks, despite enjoying the feeling of your breath against her skin, her neck arched like before, but her body pressing against you. You mumble something about a pony from Trottingham wondering if she dyes her mane, still lost in the gentle spearmint scent of her coat. She pulls away from you and flops her blue mane over to your side, the streaks blending together with movement. Play with my hair and youll find out. She sighs once more. You begin to nuzzle at her mane, whilst massaging her neck using your hoof. Seeing that the colour reaches all the way down to her skin, you consider that mystery solved and gently nibble at her ears, receiving a gentle moan of approval from the filly. You pull away momentarily to check the list and then ask her your next question as you continue rubbing her neck, asking about how often the visits the gym. Without warning, she rolls onto her side, almost causing you to lose your balance and lazily waves a hoof at you. Starting to get the idea, you take the manicured foreleg between your own hooves and begin to run them up and down, feeling her toned musculature through her silky white coat and pressing firmly to massage the muscle. She moans again, you notice her pupils getting larger as you once again gaze into those eyes. You lean in close to kiss the pad at the sole of her hoof before being stopped. Not a chance. Those are ticklish. Do the other leg. She orders, snatching her leg away and replacing it with the other. You repeat the process, hearing Vinyls breathing become heavier as her arousal deepens. Taking this as a hint, you slowly and without protest roll the unicorn onto her back, massaging her chest as you kiss down her sternum, her toned white stomach heaving up and down as she breathes deeply.

You think about finding another question to ask her before seeing the top of the list poking out from beneath her rump and decide to let her choose when she wants to be given another. Working your way back up and placing your hooves either side of her head, you stare into her eyes before lowering your snout to hers, your lips meeting slightly parted in a lingering kiss. Evidently wanting more, Vinyl wraps her forelegs around your neck and pulls herself up to you, deepening the kiss, her tongue just gently probing at your own. The pair of you roll, placing her now on top, Vinyl using gravity to her advantage and pressing closer against you. Completely forgetting about your assignment now, youre surprised at how strong the small unicorn actually is, unable to remove her legs from around your neck and still enjoying the more intense mint flavour of her tongue. She pulls away, her mane dangling almost like a veil and encapsulating the two of you, you realise that your hooves had been massaging her cutie marks and flanks as you had been kissing, the young mare seemingly impressed with your work. To your slight shock she unwraps her legs from around you and stands upright, her half closed eyes flicking to the huge waterbed through double doors in the hotel room. Grinning like maniacs, the two of you wander in, throwing the doors closed... You wake up alone in the morning, its close to two oclock in the afternoon and you begin to feel used. Realising that you were probably nothing more than a groupie to her, a single tear runs down your cheek as you pull yourself out of the bed; fully remembering the activities of the night before, the beautiful musician who had seduced you now gone without a trace, or so you think. As you head to the elevator, you see your saddlebag, notebook and the list of questions with your pencil placed neatly beside them. Flicking through the notebook to Vinyls interview, you find all of the questions answered by an obviously fully satisfied disk jockey along with a personal note at the end;

Hey. Im sorry that I wont be here when you wake up, I have another gig tonight and we need to make tracks to get to New Colt City on time for setup and sound check. I really enjoyed being with you last night, but you need to leave Cantering Rock. I want you to be my permanent publicist and the editor for a project Ive been thinking about for some time that I call New Music in Equestria. Cantering Rock can have last nights interview; Im hoping youll find your way to NCC tonight for the second of many? Dumbbell and Squat-lift will be around to pick you up at three PM and I think there is a dragon in the lobby who can send your notes to Cantering Rock. Love, VS.

You smile deeply at the note whilst hastily scribbling a resignation for your boss at Cantering Rock, before taking the elevator down to the lobby and sending it. As you leave the building once again, youre met by the two huge stallions that take you to your musical genius.


Wing Relief By: Blinky

It's a sunny summer afternoon in Ponyville. You've decided to go see how Fluttershy's doing. While walking on the road leading to her house, you hear whooshing next to you. "Hey, what's up?" You look left and right, but don't see any pony around. "Over here!" You look up and see Rainbow Dash floating over you. She's full of energy. "Are you going to see Fluttershy?" She asks. You tell her you are. "Cool, so am I. Angel woke me up when I was taking a nap. It took me a while to get his motioning, but it seems like Fluttershy has a problem and she needs help with it. Let's go check it out!" Dash says and flies forward faster than you could ever run. You decide it's useless to race her and keep walking at your usual pace. You arrive at Fluttershy's house. Fluttershy is standing on her yard, looking even more timid than usual. Her wings are standing up still, even though she's firmly footed on the ground. You greet her. "H-hello." She mutters while looking away from you. "Fluttershy's acting weird, don't you think?" Dash asks. You ask Fluttershy what's wrong. "Ummmm... You see... M-my wings, they... I... Eep!" She's too nervous to get any words out of her mouth.

"Geez, calm down. Take a deep breath and tell us the whole story, alright?" Dash says. Fluttershy takes a deep breath, puffing up her cheeks with air. She breathes out, looking a bit calmer. She starts explaining what happened in the morning. "I was in the forest near the road leading out of Ponyville. I was doing my usual walk to see if all the animals were doing well. I was about to cross the road when I saw somepony walking out of Ponyville. I hid behind a tree so he wouldn't see me. I peeked out to see who it was. I didn't know him, but he looked so handsome. He was a brown earth pony with a blond mane. His hooves looked so strong and that flank, oh my! I just couldn't take my eyes off of him." Fluttershy blushes as she describes him. She still sounds nervous, but it's easier for her to talk once she gets started. She isn't looking either of you in the eye, choosing to look in the space between you and Dash instead. She continues her story. "I was admiring him when my wings flared up on their own. When they stood up completely, I couldn't move them anymore. I panicked and ran back to my house. They've been like that since. They feel so stiff and uncomfortable. This hasn't happened before and I just don't know what to do! Oh, this is so embarrassing!" Fluttershy ducks and covers up her eyes with her hooves. Dash shakes her head in disbelief "I knew you were naive, but I didn't think you were THAT innocent. I could relieve her by myself, but why don't I let you have some of the fun?" She smirks and looks at you. "Just follow my instructions. You get her left wing, I'll get her right." You move next to her left wing. Her yellow wing is pointing straight up and is very still. "Fluttershy, lie down and relax. You'll feel much better soon." She puts her back hooves under her and lies on her belly. Her front hooves are still in front of her eyes, as she's too embarassed to look at anything, "I-is this going to hurt?" She asks. "Nah, it might feel a bit weird at first but you'll enjoy it soon enough." Dash assures her.

