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Conducting a field survey did a subjective assessment of the qualitative data. The research method used was that of questionnaire & interview for primary data & an extensive literature survey for secondary data.

The questionnaire was used as the primary instrument for the collection of primary data which contained open-ended questions to chance response. In addition the personal interview method was employed to draw out answers to subjective questions, which could not be adequately answered through the use of questionnaire.

Preparing the questionnaire

The first task in the process of measuring the level of recruitment of the candidates in BHEL was to prepare questionnaire. For this purpose a number of questionnaire we studied and finally a questionnaire where framed. The questions where grouped under five categories: 1. Company related 2. Environment related 3. Supervision related 4. Growth related 5. Job related The questionnaire are also ask the employees for the demographic details regarding: 6. Age 7. Number of years of experience 8. Unit 9. Department 10. Grade

Questionnair e consist of the following things:

yWhich focused on the employee awareness levels regarding benefits provided which & outside the organization & assessing his overall satisfaction level. This prepared ground for further enquiry & enabled better analysis of the questions, which followed. yWhich focused on specific policies & judged them from different aspects making the questionnaire indepth & specific. yWhich consisted of open-ended question, inviting views & suggestions from the respondents.

Interviews lead to a better insight to subjective & open questions almost all interviewees responded.

The sample unit consisted of all the departments of BHEL.

Consisted of a comprehensive list of all the employees of BHEL.

Sample size=20 out of universe of 500.

Care was taken to choose the sample based on considerations like age, sex & work experience of respondents thus enabling better representations of the heterogeneous population. However, the sample design was that of convenience sampling or haphazard sampling only. The time consideration & size of population were major factors in determining choice of sample design.

1.Candidate willingness to join the company o Reputation of the company o Salary Package o Working Environment o Job Prospect o Location of the Company o Career growth opportunity 2.Most reliable type of interview o Behavioral o Situational o Stress 3.Best way to recruit people o Advertisement o Walk-ins o Search firms 4.Response given by the staff about their query Agree/Disagree 5.How candidates are recruited in the company o Written exam o Written exam & Interview o Written exam, G.D Interview 6.Job specification of the response of the employee Yes/No 7.Attitude of H.R Manager o Good o Very good o Excellent 8.The primary source of information for recruiting people should be o Managerial o Testing o Recruiters themselves o Job analysis 9.Opinion about BHEL Companys Application on Blank

o Good o Very good o Excellent