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David Spero Mrs.

Rudolph 6/2/11

Chumash Paper
Dear diary, I am not so nervous to enter Israel because from what Hashem said that there will be everything that we need to survive. Hashem had promised the land to our forefathers and Hashem will be on this journey with us inside of Isreal. The land will suitable to plant stuff. I am a little

skeptical because we had spies go into the land and they said that there are giants and it will be nearly impossible to defeat them. Also we have to destroy/kick out all the nations that do !"# !$%&', and that will be very hard to do. I can see the land be very prosperous and lots of nice things, but on the other hand everything wont be handed to us like in the past (food and protection). They will have to pray for water to grow crops. ("&)": to warn the people of doing !"# !$%&' and the consequences. So the Jews will not repeat the same mistakes their forefathers had made and learn from them.

Moshe tells us about the history of the Jews. How they kept making the same mistakes and failed. Moshe is preparing us, to make sure that we do not do !"# !$%&' and start following Hashems commandments and doing mitzvote. (!" #$%&:$ #'&)

"#$!%!& '( )*+,' -./0.12#3 -./4"#$ %#&'(!) *+ ",-.* /01&2(.) 34"4&2 3*567 *+ ",-.* &28 9!$ /01*597 /01%!&2 ! ! ! ! 1 # :!"#$!%&#' "#()*+#' ! !
He will give you cities that are already built, vineyards and olive trees that you did not plant that you will eat and be satisfied.


#$%& : $ #'&)

!"#$% !"#% !"#$%&'! !"#$%&'()% !"#$%&'() !"#$%!"&' !"#$& !"# !"#$%&( !"#$% $ % $ '

Thoroughly keep the commandments of the Lord, your God, and His testimonies and His statutes, which He has commanded you.

!"#$% &'( )*+- .!/0'(12 &345 216789 .'($& :& ;:!$2/& <!*2=>- 2!"#$%!&' ()*"+ ,&+ ,'-%./0 %!"#$%!')1 %"2)0 345"6 7)8 '9: , / $ :!"#$&"! " % ($ #$%& :( #'&)
For you the Jews the holy people to Hashem, your g-d, has chosen you to be his people above all the other peoples/nation that are on the face of the earth. It is sad how Moshe has done so much for the Jewish people and one of the greatest inspirations to the Jews and he could fulfill his dream of entering Israel. But Moshe still helped out the Jews in many ways. He humbled them, told them about the mistakes that their forefathers had made, to keep the Ten Commandments, and to do mitzvote (to fear and love Hashem). All that Moshe has done for the Jewish people, it makes me want to do mitzvote and be the best Jew to my ability. All of these events that Hashem has done leading up to going into Israel has made it that much easier to stay connected and really want to learn more and do more. After learning all these great things, I will then pass it on to my children hoping that they will follow in

the direction of Hashem, to fear and love Hashem. One of things that might be hard for some people is that other nations might carry you away by jealousy. This can lead to intermarriage, this would not be good for the future generations population. I will try my best to pass on this message to learn and focus on Judaism and dont get carried away and ultimately have pride.