"O-okay. I'm scared, but I'll be a brave pony. Anything to make those weird stiffy wings go away." Fluttershy whimpers. "Grab the top of the wing and stroke it horizontally. Start slowly so she can get used to it." You reach at the top of her wing. They look longer than usual as they're standing straight up. Fluttershy moans a bit as you touch her delicate wing. Its top layer feels fuzzy, but underneath it it's hard as a rock. You slowly stroke from left to right near the round ends of her wing. Her breathing is getting a bit faster. "How does it feel, Fluttershy?" Dash asks. "It's weird. It doesn't hurt, but it feels so sensitive. Please be gentle." She answers. "Alright, press harder now. She can handle it." You press her wing with more force than before. She gasps at your touch. You ask her if she's okay. "Y-yeah. I was just surprised; I've never felt quite like this before. Please go on." You keep working on her wing. She's calmed down quite a bit. Her front hooves are now in a resting position, although she's still keeping her eyes closed. Despite her nervousness, she's enjoying the experience. Her cheeks have gotten redder than before, her breathing is faster and she's taking shorter gasps than usual. You stroke her wing in a rhythmical motion. "Haah, haah, haah. My head feels so light. It feels like I'm floating in the sky. I'm not going crazy, am I?" Fluttershy asks in a dreamy voice. "Nah, you're fine. Just take it easy, nothing's going to go wrong." Dash assures her. "Move to the lower part of the wing, it's more sensitive." You begin stroking the base of her wing. Fluttershy starts moaning louder, lost in waves of pleasure. Her wings aren't completely still anymore, they're shaking a bit. "She's getting close to the climax. I'll join you too." Dash strokes her right wing much like you do. Her hoof confidently slides left and right at Fluttershy's other side. Dash is blushing a bit herself as she works on Fluttershy's wing. Having both of her wings fondled at the same time is making her feel even more intense. Fluttershy's small form looks cute, as she wallows in pleasure. Her wings are shaking harder and harder.

"Haaaa, haaaa, haaa, I... haaaa I... haaaa..." She's trying to say something, but she's too excited to get any words out. Her moans sound so sweet. "Let's finish this. Stroke faster!" Dash says. You speed up the pace of your strokes. Fluttershy can't take it anymore. Her wings shake fast as she moans in ecstasy. Her wings fold back into her side as she lets out a sigh of relief. Her cheeks are bright red and she has a satisfied look on her face. "Thank... you..." She says and falls asleep looking content. "Problem solved!" Dash says. "Man, those wings don't go down easily on their own. Good thing we were around to relieve her. That stiffness gets annoying fast." She lies down next to Fluttershy. "Knowing her, she would've been panicking in the house on her own all day if Angel hadn't helped her out. Think I'll continue that nap he interrupted. Wanna join us?" You lie down next to Dash and fall asleep under the warm sunlight.


Resonance By: AG
"That was an incredible practice session, the mint green Unicorn says enthusiastically as you both set down your instruments - you, a clarinet; and she, an antique lyre - on her living room table. "Doesn't look like you'll be going anywhere for a while, Lyra says, nodding towards the window to indicate the violent, unscheduled thunderstorm now raging outside. "I guess even Dash screws up now and again," she says, flashing you a goofy grin and jumping up from the couch, heading for the kitchen. "You want a drink or something?" she calls back over her shoulder, but disappears from view before you actually have a chance to answer. You shrug to yourself, writing it off as the occasional bout of eccentricity that Lyra can be prone to. Lyra is Ponyville's most prominent and talented musician, willing to tackle everything from scoring plays for the town's drama society all the way down to entertaining at a Cute-ceanera. Although you haven't been in Ponyville long, you've already developed a deep respect for her talents, and can't help but feel that they're being wasted in this backwater setting.

With her skill, not to mention her beauty, it isn't difficult to imagine Lyra becoming one of the greatest musicians in Equestria, regularly performing for Princess Celestia herself. That future doesn't seem to be in the cards, however, as Lyra is devoted to Ponyville and the life she's built here. You can hardly blame her for that, as you feel quite the same way yourself despite the fact it's barely been a year since you found yourself in the quaint little town - indeed, in Equestria itself. You were something of an amateur musician back home, and upon discovering this Lyra became intensely interested in joint practice sessions to find out more about music where you'd come from. The sessions had very quickly become something of a weekly ritual for you both - her, because Ponyville had so few musically inclined citizens to "talk shop" with; and you, because almost any regularity after the massive upheaval your life had suffered was welcome. Regardless of your initial reasons for agreeing to the sessions, however, you'd quickly grown to enjoy them as much as she appeared to; and your admiration for her talent had continued to grow exponentially over the past year. Appreciation of her beauty had come sometime later, sneaking up on you in such a way that you hadn't even been aware of it until it had become a ridiculously strong infatuation. You hoped it was due primarily to her personality being so compatible with yours and this probably was the case - but you couldn't deny that you'd also grown to see some physical appeal to her velvety, mint green coat, adorably expressive tangerinecoloured eyes, and beautifully styled hair and mane. Your inner musings are interrupted as Lyra returns from the kitchen, a smoking flagon and two rather large mugs floating in her wake, suffused with gravity-defying telekinetic energy. She settles back onto the couch and smiles conspiratorially as the larger of the two mugs sets itself down in front of you. She indicates the flagon with a nod, "You ever try this stuff? It's kinda the unofficial specialty of Sweet Apple Acres."

You shake your head while eyeing the flagon warily as it floats between both mugs, filling each to the brim with a viscous, dark-orange beverage that still appears to be smoking slightly. You glance up at Lyra, your jaw dropping when you find she's already drained her mug and is in the process of refilling it. She cocks an eyebrow at your lack of progress and intones in a rather bored-sounding voice, "it won't bite, you know," breaking into giggles, "well, not too much, anyway." You decide to throw caution to the wind and see where this is going; Equestria is where you're likely to spend the rest of your life, anyway, so why not make the most of it? Grasping the mug, you throw your head back and empty it of cider in one go. You realize immediately after that this may not have been the best decision, as it seems that Big Macintosh's cider is more closely related to Absinthe than any kind of cider you're familiar with. Coughing and wheezing, you consider running to the kitchen (or out into the storm) to try and find water to quell the flames you're sure must be rising up your throat. "That's more like it," Lyra exclaims with gusto, using her telekinesis to refill both mugs - is she on her third already?! "I probably should've warned you it has a bit of a kick at first, if you aren't used to it. That should go down easier, though," she says, indicating your refilled mug. After recovering from your coughing fit - though you're sure your dignity hasn't yet recovered - you can already feel the initial effects of the cider; you feel pleasantly warm, and lightheaded. With more enthusiasm, you down half of your refilled mug - and, as Lyra promised, this time it doesn't feel as if you've swallowed a nuclear furnace. In fact the taste is quite excellent, now that you've gotten used to it; definitely a Sweet Apple Acres quality product - albeit, an unadvertised one.

Two hours, three flagons, and even more mugs of cider later, you've taught Lyra your entire repertoire of drinking songs - and exhausted them. Night has fallen outside, but the thunderstorm rages on, stronger than ever. By now you've moved from your chair to sit beside Lyra, who's shifted a slouching position that you don't even think can be anatomically possible for a pony. You've seen her sit like this a few times before, however, when she's been extremely relaxed; and you can't deny that its more than a little cute, however she manages it. The two of you have spent the last little while toasting virtually everything in and out of sight, and some things you're quite sure probably don't exist, although they no doubt appreciated your toast regardless. You panic briefly when nothing else seems to present itself as a subject for one of your increasingly magnanimous toasts, but at that moment you're struck by what feels like divine inspiration and thrust your mug upwards, oblivious to the bit of cider that just sloshed over the side into your lap... ... 'To Ms. Lyra," you solemnly begin, slurring your words slightly, "the most beautiful and talented pony in all of Equestria!!!" For another few moments you remain extremely proud of your toast, certain with every fiber of your being that ifs the most profound statement you've ever made. After another few moments, once your cider-addled brain has had time to process the toast more completely, you're gripped by a cold panic. The full implications of what you said fall into place like tumblers in a lock and you start sweating as if you'd just run a full marathon. You glance over at Lyra nervously, but to your surprise she doesn't have the horrified expression you were expecting - in fact she doesn't even look that surprised. She blushes somewhat, though, and repeats "the most beautiful and talented in all Equestria?" She giggles, "I think you might be exaggerating just a bit, but it's still sweet of you to say so." Your mind is still working too sluggishly for you to entirely process what's going on here, but you recognize the fact that you haven't been ejected out into the storm is probably a good sign.

Lyra grins at you - almost predatorily - and changes position the so that she's now slouching against the arm of the couch, stretched out along its length with her hind legs resting squarely on your lap. "It is nice to know how you really feel," she goes on, "though I have to admit I've kind of suspected it for a while now with the way I'd catch you looking at me sometimes." She must've noticed the terrified expression that you're sure is plastered all over your face by now, because winks and says, "you don't have anything to worry about, though. I feel the same way." And with those words from her, the tension in your gut finally relaxes and you begin breathing easily again. Lyra nods down towards her legs, still resting across your thighs, "think you could help a pony out? My hooves are killing me after being out-and-about earlier today." She flashes you another grin as she raises her left leg up in the air to hover at eye level. You gulp audibly at her directness, but proceed to grasp her leg and begin to massage the tender sole of her hoof, kneading it gently with your thumbs as you use your index and middle fingers to trace around her coronary band. Risking a glance over at her face you see that Lyra is now completely relaxed, leaning back with her eyes closed. The only sounds in the room now are her breaths, coming slow and deep, and the sound of the rain hammering against the window of her living room. With Celestia's sun long since set, the only source of light for the room is now a lowburning fire in the grate... how did the atmosphere in here become so romantic without your noticing? Surely you hadn't had that much to drink... "mmm... don't stop now," Lyra mumbles contentedly, "you're great at this. Hehe, I guess those hand things of yours really are pretty useful sometimes. Can't blame Dash for dating that gryphon a few years back, even if she did turn out to be a jerk in the end," she finished, giggling slightly. Silently cursing yourself for getting distracted and being inattentive to the adorable unicorn in front of you, you resume the massage with enthusiasm.

Disregarding a slight ring in your ears which seems to have been getting stronger over the past few minutes - no doubt a side-effect of the insanely strong cider from earlier - you slowly work up the leg, giving each area your undivided attention... fetlock, hock, and paying special attention to working the tension out of the strong muscles in her upper leg. When you've worked your way up to her haunch, you decide to be a little bold and slowly trace circles around her cutie mark, eliciting giggles from Lyra, followed by a contented sigh. Taking that as a positive response, you begin doing the same to the cutie mark on her other side, tracing the circles in the opposite direction. You transition the light touch into a deeper massage of her cutie mark, which causes Lyra's breaths to become quicker shallower, punctuated by an intermittent sigh or moan. You then move to her other leg, slowly working your way up, reveling in the unbelievably soft coat of the unicorn. As you finish massaging her right hoof, you lean down and gently kiss the toe. Amazingly, her body seems to have a faint, minty smell that perfectly matches the beautiful coloring of her coat; so faint that you hadn't noticed it before, yet now you can't help but be intoxicated by the luxurious scent. You glance over at her face once more, this time finding her eyes wide open and gazing straight into yours. Her horn is glowing faintly with a golden, the otherworldly light that's strangely hypnotic; you also notice the faint ringing in your ears from earlier has transitioned into a somewhat deeper, more rhythmic hum. She follows your gaze up to her horn, becoming momentarily cross-eyed in doing so. "Oh, don't worry, I'm okay... that's... kinda supposed to happen," she says, giggling. Beckoning you with a foreleg she says rather seductively, "why don't you come over here now, though," and gives you a wink. You ease yourself over on the coach, getting nearer to Lyra's face, but stop halfway to lean down and sensuously kiss her belly, delighting once again in the minty aroma of her body. You move slowly up over her chest, enjoying the feeling of her luxuriant coat against your face, kissing her body lightly with the occasional lick.

When you reach her neck, you become little more aggressive and intensify the kisses, taking this opportunity to bury your face in her gorgeous mane, which also smells faintly of mint, and inhale as much of her presence as your lungs can expand to accommodate. By now you can no longer ignore the constant thrumming that seems to be emanating from all around you, or chalk it up to the booze. It occurs to you that it must have something to do with that golden light Lyra's horn is giving off, which also seems to be intensifying. Finally you move your head up to come face-to-face with Lyra, kissing her cheek and nose on the way. She smiles lovingly - and more than a little mischievously - as she wraps her forelegs around the back of your neck and draws you nearer while saying in a mock severe voice, "it took you long enough." When your lips finally meet hers, you swear that a genuine spark of electricity passes between you. You revel in the taste of her lips, which gives the impression of strawberries and mint, with a slight undercurrent of apple left by the cider. You then feel her tongue pressing against your lips, seeking entry which you're only too happy to grant. It's been so long since you were with someone - and even longer since it was someone you truly felt connected with - you had forgotten what an incredible experience simply kissing someone could be. The raw intimacy of it causes goose bumps to erupt on your back and neck, where Lyra's hooves are already gently caressing you, the heightened sensitivity inducing uncontrollable shudders of pleasure throughout your entire body at even the slightest of her touches. Your wrap your own arms around her as the intense makeout session continues, hoping to reciprocate the incredible sensations Lyra is giving you, passionately continuing the massage that you began - or so it feels - ages ago. No longer as hesitant as before, you run your touch slowly up and down the length of her body, from haunch to the back of her neck; stopping each time along the way to apply all your skill to the most sensitive areas. Lyra emits periodic grunts and moans as you massage her back, and her tongue's exploration of your mouth is becoming more intense and passionate by the minute.

Deciding to focus your efforts now on a smaller area, you begin kneading the back of her neck, and running run hand through her thick mane. You notice that your hand seems to grow warmer the closer it gets to the top of Lyra's head, almost as if it were approaching a flame... ... of course, you realize: her horn. Opening your eyes for a moment, you see that Lyra's horn is giving off golden-hued energy even more vibrantly than earlier; its light now sufficient to cast dark shadows of the surrounding objects and furniture on the walls of the room. As you watch, it also emits frequent sparks of magical energy, seemingly in concert with the shudders of pleasure Lyra is experiencing. That makes you wonderAfter closing your eyes to once again immerse yourself in the raw sensation of making out with this beautiful, svelte, and adorably eccentric Unicorn, you move the hand not working her neck up to the top of her head in order to gently caress the horn. Lyra's response is immediate, first gasping in shock and intense pleasure and then moaning deeply as you continue stroking her horn. Her forelegs, already wrapped around your neck, tighten into a vice grip while her tongue twists around your own and explores your mouth more aggressively than ever. She surprises you by wrapping her legs around your waist, drawing your bodies completely together as her passion and desire for more contact intensifies. For you, too, contact with Lyra's horn has immediate effects. It feels as if you've become a conduit for enough raw power to keep Manehatten happy for years. Although your hand had grown hot while approaching the horn, when actually immersed in its energy you perceive only the moderate, comfortable warmth of a relaxing bath. Your senses feel as if they've been enhanced tenfold, and you can hear both your own and Lyra's hearts, their beats somehow having become synchronized Unicorn magic, no doubt.

The golden aura around Lyra's horn has now extended to envelop you both, pulsating with greater and greater energy every moment. The sound which had begun as a faint ringing has now evolved into a rich, harmonious tone that strikes at your very soul; doing the same to Lyra and, thus, forging a link between you that goes deeper than any physical contact ever could. As you continue kissing the unicorn, your bodies locked together, you intensify your stroking of her horn, sensing through your new connection this is what she wants next. You both moan and shudder with pleasure this time, as you're now able to share each other's sensations. You continue stroking the horn, feeling the surrounding energy intensify, fuelled as it is by the intensity of yours and Lyra's emotions. Intuitively, you discern the surround energy has reached some critical level. As you intensify your stroking of her horn, Lyra suddenly breaks the kiss and lets out a moan of pleasure loud enough to wake up half of Ponyville. As the sensation catches up to you a few seconds later, you join her as the energy field surrounding you both, which has now expanded to fill most of the room, explodes outward, but leaving no physical damage in its wake. The rich background note vanishes along with it, leaving you and Lyra a tangled heap of limbs on her couch; both of you sweating profusely and panting in exhaustion. Lyra is the first to try and extract herself from the tangle, finally figuring out which bits are her and which are you after a few confusing attempts. As you sit up on the couch, Lyra leans over and cuddles into your side. 'That was... incredible," she sighs happily, "I've never felt anything like that before; not with anypony- err, anyone, I mean, hehe." You know exactly how she feels, and you smile happily as you put your arm around her and return her cuddle. You fall asleep beside her right there, on the couch in her living room. You awake the next morning, feeling more at home in Ponyville than ever before. Truly, this is the beginning of your new life here.


A Gryphons Attitude By: Noby

"Listen, I'm not sure this is the best idea..." the unicorn glances nervously at the cloud on which you're both standing, and then to the ground. You grin cockily, reassured by the parachute on your back. "Come on..." you say confidently, what's the worst that could happen?" "A horrible, undignified death." Your buddy's deadpan voice makes you wince. He DOES have a point, after all. There's no guarantee your parachute will work, and there's no guarantee his spell will save you if that fails. "Well... You know what they say! Live fully or die trying!" you shout, running to the cloud's edge. The unicorn behind you stares openmouthed before running to the edge as well. "Nopony says that!" he shouts, even as you jump. You feel the rush of the air, the speed, the supreme power of gravity pulling you down. You understand now why pegasi are thrill-seekers. With THEIR abilities, who wouldn't be? But the ground begins to look awfully close. You fumble for the parachute's string, and yank on it... and nothing happens. You yank again, harder, and nothing happens. Your heart drops to your stomach. You pull repeatedly, twisting it, and the ground is ever closer.

You close your eyes and grit your teeth, bracing for the inevitable impact... And instead fall on what feels like an incredibly fluffy mattress. Your eyes snap open, and you're looking at a coat of brown feathers. You blink in confusion as your vehicle, whatever it is, soars up to a cloud... and unceremoniously dumps you on it. You pull your head out of said cloud, with a fake beard that would make Buck Norris proud. Standing before you is a majestic creature. Her head is that of an eagle, but with a strange softness to its contours, and a small, punkish lock of feathers on top, while her back slopes into a lion-like behind. "Alright, kid..." she starts, her voice raspy and laid back. "That was a pretty cool stunt. But you might want to work on the mechanics of not dying like a flip-flop." Her smirk can be heard in her voice, and you can see it in her face despite the physical impossibility of it. "Name's Gilda, by the way." You stutter out your own name, impressed by the glorious creature. She frowns. "Nah... I'm gonna call you Newbie. Like your name, Newbie?" she asks you, suddenly poking you in the chest with a claw. You reel back, a bit surprised. She's suddenly studying you with the intensity Twilight uses when she reads a good book. "You know... You're kind of cute..." she mutters, peering at you. You feel severely uncomfortable under her gaze. Then something catches her eye, and she turns away from you. You feel equal parts relief and disappointment at not being the object of her attention anymore. Very cautiously, you walk over to her, making sure to not slip through a hole in the cloud. You peer over the cloud's edge, curious about what's got her so focused. You see a pegasus, either practicing tricks, or looking for someone in an overly complex manner. "Rainbow Dash." You blink and look up when Gilda speaks. She glances at you sideways. "I assume you know her already." "Well..." you begin, but Gilda holds up a claw, silencing you.

"Don't, Newbie. It doesn't make a difference, really, what a lame groundwater like you thinks..." her words and tone are harsh, extremely so, and yet... it fits her. Hesitantly, slowly, you touch her shoulder. She flinches a little, but the powerful creature doesn't move away. You slide your arm around her shoulders, hoping you seem comforting to her. "Celestia, I suck at this..." you think. The griffin besides you pretends to scratch her beak, but you see something wet on her clawtip as she draws it back once more. She takes a deep breath. "Well, Newbie. Time for a real flier to show you how it's done." Her grin is as wide as her wings, it seems to you. She picks you up in her powerful talons and flits away to a cloud farther up. Behind you, you hear your unicorn pal shouting at you as he finally reaches the cloud, but frankly, you don't care at that point. Gilda carries you with surprising agility and gentleness despite her bulk and strength. You find yourself relaxing slowly in her eaglelike claws, and actually fall asleep at one point. Then she dumps you in another cloud. As you shake the fluffy material out of your ears and nose, you note to yourself that has been happening quite a bit recently. You look behind you, mildly irritated, at the smirking griffon. "Come on, sleeping lame-o. You're not falling asleep. Not on MY watch," she says, and you nod, fully awake. Gilda smirks, and suddenly takes off. For a moment you stand there, dumbfounded. Did she just leave you stranded on some cloud at Celestia knows where? Then you see her, spiraling, spinning, FLYING. You feel utterly entranced by her... And then she makes a beeline for you. You blink and start to retreat, but of course she reaches you before you get far. She tackles you to the cloud, her claws on either side of your head, her tail swaying, her beak in a scowl. "Alright, Newbie. That horse you saw earlier? Yeah, we were close. Now it turns out she likes other horses more than me, and that makes me feel..." her claws suddenly clench, tearing off large pieces of cloud. "Lonely." You gulp nervously. Her beak twists into a smirk.

You cautiously stand up and walk behind her. Your arms move forward until you're touching her right wing. You begin to move them up and down, rubbing the feathered appendages. "You call that a massage?" the griffon growls. "Put some backbone into it!" You do as she says, squeezing the smooth, soft wing a bit harder, and moving more up and down. You can feel the power behind them. The raw strength. More than enough to beat you down if you decided to... You shake your head, clearing out the strange, perverted thoughts. "Hey, Newbie!" Gilda calls. "That ain't rubbing! Get rougher! Rougher, I said!" her voice is very commanding, and more than a little hostile. You obey her, trying to get more on her wing area. Eventually you decide to take a gamble. You jump on her back, straddling the junction between lion and eagle, and much to your surprise, Gilda moans suddenly. Her claw shoots up to her beak, and from this angle you can see her face has gone red. She glares up at your chuckling visage. "What are you laughing at, dweeb? Keep rubbing!" her voice is slightly less hostile than before. You chuckle a little, and keep rubbing the base of her right wing. You realize they ARE, in fact, very tense. Very stressed. Under your ministration, several knots unwind, and the griffon moans once more. This time she doesn't cover her mouth, but grins in pleasure. You move your arms up and down, rubbing more knots out of it. You finish up with it, and move to the other one, repeating the process. Gilda is moaning openly now, wriggling her lionlike bottom a little in a motion that isn't unpleasant to you. There is no way for you to reach the wingtips, so you rub the space between her wings instead. You get tossed headfirst into a cloud for the third time that day. You turn onto your back, now sporting a fluff-moustache that would make Spike green with envy. Gilda pounces on you once more. Her beak's twisted into a smile, her eyes are half-lidded, and her tail sways seductively.

"My turn," she whispers into your ear, before giving it a small kiss. Your eyes widen and your body stiffens. Gilda smirks at your reaction and kisses your neck. Her claw begins to stroke your exposed belly. Now she's kissing your collarbone. Her beak is surprisingly gentle, barely brushing your skin in the most tantalizing of manners. You begin to pant as well, ecstatic. Gilda grins and licks the point where your collarbone meets. Then her claw lowers. Just a little bit. Another bit... Almost there... "What are you two doing?" Gilda's eyes widen, and a huge blush comes over your face. Rainbow Dash is approaching the two of you, hopping from cloud to cloud, her wings unfurling. "More importantly..." she begins, a wide grin on her face as her wings stand straight up. Do you need an extra hoof?"


In The Twilight Hours By: mogu

You look around the library, taking the atmosphere. As could be assumed, there are books, many, many books, but since this particular library also serves as Twilight Sparkle's home, there are furnishings of various sorts strewn about. Tables, cushions to sit on, various little places here and there with books opened to the place the young unicorn had left them, a platform much higher inside the tree that makes up this building on which a bed can be seen. A fire crackles softly in a stone fireplace kept a safe distance from any kind of stray book or page. Normally, the notion of using a library as one's living quarters may have seemed strange, but this place is comfortable, relaxing, and almost has some air of familiarity in it, as if it were the home of a close friend or family member. Succinctly, it is inviting. Smirking at your apparent enamor with her home, the purple pony promptly picks up a book and sets it upon a stand, using her horn to magically and effortlessly turn the pages while speaking. "Well, I take it you're already making yourself at home." Her words would have perhaps had a tinge of negative sarcasm had she been any other pony, but you can tell that with Twilight, ifs simply how she is. "I would have to say that our date tonight went extraordinarily well! The food, the locale, the atmosphere - it all rated at least an eight point five, I'd say, according to the scale here." Her voice is cutely peppy and enthusiastic as she happily gauges her experience according to 'Courting with Colts, Vol. V.

