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Scope The method statement describes the activities and performance of associated quality control activities related to cable jointing and termination confirming to relevant specifications,documents and local regulations. Purpose The purpose of this method statement is to make 33KVCable (3x300sq.mm) jointing and termination in Dukhan Fields of FIC 1,2&3 Interconnectors. Tools and Equipments 1.Megger 2.Multimeter 3.Hydraulic Climping Tools 4.Hand Tool Set 5.Propane Gas with Torch and Regulator. While using all equipments,necessary approved HSE plan and regulation to be adopted as per QP standards to give more priority to the safety issues.During execution all necessary safety procedures to be followed for a smooth working environment. Methodolgy 1.Initially the cable is meggered at 5kv for 1min.per phase to phase and phase to earth. 2. Remove the oversheath of the cable accordingly.Remove the armour from the end of the over sheath.Attach a wire binder around the armour 20mm from the end of the oversheath.Clean the end of the over sheath for a length of about 250mm.Slide the sealing sleeve over the cable end.Dis assemble the clamping rings.Slide one clamping ring lug downwards over the cable. 3.Remove the bedding 20mm above the end of the armour.Attach an earth lead to each metal tape shield(if any) or the lead sheath,as appropriate,by solderin or any other equivalent method.Pass the end of the earth lead

down through the clamping ring and connect them to the lugs of clamping ring. 4.Spread the armour wires and screw the other clamping ring loosely to the lugged clamping ring.Attach the earth conductor to one lug of the clamping ring.Wrap the sealant tape round the earth conductor and the oversheath so that it will be just below the armour wire ends. 5.Tighten the clamping ring.Bend the armour wires back and bind the ends to the oversheath with wire.Avoid any sharp wire ends sticking out.Wire ends should be covered with plastic tape. 6.Position the outer sleeve centrally over the clamping rings.Shrink it into place starting at the centre.Shrink the lower end first and work towards the upper end.Installation of armour earthing assembly complete. 7.Separate the cores.Wrap an earth lead round each core and soldertack it e to the metal tape shield(or attach the earth lead by any other equivalent method).Fill the earth lead with solder to form a 30mm moisture block 30mm from the oversheath end.Remove the release paper and wrap one layer of sealant tape(red) round the oversheath end for 80mm underneath the earth lead. 8.Bend and shape the cores into their final position.Cut the cores to the required length.Place a temporary wire binder around the cores .Tear off the tape shield against the wire binder.Thoroughly remove the core screen to 20mm above the metal tape shield cut.The surface of the insulation should be free from all traces of conductive material.All irregularaties should be smoothened. 9.Cut the cable to the required length and remove the oversheath.Leave enough length to set the cores into the final position.Clean and degrease the end of the oversheath for about 100mm. 10.Remove the wire binder from the end of the metal tape shield.Remove the realease paper and wrap the void filling strip(yellow) for 5mm onto the metal tape shield,continuing over the core screen and 10mm onto the insulation.Stretch the strip to half of its original width to achieve a fine,thin edge onto the insulation.Place the stress control tubing(black) over the cores and position them 70mm above the end of the oversheath cut.Shrink down the tubing starting at the bottom and working upwards. 11.Remove the release paper and slide the breakout over the cores.Pull the breakout as far down the crutch as possible.Shrink the breakout into place starting at the centre.Work first towards the lower end and then shrink the turrets onto the cores.

12.Remove the release paper from the red tubing.Place the tubing over the cores with the sealant coated end downwards.Push the tubing over the breakout turrets as far as possible and shrink it down starting at the crutch and working upwards.Tie the shielding wires or the earth lead with a wire binder to the oversheath below the breakout.Gather the shielding wires together to form an earth end. 13.Cut back the insulation according to dimension K=depth of cable lug barrel hole+5mm.install the cable lugs.Clean and degrease the insulation and the lugs.Cut the tubing back onto the connector barrel if necessary.Postheat the palm of the lug until a bead of mastic appears around the top of the tubing.Allow the terminations to cool before applying any mechanical strain.The skirts should be shrinked and placed in proper position of the cable.