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10 Oct 2004

I was attended TCS walk in on 28th Aug , I was arrived the venue at 8am , I was really disappointed by the strength of people. After a long long wait ( I think around 5 hour in queue under hot sun shine)I got the 1-30 schedule. Finally I could enter the exam hall only at 4 pm. Most of the questions from the previous papers. I was prepared well for such questions. Fortunately I could clear exam and they call me to attend the interview on 16th sept. Here is the pattern now I can remember. I think it will help you for your preparation. I was reached at the venue on 3.30 pm; they called me and gave me the form. After done that, i entered to the interview hall. There were two persons, called me to attend the technical interview. They were 1 young man and a young lady. Me: Good Evening Sir Sir: Good Evening please take your seat. Me: Thank you sir, Sir: Introduce yourself Me: I explained a lot of things without tension(achievements,qualification,hobbys etc) Sir: Tell me about your project Me: I explained a brief idea about my project Sir: Is it a live project or done for any other organization Me: Replied Sir: Oh you were done this project using .Net platform Me: Yes sir Sir: Write a query to select stdno from two tables with given condition Me: I done it easily(We done this in s6) Sir: What is RDBMS? Me: Explained the answer Sir: Name some RDBMS Me: I explained(Oracle, SqlServer) Sir: What is meant by join? Me: Explained Sir: What are different types of join? Me:Now I dont remember sir( Actually I did not prepare DBMS at that time) Madam: What is LINUX Performance measuring tool (Because I described it in my resume as my miniproject?) Me: Explained confidently with examples Sir: What is IP address. Me: Confidently explained on the basis of internet(Explained DNS, Translations etc.) (This impressed them ) Sir: You know c, Java (I included these languages in my resume)

Me: Yes Sir: Write a program to divide two numbers Me: Easily done Sir: What precaution you can do against division by Zero Me: Explained with the condition Madam : What is pointer Me : Explained Sir : Give some application of pointers? Me: explained as example of Linked list Madam: Look at me and say, you know 8086 Microprocessor (Because I included it in resume). Then write the same program in 8086 assembly language. Me: I done easily Madam: Good Madam: What you meant by static variables in c Me: Explained Madam: Explain Binary search Algorithm Me: Explain the implementation of Divide & Conquer algorithm on Binary search Sir: Tell me the concept of OOPS Me: I explained with examples Sir: What do you mean by base class and derived class? Me: I explained with examples. Sir: I think you are interest in sports (Because I explained I was the general captain in my college) Me: Yes sir Sir: Tell me the name of athlete who won 100m race in Athens 2004 Me: (I expects this question) then I replied, Justin Gatlin from USA Sir: About lady Me: I think she is from Hungary, but I dont remember her name. Sir: Can you tell me any thing about TCS Me: Explained a lot (Because I was prepared well for this question) Sir: good Sir: Can you name the CEO of TCS Me: I heard about this sir, but now I dont remember. Sir: Gave answer Madam: Why are you selecting the computer field? Me: Explained (I told them that I had a pc in my home since from my 10th std) Sir: Why should we hire you? Me: Explained Sir: You can wait in the 1st floor. Me: Thank you sir Sir: Ok I think the technical interview was around 30 minutes and I perform well. In the floor I could see 4 or 5 guys, they were completed the Tech interview, waiting for next round.

After 2 minute break they called me again for HR (I think I was the first man to appear the HR in that schedule) One man Me: Good evening sir Sir: Good evening Sir: (Completely referred my resume and the form) Sir: You are from Kerala Me: Yes Sir Sir: Tell me the generic name who collects the stamps Me: I dont know sir(Because I included stamp collection as my hobby). Sir: Gave the answer ( Still I dont remember) Sir: Are you attended any other interviews or tests Me: I was attended SYNTEL, written at that time I could not clear the written. This is my first interview( I think this impressed him because of my open mindness) Sir: Your preferred location Me: Bangalore Sir: Why Me: All my friends are here, working various companies Sir: Can you name some companies now your friends are working Me: ACCENTURE, WIPRO Sir : If you get through TCS, most probably you will be relocate any where in India, Me: I am ready to go every where sir Sir: Tell me about your family background Me: Explained Sir: Explained about the TCS 2 year bond Sir: Are you willing to agree this bond Me: Yes sir Sir: Abt your parents Me: Yes sir Sir: Explained the medical and c, c++ tests during the training Me: Yes sir Sir: You can move now Me: Thank you sir Sir: OK The HR interview was only for 10 minutes These are my TCS interview experience, One thing you must remember before interview is you must be confident. Dont try to bluff them. The answer must be true. If you dont know any particular question , you can just say I DONT KNOW SIR ,but not for all questions. You must be frank.

