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Year #1 Issue #36 27th September 2006

Shree Hastamudra Poojan : From 26th July 2006 to 2nd November 2006


NityaRoopayeh Namah
Hari Om

(English translation of Hindi discourse given by P.P. Aniruddha Bapu on 07th Sept, 2006 on Radha Sahastranaam at New English High School, Bandra)

|| Om NityaRoopayeh Namah||

Nitya means eternal and eternity is HER original form, the one whose form is always ceaseless, I offer my prayers to that Radhaji. God is always eternal. Goddess Bhagwati is also always eternal. She existed earlier, she is present today, and she will be there tomorrow also. However, is this the only meaning of this name or sentence; of this word "Nitya"? Eternal means any moment i.e. any moment that existed long back or may be before the start of the Time itself and will also exist after the Mahakaal; A Mahakaal means something that will swallow everything and that stage where the Kaal will also not be present, when something exists in that state, it is called "Nitya".

This means that we cannot imagine a situation where there is no Kaal and still something can exist beyond Kaal. What can it be? If we see in the world, every human being, every household, every business, this earth, this country, this nation, this state, this city where you live, everything is bound to two elements without which it is impossible to conduct the affairs of the world. One element is Kaal and the other element is Disha (Direction). What do we call a state where there is no direction? It is called directionless. When a person loses track of his path and goes on the wrong path, what do we say? He is misdirected. But what if in real circumstances i.e. in the nature or in the environment there comes a condition where there is no direction. You may say, Bapu, in reality however where can we see direction; it is just the names we have given ourselves to the different directions. Then my friends, in the case of Kaal it is a similar state of affairs. Who has measured Kaal? The sun rises and then it sets and we call this cycle a day. When the sun sets we call it night. This means that when we say that from 12 0 clock to 12 0 clock, it is something which is not sent to us by God. Who made this? Human beings decided it. They made this to be understood as Time. To know as per one's own measurements. They did it for their own work; to benefit them in their work. Just as humans only name directions, man does not create even time. Man only named it. Past Tense, Present Tense, and Future tense! 2 0'clock, 4 0'clock, 6 0'clock! Morning time, Evening time! Man for Kaal gave all these names. Similarly the directions always existed but man gave only identifications. North-South-East-West and four sub directions. Two vertical and two horizontal. So these are just identifications. Why have these classifications been given? Someone may ask why only 8 directions? Why not a name be given to every 10 degrees of change in direction. This means instead of 8 there would have been 80 directions. This denotes a confusing situation. When there are 4 directions and four sub-directions it is easier to understand and to guide and tell others. Just like that look at Time; the way our universe and science is progressing, we feel that 'one second' is a very ordinary concept in this world. One second means just one second. 60 seconds make one minute and 60 minutes make an hour and 24 hours make a day. Thus one second is not considered that important and does not make much of a difference to us. But in that 1/100 part of every second i.e. 100th part of every second, and in that 1/100th part of every second the impulses of the human brain reach out from the brain to the various parts of the body. It is in 1/100 part of every second. Now the reflex action, which we often talk about, what does, it mean? I can see ahead that someone has lit incense sticks here. But if I haven seen it and if my hand dashes against it. I get hurt. I get the pain. I get burnt. What happens then? As soon as possible and that too very immediately my hand is pulled back on its own. In how much time did this action take place? Not in one second but in the 100th part of the second this knowledge reached the brain. This shows that even the 1/100 part of a second is worthy, active and progressive and that too in our own body. But when this time is delayed i.e. from 1/100th to 1/10 or even further more delayed, then this is called Sensorin Neuropathy. This means that the sense organs are not functioning in that human being. And this stage is seen when one is inflicted with a disease called Leprosy. Such people are incapable of sensation and if they have the capacity then it is in a delayed form. This means when an act that should be carried in 1/100th or may be in 1/10th part of the second is delayed further and carried out later. Look it is such a small part of a second. This means that some disease has occurred in that person's body, either it is leprosy or may be a disease caused by the consumption of alcohol. This means the veins/pulses are decaying. This shows that even a part of a second, a small part of it is also not void time or is not wasted. But in our life, not a second, nor a minute, nor an hour and not even day is valued by us. How many days just pass by

