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Development of North Eastern Region

Work done by Geological Survey of India (GSI) in North Eastern Region 11.1 A total of 36 nos. of investigations were carried out in NER (including Sikkim). A brief highlight of the work done is given below:I. Systematic Geological Mapping 11.2 Systematic geological mapping was taken up in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Photogeological and remote sensing support (PGRS) was taken up in one of the items in Arunachal Pradesh. This was done for Oil India Ltd. as sponsored programme. II. Regional Geochemical Surveys 11.3 Out of the three Regional Geochemical Mapping programmes, the statistical processing of data indicate amomolous zones of copper, zinc and nickel in area to the south Borgong village in Assam. Encouraging values of lead (Pb), Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) have been encountered in Ri Bohi and East Khasi Hill districts of Mehgalaya. III. Mineral Investigation 11.4 A total of three investors on basemetal and limestone were taken up, the brief highlights of which are given below:(i) Regional search for basemetal (copper) and mineralisation in Pakyong area indicated three high chargeability responses that can be corroborated with mineralization. Incidences of sulphide mineralisation have also been found in Dickchu area. (ii) The limestone investigation have revealed a reserve of 230 million tonnes from Lumsortoh Block and 301 million tonnes of cement, SMS, LD and chemical grade limestone from Um-Maju block in Jaintia Hills district. IV Geoenvironmental studies . 11.5 Six items of geoenvironmental studies were taken-up:(i) Geoenvironmental appraisal and microzonation have demarcated several landslides major one being near south-east of Patepani. Soil erosion is more pronounced on the hill slopes, East of Soreng area Sikkim. In Great Rangit Valleey in parts of South & West district of Sikkim, Landslide and rock fall have been observed north and south of Legship town. Landslide hazard zonation map has been prepared. (ii) Seismic microzonation of Agartala urban Agglomoration Tripura has indicated that area falls in active seismic zone-V . Landslide zonation studies of Imphal town, Manipur has been carried out. Public Health Hazard 11.6 Geochemical evaluation of surface and sub-surface water and soil for deciphering the water borne diseases and extent of pollution in water and soil were carried out in East Khasi hills district, Meghalaya. V Earthquake Geology . 11.7 In the current field season 271.90m of shallow drilling from 10 boreholes and

Development of North Eastern Region


161.5m of deeper drilling was completed in Guwahati for undertaking standard penetration test and for determining geotechnical parameters of sediment layers. Microzonation of Agartala town, Tripura was taken up for Noise survey and 3-D attenuation of structure beneath the ground.

11.12 Mizoram: At Tuiraul H.E. project, Thirimi H.E. project, Aizawal water supply scheme Phase II and Kolodyne H.E. project different aspects of geological and geotechnical studies were carried out Communication projects & miscellaneous project: 11.13 Slide zonation and tunnel laytout work has been carried out for North Sikkim highway and Aizawal city vehicular Tunnelling project. Geotechnical work carried out at Car Park area Gangtok and FCI complex, Tura in Sikkim and Meghalaya. VII. Geophysical Surveys Geophyiscal mapping using Gravity Magnetic survey were carried out in Assam and Mizoram. VIII. Landslides studies Site specific studies at Sonapar landslide were undertaken to arrive at mitigation measure. IX. Research Investigation Three research investigations were undertaken in Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh pertaining to geological problems. X. Dissimination of Information 92 maps digitized. Documentation and reexamination of cores undertaken. Extended abstracts covering geological investigations completed during 2001-02 published as GSI Record volume No.136 Part 4.

Development of North Eastern Region

VI. Geotechnical Investigation Water Resource Development Projects 11.8 Sikkim : At Rangit Hydel project stage IV the Tatapani damaxis has been shifted 120m upstream due to geotechnical reasons. 11.9 Arunachal Pradesh: Investigations to solve geotechnical problems at Rangadi H.E. project (Stage II). Kameng H.E. project, Kirwin power house, Jadhal dam project, Debang Dam project and Lohit dam projects were taken up and various solutions suggested. 11.10 Assam: Reconnaissance traverses taken for selection of dam at Killing Dam project. 11.11 Meghalaya: Geological traverses and geotechnical investigations were undertaken to suggest remedial measures and solutions to geological problems encountered at Myntdin Leshka H.E. project, Umtru H.E. project, Jadukta Multipurpose project stage I and II, Umugot combined stage I & II H.E. project, Lokroh mini hydel project and Umiamumtru stage III H.E. projects.