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New -look Medimix hopes to work up a

TNN Mar 24, 2006, 02.31am IST
CHENNAI: The Chennai-based Cholayil, a leading FMCG player with interests in toiletries,
personal and health care, has gone in Ior a makeover oI its Ilagship soap brand, Medimix,
aIter 36 years.
Even as it unveiled a new campaign Ior the re-launch oI Medimix, it is turning its attention to
Cutticura, a talcum powder brand it had acquired Iour years ago Irom a Kerala Iirm. Having
pushed its sales, Cholayil is keen on taking this brand national over the next 3-4 months.
Clocking sales oI Rs 145 crore last year, Medimix is the No. 2 brand with a 26 market
share among the 'ayurvedic and herbal' soaps. While Hamam is the market leader in this
category, which accounts Ior 13 per cent oI all soap sales. The new-look Medimix comes in
contemporary packaging, with user-Iriendly smooth edges.

Medimix and match
Shalini Singh, TNN Jun 12, 2002, 12.12am IST
THERE'S very little chance that an Indian consumer is not Iamiliar with the Medimix brand.
But the usual points oI contact with the ayurvedic soap have tended to be advertisements on
buses and hoardings, or the bathrooms oI budget hotels. Which is why the recent visibility oI
the brand comes as a surprise.
Since end-April, the brand's owners, the Rs 200-crore Cholayil group, has been aggressively
promoting its Ilagship soap brand, as well as a slew oI new launches, with slick, upmarket,
modern imagery on mainstream media.
What's behind this? Medimix soap, its Iirst brand, which did a reverse osmosis, so to speak,
by growing all the way Irom a Rs 1 crore rural context to a Rs 160-crore recognisable
ayurveda brand, is today the ninth largest selling soap in the country, and its segment has
been growing.

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However, the soap market is plateauing out, and like other, larger players, Medimix is
looking Ior newer areas to Iuel growth. One route that Cholayil MD VS !radeep is looking at
is making the brand upmarket targeting a more sophisticated, urban consumer than the
traditional Medimix user.
The company's advertising and growth compulsions today, according to its ad agency
Fountainhead, pertain to a need to shed its small-town moorings and make the brand relevant
Ior the urban audience.
"Ayurveda has not been very Iashionable. The idea is to contemporise the brand, especially
Ior new users," explains Suresh !illai, MD, Fountainhead Communications, which recently
took over the brand's communication.
The other growth engine, the company hopes, will be new product categories. Ziva Herbal
Shaving Cream is its Ioray into the men's toiletries market, Medimix Coconut Oil plus herbs
is a direct push-and-shove into Dabur Vatika Hair Oil's turI, while Cuticura, a recent brand
acquisition, is also being relaunched across the country.
A whole lot oI new launches are still in the pipeline. "We want to build a larger portIolio oI
products," says !radeep, hinting at a major Ioray into the cosmetics, creams and beauty soaps
segments, a move away Irom the core ayurveda values that the company is identiIied with
One thing that's going to stand the company in good stead is its strong distribution even
Coca-Cola is using Medimix's distribution system Ior its new soIt drink concentrate brand
SunIill in the south.

Medimix relaunched in new design
!TI Mar 22, 2006, 08.36pm IST
CHENNAI: Medimix, the Ilagship soap brand oI Cholayil !vt Ltd, has been re-launched in a
new design and packaging and is being supported with a new advertising campaign.The new
look Medimix comes in a contemporary packaging with user Iriendly smooth edges and in a
pouch to retain its Ireshness and natural goodness, a company statement said on Wednesday.

Pow 1o lncrease 1he MarkeL Share Cf Medlmlx Soap

A MarkeLlng AppllcaLlons ro[ecL 8eporL 8y
Ashwlnl Punslmarad (M1018)
larhan khan (M1023)
Manall Mangaonkar (M1030)
Arun Mundhe (M1032)
Sarvesh Shlnde (M1032)

Serlal number | 1oplc | age number |
1 | LxecuLlve Summary | |
2 | Company roflle | |
3 | Company PlsLory | |
4 | 1he roducL Medlmlx | |
3 | 1ypes of CusLomers | |
6 | | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |

LxecuLlve Summary

Medlmlx soap ls a producL by Cholayll Company wlLh a greaL herlLage ln herbal producLs Medlmlx
Soap" Lhe leader of herbal markeL and has a greaL poLenLlal ln Lhe soap markeL lL ls a soap LhaL
appears ln our mlnd when we Lalk abouL ayurvedlc soap
Medlmlx ls a sLory of a homegrown producL LveryLhlngfrom ldea Lo research Lo manufacLure
packaglng dlsLrlbuLlon and markeLlngwas done by a famlly proprleLary Lhe company managed Lo
develop a brand on lLs own Lerms lL all sLarLed wlLh ur vS Sldhan who focused on flndlng cures
Lhrough ayurveda ln 1969 Sldhan launched Medlmlx as LoLal skln care ayurvedlc soap wlLh [usL 8s
300 as seed caplLal and a fraLernlLy of chemlsLs Medlmlx from Lhere has grown Lo become 8s 140
crore brand by Lhe year 2007 and has 32 of markeL share
1hls reporL ls abouL exploraLory sLudy abouL lncreaslng Lhe markeL share of Lhe medlmlx soap 8oLh
prlmary and secondary research meLhodology was done lor prlmary research reLallers and
cusLomers were surveyed ln Lhe cusLomer survey Lhe consumer buylng behavlour and percepLlon
Lowards soaps were undersLood ln Lhe reLall survey Lhe dlsLrlbuLlon and supply channel and Lhe
cusLomer behavlour wlLh respecL Lo selllng was collecLed 1hls prlmary daLa collecLed was processed
sLaLlsLlcally wlLh Lhe help of SSS 1he secondary research helped us Lo analyse Lhls daLa collecLed
wlLh respecL Lo Lhe soap lndusLry as a whole lncludlng lLs ma[or markeL players compeLlLlon and
varlous oLher facLors affecLlng Lhe lncrease of markeL share llke adverLlslng and promoLlons 1hls
reporL furLher explores Lhe avenues Lo lncrease Lhe markeL share naLlonally and suggesLlons and
recommendaLlons are glven Lhereby

8eal Ayurveda

1o empower and enrlch people's llves globally wlLh world class personal and healLhcare
producLs and servlces
1o provlde susLalned and lncreased value Lo all Lhe sLakeholders

1houghL behlnd logo
1he Cholayll logo orlglnaLes from Lhe loLus Lhe qulnLessenLlal 8uddhlsL padma ln full bloom rlslng
from Lhe prlmeval waLers of creaLlon lL also symbollzes purlLy Lhe aLLalnmenL of wholeness and
ldenLlfles lLself wlLh Lhe womb Lhe eplLome of creaLlon
1agllne AbsoluLe 8e[uvenaLlon
AbouL company
1he company manufacLures quallLy producLs uslng lndlgenously developed processes englneerlng
deslgns Lools and machlnery
Cur producL mlx comprlses of soaps Lalcum powder and oLhers llke Lhe hlghly successful Medlmlx
and CuLlcura brands
ur v Sldhan Look Lhe LradlLlonal famlly wlsdom found ln anclenL palm leaf manuscrlpLs and
enrlched lL wlLh modern lngredlenLs and producLlon Lechnlques 1hus was born Lhe unlque soap
Medlmlx whlch ls Lhe flagshlp brand of Cholayll
lacLorles are ln Lhe Andhra pradesh uLLarakhand 1amllnadu
Cholaylls sLaLeofLhearL 8u CenLre ls equlpped wlLh modern lnsLrumenLs whlch are accredlLed
by Lhe CovL of lndla 1he Cholayll vL LLd Perbal harmaceuLlcal 1esLlng Lab ls lndlas flrsL
prlvaLe LesLlng laboraLory approved by Lhe urugs ConLroller CovernmenL of 1amll nadu