doing nothing? Either by doing wrong things or by contemplating wrong thoughts or may be by doing just nothing. Whereas God makes our body in such a way that even 1/100th of the second is very important and valued. Nowadays everyone is aware of he DNA test done on the body. To confirm whether this son belongs to this father or this mother. To identify this DNA test is conducted. There are chromosomes in our body. In every species the chromosomes are created in the Nucleus. This denotes the centre of the species. And the chromosomes exist there. And this DNA exists in the form of helix, which is very microscopic in nature. And the reaction or response of these DNAs; when a response is given by the DNA to a stimulus; it happens in the 1/1000th part of the second. One divided by 1000 seconds i.e. divide 1 second into 1000 parts. And in that time the DNA gives this response. The DNA exists in the genes and they produce their action in 1/1000th part of a second. And this DNA happens to be the most crucial element of the body and every activity of the body that takes place depends upon the functioning of this DNA. This means that God created Kaal for us and we divided this Kaal into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years and we feel that one year is also not that important and even if it is wasted we feel its not a big deal. Even if one hour is wasted we dont mind. But we very well know that in our body even the 1/100th part of a second is very important. If the DNA does not react in that specified time then that action would not take place in our body. And this is what happens in diabetes. After eating food the pancreas develop insulin and the DNA required to produce that insulin is delayed. Hence the sugar that gets produced in the body, which is essential to be digested and squeezed out, does not take place at the speed at which the activity should have been carried out. And thus sugar starts accumulating in the body. Thus everybody can now understand that our body which is created by God and now with the help of science and technology we are able to understand that even 1/100th part of a second is also very important for humans. This is for every human and this so called human beings make a mistake to value time. Now there is a boy who is 20 year old and he may refer to man whose age is 40 as an old man. Hence why should I befriend him? And when the same boy becomes 40 years of age, he will not even call a 50-year-old man as an old man. But instead he will call a 60-year-old man as aged. But when he himself becomes 55 he is not ready to call a 65-year-old man as aged. So he will call an 80-year-old man as old. But when he becomes 75 he will say that 80 years is not old age; my uncle is 92 year old. This shows us that when the time that he has reduces or decreases; it is then that he truly starts valuing it. When we have some thing in lump sum we do not value it. "Ghar ki Murgi Dal Barabar". Hence in life when we have plenty of time in our hand, we should understand that if we wish to do something good then this is the right time to start it off. Not when there is no time left. But from 20 years to 55 years of age what do we do? We just plainly compete with each other based on strength and wealth. We fight, blame this person, and blame that person. This man did this to me, that man did that to me; this man insulted me in such a way, that man insulted me in such a way. Thats it; we keep ourselves engrossed in doing just all this. But what did I do? What steps have I taken for my progress? What have I done for my development? We will not think about all this. The time, which we have in hand and how well, am I utilizing that time is what we will never think of. And I just dont do anything about it. Man has to understand that nobody could ever escape from the clutches of time. Time keeps doing its work. It keeps moving ahead. Man has to be in pace with time. Time is not going to be in pace with man. In all the species human beings are considered as the most prominent but still time does not wait for him. The Devgan (Godmen) who exist above in level to the humans are also bound to time. But only the ONE who is God i.e. parmeshwar is beyond the clutches of time. Only HE has power and authority over Kaal. Hence we call him

Mahakaal or Akaal. "Satsriayaakaal" i.e. one who cannot even be touched by Kaal and who is beyond Kaal. i.e. Akaal. He is Mahakaal and Mahakaaleshwar. Hence first we should understand that we are human beings. Even the Devgan are also restrained by the power of Time although they are Chiranjeev (Eternal), Saptachiranjev. They are still subdued by Time. Why? Until when can they remain eternal? Only until the world is not ended. Once the Universe comes to a complete halt i.e. Mahapralay. When this happens all of them will dissolve in that. Only HE alone will remain. And along with him she, who is in inseparable state from HIM; you may call Her as His Wife or as His Power or His better Half, whatever you may say; Only God and Bhagwati or as we may now refer as Jugal Sarkar, only they both will remain. Hence man should understand that in his life these two elements Time and Direction are never going to be with him. Man has to learn to be in pace and catch up with them. And when we say directions; as to these 10 directions have no importance in man's life. In this world there are only two directions. There are only two directions in this world. One is

"" am_ {~_wI gn{m ^w VmB & OmB a{h nmB {~Zw nmB &''
"Ram Bimukh Sampati Prabhu Taai | Jaai Rahi Paayi Binu Paayi ||" i.e. Ramvinmukh and another is Ramsanmukh. One direction is Ramsanmukh. i.e. it is moving towards RAM. And the other direction is Ramvinmukh i.e. it is not walking towards the direction of Lord Ram but it is moving in an opposite direction from Him. Whenever we are not doing anything, not even good and not even bad then we are not Ramsanmukh nor Ramvinmukh. When we are doing some good act/deed, or when we are doing Bhakti of GOD then we are towards Ramsanmukh. But when we are doing some bad deed and we are not doing Bhakti then we are Ramvinmukh. And the most important thing that we should understand here is

"" am_ {~_wI gn{m ^w VmB & OmB a{h nmB {~Zw nmB &''
"Ram Bimukh Sampati Prabhu Taai | Jaai Rahi Paayi Binu Paayi ||" Tulsidasji's words can never be untrue. This means that after being Ramvinmukh, the Sampatti i.e. wealth and Prabhutai i.e. fame. Sampatti does not mean money here. But Sampatti here means the wealth of health, fame, respect and honour, education and everything else. If we acquire all these things even after moving away from RAM i.e. Ramvinmukh then in spite of having achieved all this so-called wealth, we do not derive any benefit/pleasure from them. i.e. " Paayi Binu Paayi "; which means that even after achieving all this, we cannot derive any benefit from them. The peace, satisfaction and enjoyment that we should have derived after accumulating all this wealth, we fail to get all that. Now here I shall narrate a small story to you all. Actually this is not just a story but also an incident that has really occurred. There were two girls living in a small village and these two girls were friends. There was a difference of 5 days between their births. They were always together. They used to go to school together. In school days they both could sing well. Hence music classes were started. Both the girls did their BA in Music after their SSC. They both had beautiful voice. Let us name one girl as Kunda and the other as Manda. There was no difference in their singing, in their rhythm, in their voice. There was never a difference and no one was inferior to the other. None of them was elevated or subordinate to each other. But Kunda always had this in mind that just as she was progressing Manda should also progress. And she used to always pray to God that 'Oh God just as you have given me this sweet voice, you alone decide how you want me to use this voice.

