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Eliminate Doubt-

the slayer of foes.

A doubt is powerful enough to cloud all of our abilities. Doubt is the waste pro duct of our intellect. In general all that is excreted by the human body is reli nquished to retain good health but in any case the matter supposed for excretion if finds its retention within our body then it leads to a disastrous illness. The same happens with the our subtler existence too the intellect with its continual wo rking produces various content that are required to be relinquished and doubt is the major portion of that waste. But by any chance if someone develops a tenden cy to retain the material meant for its excretion then the healthy working of th e mind (brain) reverses towards a grave sickness. A doubtful mind shall even go on to question the basis of all understanding that already bear a deep foundation and have been well authenticated. Doubtful mind is prone to a very cynical working where people, situations, places, thoughts, i magination, faith etc. all acquire fogy imagery before the subject and despite o f all rigorous endeavor no conclusion are drawn. It becomes as if a car with its engine running all through was just short of any gear that led to no motion as reg ard to its movement on the road. The fuel, energy, time and friction all remaine d empty handed. Doubt is a force that draws static state to those elements that must remain dynamic always in all respects. A doubtful mind does no good to itself and the world around itself. How should one get rid of this strange phobia that can engulf anyone into its ve nomous clutches? The answer lies into the same realm as it is done with the computers that come u nder the attack of an external virus. Complete viruses scan of a PC; besides eli minating all intruders and that too on regular basis. This protects our computer s from any vulnerability. In the case of our mind the best scan is done by the invocation of divine light. Remember we do not question the integrity or the ability of a virus scan while we either draw its cover or we trigger its scan to clean our computer. Similarly all skepticism, logic or any doubt must rest at bay while the invocation of div ine light is undergone within. The manner of invocation of divine light within c omes to its operation at the levels of our imagination. Imagination is a force that goes beyond any defiance if utilized effectively. In the ancient Tantras its force alone could accomplish the most arduous assignmen t without fail. Imagination may appear to be a simple ordinary act without much relevance to the activities of our life outside Do not forget that the doubt and its poisonous spell cast on our minds too is through the malefic deployment of the force of imagination. Whereas for the cure we utilize the luminosity of the positive force of the power of imagination. Deployment of this unique forces dis sipates all trace of the greatest foe of all serious aspirants. We extend this ancient knowledge (manner to invoke light within) as our infinite simal part of contribution towards the harmonious growth of human race. Those who are interested to learn it may contact us at www.desire2will.com and a vail details upon the knowledge mentioned herein. Relieve yourself from the clut ches of this venomous serpent and charge towards growth in life.Dinesh kumar (le arning under discipline)