8rands Medlmlx CuLlcura Lalcum powder Mysop hand wash

Cholayll Medlclnal lanL ConservaLlon ark
LocaLed near uLhukoLLal Chennal lndla Lhe Cholayll Perbal Carden ls a 120acre welldeveloped
farm nesLllng beLween prlsLlne foresLland and a 30acre waLer reservolr 1he garden houses
hundreds of medlclnal planL specles
lL houses rare and endangered medlclnal planL specles LhaL are preserved and reared under
conLrolled condlLlons ln Lhe green houses wlLh a vlew Lo sLudy Lhelr growLh paLLern for mass
propagaLlon AparL from hundreds of medlclnal planL specles Cholayll Perbal Carden also houses
orchlds and ornamenLal planLs
8are and endangered medlclnal planL specles are preserved and reared under conLrolled condlLlons
ln green houses Lo sLudy Lhelr growLh paLLern for mass propagaLlon

Cholayll was founded a llLLle over four decades ago wlLh a global vlslon LhaL ls flrmly rooLed ln
lndlan values Lo Louch llves wlLh a range of quallLy producLs LhaL enhance Lhe quallLy of llfe
Cholayll ls one of Lhe mosL famous and respecLed Ayurvedlc famllles of kerala whlch has been
pracLlclng Ayurveda Lhe ulLlmaLe hollsLlc healLh care sysLem for many generaLlons lL was
urvSldhan who successfully converLed Lhls LradlLlonal wlsdom of Lhe Cholayll famlly found ln
anclenL palm leaf manuscrlpLs wlLh a comblnaLlon of modern enrlchmenL Lo glve blrLh Lo a unlque
soap Medlmlx LhaL ls Lhe flagshlp brand of Cholayll ur vS Sldhan served as asslsLanL medlcal
offlcer wlLh Lhe SouLhern 8allways
Cholayll creaLes producLs LhaL are of Lhe puresL form blndlng Lhe naLlve elemenLs lnLo Lhe mosL
conLemporary forms Lo dellver producLs LhaL are essenLlally pure naLurally lncluslve LradlLlonally
rlch and ldeal for Loday
1hey managed Lo spread awareness and wlden lLs use ln Lhe early nlneLles when Lhe cable and
saLelllLe Lelevlslon arena opened up 1hough Lhey were small Lhen Lhey used Lo spend nearly 23 per
cenL of Lhe Lurnover on communlcaLlon and markeLlng lnlLlally Lhey used Lo aLLend numerous vlllage
melas and Lalk Lo Lhe people
lL was Lhen a slngle producL company wlLh one brand Medlmlx 1oday lL has 4 brands ln Lhelr
porLfollo lL was only a souLhbased company Loday lL ls a naLlonal enLlLy
1hey sLarLed off by Lelllng users of soluLlons Lo Lhelr speclflc problems lor lnsLance Lhey sLarLed off
by Lalklng abouL how Lhe soap Lackled Lhe problem of prlckly heaL ln summer as well as plmples and
dandruff 1hus Lhey concenLraLed on each problem separaLely and communlcaLed Lhe beneflLs of
Lhe soap

Medlmlx was launched ln 1969 wlLh 18 powerful Ayurvedlc herbal lngredlenLs Lo help users flghL and
cure skln dlsorders and malnLaln healLhy glowlng skln aL an affordable prlce1he soap was prlced aL
83 palse aL Lhe Llme of launch
Medlmlx ls a sLory of a homegrown producL LveryLhlng from ldea Lo research Lo manufacLure
packaglng dlsLrlbuLlon and markeLlng was done by a famlly proprleLary Lhe company managed Lo
develop a brand on lLs own Lerms
Medlmlx has been cllnlcally proven Lo be Loplcally effecLlve agalnsL skln condlLlons such as plmples
(acne) body odour prlckly heaL (mlllarla rubra) bolls (furuncles) and oLher skln lnfecLlons lL ls
avallable ln 123 g 73 g 43 g 18 g

