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in the silence between our thoughts, the space between problem and analysis.

As we go within, the power of thought is greater. Our deeper thoughts have Lead more with presence. more energy and power. As the mind settles down, it becomes more orderly, more able to comprehend and to handle challenges. We can go beyond the by Kevin Cashman issues, combine seemingly unrelated variables, and come up with new soluOOGLE PLANS TO tions or perspectives. invest one percent If we want to do more, we need to of its equity, profits, and be more. As Emerson wrote, We but employee time in fighting climate half express ourselves, ashamed of that change, advancing the economy, and divine which each of us represents. creating warning systems for natural We can take more time to reflect and to or man-made disasters or pandemics. be. Since leaders lead by virtue of who It might well be the greatest case study they are, we need to expand the depth ever of leaders Beingdelving deeply of our character. inward to unearth new possibilities. Just how deep did Google go? Team F o u r Po i n t s o f Aw a r e n e s s members organized twice-weekly medIn leading with presence, keep these itation sessions in their Mountain View, four points in mind: California headquarters with guest vis1. Take your own journey into Being. its from Tibetan monks and mind-sciFind your own path to unfold Being. ence researchers. Google.org director Its your road, and only you can travel Larry Brilliant is the same man who led it and judge what vehicles will help the WHOs effective smallpox immuyou on your journey. Consider meditanization campaign on the recommention, prayer, reflection, music, nature, dation of the guru he studied under exercisewhatever resonates with you. while living in a monastery 2. Resolve life challenges in the Himalayas. by going to a deeper level. Explaining why he has Problems rarely are solved maintained his intensive on their own level. Learn to study of self and its connecgo to a deeper level to view tion to comparative religions, things in a more comprehenDr. Brilliant said, Its the sive way. As your mind setonly game in town. Why do tles down yet remains alert, anything else? you can better sort through Meditation, prayer, and and organize your life. enjoying lifes simple pleaExperience the power of sures are more than just means to cope uniquely open, relaxed moments when with the stress of the C-suite. They the complex becomes simple, and the transform our state of awareness, help unsolvable is solved. size up big issues, and lead to high3. Learn to meditate properly. If you impact problem solvingenhancing resist reflection or meditation, then our drive for external success with your need to do so is probably great. awareness of deeper values. Allow the resistance, but still spend time to meditate. As you experience the B e n e f i t s o f S e l f - Aw a r e n e s s benefits, the resistance will subside. If leadership is the act of going be4. Integrate some reflection into your yond what is, it begins by going belife. Commit to a lifestyle that values yond what is within us. Our inner calm more solitude, reflection, and meditaattracts others by communicating a tion. Take some Being Breaks to get sense of comfort and thoughtful coun- reacquainted with yourself. Enjoy the sel. It translates into executive presence solitude. Go on walks. Sort out your a confidant demeanor that is not easily priorities. Experience the silence. Reducing the noise and enjoying nature shaken by external circumstances. Becan help you to settle down and reconing centered equips us to deal with change, enables us to refresh ourselves nect with yourself. Reflection is not an and achieve more with less effort, and escape, but a process of preparing for a more dynamic, masterful life. gives us the mix of energy and calmLE ness we need to achieve better balance. Kevin Cashman is senior partner and CEO advisor with Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting and author of Like flashes of intuitive insight, Leadership From the Inside Out. Visit leadershipfromtheinside awareness of Beingthis inner peace or out.com or e-mail kevin.cashman@kornferry.com. spiritcomes to us in quiet moments ACTION: Gain awareness to lead with presence.



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