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He, the saint of Peace and Nonviolence, Taught the world at large; That hatred and violence Bring

nothing else but curse, Rise, awake and shake off the slavery He called his countrymen, far and near, And lo! The mighty empire shook To quit India for ever - Anonymous

We have put together a study guide on Gandhi Ji through which you can learn and discuss with your children the ideals of Father of the Nation.

Section 1 below states some of the Mahatmas beliefs and values. Section 2 includes a simple quiz which will enable you to reflect and learn for yourself the true meaning of following Gandhi Jis ideologies Gandhi Study Guide Section 1 Honesty Gandhi ji's honesty proved more powerful than the combined deception of the British Empire. His honest approach to all matters made him a formidable opponent and also a great friend.

If you are honest with your family and friends you will undoubtedly win their trust and respect. Even though sometimes being honest is difficult we should remember Gandhi ji's example and have the courage to speak our minds truthfully. Do you think lying is better than getting into trouble? When was the last time you took responsibility for your hurtful actions?

Corruption Gandhi Ji believed in complete restraint from corrupt practices and ideals. He would feel truly sad if his peers would indulge in malpractices. He advised his followers to completely refrain from taking advantage of the country and its people. In his words Corruption will go when the large numbers of persons given unworthily to it realize that the nation does not exist for them to exploit but that they exist to serve the nation. This requires morals, and extreme vigilance on the part of those who are free of the taint. Indifference will be criminal Do you feel that Gandhi Ji would approve of the current state of India? Do you support the Jan Lokpal bill? Do you feel it will help curb corruption? Have you ever overlooked corrupt practices just to avoid conflict?

Equality Gandhi ji believed in equal rights for everyone. During the pre-partition era the caste system existed. Gandhi ji rebelled against such a system and throughout his life treated everyone equally- be that a king or a common man. This helped him communicate with all kinds of people and touch their hearts. You will meet many people in your life who you may not like or have problems with however, as human beings we need each other and keeping that in mind we must respect everyone no matter how different they are from us. Through tolerance and acceptance we can find happiness in our heart, family, society. Have you discriminated against someone? Do you consider yourself superior to some of your peers? Have you ever put someone down just to feel better about yourself?

Self belief Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. A petite lawyer who took pride on being a part of the British Empire was dismayed by the way his fellow men were being treated; he decided to take action without any resources except his mind and heart. This petite lawyer won in the end, he got exactly what he wanted- freedom. If Gandhi ji could do it, so can all of us! Greatness can be achieved with just believing in yourself, believing that you are capable. You must have conviction in your dreams and believe that you can make them come true. In everyday life you

may meet many people who will discourage you or ridicule you. It is important to remember Gandhi jis example at that time and not give up or give in! Never let petty criticism create self doubt. When was the last time you had to push yourself to accomplish your goals? Do you find yourself easily affected by negative criticism? Non violence Gandhi ji was an epitome of patience and tolerance; he inspired the world to think in a nonviolent way. He did not believe in the power of violence in achieving desired results. An eye for an eye would make the world blind" he said. With this belief an ordinary man with a stick faced the guns of millions of men and won! In todays world we see violence in many forms. We are not fighting against any enemy like the British Empire but are fighting within our community, city and state. As a lesson we all must remember that violence does not help in the long run, it might make you feel powerful but does not lead to a victory always. You might come across incidents at your school or home where you might get upset and want to engage in aggressive behavior, but will it help? Do think with a cool mind and positive attitude when youre on the edge of losing control because of your anger. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) rate tolerance towards your others? Have you ever engaged in a physical violence? How did that make you feel? Leadership A leader is a man who sets an example for his fellow men, his leadership is beneficial for people who support his cause, and a leader is compassionate and treats all his supporters problems as his own. Gandhi ji was loved and respected by all those who believed in his cause of attaining freedom through peace and harmony. The only leader in the history of the world to overthrow an enemy as strong as the British without firing a single bullet is Mahatma Gandhi. Light the spark of leadership in your heart. Gandhi ji showed us that leadership is about taking initiative fearlessly, with this attitude the children today can rise up to be responsible and able leaders of tomorrow. Lets strive or be leaders who stand by the weak and encourage everyone towards a better future . Who in your opinion is a great leader to his/ her people? Why does a leader need to encourage his team? Simple living Simplicity means to be comfortable and confident with oneself. It does not make one stupid or less fortunate. Gandhi Ji began by renouncing the western lifestyle he was leading in South Africa. He called it reducing himself to zero, which entailed giving up unnecessary expenditure, embracing a simple lifestyle and washing his own clothes. On one occasion he returned the gifts bestowed to him for his diligent service to the community.

When your heart is simple and pure you attract likeminded friends who care about you just like Gandhi ji had. With simplicity you can win the trust of your peers. You can enjoy the small wonders of life which fill our hearts with appreciation and gratitude. What does simplicity mean to you? Does simplicity only mean lesser worldly possessions? How would you simplify your life? Section 2 Gandhian Quiz Step 1 Go through the following questions to better understand the true meaning of the Gandhian way of life. Step 2 Reflect on your answers and judge for yourself if you are a true Gandhian. Questions: 1. Do you think a revolution is the need of the hour to instill Gandhi Jis principles in our nations governing system? 2. What are your views on Anna Hazares efforts against corruption? Do you support him? 3. Why is it important to believe in yourself? 4. Remember a situation when you had given up on yourself. What made you overcome the situation? 5. What should one do when in self doubt? 6. Have you ever experienced discrimination? 7. Do you think inequality is a battle still being fought in India? Where else? 8. When was the last time it was difficult to tell the truth about something? 9. What are some of your favorite things that you live without? 10. Who is the simplest person you know? 11. What are the qualities of a great leader? 12. Do you agree with Gandhis style of leadership? 13. Have you been a leader in school or college? What did you learn? Was it a good experience?