It should never be against your wishes. If you want to give me fame and glamour because of this voice then you may give, but if you do not wish to give then also there will be no problem". However, Manda always said that 'Oh God always bring my voice and me in the limelight. People should always praise me. I should always be Number 1 in my field. With my voice and songs I should be able to acquire a bungalow, I should have a car and there should be many fans of mine who would run behind me for my autograph. And always keep me ahead of Kunda. She should always be behind me'. But such thoughts never arose in Kundas mind. Both had the same Guru. The one who was teaching them singing, not a Sadguru. He was just a simple music teacher. But that old man knew that Kunda had a very clean and pure mind and which was not as in the case of Manda whose mind was tainted. He trained them together; he was as old enough to be their grandfather. He taught them with a lot of love considering them like his granddaughters. After completing their education too both the girls continued to live in the same village. Good proposals were in the offing for both the girls. As they were good singers, good and decent proposals started coming in. Kunda told her parents that you may do whatever you think is appropriate for me. However there is one condition that I want to put forth, I should be allowed to make use of the training that I have taken in the field of music. It is not that I want to just make a career for myself or that I want to present public performances on stage. But the future grooms family should give me the permission to make good use of my music so that I can do my Seva towards God by singing. This is all I desire and nothing else. However Manda put forth a condition that she wants to build her career only and if I am required to go out for 8 days, 15 days or for a month then too I should be allowed to go and nobody should question me about my schedules. I will marry only such a person who allows do this. Children and family will come later. In life, my music comes first and everything else will be next in priority. But Kunda said first my children and family, no matter how many degrees I get in music. My home and family will always be mine. That is more important than anything. Kunda got married immediately. Manda's age became 22 from 20 and then 23,24,25,26,28 and went on. Her fame in music also started increasing. Money also started pouring. Now it was impossible to find a husband as per her status. Kunda got married and had two daughters. She did not have a male child, but there was no problem about that. Her husband was happy and her mother-in-law and father-in-law were also of a good nature and very supportive towards her. They were happy. She used to sing in the house. At her residence itself she used to teach music to children from the neighbourhood. Not only this, if there were any religious functions in the small city where they lived, then she was requested to sing at the same. She used to accept the invitation and perform. And when people used to praise her, she used to tell them that her singing was God's gift. She used to never make any earnings from her singing. Almost every person knew her personally in that small city; it was not a village but a small city. They used to say that Kundaji sang really well, be it God related songs or any other songs. She was a very good-natured woman. Everybody respected her. But Manda used to say, 'Give me two lakhs, and only then I will sing, else I will not. If the mikes were not working she would just walk out. She would not sing. When she became 30, a desire arose in her mind that all her friends have got married and have children and a family. Her brother also had got married and his wife had also arrived. Now the sister-in-laws just wanted her money and not her. She brought shops for her brothers and started businesses for them to run. They started living separately. She was living alone. Nobody to live with her, she was all alone. All alone with fame, money, songs, honour. And at that time at the age of 32 one man approached her with

a marriage proposal saying that he was ready to accept all her conditions. If she does not want kids then it is ok. If you want to go out for singing then too there is no problem. She liked him. He was a good-looking man. Without giving a single thought she got married. Then she realized later that he just wanted her money. He had nothing to do with his wife, but her money. Whether she sings or she stays at home or she stays out of home or she lives with any other person or man, he had nothing to do with that. After staying with him for 2-4 months she realized that he did not have any love for her in his heart. He only wanted her money and intended to make use of her fame and glamour. Hence she asked him once that when I roam about and meet so many men, you dont feel anything about it? So he said, What problem? I have no problem .You go and come, I completely trust you. She felt nice hearing this. He has so much trust in her. He may have one or two bad habits but he has so much trust in me. She wondered about his open mindedness and trust. One day she left the house and was to return about 4-5 hours later but as there was some problem in the recording room, she came back after an hour and a half itself. Since she had the house keys, she opened the door and came in and was shocked to see that her husband was with some other woman. And he was telling the woman that today my wife was asking why I am not concerned of her whereabouts; she was enquiring that if I see her with some other man how would I feel? I replied to her that I completely trusted her. What trust is she asking about? When she has been able to acquire such a big name and recognition, she must have definitely done something with a hundred people other people. And if she does it further too I will have no problem. She is my resource of funds. On hearing this she now realized her folly. She understood that this man does not consider me as his wife but as a source of income. She was shaken up. She filed a divorce in the court. But her husband defended by saying that since he was not earning anything, hence as per law she owes half of her income to me. And thus he started troubling her. Her lawyers asked him to compromise and settle the matter out of court. To which he replied that he should be given 75% of her income in alimony. 75% or above she should convert it in his name and 25% she can keep for herself. I am ready to sign right now only if she agrees to this. What happened? She had to give in to his conditions, as she could not concentrate on her career due to the mental torture. He singing got worsened. When her singing became mediocre all her music lovers refrained from inviting her. Hence she agreed to give her 75% of her income. Later on, just as the husband gives to his wife, she had to give some money to her husband every month. She had to give, as he never earned anything. Now she recognized her folly. She went back to the same old small city, in the same temple where her Guruji had his house. Her Guruji had passed away but she never went to meet the family, as she was busy. Now when she remembered him she thought she should visit the temple to meet her Gurujis family and pay her respects to his seat. She decided to restart her career. She went, paid her respects, and did everything she so desired. Then she remembered that her friend Kunda also lived there and she should meet her too. There she saw that Kunda was busy with her daughters and her husband and was also getting ready to go for a music program in the evening. At that time she got inquisitive as to what program it was? The city had completed 50 years hence a big function was organized. Many big ministers were expected to arrive. She thought that in spite of me being here how can there be a music event that I do not perform in. And that she (Kunda) was asked to perform? She considered Kunda to be inadequate and without any glory. Through her secretary she called the organizers of the function who had asked Kunda to sing. He told the organizers that Manda Madam is ready to sing for you all as she belongs to the same city. The organizers thought that when such a great singer is going to sing then what use is this ordinary Kunda of? They agreed to invite Manda. But they also showed concern that Kunda sings every year. Manda suggested that there is no predicament about it. Let Kunda sing the first and the last song. Manda