Sumit vadodaria has wrote 8 Oct 2004 as follows, ---------------------------------------------------------------

it is difficult for ppl in bangalore to be selected immediately because of huge competition.but "FORTUNE KNOCKS DOOR ONCE ON EVERYONE'S DOOR" and it was my turn... when i came to bangalore ppl said "IF U WILL THROW A STONE IN STREETS OF BANGALORE EITHER IT WILL HIT A DOG OR A SOFTWARE ENGINEER.." but one thing is sure that if u have guts and knowledge then u should not worry. dont leave bangalore if u dont get job in 4-5 months.. some good company will be waiting for u.. I appeared in test on 28 august.my technical interview and hr interview was on 17th September and on 6th October I called them and they said You Are Selected. Before this I appeared to so many tests and I was rejected. Dont get disappointed if u are not able to clear the test or rejected in test. You will surely learn something from that. And never go without preparation. IF U FAIL TO PREPARE U R PREPARING TO FAIL Failure teaches more than what success does. Dont get frustrated and dont stop trying

1) Gate-2003 noresult 2) Global Edge Software Ltd Rejected in second round 3)Ionidea Waiting for result 4)Sap labs Rejected in test 5)Bel Rejected in test 6) On Mobile Asia Rejected in test missed by a whisker 7)Honey well Waiting for result 8)Subex System Waiting for result

9)Enigma Offered job 7000/- p.m. 10)TCS Selected finally --------------------------TCS interview-----------------------------He: Tell Me about yourself Me: I am a computer engineering graduate with distinction, basically I am from gujrat and currently I am working on online project management system which is in asp.net. [then he was reading my resume and the form which I filled . there was a spelling mistake in resume] He: sumit you havent checked your resume right? Me: Sorry sir its my mistake. He: U are from jamnagar and you studied at Saurashtra uni, Rajkot. Rajkot is a place where the cricket match is played right? Me: Yes. He: So you know c,c++,vb.net ,asp.net and oracle right? Me: Yes sir. He: But I will not ask anything from this. What are the subjects u like? Me: DBMS He: Only dbms? Me: Sir DBMS, Software Engineering ,Mobile Computing [ he wrote all these things on a paper..] He: What do you know in DBMS? Me: various data models ,database architecture ,normalization [he was writing all these things on paper so later on he can grill me on this topics] He: so what is DBMS? Me: dbms is a collection of inter related data and set of programs to access those data He: What are different data models and give example of each.. Me: first one is relational model and examples are oracle and ms sqlserver second one is hierarchical model and its example is IMS from IBM. next is network model and example is IDS.. He: IDS?No its not IDS.. its IDMS are u sure? What does IDS stands for Me: I am sure sir .IDS and IDMS are both example of network model and IDS stand for Integrated Data Store He: Why we use normalization? Me: to decrease the redundancy and maintain data integrity. He: Why we do it in phases.. why cant we do it in a single phase. what is the need for various normal forms? Me: as we go from 1st normal form to 5th normal form the query complexity increases as we generally have more relations after normalization.. so we have to choose normal form that is appropriate for our

database so that performance is not degraded while retriving data. if database is large then usually 3nf is adequate. He: What do you know in software engineering? Me: SDLC, various types of testing and software development models ,quality assurance He: What are different types of models? Me: linear sequential model, prototype model,RAD model, component based model He: What is rad model? Me: we usually use RAD model whenever the time required for development of software is less. In which we use RAD tools to develop the project. He: Like? Me: Sir we use 4th generation prog. Languages. He: For example? Me: VB He: What is Linear sequential model? Me: in this model various phase of s/w development are followed one after another.. Like analysis, design codingbut the disadvantage is that once the requirement Is specified we can not change that.. He: Are u sure requirements can not be changed? Suppose you are building a house and engineer has designed the plan according to your requirements now you want to change the plan so engineer will say no you cant change the requirement? Me: No sir I am not saying requirements can not change but this is the disadvantage of linear sequential model various phases occur in sequence. Design begins only when requirement analysis is completely over. He: What do u call when requirements change? Me: Modification?!!! He: In technical terms? Me: I am not sure ,Reengineering?!!! He: No its change management. He: What is quality in software ? Me: we usually divide quality in two parts quality of design and quality of conformance. quality of design means what are the specification that the product should follow and quality of conformance means up to what level quality specifications are followed He: That is correct you divided quality in to two parts but what is quality software to the clients? Me: Sir all the options should be easier to find. User interface should be good. It should have minimum bugs and zero bugs ideally. He: What is quality assurance? Me: quality assurance is related with auditing and reporting functions of management. It gives the management confidence that product is meeting quality standards. He: What are diff. types of testing?