3 varleLles LffecLlve for skln problem skln blemlsh for dry skln
lngredlenLs | 8eneflLs |
vacha | AnLlbacLerlal anLlvlral deodoranL repels paraslLes from Lhe body |
usheeram | CoolanL Lo body acLs agalnsL weL and dry eczema |
Cuggulu | AnLlsepLlc anLlbacLerlal anLlvlral anLllnflammaLory agenL deodoranL |
!yoLhlshmaLhl | lmproves smooLhness of skln prevenLs dlseases vlLlaLed by kapha dosha |
uhanyaka | rovldes pleasanL body odour coolanL Lo body prevenLs prlckly heaL |
!eeraka | rovldes pleasanL body odour |
?ashLlmadhu | lmproves complexlon acLs as a sunscreen removes excess sebum |
kuLa[a | CoolanL prevenLs excesslve sebum secreLlon |
nlmba 1wak | AnLlsepLlc anLlfungal anLlbacLerlal anLldandruff |
krlshna !eeraka | ueodoranL |
ChlLraka | AnLlfungal acLs agalnsL demaLophyLes anLldandruff useful ln many skln
problems |
8akuchl | roven medlclne agalnsL psorlasls and vlLlllgo (swlLram) |
Chopchlnl | AnLllnflammaLory drug |
vanardraka | AnLlfungal anLlbacLerlal agenL |
vldangam | LffecLlve agalnsL all sorLs of paraslLlc organlsms |
Sarlba | CoolanL Lo skln prevenLs excess sebum secreLlon prevenLs lLchlng removes bad body
odour and prevenLs prlckly heaL |
uharu Parldra | AnLlbacLerlal anLlfungal prevenLs plmples |
uevadaru | revenLs prlckly heaL prevenLs lLchlng glves a pleasanL body odour anLlsepLlc

1ypes of CusLomers
Medlmlx has Lhe followlng Lypes of CusLomers
1 Pousehold CusLomers
2 lnsLlLuLlonal CusLomers
Pousehold CusLomers
1he ma[or cosLumers of Medlmlx soap are souLh lndlan cusLomers owlng Lo lLs ayurvedlc naLure
lnsLlLuLlonal CusLomers
Cholayll's markeLlng dlvlslon uorcas MarkeL Makers vL LlmlLed (uMML) focussed purely on
lnsLlLuLlonal sales of Cholaylls brands malnly Medlmlx ayurvedlc baLh soap CuLlcura Lalcum power
1hese producLs are markeLed domesLlcally Lo hoLels hosplLals and lndusLrles aL speclal prlces

Some of Lhelr presLlglous hosplLals cllenLs are LscorLs PearL lnsLlLuLlon uelhl 8aLra PosplLal
uelhl vlnayak PosplLal nolda uharamsheela Cancer PosplLal uelhl Cxford PosplLal !alandhar

1hey supply Lo ma[or hoLels llke Chandlgarh 1ourlsm P 1ourlsm Crand Agra Cberol Anand
8arally Club Mahlndra 8amnagar

lnLernaLlonal MarkeL

Cur exporLs dlvlslon won Lhe presLlglous LxporL Award for CuLsLandlng LxporL erformance ln Lhe
MerchanL LxporLers panel 200102 recognlzed by Chemexll

Cholayll nowadays exporLs Medlmlx Ayurvedlc 1olleL Soap Lo range of counLrles vlz uAL Saudl
Arabla Cman 8ahraln kuwalL CaLar ?emen Malaysla Slngapore !apan 1alwan nepal Maldlves
MaurlLlus LgypL kenya uk lrance Cermany Spaln Sweden LlLhuanla unlLed SLaLes of Amerlca
AusLralla 8ussla Czech 8epubllc 8angladesh SouLh Afrlca 8omanla Cambodla and Seychelles

Cu88Ln1 AuvL81lSLMLn1S 8CMC1lCnS

* CelebrlLy vldya 8alan nldhl uLLam and Asln are some of Lhe celebrlLles LhaL Medlmlx has used
Lo promoLe Lhe brand
* 1v AdverLlsemenL Llll daLe Medlmlx ls focuslng more on souLhern markeL as 80 of Lhe LoLal
sales come from LhaL reglon
* 1helr earller ads were on Lhe Lheme of Sachchal Aur Suraksha"
* 1hey have come up wlLh many adverLlsemenLs parLlcularly when Lhey underwenL reposlLlonlng
back ln 2006
* ln reposlLlonlng campalgn Lhey came up wlLh
* 1heme kudraL ka Sparsh" whlch maLched Lhe poslLlonlng of belng a herbal producL
* 1v ads 3 Plndl many reglonal ads parLlcularly ln souLhern parL
* Company has used Av vans (audlo vlsual publlclLy vans) Lo promoLe Lhe producL ln rural markeL