thought that in front of my song her song would be unappealing and dull. My performance would then enthrall the audiences. However Kunda did not have any such thing in her heart. She thought that such a great singer is present here and that too she is my friend; and it would be nice if she sings. She very sweetly and lovingly sang the first song on Lord Ganesh. People had been listening to her voice for many years. Next Mandaji sang her songs. People started cheering and praising her. In the end Kundaji's turn came for the last song. Kundaji sang the last song and that too the song was composed on her friend. In those two hours she had herself composed the song featuring praises on her friend. Relating how the music taught by her Guru was used. In those two hours she finished composing the music; she conveyed it to her friends and even got ready to sing the song in two minutes. Listening to the rhythm and the lyrics, the two daughters of the Guruji who were sitting there along with his son, all of them had tears in their eyes. All those people who had seen the two friends grow up together also cried. Manda who was sitting there thinking that people will abuse Kunda's singing was also shocked when she heard the song and felt very low about herself that what she had thought about Kunda but instead the latter's intentions were different towards her. After the function was over people started approaching Manda for her autograph and also greeted Kundaji with the love that they had for her. Seeing this, Manda thought to herself, that I might have found a place in their homes, in their cassettes or may be in entire India, but Kunda has found place in these people's hearts. That place which I could never find either in the heart of my husband or in the heart of my brothers. After that an announcement was made that we want Kundaji's programme tomorrow. "We want Kundaji tomorrow". We have been hearing Kundaji's songs for so many years and hence we want to listen to her songs tomorrow. After witnessing the entire show performed by Mandaji the people were eager to listen to Kundaji. They were impatient. When Manda heard this she understood that in life which direction one should walk in and which Kaal one should walk along with. Kunda had learnt to walk with time. She had understood to walk in the direction of God. She did not have this thought in her mind that Manda is moving ahead of me. She only had this single deliberation in her mind that I am ready to do whatever I can within my limits. She never wasted her time. She never complained to her parents that what a husband you have given me. He lives in such a small town. You should have sent me to Bombay or somewhere else and I could have acquired a lot of fame and recognition. She never even mistreated her husband saying that you have no time for me. I have to waste my entire time towards my family and home. And hence I do not find time for singing. But instead she was teaching the girls and boys in the neighbourhood. Those who wanted to learn more she taught them more. She used to sing in her own town. Sometimes if invitations came in from the neighbouring towns, she would go and perform there too. However, whatever Manda realized in her short visit had only a two-day effect on her until she went back. Later on when the same fame, glamour, huge contacts, money, and all started pouring she forgot everything that she had realized. During the same period one of her brothers passed away. And since he was no more, her sister-in-law along with the three kids had no means of living; hence they sought refuge at their only aunt, Manda; who was now the head of the family; who was the sole bread winner. Very affectionately they embraced her and cried and started living with Manda. They started abiding each word of Manda. She now felt what is the use of getting married? Now that I have got these children, marriage is not at all a necessity. And just as time passed by, Kunda became a grandmother. She had become a mother-in-law, a grandmother, and a mother. She was leisurely spending her old age.

Now both her daughters had become mothers. One of her daughter had settled in a big city and had earned good name. Manda however could not sing because of advanced age. Her voice had become hoarse because of old age. Her nephew and niece had grown up now. They had got married and her entire income and wealth was invested in their name. Now they felt that what use of this aunt in our house who could not earn? There is no use. She remained like an old useless item in the house. Both of them expired on the same day when they were 80. At Kunda's house the entire city had poured in. Every person in the village had come. And for Manda 20% more people had come in or may be 50% more. But not a single member of the family had tears in their eyes. Her nephews were present and her sister-in-laws were also there. She was lying on bed for so many days. It is good that she has now passed away. We are saved. This is what they thought. People had brought huge garlands. A big vehicle was arranged. Her body was placed on it and people started walking. 90% of the people went away within 5 minutes. But there, people had come in to pay their respects for Kundaji and waited back until the last moment. Whose life was successful here? Kunda's life was successful. Not Manda's. "Ram Vinmukh Sampathi Prabhu Taai". The Guruji who taught her music was ill and in spite of knowing this she did not have time to visit him. She did not have the sympathy to even send some money to him. He had taught me music and it is all because of him that I am able to earn so much. Even after she got the message of his demise from Kunda, Manda did not have the desire to go and pay her respects. Because she had a very big event organized in London. In the end what did she get? All because she remained being Ram Vinmukh the one who goes in the opposite direction to God. Hence I am telling you brothers about the same concept i.e. Time and Direction. Directions are two i.e. towards Ram and Ramvinumkh. It is either in the direction of Ravan or in the direction of Vibhishan. When we dont realize our mistakes and thrust our sins onto others, we are in wrong direction. When we utilize our time for the wrong purpose, we are in the wrong direction. Instead of considering God's naamsumiran great if we consider ourselves great then this is wrong. This does not mean that for 24 hours I should sit and do RAM-RAM-RAM-RAM. All this is not required. Only know always that 24 hours Ram is looking at me. Whatever I am doing is watched over by Lord Ram. HE is able to listen to me and he is able to understand everything. I cannot fool him in any way. This is what we call Ramsanmukhta and Ramvinmukhta. What will God ever know; where does HE see everyone; If I do anything wrong did he punish me? Reflecting in such a way is Ramvinmukhta. Does God say that entire day keep chanting Ram-Ram-Ram. Now are the days of my youth, where is the necessity of saying this. Just doing Namaskar once a day is enough. Thinking so is Ramvinumkhta. God I just want this and if I dont get this I will not regard you as God. I shall start worshipping some other form of God. Contemplating as such is Ramvinmukta. Hence we should understand that there are only two directions in life i.e. Ramvinmukh and Ramsanmukh. And one who is Ramsanmukh, he is like Vibhishan and he alone gets happiness and health in life. Only his difficulties and troubles are averted. Today or tomorrow if your direction is set right, your time will also be set right. Only if your direction is right your time will be set right. We often say that our time is not going right. Many people I have seen who carry this every day calendar. Todays Rahu kaal is from this time to this time and todays ketu Kaal is from this time to this time. Todays holy time is at this hour of the day. Todays auspicious time is so and so. My dear friends, where is the requirement for all this? Keep recalling God's name and keep walking in the direction of God. Every Kaal in the direction of God is auspicious.

