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Issue 24

Tuesday 23rd August 2011

When things go wrong...
Working in the office whilst Mrs. Omachen has been away has reminded me of a story I heard of a philosopher from ancient Greece who came to the conclusion, after a lifetime of pondering the mysteries of life, that Things go wrong. It was as simple as that... Regardless of how meticulously you plan and whatever care you take, something will, inevitably, go wrong. And, at Ashby, the office is where, inevitably and eventually, all problems end up. When something breaks, when someone is sick, when behaviour is less than acceptable, when things go wrong and all else fails, you go to the office... This is not to say that things in the office are constant chaos in fact the opposite is true! I am constantly impressed by how successfully Ms. Sweeney juggles the myriad of tasks that come her way and I marvel at her ability to put her hand on whatever document or piece of information is required at the drop of a hat... so rest assured that Ashby is in good hands!
Principal: Jenny Omachen

Wednesday 31st August School Review Day. Friday 23rd September Last Day Term 3.

It does make me realise, however, that problems have solutions. Yes, things go wrong, but with a positive attitude and some hard work most problems can be happily and successfully solved. Every day our talented staff find solutions for the unsolvable and discover possibilities within the impossible. Our work with your children is, as much as anything else, about teaching them how to deal with those inevitable problems and how to fix up anything that has been mucked up. Yes, things go wrong, but things go right too... keep a positive mindset and deal with the issues systematically and you will be amazed at the results you can achieve! We welcome Mrs. Omachen back from her leave next Monday and I will be heading back to my wonderful grade. Many thanks to the staff and parents whose support has made my time in the office such a pleasure and special thanks to Mrs. Trupkovic for her fantastic work in 2/3D! Ian Dyer (Acting Principal)


Jump rope for Heart is on again! So, grab your skipping rope because you have until September 9th to raise money and win some great prizes! Register online at www.Jumprope.org.au any questions see Mrs Welsh.


School email - ashby.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

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Visit the FOA Blog http://friendsofashby.blogspot.com/ for more updates! Next FOA Meeting The next FOA meeting will be Friday, September 9th after Fresh Fruit Friday (9:30amish) in the Hall. Agenda items include the Annual Art Show and Market. All are welcome! Fathers Day Stall, Thursday, September 1st Friends of Ashby will be hosting a Fathers Day Stall, Thursday, September 1st from 9 -11:30am for students. There will be small gifts for dad ranging from $1-5 in price. So if you are looking for something special for Dad look no further! Parent volunteers are needed for the stall, please see below for more information. Shop at Coles this Wednesday 24th August and for DOUBLE vouchers! This Wednesday, August 24th you will get TWO vouchers for every $10 you spend, so if you have been waiting to do your shopping this week tomorrow is the day to do it! Thank you to all those families who have been turning in their Coles Sports for Schools Vouchers. We have already entered over 1100 vouchers, so keep them coming! Please return your vouchers to your childs teacher, the school office or place it in the collection box on the Friends of Ashby Bulletin Board just outside the staff room. Remember, the more vouchers we collect, the more sports gear we can get! Just ask for the vouchers when you pay for your purchase. Woolworths Earn and Learn Program Only 3 weeks left! Thank you to all those families who have been turning in their Earn and Learn points. We have already entered over 1800 points! You earn one Earn & Learn point for every $10 you spend at Woolworths (excluding the purchase of cigarettes, alcohol and gift cards) through September 18th. Points automatically appear on your shopping dockets (at the bottom). Please return your shopping docket (or at least the bit at the bottom with the points you earned and their code) to your childs teacher, the school office or place it in the collection box on the Friends of Ashby Bulletin Board just outside the staff room. The school will enter your code online to get your points. And dont forget to ask your family and friends for their receipts. The Earn and Learn program will give Ashby the opportunity to get needed educational resources, like books, furniture, puzzles and arts and craft supplies. Have you Been Eating your Frozen Veggies? Ashby Primary School has registered again for the McCAIN Veggie Patch program to support work in our school garden. Through the program, McCAIN is giving away over $500,000 worth of veggie patch equipment to primary schools during 2011. To support our school simply collect barcodes from your McCAIN vegetable packs between now and September 30, 2011. You can give your barcodes to your childs teacher or place them collection box at the school office. And dont forget to ask your family and friends for their McCain vegetable packs barcodes! Every barcode earns McCAIN Veggie Patch points for our school which can then be redeemed for gardening tools and seeds.

Can You Help? There are many ways you can get involved at Ashby. Below are some current activities we are seeking assistance with:

Fathers Day Stall, Thursday, September 1st, 8:30am-12:00pm - Assistance is needed both for set up (8:309:00am) and for the actual stall (9:00-11:30am). If you can help for an hour or so during any of this time, please contact Cyndy Scherer 0438-172-949. Fresh Fruit Friday, every Friday 9am - Assistance is needed every Friday after drop off (9amish) to help prepare fruits and veggie platters for the classrooms. If you can help, please join us in the classroom kitchen.