As you trot around the combination house and library, nodding your head merrily in response to the young mare's final results' for the night, you cant help but wonder where her young companion, Spike, might be hiding; this is the first time you've actually been invited into the home, ashamedly never having actually used it as a library before, either, and you know that if there's any chance of further romance occurring, even if ifs in Twilights own unorthodox style, the 'little brother' aspect could ruin it. Sure enough, as if on cue, a sheet hanging on the far side of the room flips up and in a puff of green smoke the young dragon appears in right gentlemanly outfit; a small tuxedo suit, top hat, monocle, scepter, and spellgranted moustache. Truly a hilarious sight. "I shall be attending Miss Pinkamina's social tonight for the express purpose of courting Lady Rarity", Spike spoke in a heavy, falsified 'fancy' accent. "Do not wait up for me, for I may not return until the morrow." He struts stylishly toward the door, brushing up against you on his way out, and turns to whisper into your ear; "Good luck, fella. She's been talkin' about you for weeks, and I don't wanna be here when things get gross." "Alright, mmm hmm, see you later!" Twilight speaks without even taking her eyes away from the book. It seems strange that she'd let him go without even a little chastising, but perhaps she's just used to the fact that he's safe amongst all the ponies in Ponyville? As he makes his exit, she continues: "Now, this is really interesting. Apparently, after the fifth date, we're supposed to assume courting one another. Thats why I invited you. I had read about it, but I hadnt actually gone into the finer details. Whew, it looks like we have a lot of work to do." The unicorn looks at you almost like the two of you are about to embark on something serious. "You ready?" A look of awkward, giddy surprise crosses your face. You love and have always loved this straightforward, logic-driven attitude of Twilight's. Though she can indeed make decisions based on her heart and emotions, when it comes to certain matters she's still quite clueless except through the help of books, using only her brain to get her through. This entire adventure with dating has been especially adorable; asking her out months ago and receiving a surprisingly positive response, the two of you have gone out exactly once per three weeks, on Friday night.

Throughout the whole of the experience, the violet pony has excitedly conducted herself and guided the course of your romantic interactions based on what she could learn from texts on the subject. You know full-well that things of this nature can never be taught or learned purely through the written word, but the experience has been so endearing given Twilight's attitude that you've not even harbored a dare to put any kind of stop to it. Nodding your head, the well-kempt unicorn walks over to you, book still hovering before her, her eyes still fixated upon its pages. She turns to the side and puts it down before she finally speaks to you directly. "Honestly, I'm astounded at the sheer amount of... things it suggests at this point." She smirks at you awkwardly. "Well, we start with one of these, again..." Twilight approaches you, eyelids shut, and pecks you on the cheek, followed by a second kiss on the lips. You've kissed before, after the third date, and again after the fourth, but its still wonderful every time. However, something is different about this one - her lips never leave yours, and she keeps pressing further in, elevating the kiss to a full one, a deep one. Her tongue gently moves in and caresses yours, softly and thoughtfully. You utterly melt at the delicate demeanor the unicorn has underneath all that stone-faced logic; though she does show it from time to time in other ways, this is the first you've so heavily experienced it in direct contact. It is simply wondrous. Pulling out from the kiss at last, you stare at one another before she starts up again: "W-well, you see, the goal is physical stimulation..." You notice a small blush form on her cheeks. "At... this point, there are quite a few suggestions..." She lies down, curiously, and looks up at you. "I think we should start with the 'sensual massage'. I mean, if thats alright with you. If you're comfortable with that." The blush contagiously climbs upon your face as well, and you swallow a lump in your throat. "M-massage?... Are YOU comfortable with that?" The pony nods. "Of course." She has an expression of complete trust, though you cant be too sure if its trust that you'll do a good job or just a total trust in what the book says. "You may start whenever you'd like."

Approaching her side and bending down, your eyes widen and your pulse hastens as the reality fully dawns upon you that you are about to get to touch your beloved's gorgeous violet body, apparently as much as you'd like. Hardening your resolve, you place a hoof on the small unicorn's back, between her shoulders. You start rubbing, softly at first, but gradually becoming more firm as she seems to be yielding to you. "A., are you sure about this? May I keep going?" Finding it difficult to believe that you've just gone from almost entirely nonphysical relationship to being allowed to have such direct contact, you can't help but ask. "Yeah, yeah..." The young mare seems to already be enjoying your touch quite a bit. "The book says to do it however you want. Just make it... sensual." With another gulp, you shake your head briskly and then continue your work. Placing both hooves upon her back, you start to press and knead the silken, violet skin underneath. Your intended goal being Twilight's satisfaction, you rub and caress her skin lovingly, making sure to relieve as much of her stress as you possibly can, while trying to keep a level head yourself. Alarmingly, the pony under your hooves rolls around, exposing her belly to you, her legs all fully extended. You want to ask again but would prefer not to seem slow at grasping the idea to Twilight; she wants a sensual massage. You know this. So, without further inner debate, you begin to prod softly at her chest, your lower lip snugging itself between your teeth as a natural reflex. As you rub around her ribcage in a circular motion, all seems well so far, so you dare to place your other forehoof onto her pillow-soft stomach. The impossibly tender feel of her purple tummy draws your attention, and as you continue to rub at her chest with your left hoof, your eyes and thoughts focus on the heaving cushion under your right As you stroke her body adoringly, Twilight emits several faint, lovely gasps. Her eyes are closed and she's breathing evenly, her stomach growing and shrinking with her breaths as you caress it softly.

Thinking it wise not to idle too long on any certain part of the body, you finally take your attention away from her tummy and trail your hooftip up to her flank, gently working the area around her cutie mark. You hear the pony make a satisfied mmm~", her smile curling upwards as she feels your touch on that part of her body. You take both hooves and knead her luscious flank, her hindleg lifting and tightening as you work. Following the reaction, you caress her upper leg down to her hock, and from there to her hoof. Cupping it in between your own forehooves, you lightly scrub the rigid, U-shaped area around the sides and front. Twilight giggles under her breath and rolls partially onto her back, sticking the hoof you hold straight up so as to give you complete access to it. You run your forehooves up and down the length of her satin hindleg, worrying a bit as you approach the thigh but quickly realizing she very much enjoys it. Time and again your hooves move all the way down to that area and back up again, and you seem to hear her gasp gently each time your touch crosses that inner thigh. Sighing contentedly at the way things are going, you lower your head and nuzzle gently at the side of her hoof. You kiss it several times, moving slowly toward the sole, kissing it all the way to the center, and as if pulled by an invisible leash find yourself licking at it. Now that you've finally pressed your snout against her body, you can't help but want to taste it, and even her hoof is as lovely as you'd imagine. "H-hey, now, you're skipping ahead..." Twilight's voice suddenly pierces through what had been a serene blanket of background noises, from the crackle of the fire to the alluring | sounds of her own satisfaction. "That stuffs supposed to wait till after the, um..." She freezes, looking into your eyes, her gaze shifting at the moment into one of lust and longing. "You know what? Forget the book. Do whatever you'd like to me." She rolls over onto her other side, sticking her left hoof into the air as she'd had her right one. "But first, do all that again for this leg, if you'd please." Complying, you give the other flank a rub - but throw in the simultaneous massaging of her inner thigh on this side. The unicom squirms and giggles, her leg kicking gently as you touch a place no one else has likely touched since she was a foal.

You move on to the very bottom of her belly, rubbing it up and down, triggering a response of heavy breaths laced with light moans from Twilight s lips. Grasping her leg in between your forehooves, and with much more bravado than the last time, you immediately begin nuzzling and kissing her silken hoof, stroking the erect leg up and down all the while. Once satisfied with the amount of love you've given her legs, you ease yourself down onto her body, nuzzling and kissing and licking all the way from her stomach up to her neck; the smell and taste is clean and intoxicating, like a tangy, fruity mix of grapes and something inexplicable, something sparkly. By the time you reach her neck, you're licking fervently, covering every inch you pass by with the caress of your tongue. Twilight complies gratifyingly, the feel of her deep-throated groans of delight tickling your nose as they pass through the soft muscles of her neck. Assuming the purple pony wouldnt particularly enjoy the taste of lips that have just been on her hooves amongst other places, you move right up her jawline to her fluffy little ear, nipping at it playfully with your mouth. Twilight giggles and rolls around with you a bit, as out of the comer of your eye you spot that little familiar sight that makes her what she is - the cute little purple spiral that is her horn. Taking a dare, you move your face over to it and begin to nuzzle it. Though very, very firm, it has a surprising softness compared to what you were expecting. It feels more like a tough rubber than a bone of any sort. The tip is rounded just enough that you can rub against it with no danger of being pricked. Lightly, you begin to lick at the tip with your tongue, wondering if it would even warrant a response, curious as to whether or not Twilight would even feel it. As you hear her gasp in accordance with your action, a grin can't help but form upon your face. You move down to the base of the horn, nudging her hair away from it with your nose, and start to kiss softly at both her forehead and the base of the magical implement. Kissing again and again, softly, up the length of the horn, you eventually wrap your lips around it at the midpoint, the tip sticking out from the side of your mouth. Grasping it between your teeth, you allow your tongue to play about, lapping at the horn, moving back and forth between its base and tip.

This entire process may have seemed strange, were it not for the intoxicating smell of the lovely pony as well as the response she gives in that sweet, tender voice of hers: "T-that's... thats something that a unicorn... isnt supposed to do, except with... the person they love the very most." Twilights voice rife with a heavy, hot breathing you can feel against your skin. "Which is why... I'm totally fine... with you doing it." Flowing with joy to the point at which the corners of your eyes moisten in response to this, you take your mouth briefly off the horn and bend down to give her a nice, wet kiss straight between the nostrils. Returning to your duty, you lick the length of the sweet horn, from the base, working your lips around the tip once you reach it. You move down, pushing the majority of the horn into your mouth, licking and suckling on it as you allow yourself to become totally sensually enchanted between the smells of Twilights hair, the sound and feel of her breaths, and the almost sugary taste of her horn. Feeling as if the sparkly tang of this taste is increasing more and more as you suckle, you slowly become aware that along with Twilights moans, increasing in length and volume, your mouth is being filled with the ethereal fizz of concentrated magic. "D-don't... be scared. Please dont... -huff-... move away yet..." Twilight implores you. Keeping up with what you've been doing and allowing the magic to fill and caress the inside of your mouth, you're both anxious and excited for what may happen. What comes next is beyond words; the whole of your mouth, no, your entire body tingles and shivers. For a brief moment that seems like it could have been an eternity in another reality, you could swear that you're floating somewhere, high in the sky, or maybe not the sky, maybe a magical realm that surpasses description. You lay there, holding your darling Twilight Sparkle, staring into her entrancing eyes; contrary to your earlier notion, she plants a firm, deep, lasting kiss onto your lips, and you float in this state for the remainder of your time in that place.

Next thing you know, you're lying on a rug in the middle of the library, next to the beautiful young unicorn, who's fast asleep, her hair frizzled and a smile placed gently upon her muzzle. You lay with her for some time, kissing her on the snout or forehead at regular intervals, until the sun begins to rise through the windows and the morning birds begin to chirp. You know that Spike could be back at any moment, but you dont care. He might as well see you like this, as he's going to have to get used to it. At last, Twilights lovely eyelids begin to lift, and she stares at you endearingly, the smile never once leaving her face for a moment. "Next time..." Twilight speaks in a tired, but contended voice. "Next time, we gotta try Volume 2."


Nightmares, Dreams, and Everything In-between By: Noby

You shiver. You are extremely cold. Dungeons aren't supposed to be warm, after all... You glance at your cell furtively, nervously. The only source of light is the cold moonlight, filtering in through the bars at the window. Although you aren't chained, you may as well be. The only door is heavily padlocked, and even if you had the strength to take it down, you would never be able to face the one who'd thrown you in here... As if on cue, a bright blue mist, littered with tiny, sparkling dots, not unlike a clear, starry night, filters in through the crack underneath the door, and begins to swirl. You shrink into a corner as the mist begins to take tangible shape, that of an incredibly tall mare, as black as the heart that beats inside her chest, her piercing green eyes twinkling with mirth, and her blue armor shines with the light of the moon.