And every Kaal in the opposite direction of God is inauspicious. Hence first comes direction and then follows Time.

Actually when the universe was created, Time and Direction were formed simultaneously. Just when Time was generated, the direction was also shaped. Thereby the world was created. But for man it is first direction and then Time. See the example when a child is born that is when he is brought into this world. There too the direction should be right. The head of the child has to be in the downward direction otherwise it is a problem. There is a maximum chance of the child passing away in the womb. And also the chance of the mother expiring is more. Along with the direction, the time should also be right. If the delivery happens earlier than 9 months then there are more chances of the child's death. This means time and direction both are important but what comes first? Direction. Why because you all must have heard the concept Ectopic pregnancy. This means when pregnancy happens, that is when the semen of the man unites with the eggs of the woman and it does not happen in the right direction in the womb and when it happens in the wrong direction then within one or two weeks, not even one minute within 10 seconds the mother can die. The time is right but the direction is not right. Then what happens? As the tube ruptures and bursts the woman can die within ten seconds. We must realize this pre birth reality. This shows that how important is direction at the time of birth for every human being. If the head of the child is not outwards then how difficult is the delivery the entire gynecologist circle and those in the medical field, who are sitting here, will agree. All others here, also very well know that what problem it is when the doctor says that the head of the child is up and the feet is down or it is sideways, or it is towards the right or towards the left. So we know how dangerous it is i.e. direction. Hence GOD has told us that first catch the right direction and walk in the right direction. This is very important. But we all dont want to walk in the right direction. We all just speak verbally that we intend to walk in the right direction. Oh God please show us the right direction!!! However GOD not only repeatedly but also always shows us the right path. But we only think and walk on the path, which we consider, is right and looks good. That one moment; that one moment is always there in everybodys life when we do what we think is right and correct. And that which we feel is not good and correct; we feel it is not right. It should be opposite. What seems right should always be good. God helps us at that time. Only when we understand that what is right is also good for us, only then God helps us. What appears good, we feel it is right for us and when the consequences of that is later on realized we tell God that I was innocent and hence did not realize this and then Oh God why didnt you come and stop me? Why will he come in between; is he your father's servant that he will come and stop you. You keep doing wrong things, and God who keeps telling this repeatedly for 1000 years that this deed is wrong and you still do that deed and to do that act you dont even feel embarrassed and then you ask GOD that why did you not stop me. We should be ashamed of ourselves to ask God this question and we have that much courage to blame HIM saying you have made me do this. You should understand this firstly that God never makes anyone do wrong deeds. Even though every individual is given the freedom of using his Buddhi i.e. Karma Swatantrya and also every one is given the capacity to use his intellect. Every individual knows that what is right and what is wrong. And when still man says that God you have given me this intellectual capacity to-do this wrong thing then understand that all your virtues that got accumulated until now has been lost at that very moment. All those virtues have been exhausted. The moment you accuse God to have made you do all the wrong things that very moment note that your Ramsanmukhta is completely gone away. Now pay for your own deeds; God is not going to help you in this. To the extent HE is compassionate and kind, to that extent HE can equally be stern and harsh. And HE very well knows how to become stern. He