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..the average human walking speed is about 5 kilometres per hour (km/h), or about 3.1 miles per hour (mph). Specific studies have found pedestrian walking speeds ranging from 4.51 km/h to 4.75 km/h for older individuals to 5.32 km/h to 5.43 km/h for younger individuals Walk to school this week and find out how fast you can walk! How fast do your friends walk...safely. Please remember that Part Way Is Ok too, and the Walking School Bus leaves from the top end of Waratah Street at 8:30am, you can join in at any point. If you have any queries, please call, Katrina 0403910063


29 August - 4th September
Here at Ashby, we love to celebrate National Literacy and Numeracy Week! On Friday 2nd September we are going to have our annual book character dress up and Buddies day. We will be working in multiage groups to experience a wide range of special Literacy and Numeracy activities with different teachers. The highlight of the day will almost certainly be our dressup parade, and certificates will go to the most creative costumes, so get your thinking caps on! The parade will commence at 2.30pm on the basketball courts at the front of the school (weather permitting) and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the fun. Also, don't forget that we are almost out of time to finish the Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge, so log those books soon as you can.

Help, Help!! I am looking for unwanted tshirts and Lego blocks for my lunchtime programs. If you would like to donate any items I would be very grateful. Denise

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Any parent who wishes to donate canned food to this worthy cause can drop cans off at the school office until the end of next week.


The veggie garden at Ashby is progressing well, and all parents are invited to have a look at what the students and Trish have been doing (and pick a few weeds while you are there!). Snow peas have started to crawl up the trellis, potatoes have been sown and the garlic is growing well, The students have weeded around the garlic and have also cleared well around the apple trees.

Winners of the Ashby German/ Art competition will be announced this week. The students have worked for 6 weeks with Frau Hyland to produce a work inspired by Gustav Klimt. They then write a poem about their work and their work will be submitted to the AGTV-the Association of German Teachers of Victoria-who will judge the best work and give awards and prizes. Frau Hyland and I are really excited, as the students have done some magnificent art and also marvellous poetic descriptions-in German, naturally. We need parent permission to send the work, so if your child's work is chosen, could you please send the permission form back promptly, the next day, so that we can meet the deadline? If not, we will not be able to send that work. State Poetry Recitation Final-this Saturday Elisha is representing Geelong at the State Final. She recites the poem, for which she was awarded First Prize at the Geelong Final and she also has a new poem to recite. This is quite a challenge and has required hard work, with which she has persisted. Congratulations Elisha! Any friends and cheer squad interested in coming to see Elisha perform at the Austrian Club in Heidelberg, let me know if you would like a ride or make your way there by 10 am. Frau Simmonds

Attached to this weeks newsletter is a current price list for lunches. If you have an old one on the fridge please replace it with this new menu so that you have the correct prices. Reminders for School lunch orders Please have orders clearly labelled with childs name , class and teacher and please no staples or sticky tape on lunch order bags.

Students have also been adding food scraps, prunings and weeds to the compost and then aerating it - turning it over so that it receives oxygen and breaks down more quickly. They are learning the importance of adding compost to the soil to improve it so that the vegetables grow better. Students and staff have found it really convenient to have close access to the tools and equipment by having them relocated to the new garden shed directly next to the veggie garden. Many thanks to Mr Holloway and Julie for moving these items from the dungeon and for arranging them neatly in the shed. Special thanks to the enthusiastic lunchtime gardening crew who have enthusiastically helped with lots of gardening projects. Produce from the garden continues to be used in cooking classes. A recent yummy favourite is frittata with silverbeet.

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Invitation to stallholders! This year, on Saturday November 5th our school will be showcasing our children's work in our annual art show! Adding to the fun of the day, Friends of Ashby Primary will be holding a market to support our music and arts program. In the sustainable spirit of the school we are currently seeking stalls for the market which have items that are handmade, reuse or recycle vintage goods, have a positive environmental impact and offer good quality products.

If you are interested in having a stall or have talented friends or family members who would like to be involved please let us know! More information and a contact number for queries are in the registration pack available this week from the school office. It can also be downloaded from the Friends of Ashby Blog. (www.friendsofashby.blogspot.com) We hope you will consider joining us on Nov 5th to help raise much needed funds to support the music and arts program, build the school and community and just have some fun!


Caf Pakacinno Rear 165 Pakington Street Geelong West 3218 Phone: 52226015 Always use a paper bag or add 10 cents for a paper bag. add 50 cents for a roll or if the sandwich is to be toasted SANDWICHES Vegemite Meat (ham / chicken / egg or tuna) Salad (tomato, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, beetroot) Meat & Salad Cheese PITA Salad Chicken, Ham or Tuna & Salad Tomato, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, beetroot & onion Chicken, tuna, ham or egg with salad Fruit salad Fruit kebabs +2 (seasonal fruits) Jelly & Fruit Soup (vegetable) & wholemeal roll Sausage rolls Dim Sims Baked potato with bolognaise & coleslaw Hot dog in a wholemeal roll Tomato or Soy Sauce Spaghetti bolognaise Stir Fry Noodles & Vegetables Gluten free rice spirals with bolognaise Hamburger on wholemeal roll (egg, lettuce, sauce) Muffins (Banana or Apple & Cinnamon) Water 600ml Pure fruit juice - orange, apple or tropical Milk - plain (300ml) Big M (250ml) Strawberry or Chocolate

1.50 2.50 2.50 3.50 .30 3.50 4.00 2.50 3.50 3.00 3.00 2.50 3.00 2.50 .80 3.50 2.20 .20 3.50 3.50 3.50 4.50 1.80 1.80 1.80 1.50 1.80