Nightmare Moon, Empress of the Night, stands before you in her full glory.

Your body doesn't seem to be yours anymore as fear drives it into the wall. Your throat produces barely audible whimpers as the mighty queen approaches you. Her hooves clatter on the cold stone of the dungeon, even if she moves elegantly, almost daintily. She doesn't bother to fold her wings, making her appear even larger than she actually is. The great creature's mane flows, as intangible as the night itself, made of the same mist that entered the crack under the door, the same as her tail. Even as your whole being registers fear and awe at this thing, born of darkness and jealousy, a small part of you can't help but notice her strange beauty. 'A storm,' you think. 'She's like a storm, both terrible and beautiful.' Perhaps the mare can also read thoughts, for her mouth's corners pull up in a smirk as you finish the thought. Or maybe she just saw your eyes trailing up and down her body. The beautiful queen reaches you and, without a flinch in her face, leans down until she's at eye level with you. "Do you know why you're here, little colt?" she asks you in a small, strangely seductive whisper. "Do you know why I haven't yet disposed of you?" she goes on, her armored hoof reaching out and holding up your chin, so you're forced to look her in the eye. You gulp nervously and shake your head no. The being sighs and lets go of you. She turns around and begins to walk towards the door. Your befuddled mind can only formulate two thoughts. One: You're still alive! She didn't even hurt you! Two: Holy hayseed, her rear looks good from this angle. "And here I thought today's colts were taught to be honest..." Nightmare Moon's voice doesn't sound even fazed. She turns her head to you, showing off a marvelous profile, a disgusted or disappointed expression on her face. She turns her entire body back to you, the ebon coat moving fluidly with each step as she approaches you once more. "Let's see if I can break my sister's brainwashing!" she says menacingly as she approaches you. You scramble backwards, trying to somehow phase through the wall. The dark queen's pace never stops, and her horn and eyes begin to glow with a bright light as she advances. You close your eyes and clench your teeth... but nothing happens.

"Or maybe..." you hear the Empress of the Night mutter. You crack your eye open. She's holding a hoof to her mouth, considering you with a critical eye. "Yes... Yes, that JUST might work... So my sister's subjects adore her... Let's see how powerful that is." You blink, surprised. Nightmare Moon is still musing to herself, murmuring strangely as she looks at you intently. Her wings flare once, getting your attention. You gulp, fearful of what may happen next. Then her hoof stretches out and lays it on your head, pushing down, so you're forced to lower yourself to all fours, and even lower, until your head touches the floor. You begin to shake. Is she going to kill you? Maim you? Turn you into a parasprite?! She slams her hoof in front of your face, and you flinch in fear. You look up, cautiously, to see her smirking down at you. "Worship your queen, worm," she says to you. Your hope plummets. She wants to humiliate you before anything else. You do as she says, taking her armored hoof in between your own, and kissing it carefully, gently. "Lick it." It isn't a request. It is an order, and you hurriedly obey, sticking out your tongue and licking the shiny blue horseshoe. You cautiously take off the strange slipper, noticing its sudden loss of sheen, and kiss her naked black hoof. Nightmare Moon blinks, then grins predatorily. She wasn't expecting this, but she isn't complaining. "Well," she purrs contentedly, "aren't YOU a well-trained servant..." You feel her muscles begin to relax under your hooves and mouth. You're surprised at the taste of her hoof. It tastes like you always imagined the night air would. Cool, fresh, crisp. Nightmare Moon removes her hoof forcefully from your grasp, and something inside you squawks in protest. "Attend the other one, servant. THEN we'll see if I reward you a little more..." she no longer sounds dangerous. Her voice has become a sultry, lustful growl. You obey your queen, gently lifting her other hoof and cleaning the armor with your mouth and hooves. You admire its sheen, reflective of the stars in the sky, before you remove it, and the sheen is lost as well. You lay it next to the other one and proceed to kiss and lick the hoof presented

to you. While you do so, you stroke her leg with your own hooves, a careful massage. The taste remains the same. Nightmare Moon's hoof, strong as it is, seems to be delicate and taken care of, with hardly any scuffing or dirt on it. Your own hooves feel clumsy and uncared for in comparison. After a few moments of serving your queen, she pulls back the hoof once more. You look up, surprised. Her grin has turned into a smirk, her eyes are lidded, and her tail is flicking. She straightens her neck and flares out her black wings, displaying herself at you. "So tell me, servant... Who do you prefer? Your dear Princess Celestia? Or the glorious Nightmare Moon?" she asks you, knowing full well what your answer will be. Eager to continue pleasing her, you hurriedly assure her she is the one you want, the one you need. Her eyelids lower a little more, pleased at your answer. "Good answer, servant..." she suddenly charges you and pounces on you, pinning you face up to the floor. Her face is inches from yours, her horntip gleaming dangerously in the light of the full moon. "Now, perhaps you deserve a reward..." Without further ado, the glorious mare pushes her lips against yours, closing her eyes as she savors the taste of your mouth. Her tongue is moving around, and yours weakly plays with hers. You feel her moan into the kiss, and respond in kind. Your hoof has begun to wander, and is now stroking her finely sloped shoulders, her elegant arms, her slender neck. Your free hoof, meanwhile, caresses her horn, feeling the raw magic power inside it, feeling all the might of your beloved queen flowing through it. She raises herself from the kiss, surprisingly gentle, and licks your lips. Her own lips part in a grin as she takes a step back and turns around, still looking at you. "Do wait for me in my throne room. I'll be back as soon as I deal with this ragtag group of mares seeking to stop me. We have much to discuss, servant. After all... It's only right for a queen to have her king, isn't it?" she asks you, her predatory smile still in place as she touches the padlock with her horn, dissolving it. She exits the dungeon, her flank swaying seductively as she does, her mane leaving behind small wisps of itself.

You sit at your current position, dumbfounded, before jumping up and following after her. You reach her throne room, just in time to catch her reach the window. She turns around and kisses you once, an extremely passionate kiss, thoroughly enjoyed by yourself, before turning into starry blue mist and vanishing. You dutifully sit down by the podium's stairs and wait for the moment when your queen will return to you.

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