knows to become stubborn. We then keep cursing ourselves that what have I done in life? Just like Manda who kept cursing herself in the last twenty years of her life. The husband whom my parents had fixed for me was right He was giving me permission to become a Music teacher. I give you the permission. You teach music. When children will grow up; even one child is fine; when he becomes 5 years old, you concentrate on your career. I have no problem with that. He was ready but I was not ready and what did I get at last. Nothing. All this happened because she had gone in the wrong direction. And at last; here last is not when she dies but when there was confrontation of Kunda and Manda; at that time also she curses God for all her problems. "Oh Mother Goddess How did you give me such a Buddhi? I was worshipping you everyday". No, It is very important to pray in front of God. God is also ready to take up all your responsibility. He is ready to take up all your responsibility. But when? Not when you dont listen to the words that God speaks and do wrong things and dont think that God will run behind you and help you when you do this. And you cannot call HIM God if he does that. You should then call him a demon. We have seen this in the rule of Ravan. One could easily abduct any lady be it a Dev Kanya or Gandhrava Kanya or Manushya Kanya. We have read this in Sundarkand. They had kidnapped all the women folk but did ever Ravana stop them. No he never stops them. Is this possible in Ram Rajya? No it is not possible. So we should know that God never gives you the intellect to do wrong things. When from my hand or from the hand of any man any wrong thing happens then first we should accept in front of God that "Oh God I have done this wrong/bad deed and hence I have committed the mistake, in spite of your teachings and in spite of giving me good intellect and Buddhi". I ask you all when you are hungry and if someone places shit in front of you, will you then eat it? You will not eat! At that time you have the brains as to not to eat it, no matter how much ever hungry you may be. You know that only food is what you can eat. Then where do your brains wander in other matters? In those matters your direction goes wrong and hence you throw away food and eat shit. To eat shit. If someone has brains to know this then he very well can identify that what is good for him and what is bad for him and still if he says that he/she does not know how to identify then let me tell you that they are lying. God does not judge him to be innocent. But when a person who in spite of doing mistakes/sins instead of cursing God or instead of putting the blame on some other person, he himself is trying to hide the blame and not putting on that culprit and who admits his mistake/sin and not just for the sake of showing off but sincerely admits his mistake; a mistake done not once, twice, thrice or how much ever times, but now admits his mistake, then God thinks that he/she who are my son/daughter intends to correct their mistake then God says I will surely back them. I will surely help them. But for this you have to change your direction. In life if you want to acquire anything, if you want to make good out of the good time and if you want to make good out of the bad time then firstly change your direction. We just try to change the Time. You are not beyond the powers of time hence you can never change time. However you can change the direction and changing the direction is very much in your hands. Transforming time is not in your hands. Why do we counsel the astrologer? To know our Kaal and to change our time Kaal. And how much does the astrologer know about your past birth as to what deeds have you done? He can just by seeing your palms or your Janam kundali predict as to what is going to happen in the near future. He can just make estimation. But what you have done your past birth is not known to him, it is just the Sadguru tatva who knows what is done by whom and how much has he to suffer and how can I save him from all this. HE knows all this very well. But we all just run ahead to alter time. Just to transform an inauspicious time to an auspicious one. You cannot rule over time.

""am_ g`gH$n ^w g^m H$mc ~g Vmo[a''

|| Ram Satyasankalp Prabhu Sabha Kaal Bass Tori || Only Parmatma is Satyasankalp. His Sankalp is never Aneeti. Because his Sankalp is based on Neeti, on Dharma.

"" `Xm `Xm{h Y_` cm{Z^d{V ^maV''

|| Yada Yada Hee Dharamasya Glanir Bhavati Bharat || Bharat means Arjun. "Yada Yada Hee Dharamasya" means for every Jeev God is responsible. Not just for nature. He manifests in different forms for every Jeev. What happens when there is Adharma and still if we dont move in the direction of God? We just want to change time. Out of the two basic principles of the whole universe i.e. Kaal and Disha, Kaal is not in our capacity and we still want to alter it but we cannot do that. And what we can change we do not necessitate changing. This is our tragedy. My dear brothers, where now is the tragedy of every human hidden? That what he wants to change, he cannot change and that which he can change he does not want to change. Brothers, if you wish to change time then keep moving along with time and that too in the right direction and thus time will always be apt. The watch that we wear has only two hands and the hands move in just one direction i.e. clockwise. There are only two directions clockwise and anti-clockwise. Walking with time means walking with the Mahakaal i.e. with GOD. Anti clockwise means walking in the opposite direction of God. Hence medical science knows only two directions i.e. clockwise and anticlockwise. Ramsanmukh and Ramvinmukh. And this Bhagwathi Radha who being eternal herself, always and at every moment guides every body and every Jeevatma in the right direction. Every moment; I am saying every moment here, means it may be the 1/1000 part of a second or 1/100000 part of a second; no matter how much small the fraction of the second is but she tries to change the direction. Hence the kaal is also called here as Kaal chakra and in whose hand is this Kaal chakra? In the hands of Maya! This Maya does not mean the one which is ordinary; not that which is related to humans. But it means the Adimaya, i.e. Adimaata; that Radha; that Janakimata. In Her hands is this Kaal chakra. This Kaal chakra is every moment is her hands, why? Because what do you mean by Chakra? Round or Circular means what? Where the direction of every point is changed and whose centre point remains the same, such a line is called circle. Such a line whose direction changes on every point on the circle and who has only one single point at the centre and whose distance remains constant between that point and the centre point, in every direction and every moment of time. The distance from the centre point to all the other points on the circle remains constant. Such a circular figure is called circle or the Kaal chakra. And this Kaal Chakra is in the hands of this Radha. And as she is Nityaroopa (eternal), she tries to direct every Jeevatama no matter how sinful he might be, but due to Akaaran karunya of the Lord she tries to move him in the direction of God. She tries to prevent him from moving out of his limits. Hence she is Nityaroopa i.e. eternal. But see if even one point on the circle thinks of moving in another direction or moving out of the constant direction then what will happen? It will not become a circle. It will go on and on and on like that forever. It will move out and go further away from its constant direction and move out and away. If you try forming such a circle then you will realize that the circle or round will never complete but will go on and on and go more away, may be thousand or 10 thousand or even lacs and our birth is just like this. We keep taking births like this. The Kaal chakra never gets completed because we start using our buddhi and thus start increasing our distance from God. We try to be

