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HAZARD CHECKLISTS* These hazard checklists are useful to document your inspections and the hazard identification process.

They are by no means all inclusive. You should always add those items that apply to your operation. *Checklists are in PDF file format. Abrasive Wheels (Grinders) Agriculture (Equipment Operators) Agriculture (Field Work) All Departments Chemical Exposures Compressed Air Receivers Compressors & Compressed Air Construction (Carpenters) Construction (Excavators) Construction (Glaziers & Painters) Cranes Electrical Elevated Surfaces Emergency Action Plan Employer Posting Engineering Entering Confined Spaces Environmental Controls Ergonomics Exit Doors Exiting/Egress Fire Protection Flammables & Combustibles Floor & Wall Openings Food Service Fueling Hazard Checklist (Blank) Hoist & Auxiliary Equipment Housekeeping Identification of Piping Systems Industrial Trucks (Forklifts) Infection Control Laundry [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish]

Lockout/Blockout Machine Guarding Manufacturing (Machine Operators) Manufacturing (Maintenance) Manufacturing (Material Handling) Material Handling Medical Services and First Aid Noise Nursing Office (Clerical/Administrative) Office (Delivery/Messengers) Office (General Work Areas) Permit Requirements Personal Protective Equipment Personal Hand Tools & Equipment Portable Ladders Portable Power Tools/Equipment Powder-Actuated Tools Recordkeeping Retail (Cashiers/Sales Clerks) Retail (Stock Clerks) Sanitizing Equipment and Clothing Spraying Operations Stairs and Stairways Tire Inflation Toxic Substances Transporting Employees Ventilation - Harmful Substances Ventilation (Indoor Air Quality) Walkways Welding, Cutting, and Brazing

[English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English] [English]

[Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish]