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The Next Level of Technology

BF Micro - Adhesive Applicator

The BF MICRO adhesive applicator is designed to give the performance of the larger Mod-Plus applicators but in a smaller, more compact design that simplifies installation and maintenance. Its air open/air close design provides accurate and uniform adhesive patterns and bead placement while the built-in filter helps maintain a clean nozzle orifice.
BF Micro Applicator:

Integrated needle and self-cleaning nozzle virtually eliminate adhesive stringing and downtime. (Optima module) Adjustable needle stroke sets adhesive flow for extreme accuracy. (Micro module) Standard air open/air close module for accurate bead placement. Platinum sensor provides optimum temperature control. Water resistant standard.

Air open/air close standard gives clean, sharp cutoff everytime.

Small design makes installation in hard-to-reach places easier.

Built-in, heated filter maintains a cleaner nozzle orifice.

ITW Dynatec - BF Micro Applicator shown with Micro module and optional single-orifice nozzle

The Dynatec Difference...

Air Open/Air Close Design
Over time, adhesive applicator modules that use an air open/ spring close system can lose spring tension, resulting in stringing and poor cutoffs. The BF Micro applicator module is designed to operate as an air open/air close system that does not rely on a spring to close the orifice during operation. The result is both cleaner cutoffs and better general operation over a longer operating lifespan. While this feature may be optional on competitive modules, only ITW Dynatec offers this feature standard on the BF Micro adhesive applicator.

BF Micro - Adhesive Applicator

Operating Temperature Range Minimum Operating Pneumatic Pressure Maximum Operating Pneumatic Pressure Minimum Adhesive Pressure Maximum Adhesive Pressure Minimum Adhesive Viscosity Maximum Adhesive Viscosity Max On/Off Cycle Speed

BF Micro and BF Optima Modules

38C to 218C (100F to 425F) 5 bar (74 psi) 6 bar (90 psi) 35 bar (500 psi) 68 bar (1000 psi) 100 cps 5,000 cps 8,000 cycles/minute (Mini MAC EV)

Height (H) Depth (D) Width (W)
* Specifications are based on 1,000 cps adhesive

BF Micro Applicator
73.5 mm (2.89 in) 106.3 mm (4.16 in) 22 mm (0.87 in)

ITW Dynatec - BF Micro Applicator shown with Optima module with integrated nozzle


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