Vinmukh from Him. If instead we change the direction and move inwards towards the internal, what happens then? If we try moving inside and closer then some or the other day our circle will be complete in that centre point. This is Sanmukhta. This is the Samipya mukti. Nearest salvation. Thus this shows that spiritualism is not very difficult thing. We keep saying She is Satyaroopa or Nitya roopa. This is our life forever. And in this life every moment we should realize that GOD is GOD. The word of God, the name of God, the songs of God, the form of God, the statue of God, the portrait of God, the locket of God whatever be it, all this is our source of guidance. There is no other source of help other than God. All the other sources of support are some or the other day going to leave us. They are bound to leave. But for us our boss is greater than God. Please understand that you are going wrong when you believe in any other person or thing to be greater than God. And if you consider yourself to be greater than God then it is the biggest mistake/sin. You may ask, Bapu, how can we consider our self to be greater than God. When you say that I can lie in front of God; I can do anything I want; What God has ruined until now? So many people are doing wrong things where has God shattered them? When you say such things or ask such questions understand that you are considering yourself higher than God. When we say that the mission of God is fake or when we ask why did Shri Krishna do this or why did Sai do this or when we challenge saying Sai has gone wrong here, then you should know that you are considering yourself greater than God. Never ever do this. One such mistake happens and it produces the Ravan in your kantta kupchakra and it destroys everything. Hanuman is always eagerly and solely waiting to support everyone. And Vibhishan keeps showing the apt path to everyone. But we never listen to their words. Hemadpant has many times and repeatedly said this "Passion, Anger, greed and desire are all the doors to hell". They are all the gates of hell. Tulsidasji says the same thing in Ramayan. In Saicharitra also the same concept is mentioned. Arey, atleast understand this sometimes. Mistakes/sins might happen, you need not worry. But if you dispense your mistakes/sins on God or hold somebody else responsible and prove yourself to be innocent and pure; if you fool your own parents; if the husband cheats the wife or the wife cheats the husband, cheats the child. But understand that it is impossible to cheat Him. Hence first change your direction. Time will improve on its own. You may ask BAPU, how can this happen. Past tense is over. Past tense has passed away. But still it can be improved. Today also examples can be cited. This is something that happened just two-three years back where the complete past was changed.

There was this girl who was 20 years old. She was born in the house of a prostitute. And the prostitute was forcefully flown into this flesh trade. She belonged to a very big brothel in Mumbai where this girl was born. This girl was also flown into this flesh trade when she became 14. So terrible was her past. But at the age of 20 once she went to watch a movie with her friends. She stood in the queue. Seeing the outlook of such girls, people quickly identify them. Women also recognize such groups of girls. But this theatre was on such a border where good and genuine people also used to come to watch movies. This girl heard one lady talking to her child. There was a locket around the neck of the child, which he had lost. The mother was scolding her child for it. What did the mother do; she removed her own locket and placed it on the child's neck. Then the child asked 'Oh Mother what about you then? Mother said that this should protect you, no matter even if I die. This locket should always be there around your neck. And tears began to flow from that woman's eyes. The girl was watching all this; it touched her heart. After the movie was over the girl was walking just behind that woman's child. While crossing the road one truck passed by and knocked the boy. The boy was thrown up and landed

where? On a vehicle which had bananas. One man was walking with a van of bananas. The boy fell on those bananas. He was not hurt as the bananas were large and ripe. He was not hurt. He was saved. People started gathering there. The prostitute girl also went to see. The Mother said, "See now, I have told you my son this locket should always be around your neck. My God has saved you". Thereby this girl asked the woman you do not have the locket with you and what if something happens to you. To this she replies, "No matter what happens to me. I have complete faith on my God. I just pray that HE takes care of my child and thats enough for me. Seeing her faith the prostitute girl asked this woman if she could also get that locket? If she could advise her on any particular bhajan that she knew. To this the woman asked her as to why she needs it? She had identified that this girl was just not like one of those of her community. Hence she asked her as to why she wanted it? I am like the worm in the muck. Hence I feel that I should keep taking His name. I should worship Him. Then the woman realized that no matter however this girl was, but I will surely come here tomorrow at the same time. Just across is the school where my son studies. Today is Sunday so I had brought him here to watch a movie. Tomorrow I will come here to the school and thus you should meet me here. She gave her the photo, a locket, and small booklet and asked her to read it regularly. Do you know how to read? Yes I know replied the girl. Since that day she began doing Bhakti religiously. Some pronunciations of words were difficult and she did not know how to recite, but that woman used to meet her and always guide her. She assured her that we have been told that if your pronunciation goes wrong then too there is no problem; HE is there to correct it. You just keep doing it. The other girls started teasing her as to what makes her do all this? Have you gone crazy over HIM? Is HE going to give you money? To this she replied that I dont crave for any money from HIM. HE is my father. In my life, I have never seen my own father. The one, who was supposedly my uncle, sold me in this brothel. I dont even know where my mother is. I dont know whether my mother was here or whether she ran away with somebody; I am left here to die my own death. My uncle brought me into this flesh trade. His father flew my mother into this trade. Now whom do I call as my father. HE, GOD alone is she said pointing to the locket she wore around her neck. Otherwise the true biological mother and father are of no use to me now. Thus commenced her true Bhakti. Three years passed by in this manner. She became 23 years old now. One day a man who came as her customer in the brothel and when he saw that she was wearing the same locket of the person whom he too worshipped, he was both surprised and ashamed. HE regularly visited this religious place where the locket belonged and that too just a day earlier, and he had been constantly hearing about the same person in the locket for those two days and coincidently he happens to see the same locket around her neck that day. HE realizes that he is doing a wrong deed. He told that girl that from today onwards you are my sister. She was also embarrassed as to for the first time a man who was a customer was referring to her as a sister. He told her that the figure in the locket that you are wearing is also like a father to me. The girl said that I had also decided to call him my father. Hence I am telling you that you have now become my sister. They started chitchatting and the girl confided to him that she wants to escape from the brothel. The man promised that he would help her escape from there. HE went and spoke to his wife. He disclosed all his wrong doings to her saying that I was an awful man and used to frequently visit prostitutes. Yesterday also I visited a prostitute. She was wearing this same locket hence I have made her my sister, but now I feel that if I could improve her life may be then God will help me cleanse all my sins. At first his wife was depressed that in spite of having me, who is his own wife, he has been still frequenting prostitutes. But now she forgave him and requested him to get that girl home. The husband and wife brought the girl out of the brothel.