Me: black box testing white box testing ,alpha testing ,beta testing,unit testing integration testing. Then he asked about black box whitebox and integration testing and I replied accordingly . he was satisfied with my answers.. He: What do u know in mobile computing? Me: GSM,GPRS,CDMA,WAP He: Oh CDMA dhirubhai ambani.. karlo dunia mutthi mein..(he smiled) He: What is cdma? Me: in cdma each user is given a chipcode which is unique and based on which user is identified.we are not sharing frequency or time in cdma. He: Are u sure the code is unique? We can not duplicate the code? Me: I am sure the code is unique but it can be duplicated. actually two types of instruments comes. In one type of instrument the code is in software which we can easily copy if we have little expertise. But if the code is built in hardware then it is not possible to duplicate. He: We should not say with hardware it is not possible to duplicate the code but it is difficult. Is nt it sumit? Me: Yes sir. He: U know why I asked u this question? Me: Because recently there were news that one software engineer used to copy the code of phones which people brought to him for repairing and he used to make calls by using the same code from diff instrument. He: Are CDMA instruments reparable? Me: I am not sure but I think it can be repaired. He: What is diff between GSM and CDMA? Me: GSM contains SIM and CDMA doesnt. What is SIM? Me: Subscriber Identification Module He: Why TCS? I answerd and mentioned about CMM and PCMM then he asked about these two terms and I answered perfectly.. He: Are u willing to relocate? He: What if I put u in DOS and Basic? Me: I dont have any such preferences.i like programming weather its linux or windows c or java.. He: Sumit as u yourself started it, tell me the diff between linux and windows. Me: Linux is open source and windows is propreitery. Second ,In linux while installing we have to define to size of swap partition .while in case of windows it generates one temporary file each time we open a new application or process. Next diff is at kernel level. Linux kernel is layered and windows kernel is monolithic.

He: Ok sumit you can go now and wait down stairs . then we shake hands.. and I went down and sit on chair. Two other candidates were also sitting there. and afterwards one person shouted from upstairs who is sumit? One person who was sitting near to me started walking so I thought it will be diff sumit they are looking for so I was sitting quietly After 1 minute he again called sumit ? and I saw that person coming back. So I thought I should go now probably they are looking for me. Next round was HR. One mid age person was there. He asked about myself and my hobbies ,why TCS? Etc.. My HR was too long imagine.. It was for about 3 minutes After that they told me that they will get back to me.

Attada Naveen kumar has wrote 2 Oct 2004 as follows,

Hi, Friends There r some suggestions, if u will worth going through, go through. For Technical interview in TCS. Prepare 1.Software engineering --Models, then, various phases in s/w models. 2. Be through with the basics of Operating Systems, Databases--RDBMS,C-N(especially Layers of OSI and difference b/w TCP and OSI). 3.Be through with the Definintions like what is OS?,what is pointer? wht is Thrasing? Wht is Truncate and DElete in Dbms? 4.C,C++ differences, then, OOPs concepts, features. 5.Prepare Linked Lists, STACk, Queue programs an d also trees? Programs a must? 6.If u don't know any thing say frankly? Don't just bluff? 7. If possible don't answer some difficult questions? 8.Because some who answered all , were rejected. - i don't know why? About HR Prepare 1.Y TCS? 2.U R Personal Profile?

3.After 3 to 5 yrs where u will be? 4. Y U? 5. U r ambition? 6.U R family back ground 7. Most important , Wht u know abt TCS? In Technical they will ask abt , u r Project, be prepared.. So prepare well, my self and my friends, had questions in common. If possible go through questions of qb.exforsys.com site , they have questions for technical interviews.