After getting her out they went and met some good group of people. Those people helped them. And such an incident took place that a woman who had herself lost her 23 year old daughter just few days back in an accident, decided to adopt this girl. Because of the pain of losing her own daughter this woman used to visit the same religious situate of the person in the locket. Initially she used to not believe HIM. She used to abuse her own sisters who used to visit this religious place saying why do you go to HIM? But now after the demise of her own daughter, in order to reduce her sorrows she was visiting this religious place. And there she met these people. And the face and appearance of the girl reflected and was almost similar to her own daughters face and appearance. The birth date was also same and thus she decided that from today I should legally adopt this prostitute girl. Now this girl became a daughter of this woman. A woman who was born into a Brahmin family, her husband also was from a Brahman family and she was a widow now. Her husband was a retired judge. One of her brothers was the principal of a college and another brother was a leading businessman. Her sister was a visiting professor in a London school. She became the daughter of such a woman and her family. She had just learnt reading and writing in Hindi language. In two years her new mother taught her English and also a made her aware of a new lifestyle. And thus her complete past was changed. The whole past tense is changed. Whose daughter is she now? She is the daughter of a very prestigious family now. She is the daughter of a fine family. She started getting proposals for marriage. The daughter now asked the mother to reveal her past to everyone. Dishonesty is what my God does not like. HE has removed me from that filthy life. So I have no problem if I remain unmarried but mother you please let everyone know the truth. I am your daughter now and this indeed is a truth, but I have a past and my past is my past. About 10-12 proposals fled away listening to this truth. Who will agree after listening to this truth? But two years later a proposal came and this proposal came from a lady who was a friend of this mother who had adopted the girl. Once it so happened that her mothers old friend came down to stay at their place. The friends were meeting after 10-12 years. Hence she had come down to stay for a month. She understood everything about the girl after staying there for a month. Her younger son had come to leave her at this friends (the adopted girl's mother's) house. He looked at the girl. This girl was indeed very beautiful. He saw her and noticed her mannerisms and after returning home he spoke to his mother about this girl. He told his mother that he liked the girl very much and hence she should talk to his aunt (adopted girl's mother) about his marriage with that girl. Now his mother who had been staying here was aware of the entire story and thus told he son that everything was good and the girl is also very good by nature. But there is one problem. I cannot tell you that from here. I shall reveal it to you when I return. After staying for one month when she returned back, she divulged the entire truth to her son, yet also mentioned to her son that this girl is a perfect match for you. She explained him that this girl had borne a lot of pain and sufferings all her life, but oh son this girl is very pure by heart. There is no mark of impurity on her. The son agreed and they got married. Now nobody can come and spill poison. The entire past was changed. Who can change the Kaal (Time)? She alone, who is Mahakaaleshwari, Mahamayeshwari, She the Parmatma. She alone and nobody else. Now we can learn here from this story that when we change our direction then God becomes ready to even change our past. But we should always be in the direction of God. To keep it in that direction forever and eternally and to keep it in that direction is done by doing Bhakti. One should not keep

cursing oneself. There is no need to curse oneself. If you have done a sin then catch hold of the feet of the Lord. Start weeping at HIS feet and confess that you have erred. Please punish me and when you say this, then HE is ready to take over your responsibility. However what is the only requirement here? To take an about turn and this about turn and this change in direction i.e. from anti clockwise to clockwise, this is called as Nitya or eternal. Here everything begins from God and in the end converges into God; this clockwise direction alone. It has never happened in the reverse way that you are produced by some external source and then merge into God. All is created from God Himself. This we should fully know and understand. We all should learn that, no matter how many mistakes you commit, no matter how many wrong steps you take, but make a true commitment that you will always remain at HIS feet.

You may call Him Ram or Krishna, Sai, Nanak or Jesus or whichever other name that you would like to refer Him by, call Him by that name. But have only one firm feeling in your heart that I shall always remain at His feet. I shall never abandon His feet. Come what may, I should at all times and eternally remain at His feet. It could happen that I may not be able to take His name or do Namasmaran or do Bhajan for a day but my entire life and all the future births too I wish to be at HIS feet only. She is RADHA; she is eternal and hence she is always Nitya Roopa.

Hari Om

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